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上饶去除肥胖纹江西上饶市做双眼皮手术多少钱听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Attention businesses and organizations in West Michigan: women of color are more than y, willing and able to take on leadership roles.Thats the message on this International Womens Day from a study exploring why women of color are so often passed over for leadership roles in Kent and Ottawa Counties.Shannon Cohen is one of the two researchers who spent a year hearing stories and collecting data for a project called Invisible Walls, Ceilings and Floors: Championing the Voices and Inclusion of Female Leaders of Color in West Michigan. She joined Stateside to talk about the study that surveyed women of color between the ages of 30 and 60.Cohen co-authored the study with Patricia Sosa VerDuin. Cohen said it came out of ;head and heart for both of us.;;Both of us are women of color,; said Cohen, who is also part of the organization Sisters Who Lead. ;Pat is Latina, Im African-American. And we have both come of age professionally in West Michigan. So we have navigated the waters of being the first, and the only, often, both in civic spaces of service and our professional lives. And [we] wanted to create a safe space to talk about some of the people power politic nuances of that.;Listen to the full interview above to hear about the studys findings, and learn what businesses are missing out on by not bringing women of color to the table.201703/496493上饶余干县大腿激光脱毛多少钱 迷你对话:A:Im really nervous about the interview.要去面试了,我真的好紧张。B:Take it easy. Weve made enough preparations.放松点。我们已经做好了充分的准备。A:I am in such need of the job that I cannot afford mistakes.我们十分需要这份工作,因为我不能犯任何错误。B:Let’sbrush it upagain.那让我们再来复习一遍吧。A: Thanks a lot.谢谢。地道表达:brush up:复习,温习解词释义:brush是动词,意思是“把......刷干净”。Brush up本义是“打扮整洁”,引申为“重新学习过去的技能”,即“温习,复习”。持范例:Eg If youre going to Mexico, you should brush up on your Spanish. 如果你要去墨西哥,你应该复习你的西班牙文。 Eg. I shall have to brush up my mathematics before I take on that job. 我接那项工作以前得复习一下数学。 Eg. I advise you to make the best use of your time to brush up on your lessons before examination.我劝你在考试前抓紧时间温习功课。 Eg. Your ideas are good, but you need to brush up on your tact. 你的想法很好,但你得先锻炼一下做事的方法。 词海拾贝:1.be nervous about:因......而感到紧张Eg. I wonder if you arent just a little nervous about the interview. 我想知道你对这次面试是否很紧张。 Eg. She is nervous about going on a blind date. 她对由他人安排的约会感到紧张。Eg. Dont be nervous about me. Ill worry along somehow. 不要为我担心,我将设法熬过去。Eg. After we took the baby home, I was nervous about doing something wrong. 我们把小宝贝带回家后,我很怕做错事情。2. made enough preparations:做好充分准备Eg. Weve got to made preparations for the exam 我们要为考试做些准备 Eg. Have you made preparations for the coming festival? 佳节即将来临,你们做好准备了吗? Eg. She made elaborate preparations for the party, but no one showed up. 她为了聚会费心准备,但是一个人也没来。 Eg. We just cant possibly fail completely, after all the preparations weve made. 我们有准备, 决不会一败涂地。 3.take it easy:放轻松Eg. He was going to take it easy when he got back. 他回去以后,要过轻松的日子。Eg. All a man got to do is to take it easy and hell enjoy himself. 做人只要把心放开些,就能过得快活。Eg. Don t worry about the matter, take it easy. 别担心那件事,轻松一点。Eg. When the teacher found some of his students get nervous at the examination, he told them to take it easy. 老师发现一些学生考虑时焦急不安,就叫他们不要紧张。4.in need of :需要Eg. Nows the time when we are in need of personnel.现在正是用人的时候。 Eg. Perhaps they are in need of our help.他们恐怕需要我们的帮助。Eg. The houses are in need of repair. 这些房子需要修理。 Eg. He is seriously in need of medical attention. 他急需医疗照顾。5.cannot afford mistakes:不能处错误 /201208/194683上饶哪家双眼皮割的好

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上饶祛痘哪家好According to the Georgia Department of Agriculture, the state of Georgia has confirmed its first-ever case of bird flu in commercial poultry. 根据佐治亚州农业部报道,佐治亚州已经确认了首例商业家禽禽流感病例。This means the outbreak of the disease is present in the ed States biggest chicken meat-producing state. 这意味着该疾病的爆发出现在美国最大的鸡肉生产州。A flock of 18,000 chickens used for breeding have been slaughtered after testing positive for H7 bird flu. 18,000只用于繁殖的鸡在检测H7禽流感呈阳性后被宰杀。The department of Agriculture says the birds were likely infected with a form of the virus that is not highly lethal because the flock did not show signs of illness. 农业部表示,这些鸡很可能感染了一种病毒,这种病毒不是很致命,因为它们没有生病的迹象。The discovery came after officials in Alabama, Kentucky and Tennessee confirmed cases of bird flu in breeding operations this month.这一发现前,本月亚拉巴马、肯塔基和田纳西的官员确定繁殖工作中出现禽流感病例。译文属。201703/500942 可可网友们大家好。上期我们集中学习了几个表示能够很好;理解;的短语,Read between the lines, 读透字里行间的含义;get the hang of something理解某事;摸清概况;know something / someone inside out. 对某事,某人透彻地认识、理解。不过,我们总会遇到无法理解,或者理解有误的情况,这时我们需要了解以下几个短语。Rule of thumb 仅凭简单经验理解的我们通过两个例子来体会它的含义。The rule of thumb is liable to be cut away from the constantly-changing reality. 这种单凭经验来做的方法很有可能与不断变化的现实脱节。Remember the rule of thumb: if you wouldnt want to download it yourself, dont share it. 记得不成文的经验法则:请别共享你自己都不会想去下载的东西。有时候,我们认为自己理解了,可事实却相差很远。这个时候您可以用theres more to something / someone than meets the eye来表示;某事或某人并不像初看到的那样简单;。这里,more than meets the eye意思是more than what your eye actually sees. 比如这个例子。He doesnt seem too intelligent at first, but theres more to him than meets the eye. He is actually a rocket scientist. 乍一看上去他不是那么聪明,但是事实并不是这样。他其实是一个火箭专家。最后我们再来看看完全不能理解的情况。这个时候我们可以用out of your depth ;超出所能理解的;这个短语来表示。Depth,深度。我们来看两个例子:I went to a lecture on relativity, but I was out of my depth. 我去听了一场有关相对论的演讲,但根本摸不到头脑。The student was out of his depth in discussion on the Middle Ages. 那个学生对关于中世纪的讨论感到难以理解。好了,现在请您尝试翻译一下这个小句子:There were more to his actions than meet the eye. /201111/162714上饶去除黄褐斑多少钱上饶韩美医院祛眼袋多少钱



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