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广州白云妇科医院专家咨询广州去哪家医院治不孕If you are graduating from college and looking a job you wanna make sure your resume is the very best it can be. And there is a difference between the kind of resume you need as a student and the kind you wanna have as a professional. I'm Lindsey Pollak, author of Getting from College to Career and I'm here to provide you some essential Do's and Don'ts making sure your resume is the very best it can be. First let's start with the Do's.如果你刚刚从大学毕业,或者正在寻找工作的话,你要确保你的简历是最出色的,这样你才有可能脱颖而出那么一份好的简历应该做到什么呢? No. 1 Make sure that it's 0% clear when someone looks at your resume exactly what kind of job you want. A recruiter may probably only spend a couple of seconds figuring out where you might fit in a company, so make sure it's clear from how you list your experiences and it's not, you might wanna consider adding an objective statement or profile statement explaining exactly where you would like to be in their organization.首先,当别人看到这份简历时就0%的了解你想要找什么工作 No. Quantify everything. If you raised money at a fundraiser a non-profit, talk about exactly how much money you raised. If you increased sales in your retail job, talk about the percentage increase over the person who had the position bee you. Numbers stand out and they make your story and make you look like a better candidate.其次,量化每一件事,详细描述你做的每一件事取得的成绩 No.3 Just like numbers stand out on a resume brand names stand out as well. If you worked impressive-named companies on an internship or a job, if you won a scholarship that has an impressive name in your commy, if you've been part of a team or a non-profit organization,be sure that those names have a prominent place on your resume.第三.正如数字是一份简历的亮点,品牌名称也一样 No. Include all relevant experiences even if it was unpaid. Volunteer opporties, extracurriculars any job that you did where you demonstrated professional expertise or you built your skills,absolutely counts as experience and should be included on your resume.第四.简历中包括所有的相关经历,即使是未收薪酬的工作 No.5, perhaps the most important tip is to share your resume with people who actually work in the industry you want to join. They will have the best advice on what keywords to include, what order to place your experiencing and any mistakes that may keep you from getting a job in that industry.第五.或许最重要的一点是把你的简历给你在你所要谋求的行业工作的人看,他们会给出最好的建议 855广东长安医院检查早泄怎么样好不好 Voice 1: Hello. Im Marina Santee.声音1:大家好,我是玛丽娜·桑蒂Voice : And Im Elizabeth Lickiss. Welcome to Spotlight. This programme uses a special English method of broadcasting. It is easier people to understand, no matter where in the world they live.声音:我是伊丽莎白·利基斯谢谢大家收听重点报道节目重点报道节目用慢速英语的方式播报新闻便于全世界各地民众的理解Voice 1: The sun beats down. It is a hot dry day. A man is working in a field. It is tiring work — the ground is hard and difficult to dig. He stops a short time. His body is suffering. He has lost a lot of water through his skin. Now he is dehydrated. He needs a drink. He stands under a nearby tree. He finds his water bottle and lifts it to his mouth. He takes long deep swallows.声音1:阳光直射这是炎热又干燥的一天一个男人正在田地里干活这是十分累人的活,土地很硬,很难挖他停止了干活他的身体很疼他出了很多汗现在他处于脱水状态他需要喝水他站在附近的树下找到水瓶后放到了嘴边他喝了很多水Voice : The water tastes good. There is nothing like a cool drink of water on a hot day. But many people that drink may cost them their lives. Over one billion people in the world live without a clean water supply. Over two million people die each year from health problems related to drinking dirty water. Experts estimate that six thousand children die each day from conditions caused by dirty water.声音:水的味道不错在这种炎热的日子里,没有什么比冰水更好了但是对许多人来说,喝水可能会让他们付出生命全世界有超过亿人无法获得清洁水源每年有0余万人死于污水相关疾病专家预计,每天有6000名儿童因饮用不洁净的水而导致死亡译文属 578广州人流价格

广州武警医院哪个医生比较好【Warm up】Warm up 热身练习Comprehension Choose the correct word in each sentence 选词1 Harry is going to have an inmal a mal interview Johnny thinks his company is a good bad place to work 3 Harry accuses Olivia of wanting to know nothing everything about other people Olivia is sure that Harry won’t will get the job 5 Sarah is very sad tired 6 Sarah has met some interesting strange people 背单词 — 生活常用词汇 19广州哪里无痛人流做的好 潮州不育去哪好

广州番禺检查妇科去哪个医院Hassle Man 麻烦男子Everything a hassle, he thought. The smallest thing is a hassle. Taking the cap off the toothpaste tube is a hassle. Squeezing the toothpaste tube is a hassle. Putting the toothpaste on the toothbrush is a hassle. Brushing his teeth is a hassle. Life is just one hassle after another. ;You always exaggerate,; his wife said. ;Not everything is a hassle.; He thought about that. Could his wife be right? Are some things not a hassle? How about eating food? That not a hassle. How about taking a hot shower? That not a hassle. How about ing? How about watching a good TV program? How about sleeping? He couldnt think of anything else. Eating, showering, ing, watching TV, and sleeping arent a hassle. ;Okay, I wont exaggerate,; he said to his wife. ;I wont say that everything is a hassle. Ill say that everything except five things is a hassle!;他总觉得所有的事情都非常麻烦小事情也非常麻烦打开牙膏帽是件烦人的事挤牙膏很麻烦将牙膏放在牙刷上是一件琐事刷牙很麻烦生活就是一个麻烦接着另一个麻烦他的妻子说:“你总是把事情想得那么夸张,并不是所有的事情都这么麻烦”他想了想他的妻子说得对吗?有些事情是不是没这么繁琐?比如说吃饭?这件事不麻烦好比如洗热水澡?这不麻烦阅读?看一个好的电视节目?睡觉?他想不到其他不繁琐的事情了吃饭、洗澡、阅读、看电视、睡觉不繁琐他对妻子说:“好的,我不会小题大做了,我不会说所有事情都这么麻烦了我会说除了五件事情以外,其他的都麻烦!”译文属原创,,不得转载 386 天河东圃人民医院治疗妇科怎么样广州去哪间医院测卵泡最好



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