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听力参考文本:Theres all kinds of testing going on in Flint to try to figure out whats happening in the drinking water system. The state and the Environmental Protection Agency are each doing different kinds of tests.The EPA is about to launch a new kind of test. Its called a pipe rig.Mark Durno is an On-Scene Coordinator with the EPA. He says theyve hooked up four of these pipe rigs to test the treated water leaving the drinking water plant.;A pipe rig is a large apparatus thats tied into the effluent pipes coming from the drinking water treatment plant,; he says.Durno says the city will dig up some lead service lines, and then the EPA will put some of those lines in the pipe rig to test them.Phosphates are added to the water to coat the inside of the pipes. That should eventually keep the pipes from corroding, and keep lead out of the water (Flint didnt control for corrosion after switching to the Flint River in 2014, and lead leached out of the aging infrastructure and got into peoples drinking water).Durno says theyll use the pipe rig to see how well that protective layer is forming.;What the pipe rigs are established to do is actually give us real time water quality data coming off the plant. So well be monitoring concentrations of phosphate in the water, and well evaluate how well the pipes are getting coated with this phosphate material,; he says.He says the information they get from the tests will help them say when Flints water system is in better shape. Durno says theyll also have to evaluate the quality of the water at faucets in peoples homes.Flint Mayor Karen Weaver wants to remove all of the citys lead service lines. Thats expected to start later this week.But Durno says the EPA will still keep testing the water leaving the treatment plant.;Were working under the premise that there are service lines that are going to be in the ground for a long period of time. Now, if that changes and somehow funding is provided, and work is accomplished to rapidly remove lead service lines, that might change the game but theres no guarantees,; he says.He says he expects the testing to start in about three weeks.201603/429103The Liberal Democrats自由民主党They shall overcome他们必胜Facing electoral meltdown, why are the Lib Dems so cheerful?面对选举危机,自由民主党为何如此兴高采烈?THE Liberal Democrats have every reason to be miserable. Some recent polls of voting intention have put them on 6%, about a quarter of their support at the last election. The party has haemorrhaged voters to the Labour Party, as well as to its coalition partners the Conservatives, to the Green Party and even the right-wing UK Independence Party. Its backbone—local councillors—has crumbled. It is conceivable that the party will lose two-thirds of its 56 parliamentary seats at the general election, due to take place next May.自由民主党有充分的理由悲天悯人。最近选民意向的投票显示自由民主党仅获得了6%的持率,这是上次他们选举持率的四分之一。该党的选民已流失到工党、同盟友党保守党、绿党甚至右翼的英国独立党手中。它的主心骨—地方议员—已离破碎。可想而知,该党很可能将会在明年五月举行的大选中失去56个议会席位的三分之二。Yet at the partys autumn conference in Glasgow, which ended on October 8th, the mood was upbeat. Activists acknowledged the difficulties, but declared themselves game for the battle ahead. Hardly anyone criticised Nick Clegg, the partys leader since 2007 and deputy prime minister since 2010. Even Jeremy Browne, a former minister on the partys libertarian wing who is one of the most vocal malcontents, limited himself to anodyne grumbles about the partys lack of definition (and an apparent gibe at Mr Cleggs reluctance to be seen smoking in public).然而10月8号在格拉斯哥落幕的秋季会议上,自由民主党人的心情却是大好。活动家们认识到了种种困难,但宣称自己愿为接下来的战斗而奋发图强。几乎没有人责怪尼克·克莱格,他自2007年开始担任该党领袖,2010年开始担任副首相。即使是该党派的杰米里·布朗—这位直言不讳的自由主义派前大臣,也只是不痛不痒地抱怨该党缺乏明确的定位(并明显嘲笑克莱格不愿被发现在公共场合吸烟这一行为)。Why are the Lib Dems so calm? Any other major British party, facing half the rout that they will suffer next year, would be in meltdown. Circumstances are one explanation. Many unhappy members have left. Others are still buoyed by the thrill of being in government. “There is a sense that we matter,” gushed one conference delegate before hurrying off to a speaking engagement. It was plain to see: security scanners guarded the conference entrances, television crews prowled the corridors looking for interviewees, foreign diplomats sought panellists opinions at fringe events. After decades on the margins, Lib Dems still find this new and exciting.为什么自由民主党人能如此冷静呢?任何英国的主要政党,即便只会面对该党派明年五月将受到的一半打击,也会一蹶不振。政治大环境是一种解释。很多不满的党员离开了。另外的人仍因能呆在政府的兴奋而干劲十足。一位急急忙忙要赶去一个演讲的参会嘉宾匆忙地说:“我们感觉到自己是有点分量的。”这很显然易见:安全扫描器保卫着会议入口,电视报道组在走廊徘徊寻找被采访者,国外外交官在边缘话题上寻求着组委的意见。在边缘呆了几十年后,自由民主党人仍认为这很新奇且令人激动。And activists know it may not go away. It was helpful that the Conservatives and Labour spent their party conferences appealing to their traditional voters, argues Olly Grender, an influential Lib Dem peer. If neither party breaks out of its electoral strongholds, another hung parliament may beckon—and with it, another five years in which the Lib Dems, however diminished, could be kingmakers.活动家们知道这种境况可能不会消失。一个有影响力的自由民主党人欧利·格兰德说,保守党和工党利用党会来吸引传统的选民是件好事。如果两党都不超出自己的选举据点,另一个无多数议会就可能出现—这样一来,在另一个五年内无论自由民主党衰落到什么程度,都有拥立首相的可能。That prospect helps keep Mr Cleggs rivals from whipping up activists gripes into something more dangerous. Tim Farron, the darling of the left-leaning grass roots, is biding his time. Chris Huhne resigned as energy secretary in 2012 and later served a prison sentence for perverting the course of justice. Vince Cable, the business secretary, was linked to a couple of botched coup attempts but appears to have lost interest in the top job. At least until the election, Mr Clegg seems safe.这种前景避免了克莱格的对手们煽风点火将活动家们的抱怨说成更危险的事。左翼草根的宠儿蒂姆·法伦正在等待时机。克里斯·休恩于2012年辞去了能源大臣的职务,后因妨碍司法程序而入狱。商务大臣祈维信被牵连进了几次拙劣的政治阴谋,但似乎失去了对高职位的兴趣。至少在大选前,克莱格看起来是安全的。Still, only the partys distinctive traits fully account for its good mood. Compared with the Tories and Labour, the Lib Dem party is democratic and small. Its practice of voting on policy—members raising their conference passes in debates to indicate their views—releases pressure. And its size means that senior figures often know members personally, the better to keep them loyal. Knowing that the leaders care “cheers you up when youre out canvassing and only two people have turned up,” says Leola, an activist from Hampshire.不变的是,只有该党独特的特征才能完全解释它的好心情。与托利派和工党相比,自由民主党民主、规模小。它在政治投票上的实践(党员在辩论中举起会议通行来表达自己的观点)释放了压力。它的规模意味着高级官员与党员私交也很好,这有利于保党员的忠诚度。来自汉普郡的积极分子莱奥拉说,知道领导人关心自己“可以让你在外出拉票,即便只有两个人出现时依然精神振奋。”The party also has a long memory. Asked about its troubles, older members say they have seen it all before; at the 1989 European Parliament election the Lib Dems won 6% of the vote and no seats. Their ability to rebound is embodied by Paddy Ashdown, the leader who led the party back from the brink and today serves as a mixture of loyalist, high priest and party therapist. On October 7th at the Glee Club (a boozy singsong held every year at conference) the former special-forces captain led members in a rendition of “We Shall Overcome”, an old civil-rights song, a cardboard cut-out of Mr Clegg looking on.该党也有一段相当长的历史。在被问及该党面临的困境时,资格较老的党员说他们之前都见识过了。在1989年欧洲议会选举中自由民主党仅赢得了6%的选票,没有获得席位。阿什道恩展现了该党重振雄风的能力,这位领导人曾让该党绝地重生,现拥有保皇派、主教、党内治疗师多重身份。10月7号,在合唱团(每年会议期间举行的畅饮歌会)上,前特种部队队长带领队员演唱了《我们必胜》这一首民权老歌,还附有克莱格远眺的硬纸板图样。Sometimes the partys eccentricities embarrass its leaders. For example, they despaired when members backed a motion regretting that winning had become the “primary concern” in football. But those same eccentricities keep the membership loyal. Luckily for Mr Clegg, the “primary concern” for most Lib Dems is not the winning, but the taking part.有时候该党的古怪也让领导人们感到尴尬。举个例子,当党员们持一项惋惜输赢成为了足球的“核心关注点”的议案时,他们简直绝望了。但正是这些古怪之处保了党员们的忠诚。克莱格是幸运的,对于大多数自由民主党员来说,”核心关注点“不是胜利,而是参与。译者:王颖 校对:曾擎禹译文属译生译世 /201410/336051

Excellent show.Were gonna have a lot of fun tonight.节目很棒 我们今晚会很开心So much talk about big news about Mcdonalds.I dont know if you heard this.很多可聊 麦当劳有大新闻 不知道大家是否听说了McDonalds,theyve been going through a lot of changes.Theyve had their problems.麦当劳最近在经历不少变动 有些问题Their business is down too.他们的生意也不太好Well,Mcdonalds just announced that they are simplifying their to speed up service.麦当劳宣布 他们将简化菜单 以提高务速度 Thats the latest.Theyre gonna speed it up.Speed it up a lot.最新消息 提高务速度 大大提升务速度Thats why a Mcdonalds spokesperson said because our customers dont have much time left.被问及原因时 一名麦当劳发言人说 因为我们的客人也活不了多久了Thats the problem.Were on the clock.Theyre not sponsors.问题出在这里 赶时间啊 反正他们不是赞助商Ford,speaking of companies,ford just recalled almost one million cars for steering problems and because the doors fly open.福特 说道大公司 福特刚刚召回了近一百万辆汽车 调整驾驶问题和车门突然打开的问题Yeah,which explains chevrolets new slogan,嗯 怪不得雪佛兰的新标语是Ford just recalled almost one million cars for steering problems and because the doors fly open. 福特刚刚召回了一百万辆有驾驶问题和车门骤开问题的汽车Thats all they had to say.what does that even mean?and there are doors opening?他们光甩出这句就够了 那是什么意思啊 车门突然就开了吗I just have the doors open this way.In my mind doors opening like that.我刚刚比划车门往这边开 我心里车门是这样开的I dont think I said nobody opens a car like that since 1920.well,no.这样的车1920年之后就不出产了吧 是啊Well,youre used to sitting backwards in your limousine.Yeah,thats true.你一般都坐在豪车后座上 是啊In my stretch prom limo.I dont know if we have any comic book fans here but Marvel,settle down,nerds.我的加长毕业舞会豪车 不知道在座是否有漫画粉丝 漫威 冷静点 死书呆201607/454001

The wetter the summer, the more mosquitos youre likely to find outside.In hot, dry summers, like the summer we are having now, there are fewer mosquitoes. But the mosquitos that are around pose a greater threat. Thats because West Nile virus sps more easily in warm weather. This summer Michigan State University has predicted an outbreak of West Nile in Michigan.Ken Wuerfel is co-owner of the pest control company Mosquito Squad. Wuerfel says he doesnt usually get as many calls when its a hot, dry summer like this one.There arent as many mosquitoes out there. But while some species of mosquitoes suffer in the heat, the one that carries West Nile virus thrives.(Subscribe to the Stateside podcast on iTunes, Google Play, or with this RSS link)Its a hardy little mosquito called Culex pipiens and it likes urban areas with standing water. Wuerfel says they breed in everything from large retention ponds to the smallest pooling water you can find.;If you have a water bottle and you take the cap and give it a toss and it happens to land cup side up, that little bottle cap a mosquito could—if it filled with water—lay a raft of 300 eggs,; says Wuerfel.Its not just the army of Culex mosquitoes that makes summers like this bad for West Nile. Ned Walker researches mosquito-borne diseases at Michigan State University. He says the hot weather also helps the virus sp.;Mosquitos are animals. Theyre cold blooded, and so the warmer it is, the faster things happen,; says Walker. ;And mosquitos get the virus infection by feeding on infected birds and then once a mosquito has gotten a blood meal from an infected bird, the virus has to grow inside the body of the mosquito. And it grows faster when its warmer.;Every year Walkers team at MSU tries to predict West Nile outbreaks based on weather patterns. He says this season closely resembles the summer of 2012. That year we saw the most deaths from West Nile in U.S. history. Out of more than 5,000 cases, roughly 280 people died.Because the Culex mosquito likes urban areas, youre safer in the woods than you are in the city. In fact, Walker says most people probably get West Nile in their own homes. He nicknames Culex pipiens the ;Northern house mosquito.;;Its very good at sneaking into houses. For example, its common for people to leave a back door propped open if theyre say barbecuing on a back deck and theyll leave the door open. Or if they want their dog to be able to run in and out theyll just leave a door open or maybe open a window. Or perhaps the screens arent repaired properly and theres holes in screens. Things like that that allow those mosquitoes to come in doors,; says Walker.Walker says they also bite very late at night.;So its not the typical time people put on repellant. For example, I dont know anyone who puts on mosquito repellant right before they go to bed,; he says.So how do you fight such a stealthy, tough mosquito?Walker says the best way is through community-wide control.;You cant dump out an abandoned swimming pool and you cant empty out thousands of street catch basins, but you can treat them. And there are communities that have adopted programs like this,; he says.According to the Michigan Mosquito Control Association, only Bay, Midland, Saginaw, and Tuscola counties, and about 10 townships, have treatment programs.Tom Putt of the association says there used to be a lot more 10 years ago, but cities and towns dont have the money for that anymore.Ned Walker says the few municipalities that have mosquito programs are often the only ones that send MSU mosquitoes for testing. Walker says even high risk areas like Grand Rapids and Detroit dont report.;Unfortunately without good surveillance, we cant make strong statements about the risk, but we do have this forecast model and thats been reliable so far,; he says.Ken Wuerfel of the Mosquito Squad says there are some things you can do to keep Culex mosquitoes from breeding. Dump out any standing water in your yard, clean your gutters, and get rid of yard waste that could hold water. There are more tips from Mosquito Squad here.Blue jays and crows are often susceptible to the disease. So if you see a freshly dead crow or blue jay in your yard, call the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Disease Lab at 517-336-5030.Fortunately, according to the Centers for Disease Control, 70 to 80% of people who contract the virus dont have any symptoms.201607/45609920 years is hard period.20 years is hard in any relationship20年很艰难 任何一种关系维持20年都很艰难Much less living in the White House,Much less the stress and the pressures that you both have on you不管是入住白宫 还是你们肩上的压力And raising children,while adjust children I might add.I mean,thats gotta be抚养小孩 还有教育小孩 这一切Its quite a fit to live in the White House and make it 20,well,you werent there for 20 years.But thats,thats amazing入住白宫压力很大 而且坚持了20年 你们虽然没有入住白宫20年 但是很了不起Right,you know what you learn in any relationship,compromise.And if you really like the person that you are married to,which as stars任何一段关系中都要学会妥协 如果你很爱你的另一半 而且又是一个公众人物Thats why I say love at first sight that stuff is good for a second.But you really have to like and respect the person这就是为什么我说 一见钟情是短暂的 但是必须要爱 尊重你的另一半Because that gets you through the ups and downs.And in fact,living in the White House has brought all of us closer together因为这样才能克所有的困难 实际上 入住白宫让我们关系更亲密Because you know,when you are in such a pressure cooker.You really,you know,all the small stuff is meaningless因为处于这种高压环境中 所有的小事都可以忽略Uh,so weve become much closer as a couple and as a family throught it all,so.well,thats the true test,isnt it所以 我们关系更近了 不管是作为夫妻 还是家庭 我们都挺过来了 这才是真正的考验Now,does he pick up his socks?does he pick up his socks?Thats the question.He doesnt pick up his socks.Hes not good,you know,he think he is neat他会把袜子捡起来吗 会把袜子捡起来吗 这种问题 他不捡袜子 他觉得自己很整洁But he has people who help him.You know,and Im like,its not you that neat.Its the people who are.right.但那是因为有人帮他 我总说 不是你自己爱干净 帮你的人才是 确实是这样The people who pick your socks,those are the neat people.So he is not like that kind of unload neat,put up things,hang things,in a certain order那些给你捡袜子的人 那才爱干净 所以他不是那种把东西挂好 一切井井有条No,he likes it neat,but.But he doesnt do it.When we in Chicago,his idea of putting his suit away,was hanging it on the edge of the door不 他很喜欢整洁 但 但他不会去做 我们在芝加哥时 他挂衣都是挂在门边上So he would just have jackets on the edges of door.Its like,there is a hanger.Yeah,you know所以他的夹克都挂在门边上 那不是有个挂钩吗But,no,he isnt getting any points.You cant do everything right.You gotta have some flaws但是 这点真的不得分 人无完人 确实 肯定会有小缺点Were gonna take a break and were gonna talk about your new campaign and all kinds of things,keeping people moving.well be right back休息一会 然后讲一下你们的那个新活动 还有其他一些事情 让人们了解一下 马上回来 /201609/466759

Um, the dynamic between you two is just so much fun.你们俩之间的气场实在是太欢乐了Because you know I love you both individually and I just love watching you on camera你们两个人我都非常喜欢 我很喜欢看见你们俩在镜头前的样子regardless of anything, but the dynamic between you two is fantastic to watch.不论发生什么 你们的气场让人看了都觉得特别美好We laugh a lot.Not always.Id say you know, I found myself in the middle kind of refereeing sometimes.我们确实没少笑 也不一定哦 这个是吧 我总发现自己在中间做裁判its fantastic!By the way, you give a little bit of what he gives to me too.倒是感觉不错 说起来 你可没少跟他一起气我I,I had fun myself in the middle quite often yes.Wheres the camera?Next question.我在中间确实过得非常欢乐 看镜头 谈下一个话题It is, it is really fun on all levels to watch, in many ways.确实 你们会让所有人都感到快乐Um, alright, do we have another clip really? Watch on more clip.我们还有一段视频?那再看一段吧I told Jennifer about my favourite twins.I kind of remember them, yeah.我跟Jennifer讲了我最看好的那对双胞胎 我貌似是记得她俩They were so dote, these are my girls.Im fine with it.她俩太可爱了 我的好纸 我无所谓But lets just try to keep the integrity of the show together, not let our...反正就事论事就行了 别让我们的...Not what? say it.Talk, talk like you really talk to me.I just want them to stay professional.别什么 说啊 就按你跟我说话那么说 我就希望她们真有两把刷子Its great, Im telling you, its great.Alright多美好 我就说嘛 多美好 好了were gonna go away, when we come back we have a little something that you brought for the audience, right?Alright,well be back.我们稍事休息 一会儿你们要为观众送份礼物是吧 没错 好的 一会回来 /201605/440860

听力参考文本(文本与听力不全一致,敬请谅解):When you think about water pollution, you might think about massive sewer overflows, factory pollution or agricultural runoff. But theres another source of water pollution that might be in your backyard: septic systems that have failed.They pollute lakes and streams around the state – and in fact, around the country.Sean Hammond, deputy policy director for the Michigan Environmental Council, is calling for better rules for septic systems and inspections.;We are the only state in the country to not have a statewide septic code,; Hammond said.That means throughout most of Michigan, no one is inspecting septic systems once theyre in the ground. Only 11 counties have any sort of requirement, he said, while the states 72 other counties have none.At the same time, the state estimates that septic systems are failing at a rate of ten percent.When septic systems break, they can cause nutrient pollution, E. coli and other types of bacteria to find their way into groundwater and other waterways.This is especially problematic, Hammond said, because about half the state gets its water from groundwater.;Until we can get a registry and figure out where these septic systems even are, we really dont even know what the true risk is, even though we know its probably great,; Hammond said.He said House Bills 5732 and 5733 aim to establish a statewide septic code for Michigan.;Septics are the one place where we are behind the entire nation,; Hammond said. ;We are the last state to even consider adopting a statewide septic code. Every other state has one. And with our precious water resources, and 50% of our state getting their water from groundwater, we have to move forward on protecting those resources.;For the full conversation, listen above.201610/468600

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