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上饶玉山县开眼角手术要多少钱上饶上饶县活细胞丰胸价格上饶韩美医院点痣多少钱 Dialogue 1:Xiao Gao: Hey, Jingjing,can I talk to you a minute? Id like to pick your brains about something.小高:嗨,京晶,我能跟你说两句话吗?我有件事想问你的意见Jingjing: Im all ears,what up?京晶:我在听,怎么啦?Xiao Gao: I lent my friend 500 RMB two weeks ago, and he still hasnt paid me back. Im at a loss of what to do.小高:两周前我借给我朋友五百块钱,但是他还没有还我,我不知道该怎么办Jingjing: Well, you could give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he got about the money.京晶:嗯,你可以相信你的朋友,可能他只是暂时忘了这件事情Xiao Gao: That a lot of money to get about. Im really starting to get angry now.小高:这么多钱肯定不会忘的,我真的开始有点儿生气了Jingjing: I suggest you sit down with him and have a heart-to-heart talk. Whatever you do, dont lash out and accuse him of stealing your money, he really might have gotten.京晶:我建议你和他坐下来开诚布公地聊聊,无论如何,你都不要说伤害人的话,不要斥责他偷了你的钱,他可能真的忘了Xiao Gao: I think Id better keep him at arm length from now on.小高:我想我应该从现在起和他保持距离Jingjing: Dont jump to conclusions so fast, Xiao Gao. Talk to him about it first, and then draw your conclusion.京晶:不要这么快就下结论,小高,先和他谈谈,然后再决定怎么做Xiao Gao: Okay, Ill keep you posted.小高:好的,到时候我会告诉你事情的进展的Jingjing: Good luck.京晶:祝你好运!习语短语:1. pick someone brains 询问某人的意见. Im all ears. 我洗耳恭听3. at a loss 困惑;不知道怎么办. give someone the benefit of the doubt 暂且相信某人;给某人一次明自己的机会5. a heart-to-heart (conversation) 坦率的;开诚布公的;诚恳的(交谈)6. lash out (用言语)攻击;狠批7. keep someone at arm length 和某人保持距离,不要太近8. jump to conclusions 妄下结论9. keep someone posted 告知某人某事Dialogue :Jingjing: So, Xiao Gao, were you able to get your money back?京晶:小高,你把钱要回来了吗?Xiao Gao: Yeah, but it was no walk in the park.小高:是的,但是费了一番波折Jingjing: What do you mean?京晶:怎么回事啊?Xiao Gao: I asked him if he could give me my money back, and he told me that it had completely slipped his mind.小高:我问他能不能还我钱,他说他已经把这件事忘得一干二净了Jingjing: So did he give the money back to you then?京晶:那么他后来把钱还给你了吗?Xiao Gao: He only gave me 300. He said he will give me the other 0 next week once he gets paid. But then I remembered that he was going on vacation next week, so I called him on his bluff.小高:他只给了我三百块钱,他说下周他一拿到工资就给我另外的二百但是我想起来他下周要去度假,所以我就揭穿了他的谎话Jingjing: Did he come clean?京晶:那他后来说真话了吗?Xiao Gao: Yes, he apologized and gave me the other 0 the next day. He said he has been really tight cash lately.小高:是的,他跟我道了歉并且在第二天就给了我另外的两百块钱,他说他最近手头很紧Jingjing: It sounds like you buried the hatchet with him?京晶:听起来你们已经冰释前嫌了?Xiao Gao: Yeah, I decided to let bygones be bygones. Now were back to being good friends,just like bee.小高:说了,过去的事情就让它过去吧,现在我们又成为朋友了,像以前一样Jingjing: Im glad you listened to me and were able to remain friends with him.京晶:我很高兴你听了我的话并且和他还是朋友Xiao Gao: Yeah… Oh,Jingjing, what would I do without you?小高:是啊,哦,京晶,没有你我可怎么办呀?习语短语:1. a walk in the park 轻而易举. slip one mind 忘得一干二净了3. call someone bluff 拆穿某人. come clean 老实交代;说真话5. tight cash 手头紧;缺钱6. bury the hatchet 和解;冰释前嫌7. let bygones be bygones 既往不咎 386上饶县妇幼保健人民中医院纹眉多少钱

弋阳县做双眼皮手术多少钱上饶铅山县做激光去毛多少钱 英语学习笔记:knock somebody down 将某人给击倒在地knock over 不小心把…撞到knock down 漫游;漫谈,随意地谈谈knock off 提前下班the school of hard knocks 逆境把人锤炼成才The boxer knocked his opponent down.那位拳击运动员把对手击倒了I think Ill go and knock around in Calinia.我就漫游一下加州吧I’m going to knock off work early this afternoon.我今天要提早下班更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 66上饶韩美整形医院绣眉手术多少钱

玉山县祛斑多少钱Xiaogao:Hey, JingJing! Happy New Year!小高:嗨,京晶,新年快乐!Jingjing:Hey, XiaoGao! The same to you! I cant believe it aly ! My, how time flies!京晶:嗨,小高,新年快乐!真不敢相信已经到年了,天,时光飞逝呀!Xiaogao:Yeah. So, what are your new year resolutions this year? Im gonnamake a point to send my best friends actual birthday cards, instead of just sending an email or text message.小高:是呀那,你今天有什么新年打算?我特别要做的是给我的好朋友们寄生日贺卡,而不是发邮件或短信祝贺一下Jingjing::Im gonna do one small act of kindness every week. Dont misunderstand me, I dont mean Im gonna donate all of my money to charity, I mean Im gonna do smaller things like helping old people cross the street and treating my friends to lunch.京晶:我打算每周做一件小善行别误会,我不是说我要把我所有的钱都捐给慈善机构,我是说,我要做些小小的事比如帮助老年人过马路,请朋友吃吃午饭什么的Xiaogao:Cool,Im gonna make a to-do list, especially when Im stressed. I really need to get organized this year. Also, Im gonna try and get closer to nature. I spent way too much time inside last year. We should go camping this year!小高:不错我要列一个“待做清单”,尤其是当我备感压力时我真的需要在这一年里变得更有计划有条理一些而且,我还要试着多接触大自然我去年花了太多时间宅在室内,今年我们应该去户外露个营Jingjing:That so ironic! One of my other resolutions this year is to plan a trip and make use of all of my vacation time. Last year, I didnt use all of my vacation time. What a waste!京晶:这太讽刺了吧!我的另一个新年计划就是我想好好计划一次旅行,好好利用我的度假时间去年我的假期都没用完,太可惜了!Xiaogao:Im gonna save my money something I really want. I wanna buy a new camera, but I need about 60,000 more RMB!小高:我要攒钱买我最想买的东西,我想买一个新的摄像机,但是我还需要6万多Jingjing: You want another camera? You just bought one a few years ago! I think your new goal should be to cherish the things you aly have!京晶:你还要再买一个摄像机?你几年前不是刚买过一个吗?我觉得你的新目标应该是珍惜你所拥有的一切Xiaogao:I do cherish my old camera. And I wanna cherish a new camera too! Also, Im gonna try at least one new thing a month. example, I signed myself up yoga classes this month, and drawing classes next month.小高:我确实很珍惜我这部老摄像机但是我也想好好珍惜我的新摄像机呢!另外,每个月我都想尝试一件新事物,比如,我这个月已经报名了瑜伽班,下个月还有画画班Jingjing:Remember,Xiao Gao, dont make yourself too stressed out. All of these new things could backfire and make your life more stressful. Come on, let go relieve some stress right now. Im gonna treat you to some ice cream!京晶:记住,小高,别把自己搞得压力太大,这些新玩意儿都可能弄巧成拙,让你的生活充满更大的压力走吧,现在我们去减点压,我请你吃冰激凌.习语短语The same to you 你也是My, how time flies! 哇塞!时间过得真快!Make a point [to do something] Try very hard to make sure something is accomplished 尽力而为做某事Dont misunderstand me 别误解我的意思To-dolist a list of tasks that need to be completed “待完成清单”Get closer to nature 亲近大自然Ironic 具有讽刺的Make use of [something] to take advantage of [something] 利用What a waste! 好浪费!太可惜了!Cherish 珍惜Stressed out to have a lot of pressure 压力大Backfire a negative result that happens when a positive result was intended 适得其反,弄巧成拙 019869 The centipede Housekeeper蜈蚣管家A single woman wanted someone to help her with the household chores, so she decided to get a pet to help out. She went to the local pet shop and asked the owner advice on a suitable animal. The owner suggested a dog, but the woman said, ;Nah,dogs cant do dishes.; The owner then suggested a cat, but the woman said, ;Nah, cats cant do the ironing.;一个单身女人想找个人帮她做家务,于是她决定找一只宠物来帮忙她来到当地的一家宠物店,想店主征求意见,看看什么动物比较合适店主建议买只,可是那个女人却说:“不行,不会洗盘子”店主又建议买只,可是那个女人又说:“不行,猫不会熨衣”Finally the owner suggests a centipede, ;This is the perfect pet you. It can do anything!; ;OK,; the woman thought, ;Ill give it a try.; So she bought it and took it home.最后店主建议找一条蜈蚣,“这对你实在是再合适不过了蜈蚣什么都能干!”女人想:“也行,就试试吧”于是,她买了条蜈蚣带回了家Once home she told the centipede to wash the dishes. The centipede looked over and there were piles and piles of dirty dishes that looked to be a month old. five minutes later, all the pots were washed, dried and put away. ;Great,; thought the woman.一到家,她就让蜈蚣洗盘子蜈蚣看了看,那里有一堆堆的脏盘子,看起来一个月没洗了五分钟后,所有的餐具都洗干净了,也擦干摆好了女人想:“太棒了”Now she told the centipede to do the dusting and vacuuming. Fifteen minutes later the house was spotless. ;Wow,; thought the woman, so she decided try another idea. ;Go down to the corner and get me the evening paper,; she told the centipede,and off it went.现在她又让蜈蚣打扫卫生、用吸尘器吸尘十五分钟后,房子便打扫得一尘不染女人想:“哇!”于是,她又想试试别的主意,“去街道拐角处把我的晚报拿回来”她告诉蜈蚣,蜈蚣就去了Fifteen minutes later,the centipede hadnt returned. Thirty minutes later and still no centipede. ty-five minutes and the woman was sick of waiting, so she got up and went out to look the centipede.十五分钟过去了,蜈蚣没有回来三十分钟过去了,还是没回来四十五分钟了,女人等得不耐烦了,就起身出去找蜈蚣As she opened the front door, there on the step was the centipede. ;Hey, what are you doing there? I sent you out the paper ty-five minutes ago and now I find you out here without the paper! what gives?;她打开前门一看,蜈蚣正坐在台阶上“嘿,你在那里做什么呢?四十五分钟前我让你去拿报纸,现在我却看到你在这里,报纸也没拿!怎么回事?”;Hold on a minute!; said the centipede, ;Im still putting on my boots!;“等一会儿!”蜈蚣说,“我鞋子还没穿好呢!” 363南昌大学上饶市医院光子嫩肤多少钱上饶去剖腹产伤疤



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