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洋话连篇之新洋话1000句 Lesson 60How is your health?How are you feelling?How are you doing?Been healthy laterly?Are you all right?Do you feel stronger?Are you feeling better?Have you been getting enough rest?How#39;s your mental health?Donot you feel well? 推荐专题:英语九百句英音版英语会话800句新东方英语900句 /200711/20594Readers are looking forward to the sequel to this novel.读者们都期盼着这小说的续集。sequel表示电影`小说等的续集。注意...的续集要用介词to, the sequel to the novel,小说的续集。 /200802/27309

In 1128, Matilda married Geoffrey of Anjou,nicknamed ;plantagenet;,1128年 玛蒂尔达嫁给了安茹的杰弗里 他的绰号是;金雀花;because he wore a sprig of yellow broom or planta genista in his hat.因为他帽子上插了一朵黄色的金雀花His family emblem was three lions.他的家徽是三头狮子Along with his money, power and territory Geoffrey gave Matilda something even more important a son, Henry.杰弗里不仅给了玛蒂尔达 财富 权力与领地 更给了她非常重要的子嗣 亨利As the boy Henry grew up, it became apparent that from his mother he#39;d inherited steely single-mindedness,亨利长大后 开始展现出 从母亲那里继承而来的钢铁的意志lots of physical courage and a phenomenally foul temper.无畏的勇气 暴躁的性格From his father he#39;d got instinctive charm and knife-sharp political and military intelligence.他从父亲身上继承了与生俱来的魅力 锋锐无匹的政治 军事才能But the quality that anyone who ever met Henry most vividly remembered about him,但所有见过亨利的人 对他印象最深的品质就是the overflowing tank of energy that made him the most hyperactive king in British history,This was all his own.无比旺盛的精力 这使他成为英国史上最为活跃的国王 这就是他的特点了This was the age of chivalry, when the myth of Arthur and Camelot was at its most popular.那是骑士时代 传说中的亚瑟王和卡米洛特 可谓妇孺皆知Right from the start, Henry was being groomed by his ambitious parents野心勃勃的父母 从小就教导亨利to take England away from Stephen, to become a new King Arthur.要击败斯蒂芬 夺回英格兰 复刻亚瑟王传奇And to do this, of course, he would need a Guinevere.为了实现夙愿 他需要自己的桂妮薇儿As it happened, the perfect candidate had just become available Eleanor of Aquitaine.正在此时 最合适的人选出现了即阿基坦的埃莉诺 /201609/464301

原味人文风情:The Huffington Post wants you to take food waste seriously. According to the FAO, 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted every single year. That#39;s the weight of 260 million elephants. According to the NRDC, 40 percent of food in the ed States goes uneaten. All of this waste is costing Americans about 165 billion dollars annually. And that#39;s enough to feed all of the world#39;s malnourished people. The production of food that is wasted generates 3.3 billion tons of greenhouse gases. If the world#39;s wasted food was a country, it would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases.《赫芬顿邮报》想要你认真看待食物浪费议题。根据联合国粮食及农业组织调查,每一年有十三亿吨食物被浪费掉。那是两亿六千万头大象的重量。根据自然资源守护委员会记录,美国有百分之四十的食物没被吃下肚。这所有浪费每年耗损美国人民约一千六百五十亿美元。那足以喂饱全世界营养不良的人们。生产那些被浪费的食物制造出三十三亿吨温室气体。如果全世界浪费的食物是一个国家,那会是温室气体的第三大排放国。After years of inaction, attitudes are changing, but we need your help. It#39;s time to recognize the scale of the world#39;s food waste and work in collaboration to reduce it. We can reclaim our love for food by feeding the world. Start the conversation. Incite change. Reclaim.在几年的漠视后,态度开始改变了,但我们需要你伸出援手。是时候了解世界食物浪费的规模,并同心协力减少浪费。我们可以从喂饱这世界来找回对食物的爱。开启对话。激起改变。回收。 Article/201612/482936新英语900句之生活篇 Lesson24:Optimism乐观主义346. I’ve got high hopes for this experiment. 我对这次试验抱很大希望。347. I’m confident we’ll win this game. 我相信这场比赛我们会赢的。348. Joe’s always an optimist. 乔一直是个乐观主义者。349. You seem pretty optimistic about your chances. 看起来你对自己的机会持乐观态度。350. Why are you so optimistic after what just happened? 为什么在发生了这些事情后,你还这么乐观?351. Optimism comes from hope. 乐观来自希望。352. Optimists always say the glass is half full, not half empty. 乐观主义者总是说,杯子有一半是满的,而不是说杯子有一半是空的。353. I’m not very optimistic about this new restaurant. 我对这家新开的餐馆不抱乐观态度。354. The investorsx are optimistic about our company’s future. 投资者对我们公司的未来持乐观态度。355. Optimism is a healthy outlook on life. 乐观是一种健康的人生观。356. I will deal with that if it happens, but until then I’m going to hope for the best. 如果那样的话,我会想办法处理的。但是在那之前,我还是朝好的方向想。357. It would be better to just try to calm down. 最好是尽量平静下来。358. Lots of people believe if you are optimistic, better things will happen to you. 很多人相信,如果你是乐观的,事情就会向好的方向发展。359. In the end, you will always be happier if you have pleasant thoughts and lots of hope. 最后,如果你思想乐观,充满希望的话,你就总是会更快乐些。360. Tomorrow has to be better, because it can’t possibly be worse than today. 明天肯定会更好,因为不可能比今天更糟了。【生词解读】1. optimism [5CptimizEm] n. 乐观;乐观主义2. optimist [`Cptimist] n. 乐观者;乐观主义者3. optimistic [7Cpti5mistik] a. 乐观的4. investor [in5vestE] n. 投资者;出资者5. calm [kB:m] vi. 镇定下来;平静下来 /200812/19247

Imagine you take two dogs and put them in two different areas...设想一下,把两只小放在两个不同的地方…You shock the first dog and you give him an option to escape.电击第一只小,让它可以选择逃跑。He tries to escape, he#39;s successful, and he gets away from the shocks.它尝试并成功逃离了电击。The second dog however, you put in a place where no matter what he does, he cannot escape the shocks.然而第二只小,把它放在一个无论做什么都无法逃脱的地方。He soon figures out that there#39;s nothing he can do, he gives up, and he#39;ll just sit there and accept the shocks.它很快就发现什么也做不了,于是放弃了,坐在那默默承受。Now you take these two dogs and put them in two new areas again, but this time they can both escape.现在把它们放在两个新地方,但这次它们都可以逃走。The first dog, who had learned that he was able to escape, will get out of there like usual.第一只已经学会逃跑的小,会像往常一样逃离那里。But the second dog will just lay there and accept the shocks, even though in this new environment he could just escape.但是第二只小就只会趴那继续承受,尽管这次它可以逃跑。This is what is known as learned helplessness, and you probably know people who act like the helpless dog.这就是习得无助,你可能知道有些人的行为很像那只无助的小。The opposite of this is learned optimism.与之相反的是习得乐观。Learned Optimism is basically the idea that you can learn to be optimistic, and positive, and happy.习得乐观基本的就是你可以学会乐观,积极和高兴。You can cultivate these things.你可以培养这些心态。And this is exactly what Seligman was trying to do, by running a workshop.塞利格曼通过运行工作组来尝试这种培养。The results of the workshop were promising...结果很有前景。Thirty-two percent of the students in the control group had a moderate to控制组中32%的学生有中度severe episode of depression in contrast to 22 percent of the group that was in the workshop.到重度的抑郁症状,对比来看,工作组中的比例占有22%。Also... 15 percent of the controls had an episode of generalized anxiety disorder而且…控制组中15%的学生有广泛性焦虑症的症状versus only 7 percent of people who took the workshop.工作组中的这部分比例只有7%。They also found that it was the change from pessimism to optimism that caused the prevention of depression and anxiety.他们还发现从悲观到乐观的转变,阻止了抑郁和焦虑的发展。And these studies are great, but even when I look at my own life, happiness, positivity, optimism...这些研究很棒,但即使当我审视自己生活的时候,高兴,积极,乐观…These are the things that I#39;ve had to learn and that I have to keep cultivating.这些是我不得不学习并一直在培养的东西。When I was a kid, I hated my life. I was constantly depressed and anxious.当我还是个孩子的时候,我讨厌生活。一直很沮丧和焦虑。I had suicidal thoughts for the majority of my childhood.我童年的大部分时间里都有自杀的想法。But that#39;s all gone now and my life just keeps getting better, but this is something that you need to put effort into.但现在那些都消失了,我的生活也越来越好,但是这是一件值得你为之努力的事情。This is something that can be learned. So now let#39;s look at the benefits of optimism...这也是值得学习的。所以我们来看一下乐观的好处…Optimists on average achieve more, have better overall health, and just lead a more enjoyable life.通常来说乐观者会获得更多,身体更健康,生活更愉悦。Pessimists, on the other hand, are more likely to give up, are more likely to suffer from depression,另一方面,悲观者更有可能放弃,也更容易沮丧,and just lead a not really enjoyable life.所以生活也不是那么愉悦。And the big difference between pessimists and optimists悲观者和乐观者的最大差距comes from their explanatory styles about whether things are permanent, pervasive, and personal...在于他们对于事物永久性,普遍性以及个体性的归因方式…So let#39;s say you walk up to a girl, and you just get humiliated and rejected...比如你靠近一个女孩,受到了羞辱还被拒绝了…If you#39;re a pessimist you#39;ll think that it#39;s permanent: I#39;ll never be able to attract a girl.如果你是个悲观者,你就会认为那是永久的:我从来都不能吸引女生。If you#39;re an optimist, you#39;ll think that it isn#39;t permanent: There are going to be plenty of girls who like me.如果你是个乐观者,你会想那不是永久的:以后会有很多女生喜欢我的。If you#39;re a pessimist you#39;ll think that it#39;s pervasive: I#39;m just not an interesting person.如果你是个悲观者,你会认为那是个普遍现象:我是个很无聊的人。If you#39;re an optimist, you#39;ll think that it isn#39;t pervasive:如果你是个乐观者,你会想那不是普遍的:It was just one isolated situation. It doesn#39;t mean that I#39;m not interesting.只是个例罢了。并不意味着我很无趣。If you#39;re a pessimist you#39;ll think that it#39;s personal: I#39;m ugly. Of course she#39;s going to humiliate me.如果你是个悲观者,你会认为那是个人原因:我很丑。她当然会羞辱我。If you#39;re an optimist, you#39;ll think that it isn#39;t personal: Well, she might have been in a bad mood...如果你是个乐观者,你会觉得那不是个人原因:可能是她的心情不好…And I#39;ve seen this so many times. If you have a pessimistic explanatory style, you#39;re going to have your soul crushed.我见过很多次这种情况。如果你用悲观的归因方式,你的灵魂会受到创伤。Every single friend I#39;ve had who was good with women always had an optimistic explanatory style.我认识的每一个和女性相处很好的朋友都具有乐观的归因方式。So optimism is much more helpful to you than pessimism but you also NEED BALANCE,所以乐观主义比悲观主义对你的帮助要大,但是你也需要平衡二者,Just like with everything else, YOU NEED BALANCE…和其他事物一样,你需要平衡…Otherwise, you can get really delusional and actually end up hurting yourself.否则,你会变得妄想,而且会伤害到自己。Imagine if you have a really bad business idea and you#39;re just a naive optimist…想象一下如果你有一个非常差劲的生意点子,你只是一个幼稚的乐观主义者…The business isn#39;t going anywhere and you say, ;Well, this isn#39;t permanent...;生意发展并不好,你说,“这种情况不会持续很久的…”And you keep wasting resources on a stupid idea.然后你继续在这个糟糕的点子上浪费资源。You#39;ve put in six months aly and it hasn#39;t gone anywhere and you say,你已经投入了六个月的时间,依然没有进展,你说,;Well, it#39;s just this part of the project that#39;s slow, but the project as a whole is amazing.;“嗯,只是项目的这一部分进展比较慢,但是从整体上来看这个项目还是不错的。”Or you try to get support and no one wants to go along with your terrible idea and you say,或者是,你想获得持,但没人愿意附和你那个糟糕的想法,你会说,;Well, they were probably just in a bad mood today.;“可能他们只是今天心情不好吧。”I don#39;t know if I would call this person an optimist or just an idiot.我真不知道是应该把他称之为乐观主义者呢,还是笨蛋。The biggest problem with optimism is when it#39;s not balanced,乐观主义最大的问题就是在它没有得到平衡的时候,because you might end up not taking responsibility when you need to.因为你可能最终没有承担应有的责任。So I would absolutely recommend being optimistic but at the same time balancing it out with pessimism,所以我肯定还是建议要保持乐观理念,但是同时要维护好它和悲观主义的平衡,or not even pessimism in my opinion, but just simply realism.或者是在我看来不叫悲观主义,可以简单理解为现实主义。 Article/201706/515716He was so busy that he neglected his health.他太忙而忽视了自己的健康。neglect表示忽视,疏忽。 neglect one's duty失职。The child got sick because he was neglected at home.这孩子因在家中被疏忽照顾而得病了。 /200802/27307Okay. Yeah.好的,这样…Uh, this is Bill Cunningham, and ;On the Street; this week there#39;s no question black is the story this week.大家好,这是本期的;On the Street;栏目我是Bill Cunningham,毫无疑问地…我们这周的主题是黑色。Here we are, the first week in August, and the New Yorkers are all in black clothes.看,在八月的第一周,全纽约的人都在穿黑色。This is Bill Cunningham, and ;On the Street; this week is a very interesting...Isn#39;t it always? But it really is.本期的;On the Street;栏目…我是Bill Cunningham这是一期非常有趣的主题它一直是这样么?它确实是。The picture frame collar.这组照片是不同的领子。There was the most popular T-shirt this summer was printed with multiple sunglasses.今夏最流行的T恤衫都印着很多的太阳镜。There#39;s no reason to be doom and gloom and think that fashion is finished.完全不要觉得,时尚进入了瓶颈期时尚就要结束了。Just reach back into your closet...I call it ;the thin man.;只要回去打开你的衣柜,就能找到我叫他;瘦人;。It#39;s a serious way of dressing.这是一种值得参考的搭配。They#39;ve got something going here, and I thought it was serious enough...for you to take a look at.他们的穿法,我觉得对你已经有帮助了你可以参考一下。Thank you very much, and I hope you enjoy it.谢谢收听,希望你们享受这期节目嗯…Okay, move it all over and take this woman and put her in the corner.好的,把这张移走把这个女人放在那边。Yeah, that#39;s nice. I think it#39;s all right. That#39;s not bad.嗯,这样很好。我觉得这样就够了。还不错。You want me to order your lunch today?你要我帮你订午饭么?I beg pardon? -Do you want me to order you in lunch?你说什么?-要我帮你订午饭么?Oh. Lunch. -No. Soup, you know.哦,午饭…-哦,不…我是说点个汤。I#39;m not thinking about lunch.我没在想午饭吃什么。No. I know what we need.哦,我知道我们要做出什么样的。What? -Yeah. It#39;s all right. No, leave everything alone.什么?-好的,这些都不动位置。Uh, put her here, and put her over here.把她放到这儿把她放到那儿。 Article/201608/460199

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201606/452060栏目简介:《趣味科普英语视频》有着浓厚的趣味性,能够增加英语学习爱好者对英语科普知识的兴趣,从而更加开心快乐地学习英语知识,建立起英语学习的基础,为以后学习更多的英语知识奠基,快来边看视频边涨姿势吧! Article/201606/449324

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