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Todd: Jessica, I see youre wearing a cute outfit!托德:杰西卡,你的衣真可爱!Jessica: Thanks Todd.杰西卡:托德,谢谢你。Todd: OK, so where did you get your clothes?托德:嗯,你都在哪儿买衣?Jessica: Well, I got these in the states actually, and if you ever want to borrow them you can?杰西卡:嗯,实际上我是在美国买的这些衣,如果你想借穿的话没问题。Todd: Thanks, thanks. I think were maybe not the same size.托德:谢谢,谢谢。我想我们衣的尺寸不一样。Jessica: Right, right, a little different. Yeah, the slippers are kind of a nice touch to it. We have to wear slippers where we work, so even though we work inside a university building, and we go outside actually, everythings in slippers.杰西卡:没错,对,有些不同。嗯,拖鞋像是一种配饰。我们工作的时候必须要穿拖鞋,所以即使我们在大学教学楼里工作,我们也要外出的,所以拖鞋很重要。Todd: OK, so you got the slippers in the states?托德:对,那你也是在美国买的这些拖鞋?Jessica: Yeah, I got the slippers in, because my feet are so humongous that I would not be able to get.杰西卡:对,我在美国买的,因为我的脚太大了,所以不好买。Todd: Theyre not that big!托德:你的脚并不是很大!Jessica: There size ten.杰西卡:我穿十号鞋。Todd: Ooh, thats...托德:哦,那是……Jessica: Thats pretty big.杰西卡:是真的很大。Todd: Yeah, Yeah OK. Well, they look comfortable.托德:嗯,对,没错。嗯,鞋看上去很舒。Jessica: They are. They are. Theyre like clogs.杰西卡:没错,是很舒。就像厚底鞋。Todd: OK, and where, the pants?托德:对,那裤子呢?Jessica: Express.杰西卡:在Express买的。Todd: Express is a store?托德:Express是家店吗?Jessica: Is a store, in America, yeah. Just a, kind of, theyre business, business casual.杰西卡:对,是美国的店。类似商务休闲装的一个牌子。Todd: How much did you pay?托德:多少呢?Jessica: Ooh, too much I think! About 50 dollars U.S.杰西卡:哦,我想很贵!大概50美元。Todd: for pants?托德:裤子吗?Jessica: For pants, but theyre...杰西卡:对,裤子,不过……Todd: Ive never paid 50 dollars for pants in my entire life.托德:我一生中都没有花50美元买过裤子。Jessica: No! Really!杰西卡:不是吧,真的吗!Todd: Well it shows, my fashion sense. And your shirt, your blouse?托德:嗯,不过能看出我的时尚品味。那你的衬衫呢?Jessica: I got it from, from, Learners, which is also another store in the states, and this was like actually 35 dollars.杰西卡:我从Learners买的,是另一个美国的牌子,这件衣要35美元。Todd: 35 dollars! You spend a lot of money on clothes.托德:35美元!你在衣上花了很多钱啊。Jessica: No, I dont though. I just, for business clothes. You have to have professional looking clothes so..杰西卡:不,其实不是。我只是在职业装上花费的多。你必须要有一些职业装,所以…… /201312/270165。

9. There are some cartoons on TV for children.电视上有一些为孩子准备的卡通片。还能这样说:There are some cartoons on TV especially for children.Children can see some cartoons on TV especially for them.谚语:There are tricks in every trade.行行有窍门,事事有秘诀。10. The basketball final was really neat!篮球决赛真的很精!还能这样说:What an impressive basketball final!The basketball final was quite wonderful.应用:in final analysis 归根到底;a final issue 最后结果;the final round 决赛;final sitting 闭幕赛11. I think most of soap operas are kind of boring!我认为现在大部分的肥皂剧都有些枯燥。还能这样说:To me, most soap operas are as dry as dust.In my opinion, most of the soap operas are tiresome.谚语:Facts are stubborn.事实是不可否认的。12. Whats on tomorrow evening?明天晚上放映什么?还能这样说:Whats playing tomorrow evening?What will be shown tomorrow evening?应用:not on 不可能;act on principle 依据原则行动;on guard 站岗;警戒;on ones way home 在某人回家的路上 /201309/255553。

经典句型: I have gone over these lessons for many times. 我已经把这几课复习好多遍了。A:Are you sure you will pass the exam?甲:你确信你能通过考试吗?B:Im sure. I have gone over these lessons for many times.乙:当然。我已经把这几课复习好多遍了。A:But I cant remember all the things.甲:可我总是记不住。经典句型:Have you begun to review for the final examination? 你开始复习准备期末考试了吗?A:Have you begun to review for the final examination?甲:你开始复习准备期末考试了吗?B:No.not yet.The final examination is two weeks away.乙:还没有。期末考试还有两个星期呢。A:Do you think it far away?甲:你觉得两个星期很遥远吗?B:I will do it right away.乙:我马上就复习。句型讲解:除了go over,review外,brush up也表示“复习”。如:Have you brushed up what you havelearned?你把学过的复习了吗? /201312/269639。

嘉宾:Debbie Mason 话题:美容英语-走近时尚炫酷“发型师”单词拼写: 1、 Sniffy 2、 Reassessment 3、 Colourist重点俚语: 1、More uptown 2、Get into it 3、Interact with people 4、Three to five grand问题: 1、How many people trained to be hairdressers last year? 2、How old is Angie McDermott and how long has she been hairdressing? 3、What does she say that hairdressing is like? : 1、47,000. 2、She is 26 years old and she’s been doing it for 9 years. 3、It likes being at school but working /201311/263931。

Jessica 在北京学汉语,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教她。今天是Jimmy要问的:爆冷门Jimmy: Jessica, 昨天看学校的足球比赛了吗?爆了个大冷门儿,法学院居然输给了商学院,哎,这大冷门怎么说啊?Jessica:冷门?Jimmy:哦,对啊,就是铁定会输的队,最后居然打赢了。Jessica: Oh, in English we call that an upset.Jimmy: Upset? 那不是不高兴的意思吗?Jessica: Thats true. 做形容词的时候,重音在后面,是 upset (emphasis on the second syllable), 指不高兴,但是做名词,重音在前面,upset (emphasis on the first syllable), it means an unexpected win.Jimmy: 哦,我明白了,中文里的爆冷门,在英文里就是 upset. 那原来大家都以为法学院会赢,这种赛前被看好的球队美语里叫什么?Jessica: Easy. That teams called the favorite.Jimmy: 这么说,The law school team was the favorite to win the game. 法学院足球队本来是被看好的热门球队。Jessica: Thats right. You can also refer to the team that was expected to lose as the underdog.Jimmy: Underdog. under后面加上dog, underdog 就是在比赛里实力比较差的一方。这么说,我们中文系的排球队,不论跟谁比赛,都是 underdog.Jessica: Jimmy!Isnt your girlfriend Rachel the team captain?Jimmy: 唉,别提了...Thats why I always cheer for the underdog...Jessica: hehe.....言归正传,What did you learn today?Jimmy: 第一,爆冷门叫 upset,重音在前面; 第二,赛前被看好的一方叫 favorite,第三,赛前不被看好的一方叫 underdog.Jessica: 不错,我也学了个词儿--upset 叫作“冷门”。 /201303/229219。

5. He landed in the hospital after the crackup.在交通事故后,他被送入医院。还能这样说:He was sent to the hospital after the crackup.He was taken to the hospital after the crackup.应用:crackup意思有:(汽车、飞机等)失事,交通事故;精神或肉体之崩溃;例如:He died of the air crackup.他死于飞机失事。6. Traffic accidents cause many fatalities.交通事故造成许多人死亡。还能这样说:Many people are killed by the traffic accidents.Lots of people meet the death in the traffic accidents.应用:cause指产生结果的原因或使某事发生的原因;reason指根据事实、情况或产生的结果,推导出结论的理由或道理。7. What a terrible accident!这事故太可怕了!还能这样说:How terrible the accident is!The accident is awful.应用:terrible storm 可怕的风暴;a terrible temper 极坏的脾气;a terrible performance 很糟糕的表演8. The fog was responsible for the accident.雾造成了这次交通事故。还能这样说:The accident was caused by the dense fog.The fog led to the accident.应用:responsible for 对某人负责 /201408/319135。

Excuse me. Which line should I take to get to Taipei Zoo by MRT?请问一下,地铁哪一条线可以到动物园?How much is the ticket fromne。你要搭棕色线。How much is the acket from Taipei Train Station to Danshui?从台北火车站到淡水票价多少?lts 50 dollars.50美元。Excuse me. Where can I buy the ticket?不好意思,我在哪里可以买到票?You can buy it at the automatic ticket vending machine or buy an easy card at the ticket booth.你可以在自动售票机夏票或在售票亭买张悠游卡。How can I take the MRT?我该怎么坐地铁呢?First, you buy the ticket. Then, you put the ticket near the sensor. After that, you can choose the sensor line which can go to the nearest station of your destination.首先,你要买一张票。然后把票放靠近感应器的地方。接下来,你可以选择搭哪一条线可以到离目的地最近的车站。jason,put your cola away before you go into the MRT staaon.!杰森,进地铁站前先把可乐喝完。Why?为什么?Look at the sign over there on the wall. It says “No Drinking and Eating after The Yellow Line.” lf you do not follow the rule, you will be asked to pay the fine up t0 6.000 dollars.看看墙上那张标语。标语上写着“黄线后禁止饮食”。如果你不遵守规定, 将会被罚款6,000美元。Watch out! The train is coming. Stand behind the yellow line. lts dangerous.小心!火车要来了,你要站在黄线后面。这样很危险!l see.我知道了。Jenny! lts late at night. When you are in the MRT station, its better to stand near by the camera. lts safer. ?珍妮,现在很晚了。当你在地铗站时,最好站在摄影机附近,会比较安全。Please give your seats to old people, pregnant women and disable people.请让座给老人、妇和行动不便者。Please keep the priority seats for old people, pregnant women, disable people and children.请将爱心座位让给老人、妇、残障人士和小孩。You need to transfer the train at Taipei Train Station to Danshui.你必须在台北火车站换车到淡水。 /201310/261201。