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滨海县人民医院妇科专家射阳县人民医院宫颈糜烂多少钱An overprotective cat has unleashed fury on seven unsuspecting pitbulls out a walk.在散步的路上,一只保护欲过度的猫咪将怒火撒向了七只不知情的斗犬The -year-old pet named Baby attacked the feisty dogs as they strolled past the front of the cat home last Monday in British Columbia, Canada.上周一,在加拿大不列颠哥伦比亚省,这只名叫Baby、岁的猫咪攻击了几只在其家门口漫步的吵闹小Betty Jean Thompson, who owns the stereotype-breaking scratcher, said she tried to warn the walkers not to bring their dogs too close.这只打破成见的挠人者的主人贝蒂·简·汤普森表示,她尝试提醒散步者不要让他们的离得太近Our cat, being very protective, picked herself up and started walking that way, Ms Thompson told CTV Vancouver. o I yelled, ;Get those dogs out of here, I have a cat!;“我们家的猫保护欲很强,当时她爬了起来,在马路上开始散步,”汤普森女士告诉记者“所以我大喊,“们快跑,我家猫来啦!”But the warning came too late, and moments later Baby was flying through the air with her claws extended, aiming Javiera Rodriguez pitbull, Bandita.然而,这一警告已经太迟了,不大一会,Baby从空中跃过,把利爪伸向贾维拉·罗德里格兹的斗犬班地塔Rodriguez said the cat immediately latched onto her dog face, clawing at her eyes and mouth. She also posted pictures on social media showing the damage done to her beloved pooch.Rodriguez表示,这只猫迅速抓住了的脸,还划伤了她的眼睛跟嘴巴她还在社交媒体上发布了自己心爱的遭受伤害的图片Massive red scratches covered Bandita face, with the damage so bad she had to be taken to the vet.班地塔的脸上有很多红色的抓痕,之后她不得不被送往兽医诊所One of the other women walking her dogs, Kyla Grover, was hurt while trying to break up the cross-species brawl. She had to go to hospital after being bitten and scratched on her hand by the ferocious feline.凯拉·格罗弗,另一个带着散步的女人,为了分开两边的打斗也受了伤在她的手被凶残的猫咪又咬又抓之后,她也不得不去了医院I spent the whole night at emergency because cat bites are nasty, Grover told the Vancouver Sun.格罗弗接受《温哥华太阳报采访时表示:“我整个晚上都在急诊室,因为猫咬得很严重”Thompson and her husband, Del, paid the $ vet bill Bandita and covered Grover hospital costs.最终,汤普森和丈夫给受伤的班地塔赔偿了美元,还承担了格罗弗的医药费 6336盐城/协和男科电话 Kobe Bryant retirement is a big deal basketball fans who watch NBA games years on end, and it no exception Chinese fans.科比·布莱恩特的退役这一消息对于多年来持续观看NBA比赛的篮球迷无疑来说是一件大事,中国的球迷当然也不例外Several students in Jilin province showed their respect and love Bryant by drawing a picture of him on an outdoor basketball field covered by snow.一群吉林的大学生在白雪覆盖的室外篮球场地上,制作了一幅科比的巨大头像来表示对科比的尊敬和喜爱It took four hours the students to pull off the detailed work on Dec 6, using simple tools such as brooms and buckets. The ;ever ; indicates his jersey number.月6日,这一作品在花费了学生们总共四个小时的时间宣告完成,而工具就是简简单单的扫帚和桶;永远的号;这一数字也表示着科比的球衣号码The creators said they were showing respect the 37-year-old Lakers guard, who announced his retirement after the - NBA season.这项活动的发起者表示,这份作品要表达的是对刚刚宣布在-赛季之后就要退役的37岁湖人队后卫的一种尊重 368We know there are a ton of terrible things more likely to befall you than a shark taking a liking to you. But it does happen (last year, there were about 0 attacks worldwide). So, as you head to the beach, here are some tips to keep you from becoming shark snack.众所周知,比起被鲨鱼袭击,其它更多更可怕的事情更有可能会发生在你身上不过,它的确发生过(去年,全球大约有0起鲨鱼袭击事件)所以,当你计划去海滩时,这里有一些建议,能避免你成为鲨鱼的点心Be the bigger man做一个更强大的人See a shark and think it about to attack? Act ;big,; because sharks respect size and strength, says shark expert George Burgess, director of the International Shark Attack File. And pop it on the nose. ;A smack to the nose is startling to a shark,; he says.遇到鲨鱼,发现它将要攻击你?据全球鲨鱼袭击档案负责人、鲨鱼专家乔治.伯杰斯介绍,“表现得强大些,因为鲨鱼敬畏体型和力量猛击它的鼻子”他说,“这里是鲨鱼最致命的地方”Thrash about拼命挣扎Attacks are rare; deaths are rarer (six worldwide last year). But if you do find yourself in the jaws of a great white -- or bull shark, or tiger shark -- dont play dead. ;If you play dead, youre going to be dead,; says Burgess. Because the shark, after taking an exploratory bite of you, will think it won the battle and will commence to chomping.鲨鱼袭击很少见,而被鲨鱼吃掉更是少之又少(去年共有6起)但是,如果你真的发现自己已经在大白鲨、牛鲨或者虎鲨的嘴里了--别装死伯杰斯说:“如果你装死,你真的就要死了”因为鲨鱼在试探过之后,会认为自己是赢家了,就会上来大快朵颐Fight! Fight! Fight!还击!还击!还击!Deal with a shark like you would a neighborhood bully. ;So hit him, and maybe hell go home to mommy,; Burgess says. If you got something handy, like your selfie stick or scuba gear, smack the shark with it. Or just use bare hands and go the nose, gills and eyes -- all sensitive areas.对付鲨鱼,就好像是被邻居欺负一样,“所以你就打它,也许它会回家找妈妈”伯杰斯说如果你手上有什么工具,比如自拍杆或潜水装备,猛击鲨鱼或者就只是赤手空拳的去打它的鼻子,腮和眼睛--这些都是其敏感的部位Spring the shore迅速上岸Successfully fought off Jaws? Hightail it to the beach. That might sound obvious, but it makes sense. All of that splashing and commotion (not to mention the blood) is sure to attract other sharks that might be swimming by, says Burgess. Once on solid ground, stop the bleeding and get help.成功地脱离了“鲨口”?迅速撤回海滩这听起来可能平淡无奇,但它确实非常有效伯杰斯说,溅起的水花和骚动(更不用说血了)一定会吸引其他游过这儿的鲨鱼一旦到了陆地上,迅速止血并求助Whew, surely you dont ever want a repeat of that experience. So what should you differently next time?哦,下次你肯定不想再重复这一经历那么,有哪些要注意的呢?Stay out of Florida别去佛罗里达州OK, were kidding (but only a little). The Sunshine State usually leads the world in unprovoked shark attacks. It had 30 last year. Makes sense if you think about it: lengthy coastline + throngs of tourists shark buffet.好吧,我们是在开玩笑(但真的是这样哦)这个阳光充足的地方,是全球最容易无端遭鲨鱼攻击之地仅去年就发生了30起如果你思考一下,就会发现其实并非毫无道理:漫长的海岸线+众多的旅游人士鲨鱼自助餐Dont swim at night不要在夜间游泳Contrary to the joys Michael Stipe sings about, avoid night swimming, because you cant see the sharks coming. Also avoid mouths of rivers, inlets, channels and any place where fish congregate. ;Where there fish, there predators,; Burgess says.与迈克尔·斯泰普演唱的恰恰相反,你要避免晚上游泳因为鲨鱼来了你也不容易发现,也不要在河口、水湾、运河以及其它任何鱼群富集的区域游泳“哪里有鱼,哪里就有食肉动物”伯杰斯说Ditch the bling不要佩戴闪光的东西Light reflecting off jewelry is a surefire shark draw. They think it fish scales. So, leave those gold chains on the shore.珠宝等反光的东西会吸引鲨鱼它们会认为这是鱼鳞,不要把珠宝项链等带下水 9盐城/市城南新区泌尿外科

建湖县中医院有治疗前列腺炎吗was a year in which Microsoft got its mojo working again, and Apple stumbled, slightly. A year when Mark Zuckerberg became a daddy and decided to give away all his money. It was the year Star Wars returned to glory and Marty McFly returned to the 1st century. And that buzzing sound you keep hearing? Probably just a drone trying to take your picture.在过去的年,微软再交好运,苹果略败一筹;扎克伯格初为人父,决定裸捐;《星球大战荣耀回归,《回到未来的马蒂·麦克弗莱终于又返回了1世纪耳边不停有嗡嗡声?那可能是无人机正准备为你拍照呢As we crest a new yea, it high time a look back best and worst of tech in .在到来之际,着实有必要回顾一下年的互联网之最1. Internet meme of the year图片之最Without a doubt, the biggest Internet meme of was The Dress. Whether you were on Team BlueBlack or rooting Team WhiteGold, you had an opinion as to what you were seeing, even if you couldnt fully articulate why. According to a Buzzfeed poll conducted shortly after the meme swept across the Interwebs last February, 68 percent of viewers saw white and gold. The actual dress? Blue and black.毫无疑问,的最大热门莫过于这条裙子了不论你是“蓝黑党”还是“白金党”,你只是选择了眼睛看到的颜色,根本没有多想年月,这条裙子迅速席卷互联网新闻网站Buzzfeed不久后推出的即时投票显示:68%的网友觉得这条裙子是白金色的真实情况呢?其实是蓝黑色. Emoji of the year表情之最When Oxd Dictionaries word of the year isnt an actual word, you know is when emojis officially took over the planet.Oxd top pick was the ;Face with Tears of Joy.; Dont like this linguistic trend? There an emoji that, too.《牛津词典评出的年度词汇竟然不是一个“词”,这足见表情符号在年的风光程度了在众多的表情中,牛津的选择是“笑cry”啥?你讨厌无处不在的表情符号?巧了,正好有个“嫌弃脸”的表情呢!3. Most beloved person on the Net网红之最Odin Camus, a teenager inOntario,Canada, received the most Internet love in — one day at least. On his th birthday last March, Odin mother Melissa created a Facebook page asking strangers to wish him happy birthday after none of his classmates showed up to his party. The invite went viral, inspiring thousands of responses on Facebook, Twitter, and SMS, including several from celebrities, politicians, professional sports teams, and members ofCanada military. Later, hundreds of people threw a real birthday party the autistic teen at a local bowling alley. Now the question is, what Melissa going to do his th birthday?奥丁·加缪可以说是年互联网的宠儿了——至少在他岁生日那天是这样奥丁是加拿大安大略人,今年三月他岁生日那天,他的生日趴连一位同学也没邀请到奥丁的妈妈梅丽莎于是创建了脸书专页,邀请陌生网友祝儿子生日快乐这则邀请迅速扩散,最终收到了来自脸书、推特和短信的成千上万条回复,还包括好多名人、政客、职业运动队、甚至加大拿军人的祝福之后,数百人在当地的保龄球馆为这个自闭症少年开了一场真正的生日会现在问题来了:明年的岁生日,梅丽莎准备为儿子做点儿什么?. Best use of a drone a purpose that was in no way intended by its manufacturer最让人意想不到的无人机玩法While unmanned aerial vehicles (aka drones) are used all kinds of things their makers probably didnt envision — including delivering holiday mistletoe, with sometimes disastrous consequences — it was the combination of a drone, a flamethrower, and a turkey on a spit that captures this year award. UAV hacker Austin Haughwout used this combo to cook his family Thanksgiving bird in hisConnecticutbackyard last month. Were betting there werent many leftovers.无人机的用途现在早已超出发明者的设计初衷——比如在假日投递槲寄生,闹出了不少笑话而摘得今年“无人机最奇葩用途”桂冠的当属“无人机+喷火器+火鸡烤架”组合今年月,在美国康涅狄格州,无人机黑客奥斯丁·霍沃特就用这个组合在自家后院烤起了感恩节火鸡我敢打赌这顿没剩饭5. Most overexposed person of 名人过度曝光之最Having received a Lifetime Achievement Award last year, the Kardashians are out of the running in this category, which leaves the next obvious choice: Taylor Swift. From publicly scolding Apple about its royalty policies (which they immediately changed — how often does that happen?) to being named Billboard artist of the year, it was Tay Tay all the time in . We love ya, T-Swift; wed love you even more if you pulled an Adele and stepped out of the spotlight a couple of years, just so we have time to finish going through all your Instagram photos.由于卡戴珊获得了年的过度曝光之终身成就奖,所以今年的评比咱就不考虑她们了那显然今年的冠军非泰勒·斯威夫特莫属从公开谴责苹果的版税政策(苹果立马改正了,名人效果就是不一样啊!),到获封公告牌年度最佳艺人,的新闻头条来来去去总是泰勒我们爱你,“霉霉”,不过如果你能学学阿黛尔,走出闪光灯几年,我们会更爱你的——这样我们才能有时间看你Ins上的海量照片啊6. Most thoroughly disgusting but otherwise harmless tech invention最恶心但无恶意的发明Crack two raw eggs into this maw of the Egg Master vertical grill, and this -inch-tall cylinder extrudes a fully cooked, disturbingly phallic tube of cholesterol that will put you off eggs ever.往“煮蛋大师”蛋卷机的竖直加热器里打两个生鸡蛋,这个英尺高的柱体就会挤出一管令人不舒的、形如男性生殖器的熟蛋卷看到这个,你可能再也不想吃鸡蛋了7. Biggest Internet meme of we will never grow tired of百看不厌的网络流行之最Donald Trump hair. It the wispy ginger-colored gift that keeps on giving.那就是唐纳德·特朗普的头发无论是第几次看到他这绺形如姜黄色玉米穗的头发,你都会忍俊不禁的 19盐城市妇幼保健院月经不调多少钱 盐城/医院能治男科

盐城人流手术哪里好第一句:Im interested in seeing the U. N. headquarters.我想参观联合国总部A: Yes, sir. May I help you?是的,先生,需要什么帮助?B: Im interested in this tour.我对这趟旅行感兴趣A: Is there anything special you want to see?您有什么特别要参观的吗?B: Yes, Im interested in seeing the U. N.是的,我想参观联合国总部第二句:Does the morning tour visit the U. N. headquarters?上午这次旅行参观联合国总部吗?A: Does the morning tour visit the U. N. headquarters?上午这次旅行参观联合国总部吗?B: No, sir. That in the all-day tour.不,先生,只有全天旅游吧A: Then, Id better take the all-day tour.那我还是参加全天旅游吧B: That a tour of all the most famous places.那趟旅游可以参加所有著名的地方其他表达法:说明自己感兴趣的景点时可以用:Im interested in visiting... 我对……感兴趣或者说:Im eagar to visit... 我迫不及待想要去参观……还有:I couldnt wait to see... 我很等不及要去看……了后两句表达说话人更为急切的心境 A gas station in Russia Oblast region has been making headlines this week organizing an unusual promotion – a free tank of gas to anyone who showed up dressed only in women swimsuit and high heels.俄罗斯一家加油站近期推出了一款新颖的夏季清凉促销手段--任何人只要身穿女士泳装,搭配高跟鞋来加油,就可以获得一桶免费汽油The ingenious publicity stunt took place on July 1st, in the south-western city of Samara, and only lasted three hours. Anyone looking to get a free tank of gas was invited to show up at the gas station wearing skimpy underwear and high heels.这一令人拍案叫绝的推广手段出现在7月1日的俄罗斯西南部的萨马拉州,活动仅持续了3小时任何想获得免费汽油的人,都可以穿上热辣的比基尼和高跟鞋前往这家加油站The rules were pretty simple – wear the appropriate attire, fill up the tank yourself, and go to the front desk to tell the station attendant the pump number and fuel type. Abide by this terms and you get a full tank absolutely free.规则非常简单,穿上规定的装束,自己为车加满油,然后去前台告诉工作人员加油泵的编号和汽油类型就可以获得免单You would think most people would consider such an offer degrading, especially towards women, but local journalists present at the Olvi gas station in Samara the big event reported a long queue of people – both men and women – hoping a chance to show their assets a free tank of gas.这时候你可能会想,大多数人应该都会觉得这种事很丢脸,尤其是对女士来说然而事实恰恰相反,跟据当地记者在奥维加油站的报道,当天加油站门口排起了很长的队,其中男人女人都有,大家都希望能一展自己的;资本;,以换取免费汽油Although the mandatory dress code seemed aimed at women, the rules didnt specify that you had to be one in order to qualify the promotion, and some men were quick to take advantage.尽管加油站的免单穿衣标准看起来是女性特惠,但是规则中也并没有指出其他人不能参加,于是很多想免单的男司机也纷纷加入比基尼大军的行列Photos snapped by passers-by and posted on Russian social network VKontakte show guys wearing women swimming suits walking awkwardly towards the gas station after filling up their tanks.他们穿着女士泳衣,加满油后一脸尴尬地走向加油站,这一情景被过路的行人拍下,并放到了俄罗斯一家社交网站上;You know, is a crisis year. I can take five minutes of shame a week worth of free rides,; one young man told URA.ru.一位年轻男子接受《乌拉尔通讯社采访时表示:;你也知道,年经济状况太困难了,如果5分钟的尴尬能换来一个星期的免费路程,那我愿意; 595射阳县治疗妇科疾病多少钱盐城/男性不育症



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