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This is by far the longest I’ve ever been on a production. And uh… it started in August of 20… 2009, when Ang came over, and he… he asked uh… whether a digital character looks better or worse in stereo. And, we all kind of said, “We don’t know. So why don’t we give it a shot?”这是目前为止我所参与过最长的制作。而嗯…它从20…2009年八月开始,当时李安过来拜访,然后他…他问我…数字化的角色在三维效果下看起来会更好还是更差。然后,我们都大概是说:「我们不知道。所以为何不试试看呢?」So the… you know, the challenges for us were how to portray an ocean that’s as much a character as possible. And you know this is the first film in a while that’s really… right there in the ocean, non-stop for over 3/5 of the running time.所以…你知道的,我们的挑战就是如何尽可能地将海洋拟人化。你知道这是近期的第一部电影,有连续不断,超过五分之三的流程,真的…就在海洋之中进行拍摄。So we had to find the way to deal with the ocean and then the animals. Hmm… Even we did… even though we did use some practical tigers, there was no ways we’re putting… hmm… even the trained tiger on the life raft with the actual actor. Hmm… even on the tank, put it among this 26-foot boat would have uh… never flown with the insurance adjusters. So we had to make a digital tiger and make sure that it looked as real as the uh… back to back with the real thing.所以我们必须找出方法来处理海洋,接着是动物。嗯…我们甚至…虽然我们的确有使用一些真正的老虎,我们不可能有办法将…嗯…甚至是经过训练的老虎和真正的演员一起放在救生筏上。嗯..甚至是在储水池中拍摄,放在这26英呎长的船上也嗯…过不了保险专员那关。所以我们得做出一只数字老虎,并确保牠看起来像真的…依照实物绘制出来的。The whale breach — it has a slightly overcranked feel, a slight motion feel. And again to get that weight into that animal is… is tricky, and I think it works well. You know, for me, it was just really important that we could feel an animal weighing… tons of pounds. And that it was powerful enough to breach out of the water to that height, just to fit the drama and to make it spectacular.鲸鱼冲击–有些许高速摄影的感觉,慢动作的感觉。再次强调,将那样的重量感加在动物身上…是很需要技巧的,而我觉得它效果很好。你知道,对我而言,我们能够感受到动物重达…数千磅(1吨为2000磅)是非常重要的。而这力量强大,足以高高的破水而出,以使它符合戏剧性及壮观。We just pushed the height of the jump, and the whale comes out of the water completely, and it looks cool.我们只是提高跳跃的高度,让鲸鱼完全跳出水面,这看起来很酷。 /201301/220573

Q: I have been invited to what promises to be an incredible wedding by a friend from college.问题:我大学同学要结婚了,她邀请了我参加她隆重盛大的婚礼。I’m delighted that she still considers me close enough to be on the guest list and I really want to go. I want to show my appreciation and regard by dressing well and bringing a gift.我内心很感激她邀请我参加他的婚礼,说明我们的友谊很珍贵.我也想穿着得体的衣,并带上礼物去参加她的婚礼,以表达我对她婚礼的重视。This sounds awful, but I am worried about the expense, as I am skint. Attending involves travel and an overnight stay. I can’t turn up without a present, and the whole thing could come to 500 Euro, but I’m barely scraping by at the moment.我知道,这听起来糟透了,但是我现在就是个穷光蛋,我担心我负担不了去参加我朋友婚礼的开销.如果我要参加她的婚礼,我要负担车旅费以及住宿, 不仅如此,我还需要准备一份礼物.所有费用加起来估计要500欧左右(约人民币4000元),但我自己现在的生活也很艰难,几乎是勉强度日。I’m totally stressed out about this, so should I make an excuse and say I will be away?这件事让我很头痛,我想找个借口说那天我没空,不知道这样做合不合适。A Never let a lack of funds stop you from living life fully, especially when it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event like this. Maybe you are secretly a little embarrassed and insecure at having an unsettled life, while your friend is embarking on the seeming solidity of marriage with an expensive celebration.千万不要因为囊中羞涩影响了你拥抱生活中的美好事物权利, 特别是在这种生命中极为珍贵的时刻。你去参加你朋友的婚礼,在你内心深处可能觉得会有些许尴尬,毕竟你自己还在创业,生活并不稳定,而你的朋友走上了婚姻殿堂,正在开始她的幸福人生。If so, stop feeling sorry for yourself and think of the bride. What’s important to her is you. “These days, weddings are more intimate so people don’t invite you unless they really want you there,” says wedding planner Rosie Meleady. Couples know times are tough and, in Meleady’s experience, many write on their invitation: “Your presence is our present.”尽管如此,不要为自己暂时的不得意暗自叹息。想想你的朋友,在她婚礼上最重要的是什么?是你的出现啊。婚庆策划人罗西.米尼迪讲过“婚礼是与亲朋好友们重温旧情的日子,如果你被邀请,明你在男女主角的心里是有一席之位的”根据罗西女士的从业经验,新郎新娘们其实明白被邀请的嘉宾里,不是每个人都事事如意,所以,在准备请帖的时候,有许多准夫妻们会在自己的请帖上注明“您的到来是我们最珍贵的礼物”The top wedding gift is cash, and your friend won’t register whether you have given a stuffed envelope until after the honeymoon, when she sits down to write thank-you notes. So you can be the first in with a thank-you note to her, describing how wonderful the wedding was and including some photographs you have taken. At the bottom of the note, you can say: “I haven’t got you a present yet, but look forward to a surprise on your first anniversary.”最好的婚礼礼物是现金,你的朋友不会在婚礼上记住你有没有给她封红包,在她婚礼结束后,她可能会在给送过礼物的人写感谢卡的时候发现你没有送她礼物。所以,你可以在婚礼结束后及时给她写上一张感谢卡,告诉她你有多喜欢她的婚礼,并附上你在婚礼时拍的照片,在最后,你可以这样说“我没有忘记给你送上一份礼物,准备在你结婚一周年纪念年日上给你一个惊喜。”For wardrobe solutions, Facebook is your closet. People have dresses and shoes they are happy to lend.至于参加婚礼的行头,网络可以成为你的衣柜,很多人愿意把自己的衣和鞋子出租给需要的人。The simplest dress can be made wedding-y with borrowed accessories. Connect via Facebook with other invitees and ask for lifts and a space on someone’s floor. You can do all this for little or nothing if you think creatively.通过网络,你还可以借到漂亮的首饰来装扮你自己,让你看起来更有婚礼贵宾范儿。 联系其他被邀请者,看看是否有顺风车可以搭,同时,否问问是有机会成为谁的沙发客。总之只要有想法,你会花很少的钱办很多事的。 /201307/246137

Father: Oh, Jack, you have slept away the whole morning. Don#39;t you know you are wasting time?父亲:噢,杰克,你又睡了一上午。难道你不知道你这是在浪费时间吗?Jack: Yes, Dad. But I#39;ve saved you a meal, haven#39; I?杰克:我知道,爸爸。可我还给您节省了一顿饭呢,是不是?

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