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Breast-feeding longer can make children smarter. That#39;s the conclusion of a study published Monday in JAMA Pediatrics, a journal of the American Medical Association. 新近一项研究得出结论称,延长母乳喂养期可使孩子更加聪明。该研究发表于美国医学会(American Medical Association)主办的《美国医学会杂志#8226;儿科学》上(JAMA Pediatrics)。 In many ways, the study won#39;t surprise proponents of breast-feeding, who have long posited a connection between nursing and cognition and now have an additional piece of research to back up their argument. Skeptics could likely stick to the view that what matters most is how smart a baby#39;s mom is, or that social pressure to breast-feed can have its own problems for children#39;s development by creating stressed-out parents. However, the findings are likely to add muscle to public-health advocates#39; push to increase breast-feeding rates, which start out around 75% but slump to an average of 25% at a baby#39;s first birthday, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 就许多方面而言,这项研究并不会让母乳喂养的提倡者感到意外,他们在很早之前就提出母乳喂养与认知能力之间存在关联,现在他们只不过是又多了一项持他们论点的研究。对于那些持怀疑态度的人,他们则可能会坚持认为最重要的是婴儿母亲的智商,或是认为针对母乳喂养的社会压力会导致家长不堪重负,而这本身会给孩子的发育带来麻烦。然而,目前这些研究发现可能会给公共健康倡议者推动提高母乳喂养比例的行动提供强有力的持。美国疾病控制与预防中心(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)的数据显示,母乳喂养的比例在婴儿出生伊始为75%左右,但在婴儿一周岁时便降低至25%的平均水平。 The JAMA study isn#39;t the first to study a link between nursing and intelligence, but researchers say it is more conclusive because of its size and how it has isolated variables such as the mother#39;s IQ and the child#39;s upbringing. Previous studies have had difficulty adjusting for other factors that might influence a child#39;s IQ, were limited by their small size or didn#39;t account for length of nursing, said Mandy Belfort, the JAMA study#39;s lead author and assistant professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School. 这项发表在JAMA的研究并不是最早将母乳喂养与智商水平联系在一起的研究,但研究人员称它的实验样本大,而且它还排除了婴儿母亲的智商及孩子接受的教育等变量,因此更加让人信。该研究的第一作者、哈佛医学院(Harvard Medical School)的儿科学助理教授曼迪#8226;贝尔福特(Mandy Belfort)指出,以往的研究在对可能影响孩子智商的其他因素进行调整方面存在问题,而且它们的实验样本较小,或是未考虑到母乳喂养期的时间长短。 The latest study examined and rated each child#39;s environment based on factors such as how many books are available, and gave each mother an IQ test. They also asked detailed questions about factors that might influence IQ, such as child care, income and parental education. They then subtracted those factors using a statistical model. Dr. Belfort said she hopes that #39;what we have left is the true connection#39; with nursing and IQ. 新近这项研究根据他们可接触多少书籍等因素调查了每个孩子的生活环境,并对每个孩子的母亲进行了智商测试。他们还针对可能影响智商的因素提出了详细的问题,比如儿童保育、家庭收入及父母的教育程度等,然后利用统计模型剔除这些因素。贝尔福特称,她希望他们得出的是母乳喂养与智商之间的真实联系。 Breast-feeding is hard to study in a randomized trial because it is unethical to put some children in the non- group, Dr. Belfort said, which leaves researchers with observational studies such as the one she conducted. Researchers at Boston Children#39;s hospital followed 1,312 babies and mothers from 1999 to 2010. They found out how many of those children were still consuming their mothers#39; milk at their first birthday, and then tested the children#39;s intelligence at ages 3 and 7. 她指出,母乳喂养很难通过随机性的实验进行研究,因为把一部分孩子分在非母乳喂养组是不道德的行为,所以研究人员只能选择像她所展开的那种观察性研究。从1999年至2010年期间,波士顿儿童医院的研究人员对1,312名婴儿及他们的母亲进行了跟踪研究。他们要找出其中有多少孩子在一周岁时依然在吃母乳,然后分别在这些孩子三岁和七岁时对他们进行智商测试。 Intelligence is a strange brew of nature and nurture and isolating one factor is challenging. Breast-feeding in the first place has a lot to do with class and wealth, with richer, better educated women typically opting to make the effort to nurse their babies. 智商是天分与后天培养的奇特混合物,排除其中一个因素颇具难度。母乳喂养首先与社会阶层和财富存在很大关系,其中生活更富庶、教育程度更高的女性通常会选择尽力以母乳喂养孩子。 Children who were still nursing after a year had higher receptive language scores at age 3, which means they understood what was being said to them better than their formula-fed peers. At age 7, the breast-fed children scored higher on verbal and nonverbal intelligence tests. 那些在一周岁后依然吃母乳的孩子,他们在三岁时的语言理解能力测试中得分更高,这表示他们对所听到的话的理解能力要高于喝配方奶的同龄人。到七岁时,母乳喂养的孩子在口头及非口头智商测试中的得分也更高。 In 3 year olds, every month of breast-feeding raised cognition scores by an average of .21 point. Each month of breast-feeding was associated with a .35 more verbal IQ point and a .29 more nonverbal point in the 7 year olds. A full year of nursing would boost a child#39;s IQ by about 4 points over a child who didn#39;t nurse, said Dr. Belfort, a significant bump considering that IQs average around 100. That is for children getting some breast milk in their diets; those consuming only breast milk before starting to eat solid foods around six months of age saw even greater advantages. 在三岁大的孩子中,每个月的母乳喂养可使他们的认知能力分数平均提高0.21分。在七岁大的孩子中,每个月的母乳喂养可使他们的口头及非口头智商测试的得分分别提高0.35分和0.29分。贝尔福特称,一整年的母乳喂养可使孩子的智商分值比非母乳喂养的孩子高出四分左右,考虑到智商的平均分值大约为100分,这算得上一个大幅提升。这只是针对在饮食中会吃些母乳的孩子而言,那些在大约六个月大、开始食用固体食物之前只吃母乳的孩子具有更大的智商优势。 #39;For an individual person, it would be hard to tell a two or three point difference in IQ, but it would matter a lot for society,#39; said Dr. Belfort. #39;If we can shift the IQ up, we would have to invest less resources at the low end.#39; Meaning that with improved IQ scores across the board, less funding would have to be spent on remedial education programs. 贝尔福特说:“对于个人而言,我们难以分辨出两三分的智商差距,但它对整个社会而言非常重要。如果我们能提升智商水平,那么我们就不必向智商较低人群投入那么多资源。”这意味着,随着智商的整体提高,我们可以减少对补偿教育项目的资金投入。 Dr. Amy Tuteur, an obstetrician who writes a blog called skepticalob.com, is unconvinced by a four-point increase in IQ, saying the bump needs to be bigger to prove that it isn#39;t just random variation. #39;Intelligence is multifactoral and the idea that any one thing can make a big difference right away makes me skeptical,#39; she said. #39;American IQ has been increasing steadily, it rose when breast-feeding rates were going down and it rose when breast-feeding rates were going up.#39; 然而,埃米#8226;图特(Amy Tuteur)士却没有被母乳喂养可使智商提高四分的结论说,她是一名产科医生及客skepticalob.com的主。她说,若要明那并不只是随机变量,智商提升值还需更高些。她指出:“智商水平涉及多个方面,我对认为任意一件事就能马上使智商发生重大改观的观点持怀疑态度。美国民众的智商一直在稳步提高,它在母乳喂养率上升时有提高,在母乳喂养率下降时也有提高。” The possible link between breast milk and brain development is only starting to be teased out. Some theories suggest that it isn#39;t the content of the milk but the bond between mother and child developed while nursing that accounts for some of the boost. Other ideas hinge on nutrients found in breast milk such as DHA and ARA, which are fatty acids linked to brain development. Some formula companies put DHA and ARA in their offerings. 母乳与大脑发育之间的潜在关联只是刚开始得到梳理。有些观点提出,促成智商提升的并非母乳中的成分,而是母乳喂养过程中母亲与孩子之间产生的情感纽带。其他一些观点则把它归功于在母乳中发现的DHA和ARA等营养成分,这些脂肪酸都与大脑发育有关。一些配方奶厂家也在它们的产品中添加DHA和ARA。 #39;There are nutrients in breast milk that don#39;t really exist anywhere else, and we don#39;t fully know why,#39; says Dimitri Christakis, a pediatrician at Seattle Children#39;s Hospital Research Institute and wasn#39;t involved in the research. 西雅图儿童医院研究中心的儿科医生迪米特里#8226;克里斯塔基斯(Dimitri Christakis)称:“母乳中有一些确实在其他物质中找不到的营养成分,我们也不完全了解其中的原因。”他并未参与发表于JAMA的那项研究。 He wrote an editorial in JAMA pediatrics on the study and leads an advocacy group called the Global Breast-feeding Initiative. In the editorial he contends the JAMA study should put skepticism to rest about whether breast-feeding is best for brain development and that society should make it easier and more acceptable for moms to nurse. 克里斯塔基斯在《美国医学会杂志#8226;儿科学》上就该项研究撰写了一篇,他也是一个名为“母乳喂养全球倡议”(Global Breast-feeding Initiative)的倡导组织的领导者。他在中提出,该项研究有望平息对母乳喂养最有益于大脑发育的质疑,社会应当为母亲母乳喂养创造更轻松和更舒适的环境。 For Amra Chudleigh-Neal of Thousand Oaks, Calif., intelligence is just one more reason for her to breast-feed her 6-week old daughter. She said her older child, now 7, has above average IQ, which Ms. Chudleigh-Neal said could be in part because she exclusively breast-fed until her daughter was 6- months old. 对于住在加州千橡市的阿姆拉#8226;查德利-尼尔(Amra Chudleigh-Neal)而言,提高智商只是她以母乳喂养其六周大的女儿的原因之一。她说,她七岁大的大女儿的智商高于平均水平,她认为这在一定程度上是因为她在女儿六个月大之前只给她喂母乳。 #39;It tends to be a little more of a sacrifice to nurse the second child, you think #39;oh my gosh is it really worth it#39; but looking back with my older child I believe it did make a difference,#39; she said. Ms. Chudleigh-Neal receives extensive support from The Pump Station, a Los Angeles-area nursing resource center that helps with things like connecting moms to lactation professionals. 她说:“以母乳喂养这第二个孩子似乎是做出了一些牺牲,你会想‘哦,我的天,这真的值得吗’,但是回想一下我的大女儿,我就会认为这确实有关系。”查德利-尼尔受到了The Pump Station的广泛帮助,这家位于洛杉矶地区的母乳喂养资源中心为妈妈们提供各种帮助,比如帮她们联系哺乳问题专业人士。 Not everyone can breast-feed successfully, and that needn#39;t make parents worry. #39;Talk to your baby, hold your baby and to your baby,#39; Dr. Belfort said. #39;There are so many different factors in a child#39;s development.#39; 然而,并非每个人都能成功做到母乳喂养,家长们也不必为此担心。贝尔福特建议:“你可以和孩子说说话,抱着他,读书给他听,孩子的发育涉及许许多多不同的因素。” One difficulty in studying breast milk is that every feeding can vary based on the mother and what she has eaten. So the Boston researchers also examined a component in mothers#39; diets that might be responsible for children#39;s brain development: fish, which contains DHA. 研究母乳喂养问题的一个难处是,每次喂奶都会因为母亲的状况及其饮食而有所变动。因此,波士顿儿童医院的研究人员也调查了妈妈们的饮食中一个可能会影响孩子大脑发育的成分──富含DHA的鱼。 The authors found that more than two or more servings of fish per week seemed to confer IQ benefits, but that boost in children#39;s cognition wasn#39;t statistically significant. 那些研究人员发现,每周吃鱼两次以上或更多次似乎有益于智商,但这给儿童认知能力带来的提升在统计数据上并无显著差异。 /201308/251042



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When the LA Times threatened to go public with a supposed story of infidelity, News Corp had lawyers debrief both husband and wife and convinced the paper to kill its story.Robert Peston, the B#39;s financial correspondent, who is said to be a close friend of Will Lewis, a key Murdoch lieutenant, tweeted that the real facts of the break-up are ;jaw-dropping;:Am also told that undisclosed reasons for Murdoch divorcing Deng are jaw-dropping - amp; hate myself for wanting to know what they are— Robert Peston (@Peston) June 13, 2013We can only speculate about what he might mean. However, a year ago, she gave an interview to the New York Times suggesting that they were living independent lives. And Wendi#39;s emails go through News Corp, so the company surely knows who she is talking to and what she is up to.And yet, during the past year, what people have most noticed is their closeness. She had seemed to become his key adviser, close enough that there has been speculation she would go on the board of the newspaper company being split from the larger entertainment company.She had also become, to his children#39;s ever-greater consternation, his gatekeeper. Outsiders did not get to Rupert without going through Wendi.But now the split is dramatic. As harsh as the split from Anna.And in the fashion that Rupert does things – peremptorily, wrathfully, implacably – it would seem to leave Wendi far out in the cold. There is her 1999 pre-nup, and, to boot, two post-nups. What#39;s more, it is a fearsome thing when News Corp and the Murdoch family close their ranks against you. Indeed, it is not that easy to hire a law firm not conflicted out by its work for News Corp, or the promise of work. Her PR aide, Steven Rubenstein, is on Rupert#39;s payroll – so his help disappears.Except, of course, that Wendi knows all Murdoch#39;s secrets. All of them.当1998年鲁伯特·默多克突然宣布与31岁的妻子安娜·默多克( Anna Murdoch)离婚时,几乎没有人(包括安娜在内)会想到,或推断出,那时已67岁高龄的默多克会交上一个女朋友。但是他交到了。他的离婚、再婚,及其对他孩子、社交生活及高级主管的影响,都会塑造默多克公司的下一代——可以说成是我们这个时代的罗曼史。默多克草率快速地声明向邓文迪提出离婚申请,当时两人相遇时,邓文迪年仅28岁,在默多克的香港公司星空卫视工作。这一举动又激起千层浪。两年前的夏天,邓文迪闯入人们的视野,将她的公共形象由老泼妇转变成女中豪杰。当时,她文弱的丈夫正在英国为窃听丑闻案进行艰难的作,她以迅雷不及掩耳之势阻止了一次蛋糕派的攻击。默多克曾告诉过他的长子拉克伦(Lachlan),他认为自己和邓文迪的婚姻是个“错误”——又或者是拉克伦是这样告诉人们的,他和其他兄弟一样从不喜欢父亲再婚。2008年,我在采访默多克的大多数时间里,那时我在写一本关于他的书,我们有时会在周末的早晨在他的公寓里见面,他看上去明显一夜没睡——但是,他会比我早到几分钟,公文包里还塞着衣。实际上,你可以想象两个完全相反的人,两人相同的只有彼此共同的明显野心,这两个人就是鲁伯特和邓文迪。鲁伯特是一名冷淡、神秘、愁眉不展、不带人情味、坚硬如石的保守派澳大利亚贵族,他的四个孩子不可能会对他与比他小39岁妻子的婚姻释怀。而邓文迪积极、热情、热爱社交,她有着天生的自由倾向,她在美国的第一份工作是在一家中国餐馆打工,她在他得了前列腺癌后,从“冰库里”为他生了两个中国小孩(并把她的父母带到了纽约)。可是,他们之间有些东西似乎也行得通。他说自己终于学会了如何做一个好父亲;而他与自由主义派结下了新的友谊。通过邓文迪,大卫·格芬(David Geffen)成为了鲁伯特最亲密的知己之一。当然,生意似乎点燃了他们的热情。我经常听见他们像热恋的青年人一样打电话——虽然电话的内容是关于生意,而且更多的时候,两人身处不同的城市。我从未见过他们牵手。但他的孩子一直不喜欢她。即使他们用尽了努力去容忍她,但也十分艰难。他去年去世的母亲从未愿意见过邓文迪。另一方面,邓文迪对鲁伯特不敢与孩子们抗争的行为很是生气——她不让他们参与掌控默多克全部资产的信托基金。她有着美妙迷人的社交生活。实际上,她是上流社会的中心。它们跟随着她的脚步:好莱坞、艺术界、国际巨星。她为上流社会注入了活力。关于他们关系的谣言尾随而来。当洛杉矶时报(LA Times)威胁要将一则不忠的猜测消息公布于众的时候,新闻集团(News Corp)的律师盘问了两人,并劝说洛杉矶时报毙了这条消息。英国广播公司的金融记者罗伯特·派森(Robert Peston)据说是默多克重要助理威尔#8226;刘易斯(Will Lewis)的密友,他在推特上发帖说到,二人离婚的真相让人“瞠目结舌”:我也被告知了,默多克和邓文迪离婚的原因让人瞠目结舌- 我之前还等着想知道他们的本来面目,我真讨厌自己—罗伯特·派森(@ Peston)2013.06.13我们只能猜测他的意思。但是,一年前,她在接受《纽约时报》(New York Times)的采访时曾暗示二人各过各的生活。而邓文迪的此番发言是新闻集团经手的,所以公司一定知道她在说什么,也知道她想要干什么。而去年,人们大部分注意到的是他们之间的亲密。她似乎变成了他的主要顾问,他们之间很是亲密,亲密到有人猜测她会成为从默多克大公司分离出来的新闻公司董事会成员。她也变成了他的看守人,这是他的孩子们最担心恐惧的事。外人要想接近鲁伯特必须先通过邓文迪这一关。但是现在的分手消息着实充满了戏剧性。就像他和安娜分手时一样的刺耳。按照鲁伯特做事的风格来说——独断、愤怒、执拗——邓文迪似乎颇受苦楚。她在1999年签订了婚前协议,婚后还有两份。而且,新闻集团和默多克家族把你踢出门外是件很可怕的事情。实际上,要雇请一家不和新闻集团利益沾边的法律事务所不是件易事。她的公关助理史蒂文·鲁宾斯坦(Steven Rubenstein)是靠鲁伯特发工资的,所以他是不会帮忙了。当然,只是邓文迪知道默多克的所有秘密。所有。

  察觉说谎的20个基本步骤你想有没有觉得自己在与别人交流时自认为观点十分清晰,然而还是他人还是会误解,获取错误的信息,或者完全不知道你的观点呢?Have you ever thought you were being utterly clear in your communication with someone - and yet somehow they still managed to misunderstand, get the wrong message or completely miss your point?或者你不遗余力的与人为善,可他们却毫不领情,不去感激你呢?Or have you ever gone out of your way to do something nice for someone but they just didn't seem that appreciative or thankful?1. 一个说谎者通常是不自在的,他们会在你们两人之间设立一道屏障。所以当你们坐在一起时,他会在自己左边或者右边的桌上放一些简单的小东西,例如铅笔之类。1. A liar tends to be uncomfortable and will build a wall by placing an object between the two of you. So when sitting down place something simple on the table to their left or right side like a pencil.2. 普遍而言,说谎者的身体关节处显得僵硬,会做出一些呆板的举动,尤其在他们的腿部。然而他们会极力保持手臂的自然放松。2. Often a liars body will become rigid with stiff movement in the joints. Especially their legs and will struggle to keep their arms still and relaxed.3. 通常而言,双手张开的姿势表示对方和你在一起很舒适,就如和兄弟或者配偶之间会有这样表现。而说谎者脸部表情局促不安,时不时的用手指搔他们的太阳穴或者鼻子。我们回到第一点来看,当你询问对方的时候,我们将第一点提到的简单的小东西变成搔太阳穴和挠鼻子这两种无意识的举动,可以看出对方在说谎。3. They fidget with their face, like scratching the sides of their temples or nose. Usually open hand gestures mean they are to comfortable around you. Most likely a sibling or spouse will be like this. Go back to number 1. And change the subject before coming back to the question. It will be an unconscious movement.4. 当说话者完全失去如何处理真相以及如何保卫事实或者相对事实的现实可能性时会说谎。4. They completely lose reality with how to deal with the truth and will go on the defensive fighting for the truth or rather their truth. A lie.5. 说谎者以一种幽默的方式或者粗鲁的,一如既往的将问题抛给你来处理。5. Becomes humored by joking or making a rude comment most likely they usually throw the question back at you.6. 当与之交谈时,他们经历着一系列情感变化。只有改变话题才能让他们感到自在,当然前提在于你不进行深层次的追问。正常来说,如果说谎,他们耳朵和前颊处会泛红。6. They go through a series of emotions when talking to them, change the subject and make them comfortable again before pursuing further. Watch the color of their ears and front cheeks. They will normal out again if lied to.7. 如果你问对方今夜在哪里过夜,对方向左上方看去,说明在说谎。7. If you ask about their location that night and they look up to the left.8. 如果你们闲聊关于其他人或者事情的时候向左上方看。如果这个人是右撇子,他会改变看的方向。8. If they gossip or ramble about other people or things they heard they look to the left. If the person is right handed this will change the direction they look.9. 当对方会迅速回答:“我不知道。”表明这不是一个值得思考的问题。9. Will give short brisk answer, “I don't know.” Not a question of thought.10. 观察对方脖子上的动脉,特别是男士,留意对方被提问之前脉搏跳动的规律,在对方回答的问题的时候是否加速。10. Look for the artery on the neck, especially men, note how it pulses before questioning and on whether it quickens when asked.11. 一个情绪激动的谎言者可以会不停的摆弄他的拇指和食指。这是一个不知道如何更好的处理话题的标志。11. A hard emotional lie is detected by whether their thumb and forefinger touch briefly. A sign on not dealing well on the subject.12. 说谎者看着你考虑的时候,脑袋会向左倾斜。12. They lean their head to the left when looking at you and thinking of an answer.13. 说谎者交叉双臂,以这种无礼的姿势自我保护。他们呼吸紧促,常常会瞪着你或者试图看穿你。13.Crossed arms is a defensive offensive gesture, looking for fast breathing, usually they tend to stare at you or through you.14. 口吃,通常出现于配偶间的欺骗以及当被询问每晚的常规时。当某人迅速回答说11:00或者其他时间在做什么,如果再问一遍同样的问题,他们可能会结巴着说出另外一个时间,也许是一个模糊的时间段,但是和第一次的时间相当的接近。他们为了明没有欺骗。14. Stuttering is a given, often done by cheating spouses and their nightly routines. A quick answer of 11:00 or another time. Ask if they are sure and they will stutter a different time maybe not an exact time but pretty darn close to the first time. Trying prove exactness.15. 说谎者在交谈中咳嗽或者叹息,为了寻找出路并且希望你放弃盘问。15. Coughing during the conversation or sighing is looking for a way out and is hoping you'll give up.16. 当对方双手不停擦膝盖显示出坐立不安,他们会吸鼻并且往下看。主要是因为他们正在不停的出冷汗。16. Sniffling and looking down while fidgeting around their knees with the hands. Mainly because of the sweat buildup.17. 说谎的人在被询问的过程中不断的要水喝,试图使你疲倦。17. Will need water during questioning, lying dehydrates you.18. 有些人不得不说谎,他们甚至会用眼前的事物作为谎言的据。这种人需要心理咨询,他们可能有过一段不愉快的往事。了解一下他们的背景也许有所帮助。18.Someone that cannot control their lying will still lie with the proof sitting in front of them. This person needs counseling and may have issues in their past. Do a back ground check.19. 与习惯说谎的人保持距离,避免谈及个人问题。没有隐私掌握在他们手里就不会害怕,就意味着不受欺骗。19. Keeps you away from certain people or avoids talking about certain individuals. No fear means no lie.20. 说谎者会过度真诚的握紧你的手寻找一种舒适的感觉。他或她会为你制造下一个谎言。他们希望你看着他们的眼睛,微笑着对你说:“看,我从来不欺骗你,过去没有,将来也绝对不会。”回到上文提到的第一点,问:“这是真的吗?”(这是我最喜爱的一点。)20. Becomes needy and over affectionate by trying to touch your hands for your comfort. Another lie, its for his/hers. Will want you to look at them in the eyes, smile at you and say, “Look, I would never cheat on you, I never have before and I never will.” Go back to number 1 by changing the subject and the ask. “Really?” (This ones my favorite) /200803/31803

  英美文化浓厚的几处景致1. Wall Street (华尔街) 纽约曼哈顿岛南部的一条街。全长不过三分之一英里,街道狭窄而短,从百老汇到东河仅有7个街段。1792年荷兰殖民者为抵御英军侵犯而建筑一堵土墙,从东河(th e East River)一直筑到哈德逊河(the Hudson River),后沿墙形成了一条街,因而得名Wall Street。后拆除了围墙,但“华尔街”的名字却保留了下来。然而,它却以“美国的金融中心”闻名于世。美国根( Morgan)财阀、洛克菲勒(Rockefeller)石油大王和杜邦(E.I.du Pont de Nemours and Company)财团等开设的、保险、航运、铁路等公司的经理处集中在这里。著名的纽约券交易所(Stock Exchange)也在这里。 2. Fleet Street (舰队街) 原为伦敦城外的一条小河。16世纪时,河的两岸住满了人家,但河水浑浊,臭气熏天。1737年开始了舰队河的掩埋工程。填平后,原址成为一条街,取名amp; ;舰队街”。18世纪以来,英国的老报社、出版社都设立在这条街上。影响较大的有《每日电讯报》(The Daily Telegraph)、《每日邮报》(Daily Mail)。“舰队街”已经成为英国报业及新闻界的代名词。 3. Tower of London (伦敦塔) 位于泰晤士河北岸的塔山(Tower Hill)上,是一个占地达18英亩,由城堡、炮台和箭楼等组成的庞大建筑群,建于l078年,当时是外族征者威廉(William the Conqueror)建造的一个军事城堡,中心塔是高约27米的白塔(White Tower),周围有13座塔。12世纪起,历代国王在这里修建王宫、教堂。其中的血塔(the Bloody Tower)被国王用来专门囚禁政治要犯及国王的死敌,是一座死牢。被关进这座塔里的人大多被处死。伦敦塔充当了国家监狱。如今,伦敦塔已经成为收藏文物珍宝的物馆, 保存有古代武器、历代王冠和王室珠宝,还有一根镶有大宝石的皇杖。此外,伦敦塔的东侧附近还有一座塔桥(Tower Bridge),是一座吊桥。 4. Poets' Corner (诗人角) 英国威斯敏斯特教堂内著名文学家的坟墓。这里墓冢累累,墓碑林立。此处埋葬着许多著名的英国文学家。英国诗歌之父乔叟在此不仅有墓穴,还有一个纪念窗。19世纪著 名的小说家狄更斯(Charles Dickens,1812-1870)被安葬在诗人角的中央。陪伴他长眠的还有19世纪诗人丁尼生(Alfred Tennyson,1809-1892)、布朗宁(Robert Browning,1812-1889)、小说家哈代(Thomas Hardy,1840-1928)及英文词典编纂之父约翰逊(Samuel Johnson,1709-1784)。莎土比亚的坟墓虽然在他的故乡,但这里也有一个壁龛放着他的雕像。但英国文学史上两位了不起的浪漫主义诗人拜伦(Geo rge Gordon Byron,1788-1824)和雪莱(Percy Bysshe Shelley,1792-1822)因被认为有异端思想而被排斥在“诗人角”之外。5. Shangri-La (香格里拉) 原为英国小说家希尔顿(James Hilton,1900-1954)在他的小说《失去的地平线》(Lost Horizon,1933)中描述的一个在飞机失事后紧急降落在中国西藏的一个虚构地名。由于小说及后来拍成的电影的广泛影响,香格里拉遂成为公认的世外桃源或隐秘之地 。第二次世界大战期间,美国空军首次轰炸东京时,美国总统罗斯福(Franklin D. Roosevelt,1882-1945)曾对外界说,这些飞机是从香格里拉起飞的。罗斯福还将美国总统设在弗吉尼亚州的一个山间别墅命名为香格里拉。后来,艾 森豪威尔将之改为戴维营,以纪念他的孙子戴维。 6. Greenwich Village (格林尼治村) 位于美国纽约市曼哈顿区。英国殖民统治期间为一村庄。1910年以后,不信奉英国国教的作家、艺术家、文人墨客、大学生等知识分子开始汇聚此地。20世纪80年代 ,这里建起了高级公寓,很多地段成为时街区。村内街道弯曲,建有老式房子、外国餐馆、古玩店、实验剧场、标新立异的夜总会。纽约大学也建在村中。7. Hyde Park (海德公园) 英国最大的皇家公园。位于伦敦市中心的威斯敏斯特教堂 (Westminster Abbey,即西敏寺)地区,占地360多英亩,原属威斯敏斯特教堂产业。16世纪,英王亨利八世将之用作王室的公园。查理一世执政期间,海德公园曾向公众开放。185 1年,维多利亚女王首次在这里举办伦敦国际览会。这里现在也是人们举行各种政治集会和其他群众活动的场所,有著名的“演讲者之角”(Speak ers' Corner)。 8. Dead Valley (死谷) 美国加利福尼亚东部的沙漠地区有一条由西北向东南延伸的断层地沟,长约225公里,宽6-26公里。部分地沟低于海平面,是西半球最低的陆地。1873年 ,在这里发现硼砂矿。19世纪80年代以后,又在附近发现铜、银、铝等矿藏。后来大量采矿。矿源枯竭后,人们迁走,留下一片荒凉瓦砾。1849年曾有一队寻矿的人进入沙漠 底谷,几乎葬身其中,后脱险,因而起名“死谷”。1933年,这里辟为死谷国家公园。 转自我爱英语网 /200803/32131

  People who go to the toilet in the middle of the night are less productive at work, study suggests.研究表明,半夜起床上厕所的人工作效率更低。Getting up overnight to use the loo has a bigger impact on a person#39;s work rate than asthma or some chronic lung diseases, leading the researchers to conclude that the condition is underestimated.起夜上厕所比哮喘或一些慢性肺病对一个人的工作效率产生的影响更大。这使得研究人员得出结论说,起夜的后果被低估了。Nocturia - where a person wakes up once or more in a night to urinate - leads to ;notable work productivity loss;, the study presented to the European Association of Urology congress in Milan claims.这项提交到米兰的欧洲泌尿协会大会的研究称,夜尿症会导致“工作效率的显著下降”。夜尿症指一个人晚上至少一次起夜排尿。The team of researchers examined 261 women and 385 men with the condition and questioned them about the effect of health problems on their ability to work and perform regular activities.研究团队对有夜尿症的261名女性和385名男性进行了检查,并询问这一健康问题对他们的工作能力和日常活动的执行力产生的影响。Nocturia reduced work productivity by 24 percent - greater than the productivity loss shown by people with asthma or lung disease, it was found.研究发现,夜尿症会使工作效率降低24%,这比哮喘病或肺病患者因病导致的生产率损失还要多。The ability to carry out leisure activities in the day was also reduced, by 34 percent.夜尿症患者白天进行休闲活动的能力也会因此降低34%。Philip Van Kerrebroeck, professor of urology at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands, said: ;Nocturia is a common problem affecting around a third of adults, but its burden is underestimated and it is often dismissed as being less serious than other chronic conditions in terms of impact on quality of life and societal costs.荷兰马斯特里赫特大学泌尿学教授菲利普#8226;凡#8226;柯乐布里克说:“夜尿症是困扰约三分之一成人的一个普遍问题,但夜尿症造成的负担被低估了,通常被认为对生活质量的影响和造成的社会成本不如其他慢性病那么严重。;These data show that nocturia negatively affects both sleep and daytime performance and its impact on work productivity is in line with many other chronic conditions. Patients with nocturia should seek specific treatment for this debilitating condition.;“这些数据显示,夜尿症对睡眠和白天的表现都造成了负面影响,它对工作效率产生的影响和许多其他慢性病是一样的。夜尿症患者应该寻求针对这一衰弱状况的治疗方法。”The researchers also found that disturbed sleep is considered to be the most burdensome symptom of nocturia, as around a third are unable drop off again which leads to insomnia研究人员还发现,睡眠受到干扰被视为夜尿症最烦人的症状,KEKE Shuan.约三分之一的夜尿症患者在起夜后就难以入睡,演变成失眠。;I can#39;t ever fall back asleep. I start watching TV all night and I am miserable the next day;, one patient said.一位患者说:“起夜后我就再也睡不着了。我开始通宵看电视,结果第二天状态就很糟糕。” /201303/231227

  The swimsuit posed (提出,摆姿势)on the T stage for the first time in 1946 at a time when the ed States did an atomic bomb experiment on the Bikini Island. From then on this type of female mini-swimsuit divided into two portions that had the same blast force with atomic bomb won another name: Bikini. A reporter interviewed the mayor of Paris at that time, the mayor commented artfully(巧妙,狡猾) :; There seems no lack of cloth in Paris.;1946年泳装第一次在 T 型台亮相,时值美国在比基尼岛进行原子弹试验,这种具有同样冲击力的装从此 就有了另一个名字:比基尼。对于这一分成两部分的超小女子泳装,记者采访了当时 的巴黎市市长,市长说:“我们巴黎并不缺布吧。”。

  Although the majority of Americans say it is unacceptable, nearly one in four married adults stillcheat ontheir spouses.But what constitutes being unfaithful differs among men and women, according to a new survey.Most people questioned in the poll agree physical contact -- including kissing someone other than your partner -- means you are cheating. But 77 percent of women also think using the Internet for online sexual talk or cavorting in front of a Webcam is also cheating, compared to only 57 percent of men."We've always had theinside scoopabout what's on the minds of women, especially when it comes to relationships, said Deborah Fine, president of iVillage Inc, a media firm dedicated to women."This new survey gives us a closer look at how both men and women feel about the topic of fidelity," she added in a statement.Nearly three-quarters of women also feel sending flirtatious emails is cheating, as opposed to 53 percent of men.According to the online survey of 70,288 people, the most common cheating partners are friends and co-workers. Money is also an element in deceitful behavior because the higher a man's salary the more likely it is that he will be unfaithful.But the same does not apply to women.Men said they usually strayed because they wanted more sex, while women sought emotional attention.The survey also revealed that many partners will try to find out if their spouse isstraying.Eighty-three percent of people questioned in the poll said they would try to trick them into confessing, 63 percent would pay for a private detective and more than half said they would have no qualms about checking emails and telephone logs.But when people do have affairs they are usually brief. Nearly 30 percent last a week or less and 47 percent are done within a month.Those who do cheat rarely get caught, only about 30 percent or less, according to the survey. And just 13 percent confess to their misdeeds. 尽管大多数美国人认为对伴侣不忠不可接受,但却有近四分之一的已婚人士仍然这样做。然而,据一项最新调查显示,男性和女性对“不忠”的理解有所不同。大多数受访者认为与伴侣以外的其他人接吻等身体接触是一种不忠的表现。但77%的女性认为,在网上互相聊一些下流的话题或通过网络摄像头打情骂俏也是不忠的表现,而持此观点的男性只有57%。iVillage女性媒体公司的总裁黛拉·范恩说,“我们总能掌握女性的一些隐秘想法,尤其在两性关系方面。”她在一份声明中说:“这项新调查则针对忠贞这一问题对男性和女性的想法进行了更为深入的了解。”此外,近四分之三的女性觉得发调情的电子邮件也是不忠,持此看法的男性比例为53%。据此项对70288人进行的在线调查显示,朋友和同事最易成为“拈花惹草”的对象。金钱也是不忠行为发生的一个因素,因为男人的收入越高,越轨的可能性会越大。但这个“理论”并不适合女性。男人说他们越轨是因为性需求;女人则说她们则是为了寻求情感上的呵护。此外,调查显示,很多人表示他们会查明配偶是否有越轨行为。83%的受访者表示他们会采取一些小手段,“诱使”对方坦白;63%的人则表示会去找一个;一半以上的人说他们会去查对方的电子邮件和电话记录。但是真正有越轨行为的人通常会速战速决。近30%的人持续一周或不到一周的时间,47%的人则在一个月内就完事。调查显示,有不忠行为的人很少被抓个现形,只有30%或更少的人遭遇过此尴尬。仅有13%的人向伴侣坦白过自己的错误行为。 /200803/32752

  Sun Xiaodong hasn’t received a single job offer yet, but he isn’t concerned. The computer science major at Huazhong University of Science and Technology has no intentions of starting work immediately after graduating. Instead, the 23-year-old is planning a trip to Sichuan and Tibet with his classmates to celebrate their graduation.尽管孙晓东(音译)还没找到工作,但他并不担心。毕业于华中科技大学计算机科学专业、现年23岁的他并不打算一毕业便开始工作,而是正计划着和同学一起前往四川和西藏,来场毕业之旅。Apart from its ritual function of saying farewell to college life, a graduation trip now also serves as a form of escapism and soul-searching for graduates.除了作为告别大学生活的仪式外,如今的毕业旅行也成了毕业生逃离现实追寻自我的途径之一。Yu Dongxue, 22, a journalism major at Sichuan University, thinks a graduation trip with her classmates is a once in a lifetime experience – they’re not married and are not bound by job obligations. So, even though Yu aly took a loan to finish college, she is still borrowing money to embark on her graduation rite to Jiuzhaigou.来自四川大学新闻专业、22岁的郁冬雪(音译)认为,和同学一起踏上毕业旅行这样的经历一生仅此一次——大家都还没有结婚,也没有工作职责的束缚。因此,虽然是靠贷款读完大学,她还是决定借点钱来筹备自己的九寨沟毕业之旅。“The most important point is that we are young,” says Yu. “This innocent emotion among classmates and the spirit of curiosity and passion may never come back.”“最重要的是我们都年轻,”郁冬雪说。“同学之间纯粹的感情以及我们的好奇心和或许会一去不复返了。”Wang Cunfu, 22, a senior majoring in law at China University of Political Science and Law, agrees: “This summer is the last time we will have so few responsibilities, so I will do my best to go somewhere far away.”对此,中国政法大学法学专业大四学生、22岁的王存福(音译)十分认同:“这个夏天是我们最后一次毫无负担的时光了,我会尽可能地去远方走走。”New perspective全新视角Ma Yu’an went on a bicycle tour deep into Qinghai and Tibet for three months last year, as he couldn’t find a job after graduating from a degree in history at Tianjin University.去年,毕业于天津大学历史学专业的马宇安(音译)因为毕业后找不到工作,于是花了三个月时间深入青海和西藏进行了一次单车之旅。“For me, it was an escape from the pressure and anxiety of entering society,” says Ma.“对我来说,这是从步入社会的压力和焦虑中逃离。”马宇安说。After meeting peers from all over the country on his trip, Ma now shares his stories of being on the road as a freelance blogger and photographer, even though his parents aren’t happy with it.旅行途中,马宇安遇见了来自全国各地的同龄人,如今的他已经是一名自由主兼摄影师,和大家一起分享着自己的行者故事,尽管他的父母对此并不满意。“I would not be working in this ‘unstable’ job had I not come out of my comfort zone,” says Ma. “But I do see my life differently now.”“如果我还没有走出自己的‘舒适地带’的话,现在也就不会从事着这样一份‘不稳定’的工作了,”马宇安说,“但我确实感觉到我生活的改变。”Gao Liankui, 24, who traveled to Nepal after graduating from Shenzhen University in 2011, agrees.对此,现年24岁的高连奎(音译)表示赞同。2011年,刚刚从深圳大学毕业的他便旅行去了尼泊尔。“Some students think it’s important to get a job right after their graduation, otherwise they may never get one,” says Gao. “But that’s not true. Jobs will still be there when you return while youth doesn’t wait.”“有些学生觉得毕业后马上找份工作很重要,否则可能就会永久失业了,”高连奎说。“但其实不然。你回来时工作还在那里,但青春可不等人。”Beneficial experience获益良多According to Gao, traveling can improve your skills in various areas.高连奎表示,旅行能够提升你在许多方面的能力。By working out a budget and a route, planning activities, and arranging accommodation, Gao feels he has become more organized and efficient. Talking to peers in hostels not only puts your communication skills to the test, it’s an eye-opening experience and a chance to make like-minded friends.通过做预算、定路线、规划活动、安排住宿,高连奎觉得自己变得更有条理也更高效了。在青年旅社里和年轻人聊天不仅是对你沟通能力的考验,也是一次开阔视野、结交志同道合的朋友的机会。Nie Xiang, 28, a hostel owner in Dali, Yunnan province, supports this notion.现在云南大理经营着一家青年旅社、28岁的聂湘(音译)赞同这一观点。“Hostels are made for young travelers and offer them many opportunities to make friends,” Nie says.“青年旅社就是为年轻行者们开设的,为他们提供结交朋友的机会。”聂湘说。 /201306/243285


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