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迈克尔杰克逊验尸结果出现疑点来源:The Mirror 编辑:Vicki一名洛杉矶验尸官称迈克尔杰克逊的验尸结果本周将揭晓,到时就可以弄清杰克逊的死亡是否与药物作用有关Jackson toxicology results due outA Los Angeles coroner(验尸官)'s official has said toxicology reports that may determine the cause of Michael Jackson's death could be completed this week.Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter said that some results from tests to determine what substances Jackson had in his body when he died are in.The remaining results are expected at the end of this week or early next week.Mr Winter said his office would announce when all the tests are done, then publicly release the results the next day.King of Pop Jackson died on June 5, and authorities are investigating claims the pop star consumed large amounts of prescription medications.The powerful sedative Diprivan, normally only administered in hospitals, was among items found in his home. Keke View:香港“文汇报“消息,警方日前在杰克逊家中搜到了强力麻醉药丙泊酚,目前也锁定了曾为杰克逊务的五位医生,以期查到究竟是谁给杰克逊开了强力处方药不过,警方的调查很可能无功而返,因为在洛杉矶给演艺圈明星看病的医生们大多用化名,而且他们的病人开药记录表也经常不翼而飞,要想追查到真相的确很难   但这些医生并非一点踪迹都不留,很多医生目前都在使用MD系统下运行的医学软件,医生们通过该软件输入病人姓名、开药量、药物种类、以及具体治疗方案等据悉,这些数据是无法从务器上删除的,即便有医生删除了病人用药记录表,务器也会记下操作者的姓名和操作日期如果给杰克逊开具强力麻醉药的医生最终找到,该医生将会被控谋杀罪 77685Apparently, the most talked about TV series in China right now is Red Sorghum, currently broadcasting on four major networks. And here are a few reasons why you might want to tune in: 1) It’s adapted from the novel Red Sorghum Clan by Nobel Prize-winning author Mo Yan, which aly had a renowned film adaptation in 1987; ) it’s directed by Zheng Xiaolong, best known helming Legend of Zhen Huan; 3) and it’s Zhou Xun’s first return to the small screen after more than a decade.正在四大卫视热播的《红高粱显然是最近讨论最多的电视剧那么,这部剧又有什么看点?首先,该剧改编自诺奖得主莫言的小说《红高粱家族,并且在1987年已有一版家喻户晓的电影作品;其次,它的导演郑晓龙曾执导过中国电视剧的“巅峰之作”《甄嬛传;最后,这也是周迅十年后重返电视荧屏的作品After watching almost one third of the 60-episode saga, I’m pretty sure the series doesn’t disappoint — and sometimes it’s even better than I expected. But can it have an enduring impact like the Legend of Zhen Huan, or even its film predecessor? I’m a little skeptical.该剧共60集,在看过了近三分之一之后,它确实没有让我失望,甚至在某些方面超过了我的预期但是,这部剧能否像《甄嬛传那样余温不散,甚至拥有87年同名电影那样的影响力?我还是略有怀疑的It’s the same story of the brutal unrest of rural China in the late 19s and 30s. But if you’ve the novel or watched Zhang Yimou’s film version, it’s easy to get confused early in the show. There’re quite a few newly added characters, such as Jiu’er’s first love and sister-in-law, and more storylines that you’re just not familiar with.该剧以二十世纪二、三十年代动荡的中国农村为背景,如果你是原著党,或曾看过张艺谋的电影版,那么你一开始可能会有些不适应这部剧,因为其中不仅增加了新角色(如九儿的初恋和大嫂),还添加了很多新情节This doesn’t mean it’s a bad adaptation, though. Whereas the film focuses more on social and political dynamics to reflect the spirit of the novel, the TV series pays more attention to detail and reflects lesser explored aspects of the book. To some extent, it has no choice — a TV series requires more substance to fill in long hours with content. Meanwhile, it’s more accessible to a television audience.但这并不代表它是一部失败的改编作品相较着重通过社会与政治动荡表现小说精神的电影版,电视剧版《红高粱则更注重细节,展现出了小说中尚未深挖的方面从某种程度而言,这也是别无选择,因为电视剧的时长更长,需要加入更多内容才能完成同时,丰富的剧情也更符合电视观众的口味The biggest surprise in Red Sorghum is undoubtedly Zhou Xun. Although she’s mostly known making movies, Zhou has portrayed a couple of classic TV characters, such as Huang Rong in Legend of the Condor Heroes and the young Princess Taiping in Palace of Desire. Obviously, her elegant pixie-like features haven’t kept her from pulling off the role of the 19-year-old Jiu’er. Not as natural as Gong Li’s portrayal, though, Zhou certainly delivers a powerful new voice through the character.电视剧《红高粱中最令人惊艳的莫过于周迅了虽然,她的电影作品多为人熟知,但她也曾成功塑造过一些经典的电视剧角色,比如《射雕英雄传中的黄蓉,《大明宫词中的小太平而此次,具有古灵精怪气质的周迅同样成功拿下19岁的九儿这个角色相较于巩俐饰演的更加淳朴的九儿,周迅刻画了一个更具个性的九儿Mo’s novel conveys a strong and evocative tone. My concern, also my hope, future episodes (especially after entering the Japanese invasion phase) is that the symbolism of red sorghum, the metaphor change and loss in a particular time and place, can shine through.莫言的原著笔触时代感浓郁,引人深思,未来的剧集(尤其是抗日战争开始后)能否成功表现出红高粱的象征与隐喻,淋漓尽致地展现这一特定历史背景下的动荡与迷茫?让我们拭目以待! 66


  Sheldon has his T-shirts, Howard his belt buckles, Leonard his hoodie, and Raj his collection of tacky knit sweaters, but costume designer Mary T. Quigley says she puts just as much thought into what the clothes say about the leading ladies of The Big Bang Theory.谢尔顿有他的T恤,霍华德有他的皮带扣,伦纳德有他的连帽衫,以及Raj收集的俗气的针织毛衣,但装设计师Mary T. Quigley说她同样为《生活大爆炸里的女主角们穿什么费尽心思Quigley gave us the inside scoop on the signature styles of Penny, Amy and Bernadette when she took EW’s own Adam B. Vary on a guided tour of the Big Bang wardrobe closet.当她带着《周刊的Adam B. Vary参观《生活大爆炸的衣橱时,奎格利给了我们关于佩妮、艾米和伯纳黛特的鲜明风格的内幕消息 example, while Amy Farrah Fowler has experimented with high heels and red nail polish, we shouldn’t expect to see her get a full-blown image makeover any time soon. Her approach to fashion is “very similar to Sheldon, about function and m,” Quigley says. “I also have linked the connection to her mother… [Amy] been trained to dress a certain way that’s acceptable.”例如,虽然艾米#86;法拉#86;福勒已经尝试过高跟鞋和红色指甲油,我们都任何时候不应该期望看到她很快会有一个全面的改头换面她的时装“在功能和形式上非常类似于谢尔顿,”奎格利说“我也有将这联系到她的母亲身上…[艾米的母亲]曾被训练着打扮成可接受的某种样子”How has Leonard had a positive effect on Penny’s closet? And why does Bernadette’s look prove that she’s a lot like Wolowitz’s mother?伦纳德如何对佩妮的衣橱产生积极影响?为什么伯纳黛特的打扮被明她很像霍华德的母亲呢? 60。


  Royal baby-watchers, rejoice: Here comes the bump!皇家宝贝观望者,欢庆吧:诞辰消息来了!Although she was wearing an oversize, tartan-print cape, Kate stepped out on Wednesday in West London revealing a new curve – and were not just talking about her smile!虽然她穿着一件大号的印着格子的披肩,周三凯特在伦敦西区走出来时展示着一个新的曲线,我们不仅仅是在谈论她的微笑!With her hair back in a ponytail, the Duchess of Cambridge, 30, pulled her look together with a black scarf, black leggings and riding boots.她把头发扎回一个马尾,剑桥公爵夫人,30岁,连同黑色围巾、黑色紧身裤和马靴的打扮出现The mother-to-be was also recently spotted in London Chelsea neighborhood shopping jeggings at the Gap.这位妇最近也出现在伦敦的切尔西附近的Gap店里买打底裤The public outings show that Kate health is on the upswing after being hospitalized with severe morning sickness in the early days of her pregnancy.公共场所的现身表明在住院治疗怀早期严重的吐后凯特的健康正在好转The baby is due in July.宝宝将在7月份出生 0An Indonesian family stopped a wedding after discovering the groom was a woman, only an ex-boyfriend to save their blushes by stepping in to marry the bride. 印尼某家庭近日举办婚礼时,意外发现新郎竟是女儿身所幸新娘前男友挺身而出,娶回新娘,才保住了女方颜面 Family and guests gathered to the Koran at the Islamic ceremony in western Java, but the groom did not bring relatives and suspicions were raised when "Rio" failed to show documents, the Jakarta Globe newspaper reported on Wednesday. 据《雅加达环球报报道,亲属和宾客当时齐聚西爪哇岛,举行伊斯兰教的婚礼仪式,并诵读《古兰经但新郎 “里欧”没有亲友相陪,又拿不出相关明,引起人们的怀疑 "The suspicion became bigger as her heavy voice suddenly changed into a female one," the newspaper ed local police chief Krisnandi as saying, adding the groom had a male physique and had known bride Nuraini seven months. 该报援引当地警长克里斯南迪的话说:“当新郎原本厚重的嗓音突然变成女声时,我们更怀疑了” 他还说,新郎体型酷似男性,与新娘努拉妮相识已有七个月 "The family finally got Kiman, the ex-boyfriend, as the new groom Nuraini in order to save face in front of their guests," Krisnandi said. 克里斯南迪说:“为在宾客面前保全面子,家人最后找到新娘的前男友基曼,娶走了新娘” Homosexuality is not illegal in the world's most populous Muslim country, though same-sex marriages are not allowed. Same-sex marriages became legal in New York earlier this month, prompting hundreds of gay and lesbian couples to wed. 印尼尽管禁止同性婚姻,但同性恋是合法的印尼也是全球穆斯林人口最多的国家本月早些时候,同性恋婚姻在纽约正式合法化,促使数百名男同性恋或女同性恋新人结婚 1

  When Twister opened in 1996, I called it the loudest thing youre liable to hear without sticking your head inside a jet engine. Given the evolution of sound systems since then, it not surprising that Into the Storm is much louder. What remarkable about this long-belated and low-rent knockoff, however, is the velocity of its cheerful idiocy, the blithe vacuity of its narrative downtime between tornado touchdowns.1996年影片《龙卷风(Twister)上映的时候,我曾称它是“在不把头伸进飞机引擎的情况下,你能听到的最大的声音”鉴于那之后音响系统的发展,《不惧风暴(Into the Storm)的声音更大就毫不意外了不过,这部姗姗来迟、质量低劣的影片的惊人之处在于它的弱智搞笑情节之多,以及龙卷风来袭的空档叙事的苍白The main storm-chaser, a dislikable crackpot named Pete ( Matt Walsh ), courts disaster that he clearly deserves, though he does have an amusing epiphany. The vice principal of the local high school, Gary (Richard Armitage), fails to cancel outdoor graduation ceremonies in the face of ominous weather ecasts, though he succeeds at becoming a hero in the teeth of multiple storms. Sometimes the intentional silliness pays off, sometimes it falls flat. Still, the proof of this pudding is in the whooshing, and the digital effects-the animation, really-may well make the movie a hit. Everything gets sucked up into the vortex (even a fleet of 77s that unably appear at the local airport), and every vortex is followed by a bigger one until Mother Nature finally remembers where she put sunshine and blue sky.片中的主要风暴追逐者是一个名叫皮特(Pete)的令人厌恶的怪胎,由马特#539;沃尔什(Matt Walsh)饰演他喜欢追逐灾难,这也算是求仁得仁,不过他确实拥有一种有趣的顿悟能力尽管天气预报称将出现恶劣天气,但理查德#539;阿米蒂奇(Richard Armitage)饰演的当地中学副校长加里(Gary)没有取消室外毕业典礼,不过他成功地从多次风暴中侥幸逃生,成为一位英雄有时候,片中故意安排的弱智情节产生了效果,有时候则反响平平不过,影片的亮点在壮观的龙卷风,而数字效果(也就是动画制作)则可能使该片大卖龙卷风将所有东西都吸入其中(甚至是莫名其妙出现在当地机场的几架波音77客机),每次龙卷风之后都有更大的龙卷风袭来,直到大自然终于记起把阳光和蓝天放到了什么地方To give the film its full due, the people who made it-the writer, John Swetnam, and the director, Steven Quale-got wind of a genuine trend and ran with it. Everyone on screen is busy filming everyone else. It a shakier-camera version of The Blair Witch Project in the era of YouTube. When disaster strikes-and disaster keeps striking with numbing repetitiveness-it always under the watchful eye of someone cellphone that in the process of shooting someone else shooting someone else. In this vision of immortality, nothing is ever lost unless it deleted.一言以蔽之,包括编剧约翰#539;斯韦特纳姆(John Swetnam)和导演史蒂文#539;奎尔(Steven Quale)在内的影片制作者顺应了以纪录片手法拍摄影片的潮流片中的每个人都在忙着拍摄别人影片可以说是YouTube时代用晃得更加厉害的摄影机拍摄的《女巫布莱尔(The Blair Witch Project)当灾难来临时(而灾难一再降临,让人都麻木了),总是会被正在用手机拍别人的人拍摄下来在这种永生的幻境中,没有什么会丢失,除非是被删掉了 377



  Jennifer Aniston has a lengthy dating history, but she doesn't always enjoy her evenings with men. And the record, she's been known to excuse herself on the sly when things were really awkward.   自从詹妮弗-安妮斯顿(Jennifer Aniston)恢复单身起,便有不胜枚举的约会对象见诸于媒体,男主角想跑马灯一样的一茬接一茬,而女主角安妮斯顿却久久未能觅得如意人选  She told Britain’s OK! magazine: “Dating sucks. I just don’t understand it. I’ve been on dates where I had to excuse myself on the pretext of going to the bathroom and instead I wound up walking out the door of a restaurant.  近日,她在接受媒体采访时坦诚,“我不善于约会这码事,我真的搞不懂在约会过程中,我不得不搪塞借口去洗手间,其实我暗地里准备赶快溜走”  "I think it’s better, when you first meet someone, to put yourself in situations where you can relax and be open and learn about the other person and not worry about what may and may not happen.”  "在与某人初次交往的过程中,要尽量让自己放轻松,并保持开放的态度来了解对方,而不是担心会不会发生什么事,我认为这样会更好”

  虎年英文新年祝福语集锦Best wishes the year to come!恭贺新禧!Good luck in the year ahead!吉星高照!May you come into a good tune!恭喜发财!Live long and proper!多福多寿!May many tunes find their way to you!财运亨通!I want to wish you longevity and health.健康长寿!Treasures fill your home.招财进宝!Business flourishes.生意兴隆!Peace all your round岁岁平安!Harmony brings wealth.和气生财!May all your wishes come true.心想事成!Everything goes well. 万事如意!Money and treasures will be plentiful.财源广进!Wishing you every success.马到成功!Promoting a higher position.升官发财!Much joy to you in the upcoming year.愿您在新的一年充满快乐!Wishing you and your family a very happy new year.祝您及全家新年快乐!I would like to wish you a joyous new year and express my hope your happiness and good future.祝新年快乐,幸福吉祥,前程似锦!Rich blessings health and longevity is my special wish you in the coming year.愿您在新的一年里身体健康,多福多寿!Wishing you many future successes.祝您获得更大成就! 019556


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