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Thirty-seven universities in Nanchang, capital of southern Jiangxi Province, found 135 students were infected with HIV and seven among them were killed by the disease by the end of August, 2016, the local center for disease control and prevention has reported.据当地疾病预防与控制中心报道,截止至2016年8月底,中国南方江西省省会南昌市的37所大学共135名学生感染了HIV,其中7人因病死亡。HIV infection has sp increasingly on campuses during the past five years, as the growth rate of affected students rose by 43.16 percent.校园感染HIV的数量在过去五年里不断增加,学生感染率上升了43.16%。In 2008, university students affected by AIDS accounted for 5.77 percent of the entire young population; in 2014, the rate surged to 16.58 percent.在2008年,大学生感染艾滋病的人数占整个年轻人感染人数的5.77%;到了2014年,感染率猛增至16.58%。According to local authorities, homosexual intercourse among young male partners, which is the major source of the disease, comprised 83.61 percent of the cases detected in the universities from 2011 to 2015.据当地疾控中心报道,青年男性同性性交是该疾病的主要源头,占2011年至2015年大学发现案例的83.61%。The immature attitude towards sex resulted in the sharp rise in HIV infection among young people who were ignorant or unaware of the safety issues when having sex.对性不成熟的态度导致了年轻人感染HIV人数的激增,他们在发生性关系时不知道或者是没有意识到安全问题。Some experts warned backward and ambiguous sex education in schools may lead to the students#39; ignorance and unrestrained demand for sex.一些专家警告称,学校落后和模糊的性教育可能会导致学生们对性交无知并无限制的需求。 /201609/468492The First 100 Characters Every Beginner Needs to Memorize中文入门必背100字Just months before arriving in Beijing, I asked my Chinese friend to give me a Chinese name. She said it was easy since “Andy” can be transliterated to just 安迪(ān, safe; dí, guide).去北京的前几个月,我让我的中国朋友给我起个中国名字。她说因为我的名字Andy可以直接音译为汉字“安迪”,给我起名字简直是小菜一碟。When I did some background research of places to visit in Beijing, Tian’anmen 天安门(Tiān’ānmén or Gate of Heavenly Peace) was one of the recommended spots. The word Tian’anmen got me really interested in learning more characters because it had the same ān as in my name. Then I started using Pleco to decipher subway station names (especially when it’s overcrowded or when I’m on a long train journey).我在查询北京的游览攻略时,热门游览地中有个叫“天安门”的。“天安门”这个词引起了我想要认识更多汉字的欲望,因为它和我的名字当中都有一个“安”字。之后我便开始用汉语字典查询地铁站的名字。(尤其是在拥挤时或是长途旅行中)I remember my Chinese teacher telling me that I would have to memorize not only the phrases but also the pinyin and the characters if I wanted to learn Chinese. It’s hard I must say, but just knowing basic characters will give you enough background to get around, especially when you’re traveling, dining out, or going to malls.记得我的中文老师告诉我,想要学习汉语,不仅要记词组,还要记拼音和汉字、我必须承认这很难,但是只要了解了基础汉字就足以让你在北京四处逛逛了,尤其是旅行,吃饭,购物。I found several resources listing the first 100 Chinese characters beginners to the language might memorize. The first 50 are almost the same, but the lists differ when it comes to the 60 to 100 character tier. Regardless, this list from Learning Chinese Everyday certainly helps, especially for knowing about 80 characters that can help beginners to the language compose simple sentences.我找到了一些资料,上面列着汉语初学者需要记忆的100个汉字。前50个字几乎相同,但从第60个开始就有些不同了。尽管如此,“ Learning Chinese Everyday”上的这个列表确实有用,尤其是当你学会前80个字,你就可以造一些简单的句子了。If you find pronouncing the characters difficult, we have a starter guide which provides an easy way to speak the four Chinese tones. In the list below, you’ll find the pronunciation guide along with a number, its grammatical function, and lexical meaning. The number indicates the character’s usage in most Chinese conversations.如果你觉得发音很难,我们有“初学者指南”,它提供了一个简单的方法来发汉语的四声。在下面这个列表中,每一个发音后都标着一个数字,表示这个字的语法及词汇功能。数字代表这个字在汉语会话中的用途。The website also says that “to understand 90 percent of the content in Chinese publications, students have to learn only about 900 Chinese characters and 11,000 phrases/words.”该网站还标榜“想要看懂中文出版物90%的内容,你只需学习900个左右的汉字和1.1万个词汇或词组”。 /201705/507970

Many youngsters in China nowadays are increasingly indulged in computer games and other electronic products, and are unable to extricate themselves.现如今,中国许多年轻人日渐沉迷于电脑游戏和其他电子产品而不能自拔。This is followed by a series of health problems, with the most typical case being myopia, or nearsightedness.这导致了一系列的健康问题,其中最典型的就是近视。According to the latest research report released by the World Health Organization (WHO), the nearsightedness rate among Chinese juveniles ranks first in the world - 70 percent of high school and college students.据世卫组织发布的最新报告显示,中国青少年的近视率是全世界最高的--其中高中生和大学生群体的近视率达到了70%。The rate is nearly 40 percent in primary school students, while it is only 10 percent for their peers in the ed States.小学生近视率也将近40%,而美国同龄人的近视率则只有10%。The WHO research report says that the number of nearsighted people in China has reached 600 million, nearly approaching half of the country’s total population.世卫组织的这一报告指出,中国近视人数已达到6亿人,几乎是全国人口的一半。Experts attribute the soaring nearsightedness rate in China to the unhealthy lifestyles and learning styles which parents impose on their children.专家认为,中国近视率飙升和父母强加给孩子的不健康的生活和学习方式有关。On the one hand, to achieve high scores in exams, children spend too much time indoors studying and have not enough time outside in the sunlight.一方面,为求考试高分,孩子们花了太多时间在室内学习,在户外阳光下的活动不足。On the other hand, a growing number of high-tech products, such as smart phones and tablet PCs, make children focus their eyes and attention on fluorescent screens for long periods of time, resulting in excessive eye fatigue.另一方面,智能手机和平板电脑等越来越多的高科技产品,使得孩子们的眼睛和注意力长时间集中在荧光屏上,导致眼睛过度疲劳。Experts suggest that youngsters maintain a proper balance between study and rest so as to protect their eyesight, and parents should play a correspondingly active role in the process.专家建议青少年应该在学习和休息之间保持适度平衡,从而保护他们的视力,而孩子的父母也应在这个过程中发挥相应的积极作用。 /201703/495036

Find your perfect pooch match找到适合自己养的Your dog is a part of your family, so he needs to fit into it pretty well, right? In the spirit of the new show Finding Fido, where rescue dogs are matched with the perfect forever family, we#39;re on a mission to help match you with your new BFF. We created a list of dog breeds perfect for certain personalities to prove that no matter your lifestyle, there#39;s a dog out there waiting to be part of it. Check out these breeds to find your perfect pairing.是家庭的一部分,所以必须要融入其中,对不?本着新节目《Finding Fido》(这部节目为救援犬和最完美的家庭配对)的精神,我们肩负着帮您寻找最佳拍档的使命。我们创建了一个适合特定性格的犬种清单,不管你的生活方式如何,总有一条适合你的在那儿等你。看看这些犬种,找到自己的完美搭档吧。Dogs who can keep up能跟上你的If you#39;re y to go for a jog, these energetic pups are more than y to keep up with you.如果你准备好去慢跑,那么这些充满活力的已蓄势待发,肯定能跟上你的。Dalmatians斑点Dalmatians are energetic and eager to bond with their owners, which makes them perfect partners for long runs.斑点精力充沛、十分渴望与自己的主人建立感情,因此长跑者最适合养斑点了。Greyhounds灰While greyhounds love to sleep, they also need a lot of exercise. They#39;re best for short, fast runs.虽然灰喜欢睡觉,但它们也需要大量运动。它们最适合进行短快跑。Border collies边境牧羊犬Border collies are extremely athletic, so vigorous exercise has their name written all over it.边境牧羊犬非常喜欢运动,所以适合进行各种各样的激烈运动。Labs拉布拉多犬Labs are great for long runs or sprints. Their friendly personalities also make them good partners for busy trail runs.拉布拉多犬非常适合长跑或冲刺。它们性格友好,因此是小道跑步的不二犬类。Take these dogs outside这些可以带出去These dog breeds have all the energy and agility that the outdoors require.这些犬类有户外运动所需要的一切精力和敏捷力。Brittanys不列塔尼猎犬Brittanys are intelligent and easy to train for outdoor adventures like hunting, fishing or hiking.不列塔尼猎犬十分聪明,训练它们进行户外探险(比如狩猎、钓鱼或徒步旅行)也十分容易。Spanish water dogs西班牙水犬Spanish water dogs are the perfect outdoor companions. Whether it#39;s swimming or climbing mountains, this breed is up for the challenge.西班牙水犬是完美的户外搭档。不管是游泳还是登山,它都能接受。Coonhounds猎浣熊犬The coonhounds#39; persistent noses make them reliable hunting companions, and they#39;re pretty laid-back.猎浣熊犬鼻子一直很灵敏,因此是打猎的可靠搭档,而且它们也很随和。Beagles猎兔犬Beagles have endless energy to tag along on hikes, runs or hunts - and they#39;ll do it with a smile.猎兔犬在尾随主人徒步、跑步或打猎时有无穷的精力--而且还笑眯眯的。Dogs that are chill with felines能与猫科动物和平共处的品种You don#39;t have to worry about these guys chasing Felix up a tree.如果这些将费利克斯追到了树上,你根本用不着担心。Havanese哈瓦那犬Havanese dogs are major cuddle bugs and usually have no problem making friends with felines.哈瓦那犬是喜欢抱抱的犬类之一,通常而言,绝对可以和猫科动物交友。Boston terrriers波士顿大A Boston terrier will be eager to play with your feline. Just make sure your feline is y for them.波士顿大非常想和喵星人玩耍。但要确保你们家猫咪已准备好接受它们了。Pomeranians美The ever-so-cute Pomeranian is playful and curious, which makes them likely to bond well with cats.可爱到爆的美很喜欢玩耍,也很好奇,因此很有可能会与猫咪玩得来。译文属 /201701/488580

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