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博罗有泌尿科吗An elderly woman woke up after having suffered a stroke unable to speak in her native dialect but fluent in Cantonese, a dialect she had learned more than a decade ago.一位老婆婆在中风后醒来,却被发现不会说本地话了。相反,她却流利地说出了十几年前曾学习过的的粤语。The woman, surnamed Wu, from Wuhan, Hubei Province, has been speaking to family members in the South China dialect since being treated for a recent stroke, media reported last Tuesday.相关媒体上周二报道,这位来自湖北武汉的吴婆婆在最近一次中风之后,突然只会和家人用中国南方的方言粤语进行交流。Relatives were shocked when Wu began using a dialect they at first didn#39;t understand. It was only when Wu#39;s niece recognized it as Cantonese that the family was able to communicate.亲戚们听到吴婆婆用一种他们起初完全听不懂的语言说话非常震惊。后来她的一位侄女听出了吴婆婆讲的是粤语,家人才能进行交流。Family members informed doctors at The Central Hospital of Wuhan that Wu had lived in Cantonese-speaking Guangdong over a decade earlier. Doctors explain that such cases of lost language are unusual and poorly understood.随后,家人向武汉中心医院的医生表示,吴婆婆十几年前曾在讲粤语的广东省住过。医生对此解释称,这种失语的案例很少见,也不太容易理解原因。A neurologist at the hospital said the stroke had left Wu#39;s left frontal lobe damaged - the language center for the brain.该医院的一位神经科医生表示,中风使得吴婆婆的左脑额叶受损,而这里恰恰是大脑的语言中枢。Different parts of the brain store learned languages, which may explain why Wu can understand one dialect but speaks in another, the doctor added.这位医生补充说道,大脑不同的区域控制不同的语言,这也许就能解释为什么吴婆婆理解的是一种方言,讲的却是另一种方言。But she is showing signs of improvement. With speech therapy and medication, Wu has recovered some of her tongue.不过,吴婆婆现在已经有了改善的迹象。通过语言障碍矫正和药物治疗,她已经能讲一些武汉话了。 /201604/436970惠州博罗县治疗前列腺疾病哪家医院最好 The Ministry of Public Security unveiled a series of favorable policies for skilled foreign workers in the pilot free trade zone in Guangdong.公安部近日推出了一系列针对广东自由贸易试验区外籍技术人才的优惠政策。Among the 16 new exit-entry measures are simplified permanent residence application procedures and fast-track approvals for skilled foreign workers in the zone, support for young foreign students#39; start-ups, accelerated visas and residency application channels for overseas Chinese and lower thresholds for investors in the zone to apply for permanent residency, according to a ministry statement released last Monday.根据公安部上周一发布的声明,新推出的16项出入境措施包括:简化广东自贸区外籍技术人才申请永久居留手续,加快审批进程;持外籍青年学生进行创业;为申请签和居留件的外籍华人提供快速通道以及降低在广东自贸区投资人员申请永久居留的标准等。;These new exit-entry policies and measures are based on the free trade zone#39;s urgent demand for high-caliber foreign talent, overseas Chinese returning to start businesses, young foreign students and investors to realize innovation-driven development of the zone,; the ministry said.公安部门表示:“这些新的出入境政策和措施是建立在自由贸易区对高素质人才的迫切需求、海外华人回国创业,年轻的外国留学生和投资者在该区实现创新驱动发展的基础上的。”Other measures include allowing foreigners who meet salary and taxation standards to apply for permanent residency, a fast track from work permits to permanent residency for high-caliber talent, and visa exemptions for personnel from certain countries within specified times at Guangdong customs.其他措施包括允许符合工资和税收标准的外国人申请永久居留权,对外籍高层次人才畅通从就业居留向永久居留资格的转换机制,以及广东海关特定时间内特定国家人员的免签。The measures will take effect on Aug. 1, the ministry said.公安部表示,这些措施将从8月1日起实施。 /201607/456583惠州阳痿的检查费用

惠州男科正规医院Archaeologists in Mongolia are slowly unwrapping the mummy of a suspected ancient woman found preserved in the Altai Mountains. So far only one hand and her feet in modern-looking boots are visible, but experts believe the find dates to around 1,500 years ago.近日,蒙古国的考古学家正在小心翼翼地挖掘着保存在阿尔泰山脉的一具女木乃伊。截至目前为止,我们只能够看到一只手及穿着现代样式靴子的双脚。但据专家判断,这具木乃伊可能有1500年的历史了。Researcher B.Sukhbaatar, from Khovd Museum, said: #39;This person was not from the elite, and we believe it was likely a woman, because there is no bow in the tomb. Now we are carefully unwrapping the body, and once this is complete the specialists will be able to say more precisely about the gender.#39;来自科布多物馆的研究专家苏赫巴托表示:“这具木乃伊并非一名贵族女性。之所以推断这是一具女性木乃伊,是因为坟墓中没有发现弓箭。目前我们正在小心挖掘,一旦全部挖掘出来,专家们就能明确判断是否为女性了。”A host of possessions were found in the grave. These included a saddle, bridle, clay vase, wooden bowl, trough, iron kettle, the remains of an entire horse, and ancient clothing.墓中还发现了大量财物。这些财物包括马鞍、缰绳、陶土花瓶、木碗、水槽、铁锅、一匹马的遗体以及一些古代饰。There were also pillows, a sheep#39;s head and felt travel bag in which were placed the whole back of a sheep, goat bones and small leather bag designed to carry a cup.此外,坟墓中还有枕头,羊头骨,被放于羊背上的一个类似旅行袋的东西,一些羊骨头以及放杯子的皮包。The first mention of Turks was in a Chinese text that made reference to Turk tribes and Sogdians along the Silk Road. The Turkic people developed their own alphabets, had their own language and are known for a number of symbols including wolves and the colour blue. Today, modern Turks live across Asia and eastern Europe.突厥人第一次被提及是在中国关于丝绸之路的文献资料中。突厥人有自己的文字和语言,并且以狼、蓝色为代表符号。现在,突厥人主要生活在亚洲和东欧地区。Commenting on the recent discovery, B.Sukhbaatar continued: #39;It is the first complete Turkic burial at least in Mongolia - and probably in all Central Asia. This is a very rare phenomenon. These finds show us the beliefs and rituals of Turkics.#39;而对于如今的这一发现,苏赫巴托继续说:“这是蒙古,也可能是在整个中亚的第一座完整的突厥人古墓。这非常罕见。该发现让我们了解了突厥人的信仰和风俗。”The grave was located 9,200 feet (2,803 meters) above sea level. This fact and the cool temperatures helped to preserve the grave, which sat three metres deep.该墓地位于海拔9200英尺(2803米)的地方。这样的位置以及寒冷的气候有助于保存这一三米深的墓地。#39;The finds show us that these people were very skilled craftsmen,#39; added the researcher. #39;Given that this was the grave of a simple person, we understand that craft skills were rather well developed.#39;这名研究者补充说:“这些发现向我们展示了这些人都是技艺高超的手艺人。因为这具木乃伊是一个普通人,可以想见当时他们的技艺该是多么高超。” /201604/437887 A University of Sydney business school tutor has resigned after coverage of allegedly derogatory comments he made about international students on social media.日前,悉尼大学商学院的一名教师在媒体报道他涉嫌在社交媒体上贬低国际学生之后,引咎辞职。Wu Wei, the finance tutor of the business school, resigned on last Monday after reports he called mainland Chinese students ;pigs; in Facebook posts last year. He also allegedly accused Chinese students of cheating ;due to low IQs; while using the username Pekojima on the Chinese microblogging site Weibo. His account has since been deleted.在被媒体报道去年在Facebook上称中国学生为;猪;之后,商学院财务导师吴维于上周一正式辞职。此外,他还被指控在名为Pekojima的微账户上称中国留学生;由于低智商;而作弊。目前他的微账户已被注销。;The Usyd finance course is very difficult, not sure how many international pigs will hire essay writer [sic] because of their low IQ,; one of the posts, translated from Chinese.;悉大的金融课程很难,不知道以留学豚的智商又要花多少钱找论文代写;,这段中文微如是说道。The posts were discovered by students in his class, prompting an investigation by the student newspaper Honi Soit and a university investigation of the tutor#39;s conduct.随即,这条微被他自己班上的学生发现,学生报纸Honi Soit和校方都对该教师的行为进行了调查。In a public post to Facebook, student Evin Wang expressed concern about Wu#39;s posts.在Facebook上的一条公共里,学生埃文·王表达了对吴维微的关注。;As a Chinese student, I feel very insecure in his tutorials and lectures, because of how clearly he shows his HATE towards China and the Chinese people. He makes me wonder, if he hates Chinese so much, how could he possibly teach Chinese students without any prejudice? Is there any chance that he could hurt us in his tutorial? How can we pay 50 tuition fee per unit to get this kind of ;tutor;?! WE DO NOT ACCEPT IT.;;作为一名中国学生,我感到非常不安,因为在他的课堂和讲座里,他很明显地表达了他对中国和华人的仇视。这让我不禁担忧,如果他那么讨厌中国人,他还会毫无偏见地教授中国学生吗?在教课的时候他会不会伤害我们?我们为什么要花4750澳元的学费来接受这种#39;教育#39;?!对此我们无法接受。;A petition calling for Wu#39;s resignation that linked to screenshots and English translations of the posts to Weibo was circulated by the Sydney University Business Society last week.悉尼大学商学院社团也发布了包含该微截图和翻译的请愿书,要求吴维离职。Prof Greg Whitwell, the dean of the business school, confirmed that Wu had resigned as an employee of the University of Sydney and had issued an apology for the distress that his comments had caused.商学院院长格雷戈·惠特教授实,目前吴维已辞去悉尼大学的教师职位,并为他的言论对他人带来的伤害表示道歉。In his apology circulated by the university, Wu said: ;I would like to sincerely apologise for the inappropriate and disrespectful comments I made on the internet. I will refrain from such remarks in the future. I have also resigned from my employment at the University of Sydney. For those who felt hurt or offended by my online comments, I ask your forgiveness.;吴维通过学校发表了道歉:;我想真诚地为我在互联网上不恰当的和不尊重的言论道歉。今后我不会再说这样的话了。我也辞去了我在悉尼大学的工作。对于网上那些觉得受到伤害或受到了冒犯的人,我请求你们的原谅。;Whitwell said racist, sexist or offensive language was not tolerated at the university and that expectations for staff and affiliates were clearly set out in its code of conduct.此外,惠特教授表示,学校无法容忍种族主义、性别歧视或侮辱性的语言。对学校员工和机构的期望已经在员工守则中清楚地罗列出来。 /201604/439632惠州做包皮手术多少钱河源龙川县男科医院哪家好



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