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1、Gas money:汽油钱2、To be even with someone:互不相欠3、It’s the least I could do for you:我至少可以为你做这些,微不足道4、Hit the spot:恰到好处,投其所好(吃了食物,喝了饮料后感到满足)5、Heat wave:热浪6、The crack of dawn:破晓,黎明7、Early bird:早起的人8、Night owl:熬夜的人SITUATION 72情景 72I couldnt get through.我打不通。Why didnt you call me yesterday?你昨天为什么不打电话给我?I tried to get hold of you,but I couldnt get through.我试着找你,但是打不通。What time did you call?你什么时候打的?I tried all morning.我整个早上都在打。Then I cant understand why you couldnt get through.那么我不了解为什么你打不通。I kept getting a busy signal.我一直听到通话中的声音。did you call last night?你昨晚打电话了吗?Yes,but I caouldnt get through.是的,但是我打不通。Why not?为什么?I kept geting a recorded message that you phone was temporarily out of order.我一直听到一个录音,说你的电话暂时故障。Are you sure you dialed the right number?你确定你打的号码对吗?I dialed the number you gave me.我打你给我的号码。Is you phone out of order?你的电话是不是出故障了?What do you mean?你的意思是什么?I tried calling you last night but I couldnt get through.我昨晚试着打电话给你,可是打不通。Really?真的吗?I kept getting a busy signal.我一直听到通话中的声音。I bet my son was on the phone.Im sorry you had so much trouble.我相信一定是我儿子在用电话。抱歉这么麻烦你。 /201206/186014

Jen: Hi Im Jennifer and Im waiting for Helen. I did see her in the corridor earlier, and she was looking a bit unhappy. Wait, here she is. Hi Helen!珍:大家好,我是珍妮佛,我正在等海伦。我不久前在走廊看到她了,她看起来有点不高兴。等等,她来了。你好,海伦!Helen: Hi Jen.海伦:你好,珍。Jen: Whats the matter, Helen? Why the long face?珍:海伦,出什么事了?你为什么拉长着脸?Helen: Whats wrong with my face?海伦:我的脸怎么了?Jen: Nothings wrong with your face, except that it looks a bit upset.珍:你的脸没问题,除了你的表情有点沮丧。Helen: But you just said Ive got a long face.海伦:可是你刚刚说我脸很长。Jen: No–what I said was…珍:不,我刚刚的意思是……Helen: You think Ive got a strange face. I KNEW I shouldnt have worn my hair like this today.海伦:你觉得我的脸很奇怪。我知道我今天不该梳这样的发型。Jen: No, I asked you: ;Why the long face?;珍:不,我刚刚问你:“你为什么拉长着脸?”Helen: Is it my nose? Is it too big? Or maybe my chin is the wrong shape. Maybe I should just wear a bag over my head!海伦:是我的鼻子吗?鼻子太大了?或者是我下巴的轮廓很奇怪。可能我应该在头上套个袋子!Jen: No, no, no–thats not what I meant! First of all, you look LOVELY today.珍:不,不,不,我刚刚不是那个意思!首先,你今天看上去很可爱。Helen: OK… So what did you mean?海伦:好,那你是什么意思?Jen: In English, the expression ;why the long face?; is used as an informal way of asking someone whats wrong if they look upset.珍:这个表达是英语中一个非正式的用法,用来询问某人为什么看上去很沮丧。Helen: So theres nothing wrong with my face?海伦:所以我的脸没什么问题?Jen: No, there isnt. Lets hear some examples of the phrase in use.珍:没问题。我们来听听这个短语的一些例子。Youve just got a new job, a new house and a new man–you should be happy! Why the long face?你刚刚找到一份新工作,买了新房子,还有了新男友,你应该高兴才对啊!可是你为什么拉长着脸?Hey there, dont look so sad! Why the long face?嘿,别这么难过!为什么拉着个脸啊?Helen: So ;why the long face?; is just another way of asking ;whats the matter?;海伦:所以这个短语是另一种询问“你怎么了”的方式。Jen: Exactly. You could also say ;whats up?;珍:没错。你也可以说“怎么了?”Helen: Thats very simple–you could say ;whats wrong?; too.海伦:这很简单,也可以说“出什么事了?”。Jen: So what IS wrong? Why do you look so miserable?珍:那到底怎么了?为什么你看起来这么痛苦?Helen: Ive just had a really bad day–everything has gone wrong. First I lost my car keys, then I was late for a meeting and I fell over and tripped and landed in a puddle on my way. It was a horrible day.海伦:我刚刚度过了非常糟的一天,所有事都出了差错。我先是弄丢了车钥匙,然后我开会迟到了,我在路上被绊倒摔进了水坑里。这一天真可怕。Jen: It sounds awful. I know, how about I tell you a joke to cheer you up–youll like this one.珍:听起来真糟糕。我给你讲个笑话让你高兴一下怎么样,你会喜欢这个笑话的。Helen: OK, why not. Lets hear it.海伦:好啊,为什么不呢?我们来听笑话吧。Jen: A horse walks into a bar. The barman says: ;why the long face?;珍:一匹马走进一家酒吧。酒吧侍者说:“为什么你脸这么长?”Helen: So the horse was unhappy? Whats funny about that?海伦:所以那匹马不高兴吗?那有什么搞笑的?Jen: The barman says to the horse ;Why the long face?;珍:酒吧侍者对那匹马说“为什么你脸这么长?”Helen: Why would a horse be in a bar?海伦:为什么马会进酒吧?Jen: It doesnt matter–its a joke. Its a horse so the barman says ;Why the long face?;珍:那不重要,只是个笑话。那是一匹马,所以酒吧侍者说“为什么你脸这么长?”Helen: I dont understand.海伦:我不明白。Jen: Well, the horse has a long face.珍:嗯,马的脸很长啊。Helen: So its unhappy?海伦:它不高兴吗?Jen: No, well, yes, but thats the joke. Horses have long faces.珍:不是,那只是个笑话。马的脸都很长。Helen: So why did it go into the bar again? I dont get it.海伦:可是它到底为什么要去酒吧呢?我不明白。 /201404/293886

1. Could you give me a raise?能不能给我加薪?还能这样说:Would you like to give me a raise?May I have a pay raise?谚语:You get what you pay off.一分价钱,一分货。2. Id like to have a chance of a pay raise.我希望加薪水。还能这样说:I would like to ask you for a raise.I want to have a chance to get a pay raise.谚语:A big tree falls not at the first stroke.一斧子砍不倒大树。3. I need a raise.我需要加薪。还能这样说:I want to get a pay raise.Id like to have a pay raise.谚语:It takes an entire village to raise a child.抚养一个孩子需要倾一村之力。4. Boss, do you think we could talk about my current salary?老板,我们能谈谈我现在的工资问题吗?还能这样说:Boss, do you have time to talk about with me about my current salary?Boss, would you like to talk about my current salary with me?谚语:Do business, but be not a slave to it.应为事之主,勿为事之奴。 /201411/341233

经典句型:There is a lecture in that bookstore today. 今天那个书店有讲座。A:There is a lecture in that bookstore today.甲:今天那个书店有讲座。B:What is the lecture on?乙:是关于什么讲座的?A:The lecture is on how to improve English.甲:是关于如何提高英语水平的。B:Is it free?乙:是免费的吗?A:Yes,youd better go there as early as you can.甲:是的,你最好早点去。经典句型:There will be a book signing in the store. 今天书店有签售活动。A:There will be a book signing in the store.甲:今天书店有签售活动。B:Who will sign books?乙:谁签名售书?A:Im not sure.甲:我也不清楚。句型讲解:sign books即“签名售书”的意思。书店里经常进行book signing(签售活动)来激发读者的读书热情。 /201401/272974

Think positive, use affirmations, tell yourself you will give it your best shot.积极思考,肯定自我,告诉自己会全力以赴。 /201212/213383

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