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哈尔滨市第一人民医院妇科专家黑龙江省农垦总局总医院怎么样好吗It#39;s the latest hipster fad that forecasters predicted would be killed off in 2016.留胡须的风潮原本被预言将在2016年过去。But it looks like beards are here to stay for a bit longer.但现在看起来这股胡须风潮还要再刮一阵子。For more than half of the men in Glamour Magazine’s 100 Sexiest Men for 2017 have some form of facial hair.因为超半数入选《魅力》杂志2017年最性感百名男性的人都留着某种胡须。The poll, which included TV personalities, film stars, musicians, sportsmen and YouTubers, was voted for by 80,000 of the magazine’s ers showed they found men with beards more attractive.这一榜单的候选人包括电视名人、电影明星、音乐人、运动员和油管人,经该杂志8万读者投票选出,结果显示,人们认为留胡须的男性更有魅力。In the list, 63 of the 100 celebrity men all had some kind of facial hair.榜单中可以看到,入选的100位男星中有63位留着某种胡须。Jamie Dornan was awarded the top spot for a second time, having taken the accolade in 2015.詹米#8226;多南是第二次位居榜首,上一次他登顶榜单是在2015年。The Fifty Shades of Grey actor, 34, has previously spoken out about how much he hated himself without any facial fluff.曾主演《五十度灰》的詹米#8226;多南现年34岁,他曾经公开说过很讨厌自己没有胡须的样子。He said: ‘I hate my face without a beard, I swear to God I really hate it. I always think I look really young. I think when I’m clean shaven, I look like a thumb.’他说:“我讨厌自己脸上没胡须,我发誓我真的很讨厌。我一直觉得自己看起来挺显小的。如果我把自己的脸刮得很干净,我觉得自己看起来就像个大拇指。”And he’s not alone, Aidan Turner, who was placed at number two this year, also doesn’t shave when he’s not filming Poldark saying: ‘In my next role I want to grow a beard and put on loads of weight.’无独有偶,今年位居榜单第二的艾丹#8226;特纳在不拍英剧《波尔达克》的时候也不刮胡子。他表示:“下一个角色我希望能演个体型壮硕的大胡子。”In fact, in the top 10, only two of the stars were clean-shaven, Tom Hiddleston and Matt Bomer.事实上,前十名中只有两位男星是不留胡须的——汤姆#8226;希德勒斯顿和马特#8226;波莫。Throughout the list, there are a host of men who prefer to the ditch the razor including Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio, Prince Harry and Victoria star, Rufus Sewell.榜单中不爱刮胡子的男性不在少数,包括奥斯卡奖影帝莱昂纳多#8226;迪卡普里奥、哈里王子和参演英剧《维多利亚》的卢夫斯#8226;塞维尔。Adam Brady, Grooming Expert from Ruffians Barbers said the stigma around beards had disappeared.著名理发店Ruffians Barbers的造型师亚当#8226;布莱迪说,和胡子有关的耻辱感已经消失了。He said: #39;A few years ago, beards were seen as a sign of not being particular reputable.他说:“就在几年前,胡子还被看作是名声不太好的一种标志。”#39;Men with beards were seen as being dirty and unhygienic. But the stigma seems to have gone.“有胡子的男性被视为邋遢、不卫生。不过这种污名似乎已经远去了。”‘Men have got better at styling their beards. They no longer look overgrown, straggly and crusty.“如今男性更善于打理自己的胡子。他们的胡子不再是又硬又长、乱糟糟的了。”#39;There is also an abundance of products like beard oils, gels and creams so people can take care of them.“现在还有很多胡须护理品,如胡须油、胡须啫喱、胡须霜。”‘Men, not just celebrities take more pride in their appearance.“不仅是名人,普通男人也越来越为自己的形象而感到骄傲。”#39;It used to be seen as a negative for men to spend too much time papering themselves but that perception has changed.“过去男人花太多时间捯饬自己为人所不齿,但现在这种观念已经改变了。”‘A tidy well-kempt beard signals attractiveness plus more men have haircuts that complement their facial hair.’“整洁有型的胡须会令男人魅力倍增,现在更多男性会注意让自己的发型和胡须相匹配。” /201612/485880宾县中医医院专家电话 黑龙江省空军医院妇科预约

黑龙江中医药大学附属第二医院医生在线咨询China strictly controls the death penalty and employs it with prudence, said a white paper on judical protection of human rights issued on Monday.本周一发布的一份关于司法保护人权的白皮书指出,我国要严格控制和慎用死刑。The white paper, titled ;New Progress in the Judicial Protection of Human Rights in China,; said China#39;s stand on the death penalty is to ensure that it applies only to a very small number of extremely serious criminal offenders.这份名为《中国司法领域人权保障的新进展》的白皮书称,我国对死刑的态度是确保死刑只适用于极少数罪行极其严重的犯罪分子。In 2011, China adopted the Amendment (VIII) to the Criminal Law which abolished the death penalty for 13 economy-related, non-violent offenses.我国2011年通过的刑法修正案(八)取消了13个经济性非暴力犯罪的死刑。The Amendment (IX) to the Criminal Law, adopted in 2015, also reduced the number of crimes for capital punishment, abolishing the death penalty for nine areas of crime.2015年通过的刑法修正案(九)也减少了适用死刑的罪名,取消了9个领域犯罪的死刑。In death penalty cases, the defendant#39;s right to defense and other legitimate rights and interests are fully protected, as hearings are held for all death penalty cases of second instance, the white paper said.该白皮书指出,在死刑案件中充分保障被告人的辩护权和其他合法权益,实行死刑第二审案件全部开庭审理。When the Supreme People#39;s Court reviews a death penalty case, it focuses on interrogating the defendant in accordance with the law, and listening to opinions of the defense counsel.最高人民法院复核死刑案件注重依法讯问被告人,听取辩护律师的意见。It also said China took special actions against human trafficking and made important progress in combating trafficking in women and children.此外,该白皮书还提到,我国针对贩卖人口已经开展专项行动,并在打击贩卖妇女儿童犯罪中取得重要进展。 /201609/466425黑龙江第十医院有什么科 The rules of attraction are complicated, and sometimes it#39;s hard to discern if someone is interested in you or just sending mixed signals. However, a recent study found that men are more likely than women to misinterpret signs of sexual interest from potential romantic partners, especially attractive ones. And the more attractive a woman is, the more men will overestimate her interest in them.魅力的法则十分复杂,有时候很难分辨别人是对你有兴趣还是只是发送了让你混淆的信号。然而,最近的一项研究发现男性比女性更容易误解潜在伴侣发出的感兴趣信号,尤其是来自魅力十足的美女/帅哥时。美女的魅力越大,男性就越是高估她们对自己的兴趣。According to research published online in Psychonomic Bulletin, men may be projecting their own sexual interest onto women. This leads them to believe: ;I#39;m interested in her so she may be interested in me,; rather than base a woman#39;s potential interest on the emotional cues she#39;s sending, Ozy reported.《心理学公报》(Psychonomic Bulletin)网站上发布的一项研究表明:男性可能会将自己对异性的兴趣投射到女性身上。这就使得他们相信:;我对她很感兴趣,所以她也可能对我有意思,;而不是基于女性发出的情感提示来做出美女是否对他们有潜在兴趣,Ozy报道。For the study, the team showed 220 male and 276 female college students 130 full-body photos of women and asked the volunteers to rate the pictured women#39;s sexual interest from ;extremely rejecting; to ;extremely sexually interested,; Ozy reported. Half of the students were instructed to focus on the women#39;s emotional cues such as their facial expressions and body language to gauge their levels of sexual interest, while the other half were given no instruction. Volunteers were also asked to note how much women#39;s attractiveness, clothing style, and emotional cues influenced their ratings on her sexual interest.在研究中,研究团队给220名男大学生和276名女大学生展示了130张女性的全身照,并让自愿者评估照片中的女性对他们的兴趣,评估等级从;极度排斥;到;极度感兴趣;不等,Ozy报道称。其中,一半的学生被指导去关注女性的情感提示,比如她们的面部表情和肢体语言来衡量她们对自己的兴趣,而另一半学生则没有被指导。志愿者同时还被要求去注意这些女性的魅力程度、穿衣风格和情感提示对他们最终评估的影响。Results showed that female students were more likely than males to rely on emotional cues when gauging a woman#39;s sexual interest, while male students were more likely than females to focus on a woman#39;s attractiveness. What#39;s more, results revealed students who had more ;pro-rape; beliefs, (attitudes toward rape that tend to minimize of justify the crime), were most likely to rely heavily on clothing style and overall attractiveness.结果表明:在衡量女性对他们是否有兴趣时,女同学比男同学更注重情感提示,而男同学比女同学更注重女性的魅力。此外,研究揭示:更;持强奸;观点的同学(他们对强奸的态度倾向于最大程度的减轻犯罪行为),他们最为注重穿衣风格和整体魅力。Although these results were found in a study, they may translate to a real-world setting. In this case, study authors suggest these types of attitudes may be easily changed. Although men were more likely than women to base sexual interest on appearance, and more so if they had ;pro-rape; ideologies, the participants who were instructed to focus on emotional cues were less likely to make judgements based on clothing or looks. 尽管这些结果只来源于一项研究,但可以将其转化到现实世界中。在这种情况下,该研究的作者建议这些态度可能会轻易转变。尽管男性比女性更注重对方的外表,如果他们;持强奸;的观点,更是如此,但被指导去注重情感提示的受试者却不太可能基于穿着或长相来做出判断。译文属 /201704/506527哈尔滨市二院治疗不能怀孕

黑龙江省妇幼保健院能刷医保卡The use of satnav and smartphones for directions while driving is causing the nation to drive dangerously on UK roads, according to research from uSwitch.com.根据uSwitch.com的调查显示,开车时使用卫星导航系统和智能手机进行导航正在导致英国人在道路上危险驾驶。Some 78% of drivers are reliant on their satnav and smartphones for directions and advise them on the speed limit.约78%的驾驶员依赖卫星导航系统和智能手机指路、提供限速建议。Over half of drivers (56 per cent) conceded that they rely on their navigation system to inform them of the legal speed limit.超过一半的驾驶员(56%)承认,他们要依靠导航系统来通知他们法定时速限制。20% claim that their devices have caused them to drive dangerously, including going the wrong way down a one way street.20%的驾驶员称导航设备曾导致自己危险驾驶,包括在单行道上逆行。In addition, 16% of drivers keep their phone or satnav behind the steering wheel, on the passenger seat or near the gear stick.还有16%的驾驶员将手机或卫星导航系统放在方向盘后面、副驾驶座位上或变速杆附近。A combination of UK driver#39;s reliance on satnav or smartphones for the speed limit, the distracting location of the device and the potential phone handling that could incur, could land drivers with hefty fines.英国驾驶员依赖卫星导航系统或智能手机提示限速,设备放置位置使驾驶员分心以及由此带来的操作手机的可能性,这些因素综合在一起,可能让驾驶员面临高额罚金。 /201705/507498 Seoul#39;s city government is asking people for help to correct poorly translated street signs - with prizes on offer for those who spot the most errors.首尔市政府发动广大群众帮助纠正翻译质量低下的道路标志牌,发现错误最多的人将有奖励。It#39;s running a two-week campaign calling on Koreans and foreigners alike to keep their eyes peeled for mistakes in English, Japanese and Chinese text, the Korea Times reports.据《韩国时报》报道,该市正在进行为期两周的纠错活动,呼吁本国人和外国人擦亮眼睛发现英语、日语以及中文翻译的错误。There#39;s a particular focus on public transport signs, maps and information signs at historic sites, as part of a drive to improve the experience of foreign tourists in the South Korean capital. Anyone spotting a confusing or incorrect translation is being asked to snap a photo and report the details via email.该活动主要关注公共交通标志、地图以及历史遗迹的信息牌的翻译,希望以此提升外国游客在首尔的旅游体验。发现错误翻译后需要现场拍照并通过电子邮件通报给活动方。As an added incentive, the government is stumping up 1.6m won (,430) in gift vouchers, with the top error-spotter getting an ;award of excellence; and a 200,000 won voucher (0).首尔市政府专门拿出160万韩元(约合1430美元)的购物礼券作为奖励,发现错误最多者将获得“突出表现奖”,并得到20万韩元(约合180美元)的购物礼券。While the campaign#39;s promotional poster uses fairly innocuous typos as examples, the internet is awash with more amusing - and sometimes embarrassing - errors, particularly on tourist s. Earlier this year, South Korea#39;s government announced plans to crack down on baffling translations.该活动的宣传海报上用一些无伤大雅的拼写错误作为示例,网络上则涌现出大量令人捧腹,有时甚至有些尴尬的翻译错误,尤其是菜单翻译。今年早些时候,韩国政府曾经宣布要清除令人迷惑的菜单翻译。While Seoul is trying to adopt more visitor-friendly signage, its own tourism campaigns have run into language troubles in the past. Last year, ;I.Seoul.U; was chosen as a slogan to promote the city internationally, and was promptly mocked for making little sense in English.这边首尔市政府在努力提供游客友好型的公共标牌,而该市的旅游宣传活动却在去年遭遇了语言危机。去年,该市选择;I.Seoul.U;作为国际宣传口号,结果被取笑,称该口号不符合英语语法习惯。 /201609/468047哈尔滨市阳光是私立的吗哈尔滨医大二院做人流要多少钱



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