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Here's a clever Wheaties bag that will either inspire you to get in shape, or inspire you to carry a bag in front of you wherever you go. Wheaties公司(麦片粥生产商)很聪明,这样的袋子要么会激起你改善体形的欲望,要么就是激发你不论去哪里都想带上这个袋子的欲望。 /201104/133460Is it common knowledge that school doesn't prepare you well for the real world?Sure, you can get a good degree, find a well-paying job, work until you're in your 60s, and then retire to enjoy the life you've deferred for 40+ years. However, that may not prove to be a successful life, a secure life, a financially sound life. A lot will depend on your outlook and your goals but know this: School doesn't prepare you well for achieving wealth or becoming an entrepreneur and it downright fails at teaching you how to be rich.Nevertheless, school is here to stay. For now. Thus, it helps to identify which classes are the most relevant and helpful for those of us looking to become rich entrepreneurs. There are, in fact, several courses that contain critical information and instruction that, if used correctly, will put you on your path to riches.If you're in college, about to start college, or looking to take some classes, here is a list of college courses that could help make you rich. (I focused on college because (a) college provides the most variety in course selection, and (b) college is generally the time when individuals realize what they want to do with their lives.)AccountingAlthough this list is in no particular order, I think Accounting is, by far, the most important course to take if you want to succeed financially. Today's "credit crunch" illustrates that there are too many people who do not understand a balance sheet. Someone who walks into Best Buy and pays for a 47-inch plasma television with a credit card does not comprehend the difference between an asset and a liability.Learning the difference between assets and liabilities, as well as concepts like inventory and cash flow, is essential if you intend on keeping your finances in order. Moreover, these concepts are crucial if you want to start your own business. The health of a business is reflected in its balance sheet and financial statement. As those numbers go, so does the business. Accounting will help you understand that cash flow is what helps a business succeed, and it is what helps you as an individual succeed.MarketingIf you intend on making money from selling something (which, incidentally, is how any business makes money), then you need to learn how to find the right product. Marketing, in and of itself, is not selling. However, it helps you learn how to promote certain products and services. By taking Marketing, you can understand the process involved in figuring out what consumers want, focusing on a product that satisfies those desires, and the attempt at moving consumers toward that product.Too often, products fail because their creators didn't bother to learn whether a market existed for that product. This process involves research and time, but, in the end, it can save a business thousands, if not millions, of dollars. As an entrepreneur, it can also save you valuable time and money. Find the market first, and then develop the product.EconomicsI regret never taking Economics in college. Understanding the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services is essential if you want to take a big picture approach to business and investing. The current state of the U.S. economy is a combination of various factors (i.e., consumer over-spending, speculative real estate investing, fragile lending practices, a weakening dollar, low supply of oil, etc.).If you understand how the economy got to the point where it is today, it helps you identify where your money should be. You can pick out the right investments and turn away from the bad ones. You can identify which direction your business should go in, including whether to take advantage of certain trends or cut out excess inventory.Economics is a vital ingredient in a person's financial education. The world is now a global marketplace, and the supply and demand of goods and services operate at that level.FinanceIt's tax season, and several people you know are probably receiving refund checks in the mail from the Internal Revenue Service. If you're excited about receiving a refund check, you probably never took a finance course. Receiving a refund is a way for you to lose money. The government withheld money from your paychecks and held that money for a year without paying you any interest. It's like giving someone an interest-free loan. Thus, your money sat in the government's hand and lost value during that time.Finance helps you understand how the time value of money works and how various investment vehicles operate. One of the keys to becoming rich is comprehending how money works when it's not in your hands. A finance course (preferably one geared towards entrepreneurship) will teach you what you need to know to reach this level of understanding. There might be some math involved, but it won't kill you. It'll just make you a stronger and more savvy investor.Any American History CourseHistory can be boring. But if you look at history from a different viewpoint, it can open doors for you. The most valuable aspect of history is its ability to convey to us the mistakes of others. Studying history helps you learn from others mistakes so that, hopefully, you won't commit the same mistakes.American history is filled with mishaps, wrong turns, and terrible decision-making, both at the national political level and at the business level. Look at these errors, and figure out how a better decision could have been made. Then, apply that realization to today's world and to your own trajectory. How can you apply what you learned from these mistakes to your own entrepreneurial experiences?Writing and CompositionSucceeding as an entrepreneur requires that you be able to express yourself and your ideas. Whether it involves pitching an idea to an investor, writing a press release, or composing a business plan, entrepreneurs need to communicate. More often than not, this communication is done in writing. Basic composition and grammar skills can do wonders for your ability to convey your ideas and your mindset.Just glance around at the number of blogs across the Internet and you will see a lot of bad writing. It's an instant turnoff and preempts any evaluation of the content of your writing. Good writing, on the other hand, draws in a er, and it gives you a shot at selling someone on your content. In other words, it helps you get in the door.Any Literature CourseLiterature, like history, contains valuable lessons that emanate from years of experience and wisdom. Why not draw on these sources of information? There is no limit to the topics covered by novels. Ernest Hemingway's books are full of inspirational messages. Oscar Wilde provides brilliant business advice. Henry David Thoreau is the master of teaching self-reliance. These books and others provide timeless principles of personal development and, just as important, wealth creation.ManagementOne of the problems with "bosses" is that they don't know how to manage people. If you want to own and run a business, you need to manage that business effectively and efficiently. This process requires dealing and communicating with people and delegating tasks and decisions to employees. An understanding of management concepts and learning different techniques and skills will not only make you likable, but they will also help you make more money.-Robert /200807/43320学会了这些,能让你的生活更加的美好1) Make the choice to be happy. The biggest part of being happy is to simply make up your mind to be a happy person. It’s not about circumstances, it’s about choice.1)做一个快乐的人。快乐就是你下定决心做一个快乐的人!快不快乐不是环境说了算,你的选择决定你是否快乐。 2) Count your blessings every day. We all have blessings in our lives. Take the time each and everyday to appreciate yours, and your view of life will be one of gratitude.2)数数每天的幸运事。我们每个人一生当中都会有幸运的时候。当幸运来临时,尽情地享用它。同时,要学会感恩。你的态度决定你是否再次与幸运之神相遇! 3) Let go of negative thoughts. Don’t poison yourself by dwelling on negative thoughts. Your life reflects your dominate thought patterns, make yours positive.3)抛弃所有负面想法,不要让自己深陷其中。你的态度决定了你的生活。积极的态度就会带来积极的生活。 rewter读 4) Let go of negative people. Like it or not, your attitude is susceptible to the dominate attitude of those around you. If they are negative, let them go and don’t look back.4)不要与悲观消极的人为伍。不管你愿不愿意,人总是很容易受周围态度的影响。如果你身边的人是消极的,远离他们 5) Be considerate of others. Showing consideration is a way of honoring others. Most people will respond in kind. When you honor others, you honor yourself.5)关心体贴别人。关心体贴是对人的一种尊敬。大多数人也会报以相同的尊敬。所以,关心别人,就是在关心你自己。 /201101/123559"Taking all things together on a scale of one to 10, how happy would you say you are?"  “如果把一切因素考虑在内,从1到10划为十个等级,你会为自己的幸福程度打几分?”  With that question and global surveys, the folks at the World Database of Happiness have ranked the nations on a happiness scale.  世界国民幸福水平数据库的工作人员用这个问题在全世界范围进行调查,他们将各个国家根据其国民的幸福水平做出了排名。  The Netherlands is one of the world's rather happy countries, its industrial capital, Rotterdam, is home to the database, housed at Reassume University. Its director, Ruut Veenhoven, has made his life's work researching which nations are home to the happiest citizens.  荷兰就是世界上相当幸福的国家之一,世界国民幸福水平数据库就设在其工业中心鹿特丹的伊拉斯姆斯大学。数据库主管鲁特· 范荷文毕生都在研究哪个国家的人生活得最幸福。  Veenhoven's research shows that Scandinavian nations come out on top, making up five of the 13 happiest nations. Denmark tops the list as a whole——its citizens rank their average happiness as 8.2 on a 10-point scale. Switzerland's citizens closely trail the Danish, each reporting an average happiness level of 8.1, followed by Iceland (7.8).  范荷文的研究显示,北欧国家的人位居幸福前列,在13个最快乐的国家中,北欧就占了5个。丹麦的排名位居榜首——在10分制的评分中,丹麦人平均给自己的幸福水平打了8.2分。瑞士人紧随其后,给自己的幸福水平平均打到8.1分,接下来是冰岛(7.8分)。  Inspired by Veenhoven's rankings, former foreign correspondent for National Public Radio (and self-proclaimed grouch) Eric Weiner embarked on a quest to visit the happiest places on earth. In his book The Geography of Bliss: One Grump's Search for the Happiest Places in the World, Weiner immerses himself in the cultural fabric of the world's happiest countries to pinpoint exactly why residents of some countries, like Iceland and Switzerland, are so downright satisfied with their lives.  受到范荷文这个排名的启发,前美国国家公共广播电台驻外通讯记者埃里克?韦纳(他自称是个爱发牢骚的人)决定出发去走访世界上那些最快乐的地方。在他的书《天佑之地:一个牢骚鬼寻找世界上最快乐的地方》中,韦纳每到一个最快乐的国家,都会把自己沉浸在当地的文化中,找出究竟为什么像冰岛和瑞士这类国家的居民会对自己的生活如此心满意足。  The Swiss, Weiner discovered, are efficient and punctual, comparatively wealthy and face hardly any unemployment. Their streets, air and tap water are squeaky clean and chocolate is a national obsession. But Weiner saw no joy in their faces, and reasoned that perhaps it's better to live in this middle range than to vacillate between gleeful moments of elation and gut-wrenching spates of despair. Swiss happiness, he writes, is "more than mere contentment, but less than full-on joy".  韦纳发现,瑞士人做事很有效率、守时,比其他国家的人富裕,几乎不会遭遇失业。他们的街道、空气和自来水都干净得没话说,而且人人都酷爱巧克力。不过韦纳看不出瑞士人有任何喜形于色的表现,他觉得大概这种中庸平静的生活要比大喜大悲、起落无常要好。在他笔下,瑞士人的幸福是“满足却不满溢”。  Because the country is dark and cold, Weiner was initially skeptical about Iceland's ranking as one of the happiest nation in the world. He learned the small nation is quite literally a family; curiously, geneticists have found that all Icelandic citizens are related.  由于冰岛阴暗寒冷,韦纳先前对这个国家是世界上最快乐的国家之一感到很怀疑。他了解到这个小国家实际上是个大家族;奇怪的是,遗传学家们发现所有的冰岛人全都是亲戚。  Certain phrases in the Icelandic language, Weiner writes, are even more telling . When people greet each other, the phrase they use roughly translates to "come happy", and when people part, they utter the equivalent of "go happy". The country is a favorite stamping ground of artists and cultivates a creative spirit; the government supports writers with generous subsidies.  韦纳写道,冰岛语中的一些用语其实更能说明问题。冰岛人互相问候的话可以大致翻译成“高兴地来”,道别的时候他们也用与之相对庆的说法:“高兴地走”。艺术家们偏爱这个国家,也为这里培养出一种富于创造的精神,就连政府也为这里的作家提供丰厚的津贴。  Then just how does the ed States fit into this picture? "Happiness is there for the taking in America," Weiner writes. "You just need the willpower to find it, and enough cash." The surprising fact, though, is that America is not as happy——scoring 7.3 and ranking 17th in the database——as it is wealthy. U.S. residents are three times richer than they were in 1950, but the happiness ratings haven't shifted in the past decade. After Sept. 11, researchers found no significant decrease in measured levels of happiness.  那么美国的情形又是怎样的呢?“在美国,快乐唾手可得,”韦纳写道,“你只要有决心和足够多的钱就行了。”不过,让人惊讶的是,美国人虽然富有,实际上却并不那么快乐——他们给自己的幸福水平只打了7.3分,在数据库的排名中居第17位。美国人现在比1950年富裕了3倍,但在过去的十年中,他们的幸福指数却没有改变。在“9?11”事件以后,研究人员发现美国人的幸福水平也没有明显下降。  "Americans work longer hours and commute greater distances than virtually any other people in the world,“ Weiner writes, but "they remain profoundly optimistic." Two-thirds of Americans say they are hopeful about the future.  “美国人事实上比世界上任何其他国家的人都工作更长时间,花费在上下班途中的时间也更多,”韦纳写道,不过,“他们仍然由衷地感到乐观。”三分之二的美国人说他们对未来充满希望。  It's comforting, though, that most people in the world report being satisfied with their lives. "Virtually every country in the world scores somewhere between five and eight on a 10-point scale," Weiner writes. "There are a few exceptions ." So while, admittedly, those Scandinavians have it pretty good, the rest of us aren't too far behind. And that's something to be happy about.  而让人欣慰的是,世界上绝大多数的人都表示对自己的生活满意。“在10分制的评分系统中,世界上所有国家的人实际上打分都在5到8分之间,”韦纳写道,“只有很少数的例外。”所以,虽然无可否认的是那些北欧人生活得很好,但我们其他人过得也不错,光是这样就让人挺开心的。 /200812/584611.围巾----我永远爱你 2.杯子----一辈子 3.信----我想念你 1. Scarf ---- I will always love you2. Cups ---- Be together all life3. The letter ---- I miss you /200911/90103

《新娘大作战》中在两位女主人公结婚的当天,其中一位女主人公的父母送给另一个女主人公一样东西,是一个蓝色的小花头饰,这个小头饰象征着两个女孩儿过去一起走过的日子。这其中,隐含了一个美国的婚礼习俗,“something old,something new, something borrowed, something blue”如果结婚当天,新娘身上穿戴有这样几样东西,他们的婚礼就一定会幸福无比。something old 某样东西是旧的,象征着新娘的家庭和过去:Many brides wear a piece of family jewelry as their old item. Some brides wear the wedding dress worn by their mother or grandmother.If the bride purchased her wedding dress new, it may represent her new item, but any item that is new may be used. Something "new" is usually the easiest category to fill.something borrowed 某样东西是借来的,通常是指要从已婚的幸福夫妇那里踩踩气、借借光(Their happiness will rub off on you and bring lasting happiness to your marriage.)新娘以后也会向他们一样持家。Some brides borrow an item of clothing, a piece of jewelry, a handkerchief or perhaps a beaded purse.  something blue 某样东西是蓝色的,表示纯洁纯真的爱情(purity, fidelity and love),就像圣母玛利亚一直穿着的蓝色长袍一样。Over time this has changed from wearing a blue dress to wearing just a blue band around the bottom of the bride's wedding dress to modern times where it is commonplace for the bride to wear a blue garter.silver sixpence 最后要在左鞋子里放六便士的银币,表明财富与幸运会源源不断地到来。 /201104/133848

Ninety percent of Americans know that most of their compatriots are overweight, but just 40 percent believe themselves to be too fat, according to a study published on Tuesday.Government statistics show that more that 60 percent of the U.S. population is overweight, and half is obese, meaning they are at serious risk of health effects from their weight.But the Pew Research Center telephone survey of more than 2,000 adults found that many people overestimate how tall they are and underestimate how much they weigh--and thus do not rate themselves are overweight, even when they are."The survey finds that most Americans, including those who say they are overweight, agree that personal behavior--rather than genetic disposition or marketing by food companies--is the main reason people are overweight," Pew says in the report."In particular, the public says that a failure to get enough exercise is the most important reason, followed by a lack of willpower about what to eat. About half the public also says that the kinds of foods marketed at restaurants and grocery stores are a very important cause, and roughly a third say the same about the effect of genetics and heredity."And at least some people appear to have given up on dieting to control their weight, the survey found."One in four respondents in our survey say they are currently dieting, and roughly half (52 percent) say they have dieted at some point in their lives. In a poll taken 15 years ago, the percentage of adults who reported having ever dieted was slightly higher--57 percent," the report s.The adults polled were asked how tall they are and how much they weigh. Doctors and researchers around the world use a ration of height to weight called body mass index to calculate if someone is obese or overweight.The women reported they weighed a median of 150 pounds and had a median height of 5 feet five inches, which would put them just barely on the borderline of being overweight.But national statistics indicate that U.S. women in fact have a median weight of 155 pounds and are only 5 feet 4 inches tall, which puts them squarely into the overweight column."As for men, well, they give themselves even more phantom height than women do--two extra inches," the report s. "The self-reported median height of men in the Pew survey is 5 feet 11 inches, compared with 5 feet 9 inches in the government survey.""Virtually everyone agrees that a person's weight has an impact on the chances for a long and healthy life," the report s. "More than nine-in-ten (91 percent) believe that weight has an impact on attractiveness, either a little (35 percent) or a lot (56 percent)." /200812/59217

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