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Samsung Electronics Co. said Saturday it plans to release its mobile payment system Samsung Pay in major markets, including China, next month, speeding up its efforts to expand the presence of the platform amid the rise of rivalry services.三星电子公司周六宣布,其移动付系统Samsung Pay将于下个月在包括中国在内的主要市场上线,以此在这一竞争中兴起的平台上加速扩大其务范围。Samsung Pay, first released in South Korea and the ed States last year, boasts around 5 million users.Samsung Pay去年在韩国和美国率先发布,目前大约拥有500万名用户。The South Korean tech giant said the service will kick off in China next month, adding that it is also preparing to launch in Australia, Brazil, Spain and a handful of other countries.这家韩国的科技巨头表示,这项务将于3月在中国上线,并准备在澳大利亚、巴西、西班牙等多个国家陆续推出。Samsung Pay supports magnetic secure transmission technology that works on traditional credit card machines. Like rivals Apple Pay and Android Pay, it also supports near field communication technology that requires a separate transaction device.Samsung Pay持传统信用卡设备使用的磁力安全传输技术,同时与竞争对手苹果付和安卓付一样持近场通讯技术。While the Samsung Pay platform was initially available for high-end smartphones, the company said it aims to have the service installed in its budget models as well, rolling out the Galaxy A5 and the Galaxy A7 last month.虽然Samsung Pay平台最初只持高端智能手机,但是三星方面表示,公司计划也将该务安装在其低端机型上,包括上个月刚刚推出的Galaxy A5和Galaxy A7。 /201602/427708

Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge南京长江大桥Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge in the north-west of the Yangtze River, connecting the urban areas with the Pukou District, is one of China#39;s own design and construction of double-lane highways, railways dual-use bridge, completed on December 29, 1968.南京长江大桥位于南京市西北长江上,连通市区与浦口区,是一座我国自己设计建造的双层双线公路、铁路两用桥,1968年12月29日竣工。Highway, on top of the bridge, is 4589 meters long with 15 meters wide carriageway, which can accommodate four large auto parallel. The two sides also have more than two meters wide sidewalks. The railway bridge is 6772 meters long, 14 meters wide, with the two-track shop. Two trains can be off at the same time. The bridge on surface of the river is 1577 meters long, and the remaining is for the highway bridge with the rich Chinese characteristics Double Arch Bridge hyperbolic form. 200 iron relieves are embedded into the highway bridge railings on both sides, besides, there are 150 pairs of magnolia flower-shaped lights on sidewalks. Each of two north-south ends of the bridge has a 70 meters high bridge tower. The lift in the tower will carry people reach the railroad bridge, the road bridge and the watch station on the tower. In front of each tower, it stands a 10-metre high sculpture of worker-peasant-soldier. Down the south tower, it is a beautiful park.上层的公路桥长4589米,车行道宽15米,可容4辆大型汽车并行,两侧还各有2米多宽的人行道;下层的铁路桥长6772米,宽14米,铺有双轨,两列火车可同时对开。其中江面上的正桥长1577米,其余为引桥,公路引桥采用富有中国特色的双孔双曲拱桥形式。公路正桥两边的栏杆上嵌着200幅铸铁浮雕,人行道旁还有150对白玉兰花形的路灯,南北两端各有两座高70米的桥头堡,堡内有电梯可通铁路桥、公路桥及桥头堡上的嘹望台。堡前还各有一座高十余米的工农兵雕塑。南堡下是一个风景秀丽的公园。On December 18, 1968, China#39;s own design and construction of the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge was opened to traffic. It marks a leap of China#39;s bridge construction. Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge is recorded by Guinness World Revenue.The completion of the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, shortened one and a half hours by ferry from the river in the past to two minutes by train on the bridge, greatly facilitated cross-strait exchanges and the exchange of personnel, materials, promoting the economic development and people#39;s lives.1968年12月18日,中国自行设计和施工的南京长江大桥建成通车。它标志着中国桥梁建设的一个飞跃。南京长江大桥被收入世界吉尼斯纪录。南京长江大桥建成,使南来北往的火车由过去靠轮渡过江的一个半小时缩短为两分钟,大大方便了长江两岸的物资交流和人员来往,对促进经济发展和改善人民生活产生了积极的作用。 /201602/419393

Thousands of Apple Macbook owners are campaigning for action over reported issues with the laptop’s retina screen .They are reporting ;horrific stains; sping across screens, in the forms of spots and patches。数千名苹果电脑用户因报道的视网膜屏幕问题,共同采取了行动。他们表示屏幕上出现了“可怕的斑迹”,或是斑点或是斑块。Phi Chong, a software engineer, told the B he has had to replace his screen twice in the last two years. He said he had been told Apple would not carry out further screen repairs。软件工程师Phi Chong接受B采访时说道,过去两年间,不得不更换两次屏幕。此外,他还被告知,苹果公司将不再对屏幕进行进一步维修。The firm told the users should contact its Apple support centre.One Macbook repair specialist indicated that this was not a common problem.But users who have been affected are concerned they will face expensive service fees once their warranties and/or extended AppleCare protection plans expire。公司告诉用户应联系苹果持中心。一名苹果电脑维修专家表示这并非是常见问题。但是受影响的用户担心,一旦超出保修期,将面临高昂的维修费用。A website called ;Staingate; has been set up by a group unhappy with Apple’s response. Some of them say they have been told they will have to pay 0 for repair work。一些对苹果公司回馈不满的用户创建了网页Staingate。其中一些人表示被告知将付800美元的维修费用。A Facebook group formed by people experiencing problems with their Macbook screens has 1,752 members, and Staingate claims to have been contacted by more than 2,500 people so far.US legal firm Whitfield Bryson amp; Mason has contacted the Facebook group offering to investigate。1752名苹果电脑出现问题的用户共同组成了一个脸书网组织,网站 Staingate。该网站表示到目前为止有2500人互相联系。美国律师事务所Whitfield Bryson amp; Mason已开始与该脸书网组织联系,提供调查。The group has also set up a petition on the Change.org website which asks Apple chief executive Tim Cook to ;take immediate action; to address the issue.Some people say problems with the screen can start appearing within a few months of purchasing the laptops。该组织还在网站Change.org上,发起请愿活动,要求苹果总裁 Tim Cook就此“立即采取行动”。一些人表示购买之后的几个月中,屏幕就会出现问题。While many people on the Facebook page are reporting that Apple stores around the world - including in Berlin, Hong Kong and New Zealand - are agreeing to carry out free screen repairs outside the warranty period, others said they had been told it was ;cosmetic damage;, which is not usually covered。但是很多人在脸书网页上表示全球各地的苹果专卖地,如柏林、香港以及新西兰的苹果专卖店都同意在保修期外为用户提供免费屏幕维修,但是也有人表示这属于“外表损伤”,不包括在维修范围内。Apple has not confirmed whether there is an issue with the screens, or what might be causing the damage. Its 2013 models seem to be worst affected, but there are online forums discussing the problem dating back to 2009.苹果公司还未确认屏幕是否有问题,或者造成这种问题的原因。2013年的屏幕损伤最严重,但是2009年时网上就有网络论坛对此进行探讨。;Customers who experience problems with their Apple products should contact AppleCare,; a spokesperson told the B。一名发言人接受B采访时表示:“发现苹果产品有问题的用户请于苹果售后联系。” /201507/385620

Ling Qu灵渠Ling Qu(Ling Canal),also called Dou River or Xing’an Canal,was an ancient canal that connected the Yangtze River system and Pearl River system. ling Qu,located in the current Xing’an County in Southwest China’s Guan-gxi Zhuang Autonomous Region,was the earliest canal with sluice gate in the world.灵渠是中国沟通长江水系和珠江水系的古运河。又名陡河、兴安运河,在今广西壮族自治区兴安县境内。灵渠是世界最早的有闸运河。The canal was dug in 219 at the order of Din Shihuang(the First Emperor of China),to facilitate the transportation of grain for the military after he sent his troops south to conquer the territory south of the Meiling Mountain. It connected the Xiangjiang River and the Lijiang River.Later, every dynasty revamped the canal,making it the major water course that linked the Lingnan Region(current Guang-dong Province and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region)and the central partof China.秦国统一六国后,向岭南用兵,秦始皇二十八年(前219年),派监郡御史禄开凿灵渠运粮,沟通了湘江和漓江。由于历代不断增修改进,灵渠成为联接来岭南(今中国南部广东广西)与中原地区的主要交通线路。After the People’s Republic of China was founded in 1949,the canal undertook extensive repairs, turning into an important water resource for irrigation,drinking and industrial production,as well as a scenic spot. Currently,it is an important cultural relic of the country.中华人民共和国成立后,国家对灵渠全面整修,基本保留了传统工程面貌,使其成为灌溉、城市供水和风景游览综合利用的水利工程,是全国重点保护文物。 /201512/410687

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