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What happens when the wave of encryption rippling through the personal technology world washes up against the realities of the data economy? 当个人科技产品世界掀起的加密浪潮拍上数字化经济的现实时,会发生什么情况? Most of the recent debate over the sp of encryption has centred on the implications for personal privacy and national security. Less has been said about business: in particular, what a greater use of encryption will mean for the usability of tech products and services, and for the business models that rely on capturing and extracting value from data. 近期围绕普及加密技术的讨论,主要集中在加密之于个人隐私及国家安全的意义,较少涉及其在商业方面的影响。特别是,加密技术的广泛使用对科技产品及务的可用性、以及依赖于从数据中挖掘价值的商业模式来说意味着什么? This week, it was WhatsApp’s turn to push encryption deeper into everyday life, with the news that conversations between its 1bn users will be scrambled. WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned messaging app, has aly run into problems in Brazil for not storing messages demanded by a court. Now, it will not be able to “” real-time communications either. 这回轮到WhatsApp让加密技术更深入人们的日常生活——上周,有报道称,其10亿用户之间的对话内容将被加密。Facebook的这款通讯应用软件此前已在巴西惹上麻烦,原因是其未按法院要求存储信息。现在,它也将无法“读取”实时对话了。 When the makers of mass-market products and services make a show of taking steps such as this to protect their users, it can shift expectations. Although Apple’s legal fight with the US government over an encrypted iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino killers ended inconclusively, it sent a clear message about the lengths the company would go to to protect its users. 当大众市场产品及务的提供商故意表现出要采取此类措施保护用户的姿态时,这可能会改变人们的期望。尽管苹果(Apple)与美国政府的法律之争——围绕圣贝纳迪诺击案凶手一部加密iPhone——已无果而终,但这明确传达出了苹果不遗余力保护用户的态度。 At least at the device level, encryption is quickly becoming the norm. Amazon’s reversal last month over its latest Fire operating system proved the point. News that the software no longer encrypts data as a matter of course brought an instant outcry from privacy activists — forcing the company to backtrack hastily with a promise to restore the capability in a future update. 至少在设备层面上,加密正在迅速成为行业惯例。上个月,亚马逊(Amazon)围绕其最新Fire操作系统的态度大转变便明了这一点。有关该软件不再把数据加密作为理所当然的义务的新闻一经报道,立刻引起了隐私维权人士的强烈抗议——迫使该公司匆忙转变态度,承诺在未来的更新版本中重新恢复加密技术。 After delays, Google has also moved to default encryption in the most recent release of Android, its mobile operating system. Not that many of the world’s Android users will see the benefit in the short term: five months after the software’s release, only 2.6 per cent of Android phones are running the latest operating system, according to the company. 在数次推迟后,谷歌(Google)也在最新发布的手机操作系统Android中默认采用加密功能。并非很多Android用户都会在短期内看到加密的好处:根据谷歌的数据,在该版本发布5个月后,只有2.6%的Android手机运行了最新版本的操作系统。 But this is only one side of the story. Few people would want to lock all their data into a single gadget. Besides the risk of loss, it would be to turn back the clock on one of the main benefits of cloud computing: accessing personal information from different devices. The San Bernardino terrorists also used Apple’s iCloud, even if the last time they backed up data from an iPhone was some seven weeks before last year’s shootings. 但是,这只是故事的一方面而已。没有多少人想把所有的信息都锁在一台设备中。除了丢失的风险,这还相当于让时光倒流到没有云计算的时代——利用云技术,用户可以在不同设备上访问个人信息。贝纳迪诺击案中的恐怖分子也用苹果iCloud,虽然他们最后一次对iPhone数据进行备份是在击案发生前7周左右。 Data in iCloud are encrypted — but, crucially, Apple has the keys, making it possible for courts to order it to hand over information. As a result, since its fight with the FBI, Apple has also been looking at how to put encrypted iCloud data beyond its own reach. 存储在iCloud的数据也是经过加密的——但是,关键是苹果掌握着iCloud的钥匙,所以法院可以命令苹果交出信息。因此,自从与美国联邦调查局(FBI)抗争之后,苹果也在寻找将iCloud加密数据脱离自己掌控的办法。 There are good reasons, though, to think this drive towards strong encryption will reach a natural limit. Putting cloud-based data beyond the reach of the companies hosting it would limit its value. At the most basic level, it would mean users would not be able to recover their personal information if they forgot their passwords. 不过,我们有理由认为,这股朝着“强加密”发展的趋势将自然而然达到一个极限。让云数据脱离科技公司掌控的做法会限制数据的价值。最简单来说,这意味着一旦用户忘记了密码,他们将无法找回个人信息。 Making information unable would also make it harder to tailor many online services. Personalisation is the great hope for a world awash with too much data. Shaping digital experiences relies on being able to analyse a user’s personal and behavioural information. 使数据不可读也会令企业难以定制在线务。在充斥着太多数据的世界,个性化被寄予了很大希望。打造数字化体验,依赖于分析用户的个人数据和行为信息。 There are also powerful economic motivations for limiting encryption. As Harvard University’s Berkman Center said in a recent report , the advertising businesses of companies such as Google and Facebook rely on being able to target adverts based on what they know about their users. 还有强大的经济动因撑着对加密技术加以限制。正如哈佛大学(Harvard University)伯克曼中心(Berkman Center)在最近一份报告中所说的那样,谷歌(Google)和Facebook等公司的广告业务依赖于根据他们对用户的了解来针对性地投放广告。 Many new types of data are also valued for their ability to be processed. For instance, the “internet of things” is founded on the idea of being able to collect, collate and analyse vast amounts of information thrown off by myriad smart objects. Besides sensors, many of these devices will have cameras and microphones: they will, in effect, be watching and listening. 很多新型数据也因为可以被加工而受到重视。例如,“物联网”是基于对众多智能设备释放的大量数据进行收集、整理和分析的理念而建立。除传感器外,很多智能设备将配有摄像头和麦克风:实际上,它们将拥有看和听的功能。 It is no wonder that many in the tech industry reject the idea that the sp of encryption will make life harder for law enforcement, and instead argue that a “golden age of surveillance” is at hand. 难怪很多科技行业人士否认普及加密技术会加大执法难度,相反他们认为“监控的黄金时代”即将到来。 That is hardly a phrase guaranteed to instil confidence in their customers. But privacy concerns often take a back seat when new digital services bring greater convenience to users’ lives. A battle over encryption is set to rage in the coming years, but its impact on the broader data economy should not be overstated. 这不是一个会给他们的用户带来信心的说法。但是,当新的数字化务为用户的生活带来更多便利时,对隐私的担忧往往会靠边站。未来数年,加密之战注定会越演越烈,但是不应该夸大这对数字化经济的影响。 /201604/436869Chances are, you plug in your phone before you go to bed at night, thinking it#39;s best to greet the morning with a fully charged device.晚上临睡前,你可能会给手机充上电,想着第二天早上看到一部电量满格的手机。Is this a good idea? That depends.这是个好主意吗?不一定。Here#39;s the thing. Many people don#39;t expect to keep their phones for much longer than two years.问题在于,很多人并不想使用寿命超过两年时间的手机。For the most part, experts say, those people are not going to notice much damage to their phone batteries before they start hankering for a new device.专家称,大多数情况下,这些人在渴望换新手机之前,并不会注意到现有手机电池的受损程度。If that sounds like you, feel free to charge every night, and as often as you like in between.如果你也是这样,那你可以每天晚上都充电,想充几次就充几次。But frequent charging takes a toll on the lithium-ion batteries in our phones.但频繁充电会损害手机锂离子电池的性能。And it#39;s not because they can be overcharged, said Edo Campos, a spokesman for Anker, which produces phone chargers.Anker公司的发言人埃多·坎波斯表示,原因并不在于电池不能过度充电。;Smartphones are, in fact, smart,; Mr. Campos said. ;They know when to stop charging.;;事实上,智能手机很聪明,;坎波斯说,;它们知道应该何时停止充电。;Android phones and iPhones are equipped with chips that protect them from absorbing excess electrical current once they are fully charged.安卓手机和苹果手机一旦充满电,内置芯片就会阻止它们吸收多余的电流。So in theory, any damage from charging your phone overnight with an official charger, or a trustworthy off-brand charger, should be negligible.因此,理论上用原装充电器或其他可信赖的品牌的充电器给手机彻夜充电,所造成的损害可以忽略不计。But the act of charging is itself bad for your phone#39;s battery. Here#39;s why.但是充电行为本身对手机电池是有害的。原因如下:Most phones make use of a technology that allows their batteries to accept more current faster.多数手机都采用了一种可以给电池快速充电的技术。Hatem Zeine, the founder, chief scientist and chief technical officer of the wireless charging company Ossia, says the technology enables phones to adjust to the amount of charge that a charger is capable of supplying.无线充电装置公司Ossia的创始人、首席科学家及首席技术总监哈特姆·泽恩表示,这种技术会让手机自动调整,来适应充电器能够供应的电量。The technology allows power to pulse into the battery in specific modulations, increasing the speed at which the lithium ions in the battery travel from one side to the other and causing the battery to charge more quickly.这种技术允许以特定的脉冲调制方式将电充入电池,提高锂离子在电池中的移动速度,从而让电池更快地充电。But this process also leads lithium-ion (and lithium-polymer) batteries to corrode faster than they otherwise would.但是与其他充电方式相比,这一过程也会导致锂离子(以及锂聚合物)电池比正常情况下损耗得更快。;When you charge fast all the time, you limit the life span of the battery,; Mr. Zeine said.泽恩说道:;总是快速充电会降低电池的使用寿命。;If you#39;re intent on preserving a lithium-ion battery beyond the lifetime of the typical phone or tablet, Mr. Zeine suggested using a charger meant for a less powerful device, though he couldn#39;t guarantee that it would work.如果你想让锂离子电池的寿命比一般的手机或平板电脑更长,泽恩建议使用小功率设备专用的充电器,但他不能保这个方法一定有效。;For example, if you used an iPhone charger on an iPad Pro, it#39;s going to charge very slowly,; Mr. Zeine said. ;If the electronics are right, they can actually preserve the battery because you#39;re always charging it slowly.;;例如,如果你用苹果手机充电器给苹果的平板电脑充电,这个速度会很慢,; 泽恩说。;如果使用合适的充电器,它们真的可以保护电池,因为充电的速度会很慢。;People looking to preserve their batteries should make sure their phones don#39;t become overheated, Mr. Campos advised, because high temperatures further excite the lithium-ion in batteries, leading to even quicker deterioration.坎波斯建议,人们如果想要保护电池,应该确保手机不会过热,因为高温会让电池中的锂离子的速度移动更快,导致电池加速耗损。Apple#39;s website says temperatures above 95 degrees Fahrenheit (or 35 Celsius) can ;permanently damage battery capacity.;苹果官网称,温度超过95华氏度(或35摄氏度),会对电池性能造成永久性损害。 /201609/465738It#39;s a curse that has serially embarrassed smartphone users. The iPhone#39;s autocorrect function, which aims to fix touchscreen typists#39; inaccurate spelling, intervenes at precisely the wrong moment, correcting “hungry” to “horny” or making texters promise to “walk their dad”.仿佛遭到诅咒一般,不断有人因智能手机的自动修正而陷入尴尬境地。iPhone的自动修正功能本意是修改触屏使用者打错的字词,结果却大相径庭,比如将“hungry(饥饿的)”自动修正成“horny(淫荡的)”,或者导致发信息者要“walk their dad(遛爹)”。But Apple may have a solution. The company has filed a patent for a fix that would see message recipients warned that the sender#39;s words have been automatically corrected, preventing the confusion of seeing an incoherent or rude message.不过苹果公司已经找到应对之策。苹果近日申请了一项专利,该专利会告诉信息接收者,哪些发过来的词经过对方手机的自动修正,防止因文不对题或粗鲁字眼造成任何误会。Currently, autocorrected words are presented in the same way as any other word, both when messages are being written and .目前,无论从发信息端还是收信息端来看,自动修正过的词都和其他字词是完全一样显示的。Apple#39;s proposal is that they would be highlighted using an underscore in both the typing window and when by its intended target, distinguishing an autocorrected word from any other.苹果的新专利显示,他们会在发信息端和收信息端,用下划线的方式突出显示经过自动修正的字词,使它们区别于其它字词。So, for example, when autocorrect censors a message to “I can#39;t ducking believe it”, the recipient will have more of an idea of what was intended. If the sender spots the mistake, a clarify-and-resend button would allow them to easily correct it.比如,当系统自动修正了一句话,使之变为“I can#39;t ducking believe it”,收信息端就会大概知道对方要表达什么意思了(因为有下划线)。如果发信息方看到了这个错误,系统还配有“修改并重发”按钮,可以让他们轻松改正这个错误。那些年,自动修正犯过的错:1. A traveller#39;s surname was corrected from ;Moss; to ;Miss; when booking a flight. The airline refused to allow for the error, costing the unfortunate passenger £600. 一位出行者订机票时,其姓氏的;Moss;被自动修正成;Miss;。结果航空公司因为这个错误拒绝让其登机,导致这位不幸的乘客损失了600英镑。2. A mother who asked a cake shop to make a birthday cake with a ;wee blond girl; for her daughter was surprised to receive one with a girl holding a white cane after the crucial word was corrected to ;blind;一位母亲给女儿订蛋糕时,要求蛋糕店制作一款主题为“金发小美女”的蛋糕。谁知收到的蛋糕上,竟然是一个小女孩手拿白色拐杖——原来关键的;blond(金发的);一词被修正成了;blind(盲人的);。3. An enterprising teenager who knew his parents would deny his request to host a party changed autocorrect on their phones so that ;no; was automatically converted to ;HELL YES;.一位不达目的誓不罢休的少年,料到父母不会同意他办聚会的提议,于是修改了父母手机上的自动修正设置,使;no(不行);一词被自动修改为了;HELL YES(当然没问题);。4. A 16-year-old daughter who received a text from her mother asking ;What do you want from life;. The teenager and her father spent five minutes debating the profound question, until a second message corrected it to ;Lidl;一位16岁的姑娘收到了母亲发来的短信:;What do you want from life(你想从生活中得到什么);。这位姑娘和父亲一起花了5分钟研究这个深奥的人生命题,结果母亲又发来一条更正短信,她其实想说的是:;What do you want from Lidl(你们想让我从里德尔商店带点什么);。 /201605/441472胖妈妈哺乳期较短Overweight and obese women are less likely than normal-weight women to keepbreastfeedingtheir infants for six months or longer, a study from Australia shows. Dr. Wendy Hazel Oddy of the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research in Perth and colleagues looked at 1,803 children and their mothers participating in a large pregnancy study. Eighteen percent of the women were overweight or obese before becoming pregnant.After the researchers adjusted for factors including socioeconomic status and years of education, they found that women who were overweight or obese were less apt to attempt breastfeeding at all and those that did were less likely to continue breastfeeding.Obese women were about twice as likely to have breastfed for less than two months or less than four months, while overweight women were 52 percent more likely than normal weight women to have stopped breastfeeding before two months, and 62 percent more likely to have stopped before four months.Overall, the researchers found, overweight or obese women were 76 percent more likely to stop breastfeeding before their infants were six months old than their normal weight peers.A number of factors could help explain the findings, the investigators say. For example, excess weight may change a woman's hormonal profile, making sustainedlactationmore difficult, or it may be harder for an infant to "latch on" to breast tissue if the mother is overweight or obese.The researchers also report that overweight and obese women were more likely to have pregnancy complications andC-sectionsthan normal-weight women.据澳大利亚的一个研究表明,与正常体重的女性相比,体重超标和肥胖的女性对她们的孩子进行六个月或更长时间母乳喂养的概率较小。在一项大规模的妊娠期调查中,佩斯Telethon儿童健康研究所的温迪·黑泽尔·奥迪医生和他的同事对1803对母亲和孩子进行了研究调查。其中有18%的妇女在怀之前就偏胖甚至肥胖。 综合社会经济地位和受教育年限等因素的影响,研究人员发现体重超标或肥胖的女性进行母乳喂养的可能性相对较小,而且其中正进行母乳喂养的女性继续下去的可能性也较小。调查发现,肥胖女性在孩子不满两个月或四个月就停止母乳喂养的概率是正常体重女性的两倍左右,超重女性在孩子满两个月前停止母乳喂养的概率要比正常体重女性高52%,四个月前停止母乳喂养的概率高62%。研究人员发现,总体来看,超重或肥胖的女性在孩子满六个月前停止母乳喂养的概率要比正常体重女性大76%。研究人员说,这些发现可用很多因素来解释。比如,体重超标可能会改变女性的激素水平,从而使哺乳期长度受到影响;或者是,婴儿吮吸超重或肥胖妈妈的乳房可能有些困难。此外,研究人员称,体重超标和肥胖女性患妊娠期并发症及剖腹产的几率要比正常体重的女性大。Vocabulary:breastfeed: 母乳喂养lactation: 哺乳期C-sections: 剖腹产 /200803/31406Chinese companies are behind nine of the ten most lucrative mobile games in the Apple app store globally in terms of gaming revenue in May, an unprecedented dominance of the global gaming industry, according to a new report from data tracker App Annie.根据5月苹果应用商店全球游戏收益统计,在十大最吸金手机游戏排名中,中国企业出品的游戏占去九个,中国企业在全球游戏行业这种独占鳌头的盛况前所未有。King of Glory, Fantasy Westward Journey and Clash Royale are the top three mobile games, ranked by revenue.按照手机游戏收益排名,《王者荣耀》、《梦幻西游》和《部落冲突:皇室战争》位列前三。Monster Strike, Grand Order, Ghost, Clash of Clans, Eternal Myth, Candy Crush Saga and Tianlongbabu make up the rest of the top-ten ranking.《怪物弹珠》、《命运—冠位指定》、《幽灵》、《部落战争》、《神话永恒》、《糖果粉碎传奇》和《天龙八部》紧随其后。Except for Monster Strike, which is produced by Japanese firm Mixi, the other nine games all count Chinese companies as their backers.除《怪物弹珠》出自日本Mixi公司外,其他九个游戏都由中国公司参与持。China#39;s predominance in mobile games comes even though Chinese players account for only one quarter of mobile gaming revenue worldwide.即便中国手游玩家贡献的利润只占了全球利润的四分之一,中国手游依旧成功争夺了霸主地位。The global gaming market was valued at US1.1 billion in 2016, up 10% year-on-year.2016年全球游戏市场价值1011亿美元,同比增长10%。Chinese players contributed US.6 billion in revenues, the largest share, while U.S. players came a close second with US.1 billion, according to investment firm Atomico.根据调查公司Atomico的数据,中国市场的利润最大,高达246亿美元,美国市场略居其次,收益241亿美元。Tencent Holdings Ltd. is currently the biggest winner in the sector, backing five games among the top ten: King of Glory, Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Saga and Tianlongbabu.目前腾讯集团是游戏领域的最,其中有五款排名前十的游戏都有腾讯参与持:《王者荣耀》、《部落冲突:皇室战争》、《部落战争》、《糖果粉碎传奇》和《天龙八部》。Its ascent in the gaming sector is testament to its international merger and acquisition strategy.腾讯在游戏领域的崛起为其全球并购战略的成功提供了有力明。 /201706/515628

Thirty-some years after making their debut as cartoon characters, vehicle-morphing Transformers have finally become a reality, thanks to the efforts of a Turkish company out of Ankara.《变形金刚》卡通形象问世30多年之后,能变形的汽车终于成为现实,这一切要归功于土耳其安卡拉城外的一家公司。The Ramp;D-focused company, called Letvision, recently wowed the internet with a presentation for their prototype car-transforming robot, ANTIMON. 专注研发的公司Letvision(乐视野)最近在网上发布了他们的汽车变形机器人ANTIMON的雏形展示视频,惊呆了一众网友。The recently-released footage shows a red BMW M3 being unveiled and remotely driven toward the camera, where it proceeds to transform into a mighty Autobot-like robot. 在最近发布的这段视频里,一辆红色宝马M3从远处朝着摄像机驶来,与此同时,红色宝马开始变身为一个强大的汽车机器人。The whole process takes a bit longer than in Michael Bay’s CGI movies, but it’s still mesmerizing to watch.整个变形的过程比导演迈克尔#8226;贝影片(《变形金刚》)里过程耗时要久一些,但看起来依旧让人着迷。For fear of copyright infringement issues, Letvision chose to call its creations Letrons, but they’re as close to real-life Transformers as they can currently get. 为了避免侵犯知识产权,Letvision公司给这个系列的变形机器人取名为Letrons(乐创),不过,这个机器人的外形是目前最接近现实版变形金刚的。The first of ANTIMON shows that it can move its arm and head on command and while walking functionality has not been developed yet, the company claims it’s doable if they can secure reasonable funding for a new research and development project.ANTIMON的第一段视频中,汽车机器人可以根据口令移动手臂和脑袋,但目前尚未研发行走功能。该公司表示,如果能够为新的研发项目落实资金,行走功能是可以实现的。On its official website, Letvision claims that ANTIMON was developed using an actual BMW M3, but it can only be control remotely, as the seating part of the car is currently taken up by the hydraulics system required for the awesome transformation into a Letron. Letvision公司在官网上表示,ANTIMON是用一辆宝马M3研发出来的,但是,目前只能遥控,因为车里的座位被变形所需的液压悬挂装置占用了。However, they plan on making the vehicles drivable, which probably means integrating the passenger seat into the Letron as well.不过,他们计划在未来让变形汽车可以正常驾驶,这可能意味着要在乐创系列汽车机器人上安装座椅。Letvision claims they came up with the idea for Letrons during a brainstorming session on a unique and futuristic project. 该公司表示,制作乐创系列汽车机器人的想法来源于一次头脑风暴,当时是为了讨论一个独创且有前瞻性的项目。ANTIMON reportedly took a team of 12 engineers and 4 technicians eight months to complete. 12名工程师和4名技术人员总共花了8个月的时间才完成ANTIMON机器人。They have created four other Letron models and are currently working on creating them using various car models.他们已经研制出了另外四款乐创机器人模型,目前正忙于用各种车型完成机器人的制作。Now for the question that has probably been on your mind since you came on this page – Can you buy your very own real-life car-morphing robot? The answer is ‘YES’. 现在来回答一直盘旋在大家脑中的那个问题:我们能为自己买一个现实版的汽车变形机器人吗?是:能。Levision says that their letrons can be for sale, provided that the buyers project and their reasons for use, meets the criteria of the Letrons team.Levision公司表示,他们的乐创系列机器人会对外出售,只要买家的项目和购买用途符合乐创团队的标准。 /201610/469339

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