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look out是“当心”的意思,而不是“看外面”,悲剧 /201107/143093The B iPlayer enables viewers to watch their favourite shows on their computersOne of the founding fathers of the internet has predicted the end of traditional television.Vint Cerf, who helped to build the internet while working as a researcher in America, said that television was approaching its "iPod moment"In the same way that people now download their favourite music onto their iPod, he said that viewers would soon be downloading most of favourite programmes onto their computers."85 per cent of all we watch is pre-recorded, so you can set your system to download it all the time," said Mr Cerf, who is now the vice-president of the Google, the world's largest search engine."You're still going to need live television for certain things - like news, sporting events and emergencies - but increasingly it is going to be almost like the iPod, where you download content to look at later."Although television on demand has not yet become a mainstream activity in the UK, the B, ITV and Channel 4 have all invested vast sums of money in technology which enables viewers to watch their favourite shows on their computers.But some critics, including some internet service providers, have warned that the internet will collapse under the strain of millions of people downloading programmes at the same time.Over the next four years, it is thought that the number of s watched over the internet will quadruple, with people moving from short clips to hour-long programmes.Broadband companies claim that the service will cause "traffic jams", which will cost millions of pounds to sort out .But Mr Cerf dismissed the warnings as "scare tactics", saying that critics had predicted 20 years ago that the net would collapse when people all around the world started to use it en masse."In the intervening 30 years it's increased a million times... We're far from exhausting the capacity," he said. "It's an understandable worry when they see huge amounts of information being moved around online."Setting out his vision for the future of the internet, he said he wanted it to reach as many people as possible."I want more internet," he said. "I want every one of the six billion people on the planet to be able to connect to the internet." 一位“互联网之父”日前预言:传统的电视时代将结束。温特#8226;瑟夫曾是美国一名研究人员,曾参与过互联网的创建。他说,电视正走向iPod时代。他说,与现在人们将喜欢的音乐下载到iPod里一样,电视观众们很快就能将他们喜欢的大多数电视节目下载到电脑中去了。现任全球最大的搜索引擎公司Google副总裁的瑟夫先生说:“我们观看的85%的视频都是预先录制的,所以可以随时下载。”“尽管人们仍需要新闻、体育比赛和紧急事件等的现场直播,但‘iPod模式’将日益兴起,人们可以把节目下载到里面供以后观看。”尽管电视在线点播在英国仍未成为一种主流模式,但B、ITV和Channel 4已投入大量资金研发能让观众在电脑上看他们喜爱的电视节目的技术。但包括一些互联网务提供商在内的一些批评人士警告说,如果几百万人在同一时间下载节目,互联网会因无法承受压力而崩溃。据预测,在未来四年中,互联网上的视频数量将翻两番,人们所能观看的视频也将从现在的短片“升级”为长达一小时的节目。宽带公司称,这一务会导致“网络交通堵塞”,而“疏通”成本则会达到几百万英镑。瑟夫对这一“恐吓战术”的说法进行了反驳,他说,批评人士20年前预测,如果全世界的人同时上网,互联网会崩溃。他说:“在过去三十年中,互联网的容量增加了一百万倍,我们远没用尽这些容量。看到大量的信息游荡于互联网而产生这样的担忧是可以理解的。”瑟夫先生对互联网的未来进行了展望,他说他希望更多的人能用上互联网。他说:“我希望互联网越来越发达。希望地球上60亿人都能用上互联网。” /200808/45865

Thirsty? You might want to consider a steaming cup of tea. In a survey of existing research published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the authors report that not only does tea rehydrate and quench your thirst as well as water does, it comes with additional health benefits too.   口渴吗?或许你该考虑沏壶茶,根据一片发布在欧洲权威医学杂志的文章称,茶水除了和白开水一样能解渴,同时还富含有有益健康的元素与物质。   “Drinking tea is actually better for you than drinking water,” Dr. Carrie Ruxton, a nutritionist and the lead author of the study told the B. “Water is essentially replacing fluid. Tea replaces fluids and contains antioxidants so it's got two things going for it.”   文章作者凯莉-鲁克斯顿士告诉英国广播电台,“茶水不仅补充了因体液消耗流失的水分,其中所含有的抗氧化剂也一道被人体吸收,可以说是一举两得。”   Those antioxidants — specifically flavanoids — can reduce damage done to cells through everyday living, so researchers believe these same compounds may help to ward off heart attacks and some types of cancer.   茶叶中所具有抗氧化剂,特别是类黄酮这种元素,它有助于减少日常生活中对于细胞所造成的伤害,因此研究人员认为饮茶有利于减少心血管方面疾病发生的几率,同时还能提高对于某些癌症的抵抗力。   They found clear evidence that drinking three to four cups of tea a day can cut the chances of having a heart attack. Some studies suggested tea consumption protected against cancer, although this effect was less clear- cut.   科学家们倡导,每日饮上四杯茶,这样,罹患心脏病的风险将大大减少。另外有研究显示,茶有一定得抗癌性。 /201101/124230

Wherever you are, and whoever you maybe, there is one thing in which you and I are just alike at this moment, and in all the moments of our existence. We are not at rest; we are on a journey, our life is a movement, a tendency, a steady, ceaseless progress towards an unseen goal. We are gaining something, or losing something, everyday. Even when our position and our character seem to remain precisely the same, they are changing. For the mere advance of time is a change. It is not the same thing to have a bare field in January and in July, the season makes the difference. The limitations that are childlike in the child are childish in the man.无论你在何处,无论你是何人,此刻,而且在我们生命的每时每刻,你与我有一点是类似的。我们不是在休息,我们在旅途中。生命是一种运动,一种趋势,一个稳步、持续的通往一个未知目标的过程。每天,我们都在获得,或失去。尽管我们的地位和性格看起来好像一点都没变,但是它们在变化。因为时光的流逝本身是一种变化。在一月和七月拥有一片贫瘠的土地是不同的,是季节本身带来了变化。孩童时可爱的缺点到了成人时便成了幼稚。Everything that we do is a step in one direction or another, even the failure to do something is in itself a deed. It sets us forward or backward. The action of the negative pole of a magnetic needle is just as real as the action of the positive pole. To decline is to accept – the other alternative.我们做的每件事都是迈向一个或另外一个方向,甚至“什么都没做”本身也是一种行为,它让我们前进或倒退。一棵磁针的阴极的作用与阳极是一样的。拒绝即接受接受反面。Are you nearer to your port today than you were yesterday? Yes, -- you must be a little nearer to some port or other; for since your ship was first lunched upon the sea of life, you have never been still for a single moment; the sea is too deep, you could not find an anchorage if you would. There can be no pause until you come into port.你今天比昨天更加接近你的目标了吗?是的,你肯定是离一个或另一个码头或更近一些了。因为自从你的小船从生命的海洋上启航时,你没有哪一刻是停止的。大海是这样深,你想抛锚时找不到地方。在你驶入码头之前,你不可能停留。 /201012/119875

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