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赣州疤痕修复多少钱瑞金市妇幼保健人民医院做红色胎记手术多少钱赣州同济医院点痣多少钱 What do you do if your nation has a severe water shortage and happens to be located in a bona fide desert?如果你的国家严重缺水又正好位于茫茫沙漠,你会怎么做?If you have the resources, you turn to technology, which is what a company in the oil-rich ed Arab Emirates is looking to do.如果你有资本,便可以借助技术的力量。一家位于产油大国阿联酋的公司正准备这么做。The country, which gets less than four inches of rain per year, could solve its issue with water scarcity by towing icebergs from Antarctica to its shores.阿联酋这个国家的年降水量不足101.6毫米,不过只要从南极运冰山过来,就可以解决缺水问题。It could take up to a year to bring an iceberg from Antarctica to Fujairah.冰山从南极运到富查伊拉(七个酋长国之一)可能花上一年时间。Once the iceberg is at UAE shores, the ice above the waterline would be chipped off, crushed into drinking water, which would then be stored in large water tanks and filtered.一旦冰山到达阿联酋海岸,水面以上的部分会被切下来压碎,融化成淡水,然后保存在巨大的水缸里并过滤。The iceberg would also have a broader impact.冰山还会发挥更大的作用。The more icebergs, the more water vapor and clouds, creating a profound effect on the regional climate over a decade, turning the desert into “green meadows”.运来的冰山越多,蒸发形成的水汽就越多,云量增加,会对区域气候带来深远的影响,十年后,当地的沙漠就会变成“绿草地”。The melting icebergs would also add fresh water to the Arabian sea, returning biodiversity by balancing out the brine discharge from desalination plants.冰山融化会为阿拉伯海注入更多淡水,逐渐抵消海水淡化厂排放的浓盐水,从而恢复当地海域的生物多样性。There would also be a boost for tourism from all the people interested in looking at the icebergs.冰山还会吸引众多游客前来参观,因而当地旅游业也会增长。The company has so far ran simulations and feasibility studies and looks to start the project in early 2018.目前,这家公司已经开展了模拟和可行性研究,预计2018年初能够开始这项运冰山的壮举。 /201705/509209于都县割双眼皮多少钱

赣县脱小腿毛多少钱赣州俪人整形美容医院botox怎么样 SALVADOR, Brazil — The Zika virus, some Brazilians are convinced, is the inadvertent creation of a British biotech company that has been releasing genetically modified mosquitoes to combat dengue fever in Brazil. Others here and elsewhere see it as a plot by global elites to depopulate the Earth and install a “one-world government.”巴西萨尔瓦多——一些巴西人确信,兹卡病毒是英国生物技术公司无意间制造的,该公司一直在巴西释放转基因蚊子,以对抗登革热。还有一些来自世界各地的人则认为,这是全球精英阶层旨在减少地球人口,建立一个“单一世界政府”的阴谋。And after a group of Argentine doctors asserted that a larvicide, not the mosquito-borne Zika virus, was to blame for a surge in cases of the birth defect known as microcephaly, Brazil#39;s southernmost state went so far over the weekend as to ban the use of the larvicide in its drinking water — even though scientists and health officials insist there is no such link.而一些阿根廷医生声称,导致先天性小头症病例增加的是一种杀虫剂,而不是蚊媒传播的兹卡病毒,随后巴西最南端的州上周末甚至开始禁止对饮用水使用这种杀虫剂,尽管科学家及卫生官员坚称不存在这种关联。Like Zika itself, rumors about it have replicated with viral ferocity through social media and word of mouth, frustrating the Brazilian authorities as they grapple with a poorly understood pathogen whose origins and implications are still something of a mystery.相关传闻就像兹卡病毒本身,通过社交媒体和口口相传疯狂传播,令正在应对这种人类知之甚少的病原体的巴西当局十分苦恼,该病原体的源头及影响仍然是个迷。With many of the rumors started and sp abroad, Brazil#39;s Health Ministry has been scrambling to do damage control.由于很多谣言都是在国外传开的,巴西卫生部正在紧急行动起来,防止影响扩大。In a statement on Monday, the government noted that microcephaly, which causes brain damage, was also growing in communities that did not use the larvicide, pyriproxyfen, and declared bluntly, “The association between the use of pyriproxyfen and microcephaly has no scientific basis.”在周一发表的声明中,政府指出那些没有使用杀虫剂、蚊蝇醚的社区,也在不断出现会引起脑损伤的小头症病例,并明确指出,“使用蚊蝇醚与小头症之间的关联没有科学依据。”Graham B. White, a medical entomologist who is a consultant to the U.S. Defense Department on disease-carrying insects, called the Argentine doctors#39; assertion “ridiculous” and “not credible.”医学昆虫学家、在带病昆虫问题上为美国国防部提供咨询的格雷厄姆·B·怀特(Graham B. White)称,阿根廷医生的说法是“荒谬”和“不可信”的。White said that the larvicide did not work through the nervous system, the part of the developing fetus affected by microcephaly. He noted that it had been approved by the World Health Organization and had been widely used for years to treat drinking water in places where mosquitoes breed.怀特表示,小头症会影响正在发育中的胎儿的神经系统,而这种杀虫剂不通过神经系统发挥作用。他指出,这种杀虫剂获得了世界卫生组织(World Health Organization)的认可,多年来广泛用于处理滋生蚊虫的饮用水。None of which was mentioned in myriad posts on Facebook and Twitter, where the American actor Mark Ruffalo was among those sounding the alarm, with a post on Monday that was shared nearly 500 times.Facebook和Twitter上的各种敲响警钟的帖子并没有提到这些信息,其中包括美国演员马克·鲁法洛(Mark Ruffalo),他周一发布的帖子已被转发将近500次。Though Brazil is at the center of an epidemic now affecting more than two dozen countries, many of the dubious claims about Zika are born abroad, their purveyors a well-known coterie of critics of genetically modified crops and creatures.兹卡病毒已经蔓延至20多个国家,虽然巴西是疫情的爆发中心,很多有关兹卡病毒的可疑说法都源自国外,散布谣言的是那些众所周知的批评转基因作物和生物的机构。With reputable-sounding names like The Ecologist and Global Research, they produce slick websites that weave facts, half-truths and pseudoscientific analysis into sinister assertions. They trace the hidden hand of “Big Pharma” sping disease for profit and claim that billionaires like Bill Gates are closeted eugenicists seeking to address overpopulation by promoting poisoned childhood vaccines.《生态学家》(The Ecologist)和全球研究(Global Research)等听起来有声望的机构纷纷创建漂亮的网站,将事实、半真半假的描述及伪科学分析编造成邪恶的断言。它们列举那些为盈利而传播疾病的“大制药公司”幕后黑手,并声称比尔·盖茨(Bill Gates)等亿万富翁私下里都是优生主义者,他们寻求通过推广有毒的儿童疫苗来解决人口过剩的问题。Brazil, where mistrust of government is high, is fertile ground for such theories to gain traction.巴西人民极不信任政府,为此类观点的继续传播提供了沃土。Nailma Souza, 40, who owns a nail salon in Salvador, a city that has been hit hard by the outbreak, is certain that Zika was concocted to divert attention away from a cure for cancer that the authorities want to keep secret.40岁的尼尔玛·苏扎(Nailma Souza)在萨尔瓦多开了一家美甲店,该市是兹卡疫情的重灾区。苏扎坚信兹卡病毒是一场阴谋,目的是转移对政府希望保密的癌症治疗方法的注意力。“The Brazilian government wants to patent the drug to make money, but the investigators behind it want to give it away for free,” Souza said after showing a , purportedly made by a Brazilian actress, pleading for the cancer drug to be released. “The government is involved in this, for sure. They always want to get our money.”“巴西政府希望取得这种药物的专利权,以便盈利,但背后的调查人员希望免费发放药物,”苏扎说,在此之前她展示了一段据称由巴西女演员制作的请求发放抗癌药物的视频。“政府肯定参与了。他们总是想从我们身上捞钱。”Claudio Maierovitch, the Brazilian Health Ministry#39;s director of surveillance of communicable diseases, said there was a danger that fear and scant scientific information would lead people to ignore the government#39;s exhortations about protecting themselves from mosquito bites and removing standing water that allows mosquitoes to breed.巴西卫生部传染病监测部门主任克劳迪奥·梅罗韦奇(Claudio Maierovitch)表示,恐惧心理及科学信息的缺乏可能会导致人们无视政府的劝告,即防止蚊虫叮咬,清除滋生蚊虫的积水。“Everything about Zika is new, and there is an aura of mystery about it, which leaves everyone open to new stories and new ideas about where it came from,” Maierovitch said. “The biggest risk is that people don#39;t do enough preventive procedures because they don#39;t believe Zika is dangerous or that the disease even exists.”“有关兹卡病毒的一切都是前所未闻的,有一种神秘的气氛,导致大家可能听信有关其源头的新传闻、新想法,”梅罗韦赫说。“最大的危险在于,人们没有采取足够多的预防措施,因为他们认为兹卡并不危险,或者这种疾病根本不存在。”Michel Misse, a sociologist at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, said that rumors and conspiracy theories played an outsize role in Brazilian society, and that the spate of crises buffeting the Brazilian government made people question and doubt authority.里约热内卢联邦大学(Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)社会学家米克尔·米塞(Michel Misse)表示,谣言和阴谋论在巴西社会中发挥了巨大作用,巴西政府接二连三遭遇危机,使得人们质疑、怀疑其权威性。“Given the political moment we are living in,” he said, “a lot of people are not happy with our government, and it definitely plays a role when it comes to believing rumors that blame the government for things that are going wrong.”“鉴于我们目前所处的政治时刻,”他说。“很多人对我们的政府感到不满,这在一定程度上促使他们相信一些谣言,认为是政府引发了一些不好的事情。”Some Zika skeptics have been especially focused on a British company that began releasing genetically modified mosquitoes in Brazil in 2011 in an effort to stem a deadly outbreak of dengue fever. The company, Oxitec, inserts a modified gene into male mosquitoes so that when they mate with females in the wild, they will produce offspring that die before they reach adulthood.一些对兹卡病毒持怀疑态度的人尤其关注2011年在巴西释放转基因蚊子的英国公司,该公司此举是为了阻止致命的登革热的疫情爆发。Oxitec公司将一种经过改造的基因植入雄性蚊子,使它们与雌性蚊子在野外交配繁衍出还没成年就会死亡的后代。Discover magazine is among the authoritative sources that have disproved the allegation that the engineered mosquitoes are behind the Zika outbreak, born last month on a Reddit board devoted to conspiracy theories. Still, the dubious link has been picked up and expanded by scores of other outlets, including the anti-Western website Russia Today, the British tabloid The Daily Mail and conspiracy-minded websites like Natural News.经过遗传工程处理的蚊子导致兹卡疫情爆发的说法,最初出现在Reddit的一个专门讨论阴谋论的版块,一些权威信源对此提出了驳斥,《发现》(Discover)杂志就是其中之一。但还有数十个机构在提出并传播这种令人怀疑的关联,比如反西方的今日俄罗斯(Russia Today)网站、英国小报《每日邮报》(The Daily Mail)及Natural News等推崇阴谋论的网站。“It#39;s fantasy,” Hadyn Parry, Oxitec#39;s chief executive, said in an interview. “If children weren#39;t involved and people weren#39;t getting sick, it would be quite an amusing fantasy, but this is quite serious and irresponsible.”“这是幻想,”Oxitec公司首席执行官哈迪恩·帕里(Hadyn Parry)接受采访时说。“如果没有涉及儿童,人们没有得病,那么这是一个相当逗乐的幻想,但就目前来说,这是十分严重和不负责任的。”Brazilian health officials and scientists say the Oxitec program has reduced mosquito populations in affected areas by up to 90 percent, though its expansion is being held up by the government for technical reasons.巴西卫生官员及科学家表示,Oxitec公司的项目将受感染区域的蚊子数量减少了90%,但出于技术原因,政府阻止了该项目的扩展。“If politicians start pandering to those opposed to genetically modified mosquitoes without scientific basis to their arguments,” warned Tanjim Hossain, a research fellow at the University of Miami who specializes in mosquito control, “they are going to end up really hurting people.”“如果政治人士开始迎合那些没有科学依据就反对转基因蚊子的人,”迈阿密大学(University of Miami)蚊虫控制研究员但吉姆·侯赛因(Tanjim Hossain)警告称,“他们最终会给人民带来严重的伤害。” /201602/427027江西省中心医院玻尿酸多少钱

赣州压双眼皮一般费用In 1992, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change rightly called for a stabilisation of greenhouse gas concentrations at a level that would prevent dangerous climate change. The UN Climate talks that have just begun in Paris can and should underpin the decarbonisation of the global economy needed to meet that goal.1992年,《联合国气候变化框架公约》(UNFCCC)提出了一项正确的呼吁,即将温室气体浓度稳定在一个水平上,以防止危险的气候变化。刚刚在巴黎启动的联合国气候谈判能够而且也应该巩固全球经济脱碳,以实现这一目标。Signatories to the convention have agreed to limit global warming to no more than 2C, or 1.5C if the emerging science justifies it. To have a two-thirds probability of meeting the 2C target, total CO emissions between 2011 and 2100 have to be less than 950bn tons. Emissions from energy need to fall from about 35bn tons this year to 10-15bn tons by 2050, and to zero by about 2070.公约签署国已达成共识,将气温上升幅度限制在2摄氏度以内,或者(如果新兴科学能够明这个数字合理)1.5摄氏度以内。要使实现“2度”目标的可能性达到三分之二,2011年到2100年的总二氧化碳排放量就必须少于9500亿吨。到2050年,能源方面的排放量需要从今年的大约350亿吨下降到100亿至150亿吨,并在2070年前后达到接近零排放的水平。Such decarbonisation is achievable with current technologies. The cost will be modest assuming significant technological improvements that are within reach, through a combination of targeted research and learning by doing.当前的技术是能够实现这一脱碳目标的。假如技术能够取得长足的进步,成本将不会太高。而通过针对性研究和边做边学,这样的技术进步也在我们力所能及的范围内。A global collaboration of energy research teams has identified the steps that need to be taken by 16 countries that are major emitters. The proposals all involve better energy efficiency, through smart buildings, power grids and transport. They rely on low-carbon power, such as wind, solar, nuclear, geothermal or hydroelectric. They entail eliminating carbon-based fuels: vehicles and planes must switch to electricity, hydrogen fuel cells or advanced biofuels; industry must swap heating oil for electricity and fuel cells.全球多个能源研究团队通过合作确定了16个主要排放国需要采取的措施。这些建议都涉及通过智能建筑、电网和运输实现更高能效;依赖风能、太阳能、核能、地热能或者水力发电等低碳能源;消除碳基燃料:车辆和飞机需要切换到电力、氢燃料电池或者更先进的生物燃料;工业必须将燃油换成电力和燃料电池。As for the technology, one priority is improved batteries for home appliances, electric vehicles and electricity grids. Another is carbon capture, and a way to use carbon dioxide to make synthetic fuels using renewable energy. A third is “smart” electricity grids, based on metering and feedback. Finally, publicly accepted nuclear power.至于技术方面,一个优先事项是改善家用电器电池、电动汽车和电网。另一项是碳捕获,以及利用二氧化碳和可再生能源制造合成燃料。第三项是基于监测和反馈的“智能”电网。最后是公众接受核能。An agreement is needed to prevent countries from freeriding on the efforts of others, to facilitate co-operation on technology and to provide public goods such as climate financing for poor countries. Yet the multilateral system has failed repeatedly; success is not assured.需要达成协议,以防止一些国家在其他国家采取努力的情况下“搭便车”,促进技术合作,为贫穷国家提供气候融资等公共产品。然而,多边体系一再失败;这一次也无法保能够成功。The UN convention required rich countries to move first, but until now the US Senate has insisted that China move together with America. Last year China agreed, even committing to provide climate finance for poor countries. For the first time since 1992, the US, China and the EU are aligned.《联合国气候变化框架公约》要求富裕国家首先采取行动,但直至现在,美国参议院一直坚持要求中国与美国一同行动。去年,中国表态同意,还更进一步,承诺为穷国提供气候融资。自1992年以来,美国、中国和欧洲首次协调一致。Leaders must reaffirm the 2C limit in Paris, and check every five years whether a tougher one is needed. They should commit to decarbonisation this century and explain by 2018 how they intend to pursue it to 2050. Major economies must spend more on research and development, and say how they will pay for at least 0bn a year in additional climate financing for low-income countries by 2020. The deal they strike should be reviewed every five years.各国领导人必须在巴黎气候大会上重申“2度”的上限,并且每五年确认是否需要一个更严格的上限。他们必须承诺在本世纪脱碳,并且在2018年解释为实现这一目标到2050年的行动计划。主要经济体必须在研发方面投入更多资金,并且说明它们将如何在2020年前每年至少拿出1000亿美元,为低收入国家提供额外的气候融资。达成的协议应该每5年进行一次审核。For years, sceptics have attacked climate science. Now they attack the Paris conference itself — wrongly alleging that the needed technologies do not yet exist or arguing, illogically, that climate change is a low priority or that adaptation is better than prevention. They quibble absurdly with specific reduction pledges made in advance of Paris, pretending that these would be the final word until the end of this century.多年来,持怀疑态度的人都在攻击气候科学。现在他们攻击巴黎气候大会本身——他们错误地声称所需的技术还不存在,或者不合逻辑地主张气候变化不需要优先考虑,或者适应比预防更好。他们荒谬地对巴黎气候大会之前所做的具体减排承诺吹毛求疵,假装这些直到本世纪末都将是最终定论。This is word play, not serious analysis of what can be done, should be done and may well emerge from Paris. The governments there will pay little attention to such scepticism.这是文字游戏,而不是对人们能够做的、应该做的以及巴黎大会可能成果的严肃分析。参加这次大会的各国政府不会在意这些怀疑。 /201512/414427 赣州俪人整形美容医院毛发种植怎么样赣州隆鼻医院多少钱



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