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;core questions; about American values and ideals.奥巴马曾表示,一旦卸任,他并不会对每个问题都权衡,不过他会考虑对那些涉及美国价值观和理想的“核心问题”发表意见Chicago is where President Obama got his start in politics after graduating中国与俄罗斯将共同应对威胁和挑战 1:3: 中国与俄罗斯将共同应对威胁和挑战Chinese President Xi Jinping has met with the secretary of Russia’s Security Council, Nikolai Patruchev, in Beijing. The two sides agreed to enhance strategic communication and coordination and deepen cooperation in a range of fields including diplomacy, the economy, defense and counterterrorism. China and Russia say they will work together to tackle threats, and safeguard their sovereignty, security and development interests.Chinese President Xi Jinping has met with the secretary of Russia’s Security Council, Nikolai Patruchev, in Beijing.President Xi Jinping said Russian President Vladmir Putin’s visit to China in May was a success. China valued Russia’s participation during last month’s Asia security summit in Shanghai, which itself had achieved satisfying results.Patruchev said Russia will continue to implement the consensus between President Xi Jinping and President Vladimir Putin.The two countries took a major step ward in strengthening ties last month in Shanghai, where fifty agreements were signed during the CICA summit.Patruchev also met State Councilor Yang Jiechi during the latest round of strategic security consultations.The two sides said they had an indepth exchange of views on bilateral ties, the international and regional security situation."We have achieved a lot of consensus during your visit here. We have made considerable headway in the ChinaRussia comprehensive strategic partnership, and I believe this security consultation will have a positive impact both countries and beyond," Yang Jiechi said."China and Russia’s strategic coordination has reached a very high level and has continued to develop. I agree that the bilateral meeting between Russian President Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping last month was significant. The two meetings here, on law encement and strategic security consultation are practical discussions on what our two leaders agreed in Shanghai," Nikolai Patrushev said. In a press release after the talks, China and Russia said they should advocate and practice the principles of the UN Charter in international relations, and promote world and regional peace, stability and development.

吉林公布档案史料 日本侵华铁如山 6 :1: 吉林公布档案史料 日本侵华铁如山The provincial archives in Northeast China’s Jilin Province has made public 89 documents that were written by Japanese officers and reveal crimes committed by the Japanese army during its invasion of China.A total of 89 wartime documents made public on Friday show details of atrocities Japanese troops committed in China during World War Two (WWII). The documents represent only a small portion of the nearly 0,000 wartime Japanese files retrieved underground during construction work in the early 1950s, said Yin Huai, president of the Jilin Provincial Archives in Changchun, capital of Jilin Province. Ninety percent of the files are in Japanese. (XinhuaLin Hong)The records released by the Jilin Province Archives were discovered during a construction project during the 1950s. The documents were discarded by the Japanese army during its hasty retreat from Changchun, the capital of Jilin Province, after Japan’s surrender on August , 195.Although the documents are in fragments or incomplete, experts from Jilin’s archives managed to restore and translate large numbers of them. They are official reports and letters that detail eight different atrocities, including the Nanjing Massacre, in which 300,000 civilians were rounded up and murdered, human testing of chemical and biological weapons conducted by the notorious 731, the use of Chinese women as sex slaves and the maltreatment to US and British prisoners of war.A total of 89 wartime documents made public on Friday show details of atrocities Japanese troops committed in China during World War Two (WWII). The documents represent only a small portion of the nearly 0,000 wartime Japanese files retrieved underground during construction work in the early 1950s, said Yin Huai, president of the Jilin Provincial Archives in Changchun, capital of Jilin Province. Ninety percent of the files are in Japanese. (XinhuaLin Hong)"Some Japanese deny the facts of the Nanjing Massacre, and argue that the population in Nanjing was only around 0 thousand prior to the massacre. However, this document written by a Japanese officer shows that the population bee the massacre was around one million," said Zhang Yujie, the archives of Jilin Province."These documents are of great historical and research value. They show the real picture and are an authentic reference of the crimes the Japanese army committed in China during WWII," said professor Su Zhiliang, Shanghai Normal University.The 89 documents m the core of a newly published book published by the Jilin Provincial Archives titled "Irrefutable Evidence New Documents on Japan’s Invasion of China". The archives says the book and the public display of the documents were complied so the truth can be known and never gotten.

A little more understanding is called by Jieyu Liu, a sociologist at Londonrsquo;s School of Oriental and African Studies. She argues that anyonersquo;s behaviour is determined by the time and place of their upbringing and that rules of etiquette are never universal.

  Feng Jianping, director of the Qinghai provincial sports bureau, hailed Choeyang as "the pride of Qinghai, of Tibetans and of China."


  The ruling military council expressed regret the clashes and assigned the government to take measures to avoid similar incidents.

  伦敦奥运会两名铜牌获得者奖牌被盗习近平强调,在新起点上推进中美新型大国关系(new type of majorpower relationship),尤其要做好几件事,其中一点就是广泛培植人民友谊(foster friendly sentiments among the peoples)Heathcote said Rinehart was on track to overtake Mexican telecommunications tycoon Carlos Slim worth US billion as the world's richest person as demand ramps up Australia's natural resources.

  flooding by Taiwan netizens of mainland actor Lin Gengxin’s Facebook page.年1月,为回应大批台湾网民涌入大陆演员林更新的Facebook网页,帝吧成员称“台湾是中国不可分割一部分”的言论和表情包泛滥在了蔡英文的Facebook网页上However, this has not stopped a handful of cranky U.S. politicians calling China the "grand champion" of currency manipulators. As David Dollar, a senior researcher with the Brookings Institution, has put it, these are "ironic accusations considering that China has actually been keeping the value of renminbi high, not low".


  Accompanied by a large business delegation, the tightly scheduled trip focuses primarily on economic and strategic communication amid a changing situation in northeast Asia, diplomats from both countries said.。

  中国领导人面临艰巨挑战 ::53 中国领导人面临艰巨挑战It's been a year of political transition. President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang, their first year in office has been one of sweeping rems and daunting challenges. They have aly left their mark through their policies aimed at changing the country. But change won't come easily.A onceinadecade change of guard at the top. Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang took over a country full of promise, but ridden with problems. The biggest challenge is from within the party, and that is where they began with a trip to the past. The central leadership paid tributes to the nation's founders at the National Museum. It is here that Xi Jinping announced his vision."One's fate is determined by his choice of path. Our choice is to revitalize the Chinese nation, that is our Chinese Dream," Xi said.The dream asks a change of style, which is simplicity. Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang launched a campaign against extravagence and waste. They reduced red tape, limited the use of government cars and allowed no banquets, no mooncakes and not even a gift card on the government's bill. The move was swift and important."It is important as it prepares the groundwork deeping rems," said Fu Jun from the Public Management School at Peking University.The top leaders led by example to make change happen. They travelled the country to whip up support their campaign, showed up at the grassroots to keep in touch with the base and asked their ministers and governors to do soul searching. Corrupt officials were brought down on an unprecedented scale. In a space of 00 days, 1 ministeriallevel officials have aly been sacked. The message from Xi Jinping and Li Keqing is clear: when they said they would deal with corrupt tigers, they meant it.Then, there is the substantive change. The top priority is to steer the country's economy away from its reliance on exports and investment. And the key is the redefinition of government."The government must be slimmer. It feels like cutting yourself. It hurts. But it is what the people want and the country needs," Premier Li Keqiang said.In order to do that, the government needs to step back and let the market step up. But that means they will have to challenge entrenched interest groups head on. They need a game changer moment. November , the CPC held a plenum to map out the rems the next decade."China is at a critical moment, they either make it or they don't," Fu Jun said.The slope will be steep and tough to negotiate: SOE rems, government slimdown, cleaner air and growing economy are all tricky challenges. To deliver change and maintain stablility is a great balancing act.They have put up a plan of rem, but that is the easy part. They will have to reset the target, regroup the bureaucracy and realign the interests, and that will be a real test of the leadership. It is now the second year into the administration, they still have time but they need to make the best of it.

  Two more attacks occurred in the Shi'ite bastion of Sadr City district in eastern Baghdad when one of the attacks took place by a boobytrapped motorcycle that targeted a crowd of construction workers gathering near an intersection in the district, the source added.


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