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英语日常口语 42:A raffle本单元是关于抽奖的对话Tim: We're on our way to Deutschland, Deutschland!Helen: Tim, what's got into you?Tim: The promise of two gorgeous, free world cup tickets, that's what! Alice: That's fantastic. Can I go with you, please? Tim: No, it's a boy thing ?Michal, y for action?Helen: Well that's just typical! You're such a sexist, old-fashioned bore Tim. What makes you think Alice and I don't want to see the match?Tim: Oh-oh. OK, anything to keep the peace. Sorry Michal.Michal: Don't worry. Helen, how should we decide who goes with Tim?Helen: Oh stop trying to get on my good side - it's not working. Tim: Well?Helen: There's only one fair way - a raffle.Tim: OK everyone's name in the hat then. Vocabulary:(词汇)the promise of something:(承诺)to guarantee that you will get something a match:(比赛)a game played between two teams (for example, tennis or football) a raffle:(抽奖)a competition where the winner is chosen at random or by chance (not on merit or skill)本单元的语言点是多个形容词做修饰语的顺序,情况下面英语里形容词排列的顺序Adjective orderHere are some rules about the order we put adjectives in 以下是英语里形容词排列的顺序Describing before classifying:(先描述后分类)Descriptive adjectives come before adjectives which classify or say what type of thing we are talking about Giving options before describing (先后描述)Adjectives which say what we think or feel about something or how we judge it usually come before descriptive adjectives Ordering of descriptive adjectives(描述性形容词的顺序)Although this order isn't completed fixed, we usually put descriptive adjectives in the following order:size, age, shape, colour, origin, material a little, old ladya young, fat, brown puppya petite, white, French, linen jacket Commas and 'and' with adjectives(用逗号还是用'and')We can put commas between adjectives, particularly if the list is long and gives similar sorts of information:an informative, interesting, interactive presentationa lovely, funny, light-hearted film We can put 'and' between the final two adjectives in a list depending on whether the list comes after a verb or is followed by a nounAfter a verb:She was tall, beautiful and smartThey were expensive, old and rareFollowed by a noun:A tall, beautiful womanExpensive, old, rare coins /200707/16046。

中级英语口语闪电速成[25] /200703/10779。

突破口语之独白(7):Tribute to New York City Firefighters颂歌献给纽约消防队员There are no words to express what we all feel for you and the courage you have shown in the face of unbearable loss. I salute you and your brothers and sisters who get up every day and go to work knowing that it may be the last. Who among us could imagine the sacrifice you would be asked to bear on that terrible day? Only you know how it is to continue every day in your struggle to clear away the rubble- both physical and emotional.没有语言能够表达我们对你们的感受,和你们脸上对那难以承受的损失所展现的勇气。我向你们及你们的兄弟们致敬,你们每天起早贪黑地工作,明白也许当天就是你们的末日。我们有谁能够想象在那可怕的一天你们所要求承担的牺牲?唯有你们自己知道,是怎样在一天一天的不断奋斗中,清除心灵与肉体的瓦砾。注解 :1) unbearable a. 不能忍受的2) salutev. 向……致敬3) sacrifice n. 牺牲,献出4) rubble  n. 碎石,瓦砾 /200708/16464。

第39课What seems to be the problem? 哪儿出毛病了?39.“烟”雾缭绕 (平遥古城) 修理东西 140. I''m here to fix the copier. 我是来修复印机的。 I''m here to fix the the cannon.我到这儿来修大炮来了。 句型 I''m here to fix the the... I''m here to fix the the computer.我到这儿来修计算机来了。 I''m here to fix the the telephone.我到这儿来修电话。 I''m here to fix the the toaster.我到这儿来修烤面包机。 141. What seems to be the problem? 哪儿出毛病了? 142. While you''re here, could you check the TV. 趁你还在这儿,能不能帮我检查一下电视。(Could you check the television ?)你希望修理工顺便帮你检查一下别的东西。 相关专题:洋话连篇视频教学 /200601/2946。

美国习惯用语-第20讲:Up in arms At arm's length 在美国人讲话时,或从书刊报纸上,你经常可以听到或见到一些由手臂,就是英文里的arms这个字组成的成语或俗语。有些习惯用语从字面上就可以很明显地了解它的意思,不需要解释。With open arms 就是一个很好的例子。当你听到一个朋友说: "My family received me with open arms when I came back from my trip to California." 很明显,这是说当你的朋友去加利福尼亚州后回家的时候,他家里的人都非常欢迎他。可是,有些习惯用语就不像with open arms这样容易理解了。比如说,什么是:Up in arms?这儿的arms不是指手臂了,而是指武器,如、炮、箭等。Up in arms的意思是起来进行武装斗争,或者非常愤怒,准备打架。我们来举个例子: 例句-1: "All us students are up in arms at the news the school is raising our tuition ten percent."这句话的意思是:“当我们学生听到学校要提高百分之十的学费时,我们都火冒三丈。” 下面我们要举的例子是一个国会议员在和一个同事谈论新的税收提案: 例句-2: "No way am I going to vote for a bill to raise income tax again. The voters back home are aly up in arms about how much the government takes out of their pay aly and I have to run for re-election this fall."这位议员说:“我绝不会投票持再次增加所得税的提案。我们州的选民对政府现在从他们工资里扣除的税的数量已经非常恼火了。而我今年还要竞选连任。”下面我们要讲的另一个由arms这个字组成的习惯用语是:At arm's length。Length在中文里的意思就是长短。At arm's length就是指和某人保持一定距离。下面这个例子是一个大学生在和他同宿舍的同学说话,请大家注意at arm's length 这个习惯用语在句子里是怎么用的: 例句-3: "I keep trying to get friendly with that lovely blonde who sits next to me in biology class. But she keeps me at arm's length."他说:“我一直设法和那个生物课坐在我旁边的金发姑娘接近。可是,她老是和我保持一定距离。” 在用at arm's length作为和谁保持一定距离的时候,一般都是这么说的:to keep someone at arm's length。 下面我们再来举一个例子。这是一个人在警告一个朋友不要和某人接近: 例句-4: "Let me warn you about this Smith fellow. He seems like a nice, friendly guy. But it's wise to keep him at arm's length. You get too friendly with him, and the first thing he'll do is ask to borrow money from you."这个人说:“我要警告你关于那个叫Smith的家伙。他看起来似乎很友好。但是,你最好还是和他保持一定距离。一旦你和他过于接近,他马上就会问你借钱。”今天我们介绍了两个和arms 有关的习惯用语。第一个是:Up in arms,这是指起来进行武装斗争,或者非常愤怒,准备打架。另一个是:At arm's length 或者To keep someone at arm's length,这是和某人保持一定距离的意思。 /200601/2975。

VOA流行美语 119: out to get someone / go to bat for someoneLarry和李华刚刚上完美国历史课,两人正在讨论上课的内容。今天李华会学到两个常用语: out to get someone和go to bat for someone.LL: Hey, Li Hua, did you notice how professor Smith kept asking Mary really hard questions? He really seemed out to get her.LH: 就是啊!我也在纳闷呢!Smith教授好象在故意刁难Mary,他问她的问题恐怕谁都答不出来。真是奇怪。Larry你说教授是out to get her,那是什么意思啊?LL: If a person is "out to get" someone else it means that he has a grudge against that person and wants to hurt or embarrass her.LH: 哼,out to get someone 就是故意让某人难堪,和他过不去。可是Smith 教授和Mary有什么过节,为什么要这样对她呢?LL: I heard that a student complained about Prof. Smith to the department chair. It's possible that she was the one who complained and now he's out to get her for it.LH: 你怀疑Mary在系主任那里表示对Smith教授不满,所以教授现在要整她?哎哟! 要是被教授盯上,故意和你过不去,那可惨了!LL: Yeah, I can imagine that it's stressful. I've never had a professor that was out to get me, but I had a classmate that was out to get me once.LH: 真的啊?你那个同学为什么和你过不去呢?LL: Well, I asked out the girl he liked and she went out with me. He was so angry that he was always sping rumors about me. He even told the girl that I had another girlfriendLH: 那可不能怪你呀!那个女孩愿意和你约会,他就算喜欢那女孩,也不应该散布中伤你的谣言嘛!那,那个女孩她相信那些谣言吗?LL: Of course not. She knew he was out to get me. Have you ever known anyone who was out to get you?LH: 我啊,我也有过这种不愉快的经验。我以前那个同屋常常会故意删掉别人给我的电话留言,特别是一些重要信息内。你说,这不是故意整我吗?LL: Yeah, she really had a grudge against you after you asked her to be quieter when she came home at night.LH: 就是啊!自从我让她晚上回来别声音太大以后,她老是跟我过不去。这种人真不讲理。******LH: 我真不敢相信Smith教授居然会当着全班面骂Mary笨!LL: But did you see how that other student went to bat for her? He told the professor that his behavior was unprofessional in front of everyone.LH: 对,那个男同学真是有男子汉大丈夫的气概。他站起来指责教授。可是这和bat有什么关系?Bat不是球棒的意思吗?LL: That term comes from baseball. If you go to bat for someone else it means you stand up for them and defend them.LH: 噢!Go to bat for someone就是替某人打抱不平,就像那个男同学替Mary出头,站起来批评Smith教授一样咯!LL: Exactly. Can you think of a time that someone went to bat for you?LH: 嗯,有一次我骑着自行车被一个开车的人撞上,那人还怪我,说是我的错。不是你跳出来帮我忙的吗!你怎么忘了呢?我记得你还叫了警察呢。You really went to bat for me.LL: Oh, that was nothing. I was just helping you out. I'm sure you would have gone to bat for me, too.LH: 那当然,朋友有难,我一定会拔刀相助,替你出头啊!哦!还有一次,一个女同学在考试的时候偷看我的考卷,还向教授说是我做弊呢。LL: Yeah, I remember that.LH: 你为我打抱不平,跑去和教授说你看到那个女孩偷看我的考卷。LL: Well, that was true. I did see her cheating.LH: Larry,我真的很感谢你噢! 你也有男子汉大丈夫的气概。LL:Thank you!今天李华学到两个常用语。第一个是out to get someone。意思是故意和某人过不去,让他为难、难堪。另一个常用语是go to bat for someone, 是替某人打抱不平,为人出头的意思。 /200602/3339。

Now, have any of yall ever looked up this word?好,你们中有谁查过这个单词?You know, in a dictionary? Yeah, thats what I thought.用字典?是的,我想也就这个样子。How about this word? Here, Ill show it to you.这个单词呢?看看解释:Lexicography: the practice of compiling dictionaries.Lexicography(字典学):编纂字典的活动。Notice -- were very specific -- that word ;compile.;注意,这是专用的说法,定义里用“编纂”这个词。The dictionary is not carved out of a piece of granite, out of a lump of rock. Its made up of lots of little bits.字典并不是从一大块岩石里凿出的花岗岩,而是由很多的小块小块合起来的。Its little discrete -- thats spelled D-I-S-C-R-E-T-E -- bits. And those bits are words.分离的,英语里边的串法是D-I-S-C-R-E-T-E——小块。我们这里说的小块就是指单词了。Now one of the perks of being a lexicographer --作为字典编纂者的好处--besides getting to come to TED -- is that you get to say really fun words, like lexicographical.除了有机会来 TED演讲以外,就是可以说很有趣的单词,例如,lexicographical,字典编纂学。Lexicographical has this great pattern: its called a double dactyl.这个词有一种很棒的押韵,“扬抑抑格”。And just by saying double dactyl, Ive sent the geek needle all the way into the red.只要说到“扬抑抑格”,古怪指数就可以飙升到红色警戒。But ;lexicographical; is the same pattern as ;higgledy-piggledy.;其实,lexicographical与 ;higgledy-piggledy;(“杂乱无章”的意思)有一样的押韵。Right? Its a fun word to say, and I get to say it a lot.对吧?这个词单发音就很好玩,我常常说它。Now, one of the non-perks of being a lexicographer同时,作为字典编纂者,一个让人郁闷的地方is that people dont usually have a kind of warm, fuzzy, snuggly image of the dictionary.是字典从来没有给人留下一个温暖,舒适的印象。Right? Nobody hugs their dictionaries.对吧?没有人会拥抱他们的字典。But what people really often think about the dictionary is, they think more like this.但是,其实人们通常对字典的看法是这样的。Just to let you know, I do not have a lexicographical whistle.告诉你一件事情,我没有什么纂字哨子,But people think that my job is to let the good words尽管大家认为我的工作是让所谓的好词make that difficult left-hand turn into the dictionary, and keep the bad words out.做一个有难度的左转拐入字典,而把所谓的坏词挡于门外。But the thing is, I dont want to be a traffic cop.问题是,我不想当交通警察。201704/502571。

You now have free preventive care, like mammograms and contraception.你现在拥有免费的预防保健,比如乳房X线检查和避。There are no more annual or lifetime limits on the essential care you receive.你获得的基本护理再也没有年度或者终身的限制。Women cant get charged more just for being a woman.妇女不会仅仅因为性别,再被要求付更多的费用。Young people can stay on a parents plan until they turn 26, and seniors get discounts on their prescriptions.年轻人能享有父母的计划,直到他们26岁。老年人可以在他们的处方药上获得优惠。Every American can rest free from the fear that one illness or accident will derail your dreams because每一个人可以自由地休息,免受一场疾病或者意外就将让梦想破灭的恐惧,因为discrimination against preexisting conditions is now illegal.对已经存在身体状况的歧视,现在是非法的。And since 2010, weve seen the slowest health care price growth in 50 years.自2010年开始,医疗保险价格的上涨在50年以来是最慢的。Whether or not you get insurance through the Affordable Care Act, thats the health care system as we now know it now.不管你是否通过平价医疗法案获得医保,我们知道,有一个医疗保险体系。Because our goal wasnt just to make sure more people have coverage因为我们的目标不仅仅是确保更多的人们获得医保覆盖it was to make sure that more people have better coverage.而是确保更多的人们获得更好的覆盖。Thats why we want to build on the progress weve made也因此,我们想在我们已经取得进展之上and Ive put forth a number of ideas for how to improve the Affordable Care Act.我提出一些想法,如何改善平价医疗法案。Now Republicans in Congress want to repeal the whole thing and start from scratch -- but trying to undo some of it could undo all of it.现在,国会的共和党人想废除所有这些,并从头开始--而且是尽力撤销一切可以撤销的。201612/484314。

It was that mission 这就是学校的使命Not just to educate men, but to cultivate good men, strong men, upright men它不仅是教授知识 还要培育善良 强大 正直的人That brought community leaders together要能将社区领袖聚集在一起Just two years after the end of the civil war在南北战争结束两年以后They assembled a list of 37 men, free blacks and freed slaves他们聚集了37名自由黑人和被解放的奴隶Who would make up the first prospective class of这些人就是第一届充满希望的学员What later became Morehouse college而学校最后演变为莫尔豪斯学院Most of those first students had a desire to become teachers and preachers 最初这些学生中大多数人都立志成为教室和牧师To better themselves so they could help others do the same他们想先完善自身 然后帮助其他相同遭遇的人A century and a half later, times have changed一个半世纪之后 时代变化了But the ;Morehouse mystique; still endures但莫尔豪斯传奇仍在延续Some of you probably came here from communities where everybody looked like you你们有些人可能来自周围人都和你们一样的社区Others may have come here in search of a community有些人可能来这里是为了寻找这样一个社群And I suspect that some of you probably felt a little bit of我猜 你们很多人在国王礼拜堂Culture shock the first time you came together as a class in kings chapel第一次作为一个班级聚集在一起时 都会倍感冲击All of a sudden, you werent the only high school sports captain突然间 你不再是唯一的高中体育队长You werent the only student council president你不再是唯一的学生会主席You were suddenly in a group of high achievers你突然来到了一群成就卓着者中间And that meant you were expected to do something more这意味着你们应该担负起更多使命201604/435617。

乐宁外教口语天天练No.66This new BMW is a "top of the line" model."Top of the line" 意指it is the best in its class.This new BMW is a "top of the line" model.这辆新的宝马汽车是最新型号。谢谢收听,明天继续^^ /200611/9621。