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The Senate Armed Services Committee approved the nomination of Gen Lori Robinson to be the first female commander of the US Northern Command last Tuesday.上周二,美国参议院军事委员会通过了对上将洛丽·罗宾逊成为美军北方司令部首位女性指挥官的提名。Combatant chief is one of the most senior in the US military. The command is responsible for defending attacks against the homeland and protecting the US Southern border.战区司令是美军最高军职之一。北方司令部负责抵御对美国本土发动的袭击以及保护该国南部边境。Robinson is currently commander for the Pacific Air Forces and enrolled in the Air Force in 1982. She will replace Admiral Bill Gortney, who has had the position since 2014.罗宾逊1982年加入美国空军,现任美军太平洋司令部空军指挥官。她将接替2014年起担任北方司令部指挥官的海军上将比尔·戈特尼。;She is such an excellent member of our military, such a leader and someone of great integrity, and we#39;re so proud of her,; said Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte.共和党参议员凯利·艾约特表示:“罗宾逊是我们军队中非常优秀的一员,是一个领袖、一个伟大正直的人,我们都为他感到骄傲。”Robinson#39;s father said he couldn#39;t be more proud. ;I think it reflects that anyone can do anything they put their minds up to and don#39;t let supposed barriers stand in your way,; he said.此外,罗宾逊的父亲也表示,他实在是太骄傲了。他说:“我认为,这件事告诉我们,所有人都可以做到任何他们想要做的事情,不要让障碍拦住你前进的道路。”Robinson#39;s nomination will now go to the full Senate for approval.据悉,罗宾逊的提名现在将进入到整个参议院批准的阶段。 /201605/441098

For years you#39;ve wondered why you could never fully relate to other people your age.这么多年来,你可能一直在想,为什么你与同龄人总是有点格格不入。What about hookup culture is appealing? Why are girls showing their midriff in the winter? How are the horrendous things they play on the radio considered “good” music?比如,你不明白为什么约炮文化如此盛行?为什么女孩儿冬天还要穿露脐装?电台里那么难听的东西怎么能称之为“好”音乐?At times, you probably even refer to Millennials as if you#39;re not a part of the demographic yourself. The reason? You#39;re an old soul stuck in a twenty-something year-old#39;s body.有时你可能会把他们称为“千禧一代”——说的好像你自己不是其中一员似的。为什么会出现这种情况?因为你20几岁的身体内,住着一个成熟的灵魂。Here are some signs:迹象如下:1. You#39;d rather spend the night in your bed then out with your friends.你宁愿整晚窝在床上,也不愿跟朋友们出去嗨。2. You#39;re annoyed by all of the annoying teenagers who play their music way too loud.年轻人大声放着恼人的音乐,会让你烦的不得了。What#39;s the point in even wearing headphones?他们竟然还戴着耳机听,跟外放又有什么两样呢?3. Baking brings you great joy.你爱上了烘焙。4. You#39;ve secretly always wanted to join a knitting class.你心里一直偷偷想要加入一个编织培训班。5. Young amp; The Restless is your shit.《不安分的青春》这类剧不是你的菜。6. You enjoy walking for leisure.你喜欢散步休闲。7. You complete newspaper crossword puzzles everyday on your morning commute.在每天早晨的通勤路上,你会做完报纸的填字游戏。8. You despise the radio and listen to the oldies instead.你看不上电台音乐,而是找已经不再流行的音乐来听。Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, the Beatles…the list is far and great.路易斯·阿姆斯特朗、弗兰克·辛纳屈、披头士乐队……这种好听的音乐简直太多了。9. You refuse to text in acronyms.你发短信时不用略缩语。10. You#39;re always in some sort of pain for no apparent reason.身体某些部位经常会莫名其妙的出现疼痛。Your lower back, shoulders, baby toes, ankles, BASICALLY EVERYTHING.你的后腰、肩膀、小脚趾、脚踝,基本上全身都疼。11. Your knees crack when sitting down, standing up, walking up the stairs, walking down the stairs…当你坐下、站起、上楼、下楼的时候,你会听到膝盖发出咔擦的声音。12. There#39;s nothing more that you love than covering up.你不爱露肉。13. You frequently mishear the things that people say.你经常把别人说的话听错。14. You still hand-write your lecture notes.你仍然手写课堂笔记。15. House slippers, fuzzy socks, and snuggies make you smile.家里的拖鞋、毛绒袜子、保暖内衣,你喜欢的不得了。16. Your signature dance move is the Chicken Dance, The Lightbulb, or the YMCA.你标志性的舞步是小鸡舞、灯泡舞或YMCA舞。17. You think housework is therapeutic.家务能让你放松身心。18. If you do go out, 12AM is your designated “time to call an Uber home” time.如果你外出,半夜12点是你指定“该打辆优步回家了”的时刻。19. You have a serious passion for wine tasting.你对品红酒这事儿挺认真、有热情的。20. You take pride in your ever-growing book collection.你为自己不断增长的藏书而骄傲。21. You aren#39;t on social media.你不玩社交媒体。…partially because you#39;re technologically challenged.……一部分原因是因为你对科技之类的东西不太擅长。22. You need naps to function correctly.你需要靠午睡来恢复身体机能。23. You ask for practical gifts on Christmas.圣诞节你偏爱实用的礼物。Candles and knee-high socks excite you.蜡烛和齐膝长袜都好极啦。24. People your actual age exhaust you.同龄人好像都比你更有体力。 /201605/440501

We know you mean well and you#39;re just trying to make us feel better, but there are some things single women just wish they didn#39;t have to hear.  作为单身,虽然知道你是一片好心,你只是想安慰我们,但是有些话单身女性就是不愿意听到。  Stop saying things like...  不要再对她们说……  1. ;Why are you still single?;  “你怎么还单着?”  Are you asking me to tell you a deep, hidden flaw that drives men away when they get to know me well enough? Are you asking me to retrace my steps through past relationships and find the mistake I made that thwarted a walk down the aisle? Or are you asking me this question because you think I#39;ve never asked it of myself?  你是不是想问我,我身上有什么深藏的隐秘缺陷,以至于对方一旦了解我,就会赶紧躲开?或者你是不是想让我回顾一遍我过去的恋爱史,找到自己曾经犯下的错误,搞清我是如何一步步走向单身的深渊的?或者你是不是认为,我从来没有问过自己这个问题,所以你才要来问问我?  2. ;He#39;s missing out.;  “离开你是他的损失。”  This sentence has never made me feel better. Not even for a single second. I always want to say, ;I don#39;t care if he#39;s missing out. I#39;m missing out right now.;  这句话从来不曾安慰我。一秒钟也没有过。我常常想说,“我不在乎他有没有损失。我现在就感觉很失落。”  For now, I#39;m the one who no longer has a plus-one for the wedding next month or a date to the symphony or a vacation buddy or a dinner partner or someone to have intimate conversations with.  眼下我才是单身的那个人,下个月同事的婚礼上不再有家属可以带去,去听音乐会的时候没有同伴,去度假的时候没有同游者,去吃饭的时候也没有可以说体己话的人了。  3. ;Your biological clock must be ticking.;  “你的时间不多了。”  For the love of everything holy. I am neither a clock nor a time bomb. Anyhow,why is it any of your business?  天啊,上帝啊,娘亲啊,我要么是一个时钟,要么是一个定时炸弹,不过话说回来,我是什么东西管你什么事呢?  4. ;You#39;re too picky.;  “你就是太挑了。”  This usually comes from people who don#39;t know me well at all, have no idea what I#39;m looking for in a potential marriage partner and have never met anyone I#39;ve dated.  说这种话的人一般对我并不熟悉,也不知道我在一段通向婚姻的感情中想要的是什么,也没见过任何一位我的前任。  The fact that two people are both single do not make them perfect for each other. There are lots of other variables that factor into the equation.  两个人都单身并不意味着他们就是对方的完美情人,在这个等式中还有许许多多其他的不可控变量。  5. ;You#39;ve gotta get out there more.;  “你应该多出去走走。”  I have attended college, church, conferences, blind dates, speed-dating events and singles mixers. I#39;ve signed up for several online dating sites. I went on more first dates last year than most people will go on in a lifetime.  我上过大学,去过教堂,相过亲,甚至参与过闪速相亲和单身联谊会。我在好几个在线相亲网站上注册了会员。  Please don#39;t imply (or explicitly state) that the reason I#39;m single is because I#39;m not trying hard enough.  请不要暗示(或者明示)我,我之所以还单身,是因为我还不够努力。 /201604/436042

1. The Wall Sit-N-Read贴墙N字坐姿阅读法How it works: Assume the sitting position on a wall of your choice. Continue to do this until you finish one chapter. Sitting on the couch and ing IS comfy, but this way you will FEEL THE BURN!!!!怎么做:找一面墙,背靠着摆好坐姿。一直保持这个姿势直到读完一章。坐沙发上看书确实很舒,但靠墙坐你会觉得身体在燃烧!!!!2. Page-Turner Push-Ups翻页式俯卧撑How it works: Place an open book on the floor. Proceed to complete push-ups while ing as many pages as you can. This also will test how well you are at multitasking.怎么做:在地上放本打开的书。一边尽可能地多看几页一边坚持完成俯卧撑动作。这也可以检验你是否擅长处理多重任务。3. Trilogy Tricep Reps三部曲肱三头肌训练法How it works: Grab two books from a trilogy of your choice in each hand. Prop the third book in front of you for entertainment, then proceed to complete your desired amount of reps. You’ll be able to finish a book in NO time.怎么做:从三本书里选两本书抓在手上,一手一本。把第三本书在面前阅读,设定好一组动作的时间,然后坚持做下去。你会发现一本书一眨眼就看完了。4. Character Kicks角色背诵踢腿法How it works: Place a closed book on the floor in front of you — something you’ve before. Then recite as many characters from the book as you can while completing leg kickbacks for each leg. Hopefully you’re good with names!怎么做:放一本合上的书在面前的地板上——书是你之前看过的。然后两条腿轮流做后踢动作,同时背书中人物的名字,越多越好。但愿你是个记人名的好手!5. Literary Lunges文学弓步法How it works: Grab two books of equal weight in each hand. Using the books as weights, lunge across an open room until you’ve completed your desired set. Bonus points if you use encyclopedias.怎么做:一手拿一本重量相等的书。把书当做平衡砝码,在一间开阔的屋子里蹲弓步,直到你完成一组设定的动作。如果你拿的是百科全书则可加分。6. Page Planks书页平板撑法How it works: Assume the plank position with your book placed directly under you. Hold your plank until you#39;ve successfully finished an entire page. Time flies when you#39;re ing a good book!!怎么做:摆好平板撑的动作,下面放本书。坚持做,直到成功看完一整页。读一本好书的话你会感觉时间过得飞快!!7. Curls章节哑铃弯举法How it works: TIME TO TEST YOUR ENDURANCE. Using two books as dumbbells, bring them to your chest. Repeat until you’ve completed the number of chapters in the book your currently ing.怎么做:检验你忍耐力的时刻到了。拿两本书当作哑铃举到胸前。重复这项动作,直到看完你正在看的章节。8. Reading Marathon Leg Raises持久抬腿阅读法How it works: Lying on your side, move your leg up and down in a motion that resembles cutting with a pair of scissors. Repeat until you finish an entire chapter. (Or an entire book, if you#39;re really ambitious.)怎么做:侧身躺下,一条腿上下抬举,就像剪子在剪东西。重复直至你看完一整个章节。(如果你很有雄心,可以读完一整本书。)9. Fat Stack Crunches书堆仰卧卷腹法How it works: Place an enormous stack of books in front of you. Begin your crunches, grabbing a book from the pile for each one you do. Repeat until you#39;ve grabbed the entire pile. This might just make crunches more entertaining.怎么做:面前摆上厚厚的一摞书。开始做仰卧卷腹,每做一个就从书堆上拿一本书。重复动作直至你拿完一整摞书。这也许会使仰卧卷腹变得更有趣。10. Series Squats书名深蹲法How it works: Stand in front of your bookshelf and begin doing squats. Stop when you#39;ve properly named all the titles of every series on your shelf. You#39;ll be a squat master in no time.怎么做:站在书架前,开始做深蹲。然后说书架上所有书的书名,都说对了就可以停下。过不多时你就会成为深蹲大师。11. The Cooldown静止看书法How it works: Lie flat on your back. Hold the book above your head and until your arms are sore.怎么做:平躺下,仰卧。把书举到头部上方看,直到胳膊酸痛。 /201606/447128

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