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Greetings, alumni, graduates, families, and friends. It is such a pleasure to see you all here and offer congratulations on this day of celebration. I am in the unenviable role of warm-up act for one of the greatest storytellers of our – or any other – time. Nevertheless, my assignment is to offer a few reflections on this magnificent institution at this moment in its history. And what a moment it is!From comments of astonished pundits on television, in print, and online, to conversations with bewildered friends and colleagues, the question seems unavoidable and mesmerizing: What is going on? What is happening to the world? The tumultuous state of American politics, spotlighted in this contentious presidential contest; the political challenges around the globe from Brazil to Brexit; the Middle East in flames; a refugee crisis in Europe; terrorists exploiting new media to perform chilling acts of brutality and murder; climate-related famine in Africa and fires in Canada. It is as if we are being visited by the horsemen of the apocalypse with war, famine, natural disaster and, yes, even pestilence – as Zika sps, aided by political controversy and paralysis.As extraordinary as these times may seem to us, Harvard reminds us we have been here before. It is in some ways reassuring at this 365th Commencement to recall all that Harvard has endured over centuries. A number of these festival rites took place under clouds of war; others in times of financial crisis and despair; still others in face of epidemics – from smallpox in the 17th century to the devastating flu of 1918 to the H1N1 virus just a few years ago. Harvard has not just survived these challenges, but has helped to confront them. We sing in our alma mater about ;Calm rising through change and through storm.; What does that mean for todays crises? Where do universities fit in this threatening mix? What can we do? What should we do? What must we do?We are gathered today in Tercentenary Theatre, with Widener Library and Memorial Church standing before and behind us, enduring symbols of Harvards larger identity and purposes, testaments to what universities do and believe at a time when we have never needed them more. And much is at stake, for us and for the world.We look at Widener Library and see a great edifice, a backdrop of giant columns where photos are taken and 27 steps are worn down ever so slightly by the feet of a century of students and scholars. We also see a repository of learning, with 57 miles of shelving at the heart of a library system of some 17 million books, a monument to reason and knowledge, to the collection and preservation of the widest possible range of beliefs, and experiences, and facts that fuel free inquiry and our constantly evolving understanding. A vehicle for Veritas – for exploring the path to truth wherever it may lead. A tribute to the belief that knowledge matters, that facts matter – in the present moment, as a basis for the informed decisions of individuals, societies, and nations; and for the future, as the basis for new insight. As James Madison wrote in 1822, ;a people who mean to be their own Governors, must arm themselves with the power that knowledge gives.; Or as early 20th-century civil rights activist Nannie Helen Burroughs put it, ;education is democracys life insurance.;Evidence, reason, facts, logic, an understanding of history and of science. The ability to know, as former dean Jeremy Knowles used to put it, ;when someone is talking rot.; These are the bedrock of education, and of an informed citizenry with the capacity to lead, to explore, to invent. Yet this commitment to reason and truth – to their pursuit and preeminence – seems increasingly a minority viewpoint. In a recent column, George Will deplored the nations evident abandonment of what he called ;the reality principle – the need to assess and adapt to facts.; Universities are defined by this principle. We produce a y stream of evidence and insights, many with potential to create a better world.So what are our obligations when we see our fundamental purpose under siege, our reason for being discounted and undermined? First, we must maintain an unwavering dedication to rigorous assessment and debate within our own walls. We must be unassailable in our insistence that ideas most fully thrive and grow when they are open to challenge. Truth cannot simply be claimed; it must be established – even when that process is uncomfortable. Universities do not just store facts; they teach us how to evaluate, test, challenge, and refine them. Only if we ourselves model a commitment to fact over what Stephen Colbert so memorably labeled as ;truthiness; (and he also actually sometimes called it ;Veritasiness!;), only then can we credibly call for adherence to such standards in public life and in a wider world.We must model this commitment for our students, as we educate them to embrace these principles – in their work here and in the lives they will lead as citizens and leaders of national and international life. We must support and sustain fact and reason beyond our walls as well. And we must do still more.Facing Widener stands Memorial Church. Built in the aftermath of World War I, it was intended to honor and memorialize responsibility – not just the quality of men and womens thoughts, but, as my predecessor James Conant put it, ;the radiance of their deeds.; The more than 1,100 Harvard and Radcliffe students, faculty, and alumni whose names are engraved on its walls gave their lives in service to their country, because they believed that some things had greater value than their own individual lives. I juxtapose Widener Library and Memorial Church today because we need the qualities that both represent, because I believe that reason and knowledge must be inflected with values, and that those of us who are privileged to be part of this community of learning bear consequent responsibilities.Now, it may surprise some of you to hear that this is not an uncontroversial assertion. For this mornings ceremony, I wore the traditional Harvard presidential robe – styled on the garment of a Puritan minister and reminding us of Harvards origins. Values were an integral part of the defining purpose of the early years of Harvard College, created to educate a learned ministry. Up until the end of the 1800s, most American college presidents taught a course on moral philosophy to graduating students. But with the rise of the research university in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, moral and ethical purposes came to be seen as at odds with the scientific thinking transforming higher education.But in todays world, I believe it is dangerous for universities not to fully acknowledge and embrace their responsibilities to values and to service as well as to reason and discovery. There is no value-free science. There is no algorithm that writes itself. The questions we choose to ask and the research we decide to support; the standards of integrity we expect of our colleagues and students; the community we build and the model we offer: All of this is central to who we are.We can see these values clearly in the choices and passions of our faculty and students: in the motto of Harvard Business School, which you heard this morning uttered by the dean, the commitment to make ;a difference in the world.; Most of the University would ily embrace this sentiment. In the enthusiasm of students and faculty, we see it as well. From across the University – graduate, professional, and hundreds of undergraduates – we see a remarkable enthusiasm, for example, for the field of global health because it unites the power of knowledge and science with a deeply-felt desire to do good in the world – to lead lives of meaning and purpose. This spirit animates not just global health but so much of all we do. Harvard is and must be a community of idealists. And today, we send thousands of you – doctors, lawyers, teachers, artists, philosophers, business people, epidemiologists, public servants – into the world.For our youngest students, those just beginning to shape their adult lives, those who today received what the ritual language of Commencement calls ;their first degree,; for them, these questions of values and responsibility take on particular salience. Harvard College is a residential community of learning with a goal, in the words of its dean, of personal and social as well as intellectual transformation. Bringing students of diverse backgrounds to live together and learn from one another enacts that commitment, as we work to transform diversity into belonging. In a world divided by difference, we at Harvard strive to be united by it. In myriad ways we challenge our students to be individuals of character as well as of learning. We seek to establish standards for the College community that advance our institutional purposes and values. We seek to educate people, not just minds; our highest aspiration is not just knowledge, but wisdom.Reason and responsibility. Widener and Memorial Church. Harvard and the world. We have a very special obligation in a very difficult time. May we and the students we send forth today embrace it. Thank you very much.201606/451467美国成语俗语教程录音 Lesson11-20暂无文本 /200606/7802However, that is simply not enough.但是,这完全不够。And I think what Herbie said-please listen, listen.我在想Herbie的话,请听一听。We have to listen to ourselves, first of all.首先,我们必须聆听我们自己。If I play, for example, holding the stick-where literally I do not let go of the stick youll experience quite a lot of shock coming up through the arm.举个例子,当我拿着鼓棒,事实上我没有松开它,你能通过手臂感受到强烈的震动。And you feel really quite-believe it or not detached from the instrument and from the stick,even though Im actually holding the stick quite tightly.你会确确实实地感受到,信不信由你,与乐器本身以及鼓棒是分离的,然而事实上,我正紧紧的握着鼓棒。By holding it tightly, I feel strangely more detached.紧紧的握着它,奇怪的是我却感受到更多的分离感。If I just simply let go and allow my hand, my arm, to be more of a support system,suddenly I have more dynamic with less effort. Much more.如果我松开一些,让我的手和手臂作为更好的撑,突然,我用相对少的力气得到更多的动力,多得多。And I just feel, at last, one with the stick and one with the drum.最后我感觉到,一个离鼓槌很近,一个离鼓很近。And Im doing far, far less.我做的越来越少。So in the same way that I need time with this instrument,I need time with people in order to interpret them.所以相同的道理,我需要时间与乐器一起,我需要时间和人们在一起才能去了解阐释他们。Not just translate them, but interpret them.不仅仅是从表面上翻译它,而是演绎它。If, for example, I play just a few bars of a piece of musicfor which I think of myself as a technician that is, someone who is basically a percussion player ...例如,我来演奏一点音乐的片段,从我把自己看做是个会这门技术的人的角度来看,后者,人们称之为打击乐演奏者。And so on. If I think of myself as a musician ...等等...如果从我把自己看做一个音乐家的角度。201605/440630

听说邻居老王票中了5000元,阿林坐不住了,想把1000元积蓄全买票也赌一赌,可是他妻子不同意,就劝他,【口语要素1】It deserves a second look.他的好朋友知道了也纷纷劝他,【口语要素2】Don’t rush into things.可是他完全不顾朋友的劝阻,也忘记了孔子说过的那句话,【口语要素3】Look before you leap.正当他准备去拿钱去买的时候,邻居老王过来劝他说,【口语要素4】Give it some thought ,will you ? 阿林听了听老王的话,然后说:【口语要素5】On second thought, I’d better not.大家都不知道为什么他的变化这么快,后来才知道老王最后说了一句话:我现在还亏损2000元呢,哈哈原来如此! /200604/6695

即学即用英语会话词典C部分:下决心 即学即用英语会话词典文本下载即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200707/15209Hello, Im Senator Richard Burr from the great state of North Carolina and Im honored to chair the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Today, Ill lay out for you the terrorist threat to the ed States and our allies – a growing threat that is no longer confined to the Middle East, South Asia, or even Europe. Since the deadly attacks in Brussels just two weeks ago, there have been four additional significant terrorist attacks that left almost 150 dead – two in Iraq, one in Yemen and one in Pakistan. Our nation and allies continue our post 9/11 efforts to dismantle and defeat al-Qaida while the Islamic State – a group whose lineage dates back to al-Qaida in Iraq – has grown in influence. The Islamic States technical and social media savvy has inspired many to join its cause and to conduct horrific acts. The Islamic State is well financed, well organized, and fields combat units that are well trained and brutally effective. Those trained and effective fighters are now deploying beyond Iraq and Syria, and often to devastating effects, as seen in the streets, cafes, and airports of Paris and Brussels. Simply seeking to contain ISIL should no longer be seen as an acceptable course of action. While the President has claimed that ISIL is contained in Iraq and Syria – I think the more important metric is ISILs global footprint. ISIL has declared provinces in ten countries. It has aspiring affiliates in seven others; and has a presence in over 30 countries. And, perhaps most troubling, is the growing ISIL influence in Libya and Afghanistan. From their safe haven, the Islamic State continues its ongoing efforts to plan and carry out attacks. I just returned from an oversight trip to Europe where I had the opportunity to speak directly with our Intelligence Community officers overseas and our European partners struggling to address an unprecedented volume of threats. Ive spent almost 15 years conducting oversight of our Intelligence Community and I am briefed almost daily on the threats and issues of concern. I cannot remember a time where the ed States and our allies faced a greater array of threats across the world. I remain concerned that there are additional threats and plots – some that we have identified and are pursuing, and some that we will likely not. I feel strongly that we cannot simply focus our efforts on how to best respond to attacks once theyve happened. We must, collectively, be more proactive in engaging the enemy. Before 9/11, our enemies were confined to safe havens abroad – thats no longer the case. Our Intelligence Community and Law Enforcement agencies are engaged 24/7 in identifying and thwarting threats to the U.S. interests at home and abroad. Since 2014, Federal prosecutors have charged 80 men and women inside the ed States in connection with the Islamic State. Director Comey has publicly stated that the FBI has almost 1000 open investigations against suspected ISIL operatives, recruits, and individuals in all 50 states. When the President says that we must seek to contain ISIL – I dont know where he wants to contain them: ISIL operatives are everywhere. Were beyond containment and must move decisively and with purpose to eliminate the Islamic State. Overseas we must work with our allies to target its leadership, its infrastructure, and its financial support network. Domestically, we must enable our law enforcement and give them the tools and authorities they need to keep our citizens safe at home. The world in which we live is becoming increasingly dangerous and the number of extremists who wish to do us harm is growing. More troubling, their capabilities to do harm may soon outpace the Administrations strategy of containment. The President accurately stated last week that ISIL poses a threat to the entire civilized world. Now it is time for our strategy to match that threat. While focusing on ISIL, however, we cannot afford to take our eyes off the persistent and ongoing threat posed by al-Qaida and its affiliates. Al-Qaida remains brutally effective and inspiring to many extremists, even with its senior leadership likely hiding out in the remote and mountainous border regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Its affiliates are also committed to attacking us – and they have the capabilities to do so. While I agree with the Presidents senior leadership team that we must maintain relentless pressure on al-Qaida, we must ensure that our words are followed by a renewed commitment to action. We have identified the threat, now lets act decisively to eliminate it. Thank you for listening. God bless America.201604/437134

When I got back to London, Tony phoned me.当我回到伦敦时,Tony给我打了电话He said, ;Why havent you been returning my calls?;他说,“你为什么还没给我回电?”I said, ;Well they say that youre a psychopath.;我说,“因为他们说你确实有精神病。”And he said, ;Im not a psychopath.;他说,“我没精神病。”He said, ;You know what, one of the items on the checklist is lack of remorse,他说,“你知道吗,检核表上有一项是缺乏懊悔but another item on the checklist is cunning, manipulative.但另一项却是狡猾,且控制欲强So when you say you feel remorse for your crime,所以当你说你对犯罪感到懊悔时they say, Typical of the psychopath to cunningly say he feels remorse when he doesnt.他们会说,典型的精神病患者狡猾地欺骗说他感到懊悔,其实不然Its like witchcraft. They turn everything upside-down.;这就像巫术,他们完全颠覆了一切。”He said, ;Ive got a tribunal coming up. Will you come to it?;他说,“我接下来有个裁决,你要来吗?”So I said okay. So I went to his tribunal.然后我答应了,之后我去了那个裁决And after 14 years in Broadmoor, they let him go.在布罗德莫精神病院住了14年后,他们总算让他离开了They decided that he shouldnt be held indefinitely because he scores high on a checklist他们决定说他不应该被无限期拘留,因为他在检核表上分数很高that might mean that he would have a greater than average chance of recidivism.这意味着他再犯的几率要比平均数还高So they let him go.所以他们让他离开了And outside in the corridor he said to me,就在外面的走廊他跟我说;You know what, Jon? Everyones a bit psychopathic.;“Jon,你知道吗?每个人多少都有精神病。”He said, ;You are. I am. Well obviously I am.;他说,“你有,我有,显然我是有的。”I said, ;What are you going to do now?;我说,“那你现在准备干什么呢?”He said, ;Im going to go to Belgium because theres a woman there that I fancy.他说,“我打算去比利时,因为那里有个我喜欢的女人But shes married, so Im going to have to get her split up from her husband.;但她结婚了,所以我准备去让她和她丈夫离婚。”Anyway, that was two years ago, and thats where my book ended.总之,那是两年前的事了,也是我书的最后情节And for the last 20 months everything was fine. Nothing bad happened.过去的20个月,一切正常,安然无恙He was living with a girl outside London.他和一个女孩住在伦敦以外He was, according to Brian the Scientologist, making up for lost time -- which I know sounds ominous,按照科学论派学者Brian的说法,他在弥补失去的时间——我知道这听起来不是好兆头but isnt necessarily ominous.不过也说不定Unfortunately, after 20 months, he did go back to jail for a month.20个月后,很可惜,他又回到监狱里待了一个月He got into a fracas in a bar, he called it -- ended up going to jail for a month,他在酒吧里和别人发生争吵,他是这样说的,所以在监狱里待了一个月which I know is bad,我知道这并不好but at least a month implies that whatever the fracas was, it wasnt too bad.但至少一个月的刑期,说明不管是什么争吵,后果应该不算严重And then he phoned me.然后他打电话给我And you know what, I think its right that Tony is out.知道吗,我觉得Tony出来是对的Because you shouldnt define people by their maddest edges.因为你不能单靠人的疯狂举止就去判定他们And what Tony is, is hes a semi-psychopath.那Tony算什么呢,算半个疯子吧Hes a gray area in a world that doesnt like gray areas.他处在世界上一个不像灰色地带的灰色地带But the gray areas are where you find the complexity,这个灰色地带是复杂和纠结的聚集地its where you find the humanity and its where you find the truth.在这你能看到人道,也能看到真相And Tony said to me,Tony跟我说;Jon, could I buy you a drink in a bar? I just want to thank you for everything youve done for me.;“Jon,我能请你去酒吧喝一杯吗?我想谢谢你为我所做的一切。”And I didnt go. What would you have done?但我没去。换做你,你会去吗?Thank you.谢谢201603/430753And our first game was at Wisconsin and we went up there and we lost our first game, 21 to 14 我们的第一场球是对威斯康星 结果第一场就输了 21比14and there was this just crushing disappointment afterwards And Id like you to think of that, soaring expectations 随之而来的就是压倒性的失望 我想让你们想象一下 先是满心希望followed by crushing disappointment as a metaphor for your next 20 minutes with me 随之而来的却是极度失望 我接下来20分钟的演讲或许也会让你们如此When I was sitting where you are so many years ago but what seems to me really like just yesterday 很多年前 我也像你们这样坐在这里 这个记忆对我而言 就像是在昨天I was earning my degree in Computer Science Yay nerds 我获得了计算机科学的学位 耶 电脑迷们At the time, the CS Department was in the School of Literature, Science and the Arts so I had to have a certain number of Arts credits to graduate 当时计算机科学系隶属于文学 科学和艺术学院 所以我要毕业 必须获得一些艺术学分And so my first semester senior year, I decided ;Well Ill take an acting class because; -- 于是我大四上学期决定 ;我要修一门表演课 因为;…Im just going to pander to the crowd, thats the kind of person I am I thought, ;Ill take an acting class because 我就喜欢迎合观众 我就是这样的人 我想 ;我要修一门表演课 因为;we wont have a lot of homework and Ill go in and well say Arthur Miller lines to each other ;这种课不会有很多作业; ;每天对几句亚瑟.米勒的台词;and then I can work on my operating systems programs at night; And I loved the class so much ;晚上就可以回去继续我的操作系统项目了; 结果我很喜爱这门课that my second semester senior year I took another acting class and in fact I started doing standup comedy 以致于我在大四下学期 又修了一门表演课 我开始学习单口喜剧which Id never done before at the Michigan Union at the U-Club So that, by the time I was sitting 这个我之前在密歇根学生会俱乐部中从未表演过 到了我同你们一样where you guys are today with my CS degree I had offers from three technology companies 坐在这里拿计算机科学学位的时候 我手中握有三家科技公司的录用通知to go work for them as a programmer but I decided instead that what I would do is move to Chicago 他们要我去做程序员 但我最后决定搬到芝加哥try to get into the improv comedy group Second City and go on from there to Saturday Night Live and ultimate fame and glory 尝试进入即兴喜剧表演剧组;第二城市; 并朝周六夜现场最终的名誉和辉煌迈进201607/453468第4课 You know what I mean?你明白我的意思吗? 4.打破沙锅问(纹)到底 12、You know what I mean? 你明白我的意思吗?(Yes.我听懂了。Sorry,I didn''t quite catch that.对不起,我还是没有完全听明白。) 13、Could you run that by me again? 你能再说一遍吗?(run跑,有些词你没有catch到。) Could you say that again? 你能再重复一遍吗? 14、So what you are trying to say is...  那么,你想说的是... Do you mean...你的意思是…吗? Is that what you mean?你是这个意思吗? 相关专题:洋话连篇视频教学 /200601/2911

Lets face it: people know what Republicans are against. Now, we are going to give you a plan that shows you what we are for. Our ambition is a confident America, where everyone has the chance to go out and succeed no matter where they start in life. That is the American Idea. But right now, our country is on the wrong path. So, how do we get back on track? Well, we can get angry, and we can stay angry. Or we can channel that anger into action. We can start to tackle our problems before they tackle us. This is what Americans do. We dont accept decline. We dont give in to division. We find a better way. Take poverty. For years – decades now – Washington has spent billions of dollars on dozens of programs to fight poverty. But we have barely moved the needle. The war on poverty is a stalemate at best. So we can keep doing the same things and getting the same results. Or, instead of trapping people in poverty, we can get them on the ladder of opportunity, reward work, open our economy so everyone can make the most of their lives. As you will see, this is what our plan does. It takes our timeless principles – liberty, free enterprise, consent of the governed – and applies them to the problems of our time. It makes clear what needs to change. You will have a clear choice on poverty, jobs, taxes, security, health care, and government itself. After decades of executive overreach, it is time we restore our Constitution. That means we take control away from unelected bureaucrats, and give it back to the people and their representatives, so we are writing the laws that we live under. All of us – not government – should have the biggest role to play in our lives. Thats what this is about. Thats why a clear choice is so important. Because it is easy to get caught up in all the back-and-forth and the finger-pointing. But to do this, to set things right, we need to raise our gaze. We need to go bold. This is a chance to pull together and be part of something greater: a more inclusive, a more inspiring, a more confident America. This is a better way.201606/450409It wasnt the only big thing that happened that spring my first year as governor. We found out we were going to be parents.这不是我当州长那年唯一发生的大事——我们还发现我们要成为父母了。And...Time passed. On February 27th, 1980,15 minutes after I got home from the National Governors Conference in Washington, Hillarys water broke and off we went to the hospital.时光飞逝,在1980年2月27日,我从华盛顿全国州长大会回来。到家刚过15分钟,希拉里的羊水破了,我们立刻出发去医院。Chelsea was born just before midnight.然后切尔西就在当天午夜出生了。And it was the greatest moment of my life. The miracle of a new beginning.这是我人生中最重要的时刻。这是一个新生命开始的奇迹。The hole it filled for me because my own father died before I was born, and the absolute conviction that my daughter had the best mother in the whole world.她的出生填补了我内心的空洞,因为我的父亲在我出生前去世了。我绝对相信,我的女儿有全世界最棒的妈妈!For the next...For the next 17 years, through nursing school, Montessori, kindergarten, through T-ball, softball, soccer, volleyball and her passion for ballet, through sleepovers, summer camps, family vacations and Chelseas own very ambitious excursions, from Halloween parties in the neighborhood, to a Viennese waltz gala in the White House, Hillary first and foremost was a mother.接下来的17年里,希拉里送她去托儿所、蒙氏课程、幼儿园,带她打过儿童棒球、垒球、足球、排球,看着她喜欢上芭蕾,去那些通宵派对、夏令营、家庭旅行。切尔西有自己充满抱负的人生旅程,从跟邻居的万圣节派对,到白宫里的维也纳华尔兹舞会,希拉里首先也是最重要的是一位母亲。She became, as she often said, our familys designated worrier, born with an extra responsibility gene.她成了——如同她经常说的那样——我们家庭的指定主事人,她常说她天生有份额外的责任感基因。The truth is we rarely disagreed on parenting, although she did believe that I had gone a little over the top when I took a couple of days off with Chelsea to watch all six ;Police Academy; movies back-to-back.事实是,作为父母,我们之间确实没什么意见不一致的事情——尽管那次我带切尔西休假并连续看了6部《警察学校》电影时,她觉得我有点玩过头了。201612/480390012 living rooms Beginner A: good morning. I’m thinking about buying some new furniture for my living room. Could you help me? B: certainly. As you can see, we have several three-piece suites on sale. Feel free to sit down and test how comfortable they are. A: I came to your store yesterday and have come back today to make a final decision. I think I like the black leather suite. It’s on a real bargain. B: yes. The price has been reduced by 50%. It’s a real bargain. A: I’ll take it. I also need to improve the lighting in my living room. Do you have any suggestions? B: those floor lamps are very nice and you can vary the brightness according to whether you’re ing or watching tv. How big is your living room? A: it’s quite large. It’s about 40 square metres. B: I’d suggest you buy two. That allows you to change the brightness of the room better. A: ok. I like the design of this lamps. I also need some cushion covers. I’ll just browse through those ones over there. Intermediate A: hello, james. Come in . go through to the living room. B: hi kate…thanks…wow! Look at all the furniture. You must spent a fortune on it! I love your new three-pieces suite. A: I told you that I had been saving up money to buy some new furniture and do some redecorating. I finally saved enough and did everything at once. B: good for you! You’ve got new curtains too. That’s a very nice shade of blue. This sofa is very comfortable. I could sit on it all day! A: do you like my carpet? Be honest! Tell me what you really think. B: to be honest, it looks like your old carpet. Is it really new or did you just have your old cleaned? A: well spotted! I actually had it cleaned twice, because it was so dirty. The rug is new. You remember my trip to china? Well, I bought is there. B: I love the design. I’ve heard that the actual cost of rugs in china is less than the cost of sending it home. A: that’s true. I bought a second bookcase too. b; that was a good idea. Before, you had books and magazines all over the room. It looks very untidy. I see you have also put two shelves up for you ornaments. You haven’t bought a new tv though. A: I don’t watch much tv nowadays. I’m so busy with other things. B; like buying furniture and redecorating! Good for you! Your living room looks much brighter and tidier than before. Have you ever thought of becoming an interior designer? Words Sofa armchair carpet footstool tv set music centre dvd player coffee table bookshelf lamp picture vase curtain telephone light switch rug cushion ornaments three-piece suite Phrases Sit in an armchair Sit on a sofa Vacuum the carpet Polish the table Tidy the living room Put your feet up Watch tv Listen to music Open/close curtains Switch the light on/off /200704/12818

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