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重庆星宸皮肤可靠吗重庆市星辰医学美容医院在哪里?重庆星宸整形医院报价 Progress through this swamp has slowed to a snail#39;s pace.穿过这片沼泽地的速度简直慢得不像话It might be a haven for frogs,but if I#39;m honest, they can keep it.这大概是青蛙梦想的天堂 老实说 还是让它们来享受好了Hang on. This is crazy, crazy, crazy.等等 这实在让人抓狂 抓狂啊The river#39;s just here. It#39;s just there is no bank to it.只有河 周围没有岸Though what there is a lot of are these reeds.但是周围有很多芦苇Let#39;s just see if they#39;re.我看看它们是不是No, these ones aren#39;t hollow.You can#39;t blow through these.不是 不是空心的 气吹不过去These are little compartments that are airtight.这一节一节的都是不透气的And that means these reeds are gonna be really buoyant.这意味着这些芦苇的浮力很大I#39;m just wondering whether it might be actually more efficient我在想 是不是用大捆大捆的芦苇to try and build a raft out of loads and loads of these and try and float down the river.做个竹筏顺流而下 从而加快我的行进速度To be honest, anything#39;s got to be better than this.老实说 随便怎样都比现在好Okay. Come on. Let#39;s commit to this.走吧 做竹筏去Let#39;s gather a load of reeds.先收集一大堆芦苇Reeds flourish in freshwater marshes like this all around the world.全世界 芦苇在淡水沼泽里 都长得非常茂盛For years, they#39;ve been used to make boats,多年来 它们都是做船的好材料some capable of traveling huge distances across oceans.有些甚至可以远渡横洋You know, civilizations have used reeds like this人类利用芦苇的历史for literally thousands of years.可以追溯到几千年之前Okay, what I want to do is split them, turn it around我先把它们分开 掉个头and look what you end up with.The thin, tapered end here.然后你可以看到 这里是最细的地方 Article/201705/508145重庆市第一人民医院地址

重庆第一附属医院哪个好Conversation A: At a ReceptionMARTIN: Hello, I'm Martin Learner.?DEBBIE: I'm Debbie Johnson.?MARTIN: Pardon?DEBBIE: I'm Debbie Johnson. This is Mr O'Brien.?MARTIN: Hello. I'm Martin Learner. I'm a reporter.?DEBBIE: Mr O'Brien is a reporter!MARTIN: Good. I'm happy to meet you.?DEBBIE: Mr Learner. This is Mrs Montgomery. She's an engineer.?MARTIN: Hello.?MELANIE:Good afternoon. I'm Melanie Montgomery. I'm happy to meet you.?MARTIN: Thank you. You're an engineer?MELANIE: Yes, I'm an engineer.?MARTIN: This is Mr O'Brien.?JIM: Hello. I'm Jim O'Brien. How are you?MELANIE: Fine, thanks.?MARTIN: He's a reporter.?JIM: He's a reporter, too.?MELANIE: Hello, Valerie.?VALERIE: Melanie! How are you?MELANIE: Fine, thanks. How are you?VALERIE: Fine, thanks. ?MELANIE: Valerie, this is Jim O'Brien.VALERIE: Hello.?JIM: Good afternoon.?MELANIE: And this is Martin Learner.?MARTIN: Good afternoon. We've met.?VALERIE: Oh, yes. At the airport.?MARTIN: How are you?VALERIE: Fine, thanks.?MELANIE: Valerie is an accountant.?JIM: At the airport?VALERIE: Yes.?MELANIE: Mr O'Brien is a reporter. And Mr Learner is a reporter, too.?MARTIN: (together with Jim)JIM: That's right. We're both reporters.Practice 1:too 表示“也”,一般放在句尾,其前加逗号。both 表示“两个都”,如谓语是 be 动词时,放其后;谓语是行为动词时放其前。Examples: I speak Chinese. You speak Chinese, too.We both speak Chinese.Mary is an American. Lucy is an American, too.?They are both Americans.?Mary is an accountant. Lucy is an accountant, too.?They are both accountants.?Mary speaks English. Lucy speaks English, too.?They both speak English.会话A:会上?马 丁:你好,我是马丁·勒纳。?黛 比:我是黛比·约翰逊。?马 丁:对不起,请再说一遍。?黛 比:我叫黛比·约翰逊,这是奥布赖恩先生。?马 丁:你好,我叫马丁·勒纳,我是记者。?黛 比:奥布赖恩先生是名记者。?马 丁:好,见到你很高兴。?黛 比:勒纳先生,这是蒙哥马利夫人,她是工程师。?马 丁:你好。?梅勒妮:下午好,我叫梅勒妮·蒙哥马利,见到你很高兴。?马 丁:谢谢,你是工程师梅勒妮:对,我是工程师。?马 丁:这是奥布赖恩先生。?吉 姆:你好,我叫吉姆·奥布赖恩,你好吗梅勒妮:很好,谢谢。?马 丁:他是记者。?吉 姆:他也是记者。?梅勒妮:你好,瓦莱丽。?瓦莱丽:梅勒妮!你好吗梅勒妮:很好,谢谢。你好吗瓦莱丽:很好,谢谢。?梅勒妮:瓦莱丽,这是吉姆·奥布赖恩。?瓦莱丽:你好。?吉 姆:下午好。?梅勒妮:这是马丁·勒纳。?马 丁:下午好。我们见过面。?瓦莱丽:噢,是的,在飞机场。?马 丁:你好吗瓦莱丽:很好,谢谢。?梅勒妮:瓦莱丽是会计。?吉 姆:在飞机场瓦莱丽:是的。?梅勒妮:奥布赖恩先生是记者,勒纳先生也是记者。?马 丁:(和吉姆一起)?吉 姆:对,我们都是记者。Conversation BDEBBIE: Mr O'Brien. This is Miss Genaux.?JIM: Pardon?DEBBIE: This is Miss Genaux.?JIM: We've met.?DEBBIE: Oh, well, this is Mr Greer.?JIM: Pardon?DEBBIE: This is Mr Greer.?JIM: Hello, I'm Jim O'Brien. How are you?PETER: I'm Peter. Peter Greer. I'm fine, thanks.?DEBBIE: Mr Greer is an accountant.?JIM: Miss Genaux is an accountant, too.PETER: Pardon?JIM: Miss Genaux is an accountant, too.?VALERIE: Yes, I'm an accountant.Practice 3:Pardon? 表示没听清对方说话,请对方重复。还可以说“I beg your pardon?”或“Pardon me?”注意:说的时候要用升调。“Introduction of Others”介绍他人This is ___________. 这是____________。Pardon? 对不起,请再说一遍好吗Examples: DEBBIE: This is Miss Genaux.? JIM: Pardon? DEBBIE: This is Miss Genaux. And this is Mr Greer.? JIM: Pardon? DEBBIE: This is Mr Greer. /200602/3369重庆星辰是公立的 重庆星辰医院靠谱吗?

重庆星辰医院好? This stagnant muskeg is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitos.这片臭气蒸腾的沼泽 滋生了大量蚊子I hate mosquitos!But mother nature has provided a solution.我讨厌蚊子 但大自然提供了解决方法Okay.Covering yourself with mud puts a protective layer between you and the mosquito.好吧 往身上涂满泥巴 在你与蚊子间建立一道防护层I think I#39;d rather have the mosquitos.我宁愿让蚊子咬我This doesn#39;t smell too good.Okay, let#39;s keep going.这玩意太难闻了 好了 继续前进There#39;s a bit of a game trail over here.这有点像追踪游戏Using animal tracks makes the going easier and very often leads to fresh water.循着兽迹前进能让旅程变得轻松 它们往往通向有淡水的地方Last stretch, guys.Big push, big energy.伙计们 最后一段了 一鼓作气Further down the valley,We come face-to-face with the river.Oh, no.下了山谷之后 我们终于来到了河边 倒霉It#39;s wide and charging with freezing water.河面很宽 流水冰冷刺骨This is bustingly cold glacier water, this.这水也太冰了吧Four or five strong strokes, we#39;ll be across that.This sucks.用力划四五次 就能游过去了 太扯了The way we#39;re gonna do this is efficiently and fast, all right?要想游过去 必须迅捷果敢 明白吗We want to be in that water the least amount of time we have to be.如果可能的话 尽可能减少在水中停留的时间But we#39;ve also got to make it safe, you know?但也要确保安全 都明白吗And there is a strong possibility in water that cold,不过在如此冰冷的河水中 你们很有可能you panic, and that#39;s why we#39;re gonna use the rope.会惊慌失措 因此我们要牵一段绳子 I prayed for this not to happen, dude.但愿这不会发生 兄弟 Article/201707/516385重庆星辰皮肤是不是医保定点医院重庆市妇幼保健医院属于公立还是私立



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