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Its so much more than being a good singer. Theres a whole package things that goes with it.只唱歌好远远不够 要考虑的是一个整体形象And thats not just about looks either. You know what I mean?其实也不是外貌的问题 懂我的意思吧Theres a vibe, theres a style, theres a point of view.You know, artists have a real message most of the time.是那些气场 台风 还有思想 好的艺人是有自己的信息要传递的They have something that they wanna tell the world.Theres something that they wanna say.他们想跟全世界分享的东西 想要倾诉的东西Um, some of them can write, some of them cant.You know, some of them play instruments.有些人能写歌 有些不能 还有人借助乐器So theres a whole bunch of things that go along with it.所以是各方各面都要看重Do you think you have seen the...you think you know who the winner is? Or at least like the top10?你有感觉谁会赢 或者至少会进十强吗NO,Its hard this year, we have like um...Theres just so many talented people, theres so many没 很难判断 我们大概有... 有天赋的选手实在太多了I just feel like it can go anyway.Because theres their such great voices.我只是感觉一切皆有可能 因为他们的声音都非常强大Its hard to say which...who its gonna be.who Americans gonna respond with实在不好说会是谁 美国观众会对哪个比较有感At the end of the day you guys pick who the winner is, so...Right, and what about the girl that fell?Oh god.毕竟最后都是你们来决定谁做冠军 说得对 那么那个摔台的女孩怎么样了 天呐I mean didnt you all see? She looked like she was stumbling.你们都没看出来吗 她已经都跌跌撞撞的了Yeah, no its funny when I watched it, I thought to myself right off the back she was like是啊 其实 我后来看电视才回想起来 唱之前在后台 他就说she said Im..sitting on..Im gonna sing..singing on the lock of the bay她说 我 要坐在 我要唱 唱在海滩上Like she didnt say it right.And I was like, I didnt notice that when she first did it.她好像就没说对 但当时 我完全没注意到And you saw her poor thing, she was hanging on so...much.And then she just...It was terrifying.And she sang fine.现在才发现她在上面 挣扎了那么久 然后就... 太可怕了真是 她唱得还不错啊yeah, by the way, one of the most beautiful tones.That was gonna be my comment to her.就是啊 还是非常突出的好声音呢 本来我的评语就打算说的Like, Woow, you have the most beautiful tones and yeah.Its really a shame.Um, Im glad you came back.天呐 你的声音太美妙了 结果 哎 真是遗憾 不过我很高兴你继续做了And I know there was a minute there you were thinking...我知道你一度考虑过...you know,cause it is hard, and Im glad you came back. Thank you.毕竟确实很辛苦 但真的很高兴你回来了 谢谢 /201604/439978Greek taxation希腊税收Doubts over competence全面质疑Not a single prominent tax evader has yet been convicted至今为止,希腊还未对任何有明显偷税嫌疑者进行惩罚Greece’S elite used to see stashing funds in Swiss bank accounts as an insurance policy. Until the country joined the euro zone, fears of a sudden devaluation or a freeze on capital movements loomed large. Then came a rush to transfer money made in the black economy to financial havens abroad.希腊的精英分子们过去总是认为将钱存在瑞士是项保险政策。但是自从该国加入欧元区后,在资本的流动中,存款可能突然发生贬值或冻结,精英们对此愈加担心。他们争相通过黑市把资金转移至海外的金融避风港。After many years of turning a blind eye to this illegal practice, a desperately broke Greek government is at last cracking down. The tax declarations of almost 2,000 Greeks with accounts at the Geneva branch of HS, a bank, are being scrutinised by officials at SDOE, the financial police. Their names were on a computer disk sent in 2010 by Christine Lagarde, then French finance minister, to her Greek counterpart, George Papaconstantinou.在多年对这些违法行为睁一只眼闭一只眼后,濒临破产的希腊政府做出严厉打击此类行为的动作。希腊独立税务调查组(SDOE),对近2000名在汇丰(HS)日内瓦分行有业务的希腊纳税人的资产进行了清查。而这批名单是在2010年的时候,从时任法国财政部长克里斯蒂娜·拉加德(Christine Lagarde)的电脑磁盘里传给时任希腊财政部长乔治·帕帕康斯坦丁 (George Papaconstantinou)的。The “Lagarde list” went missing in mid-2011 but turned up again recently when Evangelos Venizelos, Mr Papaconstantinou’s successor as finance minister, sent a copy to the office of Antonis Samaras, who is now prime minister. Hot Doc, a Greek investigative magazine, then got hold of another copy and published all 2,000 names.这份“拉加德 名单”在2011年年中时,曾经失踪过。但是帕帕康斯坦丁财长的继任者维尼泽洛斯(Evangelos Venizelos)将此名单的复印件送至现任希腊总理萨马拉斯(Antonis Samaras)处。此后,希腊调查类杂志《热门档案》(Hot Doc)也获得一份名单,并公布了这近2000个姓名。Several politicians and their wives and many members of prominent business families appear on the list. Yet most attention has focused on Maria Panteli, an office manager whose account contained 550 million euro (9m), about one-third of the total in all the accounts. Ms Panteli was suspected at first of acting as a front for a Greek shipowner. Then Nikos Lekkas, deputy chief of SDOE, claimed in testimony to a prosecutor that her account was controlled by the 89-year-old mother of a former prime minister, George Papandreou.一些政客和他们的妻子以及许多赫赫有名的企业家族成员出现在这份名单上。然而现在大多数的目光都集中在一个叫做Maria Panteli的办公室经理的身上,她的账户资本约有5.5亿欧元(约为7.19亿美元),约占总账户金额的三分之一。Panteli 起初被怀疑是希腊某船主的替罪羊。其后,SDOE的负责人Nikos Lekkas在向检察院提交物时表示,Panteli的账户由希腊前总理帕潘德里欧(George Papandreou)89岁的母亲所操控。Margaret Papandreou, who lives modestly near Corinth, a provincial town, and her son, now a backbench MP, swiftly denied the allegations. Mrs Papandreou, a feisty feminist, threatened to sue newspapers that published Mr Lekkas’s claim.这名叫玛格丽特·帕潘德里欧的母亲现在希腊地方小镇科林斯(Corinth)过着低调的日子。她与现任后座议员的帕潘德里欧立即对此指控矢口否认。帕潘德里欧女士,一位有着强烈争强好胜欲望的女权主义者,扬言要对Lekkas发表在报纸上的言论进行起诉。The Papandreous felt vindicated when Sabby Mioni, a Greek-Israeli financier, came up with an explanation. Mr Mioni said he had never met any Papandreou family member. The account in question belonged to an investment fund listed on the Irish stock exchange, he said, and he used to manage the fund on behalf of EFG International, a Greek financial group based in Switzerland. According to one of Mr Mioni’s former colleagues, Ms Panteli was a trusted employee permitted to sign documents on Mr Mioni’s behalf.希腊籍以色列金融家Sabby Mioni提出一个解释后,帕潘德里欧母子俩顿时被洗清嫌疑。Mioni先生称,他从未见过任何帕潘德里欧家庭成员。同时,他还表示,该争议账户属于爱尔兰交所中的某投资基金,他常代表总部设在瑞士的希腊金融机构EFG管理这份基金。根据Mioni的前同事的表述,Panteli是一个值得信赖的雇员并被允许允许签署代表Mioni利益的文件。A day later Mr Lekkas made a U-turn, claiming that he had never linked the Papandreous with Ms Panteli’s account. The embarrassing incident has raised fresh doubts about the financial police’s professional competence. Critics say there has been foot-dragging over investigations of politicians, footballers, prominent lawyers and doctors suspected of tax evasion. SDOE officials complain they are overloaded with new cases.一天后,Lekkas的态度发生了180度的大转弯,他声称,从未曾涉及过任何有关帕潘德里欧与Panteli的帐户调查。而这个令人尴尬的事件令人们对独立税务调查组的专业能力提出了质疑。批评者说,他们在足球运动员,著名的律师和医生涉嫌逃税的相关政治调查中消极怠工。SDOE官员们则抱怨,在这一系列新的案例中,他们是在超负荷地工作。Greece has still not convicted any prominent tax evaders, despite promising international creditors that the worst offenders would go to jail. The government is about to name a special secretary for tax affairs, in line with a request from officials from the European Commission, the IMF and the European Central Bank who are supervising economic reforms. The new tax supremo will have his work cut out.尽 管希腊曾向国际债权人承诺,将会惩罚那些情节严重者甚至将其送至监狱,但该国依然没有给任何一个逃税大户定罪。根据监督希腊经济改革的机构,即欧盟委员会(European Commission)、国际货币基金组织(IMF)和欧洲中央(European Central Bank)官员的要求,希腊政府正筹划任命负责税收事务的特别官员。新任税务长官的工作将与其他政府工作分而治之。翻译:周颖译文属译生译世 /201609/465130The original three.Randy.Yep.Whats his name?Help.Okay.最早的三位评委 兰迪 正确 他的全名是 求助.好吧Okay. Him. He had a baby,Yeah. You sure he did. not too long ago, him.嗯 他有一个小孩 你确定吗 是的 不久前刚有的Who and who else?You can slap and steal.She is taking it too long.Simon Cowell.另外两位是谁 你可以拍后接着答 她已经超时了 西蒙考埃尔No. But name all of them.You cant just help her.错误 而且三个人的名字都要说 你不能光帮她说Okay. Lets go to the next question, alright.Its a riveting game so far.好吧 我们继续下一个问题 好吗 这是个要集中注意力的游戏Listen, Las Vegas is in the Nevada,Name three other US states that start with letter N.听题 位于内华达州 请再举出三个以字母N开头的美国的州名Maine. Memphis Tennessee. No, thats not.Miami. No, thats Florida. No, No.No. No. Nevada, start with an N.缅因 孟菲斯 田纳西州 不 不是 迈阿密 不 那是弗罗里达州 错 不 不 内华达 N字母开头New Hampshire. Okay.Keep going.Three. Three.New England? And.新罕布什尔 正确 继续 三个州名 三个 新英格兰 还有.New York. New England is not a state.Okay. New York.Yeah. Im telling her now.纽约州 新英格兰不是一个州 好吧 纽约州 是的 我告诉她了Yeah, you can help her. It doesnt matter this point.You know what?We are out of time. But you both.是的 你可以帮她 现在说没关系 好了 时间到 不过你们俩...You both gonna get the three day two nights stay in Vegas.你们都将获得 三天两夜拉维斯加斯之旅And found you 300 dollars credit for play my Ellen slot machines.Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.并将得到300美金游戏币 玩艾伦投币游戏机 谢谢 谢谢 谢谢If you wanna play my now slot machine,go to my website to find out where they are.如果你想玩艾伦投币游戏机 可以去我的网站搜索它们的位置Wanna thanks Madonna, Jim Parsons,Bridgit Mendler, Twitch.Have a wonderful weekend.Be kind to one another.Byebye.感谢麦当娜 吉姆帕森 布莉姬曼勒 祝大家周末愉快 善待彼此 拜 /201601/424735

It wouldnt even show an elbow in the 70s.70年代 连手肘都不露Thats how...Its not risky at all Lets jump forward to 1972.And, I dont know who this is.这就是 毫不冒险 时间来到1972年 我不认识这人Im sorry, I dont...Shes somebody,but, she is not only wearing one piece,我很抱歉 我不 她是某人 但是 她不只穿了一件连体泳衣shes wearing two one pieces.Shes got some layers going on.她穿着两件套 还穿出了层次感Even she is looking, I dont know,The face that I see is like,is that sexy? This is the shot you want?我觉得她看起来 她的表情就像是在说 这样性感吗 确定要这么拍吗Alright, lets take a look at 1977.And, Zowie, its Maui!好了 让我们来看看1977年 太赞了 毛伊岛They other title theyre considering was ;Neat, I broke my seat;.他们的备选标题可能是;丝滑柔顺 坐破椅砸;Oh, she is having a blast. She fell down.And lets all move on to 80s.她自嗨到摔倒了 接着一起去80年代看看Things were looking fine in the 80s, and kind of basic.You know, just one-piece bathing suit.80年代的看上去不错 基本款 你知道的 就是连体泳衣And all went to the 90s,and then got a little more revealing.然后到了90年代 就有点袒胸露乳了Take a look at Heidi Klum,So showing her Klums there.瞧瞧海迪·克卢姆 秀着她的两个;小克卢姆;And, there she is.And now the magazine cost .95.I guess the less they wear, the more you have to pay.恩 就是她 这时候杂志要4.95美元一本 看来她们穿得越少 杂志就越贵 /201510/404069

Yes,I suppose.Thats what I did.我想是吧 那就是我做过的事I was on the verge of curing cancer when I said oh,jokes.Thats where its at.我差点治愈了癌症 结果我说 笑话 这才是流行的No,its,its funny.because I have a lot of young people over the years have come up to me and said,不 这很有意思 因为这些年有很多年轻人来找我 对我说I want to do what youre doing,so Im studying communications in college.我想当主持人 所以我在大学里学传媒I always tell them,I have to break the news to them,I studied American history and literature.我总是告诉他们 我得告诉他们这个坏消息 我学的是美国历史和文学I studied literature of the American south.I studied,you know,I studied all kinds of interesting,我学的是美国南方的文学 我学的很多有趣的things that were interesting to me at the time,urban planning.I took a course in urban planning.Just interested in it.那时候对我来说有趣的东西 城市我上过城市规划的课 我对这很感兴趣And I thought that would help inform me.Everything you need to know about show business,我觉得那帮助我成型了 你需要对演艺界了解的一切事情you can figure out,right Andy,in about 20 minutes of watching ;Password;.你都能看20分钟的《密码》 然后统统搞清楚 对吧 安迪Thats true of a lot of jobs.People are so drum beat of skills base learning and job training,对于很多工作来说是这样 人们现在急于学习基础技能 进行职业训练Its not turning people into engineers,because engineering is hard.这没让人们成为工程师 因为工程学很难And you either have the aptitude for science or you dont.你要么有科学天资 要么没有What its doing is making people take a lot of majors that sound like theyre directing you to a job.这种观点让人们选择了很多看起来像是能帮你找到工作的专业Like you know,business studies and media arts and communication sciences.比如商业研究 传媒艺术和通信科学And I think that people really should take real subject like English and history and math,whatever it is,learn the substance of all of that.我觉得人们该上真正的课程 比如英语 历史 数学 不管是什么 学习那一切的实质Learn how to learn.Learn how to write.Learn how to .Learn how to follow your curiosity.学习如何学习 如何写作 如何阅读 如何遵循自己的好奇心And then go out and work.You can figure out the rest.然后去找工作 然后你就能弄明白剩下的事了Working it not that hard.It takes hard work but its not like rocket science.Right,right.Unless you want to be a rocket scientist.工作没那么难 需要努力 但这并不复杂 不是火箭科学 是啊 除非你想成为火箭专家201609/465761Street food街头小食Sandwich sp三明治酱The rise of decent outdoor dining体面户外餐饮的兴起ON A cold, blustery morning at Canary Wharf, Londons second financial district, eating outside does not seem appealing. Yet on a solitary concrete quay, suited workers huddle around picnic benches. Half a dozen food stalls line the waters edge. One sells Thai food out of a rickshaw, another salted pork buns from a converted horse box. Everything on offer is about6 (10). Such is the latest in Britains culinary evolution.寒风凛冽的早晨,在伦敦第二大金融区—金丝雀码头来份户外早餐看起来可一点都不吸引人。然而在一个偏僻的水泥码头上,穿着工作的职员们却围在了野餐长凳边。沿着水岸有半打的小吃摊。其中一个小贩在小车里售卖着泰式料理,另一个在改装的火车厢里往鲜肉包上撒着盐。这些售卖的食物价格大约都在6英镑(10美元)左右。这就是英国餐饮的新兴潮流。Street dining is hardly new. Kebab vans in university towns serve oily gunk to sozzled students; on weekends in London, grizzled men hawk frankfurters outside Tube stations. But until recently smarter nosh was mostly available only in restaurants. Now most big cities have at least one regular street food event, as a London fashion has sp out.街头餐饮并不是新鲜事物。大学城里的小吃摊向闲逛的学生们兜售油炸小食。周末的伦敦,头发花白的男人在地铁站外叫卖法兰克福香肠。但直到最近,精致的小点心大多都只在餐厅供应。随着伦敦潮流的扩散,现在大多数大城市都至少有一次定期的小吃美食节。Britains faltering economy is part of the explanation. “In a recession, people go into food businesses”, says Mark Laurie of NCASS, a trade association for caterers. Setting up a street food stall takes little capital or specialist knowledge. At Canary Wharf, the traders include a former architect and a bank worker, as well as restaurateurs. Demand is increasing, too, as pinched customers trade down from restaurants.英国摇摇欲坠的经济是促成这一现象的部分原因。“在经济衰退期,人们会转向餐饮行业。”来自NCASS(Nationwide Caterers Association,国际餐饮联盟)的马克·劳里说。一个街头小吃摊只需少量资金和专业知识。在金丝雀码头,小商贩不仅包括餐馆老板,还包括一名前建筑师以及一名前职员。囊中羞涩的消费者们将消费由餐厅转向街头美食,需求也在扩大。Yet the biggest driver of outdoor eating is officialdom. Local authorities and commercial property developers see street stalls as a means of quickly gingering up struggling high streets and sterile plazas. The Canary Wharf Group does not charge for the use of its land by the cluster of street vendors (the market is organised by Kerb, a profit-making firm). Alistair Turnham, who runs Stock Mkt, a similar outfit, says some councils will even pay his firm to run events. Street food vendors thus avoid paying hefty rents or business rates—which helps them to undercut restaurants.然而推动户外餐饮发展的最大动力来自官方。地方机构和商业地产开发商们将街头小吃摊看做迅速为不景气的商业街和冷清的广场带来人气的方法。金丝雀码头集团并不向街头小贩们收取摊位使用费(这一市场由一家盈利公司Kerb组织)。运营着一家类似机构Stock Mkt的阿里斯泰尔·特南说一些地方委员会甚至会雇佣他的公司来运营类似的活动。路边的小吃摊因此也避免了缴纳高昂的租金和营业税,这使得他们能以低于餐厅的价格出售食品。Still, the distinction between indoor and outdoor food is blurring. The Marriot, an upmarket hotel in Mayfair, recently put on a street food-inspired . Trinity Leeds, a new shopping centre in Yorkshire, hosts rolling street food traders as part of its food hall. Some successful street food vendors are setting up restaurants—few want to work out of vans forever. Others are moving into catering for private events. The market economy is triumphing.室内餐饮和户外餐饮的区别还不是很明显。万豪酒店,一家位于梅费尔(伦敦西区高级住宅区)的高级酒店,最近推出了以街头小吃为灵感的新菜单。位于约克郡一个新购物中心—三一·利兹,将流动街头小吃引进了食品大厅。一些成功的街头小吃摊主正在筹备开餐厅—没有多少人想一辈子都在小摊里工作。另一些人正转向为私人宴会提供餐饮。市场经济大获全胜。译者:王颖 校对:周洋 译文属译生译世 /201510/403612Its all exciting to see a large animal in the sea, and of course, the turtles are very iconic species in marine world.能看到大型海洋动物总是令人很兴奋,不用说海龟是非常有代表性的海洋动物。And Im surrounded by them on this dive.我现在被它们包围着。Hundreds and hundreds of turtles are in the water column above me, passing over the reefs crest and now in the blue water.成千上万的海龟正处于我上方的洋流中,它们随水流掠过礁顶,游进蔚蓝的海域中。The turtles all converge on small islands made of coral rock and sand, known as the coral cases, but not all are suitable for nesting.海龟都朝小岛汇聚,小岛是由珊瑚与石砂构成的,也叫珊瑚岩。但不是所有的礁石都适合筑巢。Some only are sank down, exposed only at low water.有些只是低潮时才露出的沙丘、And many others have beaches that swamp to high tide.许多有海滩的沙丘会在涨潮适变得泥泞不堪。 201507/384854

Carson Brown wants to make people think critically about what he calls the American landscape, and hes not talking about mountains and vistas. Hes talking about the American landscape of consumerism.;I want people to look around the space of a big box store and ask, Is this space necessary? Do I need all these things? Is this a healthy way of living my life?;He does this by building sculptures — which look like monochromatic towers — inside stores, using the very merchandise the store is selling. All without the establishments permission.Although hes critical of big box stores, he also really likes them. Brown makes his living as a commercial photographer and is often popping into various places to buy things for his photo shoots and clients. Brown says he finds the culture and characters inside big box stores fascinating.;Theres so much happening and so many people involved with lots of voices and stories being told.;Inside a Meijer on a Wednesday night in Grand Rapids, the plan is to build a sculpture inside the store, then take photos of the end result, and share them on social media. All without getting caught.Even though the point of Browns ongoing art project is to question capitalism, its also about having fun and being playful.Brown grabs a cart with one squeaky wheel, and makes his way past a guy stocking candy. He scans the scene for a prime spot to make a sculpture. In the produce aisle, Brown passes a woman talking into a large cell phone, in Spanish, on speaker phone. The scene makes him smile.;I just think people are really interesting, and thats super funny to me. Thats a massive phone and shes talking so loud. How can you not laugh at that?;He takes his empty cart and loops around the store looking for the ideal space to build a sculpture.One of the main things guiding him is the color palette of a particular space and how it might become, as he says, ;activated; by creating a sculpture in a different color that would make the space pop.So, for example, hes considering accenting a beige and brown corner of the store (aka the underwear department) by building a sculpture with entirely cherry red objects.But Brown never knows what hes going to build prior to entering a Meijer or Ikea or Target. He says this art project is about responding in the moment to the stores grid layout and its rows and rows of similar products.Eventually Brown finds a quiet spot in a section where the store had previously housed its back-to-school merchandise. He zones in on some empty shelves. He decides the color blue will make this spot brilliant.So Brown slowly wheels his cart around the different departments, hunting for the perfect shade of blue. almost a blueberry blue. Hes a bit of a kid in a candy store.;Awww this is perfect, look at this! Bubble wrap. Blue bubble wrap in big rolls. That is pretty beautiful. The shape is super nice.;He neatly stacks the items into his cart. He acquires a stack of blue buckets, a blue ironing board, blue recycle bins, blue book binders, blue Listerine, blue loofas — those scrunch-y bath things — and blue shampoo.He fills several cart-loads with products, then goes back to that corner spot and begins carefully stacking the products into a sculpture. Then something on the loudspeaker catches his attention.A woman on the speakers just said: ;All available team members to the shoe department.; Its worth mentioning that Brown is making his sculpture right next to the shoe department.Making sculptures without permission wears on Browns nerves. ;Why would all the team members need to be in the shoe department?; he wonders out loud. He is hyper-aware of curious store employees and shoppers.When employees approach him and ask whats hes doing, he tells them hes working on an art project. Usually they leave him alone, but he also quick to get out of dodge before they can kick him out.Shoppers also ask him what hes up to, and he says for the most part they encourage him and tell him they enjoy his art.Brown says the point of these sculptures is that hes on a time limit to build them before getting caught, and that theyre not permanent pieces of art.Employees often take down his sculptures within the hour, and he has mixed feelings about that. But he says it would entirely change the meaning of the project if he built the sculptures and then dismantled them himself.He wants people to think about all this stuff we buy.Back inside Meijer, Brown is in the zone. He moves the objects around, steps back, studies them carefully, and tweaks them again. He does this at least 100 times. No one has said a peep to him tonight, and he moves the store products with such authority that he looks like he truly belongs here.In fact, he says its not uncommon people for people to ask him where to find something, and he usually can tell them exactly where it is.Once he feels satisfied with his blueberry-blue sculpture, he snaps pictures and blasts them out on social media. But hes worried hes taken too long and is drawing attention to himself. So he stashes his almost-empty cart at the front of the store and slips out the door into the parking lot, where someone in a large truck is blasting country music.Brown says if just one person inside the store does a double-take at his sculpture and wonders what its all about, then he feels his art project was a success.201509/400181Until recently, many ecologists didnt study the effect of evolution on population dynamics because evolution is much slower than the predator-prey cycle.直到最近,许多生态学家都没有研究种群动态进化所带来的影响,因为进化的速度远远慢于捕食的周期。But a study suggests that adaptive evolution might actually play a role in the dynamics ofthe predator-prey relationship.但是研究表明,适应性进化可能影响着掠食者与被掠食者之间的动态。Cornell University biologists studied the population dynamics of green algae and rotifers, the microscopic aquatic animals that feed on them.康乃尔大学的生物学家研究了以绿藻为食的轮虫的种群动态。They expected that the rotifers would eat the algae and multiply until the algae population crashed.他们预测,轮虫将会吃掉绿藻并繁衍后代直到绿藻的种群锐减。This would then cause the rotifer population to crash, which would allowthe algae population to recover, and the whole cycle to begin again.由于绿藻的减少,轮虫的种群也会锐减,这时绿藻种群便开始恢复,整个循环周期便又开始了。What they observed, however, was that there was some lag between the time the algae population reached a certain density and the time the rotifer population began its recovery.但是他们观察到在绿藻种群到达一定的密度之后,轮虫种群并没有立刻开始恢复。Why? And how does evolution fit into all this?为什么呢?进化过程是如何与之一致的呢?Well, it turns that some algal cells are resistant to digestion, although this resistance comes at a cost: they reproduce more slowly.实际上,有些藻类细胞会对消化产生抵抗性。尽管这些抵抗也是有代价的:它们的繁殖更加缓慢。As the more dominant, non-resistant strains of algae crashed, the resistant algal cells began cloning themselves more rapidly, and this temporarily stabilized the algae population.由于处于优势,不抗消化的绿藻品种数量减少,抗消化的绿藻细胞开始更加快速的繁殖,这就暂时稳定了绿藻种群。In the meantime, the rotifer population crashed because the rotifers had less to eat,allowing the non-resistant strains of algae to recover.同时,轮虫种群随着它们食物的减少而减少,这就让不抗消化的绿藻品种开始恢复。Once the non-resistant algae became common again, the rotifer population increased, completing the cycle.一旦不抗消化的绿藻又变得普遍了,轮虫种群就开始增长,完成整个循环周期。So basically, adaptive evolution enabled the algae population to reestablish itself by delaying the time it took the predator population to recover.因此,适应性进化使得绿藻种群能够通过拖延捕食者种群恢复的时间来重建自己。Understanding the effects of adaptive evolution may help scientists to better understand the behavior of drug-resistant bacteria and outbreaks of disease.对适应性进化影响的了解将会帮助科学家更好的明白抗药菌的行为以及疾病的爆发。201412/348429

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