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Mom Arrested After Cops Find 4 Tigers, Cougar, Fox and Skunk Roaming Free in Her Home孩子妈因家养猛兽被抓A Texas woman was arrested after police discovered four tigers, a cougar, a fox and a skunk freely roaming around her home, where she was living with her 14-year-old daughter.有个德州女子因家养4只老虎、1只美洲狮、1只狐狸和1只臭鼬被警察带走。这些猛兽整天自由在她家游荡,可她家里还有个14岁的女儿。Trisha Meyer was taken into custody Monday after Houston police said several wild animals were discovered in her home after an investigation lasting several weeks.经过数周调查,休斯顿警察发现她家确有数只猛兽,于是在周一把这位叫Trisha Meyer的女子收监。According to a document from the Harris County District Attorney, an adult male tiger, three tiger cubs, a fox, a cougar and a skunk were loose in the home at the time of her arrest. There were also several monkeys in the home, ;which [the] defendant stated can be vicious, and one in particular has attacked other people,; it stated.据哈里斯县检察长提供的文件记录:抓捕她时,看到1只成年老虎,3只幼虎,1只美洲狮和1只臭鼬在屋里跑来跑去。在她家还发现几只猴子。“被告自己承认这些动物很危险,其中有只曾攻击过他人,”文件中陈述。Meyer#39;s teenage daughter, who is homeschooled, was ;petting and making physical contact with the tigers,; the report continued.Meyer未成年的女儿在家上学,据报道称,她平时就在家“养养老虎,跟老虎玩耍”。Meyer admitted the tigers were dangerous and could kill, but she locks up the tigers when she leaves the home, according to the report.Meyer说她承认老虎非常危险,也能置人于死地,但她出门的时候一般都把老虎锁起来。According to officials, Meyer had permits for the tigers, but none for the fox or skunk, which were confiscated by Texas Game Warden and released into the wild.官方人员表示,Meyer虽然对老虎有限制,但对其他动物却没有。不过狐狸和臭鼬现在已经被德州狩猎监管人员没收并放归山林。;I assume since they were released, they were in decent shape,; Texas Game Warden spokesman Steve Lightfoot told InsideEdition.com.德州狩猎监管部门发言人Steve Lightfoot告诉InsideEdition,“由于这些动物都在她家散养,所以都还长得挺好。”The rest of the animals, including the tigers, were also eventually confiscated by another agency.其他动物,包括老虎,也陆续被其他部门没收。The investigation began in September, when cops said she tried selling a kitten to a man in California for ,000. After she received the cash, she reportedly never handed over the kitten.对她的调查始于9月。警方说,她当时本来要卖一只3000美元的猫给一加州男人。但她收到现金后,却一直没把猫给人家,这成功吸引了警方注意。She was kicked out of her Houston home after cops contacted her landlord about her exotic animals.警方告诉房东她饲养猛兽的事情后,房东把她赶了出来。Officials said she fled to Las Vegas with her animals, and then to Pahrump in Nye County where cops finally tracked her down.相关官员说,她带着自己的动物们逃到了。最后,警方终于在奈伊县的帕伦普找到了她。She is currently facing charges of endangering a child, with bail set at ,000.现在,她以“危害孩子”的罪名被指控,需要1万美元保释金才能出来。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201611/478501As the founder of the brand-new cult Greg was amazing at creating a scene, but had really nothing to say作为新教的创始人,格雷格被眼前发生的这一幕给惊呆了,但却真的没有可说的 /201703/499995

An illustration for the 2017 national college entrance exam in Beijing was published recently, which included six literary works in the scope of the exam.最近发布的一则有关2017年北京语文高考的声明称,有6部经典文学著作将纳入考试范围。The Chinese classics A Dream of Red Mansions, Call to Arms, The Border Town, Red Crag and Ordinary World, and world classic The Old Man and the Sea were specifically highlighted in the illustration that they will be tested in the big exam.声明中特别提到的在高考中必考的6部作品是:中国古典文学巨著《红楼梦》,以及《呐喊》、《边城》、《红岩》、《平凡的世界》和外国名作《老人与海》。Staff from the Beijing Education Examinations Authority said that the move was to urge students to really classic literature and improve their ing capability and comprehension.北京教育考试院的工作人员表示,该举措意在鼓励学生阅读古典名著,提高自身的阅读和理解能力。Some netizens support the move, saying that the internet has made people#39;s ing fragmented, and that the move will help foster teenagers#39; good habits of deep ing.一些网友表示持该举措,并认为网络的流行使得人们的阅读水平极度退化,此举动能够帮助青少年培养深度阅读的好习惯。Others doubt that the students can find extra time to these classics, as they aly shoulder a heavy ing burden.其他网友则对学生是否有足够的课余时间来阅读名著这一问题提出质疑,毕竟他们日常课程中的阅读任务已非常艰巨。Meanwhile, some even worry that test questions related to the classics will emerge and the students will memorize them to score high, without truly understanding the essense of the passages.与此同时,还有一些人担心将名著作为考试内容会出现一系列问题,很多同学只是单纯为了得高分而死记硬背,根本没有真正理解文章的内涵。As the stipulation has been published, experts advise that the question types should be flexible and the standard answer shall not be applied, with the assessment focusing on students#39; overall linguistic organization skill, writing skill and expression skill.在该说明公布之后,专家们建议考试题型的设计不能太过僵化,不要设置统一标准,评定标准应着重于学生的整体语言组织能力、写作能力和表达技巧等。 /201702/490281



  You go to a formal dinner party. 你参加一个正式晚宴。You talk to the person on one side during the starter, the other during the main course. 你在吃前菜期间与坐在你一边的人聊天,在吃主菜的时候与坐在你另一边的人聊天。Sometimes the conversation skips along, more often it drags and falters. 有时谈话相当投机,更多时候则是拖泥带水,话说不到一起去。You enjoy or endure the evening, and then you go home.你享受(或者忍受)了一个晚上,然后你回家了。That is, unless you are Robert Hiscox. 一般是这样的——除非你是罗伯特.希斯考克斯(Robert Hiscox)。The founder of the eponymous insurance company told me some years ago that at the end of a dinner party he turned to the people on either side and offered feedback on how he had found their conversation. 用自己的姓氏创办保险公司的他在几年前告诉我,在晚宴结束的时候,他会转向坐在他某一边的人,针对他对与他们聊天的感觉给予反馈。He would say: I enjoyed hearing your views on the EU, but you might have asked me about mine. 他会说:我乐于听到您对欧盟(EU)的看法,但您或许也该问问我对欧盟有什么看法。Or: It was interesting to learn about how well your child did in his A-levels, but you seemed reluctant to discuss other topics.或者:了解您的孩子在高中水平考试(A-Levels)中成绩优异很有意思,但您似乎不太情愿谈论其他话题。At the time I was shocked. 当时我就震惊了。How could he be so rude? Mr Hiscox assured me that conversing at formal dinners is a skill; it is hard to get better at anything if no one tells you where you are going wrong. 他怎能如此粗鲁?希斯考克斯向我保,在正式晚宴上交谈是一种技能;任何事情,如果没人指点你你在哪里出了错,你很难加以改进。I protested that there was far too much feedback in the world anyway. 我抗议道,无论如何这个世界已经有太多反馈意见。Sometimes it was nice to be left alone to muddle through.在不受打扰的情况下应付过去有时也不错。Two things have made me change my mind. 两件事改变了我的看法。The first is in the years since then I have been to too many dinners and sat next to too many people who were not trying hard enough. 第一件事是,在那之后的多年间,我参加了太多晚宴,坐在太多不够尽力的人旁边。The second is the realisation that although there is too much useless general feedback (no, I don’t want to rate my experience in security at Heathrow Terminal 5) there is almost no specific feedback that helps us improve.第二件事是,我意识到,虽然有太多无用的笼统反馈(不,我不想评价我在希斯罗机场5号航站楼的安检体验),但几乎没有能够帮助我们改进的具体反馈。Not long ago I got an email from a man who had been in the audience of a speech I had just given. 不久前,我收到了一封邮件,我在那之前刚刚发表了一次演讲,邮件是一名观众发给我的。You really need to sort that hair/ing glasses challenge, he wrote. 你真的需要搞定头发/老花镜的挑战,Every time you put your ing glasses on, your hair falls over your left eye and you then keep having to flick it out of the way — it looks most amusing, but must be awkward!! As a regular presenter, I always like to get feedback. 他写道,每次当你戴上老花镜,你的头发就会遮住你的左眼,然后你就会不停地把头发撩开——这看起来极其好笑,但肯定很尴尬!!作为一个定期发表演讲的人,我总是喜欢得到反馈。Hope you don’t mind me pointing it out!希望你不介意我把这一点指出来!I did mind his pointing it out. 我的确介意。Unlike him, I never like to get feedback, unless it is entirely positive. 和他不一样,我从不喜欢得到反馈,除非这些反馈是完全正面的。And in any case, how dare he? I never asked for his views. 再说无论如何,他怎么敢这样?我从未请求他给出意见。And if he thought a few exclamation marks would make his message more agreeable, he was making a grave error.如果他觉得几个感叹号会让他的邮件更容易被接受,那么他就犯了一个严重的错误。Yet his words struck home. 然而他的话对我触动很大。It was not nice to think the audience’s merriment had been mainly on account of my hair. 想到我的头发让观众不舒,这使我郁闷。So for the next few speeches I printed out any notes in 24 point so I could them without glasses, and have now cut my hair so short there is no further danger of flicking.所以接下来的几次演讲,我都用24号字体尺寸把要点打印出来,这样我不需要眼镜也能阅读,我现在还把我的头发剪得很短,彻底消除需要撩开的危险。On reflection, this man’s feedback was close to perfection. 细想之下,这个人给我的反馈接近完美。It was direct but not rude. 直接,但不粗鲁。It was clear about what was wrong — which was something fixable. 明确地指出哪里不对劲——而这个问题是可以搞定的。It came from a disinterested source and was delivered by email — so saved my blushes.这个反馈来自非利益相关方,并且是用邮件发过来的——免去了我在人前面红耳赤。Last week, another piece of unsolicited feedback landed in my inbox. 上周,另一份不请自来的反馈发到了我的收件箱。This time it was from someone who was thanking me for talking at a conference he had organised. 这次邮件来自一个想要感谢我在他组织的会议上发言的人。After a gracious start, the email finished like this: I always try to end with a tip for improvement. 在礼貌的开头后,这封邮件是这样结尾的:我总是试着用一个改进的小建议结尾。It was a little complicated to get in touch, confirm your travel plans, and do the arrangements. 与你联络上、确定你的旅行计划,做好安排有点复杂。Can I suggest you get an assistant?我能建议你找个助理吗?This was also good in that it was clear — only rather harder to fix than the hair as assistants do not come cheap. 这个反馈也不错,因为很明晰——只不过要比头发问题更难改正,因为雇个助理可不便宜。Still, it told me that my habit of ignoring admin emails is not on. 不过,这告诉我,我无视事务性邮件的习惯不太好。I have heeded the point and will try to sharpen up.我留意到了这一点,并且将努力改进。The test of unsolicited feedback is not whether it is rude or unwelcome, but whether it serves the greater good. 检验不请自来的反馈的标准,不是这个反馈是否粗鲁或者不受欢迎,而是它是否务于更大的善。I no longer flick my hair, and am committed to replying more promptly: the world is a happier place.我不再撩我的头发,也努力做到更迅速地回复邮件:这个世界更美好了。Soon after my lunch with Mr Hiscox I was sat at a dinner next to a well-known snooty broadcaster. 在我与希斯考克斯共进午餐之后不久,我在一次晚宴上坐在一位著名的目中无人的主持人旁边。Throughout the meal I tried hard to be agreeable; he sat there taciturn, looking catatonic and mildly incredulous as I plied him with question and anecdote.在用餐期间,我努力做到友好可亲;他却坐在那里一言不发,在我向他抛出一大堆问题和轶事的时候看起来紧张和略微有些狐疑。At the end of the evening I longed to offer him a report card, but bottled. 晚宴结束时,我很想给他一张成绩单,但终于没能鼓起勇气。I have regretted it ever since: I bet if I had explained his poor performance he would have been first shocked, then mortified. 此后我一直为此后悔:我敢打赌,如果我向他解释他表现糟糕,他首先会震惊,然后感到难堪。I dare say he would have liked me (even) less, but might have tried harder in future. 我敢说,他之后会(更)不喜欢我了,但可能会在未来更加努力。Next time, I’m going for it.下次我一定要试一试。 /201610/474189

  Women are #39;genetically programmed to have affairs#39;女性天生有“出轨基因”Women are predisposed by their genetics to have affairs as ;back-up plans#39;; if their relationships fail, according to a research paper.研究结果表明,如果恋爱或者婚姻关系不和,女性天生基因里就自带找“备胎”的基因。Scientists at the University of Texas say they are challenging the assumption that humans have evolved to have monogamous relationships.德州大学的研究者表示,他们这项研究结果可能会挑战今天一夫一妻制关系的假说。The team#39;s research has put forward the ;mate-switching-hypothesis; which says humans have evolved to keep testing their relationships and looking for better long-term options.该实验小组进一步推理“更换配偶假说”,这个假说认为配偶之间会不停检验彼此的关系,随时做好“备胎”的准备。The senior author of the research, Dr David Buss, told the Sunday Times: ;Lifelong monogamy does not characterise the primary mating patterns of humans. Breaking up with one partner and mating with another may more accurately characterise the common, perhaps the primary, mating strategy of humans.;该研究结果主要撰写人David Buss士对《星期日泰晤士报》透露:“终生一夫一妻制并不是人类最原始的交配模式。分手后换个配偶交配的方式才是。”For our distant ancestors – when disease, poor diet and minimal healthcare meant that few people lived past 30 - looking for a more suitable partner was necessary, researchers assert.他们认为,原始时期,由于疾病、食物匮乏和缺乏医疗保障等原因,我们的祖先很少能活过30岁。因此,不停找更合适的配偶非常必要。Despite anecdotal claims about cheating, no study has shown that humans are predisposed to monogamy or non-monogamy.除了从科学角度对坊间出轨事件的,目前几乎没有研究涉足“人类骨子里是否信奉一夫一妻制”领域。A study carried out by Rafael Wlodarski and a team of researchers at Oxford University looking into infidelity found a correlation between the length of a individual#39;s ring finger and the likelihood that they would cheat on a partner.Rafael Wlodarski曾带领哈佛大学一个实验小组进行有关“不忠”问题的调查。发现无名指长度和是否容易出轨有一定关系。However, they stressed that they could not find a causal link.但他们无法找出具体的联系。Professor Robin Dunbar of Oxford University said the differences were “subtle” and “only visible when we look at large groups of people”.哈佛大学教授Robin Dunbar表示,这个关系并不十分明显,调查基数很大时候才会显现出来。;Human behaviour is influenced by many factors, such as the environment and life experience, and what happens in the womb might only have a modest effect on something as complex as sexual relationships,; he said.“人类的行为受诸环境、人生经历等很多因素影响。先天因素,对复杂的两性关系其实影响不大。”Dr Buss said: ;Affairs serve as a form of mate insurance, keeping a back-up mate should a switch become warranted in the future. A regular mate may cheat, defect, die, or decline in mate value.Buss教授则认为:“出轨就像一个配偶保险。保留一个备胎,将来万一换人,也有个保障。因为现在的配偶很可能会出轨,残疾,死亡或者对你失去吸引力”。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201609/465125


  When I first met Sean Rad, back in 2013, Tinder was a blossoming dating app. It was known primarily for, how shall I put it, casual relationships.追溯到2013年,当我第一次遇见西恩·拉德的时候,Tinder还只是一款在起步初期的约会APP。它主要有名在,怎么说呢,能让人们随机约会。Back then he told me Tinder was ;good for humanity;, a line I instantly latched onto as being faintly ridiculous, and wonderful for a headline.当时他告诉我Tinder是“为了人类的利益”的时候,我的第一反应就是这有点儿可笑,但是会是个精的头条。But now when I think of how Tinder has impacted my life, and those of several people close to me, I start to see what he was getting at.但现在想想Tinder是怎么影响我的生活的,想想那些因此而接近了我的人,我慢慢开始理解他当年所说的东西。Life-changing things have happened to millions of people thanks to that simple swipe-yes-swipe-no interface.当今简便易操作的电子设备界面已经改变了数百万人的生活。I know people who have married their Tinder matches. I know many others who are in serious relationships.我认识一个人,她就嫁给了在Tinder上匹配到的一个人。And yes, I know many people who have had casual hook-ups and one-night stands. Yet why that last point is seen as a negative to be joked about I#39;ll never know. People have been doing that in bars for well over 100 years.我知道有许多人会认真对待一段感情,我也知道有许多人喜欢拈花惹草四处找一夜情。但我不知道为什么后者会一直以来成为人们贬低嘲笑的对象。人们在酒吧里像那样做已经有一百多年了。Anyway, Tinder is growing up. It#39;s now a serious technology company tackling one of life#39;s most important matters, and is by far the most popular dating app worldwide.但无论如何,Tinder正迅速地发展着。一个非常强大的科技公司正试图介入影响人们的终身大事,正是靠这款到目前为止风靡全球的约会APP。Mr Rad is the chairman of both Tinder and Swipe Ventures, the arm of the company designed to buy other dating-related technologies.拉德先生现在是Tinder和Swipe Ventures两家公司的董事长,它们是开发与约会相关的技术的两家巨头公司。One of which is artificial intelligence. And its collision with dating might be the most intriguing application of AI yet.其中一家公司开发的是人工智能,它与约会这种事碰撞产生的火花,或许会让这款智能APP变得极为有趣。Still, even though it can be difficult to admit, dating really is a numbers game, and right now the data Tinder uses is primitive: age, location and mutual friends - as well as a few mutual interests as defined by what you ;like; on Facebook.即使我们不愿意承认,但约会的确就像一场数字游戏,Tinder只是考察最简单最原始的条件:年龄,住址和共同好友 - 就像Facebook通过你点赞的内容从而确定你的兴趣一样。Why not add a few parameters and make it even more likely you will click?为什么往其中不多加几个因素呢?这样我们就更有可能点开匹配给我们的约会对象了。 /201703/496277



  Filip Kwasny, 7, from Colchester Essex is dying as a result of Leukaemia and the little boy has made a final request, asking that he be buried with his mother so she can look after him in heaven.来自科尔切斯特埃塞克斯的菲利普·瓦斯尼今年7岁,由于罹患白血病命在旦夕,弥留之际这个小男孩提出了最后一个请求--希望自己能跟妈妈葬在一起,这样妈妈就能在天堂照顾他了。He made the wish from his hospital bed in Great Ormond Street Children#39;s hospital in London where chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant has failed to cure him…大奥蒙德街儿童医院的化疗和干细胞移植都没能挽救这个可怜的孩子,于是他在病床上许下了这个心愿。Doctors have lost hope of saving Filip now that the cancer has sp to his intestines so they are simply giving him palliative care to make him comfortable as his life comes to an end.癌症已经扩散到了菲利普的肠道,所以医生们也不得不放弃了希望,他们现在能做的就是对孩子进行缓和治疗,让他在大限到来之前能够好过一些。Filip#39;s mother died of cancer when he was two years and at that same period he was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis type 1.菲利普两岁的时候,他的妈妈因为癌症离开人世,而就在那时候,菲利普也被诊断出神经纤维瘤病1型。Luckily, he recovered from that but was diagnosed with juvenile myelomonocytic leukaemia (JMML) in September last year. JMML is an accumulation of abnormal blood cells in the bone marrow.不过幸运的是,后来他康复了。但在去年的九月份,他又被检查出患有幼年型粒单细胞性白血病(简称JMML),这是由骨髓内形态异常的血细胞累积所导致的。His father, Piotr Kwasny, 40, is trying to raise 6,500 pounds to bring up his wife#39;s coffin which has been underground for five years and bury their son with his mother.菲利普的爸爸名叫彼得·瓦斯尼,今年40岁,目前他正在进行筹资,希望能凑够6500英镑,这样他就可以把入土已经五年的妻子的棺木挖出,将儿子一同葬在里面。#39;Filip wants to be buried with his mother so we will need to organise that locally and re-bury them together. He wants her to look after him. I will only be able to take Filip back to Poland myself.#39;“菲利普想要和妈妈合葬,所以我们得再回老家安排一下,然后把他们两个重新安葬。他想要妈妈来照顾他,可是以我现在的能力,我只能自己把菲利普带回波兰。”Piotr himself is ill with spina bifida, diabetes and hypertension (high blood pressure), so that means he cannot work and does not have the funds to meet his son#39;s dying wish.彼得自己本身就患有脊柱裂、糖尿病和高血压,所以他没有办法去工作,家里的存款也不够来完成儿子垂死时的心愿。Generous strangers, who heard of the boy#39;s wish, have been donating to make it possible for him be buried in the same coffin with his mother.幸运的是,很多陌生人在听说了小男孩的心愿之后,纷纷慷慨解囊,让他能和妈妈合葬。Yesterday, Filip sent a personal thank you from his sick bed to all who have helped him. Despite being barely able to speak, he said: ;Thanks for helping make my wish come true.;昨天,菲利普在病床上向所有帮助过他的好心人表达了自己的感谢。尽管他已经几乎不能讲话了,但还是说:“谢谢你们帮我达成了愿望。” /201703/500711

  How to get your kids to listen to (and to actually do) what you say is one of the most frustrating and difficult parts of being a parent. A new study, published this month in the journal Pediatrics, has shed some light on trends in how parents are choosing to discipline their children these days. The researchers found that nonviolent forms of punishment are on the rise, and that the use of spanking and hitting as discipline has decreased.为人父母,如何让孩子们听自己的话,并按照自己的意思办事是最让人沮丧、最困难的地方。本月在《儿科》杂志上刊出的一项新研究揭示了一些趋势,即如今的父母是如何选择管教自己孩子的趋势。研究人员们发现非暴力的惩罚形式越来越多,而通过打骂进行管教孩子的行为越来越少。For the study, researchers looked at four national surveys, spanning 23 years of data, and found that, in 1988, 46% of mothers in middle-class families (which the researchers defined as those living in the 50th income percentile) said they used spanking as discipline. By 2011, that number had dropped to 21%.为了这项研究,研究人员们对涵盖了23年数据的4项国家研究进行了调查,并且发现在1988年中产阶级家庭(研究员们指的是那些收入百分数排在第50位的家庭)中,46%的母亲说她们会打孩子以让他们听话。到2011年,这一数字降低到了21%。When looking at all socioeconomic groups of mothers, the researchers found that spanking was found to be on the decline in general. However, among mothers in the lowest income percentile, one third said they spank their kids.当观察处于各类社会经济群体的母亲时,研究人员们发现:整体来说,打孩子的趋势有所下降。然而,在最低收入家庭中,三分之一的母亲们说自己还是会打小孩。The researchers called this finding ;alarming; for several reasons. Besides the risk of serious injury, corporal punishment has been found to have negative emotional effects on children, and it can lead to physical abuse in some cases. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises against using spanking or hitting as a form of discipline.研究人员们认为此次研究结果“令人震惊”,这是由好几个原因造成的。除了严重受伤的风险外,人们已发现体罚会对孩子产生消极的情感影响,在一些情况下,会造成肉体虐待。美国儿科学会不建议使用体罚作为管教孩子的方式。The fact that lower-income women often reported resorting to spanking reflects a lack of resources more than anything else, the researchers say. Not all parents have access to or are aware of the AAP#39;s approved guidelines for effective discipline. A 1996 study found that the majority of parents who spank their children do so when they#39;re stressed or angry — and they feel remorse afterward. In other words, spanking is rarely a thoughtful, pre-planned form of discipline — more often than not, parents resort to it when they#39;re out of options.研究人员们说到,总是会有报道爆出低收入家庭体罚孩子的事实,这反映了资源最为紧缺的情况。并非所有的父母都能获得或了解美国儿科学会赞成的有效管教指导原则。1996年的一项研究发现大多数父母会在自己受到压力或感到愤怒时体罚孩子——事后会感到后悔。换句话说,打孩子并非是一种深思熟虑的、预先计划好的管教方式——父母们选择这种方式往往是因为别无他选。The researchers acknowledged that the stigma around spanking could be what#39;s really driving the results. Fearing judgment, some parents may have simply reported they don#39;t resort to spanking their children when, in reality, they still do. ;What people say they do and what they actually do are two different things,; psychology professor Christopher Ferguson.研究员们承认关于体罚的耻辱感可能是真正推动研究结果的因素。有些父母可能害怕别人对其指指点点,所以会声称自己不打孩子,而实际生活中他们仍会打孩子。“人们说自己在做的事与他们实际做的事是完全不一样的,”心理学家克里斯托弗#8226;弗格森说道。译文属 /201611/479113

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