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福建省厦门薇格医院治疗青春痘多少钱厦门薇格医疗整形美容医院治疗疤痕多少钱As the Sun Turns太阳也在自转?Everyone knows that the earth turns.大家都知道地球会自转。As a matter of fact, the sun turns too. Altough a lot of people dont realize it.实际上,太阳也会自转。尽管很多人并不知道。Im not talking about being in orbit, now the earth definitely orbits the sun and not the other way around. Im talking about the entire sun spinning on its axis, like a globe when you give it a push with your hand.我不是说在轨道上运转。地球当然是围绕太阳转,但不会反过来(太阳绕地球转)。我说的是太阳以自身为轴转动,就像地球仪你用手推它一下就会自己转动。The sun spins around its own axis with a period of about twenty-seven days. That means it takes twenty seven days for the same side to come around again. Back in the seventeenth century, Galileo was the first person to point out that sunspots move from day to day, giving him the idea that the whole sun might be rotating.太阳自转的周期大约为27天。这意味着要27天的时间同侧才会转回来。早在17世纪,伽利略是第一个指出太阳黑子是一天天地移动,由此给他启发太阳可能也在转动。Even today, a lot of people arent aware of the suns rotation, simply because you cant look directly at it. But Galileo was absolutely right, as our modern observations confirm.即使现在,很多人仍然感觉不到太阳的转动,那只是因为我们不能直视太阳。但经过我们现代的观察实伽利略是对的。 /201209/200497厦门美容热玛吉 INDIANA, like many manufacturing states in the Midwest, has long felt the pain of seeing jobs go overseas. In his seven years as Republican governor, Mitch Danielss response has been to offer a strong diet of pro-business legislation. In the past few years Indiana has cut its corporate tax rate by nearly 25%, established one of the highest Ramp;D tax credits in the country and started work on a billion infrastructure-improvement plan.和许多中西部制造业州一样,印第安纳长期的痛处在于,眼睁睁得看着工作流向海外。七年州长,共和党人米奇;丹尼尔斯的回应姿态是大力贯彻对企业有利的立法。该州在过去的岁月里对公司减税接近25%,建立了企业Ramp;D税收抵免站点,这样的站点在美国还有很多;还开启了计划100亿美元的基础实施整修工作。Until recently, though, Mr Daniels had resisted calls to make Indiana what is known as a ;right-to-work; (RTW) state. RTW legislation allows employees to decide whether to financially support a union. Without such laws unions can insist that all workers pay dues to help fund the cost of negotiating a contract with an employer, whether or not they wish to formally join the union. Now, however, Mr Daniels says he believes the state needs to sign up as well. The new legislation was passed by the state Senate on February 1st and was signed by Mr Daniels that very day, making Indiana the 23rd RTW state in America;and the first such state in the nationrsquo;s old manufacturing belt.然而就是在最近,丹尼尔斯还在拒绝让印州成为RTW州(众所周知的;工作权利法案;)。RTW立法规定员工有权决定是否出钱持工会。如果没有RTW这样的法律,工会就可以坚持让所有的员工都应缴纳会费,帮助为和雇主就工作合同谈判所需的费用筹钱,不管这些员工是否愿意正式加入工会。但现在,丹尼尔斯说,他认为印州也需要签署RTW法案。新法2月1号在州参议院获得通过,当天有丹尼尔斯签署,这样一来,印州,成为了美国通过RTW法案的第23个州。这也是美国传统工业带第一个通过此法的州。Proponents argue that it is wrong to force anyone to contribute money to a union. Unions counter they face a ;free rider; problem whereby non-affiliated workers receive the benefits of union negotiations without contributing financially. The governor, meanwhile, says the new laws will simply make the state more attractive to business.保障工作权利的倡导者认为强制他人给工会捐钱的做法是不可取的。工会反驳道,他们面临着;无本获利;的难题,在这样的背景下,非直属工会的员工,就可以从工会谈判获取利益,而不掏一分钱。同时州长丹尼尔斯说新法只会让印州吸引更多的企业。Evidence from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation suggests that many employers do indeed want these laws. This group says that somewhere between a quarter to a half of companies in the state planning to relocate insist upon going to RTW states.来自印第安纳经济发展公司的据表明很多雇主确实需要这样的法律。该公司说,在印州1/4到1/2计划搬迁的公司中,某公司坚持要将其公司所在地搬到通过了RTW的州中。Few companies, though, are willing to go on the record to say exactly why they prefer to locate in RTW states though the reason is pretty obvious;in a nutshell, they make for weaker unions. It is a sensitive subject and companies fear picketing and other similar reprisals. However, Remy International, an electrical-engineering company based in Pendleton, Indiana, has stated that it plans to build another factory in America some time next year: but that in the absence of RTW legislation it will not build it in Indiana.然而至于准确说出为什么他们更愿意搬迁到通过了RTW的州,虽然理由显而易见---简言之,他们这样做,是为了弱化工会---没有公司愿意始作俑者。这是一个敏感话题,公司也不敢越雷池,害怕遭到类似的报复。然而,位于该州彭德尔顿的电工程公司雷米国际(Remy International)已经声明,该公司计划在明年某个时间国内在建一座工厂:但为了逃避RTW法案,该公司不会将新厂建在印州。In an interview with Stateline, a news service that looks at trends in state policy, a vice-president of Remy, Jay Pittas, argued that RTW legislation makes it easier to negotiate flexible work rules, and means that unions are more likely to agree to a merit-based system of employment rather than a one based on seniority. The company, however, now declines to comment further on the subject.在一次由观察州政策动态的新闻务机构Stateline进行的采访中,雷米副总裁jay Pittas说,RTW法案让员工更加容易的把灵活的工作制度 摆到谈判桌上来,RTW立法的存在就意味着工会更有可能会认同以绩效工资为基准的体系,而不会去认同员工资历体系。公司现在并不愿意对这个话题多说上些什么。201202/170667Books and Arts; Book Review;William Carlos Williams, American poet;On the outside looking in;文艺;书评;威廉·卡洛斯·威廉姆斯,美国诗人;局外旁观;“Something Urgent I Have to Say to You”: The Life and Works of William Carlos Williams. By Herbert Leibowitz.《我有要事相告》:威廉·卡洛斯·威廉姆斯生平及作品集。作者:赫伯特·莱维茨。To his patients in Rutherford, New Jersey, William Carlos Williams was just the local boy who had become their local doctor. And yet, as he made house calls, administered vaccinations or listened to their complaints, he heard not just what they said, but how they said it. A doctor but also a poet, Williams spent his life trying to capture the “infinite variety” of American speech, and to use it to create a uniquely American form of poetic verse.对于他的病人来说,威廉·卡洛斯·威廉姆斯只是新泽西州卢瑟福镇一位成长为本地医生的本地男孩。可是,当他出诊、注射疫苗或者倾听病人抱怨的时候,他所听到的不只是病人说话的内容,而是他们说话的方式。身为医生却更是位诗人,威廉姆斯花费一生时间尝试捕捉美国大众语言中的“无限可能”,并以此创作一种美国独有的诗歌体裁。It was not an easy task. As Herbert Leibowitzs new biography shows, Williams remained on the periphery of 20th-century literature as he spent a lifetime in the “grey-brown landscapes” of suburbia. He was disgruntled, with a severe dislike of many of his fellow poets, especially T.S. Eliot (Williams was both admiring and disdainful of “The Waste Land”), but his poems are now held up as some of the most daring examples of modern American poetry, and he was posthumously awarded the Pulitzer prize in 1963.此非易事。根据赫伯特·莱维茨新的传记作品所述,威廉徘徊于20世纪的文学边缘地带,因为他在郊区“灰褐色的风景”中度过了一生。他心怀不满,对同时期的许多诗人报以一种强烈的厌恶之情,尤其是T.S.艾略特(威廉姆斯对《荒原》既钦佩不已又嗤之以鼻),但如今他的诗歌被奉为现代美国诗歌中最大胆的典范,并且在死后他被授予1963年的普利策奖。During his lifetime, however, Williams was “lil Bill” to his bigger, more successful friend Ezra Pound, who laughed at his insistence on staying in Rutherford. The son of immigrants who never naturalised, Williamss dedication to America did not flag, though it was a country that often disappointed him. Peopling his poems with “nurses and prostitutes, policemen and religious fanatics, farmers and fish peddlers, drunkards…blues singers and barbers”, Williams wanted to pin down the whole messy country with his short, punchy lines of poetry. Sometimes he succeeded, as when he describes the euphoric crowds at a baseball game, or when he catches a glimpse of “A big young bareheaded woman/in an apron” on the pavement, bending down to remove a nail from her shoe. With the eyes of a doctor, he recorded the idian and the overlooked. He coined the maxim “no ideas but in things”. To his critics, the saying exposed him as an anti-intellectual, or as a poet who could only create “American speech barking at song.”然而究其一生,在比威廉姆斯年长、事业更成功的朋友艾泽拉·庞德看来,威廉姆斯永远都只是“小比尔”。庞德嘲笑他留在卢瑟福镇的执着。作为从未加入美国国籍的移民者之子,威廉姆斯对美国的衷心从未减退,尽管这个国家一再地令他失望。充斥在他的诗歌间的是“护士和,警察和宗教狂热分子,农夫和鱼贩,醉鬼…布鲁斯歌手和理发师”,威廉姆斯意图用他简短有力的诗句来描绘整个国家的世间百态。有时他成功了,比如他描写棒球比赛上的欢快人群,或者当他瞥见“一位硕大的年轻女子不戴帽子/穿着围裙”,在人行道上俯身擦去她鞋子上的一片指甲。他以医生的视角记录那些平凡的事和被忽视的人。他首创了“文中无意,寓境于物”的格言。对威廉姆斯的批评家来说,这个说法暴露了他不是一位智者,或者说,他只不过是一位开创了“美语吠叫诗歌”的诗人。Mr Leibowitz, a New York literary editor, is keen to defend Williams against these charges, and focuses instead on the radical aspects of Williamss work. Banned in 1952 from being poetry consultant to the Library of Congress for his left-leaning views, Williams wrote poems in which the Rosenbergs appeared next to Geoffrey Chaucer. As a young doctor just starting out, he had mainly served the Italian, Greek and Polish communities around Rutherford, or attended to bruised prostitutes or addicts at the French Hospital of New York. As an elderly man with a respected practice, he still preferred the company of the socially marginalised: “I have known the unsuccessful, [and think them] far better persons than their more lucky brothers”.莱维茨是一位纽约的文学编辑,对于这些攻击,他不仅积极为威廉姆斯辩护,还转而关注威廉姆斯作品中极端的部分。1952年,因为其左倾观点而被赶出国会图书馆的诗歌顾问职位,威廉姆斯写了一首诗,在诗中罗森格弟与杰弗里·乔叟*一同出现。作为一位刚出师的年轻医生,他主要为在卢瑟福镇附近的意大利,希腊和波兰人的社区务,要么就去纽约的法国医院医治受伤的或瘾君子。作为一位事业体面的长者,他仍然更愿意以社会边缘群体为伴:“我认识那些失意者,并认为他们是]比他们走运的兄弟们要好得多的人。”However, in emphasising this side of Williams Mr Leibowitz skates over the less palatable aspects of his subjects character. A serial philanderer who publicly described his wife as “no Venus de Milo”, his poetry is occasionally voyeuristic and antagonistic towards women: “What I got out of women/was difficult/to assess.” Bitter from his lack of success in America or abroad, and obsessed with what he saw as the “European virus” in poetry, the Williams of this biography is not easy company. His poems, composed of short lines like “be a song—made of/particulars”, often resist Mr Leibowitzs lengthy analysis. Just as he preferred the quiet meadowlands around Rutherford to the glamour of literary New York, so too Williams manages to evade his biographers gaze. Like a figure in one of his poems, he remains on the sidelines, looking in.然而,莱维茨在着重描写威廉姆斯上述方面的同时,一笔略过了他的主角品格中不太值得称道的方面。公然比喻自己妻子是“米罗的维纳斯”却到处寻花问柳,他的诗歌偶尔透露出对女性的窥私欲和轻视:“我从女人中得到的/很难/评价”。苦于他在美国或国外都缺乏成功,并且执迷于诗歌中他所谓的“欧洲病毒”,该传记中的威廉姆斯并不是惬意的阅读伴侣。他的诗歌由像这样的短句组成:“一首歌——到处是/细节”,常常与莱维茨冗长的分析矛盾。就如同他喜爱卢瑟福镇周边的安静草地甚于纽约文坛的魅力,威廉姆斯同样也设法避开其传记作者的注视。就如同他诗歌中的一位人物一般,他在局外逗留,旁观。 /201302/227529厦门薇格医疗美容韩式三点双眼皮多少钱

福建省薇格整形医院整形美容Books and Arts; Book Review;Nancy and Lawrence Durrell;Days of heaven;文艺;书评;南希和劳伦斯·德雷尔;天堂里的日子;Amateurs in Eden: The Story of a Bohemian Marriage, Nancy and Lawrence Durrell. By Joanna Hodgkin.《Amateurs in Eden》:一场波西米亚姻缘的故事,关于南希和劳伦斯·德雷尔。Joanna Hodgkin著。Given Greeces economic woes and role as yet another Mediterranean holiday destination, it is hard to appreciate the freedom, sunlight and sense of space that it provided 50 or more years ago. Intrepid travellers would come to explore ruins and ancient villages in solitary peace, and sleep under the stars on empty sandy beaches. The islands were especially enticing, and no books contributed more to their image as a paradise than those by the Durrell brothers,Lawrence and Gerald. “Prosperos Cell” (1945), Lawrences diary of life on Corfu, and “My Family and Other Animals” (1956), Geralds account of his experiences as a child there, are brilliant, contrasting views of life on this Greek island in the 1930s, and remain popular to this day.如今,希腊只是个平凡的地中海休假景点,经济也正处于萧条时期,让人很难重温这里50余年前自由的空气、美好的阳光和海阔天空的舒畅感觉。当时,胆大的旅行者喜欢探索遗迹,寻找宁静的古代小镇,也喜欢在静谧的海滩上安然入眠,霑沐一身星辉。希腊诸岛格外诱人,素有人间天堂的美誉,德雷尔(Durrell)兄弟(劳伦斯Lawrence和杰拉德Gerald )的著作对此贡献最大。劳伦斯1945年出版的日记集《Prosperos Cell》讲述了他在科孚岛上的生活,杰拉德1956年的《My Family and Other Animals》,则描述了自己20世纪30年代在那里度过的童年时光;该书才华横溢,与劳伦斯的书相映成趣,时至今日依然畅销。“Amateurs in Eden” is written by Joanna Hodgkin, the daughter (from a later marriage) of Lawrence Durrells first wife Nancy. It tells Nancys story, complete with a full description of her “unsatisfactory parents” and unhappy childhood, and an account of her life after she left Lawrence. The heart of the book, and the subject of greatest interest, is a portrait of their marriage and their four seemingly idyllic years on Corfu. They met in bohemian London when she was an art student and he was working for an estate agent and writing poetry.From the start they were a striking but “odd couple”. She was tall, willowy, beautiful. He was three inches shorter and stocky; his lack of height a “secret sorrow”. Yet he had no shortage of charm. He could turn a mundane event into a colourful drama, and she fell under his spell. After two years together, both 22, they married and left England—“Pudding Island”, according to Durrell. His widowed mother and her three younger children (including Gerald) soon followed them to Greece.乔安娜·霍奇金(Joanna Hodgkin)是劳伦斯的首任妻子南希(Nancy)改嫁后生的女儿,撰写了《Amateurs in Eden》一书,将南希一生的故事娓娓道来,从她不称职的父母、不快乐的童年一直讲到离开劳伦斯之后的日子。本书的核心部分(也是最有趣的话题),便是南希和劳伦斯在科孚岛上四年田园牧歌式的伉俪情缘。两人当年初见时,波西米亚主义正在伦敦盛行。她是个艺术学生,而他是个写诗的房产经济人。这“奇怪的一对儿”从一开始就很引人注目。姑娘很修长,苗条而美丽,小伙子却挺敦实,足足比她矮了三英寸——海拔不够是个心病。不过身高可不是问题:他能把庸常俗务变成精的戏剧,让她为他的魔力倾心。两年后,这对22岁的年轻人结了婚,离开了英格兰(他称之为“布丁似的岛”)。他的寡母很快带着三个弟跟着他俩搬到了希腊。Their time in Corfu was mainly one of simple happiness: isolated, primitive, strangely serene, removed from the wider reality of international events. Many years later Durrell said: “I shall really never, never ever forget a youth spent there, discovered by accident. It was pure gold.” They swam and sailed and he, finding his voice as a writer, completed his first major novel, “The Black Book”.科孚岛上的时光是一场简单的幸福:与世隔绝、简单淳朴、宁静异常,远离世间各国的纷纷扰扰。多年后,他回忆道:“蓦然回首,发觉当年岛上的韶华永难忘却。彼时岁月纯净如金。”那时,他们会一起游泳,一起开船;他也开始作为一名作家崭露头角,完成了第一部重要小说《The Black Book》。Yet Lawrence and Nancy were complicated characters, and the marriage had its problems. Lawrence could be cruel and obsessively jealous, and would use words “to lacerate and destroy”. The strains were evident when they met Henry Miller in Paris in 1937. Superficially, the visit was a success. But Lawrence, who was inclined to build “a wall of ice” to separate intimates from other people, was determined to keep Nancy on the sidelines—“decorative but insignificant”—and Nancy retreated into silence.Back in Corfu there were times of “rare and precious content”, but the onset of war changed things for ever. They moved to mainland Greece and in 1941 fled to Egypt. With Cairo under threat, Nancy travelled with their one-year-old child to Jerusalem; Lawrence was unable to persuade her to return to him. He would marry three more times. Nancy eventually had over 30 years of “loving closeness” with Teddy Hodgkin.然而两人都不是省油的灯,他们的婚姻自有问题。有时,劳伦斯为人冷酷,醋劲十足,还会用言辞“伤害并摧毁(别人的心)”。1937年,他们在巴黎与亨利·米勒(Henry Miller)会面,紧张局势就十分明显。这场会面看起来一切和谐;实际上劳伦斯常常筑起一道“冰墙”把爱侣和外人隔开,这次便决定只让南希当个陪衬:“无关紧要的装饰品”,于是南希只好黯然陷入沉默。回到科孚岛后,“珍稀的满足”余韵尚存;但随后战争爆发,永远改变了一切。他们搬到希腊本土,又在1941年逃往埃及。后来德军兵临开罗城下,南希带着1岁的孩子去了耶路撒冷。从此,劳伦斯再也没能唤回她。时光荏苒,他又成婚3次,她则与泰迪·霍奇金(Teddy Hodgkin)相依相守30年。Ms Hodgkin understandably takes her mothers side, but she is at pains to stress that there are many ways to tell the story of a marriage. Despite some misprints, incorrect dates and verbal infelicities, her account is of interest. Many will agree that Durrells best work is infused with his love of Greece, and that his poetry deserves to be better known. The critical acclaim that greeted the novels of “The Alexandria Quartet” may have been a bit excessive in the 1950s and early 1960s, but these books deserve more ers now.人们能够理解霍奇金女士站在她母亲的立场讲述这个故事的原因。不过,她在书中尽力强调:要想讲述婚姻的故事,可以有很多视角。这本书中有些印刷错误、日期错误、表述错误,但是故事本身还是很有价值。很多人都会同意,德雷尔最好的作品中饱含着他对希腊的深情,他的诗作也应该得到更多赏识。家称,《The Alexandria Quartet》中的几本书对二十世纪五、六十年代的人可能有点激进;如今,它们值得更多的读者去欣赏。 /201212/214965厦门思明薇格光子脱毛手术多少钱 福建厦门市薇格医院预约

厦门双眼皮贴吧 The store of pollen paints a picture of the plains of 13,000 years ago,花粉纷纷扬扬聚集,勾画出1300年前的大平原。a picture that looks very different from the open prairie grassland of today.同今日辽阔的草原相比,当时的景象则截然不同。But why did this region look so different back then?但为何差别如此之大?The ice sheets to the north, although retreating 13,000 years ago, still dominated the climate here.尽管1300年来冰层不断北移,但该区仍属冰原性气候。It was much milder and wetter than today, ideal conditions for woodland to flourish.气候甚至更为湿润,也更利于林木茂密生长。This is how much of the northern plains must have looked when the first people arrived.这也许是第一批来到此处的人类在北方草原看到的景象。Not open prairies as it is now, but a parkland of trees and grassy meadows.当时这里并不是平原,而是稀树高原和茂密的田野。This is a relic of those times. The Osage orange.这是桑橙树,是一种经历过以前那种气候,一直存活至今的树木。Every autumn it produces these enormous fruits, huge numbers of them, more the size of great fruits than mere oranges.每年秋季这种树就会结出大量果实,而且果实的个头比普通的橘子要大很多。But theres no animal alive today thats big enough to pick and eat them, so this bump of crop just rots.但现今生存的动物身躯不够庞大,无法采摘和食用这些果实,所以这些果实只能烂掉。The Osage orange glory days are long gone.桑橙树繁盛的时代已经过去。But its harvest was once an annual feast for many ice age animals, including mammoths.曾经每年桑橙树收获果实的季节,对冰河世纪许多动物来说是一场盛宴。Fruit must have been a real treat for these grass eaters.比如说猛犸象。对猛犸象这样的食草动物来说,水果无疑是美食。 201304/232539厦门薇格整形医院祛黄褐斑好不好厦门微格整形医院大腿脱毛好不好



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