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上海市闵行区中医医院玻尿酸多少钱嘉定区开韩式双眼皮多少钱迪士尼公主模仿秀:热情从未退却 -- ::33 来源:chinadaily 许多孩子模仿过他们最喜爱的电视或电影中的人物,这是很自然的事但这样的爱好通常会随着我们的成长而消失然而,有一个女孩对模仿的热情从未退却事实上,她花费数千美元来模仿她喜欢的公主形象 A lot of little kids like to impersonate their favorite television and movie characters. It's natural. But usually this hobby fades away as we grow into our teen years, and eventually, into adults. However, one girl never let this passion get away from her. In fact, she's paid thousands of dollars to keep it alive. 快来看看为模仿迪士尼公主花费数千美元的5岁的莎拉;英格尔吧! Meet Sarah Ingle, the 5-year-old girl who has paid over $ 000 to look like a Disney princess. 莎拉的工作是市场销售经理但当她不在办公室的时候,她喜欢打扮成她喜爱的迪士尼人物你最好相信她是认真的,她会用几个小时打扮成动画人物,例如白雪公主、灰姑娘、长发公主还有其他著名的迪士尼公主莎拉共有套装和顶假发 Sarah works as a marketing manager during the day, but when she's not in the office, she enjoys dressing up like her favorite Disney characters. And you better believe she takes it seriously. She spends hours getting dressed up as characters like Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel and many other famous princesses. In total, Sarah has different outfits and different wigs... 电影《小美人鱼中的爱丽儿 Ariel from The Little Mermaid 电影《冰雪奇缘中的艾莎 Elsa from Frozen 白雪公主 Snow White 电影《美女与野兽中的贝儿 Belle from Beauty and the Beast 长发公主 Rapunzel 电影《冰雪奇缘中的安娜 Anna from Frozen 每件裙子都需要6个月来制作,制作材料来自世界各地 Each dress takes around six months to make, and consists of materials from all over the world! 因为这是莎拉的爱好,所以她觉得很值得 But it's well worth it, because this is what Sarah loves to do! 事实上,莎拉模仿迪士尼人物真的很成功,所以后来她开了一家店,名为“从此以后一直是公主”,并专注于模仿迪士尼人物的业务,相信小朋友过生日什么的父母一定乐于花钱请她来 In fact, she's so good at her Disney impersonations that she's recently opened a business called Princess Ever After which specialized in Disney impersonators! 这个故事告诉我们:把自己的梦想变成事业不一定只是童话啊 I guess it is possible to turn your passion into a career!上海市华山医院做双眼皮手术价格 英国新首相特雷莎将上任 又一位“铁娘子” -- 3::39 来源:chinadaily The ed Kingdom is about to usher in a leader who is every bit as midable and steady as the last woman who ran the country: Margaret Thatcher. 英国将迎来新一任领导者,其强悍稳健的作风完全就像国家的上一位女性掌舵人——玛格丽特?撒切尔夫人Like the "Iron Lady," who served as prime minister from 1979 to 1990, Home Secretary Theresa May has a reputation steely determination and a willingness to stand up to the men who traditionally dominate British politics. 与1979年至1990年担任首相的“铁娘子”一样,内政大臣特雷莎?梅享有盛誉她有钢铁般的决断,敢于直面那些传统上主宰英国政治的男性#0;特里莎·梅(资料图)May joins German Chancellor Angela Merkel as the leader of one of Europe's biggest nations. If Hillary Clinton wins the US presidential race in November, women would be in charge of the Western world's most powerful countries. 梅和德国总理安吉拉?默克尔一道,成为了欧洲大国的领导人如果希拉里?克林顿在月赢得美国总统大选,女性将执掌西方世界最具实力的几个国家May, 59, emerged as the leader of the U.K. Monday when her only rival Conservative Party leader, Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom, 53, dropped out of the race. Prime Minister David Cameron, who announced he would resign after coming up on the losing side in the June 3 Brexit referendum, will step down by Wednesday. 周一,现年59岁的梅成为了英国领导人在保守党党魁的竞争中,她唯一的对手——53岁的能源国务大臣安德里亚?利德索姆退出竞选首相卡梅伦将于周三辞职6月3日的脱欧公投中他作为失败一方,宣布自己将离任Britain’s Conservative Party confirmed May has been elected party leader “with immediate effect” and will become the country’s next prime minister. 英国保守党确认梅当选党魁“立即生效”,并且将成为国家的下一任首相May is known to have a rigorous grasp of policy detail and a restrained political style that has allowed her to emerge relatively unscathed from the country's controversial vote to leave the European Union. She sided with the "remain" camp as a loyal supporter of Cameron. 梅以对政策细节的严格把握和内敛的政治风格闻名这使她在备受争议的脱欧公投中受到较少损害作为卡梅伦的忠实拥护者,她持“留欧”立场During the four-month, acrimonious referendum campaign, May kept a low profile and avoided the heated rhetoric leaders of both campaigns unleashed against one another. She has said she would honor the referendum but hasn't spelled out details of how quickly she would move to separate Britain from the EU. 在四个月剑拔弩张的公投宣传活动中,梅保持低调,避开双方阵营领导者针对彼此的激烈言辞她表示会尊重公投结果,但并没有清楚说明将多快带领英国脱离欧盟“I know I’m not a showy politician," May said last month. "I don’t tour the television studios. I don’t gossip about people over lunch. I don’t go drinking in Parliament’s bars." 梅上个月说:“我知道自己不是个惹眼的政治家我不经常光临电视演播室,不在吃饭时说人闲话,也不去议会的酒吧喝酒”Like Thatcher, who died in , May is a Conservative Party veteran with a strong, pro-market stance. Both have expressed skepticism about growing integration of the EU at the expense of national sovereignty. 与年离世的撒切尔夫人一样,梅也是保守党资深人士,持有强烈的亲市场立场她们都对以国家主权为代价的欧盟持续一体化表示怀疑Thatcher favored power suits and puffy blouses, often accompanied by a pearl necklace. May is also known her style, especially her leopard-print shoes. 撒切尔喜欢显示权威的套装和蓬松衬衣,常配以珍珠项链梅也以穿衣风格出名,尤其是她的豹纹鞋May is an Oxd graduate with a degree in geography who once worked the Bank of England and is regarded as the most experienced and qualified candidate to take over from Cameron. She was first elected to Parliament in 1997. 梅毕业于牛津大学,获地理专业学位,曾就职于英格兰她被认为是接替卡梅伦的最具经验和资格的人选,1997年初次当选国会议员The daughter of a vicar, May grew up in Eastbourne, on Britain's southern coast. On defense, eign policy and the economy, her record suggests that like Cameron she would be pragmatic. 梅是牧师的女儿,成长于英国南部海岸的伊斯特本在防御、外交政策和经济方面,其履历表明,她会像卡梅伦一样务实May served as Cameron's home secretary, a cabinet-level position widely acknowledged to be one of the most challenging jobs in government, involving immigration, national security and crime. She has held the position since — longer than any other politician in more than 50 years. 梅是卡梅伦的内政大臣,这一内阁职务是公认的最具挑战性的政府职位之一,掌管移民、国家安全和打击犯罪事务她从年开始任职,是50多年来担任内政大臣时间最久的政治家May has Type 1 diabetes, a condition that requires four insulin injections per day, but she said she has not let it hold her back. 梅患有1型糖尿病,每天需要注射次胰岛素但她表示自己并没有因病而止步不前"I just get on and deal with it," she said. “I go to a lot of functions where I am eating and I speak at dinners, so that brings an added complication. When I’m going to do a debate or speaking at a conference, I have to make sure that I’ve tested and know where I am, so I can adjust as necessary.” 她说:“我只是继续前行,积极面对它我出席很多宴会,在那里吃饭,并且在宴会上讲话,这让病情更复杂当我要去辩论或在会议上发言时,我必须确保自己测过了血糖且清楚自己所处的情况,能适时作出调整”Vocabularyfunction:重大聚会英文来源:今日美国报翻译:实习生徐晓彤 编审:yaning英国公投退欧,黄金价格飙涨至6月最高位 --6 :6: 来源: 6月日,随着英国公投退欧导致的全球股票和货币市场被血洗,黄金价格飙涨至6月来最高位 Gold prices zoomed to 6-month high of Rs31,5 per ten gram Friday in the biggest single-day gain of Rs1, since August as Britain voted to exit the European Union leading to bloodbath in global equity and currency markets.6月日,随着英国公投退欧导致的全球股票和货币市场被血洗,黄金价格飙涨至6月来最高位,每十克价3卢比,这是自年8月以来的单日最大涨幅——卢比It was gold’s highest closing level of Rs 30,730 after April , in the bullion market in New Delhi.星期五以330卢比收盘,这是自年月日以来,新德里金银市场黄金的最高收盘价The rupee too hit a four-month low of 68.1 against the US dollar, making the dollar-ed gold expensive.印度卢比对美元汇率为68.1,也创下四月来新低,使得以美元报价的黄金更昂贵Silver also registered a steep rise of Rs1,000 to Rs,300 per kg, largely in tandem with global trend as money flew to safe-haven investments following trouble over Brexit - Britain’s exit from EU.白银价格也大幅上升00卢比,每千克报价达300卢比,很大程度上受英国公投决定退欧促使投资者涌向安全天堂避险资产有关Gold in London, which normally sets the price trend in the market here, soared as much as 8.1% to ,358.5 an ounce -- the highest since March . The rally was the biggest daily jump since .通常能决定黄金在市场上的价格走势的伦敦金,当天也飙升8.1%,报价58.5美元每盎司——这是自年3月以来的最高价位而本次反弹也是自以来单日最大涨幅On the domestic front, gold of 99.9 and 99.5% rallied by Rs1, each to Rs30,885 and Rs30,735 per gram, highest level since April , .而在印度国内市场上,99.9和99.5黄金在回弹卢比后,分别达到了385和335每克,这也是自年月日以来最高价位Traders said a significant rise of 6.5 per cent in yellow metal prices on the Multi Commodity Exchange in early trade today further supported the uptrend, indicating more demand the precious metals in coming sessions.交易员表示,在当天印度多种商品交易所的早市交易中,黄金价格显著上升6.5个百分点,进一步撑了上升趋势,暗示在未来一段日子贵金属需求还会增加普陀治疗黄褐斑要的价格

黄浦区人民中医院修眉手术价格费用解读为何抗战胜利纪念日定在9月3日? -- ::0 来源: Now, let's take a look at why September 3rd was chosen andmade a national holiday.  现在我们一起来看看为何将9月3日定为全国性的纪念日  Japan's announcement of surrender actually happened onAugust th, 195. A little after noon, Japanese emperorHirohito announced his country's acceptance of the terms of thePotsdam Declaration, and its unconditional surrender. Themessage was broadcast across the nation over radio.  195年8月日,日本宣布投降当天中午时分,日本裕仁天皇宣布日本接受《波茨坦公告,无条件投降这一消息通过电台广播传遍全国  However, without the mal signing over the terms of the surrender, it didn't have any legalstanding. So, on September nd, representatives from Japan, China and eight other Allied powersgathered on the deck of the USS "Missouri" in Tokyo Bay. They signed on the Japaneseinstrument of surrender. The ceremony over minutes, and it was broadcast throughout theworld.  不过,投降协议尚未正式签署,日本的投降尚不具备法律效力,9月日,在停泊于东京湾的美国“密苏里号”战列舰上,日本代表同中国及其他八个同盟国的代表签署了日本降伏文书受降仪式时长多分钟,并以广播形式昭告世界  The next day, September 3rd, the Japanese army in China mally surrendered to the Chinesegovernment. The whole of China was in jubilation. Celebrations were held across the country. Itmarked the first outright victory over a eign invasion in Chinese modern history. Theree,September 3rd was chosen, at the time, as the official victory day.  次日,也就是9月3日,中国境内的日本军队正式向中国政府投降全国人民都沉浸在喜悦之中,举国欢庆这是近代以来中华民族反抗外敌入侵第一次取得的完全胜利,当时,9月3日就被定为抗战胜利纪念日  However, after the founding of New China in 199, the victory day was reset to August th, thedate Japan announced unconditional surrender. But two years later, the then-GovernmentAdministrative Council switched it back to September 3rd.  然而,199年新中国成立后,胜利日一度被改为8月日,即日本宣布无条件投降的日期两年后(1951年),当时的中央人民政府政务院重新将9月3日确定为抗战胜利纪念日  In , China's top legislative body ratified September 3rd as the "Victory Day of ChinesePeople's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression". It then officially became a nationalholiday when it was announced that memorial activities would be held every year going ward.It's hoped the ratification will help people reflect on the war; commemorate the heroic sacrifices;and express China's firm stance of safeguarding national sovereignty, territorial solidarity andworld peace.  年,全国人大通过决议,将9月3日确定为“中国人民抗日战争胜利纪念日”有关部门宣布,今后每年9月3日都将举行纪念活动,9月3日也正式成为全国性的纪念日批准设立抗战胜利纪念日有望帮助人们反思战争,缅怀先烈的牺牲,表达中国坚决维护国家主权、国土完整和世界和平的决心上海市第八人民医院激光祛痘手术价格 欧盟核心六国要求英国“马上走” --6 ::3 来源: 星期六,德国和法国在内的欧盟核心六国外长在柏林表示,要求英国立即启动脱欧议程 BERLIN — The six founding countries of the European Union, including Germany and France, will push negotiations with the U.K. about its exit to start as soon as possible, eign ministers said in Berlin on Saturday.柏林电——星期六,德国和法国在内的欧盟核心六国外长在柏林表示,要求英国立即启动脱欧议程“This process has to begin as soon as possible, so that we’re not left hanging,” German eign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said at a meeting with his colleagues from France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy and the Netherlands.德国外长弗兰克-沃尔特.施泰因迈尔在与来自法国、比利时、卢森堡、意大利和荷兰的首脑们的会议上说,“这个议程必须马上启动,这样才不会悬而不决”“We will begin this process immediately, this has to be clear — the British people have spoken,” said French eign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, adding: “And the 7 other EU members states have to be respected, as well.”“我们将立即开始这一进程,这一点是明确的-英国人已经决定了”,法国外交部长让-马克埃罗补充说:“其他7个欧盟成员国也必须得到尊重”The mal mechanism leaving the EU is 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which can only be activated by the country itself.欧盟成员国退出的程序是由《里斯本条约第50条款规定的,只有任何国家想离开欧盟的国家才能触发它“I hope this will not turn into a game of cat and mouse,” said Luxembourg’s eign minister, Jean Asselborn.卢森堡外长艾索柏恩表示,“我希望这不会成为一个猫捉老鼠的游戏”Germany and France will push “flexible” EU rems that would allow member countries to opt out of steps towards deeper integration if they wish, in an attempt to avoid more countries being dissuaded by rapid integration steps, according to German media reports.据德国媒体报道,德国和法国将力推“灵活”的欧盟改革,只要他们愿意,允许成员国向着更深层次的整合的步伐退出,以避免更多的国家被快速整合的步伐所吓退“It’s about holding Europe together, which also means to seizing this point in time as an opporty,” said Germany’s Steinmeier following the meeting, adding that it was a moment reflection about the EU “but also listening to each other.”德国外长施泰因迈尔在会后说,“这关乎欧洲的团结,也意味着及时抓住此刻作为一个契机”,他补充说,这是一个欧盟反思的时刻,此时还能“倾听彼此”He had warned ahead of the talks that the European Union should not react to the Brexit vote with “hysteria” nor fall into a state of shock.在会谈之前,他就曾警告,欧盟不应对英国脱欧“歇斯底里”,当然也不能太过震惊On Monday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is scheduled to meet with French President Fran?ois Hollande, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and EU Council President Donald Tusk to prepare Tuesday’s summit of EU leaders, including U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron.下周一,德国总理默克尔将与法国总统弗朗索瓦.奥朗德、意大利总理伦齐和欧盟理事会主席唐纳德.图斯克会面,为即将在星期二举行的欧盟首脑会议作准备,届时英国首相卡梅伦也会参加上海复旦大学附属眼耳鼻喉科医院祛眼袋手术价格

上海哪家隆鼻医院比较好鲸鱼惨死,血染海岸,仅为? --30 18::57 来源: 生命诚可贵,我们理所当然都很珍视可是,当你看到鲜血染红海岸,鲸鱼躺死沙滩的场景,你还能说,这是文明人类对生命的敬畏吗? Tossing and turning in a scarlet sea, the dozens of pilot whales cannot escape the knife blows raining down. Driven into the shallows, where they are ced to bathe in the blood of their relatives and companions, their distress is palpable as hunters hack at their smooth sides.在被鲜血浸染的海水中一阵挣扎之后,几十余头巨头鲸始终是未能逃脱被乱刀刺死的厄运它们会被驱赶至浅滩,被迫在自己的亲戚和伙伴的血液中翻腾,当捕鲸者向它们身体的柔软之处挥刀而去之时,悲伤不禁流露出来Once they are dead — or, at least, dying — hooks and ropes haul their bodies ashore, where crowds of people, many of them children, have gathered to watch this bloodthirsty spectacle.在它们死后——或者至少是奄奄一息之时——法罗人会用钩子和绳索将它们拖至岸上,此时的人们——大多数是小孩——已经聚集到一块儿来观看这一血腥的场景Tragically, the whales, the victims of this brutal human behaviour, are here as a result of their innate sense of loyalty. Such is their devotion to their extended family that if one member becomes stranded on land, the rest of the pod will remain with the stricken animal, even if they endanger themselves.可悲的是,鲸鱼——人类野蛮行为的受害者——落得如此下场仅仅是由于它们与生俱来的忠诚感若它们家族的其中一员搁浅海岸,那么其它成员便会守护在受伤的伙伴左右,即便自己面临生命危险,这就是它们对大家族的一份奉献This week, the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic witnessed the latest grindadrap.这一周,北大西洋的法罗群岛就发生了捕鲸活动A pod of whales was sighted off the islands and 5 boats set out in pursuit. In the course of two hours, the men herded the whales inshore.一群鲸鱼消失在了岛屿的视线之内,于是便派出了5艘渔船进行追踪个小时后,这些人将鲸鱼驱赶至近海There, on Hvannasund Beach, the Faroese were waiting with their weapons. Of the 0 whales in the pod, 0 were killed.在Hvannasund沙滩上,法罗人的兵器正跃跃欲试0头鲸鱼,死了0头The culture of the Faroese people has long involved whaling. When the animals are sighted close to shore and conditions are calm enough, the call goes out — once by word of mouth, now by phone call and social media — and the islanders race to the water.长期以来,法罗人的文化与捕鲸不无联系当监测到鲸鱼靠近海岸,且风平浪静之时,便会有人发出信号——以前是通过口信,现在是通过电话和社交媒体——于是,岛上的居民便飞奔至海边Over the past three centuries, the Faroese have taken an average of 838 pilot whales each year, according to a study.根据年的一项研究表明,在过去300年里,法罗人每年都会捕杀838头巨头鲸But the Faroese — who are semi-autonomous from Denmark — get upset when outsiders criticise them.但是法罗人——丹麦半自治领土居民——面对外界批评时,感到闷闷不乐It is a long tradition, certainly, but longevity does not excuse brutality. We in Britain once had long traditions of bear and bull baiting, of cockfighting and of public executions, but our society became more civilised and so abandoned such bloodthirsty pastimes.诚然,捕鲸是一个历史悠久的传统,但是时间长短并不能为其残忍性脱罪我们英国人也有逗熊、逗公牛、斗鸡和公开处决的长远历史,但是我们的社会现在变得更加文明了,,我们摒弃了此类充满血腥的方式The Faroese claim that killing pilot whales is sustainable — their numbers are such that the deaths do not threaten the species — but that misses the point. Pilot whales may not be classed as endangered, but the slaughter of a large commy of sentient beings does not seem to be justified by the argument that there are plenty more where they came from.法罗人还扬言,捕杀巨头鲸是可持续性的——对于它们的数量而言,捕杀还不至于危及其种族——但是,他们忽略了要点巨头鲸虽未被列入濒危物种,但是如此大规模地屠杀有感情的生物,其罪恶是不能通过物种的数量还有很多来洗清的The Faroese also claim that this activity is wholly legal.法罗人却还坚称,他们的活动是完全合法的But, like sharks, cultures must keep moving ward or they die. It is time the islanders put an end to this shameful bloodshed on their beaches.但是,跟猎杀鲨鱼一样,文化不是繁荣就是衰亡法罗人也是时候结束这一令人蒙羞的沙滩流血活动了 南方报业记者性侵女实习生 --30 19:01:00 来源: 据报道,广州《南方日报一记者对该公司一实习女生实施了强奸,目前警方正在展开调查 A woman told an NGO Tuesday that she did not realize at first that a colleague who she says ced himself on her had actually raped her.本案受害人在周二的时候向一家NGO透露说道,当一名男性同事强行和自己发生性行为的时候,她并没有在第一时间意识到自己其实是被强奸了"Was that rape? I think rape only happens on the street …with a stranger threatening and hitting you violently," Xiao Hui (pseudonym) told the Women Awakening Network, a women’s rights NGO based in Guangzhou, South China’s Guangdong Province on Tuesday.“新媒体女性觉醒网络(Women Awakening Network)”是广州一家维护妇女权益的非政府组织小惠(化名)对该组织说道:“那是强奸吗?我还以为强奸只会发生在大街上…一个陌生人威胁你、很暴力地打你”Xiao Hui says she was raped on Monday by her mentor Cheng Xi, a journalist at the Nanfang Daily, a Guangzhou-based newspaper at which she interned last year, it was reported.据报道,小惠说她在周一的时候被其实习导师城西(音)强奸了,犯罪嫌疑人是广州《南方日报的一名记者,小惠去年曾在这家报纸实习The newspaper said on Tuesday that it has conducted an investigation into the case and pledged not to shelter Cheng if he is found guilty.《南方日报在本周二表示说其目前已经就这起案件展开了调查,并承诺如果城西有罪,绝不偏袒包庇According to Xiao Hui, she met with Cheng on Monday at the Nanfang Daily office so he could sign her internship certificate. Cheng then asked her to go to a cafe with him, where he confessed his "affection" her.据小惠的说法,周一那天她和城西约在《南方日报的办公楼里碰面,小惠去找他签实习明后来城西叫小惠和他一起去一家咖啡厅,在那里城西向小惠表露了自己对她的“感情”Seeing that Hui did not immediately leave, Cheng invited her to go to a restaurant with him. While they were on their way there, Cheng cefully seized Hui’s ID card and used it to book a room in a nearby hotel. Hui told the NGO that she wanted to discuss Cheng’s affection at the hotel.看到小惠没有立刻拂袖而去,城西便邀请小惠和他一起去一家饭店吃饭在他们启程前往饭店的路上,城西抢走了小惠的身份,还用它在附近的一家宾馆里开了房小惠告诉“新媒体女性觉醒网络”说,她想和城西在宾馆里讨论一下他的感情Hui said that when they got to the hotel, Cheng ced himself on her and then gave her ,000 yuan (0).小惠表示说,当他们进到宾馆房间后,城西就扑上来强行和她发生了性关系,事后城西给了小惠00块(约合300美元)It was only when she discussed the incident with a friend that Hui realized she had been raped. Her friend then convinced her to call the police.在和其一名有人说了这件事之后,小惠才最终意识到自己其实是被强奸了她的朋友后来说她向警方报案The Guangzhou Public Security Bureau announced on Tuesday that they are investigating the case.广州市公安局在周二表示说,他们目前正在调查这起案件虹口区治疗腋臭多少钱上海玫瑰医院治疗腋臭多少钱



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