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江苏盐城治疗妇科疾病多少钱盐城做产检哪家医院最好的Volkswagen’s push to become the No. 1 global automaker hinges critically on its MQB architecture, a method of designing and building cars that VW has hailed as ultra cost-efficient.大众汽车能否成为全球头号汽车厂商,在很大程度上取决于它的横置发动机模块化平台(MQB)。该公司声称,这套设计和生产汽车的标准化流程极其节约成本。At the automaker’s annual financial review in Berlin on Thursday, chief executive officer Martin Winterkorn said that the company’s numerous automotive brands—including VW, Skoda, and Audi— will build 2.7 million cars with MQB architecture this year. That number will rise to 7 million in 2018, as models are renewed.在上周四于柏林举行的大众年度财务总结会上,首席执行官马丁o文德恩表示,该公司旗下众多汽车品牌,包括大众、斯柯达和奥迪,今年将利用MQB平台生产270万台汽车。随着车型的不断更新,到2018年,这个数字将增至700万台。VW delivered more than 10 million cars to customers in 2014, a company record. Only Toyota, which sells about the same number of vehicles but is more profitable, stands in VW’s way to the summit.2014年,大众向客户交付了超过1000万台车,创下销售记录。只有丰田可以与之匹敌,这家日本汽车制造商的销量和大众旗鼓相当,但利润更高,是大众登顶的头号劲敌。VW Golf, the European version of the Passat, and the Audi A3 are among the more than half dozen car models based on MQB. The U.S. version of the Passat, built in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is based on an earlier design.大众高尔夫、欧版帕萨特和奥迪A3,就是基于MQB平台打造的多款车型的代表作。在田纳西州查特努加生产的美版帕萨特,则是基于更早期的平台设计生产的。“We’re convinced that the massive upfront expenditures for the [MQB] modular toolkit strategy will pay off,” Winterkorn said.文德恩声称,“我们坚信,为MQB模块化工具战略所作的大量前期投资一定会产生回报。”Automakers worldwide are rushing to find strategies to shrink development and manufacturing costs for basic vehicle designs so they can use more capital for advanced connectivity, safety, emission, and autonomous systems. Equity analysts and other automakers have raised doubts that VW’s heavy spending to introduce flexible, modular car designs and the associated investment in factories, tools, and processes will be justified by financial results.全球各地的汽车厂商正在争相探索旨在降低基础车型研发和制造成本的策略,以便投入更多资本来提升汽车的互联功能、安全性、环保排放标准和自动驾驶系统。而股票分析师则怀疑,大众花重金引入灵活的模块化汽车设计,以及在工厂、工具和生产流程方面的连带投资,未必会产生它所宣称的效益。Then again, VW’s 2014 performance suggests that the automaker’s management is proving the critics wrong. Volkswagen posted a 12.7 billion euro operating profit for the year on sales of 202 billion euros. With a pre-tax return on sales of 7.3% for 2014, Hans Dieter Potsch said that the company was on track to achieve the company’s goal of 8% by 2018.但大众2014年的业绩表明,该公司的管理层再次明分析师的意见并不靠谱。2014年,大众的销售额高达2020亿欧元,营业利润为127亿欧元。大众公司首席财务官汉斯o迪特o潘师表示,鉴于2014年的税前利润率高达7.3%,该公司有望在2018年之前实现税前利润率8%的目标。VW doesn’t consolidate its results with joint venture partners in China. Instead, it reports results using the equity method. Its profitability ratios would be even higher if its 5.2 billion euro share of operating profit was fully reflected.大众并没有借助它在中国的合资企业来提升集团整体业绩。相反,该公司采用权益法来编制其财务报表。如果它的财务报表能够充分反映在中国合资企业获得的52亿欧元营业利润,大众公司的利润率就会进一步提升。The big profit makers in VW’s portfolio—more or less carrying the company—are Audi and Porsche, with the VW brand serving as a relative drag on results. Last July, the automaker announced an efficiency program for the VW brand, including the cancellation of some slow-selling models.大众旗下最赚钱的品牌是奥迪和保时捷,而大众品牌自身却对总体业绩有一定拖累。去年七月,大众宣布将对大众品牌实施一个效益提升项目,其中就包括砍掉那些滞销车型。Oddly, the VW’s brand is struggling most in the U.S., where its sales lag behind much smaller brands such as Subaru. Winterkorn vowed on Thursday that his company is “going on the offensive again in the USA,” with three new SUVs, including a new MQB-based Tiguan, to be built in Mexico starting in 2017.奇怪的是,大众在美国的日子一直不好过,销量甚至远落后于斯巴鲁这样的小众品牌。文德恩在上周四的会议上表示,大众正准备用三款全新SUV“再次对美国市场发起猛攻”,其中就有基于MQB平台的全新途观,该车将于2017年在墨西哥投产。VW also aims to be a leader in autonomous driving technology. In November, it introduced a VW Passat with Traffic Jam Assist in Europe. The system keeps the car safely in its lane and prevents collisions at low speeds, all without driver intervention. It will soon be available in the U.S. in an Audi A8.大众还计划成为自动驾驶领域的领头羊。去年11月,它在欧洲推出了一款搭载“堵车辅助系统”的帕萨特轿车。该系统能在完全无需驾驶者介入的情况下,使车辆在车道内安全行驶,并在低速时主动防止碰撞。在美国上市的奥迪A8汽车也将在不久后搭载这套系统。Toyota, for the moment, sells as many vehicles, is about 50% more profitable than VW, and shows no signs of losing its way or backing down. The wizards of Wolfsburg, Germany – where VW is based – are driven, but they are chasing a very swift rabbit.目前看来,丰田汽车公司销量与大众相当,利润率则高出50%,但它毫无败落或退步的迹象。在位于德国沃尔夫斯堡的大众集团总部,该公司管理层看上去信心满满、干劲十足,但他们要追赶的是一个健步如飞的对手。 /201503/365295射阳县人民医院做人流多少钱 Frank H. Wu is the son of parents who immigrated to the ed States from China. Mr. Wu says people ask him every day where he is from.Frank H. Wu 是从中国移民至美国的夫妇的儿子。Wu 先生说人们每天都问他是从哪里来的。“I explain that I’m from Detroit, Michigan, ” he says. Detroit is a city in the middle of the US. “But people shake their heads and say: ‘No, no. What I mean is, where are you really from?’”“我解释我是从密歇根州的底特律来的,”他说。底特律是美国中部的一个城市。“但是人们摇头说:‘不,不。我的意思是,你究竟是从哪里来的?”Frank Wu says the word “really” shows he is not considered a true American. He says the question can make him and other Chinese Americans feel hurt.Frank Wu 说“究竟”一词表现出他并不被视为一个真正的美国人。他说这个问题让他和其他华裔美国人感到受伤。Mr. Wu leads the Hastings College of the Law at the University of California. He notes that some Americans say they do not trust Chinese Americans. They are called “communists, ” he says, with secret loyalties to China.Wu 先生是加利福尼亚大学黑斯廷斯法律学院的领导者。他指出,一些美国人说他们不信任华裔美国人。他们被称为“共产党”,对中国有着秘密的忠诚。A 2012 survey of U.S. public opinion found some truth in Mr. Wu’s observation. The survey showed that about one-fourth of those questioned believed Chinese Americans would support China over the ed States in a dispute between the countries.2012年进行的一项美国民意调查表明 Wu 先生的观察有些道理。该调查显示,大约1/4的受访人认为华裔美国人会在两国争端中持中国。Another survey found that 72 percent of Chinese Americans said discrimination against their community was a problem.另一项调查表明,72%的华裔说针对他们群体的歧视是一个问题。Chinese American writer Helen Zia once said, “Whenever US-China relations get chilly, Chinese Americans get pneumonia.”华裔美国作家 Helen Zia 说过,“不管何时美中关系变得寒冷,华裔美国人就会受伤。”In other words, political problems between the two countries affect Chinese Americans personally.换句话说,两国的政治问题影响到每个华裔美国人自身。Trade between China and the ed States is one example. Some American industries say Chinese businesses import products at prices that are too low. The prices are not fair, they say. And, as a result, American companies must cut workers.中国和美国的贸易是一个例子。一些美国产业说中国企业输入的产品价格太低,他们说这些价格不公平。而这导致的结果就是,美国的公司必须裁员。Helen Zia says such complaints are like thinking of Chinese imports as evil.Helen Zia 说这种抱怨像是把中国进口当成恶魔。Ms. Zia says the American public also criticizes US politicians for developing close relationships with China.Zia 女士说美国公众还批评美国政客与中国发展亲密关系。For example, in 2012, critics of President Barack Obama said he had violated election laws by accepting cash donations from China. The Obama campaign denied violating such laws.例如,在2012年,总统奥巴马的批评者成他接受中国的现金捐助已经违反了选举法。奥巴马选举团队否认违反了相关法律。Ms. Zia said US politicians accuse each other of being “corrupted” by Chinese money. She said that is another way of playing to the public’s fear of any Chinese “invasion” of the ed States.Zia 女士说美国政客常常互相职责对方被中国的金钱“腐蚀”。她说这是迎合公众担忧中国“入侵”美国的心理。In 2009, a Chinese-American group called the Committee of 100 asked the American public for their opinion about Chinese Americans. About 80 percent said they had a good or positive attitude about Chinese Americans.在2009年,一个叫做“100委员会”的华裔美国人组织向美国公众询问他们对于华裔美国人的看法。大约80%的人称对他们华裔有着良好或者正面的态度。But only 64 percent of Chinese Americans said they felt others had a positive attitude toward them.但是只有64%的华裔说他们感受到了他人的正面态度。Sociology professor Charles Gallagher says most Americans believe they are accepting of minorities. But, he says, Americans can accidentally cause harm if they act like everyone in a minority group is the same.社会学教授 Charles Gallagher 说大部分美国人认为自己可以接纳少数群体。但他说,美国人还是会偶尔地伤害少数群体。Bernie Wong leads a Chinese American organization in Chicago. She says attitudes about her community have improved.Bernie Wong 在芝加哥领导者一个华裔美国人组织。她说人们对华裔群体的态度已经有所改善。In the past, she says, Americans believed people from China worked only in stores and restaurants.在过去,她说,美国人认为才中国来的人只在商店和饭店工作。“Now there are many Chinese Americans who are in the corporate world and very successful in investing in new businesses, ” she says. “So the whole attitude has shifted.”“现在很多华裔在企业里工作,还有些在投资领域非常成功,”她说。“所以人们的整体态度已经改变。”Bernie Wong adds that the Chicago government now asks Chinese Americans for their opinions about political and business concerns.Bernie Wong 补充道,芝加哥政府现在在政治和商业问题上会询问华裔的意见。And, when Chinese Americans say they have been treated unfairly, she says, her organization works with city officials to resolve the problem.而且,当华裔说自己受到不公平对待时,她的组织会和城市官员一起工作解决问题。 /201411/343396盐城市第三人民医院妇科检查多少钱

盐城第一医院妇科整形多少钱盐城/市第四人民医院男科大夫 Beijing’s persistent smog seems to have put a dent in the city’s appeal to tourists. Last year, Beijing Youth Daily reported that the number of visitors to Beijing had fallen 50 percent in the first nine months of 2013, compared with a year earlier; the newspaper attributed the decline, at least in part, to the city’s infamously bad air quality. Hiring managers in China also report greater difficulty (subscription required) attracting mid-career expats to Beijing, especially those with young children.北京持续不退的雾霾使来京旅行的游人减少。去年,《北京青年报》报道,2013年的前九个月北京的游客数量较去年同期下降了50%。该报认为,至少在某种程度上,游客数量下降应归咎于北京糟糕的空气质量。中国人事部经理报告说,吸引外籍人士(特别是有小孩的处于职业生涯中期的人)到北京也更加困难了。The blanket of toxic smog hasn’t hurt Beijing’s office market, which jumped up three notches on a global ranking by Cushman amp; Wakefield to become the fourth-most-expensive location to rent office space in the world. According to the real estate firm’s “Office Space Around the World 2014” report, office space in Beijing’s Central Business District costs on average /201403/278435江苏省东台市人民医院男科专家

盐城协和女子医院彩超As a terrifying outbreak of Ebola virus sps across west Africa, the world is beginning to wake up to the threat of a public health disaster in the region – and possibly more widely – but efforts to contain the epidemic require much more local co-ordination and global support. With more than 1,100 cases and 660 deaths reported so far, this is not only the largest Ebola epidemic to date but also the first to threaten urban west Africa, where populations are larger and more mobile than in the relatively isolated central parts of the continent affected previously.随着可怕的埃拉病毒在西非各地不断蔓延,世界开始对西非(抑或更广泛地区)爆发一场公共健康灾难的威胁警觉起来,但遏制疫情需要当地更多的合作和全球的持。迄今报道的感染人数超过1100人,死亡人数为660人,这不仅是历史上最严重的埃拉疫情,而且还是该病毒首次威胁城镇化率更高的西非地区——与此前爆发疫情的相对封闭的中非地区相比,西非人口更多,而且流动性也更强。Ebola’s scary reputation is based on its lethality – the virus kills about 60 per cent of those it infects – and the lack of any effective treatment beyond making sure that patients are kept fully hydrated. But it is not as contagious as some other germs such as influenza that can sp considerable distances through the air. People catch Ebola by physical contact with an infected person or animal; scientists believe fruit bats, often eaten as bushmeat in Africa, are a reservoir of infection.埃拉病毒的可怕名声源于其致死率(约为60%),而且除了确保病人充分补水以外,目前还无其他有效的治疗方案。但它的传染性不如流感等其他病毒,后者可以通过空气传播至相当远的地方。埃拉病毒通过与受感染患者或动物的物理接触传染。科学家相信,在非洲常被当作野生动物食用的果蝠是埃拉病毒的宿主。Sophisticated healthcare, with quick diagnosis of suspected cases followed by barrier nursing and medical care, could halt the epidemic. The challenge is to provide that – or something closer to it than exists in much of west Africa today – in a region where the public health infrastructure is generally poor.成熟的医疗卫生,加上对疑似病例的快速诊断,再加上隔离看护和治疗,可能阻止疫情的传播。挑战在于,一个公共卫生基础设施普遍匮乏的地区很难提供这些务。西非大部分地区的医疗水平与之相距太大。The World Health Organisation is aly co-ordinating regional action with west African governments, and the medical assistance body Médecins Sans Frontières is active in the fight against Ebola, alongside some smaller western health charities. But they need more help from governments and agencies in the developed world, such as the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.世界卫生组织(WHO)已在与西非各国政府协调地区行动,医疗援助机构“无国界医生组织”(Medecins Sans Frontieres)与一些较小的西方医疗慈善机构一起,也积极参与到抗击埃拉病毒的行动中。但它们需要来自发达世界的政府和机构——比如美国疾病控制与预防中心(US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention)——的更多帮助。The first requirement is for better and faster diagnosis so that doctors can tell as quickly as possible whether someone is infected with Ebola, which resembles many other illnesses in its early symptoms. Because samples from suspected Ebola patients are an extreme biohazard risk, they must be handled in high-containment testing facilities, which are in short supply in west Africa.第一个需求是更快更好的诊断,让医生可以尽快确诊某人是否感染埃拉病毒。感染该病毒的初期症状与其他许多疾病类似。由于从疑似感染埃拉病毒患者提取的样本的生物危害风险极大,因此必须在高防护的检测中心检测这些样本,但这些设施在西非供应不足。Then patients must be treated in complete isolation by staff wearing full protective clothing (masks, gloves, gowns and goggles), with all equipment sterilised and patients kept away from friends and family. The World Medical Association warned yesterday that serious shortages of protective equipment were putting the lives of doctors and nurses at risk in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone; indeed several health workers, including two Americans, have aly been infected. Health workers fighting bravely in the front line against Ebola deserve all the technical help they can get.接下来病人必须接受完全隔离治疗,由穿着全套防护(面罩、手套、长袍和护目镜)的医疗人员护理,对所有设备消毒,禁止病人与朋友和家人接触。世界医学会(World Medical Association)昨日警告称,防护装备严重短缺正让几内亚、利比里亚和塞拉利昂的医生和护士的生命处于危险当中;实际上,包括两名美国人在内的多名医护人员已经受到感染。勇敢地战斗在抗击埃拉病毒第一线的医护人员,理应获得他们能够获得的所有技术援助。While equipping and protecting staff properly is a matter of money and logistics, unhelpful social and cultural attitudes in west Africa will be harder to tackle – and will need assistance from local religious and political leaders.为医护人员提供合适的装备和保护是资金和后勤的问题,而更大的问题在于西非的社会和文化态度,它们对于抗击疫情毫无帮助,这将需要当地宗教和政治领导人出手干预。Many people in the region are suspicious of western healthcare and would rather take care of infected family members in the community than send them to an isolation hospital which they see as a place to die. Traditional death rituals, such as washing the body before a funeral, must also be suspended for Ebola victims.该地区的许多人不相信西方的医疗保健,宁愿在社区里照顾受感染的家人,也不愿送到被他们视为死亡之地的隔离医院。因感染埃拉病毒而死亡的患者也不应举行传统的死亡仪式,比如在葬礼前清洗尸体。While Ebola is primarily a health issue, it could quickly become an economic crisis, too, for the region. Travel restrictions are appearing; yesterday Liberia closed most of its border crossings in an effort to halve the sp of the disease and Arik Air, a leading Nigerian airline, stopped flying from Liberia and Sierra Leone. The threat to international business and investment in west Africa should add weight to the humanitarian arguments for more decisive action against Ebola.尽管埃拉病毒主要是一个健康问题,但它可能很快演变为该地区的经济危机。已经出现了一些旅游禁令;昨日利比里亚关闭了大多数边界通道,以努力阻止埃拉病毒的传播,尼日利亚主要航空公司Arik Air停飞了从利比里亚和塞拉利昂出发的航班。不论是出于人道主义,还是考虑到埃拉对西非国际企业和投资造成的威胁,各方都应对埃拉病毒采取更果断的行动。 /201407/316554 盐城治疗软下疳的专科医院盐城市输卵管再通术多少钱




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