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But no matter what challenges or setbacks or disappointments you may encounter along the way, you will find true success and happiness if you have only one goal, there really is only one and that is this: to fulfill the highest most truthful expression of yourself as a human being.但是无论你一路上经历到怎样的挑战、挫折、险衅、绝望,如果你自始至终都只有一个目标,真的只有一个目标,你就会找到真正的成功和幸福。这个目标就是:作为一个人,你要实现你最真挚、最坦诚的自我表达。You want to max out your humanity by using your energy to lift yourself up, your family and the people around you.你想奋力拓展自己的人生领域,去追逐生命的最大化,去改变你的亲友以及周围的人。Theologian Howard Thurman said it best. He said ;Dont ask yourself what the world needs.神学家Howard Thurman将这件事儿阐释的淋漓尽致,他说:“不要追问这世界需要什么样的人。Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that because what the world needs is people who have come alive.;扪心自问是什么持着你活到现在,然后你奔赴你的信仰、因为这世界需要的就是人们充满活力地活在世上。”The world needs people like Michael Stolzenberg from Fort Lauderdale.这是世界需要的——正如来自劳德代尔堡的迈克尔·斯托尔岑贝格。When Michael was just 8 years old Michael nearly died from a bacterial infection that cost him both of his hands and both of his feet.迈克尔年仅8岁时险些丧命于细菌感染,虽然他活了下来,但却永远失去了四肢。And in an instant this vibrant little boy became a quadruple amputee and his life was changed forever.须臾之间,原本一个完整的,充满活力的男孩儿失去四肢,成为一个残疾人,他的命运轨迹在这一劫难之后被硬生生地扭转。But in losing who he once was Michael discovered who he wanted to be.但在失去一切之后,他听懂了他的心,他明白了自己真正想成为谁。He refused to sit in that wheelchair all day and feel sorry for himself so with prosthetics he learned to walk and run and play again.他拒绝整日坐在轮椅中上沮丧、难过,而是选择了在假肢的扶持下继续行走、奔跑、玩耍。He joined his middle school lacrosse team and last month when he learned that so many victims of the Boston Marathon bombing would become new amputees Michael decided to banish that darkness with light.他甚至加入了他高中的曲棍球队。上个月当他得知在波士顿马拉松的轰炸中,有一些不幸的人同样被截肢时,他决心用同样的“灯光”帮助他们驱逐黑暗。Michael and his brother Harris created Mikeysrun. com to raise 1,000,000 dollars for other amputees.于是迈克尔和他的兄弟哈里斯创办了mikeysrun.com为其他被截肢的人募捐100 万美元。By the time Harris runs the 2014 Boston Marathon.这是在2014年哈里斯波士顿马立松之前。201508/392596。

Hi, everybody. 大家好。Earlier this week was Equal Pay Day.本周二是同酬日。It marks the extra time the average woman has to work into a new year to earn what a man earned the year before. 数据显示,平均而言,在新的一年里,女性要挣与男性过去一年里同样的工资还要搭上更多的工作时间。You see, the average woman who works full-time in America earns less than a man-even when shes in the same profession and has the same education.大家都知道,在美国,全职女性的平均工资比男性要低,即便她有着与男性相比同样的专业技能和教育水平。Thats wrong. 这大错特错。In 2014, its an embarrassment.时至2014年的今天,这也是一种耻辱。Women deserve equal pay for equal work.女性应该得到平等的待遇。This is an economic issue that affects all of us. 这一经济问题影响到我们每一个人。Women make up about half our workforce. 女性已经占到全美劳动力的一半。And more and more, theyre our families main bwinners. 而且她们越来越多成为家庭的主要经济柱。So its good for everyone when women are paid fairly. 因此,女性得到公平的薪资对所有人都有好处。Thats why, this week, I took action to prohibit more businesses from punishing workers who discuss their salaries.因此本周我采取措施禁止更多公司惩罚员工讨论薪水的行为。Because more pay transparency makes it easier to spot pay discrimination. 因为增加工资透明度才能更好的辨别是否存在工资歧视问题。And I hope more business leaders will take up this cause.我也希望有更多企业领袖能意识到这一问题的根源所在。But equal pay is just one part of an economic agenda for women.但公平工资只是维护女性权益的一部分。Most lower-wage workers in America are women. 在美国女性承担着大量低工资的岗位。So Ive taken executive action to require federal contractors to pay their federally-funded employees at least ten dollars and ten cents an hour. 因此,我签署了一项行政命令要求联邦合同承包商向其员工付至少每小时10.10美元薪资。I ordered a review of our nations overtime rules, to give more workers the chance to earn the overtime pay they deserve. 我还指示对我国的加班制度进行调查,让更多劳动者有机会得到他们应得的加班费。Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, tens of millions of women are now guaranteed free preventive care like mammograms and contraceptive care, and the days when you could be charged more just for being a woman are over for good. 由于有了《平价医保法》,数千万女性现在得到了免费医疗保健保障,例如乳腺X射线扫描和避指导,那种因为你是女性接受治疗就要被多收费的日子已经一去不复返了。Across the country, were bringing Americans together to help us make sure that a woman can have a baby without sacrificing her job, or take a day off to care for a sick child or parent without hitting hardship. 纵观全国,我们正在带领全国人民一起努力,确保一个女性不必因为生小孩而牺牲自己的工作,或者因为要照顾生病的孩子而请假或因此而陷入贫困。Its time to do away with workplace policies that belong in a “Mad Men” episode, and give every woman the opportunity she deserves.摈弃《广告狂人》时代的那种工作场所潜规则的时机已经到来,给每个女性得到其应得的待遇。Heres the problem, though. 这是当下的问题。On issues that would benefit millions of women, Republicans in Congress have blocked progress at every turn.这项事宜将惠及数百万女性,而国会的共和党人却在每一步上阻挠这一工作的开展。Just this week, Senate Republicans blocked the Paycheck Fairness Act, commonsense legislation that would help more women win equal pay for equal work. 就在本周,参议院的共和党人阻挠《工资公平法》的通过,这一正常立法本应帮助更多女性获得同工同酬的待遇。House Republicans wont vote to raise the minimum wage or extend unemployment insurance for women out of work through no fault of their own. 众议院的共和党人不同意就提高最低工资和延长失业保险进行投票,而享受失业保险的失业女性现在的处境并非其自身原因所造成。The budget they passed this week would force deep cuts to investments that overwhelmingly benefit women and children-like Medicaid, food stamps, and college grants. 他们本周通过的预算法案将强制对全面惠及妇女和儿童的投资进行大规模的削减,例如医疗补助计划,食物券以及大学资助计划。And of course, theyre trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act for the fiftieth or so time, which would take away vital benefits and protections from millions of women.当然,他们还在极力想要推翻《平价医保法》,到现在为止这已经适第50次了,这将剥夺数百万女性享有的关键福利和医疗保障。Im going to keep fighting to make sure that doesnt happen. 我将继续为确保这一情况不发生而奋斗。Because we do better when our economy grows for everybody, not just a few. 只有经济发展惠及所有人而不是少数人的时候我们才能做的更好。And when women succeed, America succeeds. 只有当女性取得成功了,美国才能成功。Thanks, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝你们周末愉快。 201404/288208。

There is no straight path from your seat today to where you are going从你们所坐的地方到你们要去的地方 是没有直路的Dont try to draw that line. You will not just get it wrong不要尝试画这样的直线 这不仅会出错Youll miss big opportunities and I mean big, like the Internet还会错失大机遇 我说的是大机遇 例如像互联网这样Careers are not ladders. Those days are long gone职业并不是梯子 那种时代已经一去不返了but jungle gyms职业更像是立体方格铁架Dont just move up and down. Dont just look up不要只上下移动 不要只往上看Look backwards, sideways, around corners还要往回看 往旁边看 看转角周围Your career and your life will have starts and stops and zigs and zags你的职业和生活会有始终 会有曲折Dont stress out about the white space, the path you can try不要对未来的道路太过忧虑because there in lives both the surprises and the opportunities因为生活中充满了惊喜和机遇As you open yourself up to possibility你需要对各种可能性持开放态度the most important thing I can tell you today今天我要讲的最重要的一点就是is to open yourself up to honesty对诚实保持开放态度to telling the truth to each other相互之间说老实话to being honest with yourselves对自己诚实and to being honest about the world we live in也对我们所生活的世界保持诚实If you watched children, you will immediately notice how honest they are看看小孩 你马上就能看到他们有多诚实My friend Betsy was pregnant and her son我朋友贝琪怀后for the second child, son Sam was 5她五岁的儿子山姆he wanted to know where the baby was in her body想知道宝宝在她身体里的什么地方So yes Mommy, are the babies arms in your arms?他问 妈咪 宝宝的胳膊在你的胳膊里吗And she said, no no Sam, babys in my tummy她回答说 不不 山姆 宝宝在我肚子里whole baby整个宝宝Mom, are the babys legs in your legs?妈 宝宝的腿在你腿里吗No, Sam, whole babys in my tummy不 山姆 整个宝宝都在我肚子里Then Mommy, whats growing in your butt?那妈咪 你屁股里长的是什么As adults作为成年人we are almost never dishonest我们几乎一直很诚实and that can be a very good thing这当然是很好的事情When I was pregnant with our first child我在怀第一个孩子时I asked my husband Dave if my butt was getting big我问丈夫戴夫 我屁股有没有变大At first, he didnt answer but I pressed最初他没有回答 但我给他施压So he said, yeah, a little他只好说 有一点吧For years my sister-in-law said about him what people我小姑子经常说他的一句话will now say about you for the rest of your life when you do something done也是你们以后在生活中经常会听到有人说到的and that guy went to Harvard这伙计竟然是哈佛出来的Hearing the truth at different times along the way would have helped me在人生旅途中听到一些真相本该对我有所帮助I would not have admitted it easily when I sat where you sit我在你们这个年龄时 还没有领会到这一点But when I graduated, I was much more worried about my love life than my career在我毕业的时候 我对爱情生活比对事业更加担心I thought I only had a few years very limited time to find one of the good guys我认为自己没有什么时间了 必须尽快找个好男人嫁了before he was to, or before they were all taken避免所有好男人都被别人找去了or I got too old或是我变得太老So I moved to DC, and met with guy我于是搬到哥伦比亚特区and I got married at the nearly decrepit age of 24在;老迈;的24岁找个男人嫁了I married a wonderful man but I had no business making that kind of commitment那个男人很不错 但我俩似乎总是相处不好I didnt know who I was or who I wanted to be我变得不知道自己是谁 对未来失去了方向My marriage fell apart within a year一年不到 我的婚姻就以失败告终了something that was really embarrassing and painful at the time当时我非常难堪 非常痛苦and it did not help that so many friends came up to me and said很多朋友来安慰我 但却毫无帮助 他们说I never knew that, never thought that was going to work or我就知道你们俩结婚是行不通的I knew you werent right for each other我就知道你们根本不合适No one had managed to say anything like that to me没人在我婚姻之前跟我说这些before I marched down an aisle when it would have been far more useful事前告诉我这些肯定会更有用And as I lived through these painful months of separation and divorce我熬过了离婚后的这些痛苦时光boy, did I wish they had?我多希望他们原来有给过我建议And boy, did I wish I had asked them?我多希望我曾经问过他们At the same time in my professional life, someone did speak up而在我的职业生涯中 确实有人无保留地说了出来My first boss out of college was Lant Pritchett本科后我的第一任老板是兰特o普里切特an economist who teaches at the Kennedy School who is here with us today肯尼迪学院授课的一位经济学家 他今天也在现场After I deferred to law school for the second time我第二次考虑法学院时Lant sat me down and said兰特跟我说I dont think you should go to law school at all我不认为你应该去法学院I dont think you want to go to law school我也不认为你想去法学院I think you think you should because you told your parents you would many years ago你认为你应当去 大概只是因为你父母想要你去He noted that he had never once heard me talk about the law with any interest他注意到 我在谈话中从未表现出对法律的任何兴趣I know how hard it can be to be honest with each other我知道 相互之间坦诚相见是多么困难的事情even your closest friends, even when theyre about to make serious mistakes哪怕是最亲密的朋友 哪怕是在他们可能犯严重错误时but I bet sitting here today, you know your closest friends strength, weaknesses不过我敢打赌 在座的各位知道自己亲密朋友的强项和弱项what cliff they might drive off知道他们可能会掉落什么悬崖and I bet for the most part youve never told them我也敢打赌 大部分时候 你们并没有告诉他们and theyve never asked他们也从没有问过Ask them问这些问题Ask them for the truth because it will help you真相会越问越明and when they answer honestly朋友们诚实回答时you know that thats what makes them real friends你就知道他们是你真正的朋友了Asking for feedback is a really important habit to get into养成寻求反馈的习惯是非常重要的as you leave the structure of the school calendar and exams and grades behind特别是在离开学校系统 没了考试和分数之后On many jobs if you want to know how youre doing很多工作中 如果你想知道自己干得怎样if youre going to have to ask and你就需要去询问then youre gonna have to listen without getting defensive而且不要因为听到不喜欢听的而觉得受到冒犯Take it from me, listening to criticism is never fun毫无疑问 听人批评绝对不会让人高兴 201409/331872。

And then I got a call from Jim 结果吉姆打电话给我and Jim said, Marc, Ive got a problem. Ive got a problem Marc他说 马克 我碰到问题了I said what is it, Jim 我问 怎么回事 吉姆He said, we got the computers 他说 电脑到了Im here, the guys are here 我在这里 工程师也到了the employees are not here 那些员工却没到I dont know how were going to get these computers up 我没办法把电脑运到三楼上 安装就更别谈了three flights of stairs installed today 我没办法把电脑运到三楼上 安装就更别谈了And I was worried, I was upset, I was somewhat dejected 我很担心 我很不高兴 我甚至有些沮丧and I said, I better call General Powell and tell him this is not going to happen 我心想 我最好打个电话告诉鲍威尔将军 我搞砸了So I got on the phone and I called General Powell 我于是拿起电话 打给鲍威尔将军And I said, General 我说 将军we got the computers there, we got our engineers there but 我们把电脑运了过去 工程师也到了its the last day of the quarter, and our employees just could not get there today但最后 负责搬运的员工却没有到那里and were going to have to reschedule, Im so sorry 我们可能需要重新安排 很抱歉And I was really asking him for his forgiveness and 我想请他原谅 结果the phone hung up on me电话被挂断了I said, hello, General 我说 喂 将军Hello, General 喂 将军No, he was not there, it was over但他已经挂了And I felt so bad我感觉很糟糕I really upset General Powell 我让鲍威尔将军不高兴了one of the great Americans 他可是美国最伟大的人物之一And I sat there at my desk and I was like maybe I got this all wrong我呆坐在办公桌前 心想 或许我完全搞错了try to do all this kind of all through 尝试完全依赖于some technology, business, philanthropy and put it all together将技术 经营 慈善揉捏在一起and here I am and I just upset General Powell 结果我却搞砸了 让鲍威尔将军不高兴了And then the phone rang again 然后 电话再次响起and I answered the phone and it was Jim打过来的是吉姆and Jim said, Marc 他说 马克I said, whats going on Jim. He said 我问 怎么了 吉姆a battalion of marines just arrived here at MacFarland Middle School 他说 一大队海军陆战队员来到了麦克法兰中学and the battalion of marines are installing the computers and we are good to go 他们是来帮助安装电脑的 我们能够搞定了and I said it is good to be a general 我心想 当将军真是太好了201601/422595。

If somebody from 1973 looked at what was on a dormitory message board in 1993,如果一个1973年的人看着1993年一个学生宿舍信息栏,the slang would have changed a little bit since the era of Love Story,俚语等习惯用语会跟爱情故事时代有些不同,but they would understand what was on that message board.但是他们会看明白那个信息栏上的内容。Take that person from 1993-not that long ago,我们让1993年的那个人-这可不算太久远,this is Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure-those people.那还是比尔和泰德历险记时代,Take those people and they a very typical text written by a 20-year-old today.我们让这些人读现在20岁年轻人写的一段短信。Often they would have no idea what half of it meant because a whole new language has developed among our young people doing something as mundane as what it looks like to us when theyre batting around on their little devices.他们应该通常连一半的内容都猜不出来,因为我们的年轻人已经发展出了一种新的语言,它是通过在孩子们的小设备上的看似平常的敲敲打打中演变出来的。So in closing, if I could go into the future,总结一下,如果我可以穿越到未来,if I could go into 2033,如果我去到2033年,the first thing I would ask is whether David Simon had done a sequel to The Wire. I would want to know.我会问的第一个问题就是大卫?西蒙拍没拍火线的续集。And I really would ask that and then Id want to know actually what was going on on Downton Abbey.我真的会问这个的,我还会想知道唐顿庄园到底发生了什么。Thatd be the second thing.这是第二个问题。And then the third thing would be,第三个问题就是,please show me a sheaf of texts written by 16-year-old girls,请给我一叠16岁姑娘们写的短信,because I would want to know where this language had developed since our times,因为我想知道这个语言已经发展成什么样子了,and ideally I would then send them back to you and me now so we could examine this linguistic miracle happening right under our noses.更好的就是我可以把这些短信发给现在的大家和我,我们就可以研究研究这个当下正在发生着的语言奇迹。Thank you very much.非常感谢。Thank you.谢谢大家。 201511/412544。

Hi,everybody.Its our job as citizens to make sure we keep pushing this country we love toward our most cherished ideals-that all of us are created equal,and all of us deserve an equal shot.大家好。推动这个国家向着我们最为珍惜的理想前进,所有人生而平等,所有人都有公平的机会,这是我们每个公民的责任。This week,my Administration took new steps to bring us closer to that goal.本周,本届政府采取了一些新措施,使得我们离这一目标又更进了一步。Almost 50 years ago,Republicans and Democrats in Congress came together to pass the Fair Housing Act.Its a law that says landlords cant turn away tenants solely because of their race,religion,sex,national origin,or disability.And it made a difference in this country.大约50年前,国会的共和党人和民主党人共同合作,通过了《公平住房法》。有了这部法律,房主就不能仅仅因为种族、信仰、性别、原国籍或身体残疾为由拒绝租客,为这个国家带来了巨大的变化。Still,the work of the Fair Housing Act remains unfinished.Just a few weeks ago,the Supreme Court ruled that policies segregating minorities in poor neighborhoods,even unintentionally,are against the law.The Court recognized what many people know to be true from their own lives: that too often,where people live determines what opportunities they have in life.当然,《公平住房法》的任务并没有全部完成。几周前,最高法院裁定,将少数族裔隔离在贫困社区的政策,即便不是有意的,也是违反该法的。法院认可很多人都知道的生活的真实面目:你在哪里生活决定了你人生的机会,大部分时候都是这样。In some cities,kids living just blocks apart lead incredibly different lives.They go to different schools,play in different parks,shop in different stores,and walk down different streets.And often,the quality of those schools and the safety of those parks and streets are far from equal-which means those kids arent getting an equal shot in life.在一些城市,在不同社区生活的孩子最后的命运完全不同。他们在不同的学校上学,在不同的公园玩耍,在不同的商店购物,在不同的街道上走过。通常的情况是,这些学校的质量,以及这些公园、街道的安全性都是完全不同等级的。这就意味着这些孩子的人生机会是各不相同的。That runs against the values we hold dear as Americans.In this country,of all countries,a persons zip code shouldnt decide their destiny.We dont guarantee equal outcomes,but we do strive to guarantee an equal shot at opportunity-in every neighborhood,for every American.这与我们作为美国人所信奉的理想是背道而驰的。在这个国家,以及所有其他国家,一个人的住所地不应该成为这个人的命运的决定因素。我们不能保大家有公平的结果,但我们一定要努力保大家有公平的机会,对每个社区,每个人都一样。Now,the Fair Housing Act also says that this isnt the responsibility of a landlord alone-local governments have a role to play,too.Thats why,this week,my Administration announced that well make it easier for communities to implement this law.Were using data on housing and neighborhood conditions to help cities identify the areas that need the most help.Were doing more to help communities meet their own goals.Plus,by opening this data to everybody,everyone in a community-not just elected officials-can weigh in.If you want a bus stop added near your home,or more affordable housing nearby,now youll have the data you need to make your case.按照《公平住房法》的规定,这不仅仅是房主的责任,也是地方政府的责任。因此,本周,本届政府宣布了一项新政策,让社会各界更好利用该法。通过对住房和社区环境数据的分析,我们帮助各个城市找到最需要扶持的区域。进一步帮助社区实现发展目标。此外,通过对大众开放这一数据,除了社区官员以外,社区的每个人,都可以参与进来。如果你希望在你家附近增设公交站点,或者在附近增加价格合理的房源,现在你就可以使用这些数据,来达成你的愿望。These actions wont make every community perfect.Thats something we all have to strive for in our own lives.But they will help make our communities stronger and more vibrant.And theyll help keep this a country where kids from every background can grow up knowing that no matter who you are,what you look like,or where you live,you can write your own story.当然,这些措施并不能确保每个社区都发展的很完美。但这是我们人生当中应该为之奋斗的事情。这将使得我们的社区更美好,更有活力。将让这个国家更美好,让有着不同成长背景的孩子长大后都理解这一点:无论你是谁,长的是什么样子,在哪里住,你都有机会书写自己的历史。Thats the America I love.And its the America Ill keep fighting for.Thanks,and have a great weekend.这就是我们深爱的美国,也是我们要为之奋斗的美国。谢谢大家,祝大家周末愉快!201507/386212。

The will to live life differently can start想把生命活得与众不同的愿望in some of the most unusual places.能够在一些不平凡的地方实现This is where I come from, Todmorden.这是我的家乡,托德莫登Its a market town in the north of England,是英格兰北部的一个城镇15,000 people, between Leeds and Manchester,一万五千人口,在利兹和曼彻斯特之间fairly normal market town.相当普通的一个城镇It used to look like this,这个城镇过去是这样and now its more like this,现在是这样with fruit and veg and herbs sprouting up all over the place.水果,蔬菜,草药四处生长We call it propaganda gardening.我们称之为宣传式园艺Corner row railway, station car park,铁道角落,车站停车场front of a health center, peoples front gardens,健康中心门口,居民住处门口的花园and even in front of the police station.甚至在警察局门口都有Weve got edible canal towpaths,我们有“可食用“的运河纤道and weve got sprouting cemeteries.我们有发芽中的墓地The soil is extremely good.土壤相当好Weve even invented a new form of tourism.我们甚至兴起了另一种形式的旅游Its called vegetable tourism, and believe it or not,叫做蔬菜旅游,信不信由你people come from all over the world to poke around in our raised beds,来自世界各地的人们在我们的沃土闲逛even when theres not much growing.尽管有些地方不怎么长植物But it starts a conversation.但这引发了探讨And, you know, were not doing it because were bored.你懂的,我们不做是因为我们已经腻烦了Were doing it because we want to start a revolution.而我们做是因为我们要开启一场新的革命We tried to answer this simple question:我们试图回答这个简单的问题Can you find a unifying language that cuts across age你能找到一种统一的语言,即使跨越时代and income and culture that will help people themselves收入和文化却仍然能够帮助人们自己find a new way of living,找到一种新的生活方式see spaces around them differently,看看身边独特的空间think about the resources they use differently,想想人们别出心裁的,不同交流方式interact differently?的不同资源Can we find that language?我们能找到这种语言吗And then, can we replicate those actions?如果可以,我们能复制吗And the answer would appear to be yes,似乎是肯定的and the language would appear to be food.而且这种语言似乎就是食物So, three and a half years ago, a few of us三年半之前,我们中一些人sat around a kitchen table and坐在厨房餐桌旁边we just invented the whole thing.就这样创造了整套玩意We came up with a really simple game plan that we put to a public meeting.我们想到的一个相当简单易行的计划就公诸于众了We did not consult. We did not write a report.我们没有咨询专家,也没有写报告Enough of all that.受够那些了And we said to that public meeting in Todmorden,我们在托德莫登的一个公共会议上讲述了我们的计划look, lets imagine that our town接下来,我们想象下我们的城镇is focused around three plates:主要集中在三个板块a community plate, the way we live our everyday lives;社区,我们每天生存的地方a learning plate, what we teach our kids in school学习板块,我们教我们的孩子and what new skills we share amongst ourselves;和我们自我学习技能的地方and business, what we do with the pound in our pocket和商业区,我们用我们口袋里的英镑and which businesses we choose to support.来投资持我们选择的生意的区域Now, lets imagine those plates agitated现在,我们一起想象下这些区域with community actions around food.都被围绕食物的社区行动关联起来If we start one of those community plates spinning,如果我们让其中一个板块行动起来thats really great, that really starts to empower people,这是相当好的,能够真正地鼓动人们but if we can then spin that community plate但如果我们能让一个社区板块带动with the learning plate, and then spin it with the business plate,学习板块,接而再带动商业板块weve got a real show there, weve got some action theater.我们已经开始了这场秀,我已经着手行动Were starting to build resilience ourselves.我们正开始自我适应Were starting to reinvent community ourselves,我们正开始重塑社区and weve done it all without a flipping strategy document.而且我们做的这些不依赖于任何一纸战略空文And heres the thing as well.同时我们也在这样开展Weve not asked anybodys permission to do this,我们没有要求任何一个人的应允来做这件事were just doing it.我们就是开始做了And we are certainly not waiting for that check我们在开始之前当然也没有等着to drop through the letterbox before we start,信箱里的票and most importantly of all, we are not daunted最重要的是,我们也没有被by the sophisticated arguments that say,他们提及的敏感争论而吓倒;These small actions are meaningless in the face of tomorrows problems,;;他们小小行动在未来要面临问题面前毫无意义;because I have seen the power of small actions,因为我们见过微小行动力量and it is awesome.很了不起So, back to the public meeting.好吧,回到公众会议We put that proposition to the meeting, two seconds,我们在会议上抛出了我们的提议,两秒钟后and then the room exploded.会议室爆棚了I have never, ever experienced anything like that in my life.在我生命中我从来没,从没体验过这样的事And its been the same in every single room, in every town而且在每一个城镇的会议室中当我们讲述我们的故事时that weve ever told our story.都是一样的情景People are y and respond to the story of food.人们已经准备好回应这个关于食物的故事了They want positive actions they can engage in,他们在骨子里想要他们参与的时候and in their bones, they know its time有积极的行动,他们知道这是时候to take personal responsibility承担个人责任and invest in more kindness to each other把善意向彼此and to the environment.和环境中投入201504/371500。