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The savings mistakes range from directly buying company stock to not saving for retirement.Here are the worst savings mistakes that you may be making:存钱的误区有很多,包括直接购买公司股票、放弃存储退休金等。下面列举一些大家可能正在迈入的存钱误区:1.You don#39;t have a savings account.1.没有储蓄账户Just 51 percent of American families have a savings account, according to the Fed#39;s survey. Having a savings account is critical for being able to save over the long term.根据美联储调查,仅有51%的美国家庭拥有储蓄账户。从长远考虑,拥有储蓄账户对于存钱非常重要。2.You aren#39;t saving for retirement.2.放弃储蓄退休金Only 35 percent of families have an employer retirement plan, 28 percent of them have an individual retirement account (IRA), and 13 percent have both types of accounts, according to the Fed#39;s survey.根据美联储调查显示,仅有35%的美国家庭可以享受企业养老金计划,28%的家庭拥有私人养老金账户(IRA),13% 的家庭两种都有。3.You have bought a few stocks directly from the stock market.3.直接从股市购进股票29 percent of families directly hold one stock, and 53 percent of families directly hold 2 to 9 stocks, according to the Fed#39;s survey. People that aren#39;t investing for a living are likely to lose money by buying individual stocks because they are being outsmarted by professional traders, high-frequency traders, and professional investors that have studied companies#39; fundamentals closely. Diversification, on the other hand, insulates you from individual companies#39; mistakes and allows you to benefit from the economy#39;s general growth.根据美联储调查显示,29%的家庭直接持有一股票,53%的家庭直接持有2到9股票。为投资获利而购买个股很容易赔钱,因为一般人很难胜过专业人士,这些职业操盘手、高频交易员和职业投资人早已把各个公司的经营状况仔细研究过了。从另一方面来讲,多元化的投资方式会让你免受私人企业失误的牵连,而且会让你享受整体经济增长所带来的好处。4.You chose your bank because it is close to you, not because of what it has to offer.4.选择只为方便,而不是它为你所带来利益。46 percent of households said they chose the location of their checking account because of the ;location of their offices,; according to the Fed#39;s survey. Convenience is good, but it#39;s even better to not have to pay crazy fees.根据美联储调查显示,46%的家庭表示他们选择存款的依据是“公司所在地”。方便固然很好,但是如果还不用缴纳高额的费用岂不是更好。5.You don#39;t have a checking account.5.没有活期存款10 percent of families do not have a checking account, 59 percent of whom are in the bottom income quintile, 51 percent are headed by someone younger than age 45, and 66 percent of whom were minorities, according to the Fed#39;s survey. Having a checking account is important for keeping track of your finances.根据美联储调查显示,全国10%的家庭没有活期存款,其中的59%都是收入最低五分之一家庭,另外51%为年龄在45岁以下人口,在这群人中,66%为少数裔。拥有活期存款对于保自己的财政状况非常重要。 /201207/189592

阿富汗战争:鼓起你的勇气这是一个血腥的阿富汗一周,尤其是英国,这个时候不能失去信心。据说阿富汗是帝国的坟场。19世纪这里是英军的伤心之地,20世纪又成了前苏联的伤心之地。阿富汗人以凶猛残暴著称。经过8年令人沮丧的战争,人们很容易地认为,北约在重蹈过去在兴都库什群山中灾难的覆辙。现在不是灰心丧气的时候。安全要改善,经济活动要鼓励,政权要巩固,叛乱分子要利诱分化。但是,要让这一切发生,必须让塔利班看到,阿富汗政府和她的外国盟友正在赢得胜利,而不是失败。The war in Afghanistan: Hold your nerveIt has been a bloody month in Afghanistan but America’s allies, especially Britain, should not lose heartAFGHANISTAN is said to be the graveyard (墓地)of empires. The British army came to grief there in the 19th century, the Soviet one in the 20th. Such was Afghans’ reputation for ferocity(凶暴) that Rudyard Kipling told those left wounded on Afghanistan’s plains: “Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains.” These days British soldiers are again dying in Afghanistan, along with Americans, Canadians and many others. The Taliban are resurgent(复活的,复兴的). Each fighting season is bloodier than the last. President Barack Obama is deploying an extra 20,000 troops there this year. But some allies are aly on their way out. The Netherlands will withdraw fighting forces next year, followed by Canada in 2011. Now the public in Britain, which has the second-largest contingent in Afghanistan, is agonising over the country’s role in the war after a dful month in Helmand (see article).After eight years of disheartening warfare, it is tempting to see NATO’s mission as a repeat of past misadventures(运气不佳的遭遇) in the Hindu Kush. The Soviets lost even though they had more troops than NATO has today, a more powerful Afghan army and were supported by a cadre of motivated Afghan communists. But such comparisons are wrong. Unlike the anti-Soviet mujahideen, who were backed by America, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, the Taliban have no superpower sponsor. In the 1980s Soviet aircraft were shot down with American-made Stinger missiles; today NATO has mastery of the skies. The Taliban are a Pushtun (普什图语的)faction, not a national movement; their insurgency is largely limited to the southern half of the country.Afghans may feel anger over the death of civilians killed by foreign forces, frustration at the chaos and insecurity, and dismay (气馁)at the corruption of President Hamid Karzai’s government. But opinion polls say that most want Western troops to stay; they remember the misery of the civil war and the oppression of Taliban rule too well. They want the West to do a better job of securing the country.The price of friendshipFor America Afghanistan is a war of necessity; it is from there that Osama bin Laden ordered the attacks of September 11th 2001. For many European allies, though, it is less vital—a war of solidarity(团结) with America, a war of choice. Such operations quickly turn unpopular when they go badly, and governments tend to inflate their aims. Gordon Brown, the British prime minister, talks of promoting “an emerging democracy”.Critics say the effort is misconceived: the real danger is in Pakistan, where al-Qaeda’s leaders are now hiding. But helping Pakistan fight Islamic militants will only be harder if the Taliban and al-Qaeda can claim victory in Afghanistan. Others say the West is being over-ambitious. It can never hope to create a stable democracy in Afghanistan; all it needs is a small contingent(条件) to protect Kabul, and some special forces and bombers to deal with any returning al-Qaeda fighters. But such a minimalist (极简抽象的)approach is what allowed the Taliban to regroup.The cost to NATO countries is immediately apparent: tens of billions of dollars and the lives of more than 1,200 soldiers. The cost of leaving is harder to measure but is probably larger: the return of the Taliban to power; an Afghan civil war; the utter destabilisation of nuclear-armed Pakistan; the restoration of al-Qaeda’s Afghan haven; the emboldening of every jihadist in the world; and the weakening of the West’s friends.America will naturally take on most of the task in Afghanistan. But allies are vital. They share the burden, they confer political legitimacy(合法性) and their joint commitment makes it harder for too many to drop out. Yet some are expending a disproportionate amount of blood. Britain is among them, but it is not alone. As a share of their population Canada, Denmark and Estonia have suffered more military fatalities.Friends and alliesBritain’s ambition to be a global “force for good” comes at a cost. As America’s best friend, with privileged access to intelligence, it feels compelled to take part in America’s wars. As the most capable militarily of NATO’s European members (together with France), it helps to rally others. But fighting in Afghanistan is not just about prestige. With its large population of Pakistani origin, it has much at stake in helping to maintain the stability of Afghanistan and Pakistan. London has been attacked by al-Qaeda more recently than New York.So what should Britain do? To begin with, the government must act with conviction(信念), rather than wish the problem away. It cannot be at war with a peacetime mind-set. As a share of the budget, defence spending has shrunk since 2001. The defence ministry is a parking place for weak ministers or a stepping-stone for strong ones. Priority should be given to manning fully the army’s ranks, and probably expanding them. More must be done to provide helicopters, transport aircraft, drones and better-protected vehicles. This would wreck budgets and upset the navy and air force. So be it. Losing a war is even more demoralising than losing ships or jets. The government should have announced a Strategic Defence Review a long time ago, not delayed it until after the election.At the very least Mr Brown should agree to the army’s request for a permanent uplift of 2,000 troops for Helmand. Western forces are never going to garrison the whole province, let alone Afghanistan. But what they hold must be held securely. And above all, they must train and expand the Afghan army and police so they can gradually take over. That will not be cheap, but it is the best way to bring home Western troops.In many ways, the push to pacify(平息) Afghanistan is only just starting, now that the war in Iraq is ending. America’s marines launched a big operation in Helmand on July 2nd. Afghanistan’s presidential elections take place next month. It will not be clear until the autumn, and probably not until late next year, whether Mr Obama’s “surge” has worked.This is not the time to lose heart. Security must be improved, economic activity encouraged, government strengthened and insurgents offered inducements to defect. But for those things to happen, the Taliban must see that the Afghan government and its foreign friends are winning, not losing. Keke View:当美国总统布什向世界宣布美军要在阿富汗打一场样式很特殊的反恐怖战争,以彻底消灭制造九一一事件的幕后黑手及其同盟者塔利班武装之时,有眼光的战略家们都认为美国无疑会赢得这场战争。但是自10月7日美军开打以后,特别是反塔联盟在战争中发挥的作用,使世人愈感到始料不及,战争一次又一次地出现戏剧性变化,许多分析家们的预测都跟不上形势的发展。 /200907/78690

WHO knew China was tribal? The diversification of Chinese society has seen a flowering of a new vocabulary. Perhaps most fascinating has been the division of people into tribes (zu in Mandarin). The travails of the yi zu, or ant tribe, have been well-chronicled;recent graduates from outside the main cities who move to urban areas, live cheaply and work hard, often in low-paid jobs. Perhaps less well-known are the ken lao zu, the bite-the-old tribe, those between 25 and 35 who are underemployed or out of work, still at home and sponging off mum and dad.你知道么?中国其实是个族群国家。由于中国社会日益多样化,各种新词汇已经遍地开花。其中最有趣的或许是各种各样的;族;。;蚁族;这一词汇已经深深体现出了这群人的艰辛:新近毕业生,从其他地方搬进大城市,活得拮据,工作辛苦,几乎总是干着低薪的工作。相比于;蚁族;,;啃老族;或许不那么有名:处于25到35岁之间,失业或无业,呆在家里,靠父母过活。Many of the tribes, inevitably, are made up of people looking for love. There is the jia wan zu, the marry-the-bowl tribe. These are young women searching for that most stable of husbands, the one who holds a government job (still known as the iron rice bowl). The shan hun zu, or lightning-marriage tribe, marry fast and sometimes divorce faster. They should not be confused with the yin hun zu, the hidden-marriage tribe. These are women in their 20s who hide the fact that they are married, knowing they will not be hired or promoted if there is even the whiff of the possible need for maternity leave;socialist gender-equality does not offer much protection in the Wild East of modern China. And if you can only afford a postage stamp of an apartment, you#39;re probably a member of the wo ju zu, the snail-house tribe.可想而知,许多这样的;族;词汇都描述了正在寻找伴侣的年轻人。比如;嫁碗族;,描述了寻找有稳定工作的(比如政府职员,该工作至今仍被认为是所谓;铁饭碗;)老公的年轻女性。再比如;闪婚族;,结婚快,有时离婚更快;这类人容易被和;隐婚族;混为一谈,与前者不同,;隐婚族;描述的是一些20来岁的女人,隐瞒自己已婚的身份,以防自己因歇产假而丢掉工作或不被晋升。资方对产假方面的一点点风吹草动都异常敏感;;社会主义的两性平等原则在现代中国的;狂野东部;的确不那么管用。另外,如果你只能买得起一所公寓里邮票那么大的面积,那你很可能是;蜗居族;。You can belong to more than one tribe. Most members of the ant tribe also belong to the ben ben zu, the rush-rush tribe, to which, in fact, most urban Chinese belong. All that rushing around can create a lot of pent-up anger, giving rise to thenie nie zu, the crush-crush tribe, so named because they go into supermarkets and take out their frustration by standing in the aisles crushing packets of instant noodles (yes, really).你可以身属不止一个;族;。;蚁族;的大部分成员也属于;奔奔族;,到处奔忙,这也是大多数中国都市人的现状。奔奔忙忙制造了大量积压的愤怒,从而衍生出;捏捏族;,他们冲进超市,站在过道里,挤碎大量方便面,以发泄自己的挫折感(真事如此,不开玩笑)。Many tribal members are also slaves (nu in Mandarin). There are the fang nu (mortgage slaves) and hun nu (marriage slaves, who are also, by definition, mortgage slaves) and all Chinese parents are of course haizi nu (slaves to the only child).许多;族;同时也是;奴;。有;房奴;(同时也是贷款奴),也有;婚奴;(当然,也是贷款奴),而且,中国的广大父母理所当然都是;孩奴;(独生子女的奴隶)。Perhaps the group China needs most as it tries to stimulate its domestic consumer economy is the yue guang zu, or moonlight tribe, so named because the Chinese characters for ;moonlight; sound the same as the phrase ;spend all your monthly salary;. Their parents saved every yuan, but life for these youngsters is just spend, spend, spend. Now, that#39;s patriotic consumption.在试图刺激国内消费经济的大环境下,或许中国最需要的就是;月光族;,得名于汉语中;月亮的光辉;和;花光每月所有钱;是同形词。这群人的父母节省每一块钱,但对这些青少年而言,他们的日常就是花,花,花。如今,这算也是一种爱国主义消费了。 /201202/169695

The 22nd U.S. state established1819 - Alabama becomes the 22nd U.S. state美国第二十二州成立 1819年的今天,阿拉巴马成为美国的第二十二个州。Iraq gains independence1932 - Iraq gains independence from the ed Kingdom.伊拉克独立 1932年的今天,伊拉克从英国脱离获得独立。Motown record label is founded1959 - Motown record label is founded in Detroit, Michigan.城唱片成立 1959年的今天,城唱片厂牌在密歇根州的底特律成立。Geminid Meteor2009 - Geminid Meteor, a bright meteor with a greenish tinge flashes through the sky over the  Mojave Desert near Barstow, California, USA.双子座流星雨 2009年的今天,双子座流星雨,一条绿色的光尾在接近美国加利福尼亚州巴斯托的巴莫哈韦沙漠闪烁着划过。 Created as planet Earth sweeps through dusty debris from mysterious, asteroid-like, 3200 Phaethon, the annual Geminid Meteor Shower should be the best meteor shower of the year. The Geminids are predicted to peak on the night of December 13/14. The best viewing is after midnight in a dark, moonless sky, with the shower's radiant constellation Gemini well above the horizon - a situation that favors skygazers in the northern hemisphere. In this picture from the 2009 Geminid shower, a bright meteor with a greenish tinge flashes through the sky over the Mojave Desert near Barstow, California, USA. Recognizable in the background are bright stars in the northern asterism known as the Big Dipper, framing the meteor streak.尘埃碎片从地球上神秘的,第3200号小行星“法厄同”穿过,使得每年的双子座流星雨成为了一年中最好的流星雨。双子座流星雨的高峰期预计将在十二月13/14晚。最佳观赏点是在一个黑暗,没有月亮的天空深夜,这时流星会在地平线之上从双子座划过 - 这种情况有利于北半球的天文观测者。在这张2009年的双子座流星雨图片上,一条绿色的光尾在接近美国加利福尼亚州巴斯托的巴莫哈韦沙漠闪烁着划过,背景是明亮的北斗七星群。这种情景简称流星连胜。 /201012/120772

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