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For two women in the ed Kingdom, mysterious vision problems that happened only at night or early in the morning turned out to have a rather innocuous cause: looking at a smartphone in the dark.英国的两位女士只在夜晚或者是早上出现了神秘的视力问题,结果是由一个相当无伤大雅的原因引起的——那就是在黑暗中看手机。In the first case, a 22-year-old woman told her eye doctor that she had trouble seeing out of her right eye at night while she was in bed. These episodes happened multiple times a week for a year. Each time, she said she could only see the outlines of objects with her right eye, although her vision was fine in her left eye, and in both eyes the following day.在第一个案例中,一位22岁的女士告诉她的眼科医生说,她的右眼在每晚躺在床上的时候看不清。这些现象在一年之中每周要发生很多次。每次她都说,她的右眼只能看出事物的轮廓,尽管她的左眼视力很好,第二天两只眼睛的视力就全部恢复了。In the second case, a 40-year-old woman told doctors that she couldn#39;t see out of one eye when she woke up in the early morning, before sunrise. This vision problem lasted about 15 minutes, and happened on and off for six months, the report said.报道称,另一个案例中,一位40岁的女士告诉医生说,她在早上起床后日落之前,其中一只眼睛看不见。这种视力问题持续15分钟,半年之中会断断续续发生。In both cases, doctors later discovered that these vision problems happened only after the women had viewed their smartphone for several minutes, while lying on their side in bed.在以上的两个案例中,医生后来发现这些视力问题都是因这两位女士躺在床上持续几分钟看手机之后发生的。The doctors hypothesized that these problems happened because the patients, without realizing it, were looking at their phone with just one eye, with the other eye blocked by a pillow when they were lying down. In this situation, one eye (blocked by the pillow) becomes adapted to the dark, while the other eye (looking at the smartphone) is adapted to the light, the doctors said. When the smartphone is turned off, the light-adapted eye is perceived to be ;blind,; until it also adjusts to the dark, the doctors said.医生假设表示:这些问题的发生是因为病人在毫无意识的情况下使用一只眼睛看手机,而另外一只眼睛在躺着的时候被枕头所遮挡。在这种情况下,那只被枕头遮挡的眼睛已经习惯了黑暗的环境,而另外一只看手机的眼睛却习惯了光亮,医生说。当手机关机后,那只适应光亮的眼睛就被认为是“盲的”,直到它也习惯了黑暗。The doctors also tried their own experiment, looking at their smartphones with one eye in the dark, and found that their vision was considerably reduced in one eye, and took several minutes to recover.医生自己也做了尝试,在黑暗中用一只眼睛看手机,结果发现这只眼睛的视力大大降低,而且需要几分钟的时间来恢复。 /201606/451707Labradors are responsible for more personal injury claims than any other breed - and postal workers bear the brunt, a new survey has found.拉布拉多比起其它品种的而言,伤人事件更多,一项新调查发现,首当其冲的受害者便是邮政人员。New data from a pet insurer reveals labradors as the culprit in a surprising number of claims and more than a third of the total come from postal staff and delivery drivers.宠物保险公司一份新数据显示,邮政人员与运输司机受伤事件中,有超过三分之一的罪魁祸首当属拉布拉多。The breed responsible for the most attacks on those staff specifically are German Shepherds, followed by Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Border Collies and Labradors.专门伤害这些工作人员的品种有德国牧羊犬,紧随其后的有斯塔福德#15988;犬、边境牧羊犬还有拉布拉多。The research coincides with a recent study from the Royal Mail which revealed there were 2,600 dog attacks against their staff last year, with attacks in Nottinghamshire being the most frequent.巧的是,英国皇家邮政最近一项研究最近也发现去年有2600起犬类伤害员工事件, 其中诺丁汉郡遇袭频度最高。Research from Animal Friends insurers revealed that some of the most horrific injuries included puncture wounds, scarring, nerve damage and even amputation.“动物朋友”保险公司的研究显示,最骇人的伤害包括有刺伤、留疤、神经损害,甚至还有截肢。Postal workers had to undergo a number of treatments including surgery, the insertion of pins and plates, nerve grafts and even psychological treatment for those most deeply affected.邮政人员不得不接受一系列治疗,包括有外科手术、安插钢针和钢板、 神经移植,受害最严重的甚至还要接受心理治疗。Dr Roger Mugford, an animal psychologist, said the best thing for posties to do was befriend the dogs and keep them happy by always carrying a bag of treats.动物心理学家罗杰·马格福德士称,最佳方案便是邮递员和交上朋友,经常带些小点给小哄它们开心。 /201608/458720B News –Anxiety should begiven more attention in mental health research because it is more common thanwe think, says a global review of the disorder.B新闻 – 应当在心理健康研究中给予焦虑症更多关注,因为它比我们想象的更为普遍,对焦虑症进行的全球评审报告说Anxiety is feelings of worry, fear andunease which persist for a long time and become overwhelming, affectingeveryday life. Physical sensations such as raised blood pressure, feeling nauseousand disrupted sleeping are common. At this point, it becomes a mental healthproblem and a diagnosis of a specific anxiety disorder can be given.焦虑是持续时间长变成压倒性的担忧,害怕和不安情绪,影响到日常生活。常见血压升高,感到恶心,睡眠受扰等生理感觉。在目前阶段,焦虑已成为一种精神健康疾病,可以对特定的焦虑症作出诊断。Published in the journal Brain andBehavior, the global review of 48 studies found that more than 60 millionpeople were affected by anxiety disorders every year in the EU. North Americais thought to be worst affected, with eight in 100 people having anxiety, andEast Asia least affected (three in 100).这份对48项研究进行的全球评审报告发表在《大脑和行为》杂志上,报告发现,欧盟每年有超过6千万人受到焦虑症的困扰。北美地区被认为受焦虑症影响最严重,100个人中有8个患焦虑症,而东亚地区受影响最小(100个人中有3个)。Scientists from the University of Cambridgesaid women, young people under 35 and those with health problems wereparticularly affected. Globally, women were found to be twice as likely toexperience anxiety as men.剑桥大学的科学家说,35岁以下的年轻人和有健康问题的人尤其受影响。全球来说,女性被发现经历焦虑的可能性是男性的两倍。The review said people with a chronichealth condition were at particular risk, ;adding a double burden on theirlives;. For example, 32% of people with multiple sclerosis have an anxietydisorder and 15 to 23% of cancer patients are affected.该报告说,慢性病患者面临特别大的风险,“对他们的生命增加了双倍负担”。例如,32%的多发性硬化症患者患有焦虑症,15%到23%的癌症病人受到焦虑症的影响。Pregnant women were also found to beparticularly prone to obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) - a form of anxietydisorder - before and immediately after the birth of their baby.妇也被发现在孩子出生前后易患强迫症(OCD)- 焦虑症的一种形式。Review author Olivia Remes, from thedepartment of public health and primary care at the University of Cambridge,said anxiety disorders could make life extremely difficult. ;It can leadto the development of other diseases and psychiatric disorders, increase therisk for suicide and is associated with high costs to society.;报告作者,剑桥大学公共卫生和基层医疗系的雷米斯说,焦虑症可使生活极其困难。“它可导致发展出其它疾病和精神障碍,增加自杀风险,与社会高成本相关。” /201606/448122Arturo died in Mendoza Zoo, two years after a petition gathered more than half a million signatures seeking for him to be moved to Canada.Arturo在门多萨动物园逝世,两年前曾有超过五十万民众联名请愿想把它送到加拿大生活。The zoo director at the time said Arturo was too old to be safely moved. The bear was nearly 31 years old when it died on Sunday and had lived at the Mendoza zoo since age 8.动物园园长当时说Arturo实在太老了,不能被安全的运送。Arturo自从8岁起就在门多萨动物园生活,周日逝世时年近31岁。Mendoza officials said the bear died from complications of old age.门多萨官方称Arturo因年老引发并发症而去世。The environmental group Greenpeace called Arturo’s case an example of theinappropriate conditions suffered by animals in Argentina’s zoos.环保组织“绿色和平组织”称Arturo的逝世是阿根廷动物园不适宜的环境条件造成的一例。Arturo gained worldwide attention and his ‘world’s saddest animal’ moniker after pictures of him lying flat on his stomach emerged on social network sites.在Arturo平着趴着的照片出现在社交网站后,它得到了全世界的关注,并有了“全球最悲伤北极熊”的称号。 /201607/453478

They can be minimal, they can be over-the-top, but no doubt about it: a good manicure can certainly add a lot to a look.它们可能微不足道,也可能被过分看重,但是精致的美甲绝对能给你的外表加分。Videos exploring a century of beauty and style trends have become increasingly popular lately, covering everything from hair to gowns to underwear – so it’s no surprise that fingernail trends are the latest to receive the treatment.最近,探索有关这一个世纪以来美丽与时尚潮流的视频越来越流行,从头发到礼,再到内衣,内容极其丰富。因此,指甲现在受此待遇也不足为奇。In a new by Mode, a hand model is given 11 different manicures to represent each decade from 1916 to 2016 , and quite a variety of colors and style are on display.Mode网站制作的视频中,手模做了11种不同款式的美甲,从 1916年至2016年,每十年各一款,视频还展示了许多颜色及风格各异的美甲。#39;Discover how women have been styling their nails for 100-plus years and watch how far nail styles have come - from the bare buff of the early 1900s to the hot details of the ’80s to today’s ethereal sparkle,#39; s the clip#39;s description.视频的描述中说道:“去了解这100多年来女人们如何设计指甲款式,也看看这些款式的变迁——从20世纪早期的自然色到80年代的精致热烈再到现在的梦幻闪耀。”Starting with 1916, the model#39;s nails are simply clipped and buffed and her cuticles are cleaned up for a simple natural look.首先展示的是1916年的美甲风格,模特的指甲只是被简单地修剪并擦亮了一下,然后把指甲周围的死皮清理干净,看起来简单自然。With the invention of clear nail polish in the 1920s, the only change for the 1926 look is just a simple layer of clear lacquer.随着20世纪20年代透明指甲油的发明,1926年美甲唯一的改变就是多了层简单透明的指甲油。In the following decade, color begins to be introduced, and not only that, but the 1936 manicure even includes a half-moon shape carefully formed using a brush and red polish.在接下来的十年里,五颜六色的指甲油纷纷登场,不仅如此,1936年还有一款半月形美甲,用刷子和红色指甲油细心涂抹而成。Length came into style in the 1940s, which the filmmakers illustrate by giving the model a set of long fake nails before slicking them with a bright orange-red color.20世纪40年代开始流行长指甲,视频制作人为了凸显这一点会让模特戴上一套长长的假指甲,然后涂上鲜艳的橙红色。Not much changes for the 1950s, as the length remains and just a darker shade of red paint is added.20世纪50年代没什么太大的变化,长指甲依然盛行,只不过颜色偏向暗红色。But then, in the 1960s, the age of counterculture and morphing styles, the filmmakers went for an eye-popping pale pink on the long talons.然后到了20世纪60年代这个反主流文化与风格多变的年代,视频制作人让人给模特的长指甲涂上夺目的淡粉色。For the disco era, the model is given a disco ball-influenced mani with bright silver glitter, continuing on with the same length and oval-shaped tips.到了迪斯科年代,因为受到迪斯科球的影响,模特的椭圆形长指甲被涂上了闪闪发亮的银色。For the 1980s, the model is given a whole new set of fake nails, this time with square tips, which are painted in a neon pink.20世纪80年代,模特戴了一套全新假指甲,不过这次指甲顶端是方形的,涂上了霓虹粉。Next, small triangles of black polish are added to the corners of each nail, separated from the pink by a strip of glitter and a single rhinestone on each nail.然后把每个指甲的一角都涂上了黑色指甲油,用闪闪的一道银线和单个的水钻与粉红的主色相隔开。After that suitably over-the-top effort comes the stripped-down 1990s look - likely in honor of the grunge trend - with the vanishing of the false tips and just plain black polish.到了20世纪90年代,也许是受到格郎基时尚的影响,精心雕琢的风气开始消退,代之以简约的风格,人们不再佩戴假指甲,只是简单地涂上黑色指甲油。French manicures are the style of choice for the 2000s, but then the present day is markedly different, with the longest tips yet, painted with nude polish and topped with a sprinkling of golden glitter.21世纪初,法式美甲受到青睐。但如今的美甲风又大不一样了。人们喜欢把指甲留得很长,(从来没这么长过),在指甲上涂上裸色指甲油,然后再刷上一层金粉。 /201606/447444

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