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The nearest modern equivalent I can think of to this is the ID card that everybody working in an office now has to wear round their necks to get past the security check. Its not immediately clear who was meant to these labels, whether theyre aimed at the gods of the afterlife or perhaps the servants that might not know their way around.我认为这物品最相当于现代社会的办公室里,大家都佩戴在脖子上通过安全检查时的工作身份牌。我们现在不能立刻知道究竟这标签是给谁看的,也许是来世中的神灵,也许是那些不认识自己国王的仆人们吧。The images themselves are made by scratching into the ivory and then rubbing a black resin into the incisions, so that you get a wonderful contrast between the black and the cream of the ivory. So, through this little ivory name tag, were immediately close to these first kings of Egypt; rulers around 3000 , of a new kind of civilisation that would produce some of the greatest monumental art and architecture ever.这些图像是先在这牙片上雕刻出来,然后再浸渍在黑色树脂里,使树脂渗进牙片的下凹处,于是就产生了美观而对比强烈的黑白图案。所以通过这小小的牙牌名片,我们马上与那些埃及早期的法老王们接近了距离,他们是公元前3000年左右一种新文明的统治者,那文明产生了人类史上一些最伟大的不朽艺术与建筑。Before the first pharaohs, Egypt was very much a country divided, split between the east-west Mediterranean-facing strip of the Delta in the north, and the north-south string of settlements along the river itself. With the Nile flooding every year, harvests were plentiful, so there was enough food for a rapidly growing population and there was still some surplus to trade with. But there was absolutely no extra fertile land beyond the flooding area.然而在早期法老王出现之前,埃及还是一个四分五裂的国家,分割成位于北方三角洲、面向地中海的东部西部地带,及沿着尼罗河的南北一长串的各个定居村落。随着尼罗河年年一涨一息的洪水,农作物年年丰收,所以撑了人口的持续增加,同时还有一些盈余可以进行贸易。So, inevitably, people fought over what land was available. Conflict followed conflict, with those from the Delta eventually being conquered by the people from the south and, just before 3000 , Egypt was united.然而在尼罗河每年洪水淹没不到的地方,却绝对没有肥沃的土壤,于是,不可避免的,人民开始争夺那片最有利用价值的土地。年复一年,连绵不断的冲突,最终三角洲一带的部落被业自南方的人所征了,于是古埃及大概于公元前3000年左右统一起来。201405/300936One of Japans arsenal cities was selected as the first atomic power日本的一个战时城市被选作投放原子弹的目标城市21 days after the New Mexico dress rehearsal,经过21天在新墨西哥州的军事演练a lone B-29 was over Hiroshima,一家B-29飞机盘旋在广岛市上空carrying an atomic bomb.这架飞机携带了一颗原子弹At 8:15 in the morning of August 6, Japanese time, the first atomic bomb hit an enemy target.日本时间8月6日上午8:15 第一颗原子弹投中目标The bomb was aimed to explode above 0 point.原子弹目标分毫不差From the instant of that first blast until Hiroshima vanished from the list of living cities,自第一声巨响直到广岛被摧毁the president delivered another ultimatum.美国总统又下了另外一个最后通牒Surrender or face complete destruction?投降或灭亡?Japanese ignored the ultimatum.日方对通牒置之不理It was evident that the atomic power to break the enemy must become a tale of two cities.事已至此 无需多言 另外一个城市必然要为原子弹付出代价Nagasaki was selected to become the target city No.2.长崎便成为第二个目标城市Exactly three days after Hiroshima,广岛原子弹后三天a B-29 set out for Nagasaki.又一架B-29出动了At 10:58, the morning of August 9,8月9日上午10:58the bomb was exploded above the city and in the towering mushroom,原子弹在长崎上空爆炸 巨大的蘑菇云中Japan could its doom.日本已是命数已尽This was more than a routine bombing,这种轰炸远非寻常it was the funeral pair of an aggressor nation.它是侵略国的丧钟The bomb had been purposely exploded high,原子弹有意被选在高出爆炸so that the greatest part of its radioactive material was dissipated in atmosphere这样其中的放射性物质可在大气中得到最大程度的挥发In order to force...为了促使Imperial Japan to surrender in WWII,日本投降the ed States of America美国committed the ultimate crime against humanity犯下了反人类的中级罪行by dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima投向广岛和and Nagasaki,长崎的原子弹killing a hundreds of thousands,涂炭生灵obliterating cities and contaminating environment.城市灰飞烟灭 环境受到核污染Thereafter,因此on September 2, 1945,在1945年9月2日the Empire of Japan finally surrendered日本帝国最终投降unconditionally.无条件投降Admiral Hirsch third fleet海军将领哈尔西上将第三舰队becomes the scene of the unforgettable ceremony见了历史上难忘的一刻marking the complete and formal surrender of Japan.日本在此正式、全面投降It is Sunday, September 2, 1945今天是1945年9月2日 星期日Cameramen and reporters of many countries recorded this historic moment.各国摄像师和记者汇聚于此 记录下这个历史时刻A war which entered its 8th terrible year in China,这场战争在中国持续了八年which has raised for 3 years and 9 months for America and Britain,也耗费了美国和英国三年零九个月的时间which was the brutal,这场残酷无情的战争costly eastern half of the most horrible world wide war in human history,牵涉到整个东半球 耗资巨大 史无前例is now within minutes of ending for good.如今已是寿命将尽201409/329448

HK chief: Ready to discuss electoral reform香港特首表示准备好讨论选举改革Hong Kongs Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying says authorities are y to hold talks with anyone on the issue of Hong Kongs electoral reform.香港特首梁振英表示就香港选举改革问题当局已准备好与任何个人或团体进行讨论。But the chief executive stressed that any proposed change must adhere to the Basic Law and the decision made by the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee.但梁表示任何改革都必须遵守《基本法》和全国人民代表大会常务委员会的决定。Speaking during a visit to Huizhou in Chinas southeastern Guangdong Province, Leung said that any reform that does not conform with the Basic Law and the NPC standing committees decision would be unrealistic.在访问中国东南部广东惠州时,特首表示不符合《基本法》和全国人大常委会决定的任何改革都是不可能实现。He pointed out that every societys electoral system must be created and amended in line with its constitutional document, which in Hong Kongs case is the Basic Law.他指出每一个社会选举制度的创建和修改都必须符合其宪法,而香港就是要贯彻基本法。201412/347050

视频出处:本影片片段来自《非洲》The rainwater, briefly held in Gorongosas swamp,雨水在戈龙戈萨沼泽稍作停留has now been enriched with silt and sand.流向下游时 泥沙含量逐渐增加All down this coast, sediment-laden rivers-沿东南海岸望去 泥沙满载的河流the Zambezi, the Limpopo, the Save赞比西河 林波波河 萨韦河drain back to the sea,逐一汇入大海and there they meet the Agulhas Current.并在这里与厄加勒斯暖流相汇And what happens to all that sand?那些沙子的命运又如何呢Over the millennia, the Agulhas has worked it历经数千年 厄加勒斯洋流已经into a complex underwater landscape.使之形成了复杂多变的水底景观This vast sand sculpture is the Bazaruto Archipelago,眼前广阔的沙丘地带就是巴扎鲁托群岛the oldest of its kind in the world.也是迄今存世最古老的同类地貌201404/284725摄影师菲尔amp;#8226;鲍杰展示了几张罕见的照片,是他拍摄的印度达兰萨拉山区里的人们,以及亚马逊厄瓜多尔地区的丛林。他的这些照片记录是为了能帮助保存这些濒危的文化。201409/325299Youre not exactly sure when that nerd in Accounting started thinking it would be okay to drop by your cubicle 15 times a day, but—Oh, no!—here he comes again!你不知道从何时起,公司那个怪人喜欢每天很多次故意从你的格子间旁经过。不,太糟糕了,他又来了!You Will Need你需要An annoying office suitor讨厌的办公室追求者And a steely resolve to get rid of him摆脱他的坚定决心Steps步骤STEP 1 Dont flirt back1.不要传递错误信号Make sure youre not sending mixed signals. If you originally thought you were just being friendly and now realize he might have gotten the wrong idea, change your behavior around him immediately.确保自己不要传递令人误会的信号。如果你原本认为自己只是友好的举动,现在却意识到他可能收到错误的信号,立即改变自己的行为。STEP 2 Play dumb2.装傻充愣Refuse to play along. If Smitten leers at you and says, ;Is it hot in here, or is it you?; say youll ask maintenance to check the air-conditioning unit.拒绝回应。如果他向你抛着媚眼说,“这里好热啊,你不觉得吗?”你就告诉他请维修工来修理空调。STEP 3 Dont play along3.不要回应Meet any attempts at humor with a stony stare. When he persists, look puzzled and say to your coworkers, ;Is he trying his flirting techniques on everybody or just me?;冷酷地回应他的任何幽默感。如果他坚持不懈,表现出迷惑的样子,对你的同事说,“他是不是想在每个同事身上练习调情技巧,还是就针对我一个人?”STEP 4 Use body language4.使用身体语言Use your body language to tell Smitten that his advances are unwelcome.使用身体语言告诉他,他的殷勤不受欢迎。When Smitten stops by to chat, answer all his questions with a ;yes; or a ;no; so there are lots of long, awkward silences.当他停下来跟你聊天时,用“是”或者“不是”来回答他的任何问题,这样就会出现长时间的令人尴尬的沉默。STEP 5 Hes not your type5.躲开Go out of your way to let him know exactly what your type is—and how he doesnt fit it.躲到旁边,让他知道你不喜欢他这种风格的人。STEP 6 Talk to his friend6.跟他的朋友谈话Innocently confirm with his best friend in the office that he doesnt like you. Say you hope youre imagining it, but you worry that he might be flirting with you—and of course that would be inappropriate and unwanted.故作天真地跟他在办公室内最好的朋友确认他不喜欢你。对他说,你希望如此,但是又担心他可能跟你调情——当然这是不合适的,是让人讨厌的。STEP 7 Tell him7.告诉他If he still cant get the hint, tell him kindly but firmly that his behavior makes you uncomfortable and you need him to treat you with more respect.如果他仍然得不到暗示,友好而坚定地告诉他,他的行为让你感到不舒,你希望他能对你多一点尊重。STEP 8 File a complaint8.投诉If Smitten persists, its time to file a complaint and let human resources or his supervisor deal with him.如果他仍然执迷不悟,投诉,让人力资源部门或主管来处理。According to one study, women who are flirtatious at work win fewer pay raises and promotions—and make less.根据一份调查,在工作中比较轻浮的女性获得的加薪机会和晋升机会都更少。视频听力译文由。201404/284713

Girl with a Pearl Earring at The Frick《戴珍珠耳环的少女》I studied art history in New York. And when I was a grad student, I spent a lot of time at The Frick. So I know what kind of a special place it is, and I also know that it has a lot in common with the Mauritshuis. The Mauritshuis is a museum that specializes, like no other, in Dutch paintings of the Golden Age, so I think roughly 1450 to 1750.我在纽约读艺术史。当我还是研究生时,我花很多时间在弗利克美术馆里。所以我知道这里是个一个怎样的特别之地,我同样也知道它和Mauritshuis美术馆有许多共同之处。Mauritshuis美术馆是一间与众不同、专门展出黄金时代的荷兰画作,我想大约在1450到1750年间。The Girl with a Pearl Earring was done at the height of that period in the 1660s. All of the other paintings in the exhibition date from roughly the same period from the 17th century, and they all come from Holland.《戴珍珠耳环的少女》是在1660年代那时期的颠峰完成的。展品中的所有其他画作可以追溯回大约17世纪的相同时期,它们全都来自荷兰。We know very little about Johannes Vermeer, actually. We piece together quite a lot of information out of olds, inventories, and legal documents, but that, of course, gives only a partial impression of who he was.我们对于强纳森·维梅尔知道的非常少,真的。我们拼凑很多从旧时代、财产清单、法律文件得到的资讯,但那,当然只给了他身分的部分印象。During his life, we dont know where he studied, where he learned his craft from. We know that he lived in Delft. We know that he painted very few paintings. We think he probably had one patron, the man who bought all of his paintings. We know he had a lot of kids. But we dont...really dont have any way of knowing who he was as a person.在他的人生中,我们不晓得他在哪里求学、他从哪学到他的技术。我们知道他住在Delft。我们知道他画过非常少的画。我们认为他可能有位老主顾,那个买下他所有画作的男子。我们知道他有很多孩子。但我们不...真的没有任何方式了解身为一个人他会是谁。The girl is very timeless and very iconic. And because of that, I think people find her extremely recognizable. Its been helped, of course, by Tracy Chevaliers novel, using the girl as a subject, as well as Peter Webbers film.这女孩是非常永恒、且非常经典的。因此,我认为人们会发现她非常容易认出。它受到,当然,崔西?雪佛兰写的小说的帮助,利用那女孩作为主题,还有彼得?韦伯的电影。And were actually using a lot of social media to promote her. We have been using various platforms—Facebook, Instagram. And we find that she is extremely accessible to a 21st century audience.我们实际上运用许多社交媒体宣传她。我们一直使用各种平台--Facebook、Instagram。我们发现她对二十一世纪的观众来说是非常平易近人的。We have no way of knowing who the model was, if there was a model. She is not a portrait. She is actually a tronie, so she is an idealized figure. And she is not meant to be linked to this specific personality, although many art historians have tried to give her one.我们没有办法知道那模特儿是谁,如果有个模特儿的话。她不是肖像画,她其实是幅脸部特写画像,所以她是个理想化的人物。她并非意图要与这个特定的性格有所连结,虽然许多艺术史学家都试着要给她一种性格。Shes been suggested to be Vermeers eldest daughter, who would have been actually a little bit too young at that time to really look like her. But I think thats part of her timeless appeal people want to connect with her in some way. And giving her a name, I think, makes them feel she is a little bit more real.有人提出她是维梅尔的大女儿,但她可能在当时确实有点太年轻而真的看起来不像她。但我认为那是她的那种永恒吸引力其中一部分,那是人们想要以某种方式和她有所连结的。我认为,给她一个名字让他们觉得她好像有点更加真实。But shes not meant to be real. When we look at her, we wonder, ;Who is she? Who is she turning around the face? How does she come across that enormous pearl that is dangling from her ear?; And we dont know, and these are things we cant possibly know.但她并非打算要成为真实的。当我们看着她,我们想知道:“她是谁?她对谁转过脸?她怎么发现那挂在她耳朵上的巨大珍珠?”我们都不晓得,而这些是我们不可能会知道的事情。And I think this is something you see in so many works by Vermeer. Another thing with the girl is the gaze. When you look at that gaze, she entrances us, and shes both a coed and a seductress, and shes also a wide-eyed innocent. So we really dont know how to interpret her and it keeps us looking.我认为这是你在维梅尔许多作品中会看到的东西。有关这女孩另一件事是那凝视。当你看着那凝视,她让我们出神,而她既是一位女大学生也是一位勾引男性的女人,她同样也是睁大眼睛的无辜女孩。所以我们确实不知道要怎么解读她,它持续让我们看着。201412/349074

Frida Kahlo: Self-portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird芙烈达·卡萝:卡萝戴荆棘和蜂鸟项链的自画像》Were so pleased to have Frida Kahlos self-portrait from 1940 back with us here in Austin. Over the last two decades, the self-portrait has traveled the world from New York to Australia, Paris to Barcelona, San Francisco, and right back here to Austin, Texas.我们很开心能让芙烈达·卡萝1940年的自画像回到我们身边在奥斯汀这。在过去二十年,这幅自画像游遍世界,从纽约到澳洲、巴黎到巴塞隆纳、旧金山、然后就回到德州奥斯汀这儿。Frida Kahlo, since Ive been here, has gone out, I think I had estimated, about 30 times. When we travel the Kahlo, she has a number of restrictions that are put on her. She always travels with a courier from the Ransom Center. If that entails airplane travel, which it generally does, she gets her own seat. She has her own traveling case. The security, of course, at the borrowing institution has to be very stringent. She is very important to the collection, she is a very high value item, and so she gets particular care.芙烈达·卡萝,自我到这以来,已经出去过,我想我估计,大约已有三十次。当我们运送卡萝时,她有加诸于她的几个限制规定。她总是让Ransom研究中心的运送员运送。如果那包含飞机旅行,通常都有包含,她有她自己的机位。她有她自己的行李箱。当然,在申借机构的保全必须要非常严谨。她对于收藏品来说是非常重要的、她是非常高价值的展品,所以她得到特别照顾。The role as a courier within the Frida Kahlo painting was to go to El Paso and pick up the painting. After loading the vehicle and preparing it for shipping and bringing home the masterpieces of the Ransom Center, we left El Paso at approximately 8:30 in the morning. The vehicle itself is also not advertising the fact that it is carrying a priceless cargo. Its a very unique truck. It also carries 300 gallons of diesel, so therefore we can drive more than 10 hours without ever stopping.身为芙烈达·卡萝画作运送员这角色是要前往艾尔帕索接那幅画。在将画放上车、并准备好运送并把这幅Ransom研究中心的杰作带回家后,我们在大约早上八点半时离开艾尔帕索。那车辆并没有宣扬它正载着一幅价值连城的货物这个事实。那是一台非常特殊的卡车。它同样也装有三百加仑的柴油,所以我们可以完全不用停下来驾驶超过十个小时。Once we arrived, the pieces were immediately brought to the fourth floor and locked. Once the Frida Kahlo painting is unwrapped, then Ken Grant comes in and assesses the work and makes a comparison with the condition report documents.当我们抵达时,那画作马上被带到四楼并锁住。当芙烈达·卡萝的画作拆封后, Ken Grant 进来并评估那作品,和画作状况报告文件做比对。The painting itself now is in extremely good condition. And there are only sort of residual condition issues with the painting itself that we make note of, but theyre stable. So theres some minor cracking in the paint. Of course, a painting of this age would probably have that sort of condition no matter what.画作本身现在处于极佳的状态。画作本身只有一点残留的状况问题,我们记下了,但它们是很稳定的。所以这幅画上有几个小小的裂痕。当然,这个岁数的画作不管怎样也许都会有这种状况。Frida Kahlos self-portrait is part of a series of works that she did in 1940. There were other self-portraits that she completed that year. What makes this particular work important is not only the subject matter in the work but also the context within which it was created.芙烈达·卡萝的自画像是她在1940年创作的一系列作品中其中一部分。有其他幅她在那一年完成的自画像。让这幅特殊作品这么重要的事情,不只是作品的题材,还有它被创作出来其中的背景。It is a wonderfully symbolically rich self-portrait, as well as a work that was created during an important crossroad in Frida Kahlos life. She had divorced with her husband, the muralist Diego Rivera in 1939, and she broke her love affair with the collector Nickolas Muray in 1940. Later on in 1940 Rivera and Kahlo remarried.那是完美富含象征性的自画像,也是一幅在芙烈达·卡萝人生中一个重要的转折点所创作出来的作品。她和丈夫壁画家Diego Rivera在1939年离婚,她还在1940年爆出了她和收藏家Nickolas Muray的绯闻。后来在1940年Rivera和Kahlo再婚。So there is quite a bit going on in her life as well as in the painting itself. And in that painting we see a variety of things: we see Frida Kahlo looking not necessarily at the viewer but out off in the distance as if she were in great or deep thought, the thorn necklace with its religious connotations, and certainly the animals and the flora and fauna of Mexico that surround her create this claustrophobic space.所以在她人生中以及在画作本身都有相当多的事件发生。在那幅画中我们看到各种东西:我们看到芙烈达·卡萝不一定只是看向观众,而是往远方看出去,好似她处于伟大、或是深沉的思考中、那带着宗教意涵的荆棘项链、以及当然环绕着她的动物与墨西哥动植物群产生这种幽闭恐惧的空间。The other works in the Kahlo collection include Diego y Yo, which is a wonderful drawing that was created within months after her marriage to Diego Rivera. It was created in California, where and when Rivera was working on his murals in San Francisco.卡萝藏品的其他作品包括《Diego和我》,那是她在嫁给Diego Rivera几个月中创作出的美妙画作。那是在加州所创作的,就在那时那地Rivera正在旧金山创作他的壁画。The other work in the collection, a still life from 1951, was essentially a work at the apex of her series of still lifes that she created, the last series of works that the artist created before she died in 1954.藏品中的另一个作品,一幅1951年的静物画,本质上是她创作的一系列静物画中的颠峰之作,那艺术家在她在1954年逝世前创作的最后一系列画作。I think were very fortunate to have three of her pieces here in the collection. So, you know, Im thrilled to be able to be around Kahlos and I think that the audience that comes to see her is going to be as well.我认为我们非常幸运在这儿能有她作品中的三幅画作。所以,你知道,我很兴奋能够围绕在Kahlos身旁,我认为前来观赏她的观众们也会很兴奋。While she only created less than 200 works over her lifetime, really had become at the time, and now is, a complete artist, someone who represents fully her country as well as established a place for herself in the traditions of modern art.虽然她在她一生中只有创作不超过两百幅的作品,但她确实在当时成为、现在也是,一位完完全全的艺术家,某个完整代表她的国家、并在现代艺术传统中建立她自己地位的艺术家。Its going to be wonderful. I mean, everybody loves to see this painting. So its gonna be great. I mean, Ill love to see her up. You know, I only get to see her laying on a table. So itll be good to see her installed the way shes supposed to be seen. So Frida would be happy.那会很棒的。我是说,每个人都喜欢看到这幅画。所以那会很棒的。我是说,我会很乐意去看她挂起来展出。你知道,我只能看到她放在桌上。所以去看用她应该被观赏的方式所装置的她会是很棒的。这样芙烈达会很开心的。201412/350662

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