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  • What do all people who achieve true excellence and consistently high performance have in common?那些真正优秀,永远保持高水准的人都有哪些共同点呢?The answer isn#39;t great genes, although they#39;re nice to have. It#39;s the willingness to push themselves beyond their current limits day in and day out, despite the discomfort that creates, the sacrifice of more immediate gratification, and the uncertainty they#39;ll be rewarded for their efforts.不是天生基因好,虽然谁都想有好基因。真正的是日复一日的超越自我,以及不断推动自己进步的愿望。尽管在这个过程中,会有艰辛,会牺牲掉很多即时的快乐,也会怀疑付出之后的收获是否存在。Human beings have two powerful primal instincts. One is to avoid pain, an instinct that helped us to survive when we were vulnerable to predators in the savanna. The other is to move towards pleasure, an instinct that once kept us foraging for food, which was scarce, and still helps to ensure that we pass on our genes.人类有两个强大的本能。一个是躲避痛苦,这种本能让人类在洪荒时期面对强大的猎食者,成功求生。另一个是趋向快乐,这种本能坚定了祖先对于稀缺食物的渴求,让人类得以绵延。The unavoidable truth is that the willingness to endure discomfort and sacrifice instant gratification is the only way to get better at anything, and to achieve true excellence.忍受艰辛,放弃即时的快乐是实现进步、达到成功的唯一途径,是不变的真理。There are three keys to strengthening this counterintuitive capacity:三招助你对抗本能,增强自我推动的能力:1. Minimize temptation, which operates the same way the house does in a casino. It will always defeat you if you expose yourself to it for too long. Think about cake or cookies at an office party. If they sit there in front of you, you#39;re eventually going to succumb.1. 减少诱惑。这个道理就像是把家安在了里,如果长期身处其中,迟早会泥足深陷。再来想一想办公室聚会上摆着的蛋糕和饼干,如果你坐在这些美食面前,你早晚会缴械投降的。2. Push yourself to discomfort only for relatively short and specific periods of time. Interval training is built on short bursts of high intensity exercise offset by rest and recovery. It#39;s harder than aerobic training, but it#39;s also a more efficient, less time-consuming way to increase fitness.2. 推动自己向困难挑战的时间都要短暂且具体。要劳逸结合,高强度的训练之后,能量在短期之内爆发,之后就需要通过休息和复原来进行能量的补偿。虽然相较有氧训练,这种短期的自我加压要更难,但这确实是一个更加有效省时保持健康的方法。3. Build energy rituals — specific behaviors done at precise times — for your most difficult challenges. Try beginning the day by focusing without interruption on the most important challenge in front of you, for no more than 90 minutes, and then take a real renewal break. It#39;s much easier to tolerate discomfort in short doses.3. 在你面对最艰难挑战的时候,构建能量仪式——明确时间和具体做法。试试看,在新的一天开始的时候,将注意力完全集中在最难的挑战上,时间控制在90分钟以内,之后进行休息恢复。毕竟,短期的痛苦还是比较容易忍受的。Choose one area of your life and push yourself just a little harder than you think is possible every day. You#39;ll feel better about yourself, and over time, you#39;ll get better at whatever it is you#39;re doing.选择你生活中的一个方面,每天对自己提出更高的要求,推动自己更向前一步。久而久之,你的自我感觉会更加良好,对你做的所有事也会感到更满意。 /201212/217854。
  • If you really want to get slim, you may need to shed some of your heavier friends, scientists say.科学家表示,如果你真想减肥,可能得避免跟胖朋友厮混了。Researchers from Loyola University in Chicago found that students were more likely to gain weight if they had friends who were heavier than they were. However, they were more likely to either slim down, or at least gain weight at a slower pace, if their friends were leaner than they were.芝加哥洛约拉大学的研究人员发现,如果朋友比自己胖,学生本人也很可能变胖。反之,如果朋友比自己瘦,那么本人则会变瘦,或者至少不那么容易变胖。Dr David Shoham, who led the study, said their findings, published in the journal PLoS ONE, could help them develop better interventions to treat obesity in teenagers.大卫-索哈姆士组织了此次研究,研究成果发表在《PLoS ONE》杂志上。他认为这有助于他们更好地治疗青少年肥胖问题。;We should not be treating adolescents in isolation,; he was ed as saying by the Daily Mail. The study was designed to find out the reason why obesity and related behaviours appear to cluster in social networks.;青少年肥胖问题不可孤立对待。;他对《每日邮报》说道。该研究旨在探究社会中肥胖及相关行为为何扎堆的问题。The researchers wanted to know whether it is because friends influence one another#39;s behaviour or is it that teenagers befriend people who look similar to themselves.研究人员想要查明,肥胖到底是受朋友影响,还是青少年喜欢跟气息相投的人扎堆的原因。They examined data from two large high schools - one refered to as Jefferson High located in a rural area and has mostly white students and another mentioned as Sunshine High was an ethnically diverse urban school.他们研究了两所大型高中的数据:一所是位于郊区的杰斐逊高中,以白人学生为主;另一所则是位于城市的阳光高中,各种族学生都有。Students were surveyed during the 1994-95 school year and surveyed again the following school year. Researchers examined data from 624 students at Jefferson High and 1,151 students at Sunshine High. Their body mass index was calculated from their height and weight. A BMI over 25 is considered overweight and a BMI over 30 is considered obese.1994年到1995学年间,学生接受了一次调查,次年又被调查了一次。研究人员研究了杰斐逊高中624名学生以及阳光高中1151名学生的数据。学生的体重指数按照身高和体重计算。体重指数大于25为超重,大于30则为肥胖。The researchers found that even after controlling for this friend-selecting process, there still was a significant link between obesity and a student#39;s circle of friends.研究人员发现,即便对择友过程进行了控制,肥胖问题和学生所交的朋友仍然大有关系。If a borderline overweight student at Jefferson School had lean friends there was a 40 percent chance the student#39;s BMI would drop in the future. However, if they had obese friends there was a 15 percent chance they would slim down.在杰斐逊高中,肥胖学生如果有苗条的朋友,他的体重指数以后就有40%下降的几率。但是,如果他交了胖朋友,日后变瘦的几率就仅有15%。The findings show that social influence ;tends to operate more in detrimental directions, especially for BMI;, said the authors.研究人员说,结果明社会影响的;不利作用似乎很大,尤其在体重指数上。;;Effective interventions will be necessary to overcome these barriers, requiring that social networks be considered rather than ignored,; Dr Shoham said.;有效的干预将有助于克上述问题,不过社会影响必须得到重视。; 索哈姆士说道。He noted that the study relied on self-reported data and was collected over a decade ago. Nevertheless, the results raised important questions about peer influence, he said。;Our results support the operation of both homophily and influence,; he added.他还表示,此项研究的数据是十年前自动报告的数据,但研究结果还是引起了人们对同龄影响的疑惑。他说:;研究结果明遗传和社会影响都能导致肥胖。; /201207/192425。
  • If you're trying to lose weight at this moment in time, then you might well be struggling with the winter months. Most of us find that our mood is generally lower during the winter. We experience more colds and coughs, more extreme weather, and drink more warm drinks. All of this means that we're likely to put weight on which is never good news when thinking about our diet. Luckily, there are things that you can do to try and minimize the effects of the weather this winter, and perhaps even lose weight instead of gaining it.1. Sort out your mood. If you suffer from depression, then winter might mean that it is more obvious that there is something wrong with your mood. When we're depressed, it makes us more likely to feel the need to comfort eat, and this can be hugely detrimental to our diets when we're trying to lose weight. You should think about the things in your life that are making you stressed, and see what you can do to try and change that. If you are feeling down about your work load, then why not try talking to your boss and see if there is anyone else within your department who might be able to take on some of the work that you're struggling with? 2.Keep up regular exercise. You need to do this, or your body will become unfit again and it will be a struggle when you get back to the summer months. In addition to this, exercise improves our mood and also speeds up our blood circulation and this means that we will be able to keep a lot warmer. This can cheer us up, and can stop us from feeling as though we need to eat comfort food during this time. 3. Save money on your heating. It can't have escaped your attention that heating your home is very expensive these days. Luckily, if your body needs to heat up more, you will burn more calories, so this might mean that it is actually better for you if you should choose to turn the heating down a couple of degrees. 4. Buy healthy foods. Instead of stocking up on chocolate and sweets, why not stock up on fruit instead? Things such as nuts and rasins can be yummy, but won't have as much of an effect on your waistband as chocolate might have done. You could always try salted vegetable crisps, too, if you are a savoury kind of person, as these are much better for you than other brands of crisps that you might be a little bit addicted to at this moment in time. 如果你正考虑这个时候减肥,也许你要在即将到来的冬天这个季节挣扎一下了。我们大多数人的情绪在冬季都非常低落。我们更多的会想到感冒咳嗽,更极端的气候及热乎乎的饮料。所有这些意味着我们从未考虑自己这一气候的饮食习惯。幸运的是,通过以下几点你可以减少今年冬天天气的影响,也许会减轻体重也说不定。1.调整你的情绪。 如果你患有抑郁症,那么冬天就意味着你会感觉有些不对劲。当我们情绪低落的时候,我们更可能感觉到需要用吃来安慰自己,而这对减肥中的我们非常不利。你应该考虑生命中让自己感到有压力的事情,看看自己能做些什么以努力改变它。如果你感觉工作负担太重,那么为什么不试着跟你的老板谈谈看看是否让你部门的其他人来分担你的工作呢?2.保持有规律的锻炼。 你需要这样做,否则当夏季来临时你的身型将再次变得臃肿。此外,运动能改善我们的心情,也加快了我们的血液循环,这意味着我们能使自己保暖。这会鼓舞我们,让我们打消在这段时间吃食物来安慰自己的念头。3.节省你的供暖费。 近来让你家的取暖费是非常很昂贵的。幸运的是,如果你的身体需要热量,你可以燃烧更多的卡路里,这就意味着实际上是更好的,所以你应该选择把暖气下降一些温度。4.买健康的食品。 与其储备很多巧克力和糖果,为什么不置办一些水果呢?诸如坚果和葡萄干很好吃,但不会像巧克力那样热量大。如果你是一个喜欢吃可口味道的人,你也可以尝试腌制蔬菜,因为这些比你这个季节沉溺于各种品牌的薯片要好得多。 /201110/159448。
  • Energy beverages, vitamin pills, beauty drinks. We have swallowed bucketloads of “antioxidant-rich products” in a belief that the antioxidants they contain could improve our health and turn back the aging clock.能量饮料,维生素药片,美容饮品。我们吞下许多的“富含抗氧化物的产品”,相信它们所含的抗氧化物可以改善健康,延缓衰老。But sadly, researchers now say the antioxidant myth could be just another medical fairy tale.但遗憾的是,研究者表明抗氧化剂神话可能只是又一个医学童话。“There is little to no data supporting the use of antioxidants to protect against disease,” said Toren Finkel, a health professional at the US National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.“几乎没有什么数据可以撑使用抗氧化物来预防疾病这一说法,”美国国家心肺和血液研究院的健康专家托伦#8226;芬克尔说道。What’s even sadder, large doses of antioxidant supplements could promote the very problems they are supposed to stamp out.而更令人感到悲哀的是,大剂量的抗氧化物补充剂会反而会恶化它本应该解决的问题。A recent review of the Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention Trial showed long-term, regular use of Vitamin E supplements increase the risk of prostate cancer in healthy men.最近,一项针对硒和维生素E抗癌试验的报告显示,长期规律用维生素E补充剂会增加健康男性患前列腺癌的风险。However, antioxidants have long since acquired a reputation as miracle health supplements.然而,抗氧化剂作为一种神奇健康补品的名声在外已久。As long ago as the 1950s, scientists discovered that many diseases – including heart diseases, strokes and cancer – are linked to free radicals, destructive chemicals that can destroy cell membranes and disrupt crucial processes in the body.早在20世纪50年代,科学家就发现包括心脏病,中风和癌症在内的诸多疾病与自由基有关,这类具有破坏性的化学物质会破坏细胞膜,并扰乱对人体至关重要的生理过程。Then in the early 1990s, they noticed that people who eat foods rich in antioxidants, often found in fruits and vegetables, have lower rates of cancer and heart disease.后来,在20世纪90年代初,科学家发现那些食用富含抗氧化物(常常会在水果和蔬菜找到)食物的人患癌症和心脏病的几率较低。A hypothesis was thus born: antioxidants, including Vitamins C and E, beta-carotene and polyphenols, are a weapon against free-radical damage.于是一项猜想就此诞生了:包括维生素C、E,β-胡萝卜素和多酚在内的抗氧化物是对抗自由基损害的有利武器。Manufacturers have since emblazoned “antioxidants” on everything. Nestle’s Glowelle Beauty Drink connects to beliefs about antioxidants’ skin benefits with its message about being “the highest antioxidant beauty drink”. Coca Cola’s Vitamin Water-XXX boasts “triple antioxidants”. Even Starbucks introduced its “antioxidant-rich” Blueberries amp; Crème Frappuccino.生产厂商自此就将所有产品标有“抗氧化物”。雀巢公司就标榜其抗氧化美容饮品Glowelle是“最强抗氧化美容饮品”,从而将产品本身与抗氧化剂对皮肤有好处联系起来。可口可乐公司推出的维他命水饮料就夸耀自己含有“三倍抗氧化物”。就连星巴克咖啡也推出“富含抗氧化物”的蓝莓奶油星冰乐。Last year alone, hundreds of products with antioxidant claims were launched, said Carlotta Mast, editor-in-chief of Newhope360.com, which tracks the market in natural, organic and healthy products.Newhope360.com网站主编卡洛塔#8226;玛斯特说,单单去年一年,数百种声称富含抗氧化物的产品上市出售。据悉,该网站一直致力于追踪自然有机健康产品的市场情况。Advertisement campaigns aside, athletes have been driving the “antioxidant” bandwagon.广告大战也参与其中,运动员一直是“抗氧化剂”潮流的领跑者。Elite marathon runner Wesley Korir of Kenya swears by antioxidant supplements, which he believes have kept him healthy, allowing him to do faster workouts and recover more quickly.肯尼亚著名马拉松运动员卫斯理#8226;科利尔十分信赖抗氧化补充剂,他深信这类产品让他保持健康,帮助他在训练中取得更快的成绩,恢复得也更快。Korir, winner of the last two Los Angeles Marathons, takes several supplements, including a liquid product with acai, a fruit that contains antioxidants.科利尔是前两届洛杉矶马拉松比赛的冠军,他用多种补充剂,其中之一就是从富含抗氧化物的巴西苺果中提取出来的液体饮品。But experts warn that supplementing with antioxidants may blunt the beneficial effects of working out.但专家也发出警告,补充抗氧化物可能会减弱训练所带来的益处。“To fight oxidative stress, exercise. And eat your fruits and vegetables,” professor David Neiman at Appalachian State University, US gives his timeworn advice.美国阿巴拉契亚州立大学教授大卫#8226;雷曼还是给出他一贯的老观点:“想要打败氧化作用,那就运动吧。同时多吃水果和蔬菜。” /201301/218244。
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