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六分之一新婚夫妇藏有小金库 --01 :3:0 来源:chinadaily The case prenuptual agreements may have just gotten stronger: According to a new survey by credit-tracking company Experian, percent of newlyweds admit they are hiding a financial from their spouse. 婚前协议的案例与日俱增信用监测公司益睿的一项最新调查显示,%的新婚夫妇承认,他们瞒着另一半,偷偷藏着自己的小金库Of those with secret s, about 60 percent were men and 0 percent women. Men and women also differed in how much spending they said they'd be comtable keeping from a spouse. While female respondents said they'd quietly cough up 3 on average, male survey-takers were willing to spend ,59 without mentioning it to their better halves. 这些藏有小金库的人中,60%是男性,0%为女性而对配偶隐瞒多少开销会让其心安理得,男性和女性也大有不同女性调查对象表示,她们通常会小心翼翼地跟丈夫少汇报383美元,而男性调查对象面对其心爱的妻子时,认为少报59美元,仍可以瞒天过海Overall, nearly a third of people admitted to being relatively clueless about their husband's or wife's finances bee tying the knot. About two in five respondents said they didn't know their spouse's credit score, while about 30 percent were unaware of their partner's long-term financial goals or student loan debt. And a quarter didn't even know their spouse's annual income. 总体而言,将近三分之一的人都坦言在结婚前对另一半的经济情况几乎一无所知调查对象里有0%的人,表示他们不知道其配偶的信用评分,而30%的人对其配偶的长期经济目标或学生时期贷款债务情况毫不知情更有5%的人甚至不知道配偶的年收入"Obviously, some people do have things they want to hide," said Indianapolis-based financial planner Meredith Carbrey. "But a lot of couples just don't make the time to sit down and talk finances, or one person is hesitant out of fear their partner will judge them." 美国印第安纳波利斯的理财规划师梅雷迪斯-卡布雷说:“显然,还是有部分人想隐藏自己的小秘密,不过大多数夫妻都不愿花点时间,坐下来聊一聊他们的经济情况,又或者夫妻中有一方害怕坦诚相告之后,会被配偶另眼相看”Skipping that hard talk about money bee getting hitched seems to have consequences. While newlyweds said their biggest financial goal was saving to buy a residence, about a third complained that their spouse's credit score has affected their ability to get a home loan. And nearly percent have actually needed a co-signer major purchases since walking down the aisle. 婚前对财务问题避而不谈会造成不良后果新婚夫妇常说他们最大的经济目标就是存钱买房,但几乎有三分之一的人都抱怨他们配偶的信用评分影响了他们办理住房贷款而且将近%的已婚夫妇在购置大件商品时需要双方共同签字署名Credit headaches are only one financial problem the survey revealed. While about 0 percent of respondents said credit scores are currently a source of marital strife, about a quarter cited budgeting and percent blamed debt repayment. One in three newlyweds said their spouse's spending habits are different than what they expected. 令人头疼的信用评分其实只是该项调查反映的问题之一0%的受访者表示现在信用评分常常是他们夫妻吵架的导火索,约5%的受访者因家庭预算问题争吵不休,另有%的受访者因偿还债务而怨念重重三分之一的新婚夫妇表示,配偶的消费习惯与他们预先的期待完全不一样When you are worried about your spouse or fiance's finances, it can be emotionally challenging to broach the topic. But there are ways to get your partner to open up without seeming too critical. Meeting with a financial planner or other professional can help by adding an unbiased third party to the equation, said Carbrey. 当你为配偶或未婚夫(妻)的经济情况感到担忧时,打开天窗说亮话,未免有伤感情不过总有方法既可以让你的另一半坦然开口,又能局势看起来不至于太僵卡布雷表示,理财规划师或其他相关方面专家就可以充当中立的第三方,不偏不倚地帮助夫妇解决问题"That can be a good moment to find out about assets and liabilities, and whether they have too much debt," she said. 卡布雷说:“这是摸清另一半的资产和负债情况,并探明其是否身负巨额债务的最好时机Other occasions, such as renting an apartment together, can give you the opporty to find out your partner's credit score, Carbrey said. 而合租公寓等场合也是你了解另一半信用评分的良机,卡布雷说As it turns out, people don't always practice what they preach. When asked what qualities they prioritize in a spouse, 80 percent of newlyweds said they cared about credit scores, while 9 percent of survey respondents said financial responsibility. 事实明,并非人人都能言行一致当被问及最看重配偶的哪些品质时,80%的新婚夫妇表示他们最在意信用评分,而9%的受访者则在意对方是否具备承担经济责任的能力All the more reason to open up a dialogue with your husband or wife early on, said Carbrey. If it makes sense, one solution can be delegating money-related responsibilities to whichever partner is thriftier. 卡布雷认为,这更说明了,经济问题越早和另一半说清越好如果双方可以谈拢,那么有一种方案就是把财政大权交给相对节俭的一方Just be careful to make sure both you and your partner know where important documents are kept, in case of an emergency. 有一点要注意,为了以防万一,一定要确保夫妻双方都清楚重要件藏在何处Vocabularyprenuptual agreements: 婚前协议clueless: 无线索的assets and liabilities: 资产与负债unbiased: 公正的,无偏见的all the more reason: 更加正当的理由英文来源:雅虎新闻译者:谢海芳(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning

谜团:不知手为何杀害歌手 -- 1:: 来源: 岁的美国女歌手Christina Grimmie,在结束周五晚的演出为乐迷签名时,遭到击并死于医院 Police in the US say they do not know what motivated a gunman to kill the singer Christina Grimmie.美国警方说他们尚不清楚手杀害Christina Grimmie的动机The -year-old was shot while signing autographs after a concert in the city on Friday night, and died in hospital.岁的她,在结束周五晚的演出为乐迷签名时,遭到击并死于医院Orland police chief John Mina said the gunman, 6-year-old Kevin James Loibl, came from the city of St Petersburg in Florida to confront her.奥兰多警长John Mina说手是6岁的Kevin James Loibl,从佛罗里达州的圣彼得堡特意前来见她Mr Mina said Loibl did not seem to know her personally but speculated that he may have been a deranged fan.Mina先生说Loibl似乎与她私下并不相识,推测他应该是位疯狂的粉丝After a struggle with the singer’s brother, Loibl shot himself dead.在歌手的哥哥与他搏斗后,Loibl开自杀Ms Grimmie first came to prominence as a teenager her renditions of hit songs, amassing a huge following on YouTube.Grimmie作为翻唱流行歌曲的少年而进入公众视线,在YouTube积累了大量粉丝In , she was a contestant on the US version of The Voice.年,她参加了美国之声Stars pay tribute to Voice star Grimmie明星们向歌星Grimmie表示敬意Police say she was shot about :5 local time on Friday (:5 GMT Saturday) at The Plaza Live in Orlando.警方说她是当地时间周五:5(:5 GMT 周六)在奥兰多的Plaza广场被击Mr Mina said: "She was doing a meet-and-greet, just signing autographs and selling merchandise.Mina先生说“她当时在见面会签名和卖唱片”"This white male approached her and opened fire, striking her."“这个白人男子接近她、开并打她”The police chief praised Christina’s brother Marcus his "very heroic" actions in tackling Loibl, who he said was carrying two handguns and a hunting knife.警长赞扬了Christina哥哥Marcus对付Loibl的英勇之举,Loibl当时拿着两手和一把猎刀"It definitely could have prevented further loss of life," Mr Mina said.“那的确减少了更多的人身伤亡”Mina先生说Other people have been issuing messages of support Marcus Grimmie, including a survivor of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting in Connecticut.其他人也发布消息对Marcus Grimmie表示持,包括年康涅狄格州桑迪胡克小学击案的幸存者Ashley Cech, who campaigns against gun violence, wrote an open letter to Marcus.Ashley Cech,一直开展反对暴力运动的她,写了一封公开信给MarcusShe wrote: "Today the world was reminded that there is no love quite like that between an older brother and his little sister."她写道:“今天人们又想起世间没有其他爱可以比拟哥哥和之间的这种情感”The singer had been perming with the band Bee You Exit.歌手此前正和乐队Bee You Exit一起演出Up to 0 people were at the concert, but only a handful remained at the venue when the shooting happened, officials said.近0人在演出现场,但击发生时只有数人留在会场,官员称Mr Mina said unarmed security guards had checked bags as people entered the venue, but no metal detectors were used and no body searches were made.Mina先生说入场有非武装的保安开包检查,但没有使用金属探测器,也没有搜身News of the attack sp quickly on social media, with many fans voicing their shock and anger.有关这次袭击的消息迅速在社交媒体上传播,许多粉丝都表示出了他们的震惊和愤怒

逃犯嫌照片不帅 警方:来警局给你拍新的 -- :5:3 来源:   A police public appeal the whereabouts of a New Zealand man took an unexpected turn on social media when it was met by taunts from the wanted man himself.  警方公开通缉一名下落不明的新西兰男子,谁知这名被通缉的男子自己在社交网络上回复并奚落了警方发出的公开信息,事情的发展让人大跌眼镜  Christchurch police issued an image of Samuel Evan Lake on their Facebook page at about pm on Saturday night in an eft to help find and arrest him.  周六晚上点左右,新西兰基督城的警方在脸谱网的官方页面上发布了一张萨缪尔·伊万·雷克的照片,希望公众提供线索以便找到并捕获此人  However, a cat-and-mouse line of dialogue between police and Mr Lake himself, who began to tease the officers, soon med below the post.  不过,在照片发布之后,雷克先生本人竟开始调戏警方,于是,一场警察和雷克之间的猫鼠对白很快在布告栏中上演起来  'Samuel Evan Lake has a warrant his arrest. LAKE is 3 years of age, 1cm tall and of thin build. "Fate" is tattooed on his neck,' the police social media post .  在警方的社交网络布告栏上如是写道:“我局被批准逮捕萨缪尔·伊万·雷克雷克现年3岁,身高1公分,体型消瘦颈部有‘命运’字样纹身”   Instantly, Mr Lake himself responded to the post which included an image of his face.  马上,雷克先生自己回复了那张带有自己照片的布告  'I need to get a new mug shot,' the 3-year-old wrote in a comment that has since been liked over 3,000 times and had over 186 replies.  这位3岁的男子在一条中写道:“我需要一张新的入案照片这则已经被3000多次点赞,并获得了超过186条回复  Christchurch police responded to his comment with their own jibe, writing: 'come see us and will arrange at no cost.'  基督城的警方也用幽默的语气回复了这则:“来看我们,我们就免费给你重新拍照”  Their response has since gained almost 6,000 likes.  他们的回复至今已经获得了6000多个赞  A number of Facebook users praised the quick wit of the police department, with comments that included 'what a comeback' and 'bloody legends'.  许多脸书网用户称赞该警局机敏过人,他们纷纷说警方“反败为胜”,“热血铸就传奇”  But that wasn't the end of the row. Shortly afterwards, Mr Lake added: 'If only they were as good at finding me as they were with comebacks.'  但是回复栏下面还有下文不多一会儿,雷克先生又说:”如果他们搜捕我的本领像他们迅速回复的本领一样好就好了”  A spokesperson Christchurch police told Daily Mail Australia that they regularly release mug shots on their Facebook page as it has prompted individuals to turn themselves in to police in the past or other members of public to provide inmation on their whereabouts.  基督城的警方发言人对《每日邮报驻澳大利亚记者说,他们时常在脸书网的页面上公布入案照片,这种做法曾经促使犯人向警方自首,也便于其他公众向警方提供嫌疑人的行踪线索  'Yes, we have had similar responses bee,' the spokesperson said of Mr Lake's comments, adding that the sought after person's presence on social media has also previously helped to locate them.  “我们曾经受到过类似的”关于雷克先生的照片,这位官方发言人说,“警方曾经通过跟踪嫌疑人在社交网络上的行踪来确认他们的实际位置”

愤怒:网曝男子恶意毁坏长城 -- 18::57 来源: 网曝河北一男子手掰脚踹、恶意毁坏长城,目前警方正在调查 Police in China are searching a man filmed tearing down bricks of what’s thought to be the Great Wall of China.中国警方正在追查一名男子,这名男子在一份视频中被拍摄到手掰脚踢长城砖块The man was filmed on a section of a stone structure pulling and kicking bricks while making kung fu poses, reports the People’s Daily Online.据《人民日报报道,视频中这名男子站在一段石质建筑之上,手掰脚踢从上面掰下了砖块,还摆着功夫姿势The footage was posted online on July 19 and has caused outcry on China’s social media sites.这份视频于7月19日被上传到网上,在中国社交媒体网站上引起了愤怒In the footage, the man can be seen pulling at one of the bricks and tearing it off the wall.在视频中,可以看到这名男子正在掰城墙上一块砖头,最终将它从墙体上掰了下来He then tries to perm some kung fu moves, kicking at the wall causing a giant brick to shatter to the ground.后来这名男子又想要表演一些功夫动作,用脚踹城墙,导致一大块砖头掉在地上砸得粉碎From the footage, the wall looks like it is an unrestored part of the wall.从视频中可以看出,这段建筑是一段未修复的长城Dong Yaohui, vice president of the China Great Wall Society told Chinamil.com.cn that the section in the looked like it was Dapanying Great Wall located in Hebei province.中国长城协会副主席董耀辉(音)告诉中国军网说,视频中这段城墙看起来像河北省境内的大盘营长城He says that this section of the wall is from the Ming Dynasty (68–) and is a wild section that has not undergone repair and is not monitored.董耀辉表示说这段长城是明(68-)长城的一部分,是一段没有被修复和监管的野长城People have been discussing the story online.人们一直在网上热议这件事On Sina News, one user wrote: ’Destruction of cultural relics must be punished. Scum!’新浪新闻上一名用户写道:“破坏文物必须受到惩罚败类!”While another commented: ’Scum. This person should be arrested.’另一名用户道:“败类这个人应该被抓起来”And one user said: ’In this world, there is no nation like ours that is as good as destructing their culture.’还有一名用户说道:“在这个世界上,没有那个国家像中国一样这么善于破坏自己的文化”Destruction of the Great Wall, a Unesco World Heritage site, could lead to a maximum of years imprisonment, according the Chinese law on protection of cultural relics.据中国文物保护相关法律规定,长城是联合国教科文组织规定的世界遗产,毁坏长城可能导致最长年的监禁In June , it was reported that the Great Wall is disappearing at an alarming rate.年6月,有媒体报道说长城正在以一个惊人的速度消失Natural erosion, human destruction and a lack of protection means that a total of 1, miles of the wall, which dates back more than 00 years, has vanished.自然侵蚀、人类破坏、以及缺少保护意味着这座可以追溯到00多年前的长城已经消失了多英里Only eight percent of the Ming Dynasty (68–) wall, which was first built 700 years ago and is the most visible section of the wall, is well-preserved明(68-)长城于700年前开建,是目前墙体最明显的长城但是即使这样,目前也只有8%的明长城保存完好The Great Wall, which is actually made up of many different structures over many centuries, is estimated to have measured between 5,600 to ,000 miles, depending on which sections are included.长城实际上是一座由许多不同结构组成的建筑,他们建于不同的年代随着纳入长城的建筑范围的不同,长城的总长度在5600到000英里之间The findings of a survey conducted by the Great Wall of China Society suggest that plants growing on the walls have increased damage, as well as the number tourists visiting the attraction.中国长城协会曾进行了一场调查,其结果显示墙体上生长的植物加剧了长城的损毁,而且游客参观也会使得长城进一步损坏The practice of stealing bricks from the wall also poses a great threat to the conservation of the wall.偷取城墙上的砖块也对长城的保护造成了巨大的威胁Bricks from the Great Wall, which have been carved with Chinese characters, are being sold 30 Yuan (3.0 pound) each by local villagers in Hebei province in northern China as souvenirs.长城上的砖块镌刻有汉字,河北当地村民以每块30元人民币(约合3.英镑)的价格当做纪念品卖出People who steal bricks from the wall can be fined up to 5,000 Yuan (567 pound) under Chinese regulations.根据中国的法规规定,偷盗长城砖块的人最高可被罚5000元人民币(约合567英镑)

古驰因阿里巴巴加入而退出美反假联盟 -- :00:53 来源: (上海)在四月份中国电商巨头阿里巴巴加入国际反假联盟之后,古驰(美国)成为第二个退出该联盟的公司SHANGHAI (AP) ; Gucci America has quit the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition, the second defection since the Washington, D.C.-based group allowed Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba to become a member in April.(上海)在四月份中国电商巨头阿里巴巴加入国际反假联盟之后,古驰(美国)成为第二个退出该联盟的公司Michael Kors walked out of the IACC last month, calling Alibaba ;our most dangerous and damaging adversary.;上月,Michael Kors退出国际反假联盟,并将阿里巴巴称作;我们最危险有害的竞争对手;The outrage over Alibabarsquo;s membership raises fresh questions about how effective Alibaba has been in fighting fakes as it pushes to take its e-commerce juggernaut global. It has also allowed the deep loathing some harbor one of Chinarsquo;s global champions to burst into view.对于阿里巴巴加入的愤慨伴随着阿里巴巴在完成全球电商布局之时会如何打击假货的疑惑这也让对中国商业巨头之一的嫌恶浮出水面Gucci, along with other Kering Group brands like Balenciaga, is suing Alibaba in New York federal court. They accuse Alibaba of knowingly encouraging and profiting from the sale of counterfeit goods on its e-commerce platms. Alibaba has dismissed the suit as ;wasteful litigation.;古驰和开云集团旗下的品牌如巴黎世家正在纽约联邦法庭上起诉阿里巴巴它们控诉阿里巴巴在其电商品台上有意识地鼓励贩售假货,并从中牟利By Saturday, Guccirsquo;s name had been struck from the IACCrsquo;s website. ;They were not happy about Alibaba joining,; said IACC vice-president Candice Li-Uzoigwe. She said Gucci inmed the group of its decision to leave on Wednesday.截止周六,古驰已经不在反假联盟的网站上了反假联盟的副主席Candice Li-Uzoigwe说:;他们对阿里巴巴的加入感到十分不悦;她还说,古驰在周三告知联盟退出的决定;The IACC stands by its decision and is committed to lean into the future and lead a coalition of the willing,; IACC president Robert Barchiesi said by email Saturday. ;Whether itrsquo;s payment processors or online marketplaces, the choice is clear, they must be an integral part of the solution.;周六,反假联盟的主席Robert Barchiesi在电邮中表示:;反假联盟不会改变决定,并致力于和品牌们一起发展美好的未来;Alibabarsquo;s membership falls into a special category, without leadership positions and voting rights. Barchiesi said that it was created in response to eBayrsquo;s request membership. eBay ultimately did not join the coalition.阿里巴巴的成员身份比较特殊,没有领导席位和投票权Barchiesi表示,这个身份是为了易贝的申请而特别设立的然而最终易贝也没有加入该联盟Alibaba has said IACC membership would allow it to work more closely and effectively with brands to proactively ence intellectual property rights.阿里巴巴表示,反假联盟成员的身份能让其和各个品牌一同更加有效地保护知识产权The IACC has over 50 members, including Apple, Cisco Systems and Chanel.国际反假联盟有超过50名成员,其中包括苹果公司、思科以及香奈儿Gucci and Alibaba did not immediately respond to requests comment.古驰和阿里巴巴并未立即就此事作出

亚洲市场英镑再次暴跌 --7 :: 来源: 继上周五英镑历史性暴跌之后,本周一亚洲市场一开盘,英镑再次暴跌 Sterling was trading at .3365, down almost 3% from Friday’s close. Against the euro it was trading at 1.7 euros, down 1.%.目前英镑兑美元的汇率是1.3365,比上周五交易结束时又下跌了近3%英镑兑欧元汇率目前是1.7,下跌了1.%On Friday the pound had its biggest one-day fall against the dollar, at one stage sinking as low as .336.上周五,英镑贬值达到了单日最大跌幅,兑美元汇率曾一度暴跌到了1.336George Osborne will issue a statement bee the start of trading in the UK in a bid to calm the markets.在英国交易市场开盘前,财政大臣奥斯本将发表一份声明,以安抚市场The Chancellor has not spoken publicly since the Leave campaign won Thursday’s referendum.自从“脱欧派”在上周四的公投中获胜以来,奥斯本一直没有发表公开讲话Authorities in Asia have been taking action to stabilise financial markets.亚洲国家政府已经采取了措施,以求稳定金融市场After an emergency meeting, Japan’s finance minister Taro Aso said that he has been instructed by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to take steps to stabilise the currency markets if needed. "Risks and uncertainty remain in financial markets," Mr Abe said.在经过一场紧急会议之后,日本财务大臣麻生太郎表示,首相安倍晋三命其如有需要,采取措施稳定货币市场安倍晋三说道:“金融市场仍然充满着风险和不确定性”The rising value of the yen is a concern to the Japanese government, as it makes the nation’s exports less competitive.日元升值让日本政府备感忧虑,因为这使得日本的出口愈发缺少竞争力After plunging almost 8% on Friday, Japan’s benchmark share index, the Nikkei 5, added 1.3% on Monday.日经5指数在上周五暴跌了近8%,而在本周一开盘后,日经5指数恢复了1.3%In China the central bank weakened the official value of the yuan by 0.9%, the biggest move the currency since August of last year.中国央行将人民币的官方价值下调了0.9%,这是自从去年8月份以来人民币价值的最大变动Under control处于控制范围之内On Sunday night Christine Lagarde, head of the International Monetary Fund, said that the UK’s vote to leave the European Union had caught the financial markets by surprise.上周日国际货币基金组织总裁拉加德表示,英国投票退欧的决定使得国际金融市场震惊But despite that, there had been "no panic" and the markets were "under control"但是尽管如此,国际金融市场“没有恐慌”,市场状况“处于控制范围之内”Tohru Sasaki, head of Japan market research at JPMorgan Chase in Tokyo, said falls in European markets would "not cause a financial crisis with the magnitude of the Lehman shock in ".根大通东京分部“日本市场调研”部门主管特鲁表示,欧洲市场的萎靡将“不会导致像年雷曼兄弟倒闭那样所造成的金融危机”Stock markets plunged on Friday, with more than $tn (pound 1.5tn) wiped off the value of global stock markets, according to Standard and Poor’s Dow Jones Indices.根据标准普尔和道琼斯指数显示,上周五,全球股票市场暴跌,超过万亿美元(约合1.5万亿英镑)的财富蒸发That was the biggest one-day loss in market value - even greater than the value wiped out following the collapse of Lehman Brothers during the financial crisis, Standard and Poor’s calculated.据标准普尔计算,这是股市市值最大单日下跌,甚至比年金融危机期间雷曼兄弟倒闭所引起的市值蒸发还要大Next pressures接下来的压力The Chancellor’s statement on Monday comes amid ecasts of further falls the pound.由于有报告预测称英镑将进一步贬值,财政大臣奥斯本将在本周一发表声明Jeremy Cook, chief economist at World First, said: "We are still looking another % fall the pound against the dollar in the coming months as data confirms the economic slowdown and monetary policy expectations increase."World First首席经济学家杰瑞米·库克说道:“在未来的几个月里,我们将会看到英镑兑美元汇率再次下跌%,因为有数据显示,英国的经济将会放缓,而且能够预期英国将会采取更多的货币政策”Traders will be watching the UK’s financial position closely over the coming months.在未来的几个月里,交易者们将密切关注英国的财政状况The funding position of the UK, with its twin current and fiscal deficits, are the next pressures to weigh, Mr Cook said.库克说道:“英国的财政状况--主要是经常账户和财政赤字的状况--是接下来需要承受的压力”The UK’s current deficit measures the balance of trade, investment income and money transfers.英国经常账户的赤字状况衡量了其贸易、投资收入和资金转移之间的平衡That deficit means that the UK must borrow to pay its way in the world.赤字意味着英国必须依靠借贷来付其在世界上的开The fiscal deficit refers to the gap between government expenditure and income that has to be financed by borrowing.财政赤字是由政府出和收入之间的差额引起的,而英国政府不得不采用借贷的方法来弥补那一部分差额

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