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Maradona dropped as Argentina coachDiego Maradonasspellas Argentina coach came to an end on Tuesday when soccer chiefs voted unanimously not torenew his contract,the countrys AFA football association said on Tuesday.Maradonas future had been in doubt since Argentinas 4-0 loss to Germany in the World Cup quarter-finals in South Africa earlier this month.;The executive committee... has resolved unanimously not to renew the contract of Diego Armando Maradona as coach of the national team,; an AFA spokesman told a news conference after the meeting of soccer bosses.Rumours had swirled ahead of the announcement that Maradona would not continue as Argentinas coach, a position he has held since November 2008, because of a disagreement with the AFA.Maradona told local media on Sunday he wanted to stay on as coach but only if he could keep control over the choice of his assistants.His departure means Argentina need to find a new coach for the Copa America regional tournament next year.Local media said former Boca Juniors coach Carlos Bianchi, who led the team to a string of national and continental titles in twostintsbetween 1998 and 2004, was a popular favorite to replace Maradona.Other names circulating as possible successors include Estudiantes coach Alex Sabella, Independientes former coach Americo Gallego, former Argentina coach Marcelo Bielsa and ex-River Plate, Inter Milan and Argentina striker Ramon Diaz.Vocabulary:spell: a continuous course or period of work or other activity(任期,做某事或在某处工作的一段时间)renew the contract:续约stint: a period of time spent doing something(从事某项工作或活动的时间)vibe:气氛;环境背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/110117美国硅谷一家公司将推出一种革命性绿色新能源,诸如Ebay,谷歌的大公司已经在使用这种Bloom Energy燃料电池,而且效果不错。Reporter: EBay's headquarters in California are powered by revolutionary new boxy fuel cells that look just like big refrigerators. The innovative green technology stems from Silicon Valley startup Bloom Energy. The company says its fuel cells produce more power with less environmental damage than others on the market because they aren't reliant on just hydrogen to trigger the chemical reactions that create power.Rather, it can use wind, solar power and whatever else is available depending on the community, although Bloom Energy doesn't offer more details about how that works.KR Sridhar, principal co-founder and CEO of Bloom Energy, says the power is produced when you use it."Bloom Energy server is the equivalent of your mobile phone without a wire, compared to the landline telephone that had copper wires. What this is, is producing power at the point that you use it, outside your building - that's called distributor generation and Bloom Energy server does that for you using a fuel cell technology."The technology is aly being used at major companies such as Google and eBay, but analysts warn that the technology has yet to be widely proven.201003/97668

G-20 Agrees on Huge Stimulus, Tough Regulations to End Economic Crisis各国首脑赞峰会 并力一向战衰退 Leaders of the world's 20 major developed and emerging economies have agreed on huge spending measures to boost world economies and implement tougher financial regulations to try avoid such crises in future. 全世界20个主要发达和新兴经济体领导人同意采取大规模开措施,振兴全球经济,并且实施更严格的金融管理,以避免今后发生类似的危机。Coming out of their full day meeting in London, G-20 leaders spoke of success, unprecedented consensus and historic compromises. 20国集团各国领导人结束了在伦敦举行的一整天会议,他们谈到会议的成功、达成的前所未有的一致、以及具有历史意义的妥协。They pledged trillion for the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and other global institutions for individual countries to draw on to restore credit, economic growth and jobs.  与会各国领导人保向国际货币基金组织、世界等国际金融机构提供1万亿美元,以便这些机构向各国提供贷款,帮助这些国家恢复信贷、经济增长和就业。U.S. President Barack Obama described the summit as a turning point.  美国总统奥巴马认为这次首脑会议是一个转折点。"In an age when our economies are linked more closely than ever before, the whole world has been touched by this devastating downturn," said President Obama. "And today, the world's leaders have responded with an unprecedented set of comprehensive and coordinated actions." 奥巴马说:“各国经济比以往如何时候都更加密切相连,在这种时代,全世界都受到这种毁灭性衰退的影响。今天,世界领导人对这次衰退采取了一系列全面和协调一致的前所未有的行动。”President Obama said lessons of the past had been learned. 奥巴马说,我们吸取了过去的一些教训。"Faced with similar global economic challenges in the past, the world was slow to act, and people paid an enormous price," said Mr. Obama. "That was true in the Great Depression [of the 1930s], when nations prolonged and worsened the crisis by turning inward, waiting for more than a decade to meet the challenge together." 奥巴马说:“以往面对类似全球性经济难题时,世界反应迟缓,人们付出了巨大代价。上个世纪30年代大萧条时期的情况也是如此,当时各国采取关闭大门的措施,等了10多年各国才一致应对挑战,因此拖长了那场危机的时间,使它更加恶化。”Summit host, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the world had come together with a united plan to combat the global recession. 这次20国集团首脑会议东道国英国的首相布朗表示,世界已经团结在一起,拿出了一项共同方案,以战胜这次全球性经济衰退。"We believe that in this new global age, our prosperity is indivisible," said Gordon Brown. "We believe that global problems require global solutions. We believe that growth to be sustained must be shared and that trade must once again become an engine of growth." 布朗说:“我们相信,在这个新的全球化时代,我们的繁荣是不可分割的。我们认为全球性问题要拿出全球性解决方案。我们认为,持续经济增长必须由各国分享,国际贸易必须再次成为带动增长的引擎。”The summit's emphasis clearly was on coordinated action. G-20 leaders said they will maintain their current stimulus plans and expansionary policies as long as needed. 这次首脑会议的重点显然是要采取协调一致的行动。20国集团领导人表示,它们将继续执行现有的刺激方案和扩大开的政策,需要多久就执行多久。Again, Prime Minister Gordon Brown  布朗首相还说:"Together, these actions give us confidence that the global economy can return to growth even faster than the International Monetary Fund is now predicting," he said. “这些行动集合在一起,让我们坚信,全球经济能够恢复增长,而且时间会比国际货币基金组织现在预期得要快。”There were vows against protectionism and for tougher measures to regulate banks, credit rating agencies and hedge funds, and a crackdown on tax havens.  这次20国集团首脑会议还保反对贸易保护主义,采取更严格措施约束、信贷评级机构和对冲基金,打击逃税港。"The banking secrecy of the past must come to an end," said Britain's prime minister. 布朗说:“以往实行的保密制度必须取缔。”The measures announced are wide ranging. But economic analysts say that what is just as crucial is that the leaders project a united front and a commitment to coordinate efforts to combat the crisis. 这次首脑会议宣布的措施涉及面很广。不过经济分析人士认为,最关键的是与会各国领导人让世界看到了一个统一阵线,并保进行协调一致的努力,战胜危机。One after the other, the G-20 leaders seemed intent on doing just that. French President Nicolas Sarkozy said the summit exceeded his expectations and German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke of a very good, almost historic compromise. 20国集团每一位领导人看来都非常愿意那样做。法国总统萨科齐表示,这次首脑会议超过了他的预期;德国总理默克尔说这次首脑会议非常成功,与会者做出了几乎是具有历史意义的妥协。No one, it seemed, was going to bring up the differences within the G-20. The ed States and Britain had wanted more government stimulus spending while Germany, France and most other European nations wanted tougher regulation of the financial sector. Some of the poorer nations wanted to ensure they were not forgotten and the bigger emerging economies, such as China and India, were intent on having a bigger say at the summit. 似乎没有人想在20国集团内部提出意见分歧。美国和英国希望各国政府增加对经济起刺激作用的出,而德国、法国等欧洲国家希望对金融部门制定更严格的法规。一些比较贫穷的国家希望确保它们没有被遗忘,而中国和印度等比较大的经济体希望在这次首脑会议上有更大发言权。Throughout the meetings, a wide variety of protesters turned out to make their voices heard. On Wednesday, thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of central London - including anti-war, anti-poverty and anti-globalization groups as well as environmentalists and anarchists. While most of the marching resembled a giant street party, there were clashes with police and some arrests. On Thursday, the demonstrators who turned up around the ExCel Center, where the G-20 leaders met, were reported in the hundreds. 整个首脑会议期间,各类示威者走上街头表达自己的心声。星期三,数千名示威者在伦敦市中心举行抗议,包括反战、反贫困和反对全球化的团体以及环保人士和无政府主义者。大多数游行好像是大型街头聚会,也发生了示威者跟警察的冲突,一些示威者被逮捕。星期四,到20国集团首脑会议开会的艾格色中心周围示威的人数据说只有数百人。04/66332

EU Boosts Humanitarian Aid to Pakistan欧盟增加对巴基斯坦人道援助 The European Union has pledged millions of dollars in new humanitarian assistance for Pakistanis displaced by fighting between government troops and the Taliban insurgency in the Asian nation. The EU has also raised chances of closer trade ties during its first summit with Pakistan.欧盟已经承诺再次为巴基斯坦提供几百万美元的人道援助资金,帮助在巴基斯坦政府军和塔利班武装分子的战斗中流离失所的巴基斯坦人。欧盟在与巴基斯坦的第一次首脑会议中还提出双方有进行更紧密贸易的机会。During the talks in Brussels, European Union officials offered both moral and financial support to Pakistan's president Asif Ali Zardari. European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said the EU has decided to earmark nearly million in new humanitarian aid for people displaced by the conflict in Pakistan's northwestern Swat valley and other areas where the government is fighting a fierce Taliban insurgency.欧洲联盟官员在布鲁塞尔的会谈中,对巴基斯坦总统扎尔达里提供了道义和资金的双重持。欧盟委员会主席巴罗佐说,欧盟已决定再次拨出近9000万美元的人道援助资金,帮助在巴基斯坦西北部的斯瓦特河谷等地区政府军打击猖獗的塔利班武装分子等战斗中流离失所的平民。"I welcome President Zadari's determination to confront militants who have been challenging the authority of the democratically elected government in the northwest frontier province," said Jose Manuel Barroso. "Of course we are aware of the civilian population, of a large number of people in the area in and around the Swat Valley."他说:“我赞同扎尔达里总统对抗武装分子的决心,这些武装分子挑战西北省边境民选政府的权威。当然我们也注意到在斯瓦特河谷及周边地区有很多平民。”Overall, Barroso said, the EU has decided to boost its humanitarian emergency funding to Pakistan more than tenfold, to about 0 million.巴罗佐说,欧盟已决定把应对巴基斯坦人道紧急需求的资金总额提高到十倍以上,达到约1亿美元。The summit is the first ever between the EU and Pakistan and it was marked by warm words on both sides. President Zardari was quick to thank the 27-member organization for its financial assistance.这次是欧盟与巴基斯坦之间有史以来的第一次首脑会议,特点是对话双方都很热情友好。扎尔达里总统立即对这有27个成员国的组织提供的资金援助表示感谢。"I think all steps have been positive," said Asif Ali Zardari. "The fact that democracy has been acknowledged and the engagement of all the countries of the world with Pakistan and a democratic Pakistan is a relief, a positive step and an assurance that no dictator will ever be welcomed in the halls of the EU."他说:“我认为所有步骤都是积极的。令人欣慰的事实是巴基斯坦的民主已经得到承认、以及世界各国在与民主的巴基斯坦交往,这也是积极的步骤,同时确定的是欧盟会场是不欢迎任何独裁者的。”But Mr. Zardari also pushed for greater access to European markets, saying that what he wanted was trade, not aid.但是扎尔达里也推动巴基斯坦进一步打入欧洲市场,他说他想要的是贸易而不是援助。The EU is aly among Pakistan's biggest trading partners. And Mr. Barroso held out hope that commercial exchanges could be boosted. He said the EU had outlined ways to increase trade between the two sides and suggested they might hold free trade talks at some point in the future.欧盟已经是巴基斯坦最大的贸易伙伴之一。巴罗佐希望商业交流可以促进经济。他说欧盟概述了如何增加双边贸易得途径,并建议他们可以在未来的某一时间举行自由贸易会谈。06/74982

  Cameron Diaz ranked most dangerous Web celeb: studyShe may be known for her playful giggles and killer looks, but now movie star Cameron Diaz has become the most dangerous celebrity on the Internet.Diaz, 37, is top of the list of the most dangerous celebrities to search for online, above second-placed Julia Roberts, according to computer security company McAfee, Inc. Last year's most dangerous Web celebrity, Jessica Biel, fell to third.One in ten websites featuring the "Knight and Day" star contain malicious software intended to infect computers and steal data from users, according to research released on Thursday by McAfee.Creators of malicious software use celebrities as lures, baiting fans and followers to click on and download seemingly innocuous content containing programs designed to steal passwords and other private information for profit, said Dave Marcus, director of security research at McAfee Labs."They know that people want to have screensavers of popular individuals. They follow hot topics on the Web and create their poisonous content accordingly," Marcus said."This relates to a larger trend of using social engineering lures. A lot of times a cyber criminal will mine Twitter, or follow Google Trends, to poison those links. It's very clear they will use news trends to lure," he said.Supermodel Gisele Bundchen came in at fourth, followed by Brad Pitt, one of only two men to be listed in the top ten."Brad Pitt is historically one of the most dangerous celebrities to search on," said Marcus. "He's always up there."Former Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima came in sixth, followed by Jennifer Love-Hewitt and Nicole Kidman, who tied for seventh. Tom Cruise ranked eighth, and Heidi Klum and Penelope Cruz tied for ninth. Anna Paquin, the star of TV hit "True Blood", rounded out the top ten.This is the fourth time McAfee published the annual list of dangerous individuals.Vocabulary:innocuous: not harmful or dangerous(无害的;无危险的)screensaver: 屏幕保护程序mine: to place mines below the surface of an area(布雷于)这里是比喻用法round out: 完成背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/111899

  Personalised news个性化报刊Your digital paper, sir先生,您的电子报纸The struggle to make money out of news on tablets数字媒体平台的生财之道1.A CUSTOMISED, constantly-updating newspaper used to be the stuff of science fiction. Now, thanks to tablet devices like the iPad, there are several. Livestand, a news app launched this week by Yahoo!, joins a field that aly includes Zite, bought recently by CNN; Editions, created by AOL; and Flipboard, which Google tried to buy last year. Rebuffed, Google is expected at some point to launch its own news app, code-named Propeller.量身定制,随时更新的报纸以前只存在于科幻小说中。而现在由于有了像IPAD这样的平板电脑,(许多)这样的报纸变成了现实。雅虎加入了数字媒体平台研发领域,发布了其新程序LIVESTAND;此前涉足此领域的还有被B所收购的ZITE,以及AOL公司开发的Editions,还有谷歌一直想要收购的FLIPBOARD。谷歌也希望在合适的时间发布其新的个性化电子杂志应用程序PROPELLER2.These corporate giants aim to cash in on the desperation of traditional news publishers. A study last month by the Pew Research Centre with The Economist Group (this newspaperrsquo;s parent company) found that, less than two years after the iPad went on sale, 11% of American adults now own a tablet and more than half of this group news on it each day. They are more avid news consumers than those without tablets (see chart), and for long articles they prefer their tablets both to ordinary computers and (remarkably) to print. Ken Doctor of Outsell, a media consultancy, says the study is the best evidence yet that tablets are gradually replacing print.这些商业巨人都希望在身处困境的传统出版商身上大捞一笔。由皮尔研究中心和经济学人集团联合进行的研究发现,在IPAD发售后不到两年时间里,约11%的美国成年人都拥有了平板电脑,其中半数以上每天通过平板电脑阅读新闻。这些人比那些没有平板电脑的人更热衷于看新闻,而且当出现长篇文章的时候,他们更喜欢用平板,而不愿在电脑特别是报刊上阅读。奥特赛尔公司的媒体咨询师说,这项研究有力的实了传统报刊正在被数字刊物平台所取代。3.For news outlets facing dwindling print circulations and meagre online advertising rates, this is a glimmer of hope. Yet turning this ership into revenue is tricky. Not all publishers can afford to build their own tablet apps. For those that can, ers are somewhat ier to pay for subscriptions than on the web; advertising rates are (for now) six to ten times higher than online, according to Mr Doctor. But it is not yet clear how many ers will make the switch. And for publishers without an app, tablet users are just like other web users: worth very little money.新闻报刊的发行量正日益萎缩,网上的广告刊登率也乏善可陈,数字媒体平台也许是个契机。但是要将读者转化为收入来源是需要智慧的。并不是每个出版商都有能力建立自己的数字媒体平台。对于那些有能力的出版商而言,读者显然更愿意付钱订阅电子杂志而非在网上浏览新闻, 道可特先生说,其广告刊登率也是在线广告的6到10倍,但目前还不清楚到底有多少读者愿意放弃浏览网页转而使用数字媒体平台。而对于没有数字刊物平台的出版商而言,平板电脑的使用者跟其他上网浏览新闻的读者没有什么不同:赚不到什么钱。4.Flipboard and its rivals let users create a personalised digital magazine from a mix of sources, which can include magazines, newspapers, blogs and articles posted by their contacts on Facebook or Twitter. On the web, similar ;aggregator; sites, personalised or not, have a bad name as freeloaders that create no content of their own. And the app versions have been of dubious benefit thus far to publishers, which must provide their stories free (or at least the first few lines, with a link to their websites) in return for the vague hope of getting more ers. But compared with a website cluttered with links and ads for penis enlargement, the apps are clean, stylish and nice to use. And some have started carrying glossy, high-end ads and sharing the revenue with publishers.FLIPBOARD 和它的竞争对手都向其使用者提供个性化数字杂志务,允许读者从众多电子刊物中进行选择,这些刊物包括杂志,报纸,FACEBOOK和TWITTER上的客文章。在网上,有些类似于;大杂烩;式的网站,向读者提供免费下载务,但他们没有自己的原创内容。迄今为止数字报刊平台并不能给出版商带来多少利润,出版商们必须提供免费新闻(至少是几个连接其主页的新闻链接)以期吸引更多的读者。与充斥着大量网站链接和阴茎增大广告的网站相比,数字媒体平台更纯净,更时尚,也更好用。有的数字平台已开始加入了一些简洁高端的广告,与商家实现共赢。5.Livestand is the most publisher-friendly app so far. It is more like a digital news-stand than a personalised magazine: users can subscribe to various publications, but must each one separately instead of seeing all their stories together. Publishers must provide the full text of their stories, but can control their visual design, and from next year they will be able to charge for subscriptions too. There will be interactive and ads, for which Yahoo! will charge advertisers big premiums.LIVESTAND 是迄今为止最具出版商亲和力的数字刊物平台。它看起来更像是一个数字杂志摊而并非个性化定制的杂志,读者可以向不同的出版商订阅电子杂志, 但每次只能读到其中一篇文章而不是读照单全读。出版商必须提供其文章的全文内容,但可以控制浏览模式,而且从明年开始,他们便可以向订购人收取费用了。平台上会有一些互动广告或视频广告,从中雅虎可以大赚广告客户一笔。6.Some publishers may benefit from all this; others may lose subscribers from their own apps to the aggregators. Readers will be spoilt for choice. For Yahoo! and the rest it should be a nice little business;as long as there are any publishers left to fuel it.一些出版商可能会从中受益,但还有一些出版商的客户将会被那些提供免费下载的网站抢去。读者的选择余地很大。对于雅虎而言, 接下来就可以打如意小算盘了;;只要有出版商向其提供杂志。201111/161042。

  Obama Likely to Change US Leadership Style奥巴马称将外交上更多使用软实力  President-elect Barack Obama has indicated his administration is likely to be less reliant on the threat of military force to persuade and influence other countries, and more likely to use so-called "soft power," the attractiveness of a nation's ideals, culture and way of life. 美国当选总统奥巴马表示,他的政府很可能减少通过军事威胁的力量来说或影响其他国家的做法,而更多地使用所谓的“软实力”,也就是美国的理念、文化和生活方式等。The sheer military might of the ed States is unquestioned - U.S. troops are among the best trained and equipped in the world and they are stationed in some 130 countries. But as American military superiority has increased, its reputation and ability to persuade others appear to have taken a hit.  美国军力的绝对优势是不容质疑的,美国的军队在世界上是经受过最好的训练、配备最精良装备的军队之一,他们在130来个国家有驻军。但是在美国军力独占鳌头的势力不断加强的时候,它的声望和说力却似乎有所减弱。A recent Pew Global Attitudes survey shows that positive views of the ed States declined in 26 of the 33 countries where the question was posed in 2002 and 2007, with even close U.S. allies critical of American foreign policy. Recent surveys show majorities in nearly all countries think it is time for U.S. troops to leave Iraq and Afghanistan. 民意调查机构皮尤公司最近所作的全球态度调查显示,2002年和2007年,该机构在33个发放了调查问卷的国家中,有26个国家对美国的正面看法有所下降,有些美国的紧密盟国也对美国的外交政策持批评的态度。最近的调查显示,几乎所有国家中的多数人都认为,现在是美国军队撤离伊拉克和阿富汗的时候了。Nancy Snow is associate professor of public diplomacy at Syracuse University in New York. She says the election of Barack Obama itself is likely to boost America's standing in the world, before he even sets foot in the White House.  南希.斯诺是纽约州雪城大学公共外交副教授,她说奥巴马当选总统这件事本身就很可能提高美国在世界上的地位,甚至在他入主白宫之前就显现效应了。"The world was holding its collective breath, hoping that the outcome would favor Obama-Biden," said Snow. "And it did. And I think there was an immediate downtick of the anti-American sentiment. Now how long that will last is another thing. Because now he has to govern. But just as candidate, a candidate of change, to use his words, really symbolically represented a release from a very unpopular president worldwide."During his victory speech on election night in Chicago, President-elect Obama promised "a new dawn" of American leadership in the world. 奥巴马赢得选举当天晚上在芝加哥所做的胜选演讲中承诺要开启美国在世界上领导地位的“新曙光”。"And to all those who have wondered if America's beacon still burns as bright - tonight we proved once more that the true strength of our nation comes not from our the might of our arms or the scale of our wealth, but from the enduring power of our ideals: democracy, liberty, opportunity, and unyielding hope," he said.  “对这些想知道美国的灯塔是否还依然明亮的人们来说,今天晚上我们再次明,美国真正的力量不是靠我们军队的威力,不是靠我们国家的财富,而是来自我们理想持久的威力,这就是民主、自由、机会和坚定不移的希望。”Mr. Obama has promised to take the nation in a different direction than the Bush administration. He has said he will close down the prison at Guantanamo Bay as one of his first acts in office, and declared the ed States will not use techniques such as water-boarding to obtain information.  奥巴马承诺将领导美国走向与布什政府不同的方向。他说过,他要关闭设在关塔纳湾的拘押中心,以此作为他执政的以后最新的行动之一,他还宣布美国将不再利用把犯人的头部强按到水里等手段获取口供。Nancy Snow say Mr. Obama knows that restoring trust is key. 南希.斯诺说,奥巴马知道,恢复信誉才是关键。"He said he wants to restore trust in government. He wants to restore trust in American leadership, both abroad, and at also here at home," she said. "I think what is required now through soft power, it includes non-violent practices of attracting people, through what you represent, and what you do, and that is the type of president he has said he would be." “他说,他要恢复人们对政府的信任。他要恢复人们对美国的领导地位的信任,不仅让国内民众,也让海外民众信任。我认为这就要通过软实力,包括吸引民众的非暴力行为,通过你所代表的政策,通过你的所作所为来说话,这就是奥巴马所说的,他要当这样的总统。”Snow says Mr. Obama can make use of his excellent communication skills and his multi-cultural background to restore America's ability to wield soft power through diplomacy and development programs.  斯诺说,奥巴马可以利用他优秀的沟通技巧和他多元的文化背景来恢复美国通过外交和发展项目来运用软实力的能力。Kristen Lord is an expert on U.S. relations with the Islamic world at the Brookings Institution in Washington. She says she is optimistic Mr. Obama will immediately change the tone of dialogue with other countries, from a "go it alone" approach, to one of mutual respect and cooperation. 克里斯顿.洛德是华盛顿布鲁金斯学会中美国伊斯兰世界关系研究部门的专家,她说,她对奥巴马保持乐观态度,他认为新政府会在和其他国家对话中改变腔调,从过去美国特立独行的做法,改变为相互尊重、相互合作。"When Americans show that they are willing to listen, when they are willing to engage, when they are willing to address some of the underlying challenges that Muslim societies are facing, perhaps paradoxically to some, that actually makes the ed States more secure," said Lord. 她说:“当美国人显示出他们愿意听取别人的意见,愿意接触,愿意应对穆斯林社会所面临的挑战,那么 ,尽管有些人认为这自相矛盾,这样实际上可以让美国更安全。”At her Senate confirmation hearing, Mr. Obama's choice to be Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, vowed to move away from what she called the "rigid ideology" that many analysts have associated with President Bush's foreign policy.  在奥巴马提名希拉里.克林顿为国务卿的参议院听会上,克林顿参议员强调要摈弃她所称的“僵化的意识形态”。很多分析人士把这种僵化的意识形态和布什总统的外交政策联系起来。"I believe that American leadership has been wanting, but is still wanted. We must use what has been called smart power, the full range of tools at our disposal - diplomatic, economic, military, political, legal, and cultural - picking the right tool or combination of tools for each situation. With smart power, diplomacy will be the vanguard of our foreign policy," she said. 希拉里.克林顿说:“我认为美国过去和现在都没有展现领导力量。我们必须巧妙地使用我们的实力,就是充分利用我们的各种手段,以外交、经济、军事、政治、法律和文化手段,选择最恰当的方法,或者结合某些方法,来处理具体情况。巧妙的使用实力,让外交将成为我们对外政策的先锋。”Clinton said she and Mr. Obama would always try persuasion first, and would rely on military force only as a last resort. Mrs. Clinton said the ed States needs to make more friends and fewer enemies, and called for the State Department to be fully empowered and funded to seize the many opportunities for leadership. 克林顿说,她和奥巴马都将首先尝试说对方,军事能力只能作为最后的手段。克林顿说,美国需要结交更多的朋友,减少敌人,并呼吁国务院能得到充分授权和充足资金来抓住巩固领导地位的机会。President Bush's former defense secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, was a well known skeptic of the notion of soft power, saying popularity is fleeting and should not guide U.S. foreign policy. Rumsfeld maintained the U.S. is strong enough to pursue its interests as it sees fit, and must accept that others will sometimes resent it. 布什总统前国防部长拉姆斯菲尔德被认为是怀疑软实力的代表人物,他说,美国是否受欢迎是经常变化的,不能用它来指导美国的外交政策。拉姆斯菲尔德坚持认为,美国有足够能力以恰当的方式来追求自己的利益,并且必须接受别人有时会产生反感这样的事实。Others caution that many people in the ed States and abroad have such high expectations for Mr. Obama to resolve the world's many problems, that some measure of disappointment is inevitable.  还有一些人警告说,很多美国人和外国人都对奥巴马解决国际问题抱有过高的期待,这将不可避免地带来失望。But millions of people across the world are expected to watch the inauguration of the new president with a sense of pride and hope for a better future, and will look to Mr. Obama's administration for a new kind of American leadership. 但是世界上数以百万计的人们都以一种自豪和对未来希望的心情期待着观看新总统的宣誓就职仪式,希望奥巴马政府让美国展现一种新的领导能力。01/61105

  NANCY UPTON, an actress, entered an online contest to find an XL fashion model with shots of herself bathing in creamy salad dressing and covering her crotch with a large cherry pie. American Apparel, the clothes shop sponsoring the contest, snootily rejected her. She won a storm of publicity and a shamefaced invitation to the firm’s headquarters. It is a small sign of a growing trend: clothesmakers are paying attention to customers with ample proportions.女演员南希#8226;厄普顿参加了最近用自己的照片参加了一场海选丰满型模特的网络竞赛,在她自己疯狂拍摄的这些些照片中,她赤身裸体地泡在奶油沙拉中,同时用一个大樱桃馅饼挡在胯下。美国饰(赞助这个在线竞赛的饰店)不屑的拒绝了她。但因为这件事她赢得了大家的眼球,最终公司总部不情愿的给她发了颁奖邀请。这显然是增长趋势的一个小标志:制造商开始重视丰满型身材的客户了。For such people, shopping for clothes can be tiresome, or even traumatic. First, there is the problem of trying on clothes in front of irritatingly svelte young shop assistants—an ordeal many plus-sized shoppers would rather not endure. Then there is the difficulty of finding clothes that fit.对于这些(需要特大号衣的)人来说,购买衣那是相当让人烦恼,甚至可以说是相当痛苦。首先,买衣时自己得在苗条年轻店员前试穿这些衣,对于这些(肥胖的)人是相当讽刺的,并且大部分买肥胖衣的人宁愿不受这种折磨。再说也很难找到合适自己的衣。To paraphrase Tolstoy, whereas thin people are all (roughly) alike, fat people are all fat after their own fashion. Body weight is distributed in many different ways, and clothing sizes are unreliable guides. Some 80% of women surveyed by Charming Shoppes, America’s leading retailer of clothes for larger women, said their bras didn’t fit properly. This is one reason why, although more than a third of American women are obese, the plus-size market accounts for less than a fifth of American clothing sales, according to Marshal Cohen of NPD, a market-research firm.就像托尔斯泰(俄国小说家)所写的那样,瘦人的身材大致相似,而胖人的身材却各有不同。体重分布都是呈不均匀分布的,所以说凭衣的尺寸来挑选大多是不靠谱的。据美国领先的大号女士衣零售商Charming Shoppes调查,80%的受访女性觉得她们的胸罩不合适。这也就是为什么美国妇女三分之一以上是肥胖的,而加大号衣的销售量连美国装销售总额的1/5的都不到的原因之一,这是根据Marshal Cohen of NPD(一家市场研究公司)的调查结果。On the web people can shop without embarrassment, but finding the right fit is even harder. Online, plus-size sales are a mere 11% of the total. However, when plus-size customers find clothes they like, says Sucharita Mulpuru of Forrester Research, they spend up to twice as much as other people. Clearly, there is an opportunity.网上购衣就没有那么尴尬了,但是想找到合适尺寸的衣却是更难。加大号衣销售量仅占网上装销售总额的11%。美国福雷斯特研究公司的Sucharita Mulpuru说,一旦买加大号衣的消费者找到自己喜欢的衣了,他们愿意花费两倍的价钱把衣买下来。很明显,这是一个商机。Charming Shoppes has just launched an online tool called Fashion Genius, which it modestly calls the “plus-size fashion breakthrough of the century!” Built by Zafu, a site that helps women find better-fitting jeans, Fashion Genius poses a deceptively simple questionnaire based on data crunched from over 1m online surveys and 10,000 fittings. It asks women about their figures (hourglass, rectangular, circular, etc), how their existing clothes fit them (Loose at the waist? Rides up at the back?) and what kind of clothes and even handbags they like. It then gives them a profile (“Fearlessly confident…Dramatic and trendy”) and dressing tips, and can recommend matches from a database of up to 300 brands.Charming Shoppes公司推出了所谓的时尚天才(Fashion Genius)在线工具,被称为“本世纪加大号时尚衣的突破”。Zafu网站创建了这个在线工具,一个供女士们挑选合适自己牛仔裤的网站,Fashion Genius会从100万份网上调查和一万项匹配结果的数据库中随机弹出一个调查问卷。调查问卷会问到她们自身的数据(偏瘦,正常,偏胖等),现有衣合不合身(腰带太松?衣太过紧身?),喜欢哪种衣和手提包。随后Fashion Genius会给出一个大概的轮廓和穿衣的方法,也能给你推荐多达300个搭配品牌。The response, says Bill Bass of Charming Shoppes, has been enthusiastic, though whether customers keep the clothes they buy will be the ultimate test. But there is plenty of room for more innovations. In the regular-size world, customisation of clothes is beginning to take off. Mr Bass thinks that clothes-shopping on tablet devices will be the next big thing. Let your fingers do the tailoring?Charming Shoppes的比尔#8226;巴斯说,Fashion Genius面世之后,消费者对此很是狂热,尽管消费者最终是否买下已收藏的衣有待最终的测试,当然这还有很大的创新空间。常规尺码衣的定做量开始增长。巴斯先生认为下一步将在平板电脑上主打网上销售。干脆挥动你的手指,让我们量体裁衣吧?201110/156510McCain Works to Close Gap in US Presidential Race麦凯恩争取在总统角逐中后来居上  With four days left in the U.S. presidential campaign, Republican John McCain is mounting a furious last minute bid to overtake Democrat Barack Obama in the polls. The final days of the 2008 race for president. 美国总统竞选还有四天时间,共和党参议员麦凯恩正在全力以赴,争取在最后一分钟能够在民调中后来居上超越民主党候选人奥巴马。下面介绍美国2008年总统大选最后几天的选情。Senator McCain focused on Ohio Friday. No Republican has ever won the presidency without winning Ohio, and the state has voted with the winning presidential candidate in the last 11 presidential elections. 麦凯恩周五把重点放在美国的俄亥俄州。有史以来没有任何一位共和党候选人能够在没有赢得俄亥俄州的情况下当选总统。在过去十一次总统大选中,在俄亥俄州胜出的候选人都成功地入主白宫。"There's just four days left," he said. "The pundits have written us off, just like they have done before. But we are closing, my friends, and we are going to win in Ohio!" 麦凯恩说:“仅有4天的时间了。那些所谓的专家们像以前那样,已经认为我们输定了。但是,我们的落后差距越来越小。朋友们,我们将会在俄亥俄州获胜!”McCain continues to pound Democrat Barack Obama on the issue of taxes and continues to question Obama's iness to be commander in chief. 麦凯恩继续在税收问题上抨击民主党候选人奥巴马,并继续质疑奥巴马是否有资格担任美国军队的统帅。McCain's vice presidential running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, defended the Republican attacks on Obama at a rally in Pennsylvania. 麦凯恩的副总统竞选夥伴、阿拉斯加州州长萨拉.佩林在宾夕法尼亚州的一个竞选集会上为共和党对奥巴马的攻击进行了辩护。"There is nothing mean-spirited or negative at all about calling someone out on their record, their plans and their associations," she said. 佩林说:“要求某人公布自己过去的记录,自己的计划,以及曾经相关的组织和个人,这并不是什么卑鄙阴险的作为! ”For his part, Senator Obama urged his supporters not to let up in the final days of the campaign, even though Obama leads McCain by an average of six points in national public opinion polls. 在奥巴马方面, 参议员奥巴马敦促他的持者,即使奥巴马在全国民调中平均领先麦凯恩6个百分点,也不要在最后几天松懈竞选活动。Obama campaigned Friday in the Midwest state of Iowa. Obama's victory in the Iowa party caucuses in January set him on a course to win the Democratic Party's presidential nomination. 奥巴马周五在中西部的爱奥华州竞选。奥巴马今年1月在爱奥华州民主党基层党团会议上的胜利,让他踏上赢得民主党总统候选人提名的征途。"And what you started here in Iowa has swept the nation! We are seeing the same turnout, we are seeing the same people going and getting in line, volunteers and people participating," he said. "A whole new way of doing democracy started right here in Iowa, and it's all across the country now!" 奥巴马说:“你们在爱奥华州所展开的趋势已经席卷全国!我们看到同样的参选率,我们看到人们一样出来加入投票队伍,同样多的志愿者和民众参与选举。行使民主的一种全新方式始于爱奥华州,现在已经在全国形成燎原之势了!”In the final days of the campaign, high profile politicians from both parties are out trying to help the two candidates. 在最后几天的竞选活动中,两党的一些著名的政治家都出来分别帮助两位候选人拉票。McCain is getting help from California Governor Arnold Scharzenegger and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani. 麦凯恩正得到加州州长施瓦茨辛格和前纽约市市长朱利安尼的帮助。Obama has enlisted former President Bill Clinton and former vice president Al Gore. 奥巴马的阵容有美国前总统比尔.克林顿和前副总统戈尔助阵。Gore told a Florida rally Friday that an Obama victory would improve the U.S. image around the world.  戈尔星期五在佛罗里达州的大会上说,奥巴马获胜将改善美国在世界各地的形像。"This is our chance, all of us, to say don't ever count America out," he said. "The ed States of America is the miracle of world history. We are coming back! We are coming back!" 戈尔说:“这是我们的机会,我们大家可以这样说,别把美国排除在外。美利坚合众国是世界历史的奇迹。我们正在重返世界历史舞台!我们正在重返!”Gore urged Florida Democrats to vote early in advance of Tuesday's election. Gore's narrow loss in Florida eight years go to then Texas Governor George Bush cost him the presidential election. 戈尔呼吁佛罗里达州民主党人在星期二正式举行选举前及早投票。戈尔8年前在佛罗里达州以微弱的差距输给得克萨斯州州长乔治W布什,从而使得他问鼎白宫的努力功亏一篑。McCain supporters are taking some last-minute encouragement from recent polls that suggest the race is tightening in key states like Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.But the Obama campaign is broadening its television advertising campaign in the final days to include the states of North Dakota and Georgia, states that have reliably supported Republican presidential candidates in recent years.The Obama campaign will also begin airing ads in McCain's home state of Arizona in the wake of recent polls that show an unexpectedly close race there.Both candidates will maintain an exhausting travel schedule through Monday as they look to lock up votes in the state-by-state electoral tally that determines who wins the presidency. The winning candidate must secure a minimum of 270 electoral votes out of a total of 538.200811/54689Ever sent a racy text to the wrong person? Twenty percent of Britons have managed to send racy texts to the wrong person, and nearly one in 10 has been caught red-handed "sexting," according to a poll on Tuesday.Under-25s are the most careless, with 43 percent admitting to sending fruity texts to the wrong contact. Men and women were equally guilty."Text and picture messaging has now become so second nature that people are less cautious, leading to messages frequently going astray," said Keir McConomy, Managing Director of SellMyMobile.com which commissioned the survey."A key aspect of text messaging is that it allows a more detached method of communication. This was part of its initial popularity and a likely explanation for the large number of people willing to send out explicit content."The survey of 1,097 mobile phone users also revealed that one in five respondents fail to wipe their phones of personal content such as contacts, messages and pictures before selling, giving away or recycling their mobiles.Vocabulary:racy: having a style that is exciting and amusing, sometimes in a way that is connected with sex (风格活泼的;不雅的)be caught red-handed: 被逮个正着fruity: 粗俗的,色情的second nature: something that you do very easily and naturally, because it is part of your character or you have done it so many times(第二天性;习性)go astray: to go in the wrong direction or to have the wrong result(走错方向;误入歧途)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/109069

  时尚度假新方式 交换你我住处炎炎夏日就要到了,大家都有度假的计划吧?怎样做到既经济又浪漫呢,交换住处似乎是个明智的选择。互相交换住处对双方都有利,零出,却收获了满满的幸福。Susanne and Clyde Billings are on vacation in Los Angeles, visiting their son and his family. "We're paying zero, nada." Nothing for the use of this two-bedroom condo with a gourmet kitchen and a table big enough for the entire family to gather around."Everybody for themselves." That's because the owners Judy and David are staying at the Billings'home in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. "We hope they are on the balcony, enjoying a cocktail or a Pepsi, and just having a grand old time." Home exchanges are becoming a popular and economical way to travel. "Exchange. What is that? We switch houses, cars, everything. I haven't done it before but friends of mine have." "Where are you?" In the movie The Holiday, Kate Winslet swapped her quaint English cottage for a Hollywood mansion. "The word is getting out, especially in this economy, that this is the way to vacation like there's no recession."Here's how it works: You pay a small fee to join a home exchange site, list your home, then search for places you want to visit. On HomeExchange.com, there are 27,000 listings in 120 countries, homes in Greece and Ireland, Thailand, and the Canary Islands. The Billings are on their seventh home exchange. "Maybe the first time we were a little bit apprehensive, second time may be a little bit apprehensive, but after that it's… just a regular thing and we don't worry about it any more."In fact they are aly planning their next trip. Carla Wohl, A News, Los Angeles.06/74593Holiday budgetCNN's Gerri Willis offers tips on how to manage your holiday budgetAlmost 3 in 5 people won’t plan a holiday budget this year don’t fall into this trap. First you will need to figure out how much you should spend on gifts. You wanna make sure you can pay off your bills in one to two months. Since some financial planner recommend that you not spend more than 1.5% of your annual income on gifts, figure out all your expenses like those decorations or holiday meals and check out the website called christmasorganizer.com. On this site you can download holiday planner forms, gifts lists and calendars. Catherine?Yeah, those eating out bills can really add up, can’t they? Thinking outside the box too, a good idea when giving gifts. Well, you know, who needs another sweater or crockpot right? You don’t know where's the need to spend a ton of dough on gifts.you can curb all these last-minute-give impulses by giving a donation to charity in the name of a friend or relative, check out charitynavigator.org. So you are gonna valuate and choose a legit charity. But you may also wanna give your friends and family the gift of experience, maybe you wanna send your in-laws up in a hot air balloon, and you can even send your brother to cooking class, check out xperiencedays.com and signaturedays.com. You can even have a day as James Bond, Catherine. That is a good idea. Alright, now another idea is to compare prices and really it’s easier to do that these days, isn’t it?Absolutely, you know you can save time and money by shopping online plus you don’t get tempted by those impulse purchases. Do some Comparison shopping, go to shopping.com and bizrate.com. These sites let you compare products and deals plus if you do decide to shop online you can often get free shipping, yes, free shipping.And speaking of comparing prices, you just should also shop around for some good cards out there. Well, you know, if you don’t carry a credit card balance from month to month and you have good credit score, getting a rewards card is a great idea, but get the details you may only be able to use your card as specific merchants, plus some cards are tier. This means the more you spend the more you earn. Here are some favorites from creditcardratings.com discovers more card and blue cash from American express. You can check out the terms of these cards and many others at creditcardratings.com. And of course if you have a question, send it to us at toptips @CNN.com. We'd love hearing from you. Catherine?Alright, Gerri, thank you very much. Notes:Crockpot: A famous brand of electric pot in the US.Dough: (Slang) Money 02/61854

  What ate dinosaurs?谁吃了恐龙Old crocs古鳄鱼Even in their heyday, dinosaurs were not quite as dominant as popular myth makes them out to be即便是在全盛时期,恐龙并非像民间传说所理解的那样占绝对统治地位ONE answer to the question, ;What ate dinosaurs?; is, obviously, ;Other dinosaurs.; The ropod predators like Tyrannosaurus and Allosaurus loom large in the imagination of every lover of prehistoric monsters, and their animatronic fights with the likes of Diplodocus and Stegosaurus are the stuff of clicheacute;. Science, though, tries to look beyond the obvious, and at this yearrsquo;s meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Palaeontology, held in Las Vegas, some of the speakers asked whether the top predators of the Mesozoic era really were all dinosaurs. Their conclusion was ;no;. Another group of reptiles, until recently neglected, were also important carnivores. And it is a group that is still around today: the crocodiles.;谁吃恐龙;很明显,其中一个是:;其它恐龙;每个史前怪兽爱好者的脑海里浮现出的是像霸王龙、翼龙这样的兽脚类掠食者,电脑制作的它们与梁龙、剑龙的打斗也成为俗套。而科学试图不落窠臼。今年,在召开的古脊椎生物学会会议上,一些发言人问到中生代顶级掠食者是否全是恐龙,结论是;否;。直到最近还被忽视的一类爬虫,同样是重要的食肉动物,正是仍然存活于今的一个族群:鳄鱼。That the past role of crocodiles (or, strictly, crocodilians, since they came in many sizes and shapes, not all of which resemble the modern animals) has been underestimated was suggested a few years ago by Paul Sereno. Dr Sereno, a palaeontologist at the University of Chicago, uncovered a crocodile-dominated ecosystem from about 100m years ago (the middle of the Cretaceous period), in what is now north Africa. Besides water-dwelling giants similar to (though much bigger than) todayrsquo;s animals, he found a range of forms including vegetarians and species that ran on elongated legs;more like dogs than crocodiles. That discovery has prompted other fossil hunters to look elsewhere. As a result, even the well-studied rocks of North America are revealing that dinosaurs did not have it all their own way in the ecosystems of the Mesozoic;as Stephanie Drumheller of the University of Iowa and Clint Boyd of the University of Texas at Austin explained to the meeting.几年前,芝加哥大学古生物学家保罗bull;赛伦诺士提出鳄鱼过去的角色(或者从严格意义上讲是鳄鱼目动物,因为它们形状大小各异,并非所有都类似现代鳄鱼)被低估了,在今天的北非,他发现了一个一亿年前(白垩纪中期)由鳄鱼占主导地位的生态系统。除了与现代鳄鱼同为水生巨兽外(但远比现代的大),他还发现了一系列包括食草的、用长腿行走的;;比起鳄鱼来更像的种群及形态。这一发现促使其他化石探寻者着眼于其它地方。结果是,即便是那些出自北美的已经研究得很透彻的化石也显示出恐龙并非占据中生代生态系统全部位置。;;正如衣阿华大学的斯蒂芬妮bull;庄姆海勒以及位于奥斯汀的德克萨斯大学的克林特bull;依德在会上说的那样。The Cretaceous equivalent of zebra and antelopes;the victim species in every wildlife documentary about the dramas of the African savannah;were herbivorous dinosaurs called ornithopods. Frequently, these were taken by theropods. But not always. When Ms Drumheller and Mr Boyd examined the bones of juvenile upper-Cretaceous ornithopods dug up in Utah they saw marks on one skeleton that looked suspiciously like those modern crocodiles inflict when biting and tearing at their prey. On examining these marks more closely, they found a crocodilian tooth stuck in one of them.白垩纪被称为鸟脚亚目食草恐龙其地位相当于斑马和羚羊;;每部有关非洲大草原的纪录片中被捕杀的种群。这些恐龙经常被兽脚亚目食肉恐龙捕食。但不总是这样,当庄姆海勒与依德对犹他州出土的白垩纪年幼的鸟脚亚目食草恐龙的化石进行检查时,他们在一副骨架上发现了看上去像是遭受现代鳄鱼撕咬的痕迹。在对这些痕迹进一步检查后,他们发现一颗鳄鱼目动物牙齿嵌在其中一块骨头上。Crocodile tears鳄鱼的眼泪It was not a large tooth. Its size suggests the animal which made it was no more than a metre and a half (about 5 feet) long. Such a predator would have been unable to take on an adult ornithopod. Nevertheless, this tooth is the first unarguable proof that crocodilians did indeed snack on dinosaurs. Moreover, it helps to confirm suspicions that the other crocodile-bite-like marks that Ms Drumheller and Mr Boyd have discovered really are what they look like. By combining that with an analysis of the whole site, the two researchers argue that what they have discovered is a dinosaur nesting ground that was being raided by crocodilians.这颗牙不是很大,其尺寸表明牙齿的主人不超过一米五(约五英尺)这样的掠食者本不能捕食一头成年鸟脚亚目食草恐龙。但无可争辩的是,这颗牙是第一个鳄鱼目动物拿恐龙当点心的据。此外,这也有助于消除对庄姆海勒与依德发现的其它看似鳄鱼咬痕的怀疑。结合对这个地区的分析,两位研究者认为他们所发现的是一个遭到鳄鱼目动物偷袭的恐龙筑巢地。Such suspicions have been aroused before. Other sites in Utah are known to be dinosaur nesting grounds, since eggs are found there. Crocodilian bones frequently turn up at such sites. Ms Drumheller and Mr Boyd, however, seem to have nailed the connection down. Juvenile dinosaurs, at least, were indeed the prey of crocodilians. But what about adults?这样的怀疑以前也出现过。由于发现了恐龙蛋,人们知道犹他州还有其它恐龙筑巢地。在这些地区,鳄鱼目动物化石经常被发现。可庄姆海勒与依德像是要明确这一关系,年幼恐龙至少是鳄鱼目动物的猎物,那么成年的呢?More than mere morsels不仅仅是少数To investigate that question, Martin Lockley at the University of Colorado, Denver, and Spencer Lucas of the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, turned to one of the most famous fossil phenomena on the planet;the dinosaur freeway that runs through Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas and Oklahoma. This collection of tracks, scattered over several sites of the same age along the coast of an inland sea, is thought to mark an ancient migration route. The traces of more than 1,380 individual animals can be distinguished. Most, but not all, were ornithopods. Some were small carnivorous dinosaurs;the sort that might pick off young stragglers in the way that the crocodilians identified by Ms Drumheller and Mr Boyd did. But there is, Dr Lockley and Dr Lucas realised, something missing from the picture. When they looked for traces of big predatory dinosaurs, they found none.为了弄清这一问题,丹佛科罗拉多大学的马丁bull;洛克里以及新墨西哥州自然历史物馆的斯派瑟bull;卢卡斯将目光转向世上最著名的化石现象之一;;横穿科罗拉多、新墨西哥、堪萨斯、俄荷拉荷玛的恐龙公路。于同一年代沿着一个内陆海海岸分布在数个地区,这一汇集恐龙踪迹的地区被认为是标出了一条古老的迁徙路线。人们能区分出超过1380种不同动物的踪迹。绝大部分是鸟脚亚目食草恐龙。一些是小型食肉恐龙;;正如庄姆海勒与依德所确认的鳄鱼目动物那样,这些恐龙会截杀年幼离群的食草恐龙。但洛克里与卢卡斯士明白,图上遗漏了一些东西。当他们寻找大型掠食恐龙的线索时,他们什么也没发现。That is ecologically absurd. Unless, of course, the top predator of the system;the one that could hunt down adult ornithopods;was not a dinosaur at all. And, when Dr Lockley and Dr Lucas re-examined the tracks they found that that was exactly what was going on. Instead of theropod footmarks, they found those of crocodilians. More than a quarter of the places where the dinosaur freeway surfaces have yielded signs of crocs. And they were big: sometimes more than four metres long. That is certainly large enough to take on an adult ornithopod.从生物学上讲,这是荒唐的。当然除非生态系统的顶级掠食者;;即是能捕杀成年的鸟脚亚目食草恐龙的;;并不完全是恐龙。而且,当洛克里与卢卡斯士对这些线索进行重新检查时,他们发现那正是曾经所发生的。在出土的恐龙公路上,超过1/4的地区已发现鳄鱼的踪迹。而且它们很大:有时超过4米长,大到足以捕杀一头成年鸟脚亚目食草恐龙。Such megacrocs, then, could easily have acted as top predators in this ecosystem. But that does not completely explain the absence of theropod tracks. Modern migrating herbivores fall victim to many sorts of carnivore: big cats, wolves and hyenas, to name but three. The marshy conditions of the dinosaur freeway (the reason its footprints formed, and have survived) may, though, have favoured crocodilians over predators that had evolved on drier land. In that sort of environment even a big theropod would constantly have been looking over its shoulder. Perhaps the real reason why they did not plant their footprints on the dinosaur freeway is that they might have ended up as prey, as well.这样的巨鳄能在这样的生态系统中轻松担当顶级掠食者的角色。但这并不能完全解释兽脚亚目食肉恐龙的缺位。现代迁徙类食草动物成为众多食肉动物的牺牲品:大型猫科动物、狼、鬣,就拿这三样来说。然而,比起在干燥陆地上进化的掠食者,恐龙公路所处的湿地环境(形成并使恐龙足迹得以保存的原因)也许更受鳄鱼目动物欢迎。在那样一种环境下,即便是一头巨大的兽脚亚目食肉恐龙也会不时回头张望。它们为何没有在恐龙公路上留下足迹呢?真正的原因或许是它们同样亡于其它掠食者。201111/161456

  Bruce Lee 'Lost' Interviewan unedited 25 minute interview with Bruce Lee (1940-1973) on the Pierre Berton Show. Recorded on 9th December 1971 in Hong Kong, Bruce Lee ... all raquo; is seen being himself, speaking candidly and informally about his life, his martial art beliefs and philosophy. Through the programme Bruce's supreme confidence, charisma and focus provide a tremendous insight into the young Bruce Lee - the man behind the legend.Bruce Lee: …if you have another to the extreme, you'll become, all of a sudden, a mechanical man, no longer a human being. So (you) it is a successful combination of both, so therefore, it is not only, I mean, so therefore, it's not pure naturalness, or unnaturalness. The ideal is unnatural naturalness, or natural unnaturalness.Pierre Berton: yin yang, eh?Bruce Lee: right man, that's it.Pierre Berton: uh, one of your students, James Coburn, played in a movie called Our Man Flint, in which he used karate. Was that what he learned from you?Bruce Lee: Um, he learned it after the film. Not...Pierre Berton: he went the, after he played in Our Man Flint.Bruce Lee: Right, right. You see, actually, I do not teach, you know, karate, because I do not believe in styles anymore. I mean I do not believe that there is such thing as, like, Chinese way of fighting or the Japanese way of fighting, or whatever way of fighting, because unless human being have three arms and four legs, we will have a different form of fighting. But, basically, we have only two hands and two feet. So styles tends to, uh, uh, uh, not only separate man, you know, because they have their own doctrines and then the doctrine became the gospel truth you know, that you cannot change, you know, and, but if you do not have styles, if you just say, "well, here I am, you know, as a human being, how can I express myself totally and completely?" now, that way, you won't create a style because style is a crystallization, you know, I mean, that way is a process of continuing growth.Pierre Berton: You talk about Chinese boxing....how does it defer, from, say, our kind of boxing?Bruce Lee: well, first we use the feet.Pierre Berton: uh-huh, that's a start.Bruce Lee: and then we use the elbow, and…Pierre Berton: you use the thumb too.Bruce Lee: you name it man, we use it!Pierre Berton: you use it all?Bruce Lee: you have to, you see, because I mean, that is the expression of the human body. I mean, the, everything, I mean, you know, not just the hand! And when you are talking about combat, well, I mean, if, if it is a sport now, now you talk about something else, you have regulations, you have rules, but when you're talking about fighting as it is…Pierre Berton: thorough, a real fighting. Bruce Lee: with no rules, well then, baby, you'd better train every part of your body! And when you do punch, now I'm leaning forward a little bit hoping not to hurt any camera angle, I mean you gotta put the whole hit into it, and snap it! And get all your energy in there and make this into a weapon.Pierre Berton: I don't want to tangle with you on any dark night, I'll tell you that right now! You came up to me pretty fast there! What…02/62499。

  New Study Says Global Warming Heaping More Pressure on Fragile Coral Reefs地球暖化使大多数珊瑚礁岌岌可危A new study says that a global agreement on climate change will come too late to save the majority of the world's coral reefs. The research comes as the Queensland state government announces a new multi-million dollar plan to protect the Great Barrier Reef from agricultural pollution. 一项新的研究表示,目前还没有达成的全球气候变化协议,可能来不及拯救世界上绝大多数的珊瑚礁。就在这份研究出台之际,澳大利亚昆士兰州政府宣布要拿出三千万美元,来保护世界著名的珊瑚礁“大堡礁”不受农业污染。The study, from Stanford University in the ed States, makes gloomy assessments about the future health of the world's coral reefs. 美国斯坦福大学的这份报告对世界各地珊瑚礁未来的前景做出了悲观的预测。It finds that carbon dioxide emissions are making seawater so acidic that coral reefs could begin to disintegrate within a few decades. 报告说,二氧化碳的大量排放,已经使得海水的含酸量大到再过几十年珊瑚礁就有可能开始分解的程度。The report states that even ambitious plans to stabilize greenhouse gas emissions, thought by many to be the main cause of a warming climate, will not be enough to save the reefs. 这份报告还表示,即便制定出雄心勃勃的控制温室气体排放的各种计划,恐怕也来不及挽救珊瑚礁了。温室气体的增加被认为是全球气候变暖的主要原因。About a third of carbon emissions is soaked up by the world's oceans, where it combines with seawater to form carbonic acid. 全球各地所有排放出的二氧化碳,其中有大约三分之一都被海洋吸收了;二氧化碳和海水综合以后,形成碳酸。The research comes as the Queensland state government in Australia announces a new plan to protect the Great Barrier Reef from agricultural pollution.  就在斯坦福大学公布这份研究报告之际,澳大利亚昆士兰州政府宣布要实施一项新的举措,来保护世界著名的“大堡礁”不受农业污染。The iconic reef is being damaged by pesticides and sediment from farms that seep into waterways. 农业生产中各种杀虫剂和废渣都流入海水当中,大堡礁因此受到破坏。The Queensland government is to spend an extra million to reduce this hazardous run-off. Farmers also will face tougher environmental regulations.  昆士兰地区政府计划再拿出三千万美元,来降低上述污染。农作物生产者也将面临更加严格的环保规定。Queensland Premier Anna Bligh says that man-made threats present serious challenges to the reef, which is a world heritage site. 昆士兰州的州总理安娜·布莱表示,人为的污染对“大堡礁”构成严峻的挑战。“大堡礁”是世界著名文化和地理遗产之一。"We know that there are many contributing factors to the water quality of the reef," she said. "We are aly addressing a number of those activities, particularly around increased population levels, sewerage treatment, etc. But what the science is telling us is that the highest levels of damaging chemicals and nutrients are in those areas that have intense farming activity." 安娜·布莱说:“我们知道,影响‘大堡礁’水质的因素有很多,我们已经针对其中一些因素采取了应对措施,尤其是针对人口增加、污水处理等等。但是科研结果告诉我们,遭受化学物质污染最严重的地区,就是那些农作物生产最密集的地区。”Coral reefs are common in warm southern and equatorial oceans, and provide homes and feeding grounds for thousands of species, including fish that are important to the diets of millions of people in the developing world. In Asia, Indonesia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea are among the many countries that rely on reefs to provide food and to draw in tourists eager to explore the ocean. Environmental groups welcome the Queensland plan to protect the Great Barrier Reef.  环保组织对昆士兰州政府保护大堡礁的规划,表示欢迎。Farmers, however, argue they have aly taken significant steps to stop the sp of pollutants from their land. 但是另一方面,农作物生产者则表示,他们已经采取了很多的措施,来控制污染物质的扩散。The Great Barrier Reef stretches for more than 2,000 kilometers along Australia's northeast coast. It is not only an ecological marvel, but generates billions of dollars for Australia's tourism industry, drawing in thousands of scuba divers and others who want to see the marine animals that live along the reef. 大堡礁位于澳大利亚东北部海岸,绵延两千多公里,堪称世界生态环境中的一个壮观,它同时还给澳大利亚的旅游业带来亿万美元的收入;每年都有大批的游客到这里来潜水、或者是观看海洋生物。200810/54263

  EU Calls on Israel to Observe Humanitarian Truce in Gaza欧盟呼吁以色列实行人道主义停火   The European Union, or EU, is calling on Israel to observe a humanitarian truce after a four-day Israeli air offensive on the Hamas-run Gaza Strip. Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner of France, which currently heads the EU, hosted a meeting in Paris on Tuesday aimed at resolving the crisis. Kouchner told French television he is pushing for a lasting truce. 在以色列连续4天空袭哈马斯控制的加沙地带之后,欧盟呼吁以色列实行人道主义停火。欧盟轮值主席国法国的外交部长库什内星期二在巴黎主持了一个旨在解决危机的会议。库什内告诉法国电视台,他正在推动一个持久的停火建议。Spain's Foreign Minister, Miguel Angel Moratinos, told reporters the Europe Union's immediate goal is to secure a cease-fire between Israel and the militant Palestinian group Hamas. The Europeans are particularly looking for a humanitarian truce.  西班牙外交部长莫拉蒂诺斯对记者说,欧盟目前的目标是确保以色列和巴勒斯坦武装组织哈马斯之间停火。欧洲方面还特别在寻求一种人道主义的停火方式。Their call for a cease-fire joins that of the ed States, which said Hamas must respect the truce. Meanwhile, Persian Gulf Arab ministers have strongly condemned Israel's actions in the conflict. 他们的停火协议与美国一致。美国表示,哈马斯必须尊重停火协议。Earlier Tuesday, the EU's executive arm called on Israel and Hamas to cease all attacks affecting civilians and let humanitarian aid into the impoverished Gaza Strip. 星期二早些时候,欧盟的执行机构呼吁以色列和哈马斯停止所有影响到平民的攻击,并且让人道救援物资进入贫穷的加沙地带。 But Robin Lowe, a Middle East expert at Chatham House, a London-based public policy institute, said the Europeans have limited diplomatic clout. 但是,位于伦敦的公共政策智囊机构查塔姆研究所(Chhatham House)的中东问题专家罗宾.洛说,欧洲人的外交影响力有限。"The European Union countries have a fairly weak voice in this conflict. Many of them wish that was stronger and they're all full of ideas and good intentions to help find a quick and peaceful resolution. But the difficulty is that neither side [Israel or Hamas] is at all minded to listening to the Europeans," he said. “欧盟各国在这次冲突中所起的作用比较弱。他们中有不少希望影响力能大一些,并且满脑子想法,一心想帮助寻找一个迅速和平的解决方案。但是困难在于两边(以色列或哈马斯)都不会听欧洲的。”The Europeans are also divided, with many countries historically sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. But the Czech Republic, which takes over the EU rotating presidency from France on January 1, has defended Israel's air strikes on Gaza in retaliation for Hamas rocket fire. 欧洲国家之间也有分歧。许多国家历史上一直同情巴勒斯坦人的事业。但是将在1月1号接替法国成为欧盟轮值主席国的捷克共和国,则为以色列空袭加沙进行了辩解,说它是在报复哈马斯向以色列发射火箭。01/60162

  But although it happens passively, arm swinging plays an important role in making your stride more efficient. It does this by counterbalancing your torso and hips and keeping them from twisting and bobbing too much. Holding your arms still against your sides while walking requires twelve percent more energy than if your arms are allowed to swing naturally. Forcing your arms to swing in sync with the leg on the same side of your body uses a whopping twenty-six percent more energy than normal walking. Even when walkers had their arms strapped to their sides, so no muscle control was required to keep them still, they used seven percent more energy than when their arms could swing freely. This suggests that arm swinging is not just a passive byproduct of walking, but actually makes walking easier. 尽管挥胳膊是被动发生的,但是挥胳膊在走路中起着很重要的作用。挥胳膊会抵消膝盖和屁股的阀作用,防止它们过度扭曲或挥动。如果走路时你把胳膊放在体侧不动,这比挥动胳膊走路要多消耗百分之十二的能量。如果强迫胳膊和腿向同一方向挥动,会比正常走路多消耗百分之二十六的能量。即使走路时将胳膊绑在体侧,不需要肌肉来保持胳膊不动,也比挥动胳膊是多消耗百分之七的能量。这表明挥动胳膊不是走路的副产品,而是让走路变得更容易。plays an important role in 在;;起重要作用counterbalance v. 使平衡; 抵消whopping adj. 巨大的strap vt.(用带子)捆扎byproduct n. 副产品163212

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