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Three holidaymakers from France have been deported and banned from Cambodia after they were caught taking naked pictures of each other at one of thelargest religious sites in the world.三名法国游客在柬埔寨吴哥窟拍裸照被抓,已经被遣返,并且四年内不得踏入柬埔寨。The Frenchmen posed in the buff at a Buddhist temple within the sprawling Angkor complex for a series of cheeky snaps that angered and offended authorities.这三名法国人在吴哥窟的一处佛教庙宇拍裸照,当局感到愤怒。After they were arrested at Banteay Kdeitemple last Thursday the tourists faced a swift trial, and were convicted of producing pornography and #39;exposure of sexual organs#39;, the Cambodia Daily reported.他们于上周四被捕后,马上接受了快速的审判,罪名是生产色情作品以及暴露性器官,《柬埔寨日报》报道。As punishment the cheeky travellers– identified by Cambodian media as Rodolphe Fourgeot, 21, Alexandre Vix, 21, and Vincent Bocquet, 20 – were given six-month suspended sentences and a fine of one million riels (approximately #163;160), andtheir camera equipment was confiscated.柬埔寨媒体称这三名无耻的法国人分别是21岁,21岁,20岁,被判6个月缓刑以及100万里尔(约160英镑)的罚款,他们的相机设备被没收。They have been banned from returning to Cambodia for four years as the Siem Reap provincial court attempted to set aprecedent to discourage similar acts at the Unesco World Heritage Site.他们被判四年内不得踏入柬埔寨,法院这么判的目的是为了杀鸡儆猴,以防其他人也在这个联合国世界遗产地做出类似的事情来。The historic Angkor complex covers approximately 150 square miles and is best known for its Angkor Wat temple, the largest religious monument in the world and Cambodia#39;s most famous tourist attraction with more than 1.5 million visitors a year.吴哥综合体面积大概150平方英里,其中以吴哥窟最为闻名,这是世界上最大的宗教历史遗迹,也是柬埔寨最著名的旅游胜地,每年访客150多万。Angkor was the home of the Khmer empire from the 9th to 15th centuries and contains the remains of different capitals.9到15世纪期间,吴哥窟是高棉帝国的所在地,里面还有不同首都的遗迹。 /201502/358402

Kennedy Town is among the few remaining districts on Hong Kong island where hole-in-the-wall noodle joints and traditional tea houses outnumber clothing stores and US coffee shops.在坚尼地城(Kennedy Town),不起眼的面店和传统茶馆要多于装店和美式咖啡馆,香港岛上这样的街区已经不多见了。The town, named after Hong Kong’s seventh British governor Arthur Edward Kennedy, was for many years inhabited by a working-class community. Low-rise apartment blocks and industrial buildings dating back to the 1950s have yet to be knocked down despite planned redevelopment.坚尼地城是以英国派驻香港的第七任总督坚尼地(Arthur Edward Kennedy)的名字命名的,多年来一直是工薪阶层的聚居区。这里的低层公寓楼和工业建筑最早建于20世纪50年代,虽然有重新开发的计划,但至今那些老建筑仍未被推倒。To the relief of many locals, few mainland Chinese tourists venture into this part of town. No high-end retail stores are here to sate their appetite for luxury goods. As the last stop on the tram line, Kennedy Town has developed far more slowly than other areas on the island.令许多当地人安心的是,还没有多少中国内地游客闯进这片区域。这里没有高端零售店,满足不了内地游客对奢侈品的欲望。作为有轨电车的终点站,坚尼地城的发展速度远远落后于香港其他片区。However, this appears to be changing. A new subway station connecting Kennedy Town to central Hong Kong has opened, while western-themed restaurants and bars are replacing local diners. Developers are determined to revitalise the area to serve a growing number of wealthier residents, which means rents and property prices will rise. The remaining working-class community is starting to shift to the New Territories north of Hong Kong island.然而,这一现状似乎正在改变。一个新地铁站已经开通,将坚尼地城与市中心连接起来。西式餐馆和酒吧正逐渐取代本地小饭馆。开发商决心要恢复这个片区的活力,以务日益增多的富裕居民,这意味着租金和楼价都会上涨。剩下的工薪阶层开始陆续搬往香港岛以北的新界。For many locals, these changes are yet another sign that Hong Kong’s local culture is eroding. At street level, there is a sense that the city is becoming less “Hong Kong” and more mainland Chinese in character and that the lines between both are blurring.在许多本地人看来,上述变化是香港本土文化日渐式微的又一迹象。从街道外观上,这座城市给人感觉正变得越来越不“香港”,越来越像中国内地,而两地间的界线在不断模糊。In Causeway Bay, a crowded district on Hong Kong island, rising rents — buoyed by an influx of mainland Chinese property buyers — have forced traditional clothing stores to shut down. Only a handful of high-margin businesses, such as luxury European retailers or pharmacies selling milk powder to mainland Chinese mums, are able to afford the rents. Louis Vuitton, the French luxury retailer, has two stores in Causeway Bay and more stores across all of Hong Kong than in London.铜锣湾是香港的一个繁华地区,由于中国内地购房者涌入抬高了这里的租金,传统装店被迫关门。只有少数高利润的商店能付得起租金,如欧洲奢侈品零售商或卖奶粉给中国内地妈妈的药店。法国奢侈品零售商路易威登(Louis Vuitton)在铜锣湾有两家门店,全香港的路易威登店比伦敦的还多。“Imagine 10 shops on one street, of which eight are watch and jewellery shops or pharmacy stores selling milk powder,” says Ho Chun Sing, a self-employed resident of Hong Kong who recently moved out of Causeway Bay in search of a quieter neighbourhood.香港自由职业者何振声(音译)说:“试想一条街上有10家店,8家都是钟表店、珠宝店,或者是卖奶粉的药店。”为了寻找一个安静的社区,他最近搬出了铜锣湾。“Do the people of Hong Kong really need that many? How do large shopping centres and entertainment complexes that cater to mainland Chinese people benefit Hong Kong residents?” What angers locals, he adds, is that the government does not seem interested in improving the lives of ordinary Hong Kong people.“难道香港人真的需要这么多这种店?大型购物中心和中心都是满足中国内地人的,香港居民怎么会受益呢?”他说,本地人感到恼火的是,香港政府对改善普通市民生活似乎并不感兴趣。Mr Ho is one of an increasing number of younger residents who believe their prospects under Chinese rule have deteriorated. Rising inequality is a key issue. Hong Kong’s property market has seen average prices more than double in the past decade, according to Centaline, a property agent.越来越多像他这样的香港年轻人相信,在中国统治下,他们的日子会越来越难过。日益严重的不平等是个关键问题。根据中原地产代理公司(Centaline)的数据,近十年来香港房地产市场平均价格已经翻了一倍以上。The city’s gini coefficient, a measure of income inequality, is up 25 per cent from the 1970s and higher than in many developed countries including Singapore. Ordinary locals are frustrated with what they view as China’s rising influence in all aspects of their lives from everyday business to politics and culture.基尼系数是一个衡量收入不平等程度的指标,香港的基尼系数从20世纪70年代以来已上升了25%,高出许多发达国家,其中包括新加坡。香港的普通市民认为,从日常事务到政治和文化,中国越来越多地影响着他们生活的方方面面,他们对此感到不满。“All decisions by the government seem oriented towards serving mainland Chinese tourists,” says Pamela Low, who moved back to Hong Kong after the handover.香港主权移交后搬回香港的Pamela Low说:“香港政府的所有决定似乎都以务中国内地游客为导向。”The frustrations of the island’s inhabitants are manifested by the increasingly common sight of a local deriding mainland Chinese visitors for behaviours such as spitting, jumping the queue or eating on the subway.有一种现象就体现出了香港市民的不满情绪,他们越来越经常嘲笑内地游客随地吐痰、插队、在地铁上吃东西等行为。The Chinese government recently introduced measures encouraging tourists to improve their etiquette when travelling abroad. Yet young Hong Kongers such as Adrian Li, who works at a law firm, remain sceptical: “The quality of mainland visitors will probably not improve in the short-run. Many Hong Kong locals would rather lose their business than have them here.”中国政府最近出台措施,劝告游客在境外旅行时注意礼仪。然而像Adrian Li这样的香港年轻人仍持怀疑态度。在律所工作的Adrian Li说:“内地游客的素质短期内大概不会提高。许多香港本地人宁愿丢掉生意,也不愿内地游客来这儿。”Mainland shoppers made up a third of Hong Kong’s retail receipts and 10 per cent of GDP in 2013, notes Capital Economics, underscoring the city’s increasingly reliance on Chinese demand.凯投宏观(Capital Economics)指出,2013年香港有三分之一的零售收入和10%的本地生产总值(GDP)都是内地消费者贡献的,凸显了这座城市日益依赖于来自中国内地的需求。Therein lies the challenge for the city. Until recently, Hong Kong served as shining example of capitalism that worked. As long as most locals benefited, it was acceptable to erect an 80-storey building beside a “wet market” selling fruit and vegetables. Hong Kongers managed to adapt.这也正是香港所面临的挑战。不久前,香港还被当做成功推行资本主义的光辉榜样。只要大多数本地人能受益,人们就可以接受将一座80层高的大楼建在卖水果蔬菜的“湿货市场”旁边。香港人设法适应了这种现实。Today’s image of the island is more complicated. It evolves but with a sense that it is leaving many locals behind.今日香港在世人心目中的形象比较复杂。它在前进,但感觉上它将许多港人甩在了后面。 /201506/380287

  This Memorial Day Remember Our Fallen Heroes悼念日——缅怀我们的英雄Memorial Day, a Federal US holiday that is observed annually on the last Monday of May signifies differentthings to different people. For some it#39;s a reminder to firm up summer vacation plans, for others it#39;s an excuse to lounge around the pool with friends. What often gets forgotten is the real purpose of the holiday - to honor and remember the brave men and women of the ed States Armed Forces that sacrificed their lives to defend our right to freedom.悼念日是美国的国立节日,它于每年5月最后一个星期一开始,针对不同人群,有不同的意义。在民间,有些人把它看做是做夏季游玩计划的提醒,另一些人把它看做是泳池与朋友聚会的借口。但是该节日的真实纪念意义却常常被人们遗忘——缅怀美国军队中为了人民自由权利牺牲的男女将士。The holiday was first observed on May 30th, 1868 by General Logan. The National Commander of the Grand Army of the Republic believed it would be a good way to unite the country that was still reeling from the American Civil War waged between the Northern and Southern States from 1861-1865. He called it Decoration Day and celebrated it by visiting the Arlington National Cemetery and placing flowers on the graves of both Union and Confederate soldiers.该节日最初是在1868年的5月30日由Logen将军带领纪念的。这位共和大军司令认为,这是民众遭受美国内战(1861-1865)的重创之后,团结举国上下很好的形式。他起先称这一天为“装饰日”,在这天带领士兵们到阿灵顿公墓,在南北军的烈士墓前都献上了鲜花。It took a few years, but by 1890 all the Northern States began to observe Decoration Day. While the Southern States did not join in to celebrate this particular day, they did pick other days to honor their Civil War heroes. Following World War 1, the holiday was extended to honor all American soldiers that had sacrificed their lives for the country#39;s freedom. This change finally convinced the Southern States to join in. While the name ;Memorial Day; began to surface as early as 1882, it did not become popular until after World War II and was not declared official by Federal law, until 1967.1890年该节日才得到北方各州的认可。南方并不认同这一天,他们另择他日来纪念烈士们。直到一战后,阵亡将士纪念日逐渐演变为普遍纪念那些在战中死去的美国士兵而不仅是南北战中死去的士兵。这时,南方各州才肯承认这个节日。“纪念日”的名称首现于1882年,但到二战后才被普遍传开,1967年才被美国联邦法律官方定为次名称。Memorial Day was declared an official national holiday in 1971. To allow Americans to enjoy a three-day weekend, the date was moved from May 30th to the last Monday of May. This gave retailers a new opportunity to attract customers, leading to the tradition of Memorial Day Sales. 阵亡将士纪念日在1971年被定为国家节日,为了让国人都能享受三天的假期,该节日由原来的5月30日改到了5月最后一个星期一。这给零售商提供了吸引顾客的机会,由此也产生了“纪念日打折季”的传统。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201506/380445



  THIS is arguably America’s greatest hiking trail, a 2,650-mile serpentine path running through desert and wilderness from the Mexican border to the Canadian border. The Pacific Crest Trail meanders through cactus and redwoods, challenging humans with rivers and snowfields, rattlesnakes and bears.这可以说是美国最重要的旅行步道:一条2650英里(约合4260公里)长的蜿蜒之路,穿越沙漠和荒野,从美国和墨西哥的边界延伸到与加拿大的边界。沿着太平洋屋脊步道(Pacific Crest Trail)行走,会途经仙人掌丛和红杉林,需跨越河流、雪地,还会碰到响尾蛇和熊。It’s a trail of extremes. Hiking it with my daughter near the Mexican border this month, we sweltered on our first day in soaring temperatures and a 20-mile dry section through the desert. Six days and a bit more than 150 miles later, near the town of Idyllwild, we shivered in 30-degree temperatures as the heavens dumped snow on us.这是一条充满极限挑战的路。这个月,我和女儿从美墨边境附近的路段开始徒步。第一天,我们走的是一段20英里长的干燥的沙漠地,气温不断飙升,感觉酷热难耐。花六天时间走了150多英里之后,我们到达靠近爱德怀镇的地方。天降大雪,我们又开始在华氏30度(约合摄氏零下1度)的低温下瑟瑟发抖。The trail is a triumph of serenity and solitude. Except that, these days, the solitude is getting crowded.这条路是属于宁静和孤独的,只不过,近段时间以来,那份孤独开始变得有些热闹。Apparently, in part because of the book and movie versions of “Wild,” about Cheryl Strayed’s journey of discovery and self-repair on her hike, some areas of the trail feel as busy as a scout jamboree.如今,这条步道的一些路段像童子军大联欢一样熙熙攘攘,显然部分原因在于,人们受到了《走出荒野》(Wild)这本书和据此改编的电影的影响。谢丽尔·史翠德(Cheryl Strayed)在其中讲述了自己在这条路上的发现之旅,以及她自我修复的过程。I’ve been backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail since I was a kid, inspired by the first person to complete a thru-hike from Canada to Mexico, Eric Ryback, who wrote a book published in 1971 about his feat. My 17-year-old daughter and I aim to eventually hike the full trail, section by section, in this narrow window in which she is strong enough and I’m not yet decrepit. Last year, we completed Oregon and Washington, and this month’s section took us through the southernmost part of California desert.还是个孩子的时候,我就开始在太平洋屋脊步道上背包旅行,当时是受到埃里克·里巴克(Eric Ryback)的启发。他是完成从加拿大到墨西哥的徒步穿越旅程的第一人,并且根据自己的经历写作了一本书,于1971年出版。我和17岁的女儿计划分段走完整条步道,趁着现在女儿已身强体健而我还没老去。去年,我们完成了位于俄勒冈州和华盛顿州的路段,这个月我们走完了加州荒漠最南端那部分。Fewer people have hiked the full Pacific Crest Trail than have reached the summit of Mount Everest. Yet, this year, so many want to hike it that a limit has been placed on permits so that no more than 50 thru-hikers can begin at the Mexican border each day.走完太平洋屋脊步道全程的人比登上珠穆朗玛峰的人还要少。但今年太多人想要穿越这条路,使得管理方不得不加以限制,每天只允许不超过50人从墨西哥边境出发。Another memoir may add to the mystique. In “Girl in the Woods,” scheduled for publication in September, with a possible television spinoff, Aspen Matis recounts how she was raped on the second day of college and then fled campus to seek healing on a Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike. She starved and suffered on the trail but also found redemption — and, yes, her future husband by the 2,000 mile mark.还有一本回忆录也会增加它的神秘性。在计划于今年9月出版的《林中女孩》(Girl in the Woods)一书里,阿斯彭·马蒂斯(Aspen Matis)讲述了自己的故事。此书还可能会改编成电视剧。她在上大学第二天遭到强奸,然后逃离校园去穿越太平洋屋脊步道寻求疗愈。旅行中,她忍受饥饿,经受磨难,但也获得了救赎。是的,她还在走到2000英里的时候找到了自己未来的丈夫。(I wonder if women don’t have the edge in trail memoirs. Male hikers project toughness, female hikers vulnerability. Ask a man resting on a trailside log how he’s doing, and he’ll boast of how many miles he has walked. Ask a woman, and she’ll confide about her blisters, mosquito bites and insecurities. That’s not universally true, as Bill Bryson can attest, but women seem more comfortable opening up about the woes that are inevitably much more interesting than the miles.)(我在想,女性在撰写旅行回忆录方面是否真的没有优势。男性徒步者通常会突显自己的强韧,而女性徒步者则喜欢强调自己的脆弱。问一个正在路边木头上休息的男性当下感觉如何,他会大谈特谈自己已经走了多长的路。问一个女徒步者,她会讲自己的水泡、蚊子叮咬的包和不安全感。尽管就像比尔·布来森(Bill Bryson)明的那样,事情并非绝对如此,不过女性似乎的确更愿意展露困难的一面,而这显然比讲走了多少英里更吸引人。)Most would-be thru-hikers will probably drop out — one woman gave up this year on the first day, after 13 miles — but hundreds are expected to walk every step of the way to Canada.大部分计划走完全程的人可能会中途退出——今年有一名女士刚走13英里就在启程的第一天放弃了——但预计有成百上千人会一步步抵达步道那一端的加拿大。Old hands fret that these neophytes don’t know what they’re doing (The Wall Street Journal ed one woman this month who had never spent a night outdoors until she began her “Wild”-inspired hike) and could endanger themselves. The trail begins at the Mexican border with a 20-mile dry stretch, and my daughter and I ran across five inexperienced men who had all separately run out of water on that stretch and become dehydrated.经验丰富的徒步者担心新手们对自己正在做的事认识不足(这个月,《华尔街日报》有篇文章引述了一名女士的例子。在受《走出荒野》启发开始徒步之旅以前,她没有任何夜间户外生存的经验),可能会让自己陷入危险的境地。这条步道在墨西哥边境的开头部分是一段20英里长的干燥地段。我和女儿那里曾先后遇到五个没有经验的徒步者,全都因用光了随身携带的饮品而进入脱水状态。Drought has also forced hikers to carry more water: The first eight creeks that we crossed were dry.干旱也迫使徒步旅行者随身携带更多水:我们在路上经过的头八条小溪都已干涸。We encountered another hazard in the form of a rattlesnake that my daughter almost stepped on. Yet, in the end, most hikers do just fine, apart from blisters and a few lost toenails, and it’s hard to begrudge anyone the chance for a bit of nature therapy in the Cathedral of Wilderness.我们遇到的另一个危险来自响尾蛇,我女儿就差点踩到一条。但是到最后,除了长点水泡和掉些脚趾甲,大部分徒步者都还好。而且,实在是很难剥夺人们在荒野圣殿里感受一点自然疗法的机会。It’s striking that hikers come to the trail for solitary reflection, yet often end up coalescing into groups — because we are social animals, and solitude is so much more fun when you have somebody to share it with.不同寻常的地方在于,那些前来徒步寻求孤独反思的人最后往往反倒融入了群体——因为我们是群居动物,而孤寂在有人分享时反倒显得有趣得多。There’s a hobo spirit on the trail, with no social distinctions and everybody helping everyone else. One example of this generosity is the work of “trail angels” who lug water, soda, hamburgers, cookies or other treats to places where a road intersects a trail, to delight exhausted backpackers. This is controversial, partly because animals also dine on treats that are left out, and it’s also not exactly wilderness when you come across a cooler with soda.行走在这条路上的人们有一种流浪者精神,他们相互之间没有社会地位差别,彼此帮助。这种慷慨的例之一是“徒步天使”的事迹。他们往徒步路线和普通道路的交叉口运送饮用水、汽水、汉堡、饼干和其他零食,提供给精疲力尽的背包客。这种行为存在争议,部分原因在于那里的动物也会享用剩下的食物,而且如果有机会在中途喝上冰冻汽水,这称不上为真正的野外徒步了。Still, all this generosity and mutual assistance is truly heartwarming. At about the 140-mile mark, my daughter and I came across a trail angel “library” — a glass-protected bookshelf of paperbacks for any hikers needing to weather out a snowstorm.不过,这种慷慨和互助的确很暖心。在步行到大约140英里的地方时,我和女儿遇到了一个徒步天使“图书馆”——一个由玻璃保护起来的书架,摆着平装书,提供给需要熬过暴风雪的徒步者。Professor Robert Putnam of Harvard may be right that an unfortunate fragmentation of society has left us Americans “bowling alone.” But, on the brighter side, we’re “hiking together”!哈佛教授罗伯特·帕特南(Robert Putnam)表达的观点可能是对的,社会分化非常不幸地让我们美国人陷入了“独自打保龄”的境地。然而幸运的是,我们还在“一起徒步”! /201506/382765With just about every presidential candidate#39;s campaign in full swing, one group we keep hearing about (and will continue to) is all of the ordinary, everyday Americans: The ones who are taking the brunt of the economic downturn, the ones who need someone to stand up for them, and the ones who need decent paying jobs to provide for their Norman Rockwell, picture-perfect American families. So what#39;s the most popular suggestion for what these everyday Americans should do for work? DWYL – ;do what you love.; 每一个总统候选人都在为竞选活动拼尽全力,在这个群组中,我们听到的最多的就是关于普通的美国人的事情。有些人正在处于经济的低迷期;有些人需要人持;有些人需要一个体面的工作去供养他们的家庭,就像诺曼·洛克威尔画中完美的幸福家庭一样。那么对于这些每天都在工作的美国人来说什么提议最受欢迎?做你自己喜欢做的事情。Let#39;s start with millennials. Fresh out of college with six-figure debts and five-figure salaries, we#39;re being told to ;do what we love; and ;follow our hearts; into our careers. But if I’m going to ;keep it 100,; as many of my fellow millennials might say, I think that#39;s horrible advice.让我们先从“千禧一代”开始。带着六位数的债务和五位数的薪水从大学毕业,我们被灌输着“做自己喜欢的事情”、“追随自己的内心”思想进入职场。但是,如果百分百这样做,我不认为这是一个好的建议。我的千禧一代的同事或许认为那是非常糟糕的建议。In fact, no matter what age group you#39;re in, or education level you#39;ve attained, I think it#39;s incredibly dangerous to wander down the path of ;doing what you love.;实际上,不管你处在哪一个年代,不管你的受教育水平如何,我都认为,坚持“做自己喜欢的事情”是一件非常危险的事情。You Can#39;t Always Get What You Want不是所有的事情都如你所愿When we#39;re told to do what we love, we immediately narrow our vision of what a career can be – and therefore, limit our ability to be satisfied by our careers.当别人告诉我们去做我们想做的事情的时候,我们会立即缩小自己的的视角关于选择职业,从而限制我们适应工作的能力。We get the idea that unless we#39;re doing the job that we ;love,; we#39;re not doing a good job, or the right job, or the best job when in reality there are plenty of amazing careers to be had in fields we#39;re probably not all too aware of. 我们会认为,如果找不到喜欢的工作、正确的工作或者说最好的工作,就无法把手头工作做好。在现实生活中许多领域有很多很棒的工作,而我们大多数人却没有意识到。The problem for all of us here in the middle class is that the middle class is, well, shrinking. The economic landscape is rapidly changing, and what we may have dreamed of doing as kids may not be the smartest paths for us to pursue today.中产阶层正在缩减,这是他们现在所面临的问题。经济景观瞬息万变,依然做着孩子的梦,在今天或许已经不合时宜。What#39;s more, we might be wasting our time chasing after bachelor#39;s degree only to take a job where our degree#39;s all but obsolete.更重要的是,我们或许会为了找到一份工作而浪费时间去获得一个学士学位,而对于这份工作而言,不过是一张废纸。But Try Sometimes…但是有时候可以尝试一下新的选择If you look at job trends over the last 100 years, blue-collar and farming jobs are disappearing, but service industry and white-collar jobs are on a steady and welcome rise. New fields are emerging in the tech world every day. While we need good workers in the service industry, web developers and data scientists are in sharp demand as well.如果你看一下在过去一百年的发展趋势,可以发现蓝领和农场工作正在消失,但是务业和白领工作呈现稳定增长的趋势。新的科技领域在不断出现,与此同时,对于网页开发者、数据师的需求也在直线上升。When your most prominent career advice is ;do what you love,; there#39;s a big chance you#39;re missing out on some of the wisest potential career decisions available to you. Whether it#39;s finding a field you haven#39;t yet discovered, or learning the value of job that can simply pay your bills – don#39;t put so much pressure on yourself to find that ;perfect job.;当别人告诉“你去做喜欢做的事情”的时候,你很容易就会错过作出明智的有利的职业选择的机会,无论是否帮你找到一个从未发现的领域,还是只够偿还账单,不要背负沉重的压力去选择“完美工作”。Start with focusing on what skills you have, what you can learn, and how that can translate into a sustainable job with upward mobility. The reality is: we need bus drivers, we need cooks, and we need doormen just like we need developers, bankers, and engineers. While machines may be taking some jobs away, there are myriad jobs that aren#39;t going anywhere – and we depend on them in the big picture of our world#39;s day-to-day.想一想自己学到了什么,有什么技能,怎样把它们转化为适应工作的动力。现实中,我们需要汽车司机,我们需要厨师,就像我们需要开发者、家和工程师一样。尽管机器会代替一部分的工作,但是仍然会有很多工作需要人去做。每一天我们都需要它们。Stop focusing on loving what you do, and start focusing on finding a job that fills a tangible need. Your love for what you do will come with the satisfaction of a job well done.不要一味关注你喜欢做的事情,开始寻找一份工作,来填补有形的需要。如果你喜欢自己做的事情,那么也会对自己的工作很满意。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,。 /201507/382254All In the family都在这一家Eight-year-old Sally brought her report card home from school .八十岁大的 莎莉从学校把她的成绩报告卡带回家。Her marks were good mostly .她的成绩不错,A#39;s and a couple of B#39;S .大部分都是A,还有几个B。However ,her teacher had written across the bottom,可是, 她韵老师在卡片下方写道:;SALLY is a smart little girl,but she has one fault,“莎莉是个聪明的小女孩,但是她有一个毛病。she talks too much in school.I have an idea I am going to try,她在学校太爱讲话。我有一个想法我要来试试看,which I think may break her of the bad habit.;我认为.这个想法可能会让她改掉这个坏习惯。”Sally#39;s dad signed her report card,莎莉的爸爸签了她的学习报告卡,putting a note on the back ,并在卡片背面注记:;Please let me know if your idea work on SALLY“如果你的想法对莎莉很有效,请你让我知道,because I would like to try it out on her mother.;因为我想要把它试用在她妈妈身上。 /201503/361447

  The legend of the Dragon Boat Festival端午节的传说故事1.Qu Yuan jumped off river屈原投江In order to commemorate patriotic poet Qu Yuan who jumped into the Miluo river, and avoid his body to be eaten by fish and shrimp, so people cast many of bamboo rice (rice dumplings) in the river, and compete to row (acetate ship) hoping to find the body of Qu yuan.为了纪念爱国诗人屈原,居民为了不让跳下汨罗江的屈原尸体被鱼虾吃掉,所以在江里投下许多用竹叶包裹的米食(粽子),并且竞相划船(赛龙船)希望找到屈原的尸体。2.Cao E looked for her father’s corpse曹娥寻父尸Cao E, dutiful girl of the eastern Han dynasty, whose father drowned in the river when she was 14-year old. She cried along the river, still didn’t see his father’s corpse after 17 days, and she jumped into the river on May 1st as well, after five days the two corpses folded together and float. That was a moving story, so people in the township worship her.东汉孝女曹娥,因曹父溺江而亡,年仅十四岁的她沿江豪哭,经十七日仍不见曹父尸首,乃在五月一日投江,五日后两尸合抱而浮起的感人事迹, 乡人群而祭之。3.Madam White Snake白蛇传The legend of white snake Bai Suzhen, in order to repay Xu Xian , fell in love with him and finally got married. On the day of the Dragon Boat Festival white snake drink realgar wine, almost reveal herself snakelike, and among the white snake, Fa Hai and water logging Jinshan temple , are popular folk opera repertoire.传说白蛇白素贞,为了报答许仙的恩惠,与许仙结为夫妻的凄美的爱情故事。端午节当天白蛇喝了雄黄酒,差点现出蛇形,加上法海白蛇及水淹金山寺的情节,都是脍炙人口的民间戏曲的曲目。4.Wu Zixu#39;s death anniversary伍子胥的忌日It’s a legend that after He Lu ,the king of Wu died , the prince Fuchai ascended the throne, send armed forces to suppress Yue and won. Goujian ,the king of Yue please reconciliation , Fuchai didn’t listen but agreed treacherous official and judged Wu Zixu commit suicide. And jumped his body into river on May 5, since then people commemorated him on Dragon Boat Festival.传说伍子胥助吴伐楚后,吴王阖闾逝世,皇子夫差继位,伐越大胜,越王勾践请和,伍子胥主张和,夫差不听,却听信奸臣言,赐伍子胥自杀,并于于五月五日将尸体投入江中,此后人们于端午节祭祀伍子胥。 /201506/381331The Legoland hotel in Florida has finally opened and eveything really is awesome。美国佛罗里达的lego主题酒店终于开业了,这对lego迷来说,简直棒呆!It looks like it has been built with actual lego bricks and there is a dragon at the front of the hotel which blows steam out of its nose。用lego积木搭建的房子,还有一只龙在宾馆前面的,好像鼻子在吹气。There are 152 rooms divided into four different themes including Pirate, Kingdom, Adventure and Lego Friends。有152间客房分为四个不同的主题包括海盗王国,冒险,lego的朋友。Each room sleeps five people and is separated into adult and kids#39; sleeping areas filled with Lego bricks to play with during your stay。每个房间可以住五个人,分别用不同的积木为青少年以及儿童设计了不同的住处。All guests have access to a Master Builder Lego workshop and there are also treasure chests in the room unlocked only by completing the hotel#39;s scavenger hunt。所有的客人可以访问监工lego工厂,还有可以打开房间里的宝箱,完成酒店的寻宝游戏。It is like a giant playground。它就像一个巨大的游乐场。And yes, we know there is a Lego hotel at Legoland Windsor but being 20 minutes from Heathrow isn#39;t quite the same as lying by the pool in the Florida sun, is it?是的,我们知道,英国也有一个乐lego酒店,在温莎,从希思罗机场到那大约只要20分钟。但它跟美国的不太一样,因为你可以躺在佛罗里达的太阳池沐浴,不是吗?Oh, the pool also has Lego-style sunbeds and Lego floats too。哦,游泳池也有像日光浴浴床,还有一些lego的漂浮积木。 /201507/384728



  NEW DELHI — FOR weeks the breathing of my 8-year-old son, Bram, had become more labored, his medicinal inhaler increasingly vital. And then, one terrifying night nine months after we moved to this megacity, Bram’s inhaler stopped working and his gasping became panicked.新德里——在接连几周的时间里,我八岁的儿子布拉姆(Bram)的呼吸变得越来越吃力,他的药用吸入器也变得越来越重要。然后,在我们搬到这个大都市九个月后的一个可怕夜晚,布拉姆的吸入器不再管用,他开始喘不过气来。My wife called a friend, who recommended a private hospital miles away. I carried Bram to the car while my wife brought his older brother. India’s traffic is among the world’s most chaotic, and New Delhi’s streets are crammed with trucks at night, when road signs become largely ornamental. We undertook one of the most frightening journeys of our lives, with my wife in the back seat cradling Bram’s head.我妻子打电话给一个朋友,她推荐了一家数英里之外的私立医院。我把布拉姆抱进车,我妻子带着布拉姆的哥哥也上了车。印度是世界上交通最混乱的地区之一,新德里夜间的街道上挤满了卡车,交通标志基本上是摆设。妻子在后座上揽着布拉姆的头,那是我们这辈子最可怕的旅程之一。When we arrived, doctors infused him with steroids (and refused to provide further treatment until a ,000 charge on my credit card went through). A week later, Bram was able to return home.我们到达医院后,医生给布拉姆输了类固醇(并且拒绝提供进一步的治疗,直至我用信用卡付的1000美元到账)。一周后,布莱姆才得以回家。When I became a South Asia correspondent for The New York Times three years ago, my wife and I were both excited and prepared for difficulties — insistent beggars, endemic dengue and summertime temperatures that reach 120 degrees. But we had little inkling just how dangerous this city would be for our boys.三年前,当我成为《纽约时报》的南亚通讯员时,妻子和我感到很兴奋,同时也做好了迎接困难的准备——纠缠不休的乞丐,四处肆虐的登革热,高达华氏120度的夏季温度。但我们全然没有料到,这个城市对我们的孩子会有多么危险。We gradually learned that Delhi’s true menace came from its air, water, food and flies. These perils sicken, disable and kill millions in India annually, making for one of the worst public health disasters in the world. Delhi, we discovered, is quietly suffering from a dire pediatric respiratory crisis, with a recent study showing that nearly half of the city’s 4.4 million schoolchildren have irreversible lung damage from the poisonous air.我们逐渐了解到,德里真正危险的地方是它的空气、水、食物和苍蝇。在印度,这些危险因素每年导致数以百万计的人患病、残疾和丧生,这是世界上最严重的公共卫生灾难之一。我们发现,德里正悄无声息地遭遇着一场可怕的小儿呼吸道疾病危机,最近的一项研究显示,在该市440万学龄儿童中,有将近一半因有毒的空气遭受了不可逆转的肺部损伤。For most Indians, these are inescapable horrors. But there are thousands of others who have chosen to live here, including some trying to save the world, others hoping to describe it and still others intent on getting their own small piece of it. It is an eclectic community of expatriates and millionaires, including car executives from Detroit, tech geeks from the Bay Area, cancer researchers from Maryland and diplomats from Dublin. Over the last year, often over chai and samosas at local dhabas or whiskey and chicken tikka at glittering embassy parties, we have obsessively discussed whether we are pursuing our careers at our children’s expense.对于大多数印度人而言,这些恐怖之处是不可避免的。但也有数以千计的人们选择居住在这里,其中就包括一些试图拯救世界的人,一些希望讲述这里的故事的人,还有一些热衷于在这里拥有一片自己的小天地的人。这是外籍人士和富豪组成的混杂社区,他们中有来自底特律的汽车高管,湾区的科技业人士,马里兰州的癌症研究人员,以及都柏林的外交官。过去一年里,我们在本地饭馆品尝印度奶茶及三角饼时,或者在五颜六色的使馆派对上享受威士忌和鸡肉串时,常常着了魔似地讨论一个话题:我们是否罔顾孩子的利益,来追求自己的事业?Foreigners have lived in Delhi for centuries, of course, but the air and the mounting research into its effects have become so frightening that some feel it is unethical for those who have a choice to willingly raise children here. Similar discussions are doubtless underway in Beijing and other Asian megacities, but it is in Delhi — among the most populous, polluted, unsanitary and bacterially unsafe cities on earth — where the new calculus seems most urgent. The city’s air is more than twice as polluted as Beijing’s, according to the World Health Organization. (India, in fact, has 13 of the world’s 25 most polluted cities, while Lanzhou is the only Chinese city among the worst 50; Beijing ranks 79th.)当然,数百年来一直有外国人在德里居住,但空气和越来越多的关于其影响的研究已经变得如此触目惊心,以至于有些人觉得,如果有人有选择的机会,却情愿在这里抚养孩子,那是不道德的。类似的讨论无疑也正在北京等亚洲大城市展开,但在德里——地球上人口最稠密,污染最严重,最不卫生,病菌肆虐最甚的城市之一——这个问题似乎最为紧迫。世界卫生组织的资料显示,该城市的空气污染程度超过北京的两倍。(世界上25个污染最严重的城市中,有13个是印度城市。兰州是前50名中唯一的中国城市;北京位列第79位。)So many of our friends have decided to leave that the American Embassy School — this city’s great expat institution — is facing a steep drop in admissions next fall. My pastor, who ministers to a largely expat parish here, told me he feared he would lose 60 percent of his congregants this summer.因此,我们的很多朋友都决定离开。美国使馆学校(American Embassy School)是德里一家很棒的外籍生学校,今年秋天它面临着生源的急剧下降。我的牧师负责这里一个主要由外籍人员构成的教区,他告诉我,他担心今年夏天自己会失去60%的教众。We nearly left two years ago, after Bram’s first hospitalization. Even after his breathing stabilized, tests showed that he had lost half his lung function. On our doctor’s advice, we placed him on routine steroid therapy and decided that as long as his breathing did not worsen again, we could stay in Delhi.两年前,在布拉姆的首次住院之后,我们也几乎离开了这里。但他的呼吸状况稳定下来后,测试结果显示他已经失去了一半的肺功能。在医生的建议下,我们让他进行常规的类固醇治疗,并决定只要他的呼吸状况没有再次恶化,我们可以就留在德里。Or at least I decided that. My wife seriously considered flying home immediately, and at the end of a summer visit to the ed States with the kids months later, sobbed for hours on the return flight to Delhi.或者至少我决定这么做。我妻子当时就认真考虑过立即飞回家去;而且在数个月后,当我们与孩子结束了回美国探访的夏季行程,在回德里的返程航班上,她抽泣了好几个小时。But after our second year here, Bram seemed fine. His earlier difficulties, though, led me to call some leading air pollution experts. The conversations were sobering.不过,我们在这里度过了第二年之后,布莱姆显得一切安好。但是鉴于他之前遇到的状况,我和一些顶尖的空气污染专家通了电话。我们之间的交谈发人深省。“Knowing that I was putting my kids in a place that compromised their health for their lifetimes would be very difficult given all of the scientific evidence,” said W. James Gauderman, a professor of preventive medicine at the University of Southern California. He is the co-author of a landmark 2004 study showing that children raised in parts of Los Angeles — where pollution levels are a fraction of Delhi’s — face significant and probably permanent losses of lung function. Even children who move to less polluted places during childhood never seem to entirely recover from earlier high pollution exposures, another study found.“考虑到有各种科学据,知道自己让孩子住在某个地方,可能损害他们一生的健康,会让我非常难受,”南加州大学的预防医学教授W·詹姆斯·高德曼(W. James Gauderman)说。他是2004年一份具有里程碑意义的研究的合著者,该研究显示,在洛杉矶部分地区——污染程度远低于德里——长大的儿童,遭受了明显的、可能是永久性的肺功能损失。另一项研究发现,如果孩子早年在高污染环境中生活,即使在儿童时期搬迁到了污染较低的地方,他们似乎也无法完全恢复健康。Sarath Guttikunda, one of India’s top pollution researchers, who moved to Goa, on the west coast of India, to protect his two young children, was unequivocal: “If you have the option to live elsewhere, you should not raise children in Delhi.”为了保护两个年幼的孩子,印度最顶尖的污染研究人员之一萨拉斯·古提昆塔(Sarath Guttikunda)举家搬迁到了印度西海岸的果阿。他明确地说:“如果你可以在别处居住,就不该在德里抚养子女。”These and other experts told me that reduced lung capacity in adults is a highly accurate predictor of early death and disability — perhaps more than elevated blood pressure or cholesterol. So by permanently damaging their lungs in Delhi, our children may not live as long.他们和其他专家告诉我,成人肺活量不足,对于预测早逝和残疾来说准确度非常高——可能高于血压或胆固醇升高。因此,由于在德里遭受了永久性的肺损坏,我的孩子的寿命可能缩短了。And then there are nascent areas of research suggesting that pollution can lower children’s I.Q., hurt their test scores and increase the risks of autism, epilepsy, diabetes and even adult-onset diseases like multiple sclerosis.在一些方兴未艾的领域,研究表明:污染可能会让儿童智商降低,影响他们的考试成绩,并增加罹患自闭症、癫痫、糖尿病的风险,甚至像多发性硬化症等成年后才发作的疾病,患病风险也会提高。C. Arden Pope III, a professor of economics at Brigham Young University and a leading expert on the health consequences of air pollution, noted that accurate pollution monitors have existed only since the 1980s. “If Delhi’s ings aren’t the highest ever, they’re among the highest ever,” he said. “Certainly no city in the ed States, including Los Angeles, has ever come close.”杨百翰大学(Brigham Young University)的经济学家C·阿登·波普三世(C. Arden Pope III)是研究空气污染对健康的影响的权威专家,他指出,准确的污染监测仪器直到20世纪80年代才出现。“就算德里的读数值不是有史以来最高的,也是有史以来最高的之一,”他说。“包括洛杉矶在内的任何美国城市肯定都与那样高的读数值相距甚远。”That means the extent of the damage Delhi is doing to our children can only be guessed, he said. Several medical ethicists said it would be impossible to get approval for a clinical trial to send a group of children to Delhi to monitor their health. “Not a chance,” said Adil E. Shamoo, editor in chief of Accountability in Research and a bioethicist at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. “It’s O.K. to survey people aly there, but moving children into harm’s way? No.”这意味着,我孩子在德里遭受的损害严重程度只能靠猜测,他说。几位医学伦理学家称,送一群孩子到德里去,并监测他们的健康状况,这样的临床试验是不可能得到批准的。“绝对不可能,”《研究中的问责》(Accountability in Research)的主编、马里兰医学院(Maryland School of Medicine)的生物伦理学家阿迪尔·E·萨莫(Adil E. Shamoo)说。“调查已经在那里的人是可以的;但把孩子搬迁到有危害的地方?不行。”And children are by no means the only ones harmed. Many adults suffer near-constant headaches, sore throats, coughs and fatigue. Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi’s chief minister, had to leave the city for 10 days in March to cure a chronic cough.受到危害的不仅是孩子。很多成年人几乎常年头痛、喉咙痛、咳嗽,以及疲劳乏力。今年3月,德里首席部长阿尔温德·凯杰里沃(Arvind Kejriwal)为了治疗慢性咳嗽,不得不离开了这里十天。It’s not just the air that inflicts harm. At least 600 million Indians, half the total population, defecate outdoors, and most of the effluent, even from toilets, is dumped untreated into rivers and streams. Still, I never thought this would come home to my family quite as dramatically as it did.危害健康的不只是空气。至少有六亿印度人在户外排便,占总人口数量的一半,而大部分的污水,甚至来自厕所的污水,都未经处理就倾倒入江河。但是,我从来没有想过,它们会戏剧性地来到我的家中。We live in a four-year-old, five-story apartment building that my wife chose because its relatively new windows could help shut out Delhi’s appalling nighttime air. Its cookie-cutter design — by the same developer who built dozens of others in the neighborhood — gave us confidence that things would function, by no means assured for new construction here.我们住在一栋四年前修建的五层公寓楼里,我的妻子选择这里是因为它配备了相对较新的窗户,有助于将德里的可怕夜间空气隔绝在外。公寓楼平凡无奇的设计——同一家开发商在附近修建了数十栋这样的建筑——给了我们信心,觉得它的设施会运行良好;不是所有德里的新建筑都能保这一点的。About six months after we moved in, one of our neighbors reported that her tap water suddenly smelled like sewage. Then the smell hit another neighbor and another. It turned out that the developer had dug open channels for sewage that had gradually seeped into each apartment’s buried water tank. When we pulled up the floor tiles on the ground floor, brown sludge seemed to be everywhere.搬进去大约半年后的一天,一名邻居说她的自来水突然散发污水味道。然后邻居们一个接一个遇到这种情况。原来是开发商把下水道挖开了,污水逐渐渗透到每间公寓埋在地下的水箱里。当我们揭开一楼的地砖时,褐色污泥似乎到处都是。I was in the shower when this sewage mixture arrived in our apartment. Sounds horrible, but I shrugged and toweled off because that smell is such a frequent presence here.混合了污水的自来水抵达我们公寓时,我正在淋浴。这听起来很可怕,但我只是耸耸肩,擦干了身体,因为那种味道在这里经常都能闻到。For much of the year, the Yamuna River would have almost no flow through Delhi if not for raw sewage. Add in the packs of stray dogs, monkeys and cattle even in urban areas, and fresh excretions are nearly ubiquitous. Insects alight on these excretions and then on people or their food, sickening them.如果不是未经处理的污水倾倒入亚穆纳河,那么在一年中的很多时候,这条河在德里几乎是断流的。再加上德里城区中也时常看到的一群群流浪、猴子和牛,新的排泄物几乎随目可见。昆虫在这些排泄物上落足,然后再在人类或他们的食物上停留,传染疾病。Most piped water here is contaminated. Poor sanitation may be a crucial reason nearly half of India’s children are stunted.这里的大多数自来水都遭受了污染。恶劣的卫生条件,可能是近一半印度儿童发育迟缓的一个关键原因。The list of health threats sounds harrowing when considered together, but life goes on and can be quite nice here. Our apartment building eventually installed aboveground water tanks. My children’s school and travel in the region are terrific, and many expats are far more influential here than they would be in their home countries.综合考虑这些威胁健康的因素,你会感到痛心疾首,但这里的生活还在继续,而且也可以过得相当不错。我们的公寓楼最终把水箱安装在了地面上。我孩子的学校和在该地区进行的旅行都很棒。很多外国人在这里拥有了比在本国远远更大的影响力。Yet one afternoon this spring, someone in our neighborhood burned something toxic, and an astringent cloud sp around our block. My wife was out walking with a friend, and their eyes became teary and their throats began to close. They bolted back inside our apartment where they found Bram gasping again, for the first time in two years. In some places in Delhi, the levels of fine particles that cause the most lung damage, called PM2.5, routinely exceed 1,000 in winter in part because small trash and other fires are so common, according to scientists. In Beijing, PM2.5 levels that exceed 500 make international headlines; here, levels twice that high are largely ignored.然而,今年春天的一个下午,有人在居民区里焚烧有毒物质,气味酸涩的浓烟在我们的街区蔓延。我妻子和一位朋友当时在外面散步,她们被呛出了眼泪,感觉快要窒息。于是狂奔回我们的公寓,结果发现布拉姆又在喘息,这还是两年里的第一次。在德里有些地方,名为PM 2.5的细颗粒物的水平导致了非常严重的肺损伤,在冬季,该数值经常超过1000,科学家表示,部分原因是对小件垃圾和其他东西的焚烧在这里极为普遍。在北京,PM 2.5水平超过500会成为国际头条新闻;而在这里,比北京高出一倍的污染水平基本上被人们无视。But Bram notices.但布拉姆注意到了。He spent the next five days at home, with my wife giving him heavy doses of inhaled steroids through a mask. He has a quiet sadness during these crises, perhaps because they force him to accept the idea that his health is more fragile than that of his brother or friends.接下来的五天里,他一直待在家里,我妻子让他透过口罩用了大量吸入性类固醇。在这些危机期间,他有一种静默的忧伤,因为他要被迫接受,自己的健康比哥哥或朋友更脆弱。Before coming to Delhi, Bram had had a couple of breathing episodes that doctors assured us he would most likely outgrow. Now he has full-blown asthma and must take powerful daily medications.来德里之前,布拉姆也出过几次呼吸方面的问题。医生曾向我们保,布拉姆很有可能会随着年龄的增长而摆脱那些问题。但现在,他真的得了哮喘病,每天都必须用强效药物。Would he have developed asthma if we had stayed in the ed States? Pediatric asthma is far more likely to start and worsen in polluted locales. The sidelines at kids’ soccer games here are littered with inhalers.如果我们留在美国,他还会得哮喘吗?在受污染的地方,小儿哮喘发病和恶化的可能性要大得多。在这里的足球场外,散落着许多吸入器。Ruth R. Faden, director of the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics, said children have a special claim to protection. “First, because they are so dependent on us for their well-being, and second because deprivations in childhood have such an outsize effect,” she said.约翰·霍普金斯大学伯曼生物伦理学研究所(Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics)主任鲁斯·R·费登(Ruth R. Faden)说,孩子特别需要保护。“首先,因为他们的健康很依赖我们,其次因为童年时期健康受损的影响非常大,”她说。There is a growing expatriate literature, mostly out of China, describing the horrors of air pollution, the dangers to children and the increasingly desperate measures taken for protection. These accounts mostly end with the writers deciding to remain despite the horrors.外籍人士撰写的相关文章越来越多。它们大多来自中国,描写了对空气污染的恐惧、对孩子的危害以及所采取的越来越夸张的保护措施。在这些文章的结尾,虽心怀恐惧,但作者大多还是决定留下。Not this one. We are moving back to Washington this week.但本文不同。我们将于这周返回华盛顿。The boys are excited. Aden, 12, wants a skateboard and bicycle, accouterments of freedom in a place he is allowed to wander by himself. His younger brother’s wish may be harder to realize.孩子们很兴奋。12岁的亚丁(Aden)想要滑板和自行车。在一个允许他独自闲逛的地方,那是享受自由的装备。他弟弟的愿望则可能更难实现。“My asthma will go away,” Bram said recently. “I hope so, anyway.”“我的哮喘会消失,”布拉姆前不久说。“总之,希望如此。” /201506/378749


  A heartfelt birthday message from Johnny Cash to his beloved wife June has been voted the greatest love letter of all time。  美国乡村音乐歌手约翰尼-卡什在爱妻生日时写下的一封情书被评选为史上最伟大的情书。  In the simple, but plainly expressed missive the singer dubbed the Man in Black writes #39;you#39;re the object of my desire, the #1 Earthly reason for my existence#39;。  在这封简短但表达真挚的情书中,绰号为“黑衣人”的约翰尼-卡什写道:“你是我渴望的对象,是我生存于世的唯一理由。”  Written in 1994, the letter beat notes by Keats, Churchill, Jimi Hendrix and the great Hollywood lovers Richard Burton and Liz Taylor。  这封情书写于1994年,它在评选中打败了济慈、丘吉尔、吉米-亨德里克斯以及好莱坞最著名的恋人理查德-伯顿和丽兹-泰勒,荣登榜首。  In the Valentine#39;s Day poll, the country music legend Johnny Cash#39;s letter in which he writes to #39;the greatest woman I ever met#39; on his wife June Carter#39;s 65th birthday was regarded as the most moving。  在这项为庆祝即将到来的情人节的评选中,乡村音乐传奇歌手约翰尼-卡什在妻子琼-卡特65岁的生日上写给这位“他见过的最伟大的女人”的情书被认为是最感人的。  In it he wrote, #39;We got old and got used to each other. We think alike. We each others [sic] minds. We know what the other wants without asking. Sometimes we irritate each other a little bit. Maybe sometimes we take each other for granted。  约翰尼-卡什写道:“我们渐渐变老,也早已习惯了彼此。我们想法一致、灵魂互通。无需询问我们便知道对方想要什么。偶尔我们也会惹对方不高兴,但那或许是因为我们真正把对方视作了理所当然的伴侣。”  #39;But once in a while, like today, I meditate on it and realize how lucky I am to share my life with the greatest woman I ever met。  “有时候比如今天,我沉思之后意识到,能够与你这样一个我所见过的最伟大的女人共度余生,我是多么的幸运。”  #39;You still fascinate and inspire me. You influence me for the better. You#39;re the object of my desire, the #1 Earthly reason for my existence. I love you very much.#39;  “你令我着迷,给我灵感。你让我变得更加美好。你是我永远渴望的对象,是我生存于世的唯一理由。我爱你。”  Winston Churchill#39;s words of undying love to his #39;darling Clemmie#39; in 1935 came second。  温斯顿-丘吉尔1935年写给他永远挚爱的“亲爱的克莱米”的情书排在第二位。  Despite his many wives King Henry VIII makes an appearance in the list confessing his love to his second wife Anne Boleyn in 1527.  亨利八世虽然妻子众多,但他在1527年写给第二任妻子安妮-林的情书让他榜上有名。  Poet John Keats may be famous for his odes but he only manages third place on the table despite his way with words telling his next door neighbour Fanny Brawne that he can not live without her in 1819.  著名诗人约翰-济慈因擅长颂诗而闻名于世,但是他只排名第三。这封情书是1819年济慈写给他的邻居芬妮-布朗的,他要告诉她如果没有她他没法活下去。  Jimi Hendrix#39;s letter to his #39;little girl#39; comes in at tenth as he encourages her to #39;sp her wings#39;. The recipient of the letter is unclear but still earns itself a place in the top spot。  吉米-亨德里克斯写给他的“小女孩”的情书排在了第十位,信中他鼓励她“展翅飞翔”。虽然这封情书的收信人不详,但这并不影响它在前十名中占得一席之地。  The poll to discover our favourite romantic message was commissioned by British life insurance company Beagle Street to encourage Brits to be more romantic on February 14.  这项评选由英国保险公司比格街发起,目的是寻找最喜爱的浪漫情书,并以此鼓励英国人在即将到来的情人节里能更加浪漫。  In the battle of the sexes, it was men who came out on top in the romance stakes with nearly one in four (24 per cent) saying they have sent a love letter within the last year。  调查发现,男性在恋爱关系中处于主动地位,24%的受调查男性表示过去一年中曾向心仪的女孩写过情书。  But after 38 per cent of women admitted that they had never written a love letter, 46 percent declared the tradition outdated。  而38%的受访女性则表示她们从未写过情书,46%的女性表示情书这种传统已经过时了。  Londoners proved the most romantic in the country with 74 percent claiming to have penned a love note, while in the North East it was just 55 percent。  调查显示伦敦人是全英最浪漫的人,有74%的受访者表示曾写过情书,而在西北部这个比例只有55%。  Beagle Street#39;s managing director Matthew Gledhill says that a hand-written note is still appreciated even in the modern age。  比格街的总经理马修-格莱德希尔认为一封手写的情书即使在现代社会也依然令人欣赏。  #39;A well-written love letter can stand the test of time and be a permanent record of affection so it is important the tradition doesn#39;t die out。  “一封表达真挚的手写情书能够经得起时间的检验,而且能成为爱情的永恒记录,所以这项重要传统不会灭绝。”  #39;We hope our research inspires people who have never written a love letter to take some time out and write down and share exactly how they feel with a loved one.#39;  “我们希望我们的调查能够启示那些从未写过情书的人们,花点时间坐下来写下你对恋人的爱、分享你的感情。” /201502/359594

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