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青岛瘦脸针山东省妇幼保健医院去眼袋多少钱青岛大腿吸脂对比 探索世界奥秘之Life Story(生命物语) 10It is incredible, and it is incredibly hard to believe too, because although we've changed so much, we don't actually see any of those changes happening. Generation after generation, we just look the same. The problem is one of time. The periods over which even tiny changes happen are so long that almost beyond our imagination. But to make sense of those time periods, to see them in some perspective, I've brought you here to a cave deep in the French Pyrenees. In the middle of the last century, a bookseller from a nearby town of Tuluz, used to visit this cave. And as a hobby, he dug around for bones and evidence of prehistoric remains. And he did this for some 40 years. And then late in the afternoon, on June the 11th, 1905, having been digging all day, he prepared to go but chose to go by a different route. And as he left, he was passing this wall and something caught his eye. He lifted up his lamp and this is what he saw--stencils of human hands from nearly 30,000 years ago. They are amongst the oldest images made by human beings on the planet. They are 6 times older than the Pyramids in Egypt and 8 times older than Stonehenge. Quite what they signified to the people who made them, no one knows. They were a Stone Age people and they came here at the coldest part of a last Ice Age. And over here are the most interesting images of all. It is thought that these stencils here were made by someone no bigger than a toddler, a child in a primitive world, the son or daughter of somebody who you would think of as a caveman. And yet if I had taken such a child and brought it up as a baby in my own house, it would be indistinguishable from one of my own children. Because by the time these people pressed their hands against these walls, all the changes which make us what we are had aly happened. The evolution of the human body was, to all intents and purposes, complete. If this child were to be raised with my own children, it would look the same, it would talk the same, it would play the same computer games, and it would grow up wanting to be a doctor, a footballer, or maybe even an astronaut.words and expressionsPyrenees: 比利牛斯山脉:欧洲西南部山脉,从比斯开湾沿着法国与西班牙边境,到地中海在皮科·德·皮妮特,它高达3,406·2米(11,168英尺)stencil:The lettering or design produced with such a sheet.图案,文字:用模板或蜡纸复制出的字形或图案toddler:One who toddles, especially a young child learning to walk.蹒跚行走的人:一个蹒跚行走的人,尤指一个刚学习走路的幼儿indistinguishable:(常与from连用)不能区别的;不能辨别的"The synthetic material is indistinguishable from real silk, but much cheaper.""这种合成衣料与真丝难以区别,但便宜得多。"to all intents and purposes:实际上200707/16010Australia Offers Sanctuary to Iraqi Workers澳将接纳数千为澳军务伊拉克人  Australia will offer a permanent home to hundreds of its Iraqi employees when Canberra pulls its combat forces out of the troubled country later this year. There are fears these employees could face retribution after Australian troops are withdrawn.  澳大利亚今年晚些时候把军队撤离麻烦不断的伊拉克的时候,将接纳数以千计的伊拉克雇员到澳大利亚永久定居。有人担心这些雇员在堪培拉撤回部队以后可能会遭到报复。 When senior Australian government ministers recently visited Iraq, their country's soldiers urged the government not to abandon Iraqi employees when Canberra withdraws its combat units later this year.  澳大利亚政府高级内阁成员最近访问伊拉克的时候,澳大利亚军人促请政府在堪培拉今年晚些时候将部队撤回澳大利亚的时候,不要置伊拉克雇员于不顾。Defense Minister Joel Fitzgibbon has acknowledged that Iraqis may face danger because they work for the Australian forces in the south of the country. He says some have been targeted by insurgents.  澳大利亚国防部长乔尔.菲茨吉本承认,伊拉克人可能面临危险,因为他们在伊拉克南部为澳大利亚军队务。他们一些人曾经成为反叛份子袭击的目标。Fitzgibbon says all locally hired employees and their families will be eligible to settle in Australia. 菲茨吉本说,所有在当地征召的雇员和他们的家属都会合法在澳大利亚定居。"We expect up to 600 Iraqis will be involved in the process," he said. "Interpreters and translators there have played a very significant role in assisting us in terms of strategy and of course, protection. And we do feel that we have a moral obligation to them, to resettle them here in Australia." 他说:“我们估计最多会有600名伊拉克人符合手续,当地的翻译工作人员在协助我们取得战略成功上,当然还有防卫方面,都扮演了非常重要的角色。我们的确感到对他们有一种道义责任,让他们在澳大利亚定居。”The Iraqis who accept Australia's offer will be subject to strict health and security checks. 接受在澳大利亚定居的伊拉克人将受到严格的健康和安全检查。Australia has about 1,500 military personnel in and around Iraq. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has promised to bring home 550 combat troops by the middle of this year. 澳大利亚有大约1500名军人驻守在伊拉克境内和伊拉克周围。陆克文总理曾经保到今年中期撤回550名作战人员。The government in Canberra wants to avoid a repeat of the Vietnam War. After the war ended, thousands of Vietnamese working for the Australian and American forces were persecuted or killed by the victorious North Vietnamese government.  堪培拉政府希望避免重复越南战争的局面。越战结束后,成千上万曾经为澳大利亚和美国军队务的越南人受到取得胜利的北越政府的迫害,甚至被至于死地。Some human rights groups criticize the plan to grant visas to Iraqi translators and other employees. They say that that thousands of other refugees who have fled the war in Iraq also deserve to be offered sanctuary. 一些人权组织批评向伊拉克翻译和其他雇员发放移民签的计划。他们说,成千上万逃出伊拉克的难民也应该得到避难所。Australia resettles about 13,000 refugees each year through official humanitarian programs. Large numbers of Iraqis and displaced people from Afghanistan have been allowed to build new lives in Australia in the past several years.  澳大利亚通过官方的人道项目每年安置大约1万3千名难民。过去几年来,大批来自伊拉克和阿富汗的无家可归的难民被允许在澳大利亚开始新的生活。 200804/34141平度市人民医院减肥瘦身

淄博市妇幼保健院官网;hold your horses!; ------ 别着急(非正式)英文释义(INFORMAL) Command to stop and be patient before taking additional action.例句My children became excited when they heard we were going to the zoo, but I said ;hold your horses!;and reminded them to finish their school homework first.听到我们打算去动物园时,我的孩子激动起来。但是我说:“别着急!”提醒他们先把作业写完。 /201611/471232胶南市第一人民妇保中医院评论怎么样 Katie Couric: In 1927, Time magazine put Charles Lindbergh on the cover of its final edition of the year, called him their "Man of the Year", and a tradition was born. Since then the honor has been bestowed on leaders, presidents and peacemakers. Jim Kelly is Time's Managing Editor and he's here to reveal this year's finalists for "Person of the Year". Matt Lauer: You get nervous since you are gonna say, reveal the actual winner.Jim Kelly: Exactly, when I went here, I didn't sign up for this. Katie Couric: Nice to see you. Listen. I know you've got six finalists and they represent sort of a wide variety of potential people. Let's start with the world of politics. You have two. You have President Bush and Valerie Plame.Jim Kelly: Right, we put President Bush who hasn't had a very good year. But this would not be the first time we put the president on with a bad year. Lyndon Johnson was on in '67 with the war in Vietnam and slab of bad opinion polls. Valerie Plame really interests me because without Valerie Plame there is no Patrick Fitzgerald, there is no Karl Rove in trouble. And I met Valerie Plame for the first time a few months ago. She is an absolutely charming, really interesting person. And that would be an interesting way to tell the story of this year.Matt Lauer: But, but wouldn't it be kind of different? I mean, she didn't do anything on purpose to be put in that position. And shouldn't someone have to initiate some kind of behavior or some kind of action? Jim Kelly: Well, that's fair enough. You could do Patrick Fitzgerald, I suppose. I was just struck by just how unlikely a...a person like Valerie Plame is to be in the part of this whole investigation. Katie Couric: Because she really opened up the floodgates.( Exactly, right.) Speaking of that, Katrina,(Katrina. Yes.) and opening up the floodgates, I mean, I know that obviously, was the domestic story of the year, if not, the decade. (Exactly.) Um, and...and you have put in animated objects on the cover before,(Yes, we have, the computer.) I guess twice, right? The computer. Jim Kelly: Yeah, the computer, I mean we put the planet of earth once on the cover of "Time of the year". Matt Lauer: And when we talk about Katrina, we're talking about the Mother Nature. Jim Kelly: Yes, exactly, exactly, or, also, if you do Mother Nature that you'll also get the tsunami which was of technically late last year but obviously its effects are so felt, to get the terrible earthquake in Pakistan. And on an online poll, most people have voted for Mother Nature. The problem which we're, you know, have struggled with is how do you illustrate Mother Nature for the cover.Katie Couric: You do. You also talk about possibly the...the refugees that resulted from, (Yes.) but, they weren't called refugees (Kind of victims. (Right..) except for that, at the very beginning. But really I guess the homeless and displaced individuals from Katrina. Jim Kelly: Exactly, exactly. And now they sp still all across the country, and there is, as you know, there is hundreds of thousands of them, and it's likely they won't return to New Orleans for months and months. Matt Lauer: And yet we'd like to prognosticate it, (OK) and without Mother Nature you don't have their story, (yes, exactly) so again, I am, well, I'm leaning toward Mother Nature here.Jim Kelly: I see where you are going. (Yeah, right.)Katie Couric: And, and then there are two other personalities. I guessed Oprah is a possibility.Jim Kelly: Well, Oprah is supposed a possibility mostly frankly because the way she responded to Katrina which obviously was very effective. And some leaders have reckoned in and nominated Bono for his work on debt relief. Matt Lauer: Who's gonna be? (....)Katie Couric: Matt Lauer, I nominate Matt Lauer. Matt Lauer: Matt Lauer as Mother Nature. How about that? I tell you can illustrate that on the cover. Jim Kelly: We're gonna use (inaudible), but you would do if you like. (Hey. Jim) (Matt)Matt Lauer: It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature(inaudible).Katie Couric: Anyway, thanks, Jim, we are gonna see you on Monday. ( you bet ) and you actually will reveal your Person of the Year, right here on today. (Yes. I'll be here with Mother Nature.) 200808/46322连云港妇幼保健医院住院部电话

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