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泉州地区第一市整形医院治疗狐臭多少钱南安市做激光脱毛多少钱积重难返 里约奥运或面临巨大失败 -- :5:57 来源:chinadaily With just a few weeks left until the start of the Olympics, Brazil is still suffering from serious economic problems.年奥运会还有数周就要开幕,但巴西依然被严重的经济问题困扰着The acting governor of Rio de Janeiro warned that the games could be a “failure” if his state doesn’t get its finances in order.里约热内卢州代理州长弗朗西斯科?多内莱斯警告说,如果里约的财政状况不能重回正轨,奥运会恐怕将面临“失败”“I am optimistic about the games, but I have to show the reality. We can make a great Olympics, but if some steps are not taken, it can be a big failure,” Fransisco Dornelles told O Globo, according to CNN.据CNN报道,弗朗西斯科?多内莱斯告诉巴西《环球报:“我对里约奥运会持乐观态度,但我必须说明真实状况我们可以办一届盛大的奥运会,但如果不采取一些措施,它或许会是一次巨大的失败”Brazil hasn’t followed through on a promise to provide Rio with extra funding security and transportation, according to Dornelles. Police officers in the city aren’t being fully paid and may not even have enough money gas.据多内莱斯所言,巴西并没有落实此前的承诺,为里约提供用于安保和交通的额外资金里约警察的工资尚未完全付清,他们甚至都没有足够的钱为警车加油There was a nasty surprise awaiting passengers in the arrivals hall at Rio De Janeiro's Galeao International Airport on Monday.周一,里约热内卢的加利昂国际机场到达大厅里,还有一份糟心的意外恭候着旅客们Along with the relatives carrying flowers and taxi drivers waiting with name boards there were lines of off-duty police with banners that had a far more ominous message: "Welcome to Hell". 与捧着鲜花的旅客亲属和举着名牌等人的出租车司机站在一起的,是一排排休班警察他们举着横幅,上面写着一句相当不吉利的标语:“欢迎来到地狱”"Police and firefighters don't get paid," the banners, in English and Portuguese, went on. "Whoever comes to Rio de Janeiro will not be safe". Photos of the protest have been widely shared on social media and in the Brazilian press. The image above was posted on the photo sharing site Imgur, where it was viewed more than three million times in less than a day.其他横幅上还用英葡双语写着:“警察和消防员都没拿到工资,来到里约热内卢的任何人都不会安全”抗议活动的照片在社交网站和巴西媒体中广泛传播上面这张图片发布在图片分享网站Imgur上,不到一天,浏览量就超过了300万次The missing funds are just the tip of Brazil’s iceberg of turmoil.资金短缺只是巴西混乱局势的冰山一角Crime 犯罪A functioning police ce and transportation system are necessary, given the rising crime in Rio. Murder and robbery are up percent and 30 percent, respectively, since last year, NPR reports. The city is trying to get new buses off the ground to help tourists avoid the favelas — areas vulnerable to violence, theft and gang activity.鉴于里约犯罪率的上升,警察和交通系统的有效运行必不可缺据NPR报道,自去年起,凶杀和抢劫的发生率分别上升了%和30%里约正在设法运营新公交车,帮助游客避开贫民窟那里最易发生暴力、盗窃行为和帮派活动“How are people going to feel protected in a city without security?” Dornelles said.多内莱斯说:“在一个没有安保的城市,人们怎么会感到安全呢?”Political Unrest 政局动荡After months of protest from angry Brazilians, the Senate last month voted to impeach President Dilma Rousseff over allegations that she lied about the country’s economic issues.愤怒的巴西人抗议了数月之后,参议院上月投票通过了对总统迪尔玛?罗塞夫的弹劾案罗塞夫被控在国家经济问题上撒谎Rousseff and several members of her cabinet are also accused of making billions off of the state-run oil company Petrobras.罗塞夫及其内阁的几位成员还被控从国营的巴西石油公司攫取数十亿美元Wealth Gap 贫富差距Economic inequality has long been an issue in Brazil. Recent figures indicate that the unemployment rate topped percent last month. Wages are also down. Meanwhile, those involved in the Petrobras scandal are said to have made over billion from bribes, kickbacks and money-laundering.巴西的经济不平等问题由来已久近期数据显示,上月的失业率高达%,工资水平也下降了同时,那些卷入巴西石油公司丑闻的人据说以收受贿赂、回扣和洗钱的方式获取了超50亿美金The Worst Recession In Decades 数十年来最严重的经济衰退Brazil is facing one of the worst recessions the country has ever faced. The economy shrank 5. percent in the first three months of the year, the government said. Additionally, as FT points out, export prices have shrunk, household debt has increased, and inflation has risen even more than expected.巴西正面临史上最严重的一次经济衰退政府表示,今年前三个月的经济收缩达5.%此外,《金融时报指出,巴西出口价格缩水,家庭债务增加,通货膨胀甚至比预期还要高Zika Fears 寨卡病毒引发恐惧The recent outbreak of the Zika virus has lead to athletes, journalists and other travelers vowing to skip the August games.近期爆发的寨卡病毒已经导致多名运动员、记者和游客宣布放弃参加八月的奥运会Although the symptoms of Zika aren’t serious, the virus can lead to severe birth defects if contracted by a pregnant woman.尽管寨卡病毒的症状并不严重,但妇一旦感染病毒,会导致严重的新生儿先天缺陷“Female athletes should not be ced to make a decision that could sacrifice the health of a child,” soccer star Hope Solo said.足球名将霍普?索洛说:“女性运动员不该被迫决定参加奥运会这可能会牺牲一个孩子的健康”There are currently no effective treatments or vaccinations.当前,尚无寨卡病毒的有效治疗方法和疫苗英文来源:赫芬顿邮报、B译者:实习生徐晓彤审校#38;编辑:丹妮泉州冰点无痛脱腋毛医院 双语:英国老伯种心形番茄 捐给慈善机构 -- 00::5 来源:   It's not often a tomato is described as so sweet 'whenever people see it they just want to hug it' - but this was no ordinary piece of fruit.  一颗普通的番茄,尤其是在没有被切开的时候,形状很少能“有爱到让人一见就想要拥抱它的地步”  The heart-shaped tomato was grown by retired dagger maker, Rod Matless, who said he was shocked when he noticed it in his greenhouse while inspecting his latest produce.  然而这颗由退休的匕首制造商罗德·麦特里斯种出来的心形番茄却与众不同罗德说他是在自己的温室种植园里查看收成时看到它的,当时他也吃了一惊  Mr Matless, 69, who suffered a heart attack a few years ago, was so taken aback by the phenomenal fruit that he decided to sell it at auction and donate the proceeds to the British Heart Foundation.  今年69岁的罗德几年前患上了心脏病,这颗心形的番茄令他联想到了心脏,他决定将这颗番茄进行拍卖,并将拍卖所得款项捐给英国心脏基金会  The .6oz tomato was bought £ on eBay by a woman from Wales - who said she planned to give it to someone special.  这颗重约.6盎司(约6克)的心形番茄在易趣网上被来自威尔士的一位女士以英镑(约元人民币)的价格拍下,她说她要把这颗番茄送给特别的人  Mr Matless, of Wymondham, near Norwich, said: 'It was a bit of an obvious thing to do I suppose.  罗德住在诺威奇附近的怀蒙丹,他说:“我觉得这是一件显而易见的事情”  'I spent a couple of days thinking about it and I wasn't really sure, but this seems like a good use.  “虽然我想了好几天仍然不太确定,但还是觉得这样做应该不错”  'I hope it will do someone somewhere a bit of a good.'  “我希望这颗番茄能给其他人带来好运”  He added: 'It's very sweet - whenever people see it they just want to hug it.'  他补充说:“它看起来非常有爱,谁见到它都会想要拥抱它的”  But with the tomato's freshness a key factor, enthusiastic gardener Mr Matless was up against the clock to deliver it to its new owner bee rot set in.  但是由于保持番茄新鲜非常关键,所以为防止这颗番茄坏掉,热情的罗德分秒必争地将它送到了它的新主人那里  He said: 'I didn't want to send someone something horrible. I probably could have raised a bit more money with more time but I was worried about it.  罗德说:“我以前是匕首制造商,但我其实不想给人可怕的东西可能我赚了不少钱,但我会有点不安”  'It will certainly make a nice present a loved one.I hope that they like it and I'm glad I got to help.'  “而这颗心形番茄对有爱的人来说一定是个很好的礼物我希望其他人能喜欢它,我也很高兴能帮到他人”  'It's all been very good fun and I've really enjoyed growing this very special tomato.'  “这件事情整个都令人很愉快,而且我真的很享受种植这颗心形番茄的过程”  The French once called tomatoes 'pomme d'amour', meaning love apple, but some say this is because they believed it was an aphrodisiac and had little to do with its shape.  法国人曾经把番茄称作“pomme d'amour”,意思是爱情苹果但是有人说这样称呼并不是因为它的形状,而是法国人觉得它是一种促进情欲的药剂唐山大地震0年: 凤凰涅槃 浴火重生 --30 18:19: 来源:sohu 这座城市,因一场地震,几乎在地图上被抹去;这座城市,因为爱与勇气,在原地站了起来;这座城市,正在把自己接收的光与热放大成感恩与奉献的正能量,去温暖更多人 总结这样一段历史,一个奇迹,可能没有比这句话更贴切的了: 凤凰涅槃,浴火重生 而巧合的是,这座城市的中心就有一座凤凰山这座城市名叫唐山 A file photo shows a warped section of a railway after the quake in Tangshan, Hebei Province, in 1976. [File Photo: Xinhua] A split photo shows the view in Tangshang in 1976 and . The black and white section was taken on July , 1976 after the devastating earthquake leveled the city. The colored section of the photo was taken on July 9, , from the same location. [Photo: Xinhua] Local residents come to the Tangshan Earthquake Ruins Memorial Park to pay their respects to deceased family members and friends on July , . [Photo:China Radio International Li Jin] 四十年前的今天,一场地震袭击了我国北方工业重镇唐山 Today marks the 0th anniversary of the devastating earthquake in the industrial city of Tangshan in north China. A file photo shows damaged buildings after the earthquake in Tangshan, Hebei Province, in 1976. [File Photo: Xinhua] 这场后来被称作“唐山大地震”的自然灾害发生于1976年7月日凌晨3时许——绝大多数人正在熟睡的时刻 Known as the Great Tangshan earthquake, the tremors occurred at around 3 am on July th, 1976. A woman bows in front of the memorial wall bearing names of victims of the 1976 earthquake in Tangshan, north China's Hebei Province on July , . [Photo:China Radio International Li Jin] 这场里氏7.8级的大地震造成了逾万人遇难,万多人受伤,是整个世纪人类历史中伤亡最为惨重的自然灾害之一 The earthquake measuring 7.8 magnitude on the Richter scale left ,769 people dead and ,851 critically injured. It was believed to be one of the deadliest natural disasters of the th century. 灾难发生后,医护人员、解放军官兵从全国各地驰援唐山,救助同胞 Doctors and soldiers were dispatched from all over the country to help the victims. 在全国人民的帮助下,唐山人展现出重建家园的决心与力量 Supported by the rest of the country, people in the city showed their strength and determination in rebuilding their city. 震后5年,唐山人口恢复至0万震后年,唐山的重建工作基本完成震后年,唐山市的综合实力在全国城市中进入50强震后0年,唐山市人口超700万;去年人均GDP超一万美元,位列全国第5名 5 years after the quake, the city was again home to over a million people. years afther the quake, the rebuilding of Tangshan was basically complete. By 1996, Tangshan was listed as one of China's top 50 cities in terms of comprehensive strength. ty years later, the city's population has increased to more than 7 million. Its per capita GDP was more than ,000 US dollars last year, ranking 5th in the country. Photo taken on July7, shows the scenery of eastern downtown Tangshan, north China's Hebei Province. [Photo: Xinhua] 四十年间,奇迹般重新崛起的唐山市为自己赢得了一个响亮的称号——“英勇的城市” Over the past four decades, the miraculous re-emergence of Tangshan as a vibrant city has been nothing short of exhilarating, earning Tangshan the name ;the Brave City of China.; A file photo shows a night view of Tangshan, north China's Hebei Province. [File Photo: Xinhua] 他们的努力与付出还获得了国际奖项的肯定—— 1990年,唐山市人民政府以其抗震救灾、重建唐山市、解决百万人居住问题的突出成绩,获得了联合国人类住区(生境)中心颁发的“人居荣誉奖”唐山是首个获此荣誉的中国城市年,唐山又一举摘得“迪拜国际改善居住环境最佳范例奖”的桂冠 In 1990, Tangshan was awarded the ed Nations Habitat Scroll of Honor. Its municipal government was chosen by the U.N. as an ;outstanding organization contributing to human residence; its reconstruction efts after the earthquake. Tangshanwas the first in China to receive this U.N. award. The city also was recognized with the Dubai International Award Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment in . A photo taken on April , shows the Modern Gardens of the Tangshan International Horticultural Exposition in Tangshan, north China's Hebei Province. [Photo: Xinhua] 唐山人从未忘记困境中他们得到的无私援助;他们还要把这份感激与善举传承下去 The massive earthquake has left a legacy of gratitudeand benevolenceamong survivors, which has also been seeded among their offspring. 唐山大地震幸存者打出横幅“向全国人民问好,向解放军致敬” 【中国国际广播电台李晋】 三名地震孤儿张丽华、党育新、党育苗和她们在石家庄育红学校的辅导员“妈妈”孙丽丽紧紧相拥 目前,唐山市有超过60万名志愿者,志愿务、邻里相帮,让这座废墟之上重建的城市成为真正意义上的温暖家园;而每当有重大灾难发生,人们总能看见唐山人的身影 他们是唐山市玉田县位普通农民,但是在南方冰雪灾害、汶川地震、玉树地震等各种灾区一线却处处能看到他们的身影他们感动了亿中国人,被称为“唐山义士” 汶川地震之后,唐山大地震的幸存者、中国第一位灾害心理学士董慧娟为受灾儿童进行心理疏导 还有许许多多曾经经历过那场地震的唐山人一直在认真生活,默默奉献着他们用自己的经历书写了两个大字:勇敢! 现在请听英语环球记者Nillah Nyakoa带来一位昔日的地震幸存者、如今的优秀教师的真实故事 听亲历者口述:从未想过离开唐山,为这座城市感到自豪 ;My name is Yu Suyun, I'm an English teacher at Number One High School.; Yu Suyun is a survivor of the Earthquake that hit and almost wiped out the entire city of Tangshan, just North of Beijing. This is her story that she lives every day; A story of her life bee and after the devastating incident on the night of July th 1976 ty years ago. Nillah: When you were a little girl, how was life like bee the earthquake happened? Sun: Tangshan was a heavy industrial city. With mining steel, iron and ceramics, cement etc. It was a city that wasn't so big and people's lives were very simple, quiet and peaceful. The tallest building at that time was 8storeys high and most buildings were single storey. There were about 0families within our commy and only about had television sets which were black and white. She proceeds to show me old and new photos of her family members. On this fateful day, Yu Suyun goes on to remember how her life and that of her family, friends, neighbors and all the other city residents, was turned upside down. The entire city was in ruins. Bee the Earthquake, Suyun was just years old and lived a happy simple life with her parents and sisters. She recalls the night of the incident. ;When the earthquake happened I was at home in deep sleep. It woke me up. In fact the mud and brick bed we slept on collapsed and I fell into a hole. At that time I hadn't realized that it indeed was an earthquake. I just thought it was just a really bad storm. So I went to try and close the window. No sooner had I touched the window, than the wall also collapsed. tunately it fell outwards and I saw a strange dazzling light. Maybe it's called the earthquake light? It was then that I heard my mother shout, Earthquake! Earthquake! So I crawled away from the debris in our house onto the ruins outside. I was only wearing my underwear. When I looked around, my entire neighborhood was completely flattened. And the only thing standings were the two trees in front of our house. This was the only way (after) we could recognize where our house had once been.; Meanwhile, there had also been an Earthquake in a nearby town earlier in the year. So the people of Tangshan had been staying vigilant in case they befell the same fate, she remembers. ;Every night my father would balance a bottle on a metal ball to act as an early warning in the event of an earthquake. The idea being that, if there was an earthquake, the tremor would make the ball fall, hence making a noise and waking everyone from their sleep. But that was, useless.; The earthquake had occurred and it was tie to escape. Her sister managed to crawl out of the debris, but untunately due to the injuries her father had sustained, he was paralyzed from the waist down; so they had to pull him out. ;When we came out of the rubble we noticed that both my father and my youngest sister were missing because they were not with us. My mother started calling out my father's name and us sisters also yelled out Daddy! Daddy! Where are you? So she (mother) decided to go back in with my neighbor. They saw apart of the roof curved upwards and my father was underneath raising it up with his head and shoulders while carrying my youngest sister in his arms. The earthquake was still happening and he almost gave up because he couldn't be able to hold the roof ever. So my neighbour managed to find a long stick to raise the roof so that my sister and my father could escape.; ;My grandparents had two children; my father and my aunt. My aunt's family had been living in Beijing many years. As time went on, my grandparents missed my aunt very much and wanted to see her almost every day. So my father tried his very best to move her family back to Tangshan in December 197. Nearly years later the earthquake occurred and my aunt died. These memories are too much Yu Suyun to bear, so she breaks down but is determined to continue with her story ;And so because of too much sadness and sorrow, my grandmother also passed away.; ;Also my best friend Jia Lin lived (in a building) in the military hospital because just two years earlier, all the administrators from every department were moved to a newly built storey structure. At that time almost all the houses were one storey. So I can't remember what time it was but then we saw smoke bellowing from the tall building. So I staggered towards that building calling out, suddenly I was shocked the whole building collapsed and a big fire broke out. I could do nothing but cry out her name...there was no answer. Jia Lin and her parents all perished, leaving her elder brother alone.; Vividly everything that happened on the fateful day remains crystal clear in her mind. These are memories she struggles with every day. ;The wounded were crying screaming and these terrifying sounds scared me to death. I couldn't dare open my eyes because blood was on the floor and everywhere. Mr. Wang my father's colleague was badly wounded: his head and face were swollen such that the size of his head was two or three times bigger. You couldn't tell that it was a man's head. Even worse, his head was almost falling off. And so he died on the way to the hospital. My whole life until now, I have nightmares.; Momentarily with hope and believe the only thing they had been left with, Sun Yun says, everyone had to accept their new normal; It was time to rebuild the city and move on. Her father had returned from the hospital 6 months later and miraculously was able to walk again to the amazement of his family and friends. Nillah: After that tragedy did ever think of leaving Tangshan and move to another? ;I never thought of leaving Tangshan after the earthquake. In the few seconds the whole city lay in ruins, the suffering of the people was extreme and it seems as though it was the end of the world. But all hope was not lost. Despite the danger of frequent aftershocks, we are determined to live through and so we call it the great anti-earthquake spirit. ; Today because of her strength and resilience, Yu Suyun has grown to be one of the most recognized and loved residents in the city. She holds a super degree and has become one of the most popular teachers in Hebei province. Although life has been a struggle many residents, Yu Suyun is grateful to be alive and is proud to be a resident of Tangshan. Nillah Nyakoa, Studio Plus. 听完她的故事,大家有什么感想吗?请留言与我们分享泉州永春县吸脂减肥医院

泉州丰唇最有力量的哈佛大学毕业演讲:你从未听过 --31 :18: 来源: 这篇演讲被称作“你从未听过的”,“最有力量的,最诚挚的”哈佛大学演讲 It’s the speech Harvard University is calling "the most powerful, heartfelt" speech "you will ever hear."这篇演讲被称作“你从未听过的”,“最有力量的,最诚挚的”哈佛大学演讲Donovan Livingston, a master’s graduate at the university, was chosen by a committee of faculty, staff and students to speak at the School of Education’s convocation, a rep Harvard told A News.一名哈佛代表告诉A新闻,发表演讲的多诺万·利文斯顿是哈佛大学硕士毕业生,他由学校教职员工和学生委员会选中,在学校教育集会上发言Instead of a traditional speech, Livingston used spoken word to perm his poem, "Lift Off."区别于传统演讲,利文斯顿朗诵了他的诗歌《启飞Livingston told A News that the "true inspiration behind the piece" was the fact that he couldn’t perm a poem when he gave his commencement remarks during his senior year of high school.利文斯顿告诉A新闻,“诗歌背后真正的灵感”来自于他在高中毕业典礼上做毕业致辞时不能朗诵诗歌的真实经历"The teacher who was in charge...threatened to take me offstage or cut my microphone when she caught wind that I wanted to incorporate a poem," he recalled. "She wanted it to be traditional. So I complied, but I really wanted to address my class in my most authentic voice, which is what I said onstage Wednesday."“负责老师威胁说一旦发现我在讲话时想要念诗她就要把我拉下台或者把我的麦克风切断,”他回忆道“她希望演讲就是传统型的所以我遵从了,但我真的想以我最真实的声音来对我的同学们讲话,就像星期三我在台上讲的那样”Livingston told his fellow classmates in part:利文斯顿在诗中告诉他的同学们:"I’ve been a black hole in the classroom far too long;“我像黑洞一样在教室里潜伏了许久;Absorbing everything, without allowing my light to escape.我拼命吸收一切,不让任何一点光芒逃跑But those days are done. I belong among the stars.但那些日子已经过去我融进了星河And so do you. And so do they.你们也是如此他们也是如此Together, we can inspire galaxies of greatness让我们携手,激发出系中的伟大 generations to come.以待后辈So no, sky is not the limit. It is only the beginning.所以啊,不,天空并不是极限天空仅仅是开始Lift off."启飞吧”The speech has been seen by more than 5 million people and was even shared by Justin Timberlake and Hillary Clinton.演讲视频已经有超过500万人次观看,连由贾斯汀·汀布莱克和希拉里·克林顿都分享了这段视频Livingston -- who hopes to become a faculty member or an administrator at a university one day -- said he did not expect to get a standing ovation, nor did he expect the speech to go viral.利文斯顿的愿望是成为一名大学教员或管理员他说他原本并不期望得到大家长时间的起立鼓掌,他也没有想到的这段演讲会在网上大规模的流传It makes sense the son of two educators: His father is a retired principal and his mother is a speech pathologist, working with special needs students.作为两名教育者的儿子,利文斯顿做关于教育的演讲是有理由的:他的父亲是一名退休校长,他的母亲是一名语言病理学家,同有语言障碍的学生工作"I’ve always been around education, but I didn’t know it was something I was really passionate about until I got to college and looked around and saw ... that everything I did catered to college access [and] college success. It felt natural," the Winston-Salem, North Carolina, resident said. "I’m just really happy to carry on the legacy of my mother and father and I’m just grateful to walk in their footsteps."“我的生活和教育息息相关,但在我上大学前,在我环顾四周,发现我所做的一切都是为了上大学并在大学里取得成功前,我都不知道我是如此热爱教育这很自然”这位来自北卡罗来纳州温斯顿塞勒姆的市民如此说道“我真的很高兴能继承我的母亲和父亲的志向,我也很感激能够沿着他们的足迹前行”石狮都都美容院 洛阳老君山悬崖上扎帐露营惊险万分 -- 18::5 来源:sohu ;第三届音乐露营节;于7月日正式开始, 当中最大看点的是“云中露营”, 超过一百名驴友在洛阳老君山00米的悬崖栈道上扎帐露营, 欣赏山间美景 The camping trip was part of a series of activities Laojun Mountain Camp Festival, which started on Saturday. More than 0 backpackers slept in their tents while perched on a 1,700-meter cliff face after they set up tents from Friday to Saturday along a plank road that hugs Laojun Mountain in Henan province. 很多露营者更会很早起床,在晨曦下的云海中做运动, 享受大自然之美 Many campers got up early to exercise in the presence of the cloud sea on Saturday morning. 主办组织会向参加者提供食水、便携式厕所和手电筒在如此危险的山腰间欣赏满天星空, 惊险刺激 The organizer provided water, portable toilets and flashlights. The scenic spot is covered with Wi-Fi, which enables tourists to share their experience on social networking sites or apps.; 整个景区都有Wi-Fi网络覆盖,游客们更可以通过社交网站或应用程序分享他们难忘及惊险的经验 还记得以前在悬崖上练极限瑜伽的中外美女吗? 她们同样在挑战高空刺激,太玩命了! 在如此高空的悬崖上扎帐露营,确实是个毕生难忘的回忆, 但一不小心就会堕下山崖, 丧失性命所以小编奉劝大家在参与以上活动前, 必须考虑安全因素,以免乐极生悲 English Source: China Daily福建省泉州石狮市美容院去痘坑

泉州双眼皮修复哪里好研究表明 满月可能减少孩童睡眠时间 -- 18:: 来源: 一项研究表明,孩童在满月时可能会减少几分钟的睡眠时间这项研究对包括印度在内的个国家的孩童进行了调查 Children may sleep less when there is a full moon, but only by a few minutes, according to a new study conducted on kids from countries, including India.一项研究表明,孩童在满月时可能会减少几分钟的睡眠时间这项研究对包括印度在内的个国家的孩童进行了调查However, the study failed to find a link between the occurrence of the full moon and kids’ activity levels, debunking the myth that children are more hyper during a full moon.然而,该研究并没有找到满月和孩童活动水平的联系,这使得孩童在满月期间更亢奋的谜团浮出水面Researchers from the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute in Canada analysed inmation from over 5,800 children, ages 9 to , from countries - India, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Finland, Kenya, Portugal, South Africa, the UK and the US.加拿大东安大略儿童医院的研究人员分析了5800名儿童的数据这些儿童年龄在九岁到十二岁不等,分别来自印度、澳大利亚、巴西、加拿大、中国、哥伦比亚、芬兰、肯尼亚、波兰、南美、英国和美国The children wore accelerometers - devices similar to fitness trackers that record body movement and can be used to monitor sleep - hours a day, at least seven days.在至少七天之内,这些孩童全天都佩戴加速器加速器和健身追踪器功能相似,能够记录身体活动和监控睡眠Results showed that children’s activity levels - including the amount of time they spent doing high- and low-intensity activity, and their sedentary time - were about the same during a full moon and new moon.结果显示,孩子们的活动水平在满月期间和新月期间的水平相同活动水平的数据包括他们进行高强度、低强度活动的时间以及久坐的时间However, children’s sleep time was about 5 minutes shorter on nights with a full moon, compared to nights with a new moon, ’Live Science’ reported.Live Science杂志报道称,但是儿童在满月夜的睡眠时间比新月夜少了大约五分钟This is about one per cent of children’s total sleep time, researchers said.研究人员表示,这大约是一名儿童总共睡眠时间的1%One possible reason could be that the brightness of the full moon interferes with children’s sleep, they said.他们表示,一个可能的原因是明亮的满月干扰了孩子们的睡眠The study was published in the journal Frontiers in Pediatrics.该研究在期刊《儿科前沿上出版 夏天——凉面的季节 -- ::53 来源: 夏天是人们享受各种冷餐凉菜的好时候其中,过程简单、易于制作的凉面便是炎炎夏季中的最佳选择 Summer is the season to enjoy cold dishes, and cold noodles are among the easiest dishes to prepare in the hot weather.夏天是人们享受各种冷餐凉菜的好时候其中,过程简单、易于制作的凉面便是炎炎夏季中的最佳选择Cold noodle dishes in China are served as mains rather than as starter salads like the pasta salad in the Western cuisine. Making cold noodles takes only five to minutes if the sauce is aly made.和西餐烹饪的讲究不同,凉面在中国通常是作为餐桌上的主菜,并不似诸如意粉沙拉类菜系作为开饭的第一道菜制作凉面的过程也十分简单,在调味汁已经备好的前提下只需要五到十分钟即可完成There are several classic variations of cold noodle dishes across China that use different kinds of noodles, sauces and toppings. The trick to a successful bowl of cold noodles of any kind is to keep the noodles crisp and avoid starchiness and stickiness.在中国,凉面在不同的地域有不同的做法,所使用的面类、调味品和配料也有所差别但归结起来,制作凉面成功的秘诀在于保持面条的韧性与爽脆,避免让面条粘连到一起 those who love hot chilies and Sichuan peppercorns, the Sichuan style cold noodle is the go-to summer dish. Traditional Sichuan cold noodles calls noodles made with baking soda, which helps to prevent the noodles from breaking apart and makes them chewier as well.对于喜欢辣椒和四川胡椒的人们来说,四川式凉面可谓是夏季的必备美食传统意义上的四川凉面制作过程中需要使用苏打粉,防止面条断裂,保持入口的嚼劲儿和韧劲儿The noodles are boiled in hot water until they are roughly 80 percent done. Then they are sp out so they can cool down.面条通常要在沸水中翻滚一段时间,待八成熟之后将其捞出,以便更好地冷却Minced garlic paste is the must-have ingredient the sauce, which consists of minced ginger paste, chopped green onions, peppercorn powder, vinegar and soy sauce mixed together in the homemade hot chili oil, which is cooked with small red chili peppers called chao tian jiao in rapeseed oil and sesame oil seasoned by peppercorns, star anise, green onion, garlic and ginger.蒜蓉一般由姜蓉、切碎的蒜末、胡椒粉、醋和酱油等调料再加上家制的辣椒油混合调制而成,是吃凉面不可或缺的一味调味品这里的辣椒油由小型红辣椒(俗称朝天椒)在由干胡椒、八角茴香、嫩青葱、姜和蒜等调制好的菜籽油和芝麻油中烹制而成The correct layering of Sichuan cold noodles is to place the chilled noodles at the bottom of the bowl, add the mung bean sprouts in the middle and chicken on top, and pour in the hot sauce when serving the dish. One can also add shredded cucumber and radish.四川凉面正确吃法如下:首先将捞出来的冷面放入碗底,中间撒上绿豆芽,最上面铺上几块鸡胸肉,最后将热乎乎的调料汁浇在面上如果有需要还可以撒上些黄瓜丝和萝卜丝Be generous with the vinegar and sugar, the sweet and sour taste is the highlight of Sichuan cold noodles. Local people use traditional Baoning vinegar, which is flavored black vinegar brewed with rice and a number of different herbs and spices.醋和糖这两味调味品是关键四川凉面最大的特点就是口感酸甜当地人一般都使用传统的保宁醋这种醋由大米和一些不同的药草香料制成,是一种口感极佳的黑醋Sesame paste cold noodles is the traditional Beijing style dish that uses a much simpler combination of ingredients.芝麻酱凉面是老北京的地道小吃,只需要一些佐料的简单混合即可制成The most important part is the sesame paste, which must be freshly grounded using pure sesame seeds. Good quality sesame paste often has a layer of sesame oil floating on top.制作芝麻酱凉面,芝麻酱自然是必不可少这种酱料由一些干净的芝麻籽新鲜磨碎制成那些质量上乘的芝麻酱通常会在表面浮有一层轻微的芝麻油Garlic is an indispensable part of the dish. The sesame paste cold noodles uses both minced garlic paste and thinly chopped garlics.大蒜也是这道菜不可或缺的调料之一芝麻酱凉面需要蒜蓉和切得碎碎的蒜末这两味做最后调味福建附属第一医院胸部整形泉州中医院私立还是公办



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