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今天分享的这个词是“bug”,除了表示“虫子,计算机漏洞故障,窃听器”以外,口语里可以表示“annoy ,bother 打扰,烦扰”。精台词:Look, I don’t wanna bug you.我不想烦你。双语例句:I only did it to bug my parents.我做这个就为了让父母烦心。She ’s bugging him to buy her a new car.她缠着他给她买辆新车。今天分享的这个词是“freeload ”,意思是“to take advantage of others to get free food, shelter,etc.白占便宜(如蹭吃蹭喝等)”。形容词和名词为freeloading 和freeloader .精台词:This is all for us ?这些都是给我们做的吗?Sweets for my sweet and her freeloading friends.这个给我的甜心和她的吃白食的朋友做的。双语例句:That guy is a free loader. He free loaded many meals at my place.那个人是个吃白食的。他在我家蹭吃蹭喝很多次。You guys are freeloading when I’m working my ass off.我在辛苦工作,你们却在免费占便宜。 /201411/338145。

Adrienne: So, Mary, whats in the basket there?埃德里安娜:玛丽,那边的篮子里有什么?Mary: Oh, those are all the Christmas cards I received this year.玛丽:哦,那些都是我今年收到的圣诞贺卡。Adrienne: Oh, thats a lot.埃德里安娜:哦,好多啊。Mary: Yeah, its quite a few. I had kind of an extensive list for people I would send cards to but in October my hard drive crashed and I lost my Christmas card list, so I had a hard time trying to figure out how to get cards to everybody this year, so what Ive been doing is when I receive a card Im cutting out everyones return address and actually taping it to the back of their card so that way Ill have an ability to rebuild that list at some point.玛丽:对,非常多。我要寄去卡片的人我都列在了一份长名单上,可是十月份的时候我的硬盘坏了,我的圣诞卡名单丢了,所以今年我在找到把卡片寄给每个人的方法上费了一番功夫,而我用的办法就是把我收到的贺卡的寄件人地址都剪下来,然后再把那个地址粘在那些卡片的后面,这样我就能重建我的贺卡名单了。Adrienne: Wow, that sounds like a big project.埃德里安娜:哇,听起来是项大工程。Mary: You know its really so bad cause I enjoy taking a look at the cards anyhow so its something do while Im looking at the cards.玛丽:你知道,这真的很糟糕,因为我很喜欢随意地翻看卡片,可是这却是我在看卡片的同时要进行的事情。Adrienne: So when do you usually send your Christmas cards out?埃德里安娜:那你一般什么时候会寄出圣诞卡片呢?Mary: Well, I try to send them out in the middle of December but this year they left my house on the 21st, so it was sort of way too close to the send.玛丽:嗯,我试图在12月中旬寄出贺卡,不过今年我在21号的时候才寄出卡片,所以今年快到圣诞节了我才寄卡片。Adrienne: Right. Right. Um, what about next year? Will you try to get them out in the middle of December?埃德里安娜:好。那明年呢?你还会在12月中旬的时候寄出卡片吗?Mary: Im definitely going to try cause now that I have everyones address Ill be able to rebuild that list hopefully before December.玛丽:我绝对会努力在中旬寄出卡片,因为现在我已经有所有人的地址了,我能在12月前完成重建贺卡名单的工作。Adrienne: Well, sounds like a good plan. Good luck.埃德里安娜:嗯,听起来是个好计划。祝你好运。 /201406/304918。

13. The bay is noted for its enchanting scenery.这个海湾以迷人的景色著名。还能这样说:The bay is famous for its charming scenery.The bay is well-known for its beautiful scenery.14. Jilin Rime has attracted a large quantity of tourists every winter.吉林雾松每年冬天都吸引大量游客前来观光。还能这样说:Jilin Rime has a strong appeal to a large number of visitors every winter.A arge number of visitors who were fascinated by the Jilin Rime have travelled to Jilin every winter.谚语:They must hunger in winter that will not work in summer.夏不劳动冬挨饿。15. One cant help but be amazed the Creator when one admires the natural beauty.一个人在欣赏自然美景时会情不自禁地感叹造物主的神奇。还能这样说:One has compulsive desire to be marveling about the Creator when one enjoys the landscape.One feels an irresistible impulse to admire the magic power of Creator when one appreciate the natural beauty.谚语:Beauty fades like a flower.红颜薄命。16. Guilin landscape is noted for the picturesque and charming scenery.桂林山水以其风景绚丽而为人所熟知。还能这样说:Guilin landscape is celebrated for the picturesque scenery.Guilin landscape is well-known for the beautiful scenery.17. The best time to travel Huangshan is after raining.观赏黄山的最佳时间是雨后。还能这样说:It is the best time to appreciate the scenery of Huangshan after the rain.It is a perfect time to visit the Huangshan when the rain stops.应用:dust rain 尘雨;hard rain 暴雨;heavy rain 大雨;intermittent rain 间断下雨;mould rain 梅雨 /201407/311489。

1. 词组句型离开leave, be offsentence patterns:When did you leave yesterday evening?I left at six oclock.He has been off about one hour before.回来be back, come backsentence patterns:Please be back next week.When will you come back again?2. 多种表达Good bye!Bye!See you later!Cheers!So long!Catch you later!See you again!See you soon!I have to go.I have to be going.I must be going.I must go now.Id better go.I must be off now.Nice talking to you.Its been interesting talking to you.Its high time I was going.Its about time I had to leave.Cant you stay any longer?Cant you stay a bit while?Why dont you stay a little longer?Do stay a little longer.Ive come to say goodbye to you.Id like to say goodbye to you.When are you off?What time are you going?What time are you leaving?Hope to see you again someday.I hope well meet again sometime.Remember to look me up.Remember to come to see me.Remember to visit me.Come and see me when you have time.Have a safe trip home.Have a pleasant flight.Have a nice trip.Have a good journey.I hope everything goes well.All the very best.I hope to see you again soon.Ill look forward to seeing you soon.I am calling to say goodbye.I am ringing to say goodbye.Thank you for coming to see me off.Its very kind of you to come to see me off.It is very nice of you to come.Give me a call sometime.Call me sometime.Dont forget to give me a call.Dont forget to write to me.Dont forget to drop me a line.Remember to drop me a line.Remember to write to me.Lets keep in touch with each other.Dont forget to keep in touch.How nice of you to come.Its nice of you to come.Thank you for coming.Thanks for your visit.Please feel free to make yourself at home.Make yourself at home. /201208/193646。

Routines惯例I get up everyday at 5:30.我每天在5:30起床。I shave and wash up.我刮胡子,洗脸。I get a quick-buy to eat.我顺便很快的吃完早饭。Im on the road by 6:30.我在六点半左右动身。I get to the studio and have a cup of coffee.我到工作室后喝杯咖啡。And on and on.之后的之后等等。We all have routine that we go through everyday.每一天我们都会有些惯例。The thing we do, almost as a rule.我们所作的事情,几乎像一个规则。Routines can be wonderful, like certain exercise routine that we follow, it keeps us on track to being fit.惯例可以非常美妙,就像我们遵循一定的锻炼,让我们保持健康。I call my parents and brother every Friday, its part of my weekly routine.每星期五我都会打电话给我的父母和兄弟,这是我每周例行的一部分。But routines can also makes a day kind of blind, or lacking flavor, a bit too normal.但是惯例也可以使一天盲然、或缺少味道,毕竟有点太正常了。We go through a day, and it is not so special.我们经历了一天,并不是很特别。Its easy for the day to fly by if we just take our routines.如果我们只是例行公事,这一天很容易就会飞逝而过。If you get a chance, do something outside your daily routine.如果你得到一个机会,去做一件在你的日常生活中惯例之外的事情。Choose a different way to walk to the bus stop.选择不同的道路来到汽车站。Find a new restaurant to eat lunch.找一家新开的餐馆吃午餐。Call your loved one at the time you normally wouldnt.在你通常不会的时间打电话给你所爱的人。These are big changes in your routines.这些都是你自己惯例中的大改变。With those little chances, you can spice up the life in a little ways.有了那些小的机会,可以使你增加一点生活方式。Talking about it:谈论下面的话题:Describe your daily routine?在你日常生活中有惯例吗?Does your daily routine ever vary?你的日常惯例是否变化过?How? What could you do to change your routine?怎么了?你能做些什么来改变生活习惯?Do you enjoy changes?你喜欢改变吗?What kind of changes do you enjoy?你喜欢什么样的改变?What are the advantages of having a routine?有惯例有什么优点?What are the disadvantages of having a routine?有惯例有什么缺点?Some people say ;variety is the spice of life;. What does this mean to you?有些人说;变化是生活的调味品;。你认为这是什么意思? /201203/176317。

Todd: OK, Hello! 你好!Nanju: Hello! 你好!Todd: Hi, whats your name?嗨,你叫什么?Nanju: Yeah, my name is Nanju.我叫Nanju.Todd: Nanju. Nanju, how do you spell you name?Nanju. Nanju,你的名字怎么拼啊?Nanju: Yeah, my name is like N-A-N-J-U.恩,N-A-N-J-U.Todd: Oh, OK. Thats a nice name. Nanju. And where are you from?哦好的,那真是个不错的名字。那你来自哪里?Nanju: Im from Madras. 我来自马德拉斯。Todd: Madras!马德拉斯?Nanju: Its in India.在印度。Todd: Madras. What part of India?马德拉斯,在印度的哪部分?Nanju: Its in the South India.南印度。Todd: South India. 南印度?Nanju: South India.南印度。Todd: And how long have you been in Japan?你来印度多长时间了?Nanju: The past four months I am here and working in somewhere, working.四个月前我来的,然后在某个地方上班呢。Todd: OK, and what do you do in Japan?好的,那你在日本是做什么的?Nanju: Its normal, a software engineer.很普通,就是个软件工程师。Todd: Software engineer. Oh, you can help me with my computer.软件工程师。哦,你能帮我看看我的电脑吗?Nanju: No, nothing. Just I know how to program and thats it.当然,没问题。但我只知道如何操作,只会那点东西。Todd: Were you always good at computers when you were young?你小的时候就擅长电脑吗?Nanju: Yeah, I might be, from the 12th standard. like 18th years. From 18 years I am working with the computer.对呀。我12岁的时候就已经能做别人18岁做的事了,而我18岁的时候就已经开始凭电脑工作了。 /201308/253545。