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THE PRESIDENT: Merry Christmas, everybody! This is one of our favorite times of the year in the Obama household, filled with family and friends, warmth and good cheer. Thats even true when I spend all night chasing Bo and Sunny away from the cookies we leave for Santa.总统:大家圣诞快乐!在奥巴马家,这是一年里大家最喜欢的日子,家里高朋满座,到处洋溢着温暖和欢声笑语。而且我一晚上都得把波波和撒尼赶到一边,免得它们把留给圣诞老人的饼干吃掉了。Its also my favorite weekly address of the year, because Im joined by a special holiday guest star: Mrs. Obama.这也是我一年里最喜欢的一次每周讲话,因为与我一起的还有一位特别的节日明星:奥巴马夫人。THE FIRST LADY: Merry Christmas, everyone. Here at the White House, weve spent the past month helping everyone get into the holiday spirit.第一夫人:大家圣诞节快乐!在白宫,我们花了一个月的时间为大家准备,让大家感受到今年的节日气氛。Our theme this year is “A Timeless Tradition,” and the decorations in each room reflect some of our countrys most cherished pastimes-from saluting our troops and their families to helping children dream big dreams for their future.今年,我们的主题是“永远的传统”,每个房间的装饰都反映了我们国家一段最珍贵的传统,有向军人和军属致敬的主题,还有帮助儿童畅想未来的主题。And weve invited thousands of families here to the White House to enjoy the festivities-because theres no holiday tradition more timeless than opening our doors to others.我们还邀请了几千个家庭来到白宫,共同欢度节日,因为,没有什么传统比敞开家门迎接八方来客这个传统更悠久了。THE PRESIDENT: Today, like millions of Americans and Christians around the world, our family celebrates the birth of Jesus and the values He lived in his own life. Treating one another with love and compassion. Caring for those on societys margins: the sick and the hungry, the poor and the persecuted, the stranger in need of shelter-or simply an act of kindness.总统:今天,与成千上万的美国人民,以及全世界的基督教徒一样,我们一起庆祝耶稣基督的生日,纪念他用一生实现的人生价值。对待他人充满爱和。关心生活在社会边缘的人士:病人和吃不上饭的人,穷人和造虐待的人,需要保护的陌生人,或是一个简单的善举。Thats the spirit that binds us together-not just as Christians, but as Americans of all faiths. Its what the holidays are about: coming together as one American family to celebrate our blessings and the values we hold dear.这是将我们团结在一起的精神,不仅仅对基督徒如此,这也是各种信仰的美国人民所认可的精神。这正是节日的意义所在:像一个美国大家庭一样团结起来,共同庆祝我们的价值观,彼此祝福。During this season, we also honor all who defend those values in our countrys uniform. Every day, the brave men and women of our military serve to keep us safe-and so do their families.在这个节日里,我们也向身穿军装,保卫我们的价值观的军人们致敬。每一天,英勇的男女将士以及他们的家人们都在为国务,保卫我们的安全。THE FIRST LADY: So as we sing carols and open presents, as we win snowball fights...第一夫人:所以,我们唱圣诞歌,收到礼物,打赢雪仗的时候…THE PRESIDENT: Or lose snowball fights...总统:或者打输雪仗的时候…THE FIRST LADY: Lets also take time to pay tribute to those who have given our country so much. Go to JoiningForces.gov to see how you can serve the troops, veterans, and military families in your community.第一夫人:我们别忘了向所有这些为这个国家付出这么多的人们致敬。你可以登录JoningForces.gov,网站上会告诉你如何为军人、退伍老兵以及你所在社区的军属务。And together, we can show them just how grateful we are for their sacrifice. Thats a tradition we all can embrace-today and every day.总之,我们可以向他们表达我们对他们付出的牺牲的感激之情。这是我们今天以及未来每一天都会保持下去的传统。THE PRESIDENT: So on behalf of Malia, Sasha, Bo, Sunny, and everyone here at the White House-Merry Christmas. May God bless our troops and their families. And may God bless you all with peace and joy in the year ahead.总统:因此,我们谨代表玛莉亚、萨莎、波波、撒尼以及在白宫过节的所有人,祝大家圣诞节快乐!愿上帝保佑我们的军人以及他们的家人。愿上帝保佑大家在新的一年里平安吉祥!201512/418757Hi, everybody.This weekend is Memorial Day—a time to pay tribute to all our men and women in uniform whove ever given their lives so that we can live in freedom and security.This year, the holiday is especially meaningful.Its the first Memorial Day since our war ended in Afghanistan.大家好!本周末是阵亡将士纪念日。这是我们缅怀那些为了让我们享有自由和安宁的生活而牺牲自己生命的男女将士的日子。今年,这一节日的意义显得尤为特别。因为这是阿富汗战争结束之后的第一个纪念日。On Monday, at Arlington Cemetery, Ill join our Gold Star families, veterans, and their loved ones to remember all our fallen heroes, including the more than 2,200 American patriots who gave their lives in Afghanistan.And I plan to share a few of their stories.下周一,在阿林顿公墓,我将与我们的金星家庭、退伍军人以及他们的亲人们一起纪念所有逝去的英烈,这其中包括2200多名在阿富汗牺牲的爱国人士。下面,我将向大家介绍一些他们的事迹。Growing up in Arizona, Wyatt Martin loved the outdoors.To him, a great day was a day spent fishing.After high school, he enlisted in the Army because he believed that the blessings he enjoyed as an American came with an obligation to give back to his country.亚利桑那长大的怀特·马丁酷爱户外活动。对他而言,最美妙的日子就是出去钓鱼。高中毕业以后,他登记参军,因为他认为作为一个美国人,他得到了这个国家给予他的幸福,而他有责任回报祖国。Ramon Morris was born in Jamaica, and as a teenager came to Queens.Like so many proud immigrants, he felt a calling to serve his new country and joined the Army.He fell in love, got engaged, and the thing he wanted most was to make the world safer for his three-year-old daughter.雷蒙·莫里斯生于牙买加,十多岁的时候来到纽约皇后区。与众多满怀自豪感的移民一样,他感觉到为新的祖国务的召唤,走进了军营。之后他遇到了他的另一半并定下终身,他最大的希望就是让他三岁大的女儿生活的这个世界更安全。In their lives, Specialist Wyatt Martin and Sergeant First Class Ramon Morris travelled different paths.But in December, their paths intersected as the final two Americans to give their lives during our combat mission in Afghanistan.技术专家怀特·马丁和上士雷蒙·莫里斯,这两个人的人生轨迹各异。但去年的十二月,两位在阿富汗的一次战斗任务中牺牲,结束了他们的人生旅程。This weekend also reminds us that, around the world, our men and women in uniform continue to serve and risk their lives.In Afghanistan, our troops now have a new mission—training and advising Afghan forces.John Dawson was one of them.From Massachusetts, he loved the Bruins and the Pats.In April, he gave his life as an Army combat medic—the first American to give his life in this new mission.This Memorial Day, well honor Corporal Dawson as well.这个周末也提醒我们,在世界各地,我们的男女将士依然在冒着生命危险为国务。在阿富汗,我们的部队有了一项新的使命,为阿富汗军队提供训练和指导。约翰·道森就是其中的一位。他来自马萨诸塞州,是棕熊队(冰球)和爱国者队(橄榄球)的粉丝。今年四月,身为军医的他献出了自己的生命,这也是在这场新的任务中牺牲的第一位美国人。在这个纪念日里,我们也要纪念道森下士。Like generations of heroes before them, these Americans gave everything they had—not for glory, not even for gratitude, but for something greater than themselves.We cannot bring them back.Nor can we ease the pain of their families and friends who live with their loss.与这些人一样,以前的无数英烈们,他们付出了所有一切,不是为了荣耀,也不是为了得到感激,而是为了那些比他们自身更伟大的东西。我们无法让他们重生。也无法抹平他们的牺牲带给他们家人朋友的伤痛。But we are the Americans they died to defend.So what we can do—what we must do—is fulfill our sacred obligations to them, just like they fulfilled theirs to us.We have to honor their memory.We have to care for their families, and our veterans who served with them.And as a nation, we have to remain worthy of their sacrifice—forever committed to the country they loved and the freedom they fought for and died for.但我们正是他们用生命捍卫的美国人民。因此我们可以做、必须做的就是承担起我们对他们的责任,就像他们当初为我们付出一样。我们要记住他们,关心他们的家人,以及和他们并肩战斗过的退伍军人。全国人民都要牢记他们的牺牲代表的价值:永远爱护他们深爱的祖国,永远热爱他们为之战斗乃至牺牲生命换来的自由。Thank you, have a wonderful weekend, and may God bless our fallen heroes and their families.谢谢大家,祝周末愉快,愿上帝保佑我们逝去的英烈和他们的家人。201506/378992

Alison Bechdel is a comic book artist,艾莉森·贝克德尔是一个漫画作家,and back in the mid-80s, she recorded this conversation在80年代中期,,她记录下了她和一个朋友shed had with a friend about assessing the movies that they saw.在评估她们看过的电影时的讨论内容。And its very simple. Theres just three questions you should ask:非常简单,只有三个问题:Is there more than one character in the movie这部电影中是否有一个以上的角色that is female who has lines?是女性并且有台词?So try to meet that bar.想想看这个标准。And do these women talk to each other at any point in the movie?如果是,这些女性角色在电影中是否交谈过?And is their conversation about something other than如果交谈了,有没有跟她们共同的心上人the guy that they both like? 无关的谈话内容?Right? Thank you.明白了?谢谢。Thank you very much.非常感谢。Two women who exist and talk to each other about stuff.两个女人,有台词,有交谈。It does happen. Ive seen it,确实有这样的电影。我看过,and yet I very rarely see it in the movies但是在我们看过的和喜欢的电影中that we know and love.是很少见的。In fact, this week I went to see事实上,这个星期我刚看过a very high-quality movie, ;Argo.;一部质量不错的电影《阿尔戈》(Argo)。Right? Oscar buzz, doing great at the box office,奥斯卡热门电影,票房很好,a consensus idea of what a quality Hollywood film is.公认的好莱坞电影高品质电影。It pretty much flunks the Bechdel test.但是贝尔德尔测试不及格。And I dont think it should, because a lot of the movie,我觉得这不应该。因为电影中的大部分情节I dont know if youve seen it, but a lot of the movie不知道你们看过没有,电影中的大部分情节takes place in this embassy where men and women都发生在发生人质劫持事件的大使馆内,are hiding out during the hostage crisis.男人和女人都躲在里面。Weve got quite a few scenes of the men我们看到好几个场景,having deep, angst-ridden conversations in this hideout,男人们在藏身处深刻而充满焦虑的对话。and the great moment for one of the actresses is而电影中一个女演员最出的情节to peek through the door and say, ;Are you coming to bed, honey?;是隔着一扇门问道,“睡觉么,亲爱的?”Thats Hollywood for you.这就是好莱坞。So lets look at the numbers.来看看统计数字。2011, of the 100 most popular movies,2011年前100部最流行的电影中,how many of them do you think actually have female protagonists?有多少部电影有女主角?Eleven. Its not bad.11部。不算太坏。Its not as many percent as the number of women就刚刚普选出的国会议员中weve just elected to Congress, so thats good.女性议员比例而言,这个比例算好的。But there is a number that is greater than this接下来这个比例比刚才的要高thats going to bring this room down.而这个比例会让在座各位震惊。Last year, The New York Times published a study去年,纽约时报发表了一份that the government had done.由政府完成的报告。Heres what it said.以下是内容。One out of five women in America每五名美国女性中就有一位say that they have been sexually assaulted some time in their life.曾经遇到过性骚扰。Now, I dont think thats the fault of popular entertainment.我不认为是流行圈的过错。I dont think kids movies have anything to do with that.我不认为这是由于儿童电影导致的。I dont even think that我甚至觉得music s or pornography are really directly related to that,色情音乐和电影跟这都没有直接关系,but something is going wrong,但是肯定哪里出问题了。and when I hear that statistic,当我听到这个统计数字,one of the things I think of is我当时想到的是thats a lot of sexual assailants.性骚扰者的数量竟然这么多。Who are these guys? What are they learning?他们是谁?他们怎么被教出来的?What are they failing to learn?他们漏学了什么?Are they absorbing the story that他们有没有理解电影的情节,a male heros job is to defeat the villain with violence一个男性英雄打败了残暴的反派and then collect the reward, which is a woman然后获得荣誉和奖励--就是一个没有朋友who has no friends and doesnt speak?又不说话(没有思想)的女人?Are we soaking up that story?我们有没有从这些故事中吸取到什么?201510/404661I think the future of this planet depends on humans, not technology, and we aly have the knowledge were kind of at the endgame with knowledge.我想地球的未来取决于人类自身,而非技术,而且我们已经意识到这一点,我们有点儿快到达知识终点的感觉,But were nowhere near the endgame when it comes to our perception.但要是说到对感知的认识我们离这个终点却还很遥远。We still have one foot in the dark ages.我们的一只脚还在中世纪的黑暗时代中。And when you listen to some of the presentations here and the extraordinary range of human capability, our understandings and then you contrast it with the fact.当你们在这里听到有些演讲,谈及人类非凡的才能和认知,然后你们把它跟事实对比一下。we still call this planet, Earth: its pretty extraordinary we have one foot in the dark ages.我们仍然叫这个行星地球,真是相当的不可思议。我们的一只脚在黑暗时代里。Just quickly: Aristotle, his thing was, Its not flat, stupid, its round.这里只快速点一下,亚里斯多德,他声称,它不是平的,它是圆的。Galileo,he had the Inquisition, so he had to be a little bit more polite伽利略,受宗教裁判所的压力,他必须稍微礼貌一些。his was, Its not in the middle, you know.他说,你们要知道它不在中心。And Hawkes: its not earth, stupid, its ocean.而霍克斯说,它不是地球,笨蛋,它是海洋。This is an ocean planet.这是一个海洋行星。T.S. Eliot really said it for me and this should give you goose bumps:艾略特已经替我说得很好了,这段话会让你起鸡皮疙瘩:we shall not cease from exploration and the end of our exploring shall be to return where we started and know the place for the first time.我们不应当停止探险,而到达探险终点时,我们应该回到出发的地方,并第一次真正了解它。And the next lines are, Through the unknown remembered gate,where the last of earth discovered is that which is the beginning.接下来的一句是,穿过未知的门,地球最后被发现的角落即是我们开始了解它的地方。So I have one message.于是我便得到一个信息,It seems to me that were all pointed in the wrong direction.我觉得我们似乎都在朝错误的方向走。For the rocketeers in the audience:在座的火箭专家们,I love what youre doing, I admire the guts, I admire the courage-but your rockets are pointed in the wrong goddamn direction.我喜欢你们所做的一切,我敬佩你们的胆识,我敬佩你们的勇气,但你们的火箭正在朝超级错误的方向飞。And its all a question of perspective.这完全是看问题的角度问题Let me try and tell you I dont mean to insult you, but look, if I,and Im not doing this for real because it would be an insult.让我试着来跟你们说说。我不想冒犯你们,但是,如果我不会真的这么做,因为这会是个侮辱,so Im going to pretend, and it softens the blow.所以我会假装,舒缓一下语气。Im going to tell you what youre thinking.我来说说你们正在想的东西。If I held up a square that was one foot square and the color of earth,and I held up another square that was the root two square如果我拿起一块1平方英尺的方块,颜色代表地球,再拿起一块根号2平方英尺的方块。so its 1.5 times bigger -- and was the color of the oceans; and I said, what is the relative value of these two things?即比第一个大了1.5倍,颜色代表海洋,请问,这两者间有什么相关关系?201501/353063Hi, everybody. One of the things that makes America great is our passion for innovation – that spirit of discovery and entrepreneurship that helps us meet any challenge. One of the greatest challenges of our time is climate change. Over the last seven years, weve made historic investments in clean energy that helped private sector companies create tens of thousands of good jobs. And today, clean power from the wind or the sun is actually cheaper in many communities than dirtier, conventional power. Its helped grow our economy and cut our total carbon pollution more than any other country on earth. That leadership helped bring nearly 200 nations together in Paris around the most ambitious climate agreement in history. And in Paris, we also launched one of the most important partnerships ever assembled to accelerate this kind of clean energy innovation around the world. Investors and business leaders including Bill Gates, Meg Whitman, and Mark Zuckerberg joined us, pledging their own money to help advance new technologies to the market. Thats important because well only meet this challenge if the private sector helps lead the way. As I said in my State of the Union Address, rather than subsidize the past, we should invest in the future. Thats why the budget I will send to Congress this Tuesday will double funding for clean energy research and development by 2020. This will include new investments to help the private sector create more jobs faster, lower the cost of clean energy faster, and help clean, renewable power outcompete dirty fuels in every state. And while Republicans in Congress are still considering their position on climate change, many of them realize that clean energy is an incredible source of good-paying jobs for their constituents. Thats why we were able to boost clean energy research and development in last years budget agreement. And I hope they support my plan to double that kind of investment. Because its making a difference across the country. In Idaho, our Battery Test Center is helping electric cars run longer on a single charge. In Ohio, entrepreneurs are pioneering new ways to harness wind power from the Great Lakes. In Tennessee, researchers are partnering with utilities to boost storage and solar power to create a more resilient electric grid. The point is, all across the country, folks are putting their differences aside to face this challenge as one. Washington should do the same. Thats how were going to solve this challenge – together. And thats how were going to give our kids and grandkids the future they deserve – one with a safe, secure, and prosperous planet. Thanks, everybody, and have a great weekend.201602/426537

And what a century it has been. America became the world s mightiest industrial power; saved the world from tyranny in two world wars and a long cold war; and time and again, reached out across the globe to millions who, like us, longed for the blessings of liberty.这是怎样的一个世纪啊。美国成为世界上最强大的工业大国,它把世界从两次世界大战和旷日持久的冷战的暴虐中拯救出来,并且一再向全球上百万像我们一样渴望自由赐福的人们伸出援助之手。Along the way, Americans produced a great middle class and security in old age; built unrivaled centers of learning and opened public schools to all; split the atom and explored the heavens; invented the computer and the microchip; and deepened the wellspring of justice by making a revolution in civil rights for African Americans and all minorities, and extending the circle of citizenship, opportunity and dignity to women.在这一进程中,美国产生了庞大的中产阶级和养老保障制度;建立了无与伦比的学习中心,并对全民开放公立学校;分裂了原子且探索了太空;发明了计算机和微芯片;通过发起一场非裔美国人和少数民族的民权革命及扩大妇女的公民权利、就业机会和人身尊严,从而深掘了正义之泉。Now, for the third time, a new century is upon us, and another time to choose. We began the 19th century with a choice, to sp our nation from coast to coast. We began the 20th century with a choice, to harness the Industrial Revolution to our values of free enterprise, conservation, and human decency. Those choices made all the difference.现在,也是第三次,一个新世纪到来,这又是一个选择的时候。我们进入十九世纪时有一个选择,使得我们国家从一个海岸扩展到另一个海岸。我们进入二十世纪时又有一个选择,使得工业革命能符合我们的价值观,即自由经营、养护环境、和捍卫人格尊严。这些选择使得一切迥然不同。 /201304/236970You know, if you havent got an argument thats that strong,你知道,如果你还没有比这一个说法更强的论点,then just dont waste my time, is what I say.那么就不要浪费我的时间。这是我的看法。Now, there is one argument话虽如此,有一种观点有些人认为,that some people do think really is that strong, and here it is.确实是很强,我们就在这儿讨论一下。People worry about overpopulation; they say,人们担心人口过多,他们说,;Well, if we fix aging, no ones going to die to speak of,“好吧,如果我们战胜老化,没有人类死亡可言,or at least the death toll is going to be much lower,或至少是死亡人数变得低得多,only from crossing St. Giles carelessly.变得只有不小心越过圣吉尔斯河而死。And therefore, were not going to be able to have many kids,因此,我们不需要有很多孩子,and kids are really important to most people.;可是孩子对多数人很重要。”And thats true.这是事实。And you know, a lot of people try to fudge this question,你知道,很多人试图捏造这个问题,and give answers like this.并给予这样的。I dont agree with those answers. I think they basically dont work.我不同意这些。我认为它们根本行不通。I think its true, that we will face a dilemma in this respect.我认为这是真的,我们会在这方面面临两难。We will have to decide whether to have a low birth rate,我们将必须决定是否有一个低生育水平,or a high death rate.或者高死亡率。A high death rate will, of course, arise from simply rejecting these therapies,拒绝这些战胜老化治疗,死亡率就会变高,in favor of carrying on having a lot of kids.当然,在这种情况下我们就能生许多孩子。And, I say that thats fine --我觉得这没问题 –the future of humanity is entitled to make that choice.人类的下一代,有权做出这个选择。Whats not fine is for us to make that choice on behalf of the future.不正确和不应该的是我们现在就替下一代的做出这个选择。If we vacillate, hesitate,如果因为我们犹豫,and do not actually develop these therapies,而不开发这些疗法,then we are condemning a whole cohort of people --那么我们就等于判了我们的子孙一个不能永远活着的命运。who would have been young enough and healthy enough本来因为他们够年轻,够健康,to benefit from those therapies, but will not be,可以获益于这些疗法。because we havent developed them as quickly as we could --但因为我们的犹豫,没有尽快开发这些疗法 –well be denying those people an indefinite life span,我们等于不让这些人有更长的寿命,and I consider that that is immoral.我认为这是不道德的。Thats my answer to the overpopulation question.这是我对人口过多的问题的回应。Right. So the next thing is,好,接下来的是,now why should we get a little bit more active on this?为什么我们应该在这一方面积极点?And the fundamental answer is that最根本的是,the pro-aging trance is not as dumb as it looks.亲老化恍惚并不像它看起来的那么笨。Its actually a sensible way of coping with the inevitability of aging.它其实是在应对无法避免的老化时的一个很明智的办法。Aging is ghastly, but its inevitable, so, you know,老化是可怕的,但它是不可避免的,所以,weve got to find some way to put it out of our minds,我们必须想尽办法把这想法从我们头脑中忘记,and its rational to do anything that we might want to do, to do that.理性地去做我们想要做的事情来改变。Like, for example, making up these ridiculous reasons例如,人类会想出这些荒谬的原因why aging is actually a good thing after all.来解释其实老化是件好事。But of course, that only works when we have both of these components.当然,这些荒谬的原因的起因有两个连接部分And as soon as the inevitability bit becomes a little bit unclear --只要命中注定那个部分在我们的脑海中没那么的肯定,and we might be in range of doing something about aging --我们就可以开始对战胜老化采取行动,this becomes part of the problem.这是老化问题的一部分。This pro-aging trance is what stops us from agitating about these things.这亲老化恍惚常常妨碍人们解决老化这个问题。And thats why we have to really talk about this a lot --这就是为什么我们一定要继续提出以及谈论这个课题,evangelize, I will go so far as to say, quite a lot --我甚至会说 –in order to get peoples attention, and make people realize为了吸引人们的注意力,使人们认识到,that they are in a trance in this regard.他们在这方面的恍惚,So thats all Im going to say about that.关于这个话题我就说到这里。Im now going to talk about feasibility.我现在要谈的是第三点,打败老化的可行性。And the fundamental reason, I think, why we feel that aging is inevitable其根本原因,我想,为什么我们认为老化是不可避免的,is summed up in a definition of aging that Im giving here.是可以用我在这儿给老化的定义作为总结。A very simple definition.这是一个非常简单的定义。Aging is a side effect of being alive in the first place,老化是一种活着的副作用,which is to say, metabolism.也就是说,新陈代谢的副作用。This is not a completely tautological statement;这并不是一个完全同义重复的声明,its a reasonable statement.它是一个合理的声明。Aging is basically a process that happens to inanimate objects like cars,老龄化基本上是一个过程,发生在无生命的物体如汽车,and it also happens to us,也发生在人类的身上,despite the fact that we have a lot of clever self-repair mechanisms,尽管我们的身体有很多聪明的自我修复机制,because those self-repair mechanisms are not perfect.因为这些自我修复机制还不完善。So basically, metabolism, which is defined as基本上,新陈代谢,就是说basically everything that keeps us alive from one day to the next,所有为了让我们能够每一天活着所维持的种种化学过程,has side effects.有副作用。Those side effects accumulate and eventually cause pathology.这些副作用会不断的积累,最终导致病理。Thats a fine definition. So we can put it this way:这是一个不错的定义。因此,我们可以这样表达,we can say that, you know, we have this chain of events.我们可以说,大家都知道,我们有着这一系列事件。And there are really two games in town,而且根据大多数人,对于推迟衰老,according to most people, with regard to postponing aging.只有两种方法。Theyre what Im calling here the ;gerontology approach; and the ;geriatrics approach.;这两种方法就是老年学和老年医学。201508/392002

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