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上海整形医院上海玫瑰整形美容医院减肥瘦身好吗Rice Hails US Election as Example to World赖斯赞扬美国大选为世界树立榜样 U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says the U.S. presidential election held on November 4 was an example for the world in how a nation can overcome internal differences. Rice spoke at the 15th anniversary of the James Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University in Houston Thursday. 美国国务卿赖斯星期四在休斯敦的赖斯大学詹姆斯·贝克公共政策学院成立15周年纪念日发表讲话。她说,11月4号的美国总统选举为世界树立了一个国家如何克内部分歧的典范。In her remarks, Secretary of State Rice addressed the importance of the recent U.S. presidential election for the world and for the ed States. She noted that people in far away nations had followed the election campaign, even learning about the Iowa caucuses, which started the process in early January. She also spoke of the significance of Barack Obama becoming the first person of African descent to become president, saying that the ed States had shown how democracy can help erase divisions between races and ethnic groups. 赖斯国务卿在讲话中谈到最近举行的美国总统选举对于世界和对于美国的重要性。她指出,在遥远的国家,民众一直在关注这次选举的竞选活动,甚至了解了一月初开启初选进程的爱奥瓦州党团会议的有关情况。她还谈到巴拉克·奥巴马成为第一位非洲裔美国总统的意义。她说,美国已经显示出民主是怎样帮助消弭种族和族群之间的裂痕的。"[For] A girl like me who grew up in segregated Birmingham, Alabama to now elect an African-American president is an extraordinary matter," Rice noted, "and it says to the world that differences can be overcome and in a world in which different is still a license to kill, that is an awfully important message." 她说:“对于像我这样一个在实行种族隔离的阿拉巴马州伯明翰长大的女孩来说,现在选举一位非洲裔美国人总统是一件非同寻常的事。它向世界明,分歧是能够克的。而在一个分歧仍然被当作杀人的理由的世界,这是个非常重要的讯息。”As she prepares to leave her position as secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice says there are two matters of unfinished business that concern her more than many of the foreign challenges facing the nation. The first, she said, is the need for comprehensive immigration reform so that, as she put it, "people living in the shadows can achieve legal status to live and work in this country." She said anti-immigrant attitudes could undermine one of the things that has made America great. 正在为离任做准备的赖斯国务卿说,还有两件尚未完成的工作比美国正面对的许多其他外部挑战更让她感到忧虑。首先是需要进行全面的移民改革,以便让生活在阴影里的人们获得在美国居住和工作的合法身份。赖斯说,反移民态度可能破坏美国之所以成为伟大国家的众多因素之一。"Unless we can renew that spirit of wanting to be open to those who want to be part of us, we lose a part of who we are," Rice said. “除非我们能重新发扬对于那些希望成为我们一部分的人保持开放的精神,否则就会失去我们自身的一部分特点。”Rice said the other concern she has for the ed States is the state of education. Noting her background as a college professor before becoming a government official, she said she has always believed education is the means for a person from a modest background to achieve great things. Rice said the nation's failure to provide a good education could limit its future. 赖斯表示,她对美国的另一个忧虑是教育状况。赖斯谈到她在成为政府官员之前曾是一名大学教授的背景时说,她一直认为教育是一个来自卑微背景的人取得伟大成就的途径。赖斯说,未能提供良好的教育,可能会限制美国的前程。"It breaks my heart as an educator, but you know, as secretary of state, it terrifies me," she admitted. "Because if we are not able to educate our people, I can assure you we will turn inward, we will protect, we will be afraid of the world. And that will be a disaster for the world because America will not lead if we are not confident that our people are able to compete." 她说:“作为一名教师,这种情况让我心碎。可是,你们知道吗,作为国务卿,这种情况让我感到可怕。因为如果我们不能让我们的人民受教育,我可以向你们保,我们就会内向,就会保守,就会害怕世界。那对世界来说将是一场灾难,因为如果我们对自己人民的竞争力没有信心的话,美国就不会发挥领导作用了。”Secretary of State Rice said the world craves American leadership and looks to this country as a place of endless possibilities. She says that makes a domestic issue like education important as a foreign policy issue as well, because education is the key to fulfilling the American ideal that what matters most is not where someone comes from, but what they are able to achieve. 赖斯国务卿说,世界期望美国的领导,并且把美国看成一个具有无限的可能性的地方。她说,这就使得像教育这样的国内事务跟外交政策问题一样重要,因为教育是实现美国理想的关键,而美国的理想就是,重要的不是一个人来自何方,而是他能够取得什么成就。200811/56183上海美容整形手术 成百上千万选民从一大早就前往投票站参加投票。由于新的自动投票机出现故障,他们不得不等候很长时间。大多数选民一大早就前往投票站,以避开中午前后可能高达38摄氏度的高温。这次选举标志着阿罗约总统任期的结束。Despite long delays caused by new automated voting machines, millions of Filipinos have headed to the polls to choose a new president.Most voters set out early Monday to avoid the midday sun and temperatures topping 38 degrees to vote in an election that marks the end of Gloria Arroyo's presidency.The polling stations were loud and boisterous. Scuffles broke out in some, while in the country's troubled south at least two deaths were reported and eight people injured in a grenade attack.Several other deaths linked to the elections have been reported since Saturday. However, for the most part, though, the voting Monday was peaceful.Liberal Party candidate Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino is favored to become the next president. His standing is in part a legacy of his mother, former President Cory Aquino, who remained a highly respected figure in Philippine life until her death last August.Another former president, Joseph Estrada, has enjoyed a late swing in his favor and could provide an upset.Ousted by a coup in 2001, jailed for corruption and eventually pardoned, Estrada still holds a significant support base, particularly in the countryside and the poorer suburbs of Manila.Also favored is businessman Manny Villar whose campaign has focused on his rags to riches life.Catherine Maramara is an official election watcher at the Epifino Delos Santos Elementary School in suburban Manila. It is one of the busiest polling stations in the capital, with between 20,000 and 30,000 people expected to vote there."It's very exhausting and people are all sweaty, and I don't know," Maramara said. "We are hopeful for a peaceful election and we are hoping for a new government and a good government."President Gloria Arroyo will leave office on June 30 with the lowest approval ratings registered for a president since ratings were introduced in 1986. Her administration was tainted with corruption allegations, including vote rigging in the 2004 election.Mrs. Arroyo is limited to one term in office, and she is seeking a seat in Congress in this poll.There is hope that new automated voting machines will make cheating almost impossible in this election.But there are concerns the vote could collapse because of software problems.More than 82,000 machines have been deployed. Officials said the problems associated with the machines are minimal, although some polling stations will remain open for an extra hour to make up for delays.Jun Cabreza is an area chairman of the Barangay Party. His son is contesting one of the 17,000 local community positions that are also being contested at this election."It's a good election, it's a good election. Some voters can not vote because their names are not on the list but it is minimal, minimal yeah," says Cabreza.The glitches are expected to delay counting and the final result by days or even weeks. But election observers expect a strong trend could emerge by Tuesday to indicate who will be the next president.201005/103469'Joe the Plumber' - Unexpected Star of US Presidential Debate美国总统选举辩论让水暖工成明星 One of the unexpected stars of Wednesday night's U.S. presidential debate turned out to be someone who was not even on the stage in New York. A man called "Joe the Plumber" was mentioned a total of 23 times by the candidates, who each tried to use him to make their arguments. Who "Joe the Plumber" is and what role he might play in the remaining 19 days of the presidential race. 美国经济疲软,金融危机扩散,这些问题目前是美国朝野最热门的话题,更是总统竞选争论的焦点。不过,人们都注意到,随着大选日的临近,特别是在民主党总统候选人奥巴马与共和党总统候选人麦凯恩举行的最后一场电视辩论中,双方为了阐明自己的经济政策,竟然把“水暖工乔”("Joe the Plumber)这个名字先后提了23次。“水暖工乔”究竟是谁?他将在投票前的19天里扮演什么角色?Sam Joe Wurzelbacher unknowingly stepped into the election spotlight when he met Senator Obama as the Democratic nominee campaigned Sunday in Toledo, Ohio. The bald, brawny plumber asked Obama about his plan to increase taxes for people who earn more than 0,000 a year.  山姆.乔.沃泽尔巴赫(Sam Joe Wurzelbacher)上星期天在俄亥俄州特雷多市碰到了在当地竞选的民主党总统候选人奥巴马,这次偶遇让乔成了名人。这位肌肉发达的光头水暖工询问了奥巴马的税收计划。奥巴马主张增加高收入阶层的所得税。Wurzelbacher explained that he wants to buy the small plumbing business where he works, and said he was worried that would put him into the upper tax bracket of Obama's plan.  沃泽尔巴赫说,他想买下他供职的小型水暖公司。但是他担心这样一来,他会变成奥巴马要加税的高收入阶层。Obama acknowledged that that might be the case and said he did not want to punish the plumber with higher taxes, but said "... I think that when we sp the wealth around, it is good for everybody." The exchange was captured on , and was aired on the conservative Fox News cable network, who interviewed the plumber. 奥巴马承认情况可能会是这样。他说,他不想用高税收惩罚这位水暖工。但是他说,“我认为当我们把财富分散的时候,所有人都有好处。”这段谈话被录像拍摄下来,并被保守派的福克斯电视台播放。福克斯还采访了这位水暖工。Early in Wednesday's debate, Senator John McCain brought up Wurzelbacher, and repeatedly used him as an example to attack Obama's plan, which Senator McCain said would tax the wealthiest Americans, calling it "class warfare." McCain looked straight at the camera and spoke to Joe. 10月19日举行的最后一场总统竞选辩论开始不久后,麦凯恩参议员就提到了沃泽尔巴赫,并多次用他做例子攻击奥巴马的计划。麦凯恩说,这个计划将增加最富裕美国人的税收。他说,这是“阶级斗争”。麦凯恩盯着摄像机对乔说:"Joe, I want to tell you, I will not only help you buy that business that you worked your whole life for and I will keep your taxes low and I will provide available and affordable health care for you and your employees," he said. "And I will not stand for a tax increase on small business income."  “乔,我来告诉你。我不仅会帮助你买下你为之奋斗一生的企业,我还会帮你保持低税收,我还会为你和你的雇员提供现成的和廉价的医疗保险。我坚决反对增加小企业税收。”Obama defended his tax plan, saying he had explained to Joe at the rally that 98 percent of small businesses make less than 0,000 a year.  奥巴马捍卫了他的税收计划。他说,他在竞选集会上向乔解释说,美国98%的小企业一年挣不到25万美元。"What I essentially said to him was, five years ago, when you were not in a position to buy your business, you needed a tax cut then," he said. "And what I want to do is to make sure that the plumber, the nurse, the firefighter, the teacher, the young entrepreneur who does not yet have money, I want to give them a tax break now. And that requires us to make some important choices." 他说:“我实际上已经告诉了乔,五年前,当你没有能力买这家公司的时候,你需要减税。我想做的是帮助所有没有太多钱的水暖工、护士、消防队员、教师、年轻的创业者,让他们获得减税。这样做需要我们做一些重要的选择。”Both candidates then continued to direct their answers to "Joe the Plumber" throughout much of the debate, using him as a symbol of an ordinary American as they outlined their health care plans and detailed how they might effect Joe.  两位候选人在随后的辩论中继续多次对水暖工乔直接喊话。他们还用乔作为典型美国人,解释他们各自的医疗保险计划会怎么样影响普通美国百姓。The 34-year-old single father was watching the debate at home in his living room, and said he was surprised to hear his name mentioned so many times. As the debate continued, his phone began ringing, with journalists trying to contact him. 这位34岁的单亲爸爸当时正坐在客厅里看辩论。他说,他对自己的名字被提到这么多次感到吃惊。辩论仍在进行的时候,他的电话开始响了起来,一些记者希望采访他。In one interview, he would not say who he is planning to vote for, but had this commentary after the debate. 在其中的一次采访中,沃泽尔巴赫没说想把票投给谁,但是他这样评价两位候选人的表现。"I think McCain did much better this time, he really got out his points," said Wurzelbacher. "So, I was pleased with that. I mean Obama, you cannot take away that he is just a very, he is a damned good speaker. But McCain came across with some solid points and I was real happy about that. He came across with his tax cuts, which I think are ultimately very good." 他说:“我认为麦凯恩这次表现的更好。他表达了自己的观点。所以,我感到很高兴。奥巴马,你不能否认他是个很好的演说家。但是,麦凯恩说出一些很有力的观点,我对此感到高兴。他的减税计划,我认为非常好。”Wurzelbacher said he is skeptical of Obama.  沃泽尔巴赫说,他对奥巴马还是有点怀疑。"Obama, I mean he sits there and says he wants to help the middle class, but you know I am middle class," he said. "You have seen my house. You know I do not have any bells and whistles [fancy things] in here really. And you know, my truck is a couple of years old and I am going to have it for the, you know, next 10 years, probably. So, you know, I do not see him helping me out." 他说:“奥巴马坐在那里说他要帮助中产阶级。我就是中产阶级。你看到了我的房子。我没有太多奢侈品。我的卡车已经买了两年了,我可能还得再开10年。所以,我不认为奥巴马会帮我的忙。”On Thursday, Wurzelbacher held news conferences in front of a crowd of reporters gathered in his suburban Toledo, Ohio driveway. He said all the media attention made him feel like "Britney Spears with a headache." He said the McCain campaign had asked him to attend a weekend rally, but he aly had plans to travel to New York.  星期四,家住特雷多郊区的沃泽尔巴赫在他的停车坪上举行了一个记者会。他说,媒体对他的关注让他觉得自己像是个得了头痛病的流行歌星。他说,麦凯恩竞选班底已经邀请他参加本周末的一次集会,但他事先已经计划去纽约旅行。On the campaign trail, McCain's vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin also talked about "Joe and Jane the Plumber" to attack Obama's tax plan, a sign that Joe may be invoked many times in the last days of the campaign. 麦凯恩的副总统候选人萨拉.佩林在攻击奥巴马税收计划的时候也提到了水暖工乔。很显然,乔的名字在未来三个星期的选举中还将被多次提到。200810/53099上海玫瑰整形医院做双眼皮开眼角多少钱

上海公立三甲医院胎记多少钱Paris-based Group Says Accused Somali Pirates Denied Rights法律援助组织恐被捕海盗嫌疑人遭受不公待遇 A Paris-based legal aid network, Lawyers of the World, says agreements signed by the ed States, Britain, the European Union, and Denmark to transfer suspected Somali pirates to Kenya for trial violate the human rights of the suspects. The legal group is representing more than 40 detainees captured by European navies off the coast of Somalia and handed over to Kenya for prosecution.总部设在巴黎的一个法律援助组织“世界律师”说, 美国、英国、欧盟和丹麦签署的一项将索马里海盗嫌疑人转移到肯尼亚受审的协议违反了人权。这个法律组织正代理40多名在押嫌疑人。这些人在索马里海域被欧洲海军逮捕,并被移交给肯尼亚接受审讯。Lawyers of the World representative Avi Singh tells VOA his organization has written to the ed Nations, the European Union, and to Kenya's foreign ministry, expressing deep concern that more than 100 suspected pirates awaiting trial in Kenya are being denied basic human rights and the right to a fair trial.“世界律师”组织的代表辛格说,他们已经致信给联合国、欧盟以及肯尼亚外交部,表达了他们对100多名在肯尼亚等待受审的海盗的深切关注。他们担心这些海盗被剥夺了基本的人权和受到公正审判的权利。"Under Kenyan domestic law, there is no entitlement to legal aid for anybody who is not accused of a capital offense," said Singh. "So, suspected pirates have no opportunity to have a lawyer. They have no opportunity to review the evidence against them. At no point is there any independent adjudication of whether these people are actually pirates, have actually committed a crime or not. So, basically, you have ship-catching to conviction."辛格说:“按照肯尼亚当地法律,没有被判死罪的人是不能获得法律援助的,所以这些海盗嫌疑人没有机会请到律师。他们没有机会审查那些起诉他们的据。关于这些人是否真的是海盗,是否真的犯了罪,无论如何都无法得到独立的判决。所以,基本上来说,从船上抓到这些人的时候他们就被定罪了。”In Kenya, convicted pirates can face life in prison. The east African nation became a venue for piracy trials after a surge in ship hijackings off the coast of Somalia stiffened international resolve to prosecute suspects caught at sea. 在肯尼亚,被定罪的海盗可能面临终身监禁。由于索马里海域劫持船只的事件骤然上升,加强了国际社会对这些在海上抓获的嫌疑人进行起诉的决心,肯尼亚这个东非国家也随即成为审判海盗的地方。Under agreements signed in the past year with the ed States, Britain, the European Union, and most recently with Denmark, Kenyan courts are responsible for trying suspected pirates apprehended anywhere in the region by foreign navies. In return, Kenya is said to be receiving funding and support to reform its much-criticized judicial system.按照去年美国、英国、欧盟以及最近加入的丹麦签署的协议,肯尼亚法院负责审判在东非地区任何地方被外国海军抓获的海盗嫌疑人。作为回报,肯尼亚将得到对该国备受批评的司法系统进行改革的资金和持。Earlier this year, U.N. human-rights investigator Phillip Alston published a scathing report on widesp judicial corruption in Kenya. The country's courts are also reportedly overwhelmed by a backlog of more than 80,000 cases. Singh says none of the funds given to the prosecution and courts are making their way to Shimo la Tewa, a notoriously overcrowded prison in the Kenyan coastal city of Mombasa. He says many of the accused hijackers have been there for months without adequate medical care and access to such basic amenities as soap."There are juveniles in there and they all have medical ailments," continued Singh. "There is actually a 14 year-old kid with bullet wounds. There is somebody with a bullet still in the body. They have had no contact with any family members or any opportunity for contact with anybody in Somalia since their arrest."Earlier this month, Singh and several of his colleagues convinced a court in Mombasa to postpone the trial of 11 alleged hijackers captured by a French warship and in Kenyan custody since April. Singh says he requested the two-month postponement so that the defense could mount a proper case. Lawyers of the World has asked the International Committee of the Red Cross to deliver food and medicine to piracy suspects and to monitor their treatment in jail. 世界律师组织已要求国际红十字会向这些海盗嫌疑人提供食品和药物,并观察他们在监狱里受到的待遇。Horn of Africa analyst Roger Middleton says he agrees that depending on Kenya to help solve the piracy problem in Somalia is less than ideal. 非洲之角分析人士罗杰.米德尔顿说,他同意,依靠肯尼亚帮助解决索马里海盗问题根本不现实。"What it shows, the fact that we are having to use Kenya, is the problem when you o not have a proper legal entity to deal with inside Somalia," said Middleton. "Now, if you pick up a pirate off Portugal, you hand them over to Portugal. If it is Indonesia, you hand them over to Indonesia. And that is the way it should work and the way it works quite sufficiently. But because Somalia is such a mess, you cannot do that and it creates all these problems."米德尔顿:“目前的情况显示,我们不得不依赖肯尼亚这个事实本身就是个问题,因为你没有一个适当的法律实体来跟索马里内部打交道。现在,如果你在葡萄牙海域抓获一个海盗团伙,你把他们移交给葡萄牙当局。如果是在印度尼西亚海域抓获的,你把他们移交给印尼当局。这是正确的途径,而这个途径也一直充分有效。但是因为索马里现在的情况一团混乱,你不能按照这个途径去做,这就造成了所有这些问题。”The International Maritime Bureau says it recorded 130 piracy incidents off the coast of Somalia and the Gulf of Aden in the first half of this year, compared to just 24 last year. The attacks are continuing, despite constant patrols by no fewer than three dozen ships from multi-national forces and independent flotillas from China, Russia, India, and others. 国际海事局说,今年上半年记录在案的在索马里和亚丁湾沿海发生的海盗事件就有130起,而去年仅有24起。尽管有来自多国部队和中国、俄罗斯、印度和其他国家独立舰队的至少三十多艘船只在不断巡逻,海盗袭击仍在继续。On Thursday, the U.S. Navy said Somali pirates opened fire on a Navy helicopter, as it was conducting a surveillance of a captured vessel in central Somalia. There were no reported casualties or damage. 星期四,美国海军说,索马里海盗对一架海军直升机开火,这架直升机当时在索马里中部对一艘被海盗劫持的船只进行监视。目前没有有关伤亡和损毁的报导。The Navy says pirates fired a large caliber weapon at the helicopter as it flew over a Taiwanese-flagged ship, the MV Win Far, used in the attack against the U.S.-flagged Maersk-Alabama in April. The Win Far was captured earlier this year with more than 30 crew members.08/82867上海市第八人民医院做去眼袋手术价格 Redwoods are the tallest living trees on the planet. And one of the best places to see them is northern California's Redwood National Forest. They can reach 300 feet high or higher, and their massive trunks can grow to more than 20 feet wide. Recently, a couple of naturalists were searching these woods for tall trees when they spotted something extraordinary.I said "Michael, get back here, we've got a real tall one." We get our preliminary measurement. And it was so, so amazing, I, I couldn't believe it, you know, it was 4 feet taller than the tallest tree.They christened the tree "Hyperion" and called in Humboldt State University biologist Steve Sillett to investigate their find. (Yeah, good to know?) Steve is a top redwood researcher with a passion for tall trees.I think the redwoods are one of the most fascinating species on the Earth. They are at least as fascinating as humans to me.With the help of the Save-the-Redwoods League and the National Park Service, Steve is studying how a tree can grow this tall and still survive.I think the big thing that we are really interested in is understanding the biophysical limits to tree height: how tall can they grow?Steve wants to know the exact height of this tree and measuring from the ground just won't cut it.The best way to measure tree height is to climb to the top and lower a tape with a weight straight to the ground.But the best way as usual is also the hardest. Hyperion's lowest branches are 25 stories up. To get to them, Steve uses a powerful crossbow to launch fishing line up and over the tree's branches. Then with the help of wife and climbing partner Marie Antoine, he uses the line to hoist his climbing rope into the tree.Really it is a big one.With the rope in place, Steve and Marie walk their way up into the canopy. The climbers move through a high-rise habitat, high above the forest floor. A variety of mosses, lichens and insects make themselves at home in Hyperion's boughs.So here we are about 300 feet in what may be the world's tallest living tree. And it goes a long way above us, so we are, we still probably are about half hour to an hour from the top. Let's come up to there. Kinda want to put you through here.12/93574上海第九医院激光除皱手术价格

上海玫瑰整形美容医院雀斑怎么样Got a grand? Get a house Foreclosed properties are being sold for ultra-low prices, some for less than ,000. How about a house for a thousand bucks?Not a monthly payment, a whole house for a grand. It may sound unbelievable, but it's happening in some cities due to the explosion in foreclosures. Now they may not be pretty or in the best part of town, but some sellers just want them off their books. Take this one in Detroit, a three-bed, one-bath bungalow with about a thousand square feet, of course, it needs a total renovation inside but the exterior, well, it’s in fairly good shape, the price tag, that looks even better, it's just 500 bucks. Or this home in Cleveland, a four-bed, one-and-a half bath selling for 1900 bucks. For the same amount you could get this house in Birmingham, Alabama. It's had major fire damage but it's located on a public road and sits on about a third of an acre. To be sure, you will have to put more than a thousand bucks into these homes to bring them up to code. But four walls and a roof for about a grand, that may make a lot of sense to folks these days. But as always, be careful what you buy.01/60806 You are what you click 点击什么,你就是什么 In the past, you are what you eat, but in the 21st century, you are, actually, what you click. Hello I'm Elizabeth Vargas and this is 2020 In Touch.You know the old adage "you are what you eat", well, for the 21st century some say you are what you click. Today if you wanna know anything from the meaning of life to the location of the nearest Starbucks to who dang the song, that knowledge is only a click away.But are there other mysteries hidden in that unassuming internet search box? In his new book "Click", Bill Tancer says he's learned a lot about who we are by examining what we search.It's an insight that we have into ourselves that we haven't had before. Whether you're looking for a new car or searching the best way to break up with you boyfriend, everything you type in this box is saved by your search engine. Then sold anonymously to companies like Bill Tancers, his research is based on searches made by 10 million internet users in the US. Can you anything into that or it’s just a sort of a fun stuff to know? The bottom line is that there really is some important nugget in terms of who we are and where we're going. But the most significant difference Tancer sees in internet searching is how are relationship with computers is changing becoming more intimate? They looked at the very early days of search engines, we used them mostly as utility, just to get us that piece of information we're looking for. But what our data is telling us is that people are using search engines as things like a confidante, a place to get information where you don't wanna be judged, it's just about asking the questions. Perhaps a question we might be too embarrassed to ask,, even our own doctors or spouses or anything else. Yeah.We hope you'll watch 2020 on the air every Friday night at 10 o'clock, 9 o'clock central. And keep stopping by online for our daily webcast, and previews of our upcoming stories. I'm Elizabeth Vargas, for all of us at 2020, we're in touch, so you'll be in touch.200811/56168上海市中山医院去痣多少钱长宁区妇幼保健医院做祛疤手术价格



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