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The next morning, Geng returns with his son to collect his catch第二天清早老耿和他的儿子回来收获他们猎物At first sight, it looks disappointing乍看之下收获平平Tiny fishes, lots of shrimps, and some wriggling bugs小鱼.虾米.和扭个不停的虫子Geng doesn#39;t seem too down hearted然而老耿看上去来并不那么消沉The larger fish are kept alive大鱼被保持存活the only way they#39;ll stay fresh in the heat这是唯一在酷暑下保鲜的办法Surprisingly, some of the bugs are also singled out for special treatment令人吃惊的是 一些虫子也被专门挑捡出来They are the young stage of dragonflies它们是蜻蜓的幼虫predators that feed on worms and tadpoles以蠕虫和蝌蚪为食的掠食者Nowhere else in the world are dragonfly nymphs harvested like this这里是世界上蜻蜓卵收获最丰的地方Back home, Geng sps his catch on the roof to dry回到家后 老耿把他的获物在屋顶上摊开晒干It#39;s being in China, nothing edible would be wasted在中国,但凡能吃的东西都不会被浪费There is a saying in the far south在遥远的南方有这样一种说法We will eat anything with legs, except a table长腿的唯桌子不吃and anything with wings, except a plane.长翅膀的独飞机不啃Within a few hours, the dried insects are y to be backed up and taken to market几个钟头后 这些晒干了的昆虫便会被带到市场上卖掉Its the dragonfly nymphs that fetch the best price其中蜻蜓蛹能卖到最好的价格Fortunately, Caohai#39;s dragonflies are abundant and fast breeding幸运的是 草海的蜻蜓资源非常丰富且高速再生so Geng and his fellow fishermen have so far had little impact on their numbers所以老耿和其他的渔民远不会危及它们的数量But not all wildlife is so resilient但绝非所有野生动物都这样生机勃勃 /201207/191531。

I think that we#39;re a nation of people descended from tough old coots and tough old broads.我认为我们的民族是坚强的老傻瓜和老女人的后代 And I say that with great admiration.我说这话时心怀无限敬意They just wanted to control their own future,and to have children who could control their own destiny,他们只是想要主导自己的未来,想让下一代能够掌握自己的命运Tornadoes aren#39;t the only biblical challenge the Oblingers face.奥布林格一家遭遇的圣经所说的考验,还不止龙卷风By the river of Rockies,the end of the world, it#39;s brewing.在落基山下的河畔,世界末日正悄然逼近A prehistoric species emerges to battle for the Great Plains.Locusts.一个古老物种的出现将大平原的人们逼向绝境,蝗虫After devouring the local vegetation, they released pheromones that signal it#39;s time to move on.将当地植物祸害一空后又释放出信息素作为继续前进的信号They grow long wings.These worms head east on the wind.它们翅膀很长,这些害虫们顶风向东They join up over the Great Plains and become a plague.聚集在大平原上形成了大规模蝗灾In 1874, they devour half of the crops in the West.仅1874一年,就毁掉了西部一半的收成Three trillion locusts.Half a mile high, 100 miles wide.1,000 miles long, as big as Colorado.三万亿蝗虫聚集成半英里高,100英里宽,长达1000英里,相当于科罗拉多州的面积They block out the sun.Agricultural Armageddon.遮天蔽日,这是农业的末日浩劫To men like Uriah, the locust are the wrath of God.在乌利亚等人看来蝗灾是上帝的惩罚By 1892,half the population of western Nebraska goes east.1892年 内布拉斯加州西部有一半人口向东回迁Uriah stays.You have to be brave in order to achieve in this country.而乌利亚坚守了下来,想在这个国家有所成就,就得勇敢过人because nothing is set right there for you.因为在这里一切都得靠自己You have to take chances.And I think bravery and fear are the same things.生存就是一场冒险,我认为勇敢也好畏惧也罢It#39;s just a matter of how you react to that same feeling.只是面对相同感受的不同反应而已Those who stick it out get lucky.Within 30 years, the locust is extinct.坚持下来的人是幸运的,此后不到30年这里的蝗虫绝迹了It#39;s breeding grounds in the Rockies plowed over by settlers like Uriah.落基山脚下肥沃的土地任由像乌利亚一样的移民们开垦In 10 years,the Great Plains become the b basket of the country.此后的10年间,大平原成了整个国家的粮仓For the first time, America can feed itself.美国第一次实现了粮食自给Today 50 million tons of wheat is farmed each year,but trees are still scarce,and to build towns settlers need wood.如今,这里的小麦年产量已达5000万吨,但树木依然稀少。为建造城镇 移民们急需木材 /201211/209909。

We all know that first impressions are important, but what happens when you#39;ve made a bad first impression? VideoJug will show you how to bounce back from that bad first impression in style.我们都知道第一印象很重要,但是,如果你给别人留下的第一印象不好怎么办呢?VideoJug教给你怎样逆转你在别人心目中的形象。Step 1: Don#39;t beat yourself up1.不要自暴自弃It#39;s important to remember that everyone makes mistakes and says things they wish they hadn#39;t. Don#39;t magnify the situation in your head. Most people will give you a chance to redeem yourself and show them the person you really are. We#39;ll show you how.要记住,每个人都会犯错误,都说过让自己后悔不及的话。不要在自己的脑海中把这种形势放大。大部分人会给你补救的机会,让你表现出真实的自己。我们向大家展示怎样做。Step 2: The failed joke2.失败的笑话It sounded hilarious in your head - but for some reason no-one else seems to agree.在你的脑海中,这个笑话听上去十分滑稽可笑,但是由于某种原因,其他人都不这样认为。The failed joke might seem like social suicide, but it is redeemable. The simple trick here is to not let it bother you. It is important to recognise that your joke was not funny. If a mirthless silence descends, close it with a self-debasing phrase such as ;It sounded funny in my head;; or ;Wow, that wasn#39;t funny at all;. Then quickly move on to something else. Don#39;t let a tumbleweed moment linger.失败的笑话就像社交自杀一样,不过是可以挽救的。一个简单的方法就是不要为这件事烦恼。认识到自己的笑话不可笑,这很重要。如果你讲完之后冷场了,可以自我解嘲地补充一句,例如,“在我脑海中原以为很好笑”,或者说“这一点都不好笑”。然后赶紧转移话题。不要让沉闷的气氛停留太长时间。Don#39;t try too hard to make up for it and convince people you really are funny.不要过分努力地弥补,试图说人们这个笑话真的很有趣。Instead, relax, keep quiet and wait a while before trying to make another crack. In a very short space of time, people will completely forget your failed joke and their impression of you will be formed on who you are rather than what you said.相反,放松下来,保持冷静,等一会儿再尝试其他俏皮话。在很短的时间内,人们会完全忘记你的冷笑话,人们对你的印象只停留在你是谁,而不是你说过什么。Step 3: Inadvertent offence3.粗心冒犯It may be that your well-intentioned comment has done more than fail; it may even have offended a new acquaintance.你的言论可能不仅仅是失败,甚至可能冒犯新结识的朋友。If this is the case there are several steps you can follow to bounce back.如果是这种情况,有几个步骤来挽回。Step 4: Stop digging4.停止辩解At the moment the words have left your mouth, the damage is done. A common mistake is to immediately try and justify what#39;s been said.当话已出口的时候,伤害已经造成。最常见的错误就是立即试图为自己辩解。This invariably results in creating even more of a problem for yourself. Don#39;t dig your way into a giant hole of social disapproval.这样会为自己造成更多问题。你已经陷入不被赞成的深坑中,不要越挖越深。Instead, once you#39;ve realised your mistake, stop. Apologise immediately and sincerely. But keep it brief and then move on.Walk away, talk to someone else, or offer to get a drink.一旦认识到自己的错误,马上停下来。立即真诚地道歉。但是一定要简洁明了。然后走开,和其他人说话,或者去拿一杯饮料。Step 5: Give them space5.给他们空间Accept that you have offended that person, and hounding them for the rest of the evening isn#39;t going to earn you a place in their good books.接受自己已经冒犯了对方的事实,整晚上缠着对方不会让你给他留下好印象。Leave them alone, and get to know some other people.给他们足够的空间去结识其他人。After a suitable period - towards the end of the party, for example - approach them again.经过一段合适的时间——例如,可以在派对快结束的时候,再次找到他们。This time, speak to them one-to-one. Don#39;t try to over-explain anything, but offer a sincere and considered apology for your thoughtless comment.这次要单独跟他们对话。不要过分解释任何事情,只是为你无礼的言论做出真诚的道歉。Hopefully your sincere apology will have convinced the offended party that you aren#39;t a horrible person, and in future they will be willing to give you a second chance.或许你真诚的道歉会说被冒犯者,你并不是一个可怕的人,将来他们可能会给你第二次机会。Thanks for watching How To Bounce Back From A Bad First Impression感谢收看“怎样挽回失败的第一印象”视频节目。 Article/201209/202076。

TEXT:But today he#39;s not the hunter. He#39;s the hunted. Jed Smith#39;s friend James Clyman writes: The grizzly did not hesitate, springing on the captain, breaking his ribs and cutting his head. This gave us a lesson on the character of the grizzly, which we did not forget. The grizzly bear is the most de adly frontier beast. 100,000 of these terrifying killers are on the prowl. Up to ten feet tall, 1,000 pounds, they don#39;t fear man...yet. Today there are fewer than 2,000 grizzlies in the Rockies. Halfway to death, Jed Smith#39;s right -hand man, James Clyman, stitches his scalp and ear back to his head. I put in my needle, stitching it through and through and over and over, laying the lacerated parts together as nice as I could. There is an amazing sense of confidence as part of that American spirit that doesn#39; t... even think about failing. Jed Smith pushes on. This is the new character of America: frontier grit, rugged individualism, survival. And something else survives, too. The trails he forges become settler paths, wagon trains, roads and today Interstate 15. And Americans follow the new tracks west in a tidal wave of hope.译文:但这一天他却不是猎人,而成了猎物。杰迪·史密斯的好友詹姆斯·克莱曼写道,灰熊没有片刻犹豫,飞身跃到队长身上,踩断他的肋骨并撕咬他的头部。灰熊给了我们一个血的教训让我们永世难忘,在落基山中最致命的威胁是灰熊。十万如此让人胆寒的杀手在林间徘徊,最大的足有十英尺高,一千磅重,且不惧怕人类。那时还不,今天,落基山中仅余不足2000只灰熊。杰迪·史密斯当时奄奄一息,他的得力助手詹姆斯·克莱曼把他的头皮和耳朵缝合到头部。我把线穿到针上,一针一针地缝合,尽力把撕裂的伤口缝合平整。迈克尔·道格拉斯[著名演员]:“美国精神中的这种自信尤为令人叹,甚至从不去想失败的可能。”杰迪·史密斯重踏征程,这就是新的美国精神,开拓进取 个性张扬,坚韧顽强。另一些东西也随之得以流传,他开拓的道路成为迁徙者之路,先是马车道然后是公路,如今则是15号州际公路。美国人满怀热望,沿着新辟的道路一直西进。《美国简史》系本纪录片历史背景背景知识:美国西进探险家杰迪戴亚·史密斯探险家杰迪戴亚·史密斯不仅是第一个从美国东部进入加利福尼亚的美国人,而且他开启了从加州到华盛顿的海上航线,并帮助重新发现了南部路线——一个到怀俄明州的西北路线,这是在一此皮毛交易探险中发现的。 杰迪戴亚·史密斯出生在1798年6月24日,籍贯在纽约的班布里奇(班布里奇),在1831年5月27日卒于锡马龙河附近,那时是在通往圣达菲的路上。 杰迪戴亚·史密斯是商人和探险家,他是第一个从东部进入加州并沿陆路返回的美国人。 史密斯或许在他青年的时候就开始了首次西部旅行,在1822年他加入了皮货贸易探险队到达洛基山脉,并在后续的十几年间持续了到洛基山脉的贸易。 在1824年史密斯参加了南方路线的重新探险,并再次打开了从西北到怀俄明的路线。两年后他和一个贸易团(那时他拥有了一家贸易公司)离开了大盐湖,穿过莫哈韦沙漠到达加州南部,从而成为了第一个从东部进入加州的美国人。 由于多疑的墨西哥人加州州长的阻挠,史密斯改变他的计划从北部进入俄勒冈州,然而在1827年他的旅程到达美国萨克拉门托河附近,然后穿越内华达山脉和沙漠返回到大盐湖。因此,他成为第一个由陆路从加州返回美国人。 在1827年后期他又从大盐湖来到加州南部,但这次Mohave的印第安人袭击了他的商队并杀死了他18名队员的10个人,他和其他的幸存者到达了加州,并在1828年沿海岸北上至俄勒冈州。Umpqua印第安人袭击了所有的商队,仅有两只幸免遇难,其中之一就是史密斯的商队,直到1830年史密斯才从同洛基山脉的贸易中退休。无论如何他成功了,并沿哥伦比亚河打开了从加州到温哥华堡沿海的路线。 在1831年史密斯开始转向圣达菲的贸易,在那一年的5月份在去往圣达菲的途中,他被Comanche印第安人包围并杀害在哥伦比亚河附近的一个池塘边。。

Chinese students in the UK will soon be able to enjoy a much more authentic taste of home.在英国学习的中国学生很快就能够品尝到更地道的家乡味道了。That#39;s because The University Caterers Organisation (TUCO) has enlisted the help of Michelin-starred chef, Chinese cuisine expert and Head of Catering at St John#39;s College, Cambridge, Bill Brogan.这是因为大学备办食物者组织已经获得了米其林星级大厨、中国美食专家、剑桥圣约翰大学餐饮主管比尔·布罗根的帮助。Mr. Brogan and his team have complied #39;TUCO#39;s guide to authentic Chinese cuisine,#39; a publication which includes 23 recipes for Chinese dishes that can be prepared for students in university kitchens.布罗根和他的团队已经将大学备办食物者组织的指南遵循地道中国菜的标准,该指南是指一份可以在大学厨房里完成的、共计23道中国美食的菜谱。In writing the guide, Mr. Brogan (who has a Chinese wife) toured China with his colleagues and visited Chinese university kitchens for inspiration.在创作这份指南的时候,布罗根(他有一名中国妻子)及其同事曾前往中国,参观了中国大学的厨房以寻找灵感。British food is not popular with all Chinese students, with many preferring currently to cook meals for themselves rather than eat at university.英式食物并不是受所有的中国学生的欢迎,许多人宁愿自己下厨也不愿在大学就餐。Hopefully the new guide can help encourage them back to dining halls, and give us all a better taste of China!希望这份最新指南能帮助他们重返大学食堂,并为我们呈上更好的中国味道! /201706/515109。