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很多国家的语言都有大批围绕;心;而形成的俗语。汉语中有关;心;的成语和习语数不胜数,英语也不例外。下面是一些常用的短语:1. She was going to sell the house but had a change of heart at the last minute.她本来是要卖房子的,但在最后一刻,她改了主意。2. The anti-hunting campaigners are just a bunch of bleeding hearts who don#39;t understand the countryside.那些反狩猎者只不过是一些不懂乡村生活的滥好人。3. Everyone in the office is especially cheerful on payday, since a heavy purse makes a light heart.发工资那天办公室里的每个人都很高兴,因为有钱心情才轻松!4. The sad condition of these refugees would move a heart of stone to sympathy.这些难民的悲惨处境能使一个铁石心肠动容。5. Yes, I#39;m a chicken-hearted softie. I never try anything too risky.对,我是很胆小,我从来不做什么太冒险的事情。6. Don#39;t be so shy about talking to Edith. Faint heart never won fair lady.别不敢和伊迪丝说话,懦夫难得美人心。7. My wallet was emptier than a banker#39;s heart.我的钱包空空如也。8. I had my heart in my mouth when I heard the national anthem.听到国歌我很激动。9. His heart was in his boots as he waited for news of the accident.在等待那场事故的消息的时候,他很紧张。10. Don#39;t let your heart rule your head. If you lend him that money you#39;ll never see it again.别感情用事,你借给他钱就有去无回了。11. I hope to win her heart and make her my bride.我希望能赢得她的芳心,娶她做新娘。12. What the eye doesn#39;t see, the heart doesn#39;t grieve over.眼不见心不烦。13. John always has his heart on his sleeve so that everyone knows how he feels.约翰总把心情写在脸上,每个人都知道他是怎么想的。14. The way to a man#39;s heart is through his stomach.要想拴住男人的心,就要先拴住他的胃。15. John wanted a week#39;s vacation so he could go to the lake and fish to his heart#39;s content.约翰想请一周的假,这样他就可以去湖边尽情地钓鱼了。16. I#39;d only met him once, and here he was, pouring out his heart to me.我只跟他见过一次面,但他已经在向我倾吐心事了。17. When I first saw you, my heart stood still.我第一次见你时,我的心都停止跳动了。18. I just don#39;t have the heart to tell him the bad news.我实在不忍心告诉他那个坏消息。19. He returned with a heavy heart.他心情沉重地回来了。20. Tom looks very rough, but his heart is in the right place.汤姆看起来很野蛮,但却心地善良。 /201112/166075。

  • 二月二龙抬头,北方人很重视,关于龙抬头很有很多传说的故事,也有历史相关的故事。这是一则历史与传说相结合的故事,相传唐朝武则天登基后,玉帝大怒,下令龙王三年不准给人间降雨,然后龙王仁慈,不忍见百姓受苦,私自降雨,而遭受天帝惩罚,被贬下凡压在大山之下。玉帝称,除非金豆开花,否则龙王将永远压在大山之下。百姓感恩龙王的救命之恩,四处奔走找金豆,到了二月初二这天,忽见有人在晒金黄的玉米种子,那人心想,如果把玉米爆开花不就是金豆开花吗?于是家家户户爆爆米花,并设香炉祭天地,龙王因此得救。According to the folk legend, the 2nd day of the second lunar month is the very day for the dragon king who is in charge of clouds and rains to raise his head. After that day, there will be more and more rain, so that day is also called Spring Dragon Day. Most Chinese northern farmers believe that with the help of that day, all stores, big and small, will be full of grain. Every year when this day comes, those Chinese northern people will carry the lanterns, in the morning to fetch water from the wells and the rivers. They will light the candles, burn incense and play tribute to the dragon king. In the old times people called this ;welcome the fields dragon.; On that day, all the families will eat noodles or fried glutinous rice blocks, and pop corn to enjoy happiness.根据民间传说,农历二月初二是长官云雨的龙王抬头之日。过了龙抬头这天,雨水充沛,所以这天被称为春龙界。中国北方的农民深信龙抬头后雨水充足这事,到时粮仓无论大小都会装满粮食。每当春龙节到来,中国北方都会舞龙,大部分地区在这天早晨家家户户打着灯笼到井边或河边挑水。回到家里便点灯、烧香、上供,理发(有习俗正月理发死舅舅)。旧时,人们把这种仪式叫做;引田龙;。这一天,家家户户还要吃面条、炸油糕、爆玉米花(比作为;挑龙头;、;吃龙胆;、;金豆开花,龙王升天,兴云布雨,五谷丰登;),以示吉庆。A popular fairy tale in the north of China can tell the origin of the day. When Wu Zetian, the empress, in the Tang Dynasty came into power, the Heaven God was so angry that he ordered the dragon kings to stop raining for 3 years. Soon after this, the dragon king who was in charge of the heaven river heard the bitter cries from the folk, saw many people starve to death. He was afraid that there would be no life in no time. Then he went against the Heaven God#39;s order and gave the folk a heavy rain. Because of this, the dragon king was thrown into the folk world by the Heaven God and pressed under a large mountain. 北方庆春龙节还因为另外一个传说。相传唐朝,武则天登位做了皇帝,玉帝大怒,命令龙王三年之内不能降雨。但龙王日日听闻百姓哭泣,见无数百姓音饥饿而死,他担心很快地球上就没有生命了。于是他违背玉帝旨意,给老百姓降了一场大雨。玉帝得知后,将司掌天河的玉龙打下天宫,压在一座大山下面。(山下还立了一块碑,上面写道:龙王降雨犯天规,当受人间千秋罪。要想重登灵霄阁,除非金豆开花时。)Then the folk hurried to look for gold beans everywhere in order to save him from the pressure. On the 2nd day of the 2nd lunar month the next year, when people were drying the corn seeds in the sun, they thought of the corn seeds as gold beans because when they were roasted, they would pop in blossom like gold beans. So all the families began to pop corn and burn incense and put gold beans on desks. When the dragon king raised his head, he knew the folk were trying to save him, so he shouted to the God, ;Gold beans are in blossom, so let me out.; After the Heaven God saw all gold beans in blossom in all families, he had to give his order to ask the dragon king to return to the heaven palace and go on with his job of making clouds and rains for the folk. Since then, it has been the folk custom to eat pop corn on the 2nd day of the 2nd lunar month. In fact, after the 2nd lunar month, since there will be more and more rain which marks the end of little-rain winter. This is a clear characteristic of the monsoon climate in North China.人们为了拯救龙王,到处寻找开花的金豆。到了第二年二月初二这一天,人们正在翻晒金黄的玉米种子,猛然想起,这玉米就象金豆,炒开了花,不就是金豆开花吗?于是家家户户爆玉米花,并在院里设案焚香,供上;开花的金豆;,专让龙王和玉帝看见。龙王知道这是百姓在救它,就大声向玉帝喊到:;金豆开花了,放我出去!;玉帝一看人间家家户户院里金豆花开放,只好传谕,诏龙王回到天庭,继续给人间兴云布雨。从此以后,民间形成了习惯,每到二月二这一天,人们就爆玉米花,也有炒豆的。 /201202/172360。
  • A guy was driving when a policeman pulled him over. He rolled down his window and said to the officer, ;Is there a problem, Officer?;;No problem at all. I just observed your safe driving and am pleased to award you a ,000 Safe Driver Award. Congratulations. What do you think you#39;re going to do with the money?;He thought for a minute and said, ;Well, I guess I#39;ll go get that drivers#39; license.;The lady sitting in the passenger seat said to the policeman, ;Oh, don#39;t pay attention to him ; he#39;s a smartass when he#39;s drunk and stoned.;The guy from the back seat said, ;I told you guys we wouldn#39;t get far in a stolen car!;At that moment, there was a knock from the trunk and a muffled voice said, ;Are we over the border yet?;一个家伙开车的时候警察追了上来。这个家伙摇开窗户问警察:;怎么了,警官?;;没事,我观察到了你的安全驾驶技术,很高兴你获得了价值5000美元的安全驾驶奖。祝贺你!你认为你要拿这笔钱去做什么?;他想了一会说;哦,我觉得,我应该去考驾照;。坐在副驾驶位的女士说;别在意他说的,他喝醉了酒说胡话呢.;后面座位的家伙说;我告诉你,偷来的车我们走不远的。;此时,行李箱出现了敲击声并传出一个模糊不清的声音:;我们穿过了边境了吗?; /201203/173644。
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