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乌克兰苹果树王 样貌奇特年岁高 --6 :57:33 来源: 乌克兰苹果树王 样貌奇特年岁高This Ukrainian -year-old apple tree has a very unique way of staying aliveThe city of Krolevets, in Ukraine’s Sumy region, is home to the world’s most unique apple garden, consisting of only one tree. Spanning acres, the -year-old tree – known as ‘apple tree colony’ – has dozens of individually rooted trunks that constantly spring to life, making it seemingly impossible to die.乌克兰苏梅地区的克罗列韦茨市(Krolevets)坐落着世界上最奇特的苹果园,园内竟只有一株果树这棵名为“苹果树殖民地”的果树占地英亩,已达岁高龄全树有几十根树干扎根土中,枝繁叶茂,仿佛永生一般The tree seems to have worked out a brilliant survival strategy, and it looks prepared to survive centuries to come. It started off as a regular tree, but as it aged, its branches bent so low to the ground that they started to take root as well. Every time one of the ingrown trunks dies, its branches immediately bend to the ground and take root. It had only nine trunks in 1970, but that number had doubled by .这棵苹果树似乎有一套独特的生长机制,再活上几百年也不是问题它原本是棵普通的树,年复一年,枝条却渐渐低垂,扎根在了土中每当一条枝干枯萎,便会有枝条低垂入土1970年时,扎根的枝干只有9条,到了年,这个数字竟翻了一番Today, the tree-garden has several main trunks and dozens of rooted branches springing from each of them. It blooms every year, during the regular season, but its pink flowers are only visible on half the tree, while the other half rests. Its apples – locally known as Lozovka – are medium-sized and sweet with a slightly tart taste.如今,果树已有几株主干,长出的几十根枝条也都扎根地下每年花期到来,它便吐露新苞不过,只有一半的树枝会开出粉色小花,另一半则选择休养生息它结出的果实被当地人称作“罗索夫卡”(Lozovka),不大不小,甜中带酸Local legend has it that the tree was planted by Prince Peter Sergeev of the Meshchersky royal family. When he died, the tree mourned him and its branches bent to the ground, eventually giving rise to an apple tree colony. The prince was buried under his beloved tree in 188, and his gravestone is still visible today. Another version of the story says that the prince planted an apple tree on the grave of his wife who died when she was still young.当地传言,此树是梅什彻斯基皇室(Meshcersky)的彼得?瑟吉夫(Peter Sergeev)王子栽下的王子逝世时,连果树也为他哀悼,枝干垂入了地下,“苹果树殖民地”由此诞生188年,瑟吉夫王子被葬在了他心爱的苹果树下,墓碑至今依稀可见也有传说称,果树其实是栽在王妃之墓上的,为了纪念瑟吉夫王子英年早逝的爱人Some say that the tree was cursed, which is why it behaves more like a gooseberry bush than an apple tree. Several scientists have studied the tree in detail, but every attempt to recreate its survival mechanism has failed. In 197, the tree was declared a national monument of local importance by the Sumy Regional Council. In 1998, its status was upgraded to national importance.有人说,这株苹果树受了诅咒,生长方式变得如醋栗一样(注:醋栗的分枝能力很强,株丛内常能分出50多个枝)不少科学家仔细研究了果树,却始终无法参透它的生长机制197年,这棵树被苏梅地区议会定为地区级保护植物,1998年又升级为国家级保护植物英文来源:odditycentral.com译者:郭汪韬略。

  • 背负万众期待的窦靖童能成为下一站天后吗? --7 3:50: 来源:i1st 导读:她的母亲是乐坛天后王菲,她的父亲是摇滚怪才窦唯,卓越的音乐基因让人们对她抱有非同一般的期待现在“整个华语乐坛都在等她长大”的窦靖童终于正式出道了专注自己的音乐,不迎合主流,偏爱小众,窦靖童是否能复制父母昔日的辉煌? many years, Leah Dou’s biggest claim to fame was being the daughter of musicians Faye Wong and Dou Wei. Only recently has the 19-year-old stepped out of her parents’ shadows, by starting her own career in the Mando-pop world.多年来,窦靖童的名气来自于她的父母——歌手王菲和窦唯不久前,这位19岁少女正式进军华语乐坛,开启了自己的歌唱事业,逐渐摆脱父母的光环Her debut album Stone Café, released on April , features songs that Dou wrote in English – an artistic choice seemingly aimed at shirking mainstream acceptance in her native China. And yet, Stone Café has succeeded in attracting widesp attention, in part thanks to Dou’s musical pedigree.月日,她发行了自己的首张专辑《石头咖啡馆,该专辑收录了窦靖童创作的首英文歌曲选择英文歌似乎出于艺术方面的考虑,试图逃避融入中国主流(音乐)可是《石头咖啡馆还是成功吸引了大众的广泛关注,成功的部分原因可能要归功于窦靖童的身份Critics and listeners alike have praised Dou’s creativity and vocal range, but still, she undisputedly owes some of her popularity to her pop diva mother and her rock star father, both legendary in their respective fields.乐评人和乐迷们一致盛赞窦靖童的创造力和音域,但是不可否认,她之所以如此受欢迎和她的天后老妈和摇滚老爸不无关系他们都是各自的领域里的传奇人物Dou has struck out on her own musical path though, leaning heavily toward niche genres. “Her music merges together the characteristics of alternative pop in the 1990s and the elements of modern indie pop,” a music critic wrote under the pen name Aidiren in his review the Beijing Times.尽管如此,窦靖童却选择了属于自己的音乐之路,风格偏向于小众音乐笔名爱地人的乐评人在《新京报的一篇上写道:“她的音乐融合了世纪90年代另类流行音乐的特点和现代独立流行乐的元素”She has also been uncompromising when it comes to her artistic vision, at least publicly. Her songs are not designed to be earworms, tailor-made heavy rotation on the radio and online.在艺术视野上,她毫不妥协,至少对外表现出是这样她的歌不以成洗脑歌为目标,更不去迎合电台、网络热门金曲风格Even Dou’s mother focused on traditional, plaintive love songs such as Vulnerable Woman (《容易受伤的女人) to build her fan base early in her career, bee she transmed into an eccentric songstress. Dou skipped this process altogether.就连她的妈妈王菲在转型为特立独行的歌手之前,也曾专注于传统的伤心情歌(如《容易受伤的女人)为自己建立粉丝基础窦靖童完全跳过了这一步“I only care about conveying what I feel like in my music,” she told Southern Metropolis Daily. “If something I want to write happens to be widely accepted, that’s good. But if not, I just don’t care.”她告诉《南方都市报:“我在乎的是通过音乐传达我的感受如果我写的东西碰巧被大家接受,那很棒如果没有,我也不在乎”Even her public image is at odds with the mainstream. Large swaths of the Chinese public hold conservative opinions about gender, but Dou nevertheless dresses in a bold, androgynous fashion. She cropped her hair and dyed it pink, and both her arms have tattoos.她的公众形象也和主流毫不沾边大部分中国公众的性别观念还很保守,但窦靖童的衣着却走的是大胆中性时尚风她剪了短发,还把头发染成粉红色,她的双臂上都有纹身Dou’s album is named after a college canteen named Stone Café, which was located upstairs from one of her classes when she was enrolled in a Calinia arts school in . She spent her time there exploring various types of music. Most of the songs on her album were composed during that time. Writing in English was more “comtable”, she told the newspaper.窦靖童的新专辑取名自一家名为石头咖啡馆的大学餐厅,这家咖啡馆在她年入学的加州艺术学院的教室楼上她在这里花了不少时间学习各种类型的音乐专辑中的大部分歌曲也是在这一时期创作的用英语创作更“舒”,她告诉《南都记者However, listening to English might not be as comtable Chinese listeners. It remains to be seen whether Mando-pop fans will embrace Dou’s unique brand of music, with the same level of enthusiasm that propelled her parents to stardom.不过对中国听众来说,听英语可能就不那么舒了华语乐迷会不会像推崇她的父母那样接受窦靖童独特的音乐风格,还有待观察。
  • 世界空气最差城市:印度个城市入围 因过节放鞭炮 --31 :: 来源: Air quality in New Delhi will deteriorate to "severe" levels this week when Indians set off firecrackers to celebrate the Hindu festival of lights, a government scientist said, leaving many at risk of respiratory problems.  印度人民为庆祝排灯节纷纷燃放烟花爆竹,这种习俗让新德里的空气遭受污染,达到“严重级别”一名政府科学家说,这会增加民众患呼吸道疾病的危险  The warning, based the first time on India's newly launched national Air Quality Index, is significant as New Delhi dismissed a World Health Organization study in May which found the capital to have the world's worst air pollution.  今年五月在世界卫生组织的一项全球城市空气质量的调查中,新德里空气污染程度位居首位,但印度政府对此并不接受,并制定了印度新版全国空气质量指数  The study, which covered 1,600 cities, also said that India has of the cities with the worst air quality worldwide.  世卫组织的这项调查中包括了00个城市,其中有个印度城市“入围”全球空气质量最差城市前名  "Delhiites are going to breathe very poor-to-severe air at least two days," said Gufran Beig, chief scientist at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, referring to Thursday, when the nation celebrates Diwali, and a day after.  “新德里的居民还将继续忍受这样的空气,至少还得两天”印度热带气象研究所的首席科学家古夫兰·贝格在上周排灯节庆祝期间说  The city of over million people will see its air pollution index jump to 50 from currently. A ing above 01 could put the healthy at risk respiratory problems and seriously affect those aly ill, the new index explains.  新德里的00多万人口还得亲身体验空气质量指数从飙升至50的过程根据印度新颁布的空气质量指数来看,超过01就已经会增加民众患呼吸道疾病以及严重感染其他疾病的危险了  Pollution levels in Indian cities have often been compared to Chinese counterparts such as Beijing, notorious the smog that prompted some Anglophone residents to dub it "Greyjing".  印度的空气质量污染情况常拿来与中国的北京等城市相比,北京因为空气质量长期受到雾霾的影响而被称为“灰京”  "Over the next three days the air quality will be worse than Beijing because of firecrackers," Beig said, adding that Delhi normally has better air quality than the Chinese capital.  “接下来的三天因为烟花爆竹的影响,空气质量会比北京还差”贝格说,平时新德里的空气状况要优于北京。
  • 专家解密如何解酒 起床再喝一杯? --9 :57:56 来源: as long as people have been drinking too much, they have been searching a cure that ded morning after hangover.   只要一个人有过酩酊大醉的时候,他们就一定曾寻找过解决宿醉之后可怕的第二天清晨   Raw eggs with or without Worcestershire sauce is apparently one cure; others eat chocolate or a bacon sandwich - but the answer could be as simple as to carry on doing what you were doing that caused the hangover – have a drink.   淋上辣酱油的生鸡蛋——也可以不加——无疑是办法之一;还有人选择吃巧克力或者培根三明治然而真正的解决方法非常简单:是什么导致了你的宿醉——饮酒——而它也是解决你宿醉困扰的办法   Adam Rogers, the author of Proof: the Science of Booze, is of the opinion that the 'hair of the dog' makes you feel better, but the question is why it does this, and importantly whether it's really a good idea.   《论:畅饮的学问的作者亚当·罗杰斯认为醒酒液会让人感到更舒一些,然而问题在于为什么它会如此起作用,而且喝醒酒液到底是不是个好主意   Every alcoholic drink contains, as well as ethanol, small traces of the poisonous methanol. In high doses methanol can make people go blind or even die because the body converts it to maldehyde, a poison used as a preservative in some laboratories. Doctors treat methanol poisoning by giving patients ethanol to prevent its change into maldehyde.   每种酒精饮料除了包含乙醇,都会有微量的有毒甲醇甲醇摄入量过高会致盲或致死,因为人的身体会把它转化成甲醛——在实验室里作为防腐剂使用的有毒物质针对甲醇中毒,医生们通常会开出含有乙醇的处方,以防它转化为甲醛   'If methanol poisoning is at least in part responsible a hangover, having a drink the next morning may alleviate symptoms,' said Mr Rogers although he was at pains to point out that the theory was 'hypothetical' at best.   “如果甲醇中毒是宿醉的原因之一,那么第二天早上再喝一杯有可能缓解症状”罗杰先生如此说道,尽管他仍需要承认该理论尚处于假设阶段   Lauren Owen, a psychopharmacologist at Keele University and a member of the Alcohol Hangover Research Group, agreed that there was some scientific support the idea. 'Alcohol acts on a number of chemicals in the brain to increase feelings of pleasure. Reduction of hangover symptoms by "hair of the dog" may also be due to the activity of alcohol on neurotransmitter systems.'   劳伦·欧文是基尔大学的精神药理学家,同时也是宿醉研究小组的成员之一她认为喝酒解宿醉的方法是有科学依据的,“酒精会使大脑产生化学反应,从而增加愉悦的感觉通过饮用醒酒液的方法减轻宿醉很可能同样基于酒精对脑神经元的刺激”   One thing that appears to have no scientific basis is rehydration. Mr Rogers said: 'You can get rid of the dehydration and you are still hungover.'   然而目前并没有科学据明喝水可以解酒罗杰先生说道:“你可能会摆脱脱水症状,不过宿醉却不会得到缓解”。
  • 朝鲜代表抵京,六方会谈有望重启 -- :: 来源: 朝鲜六方会谈副代表崔善姬日抵达中国,参加日至3日在北京举行的“东北亚合作对话会” A North Korean diplomat who was part of the so-called six-party talks aimed at ending the country’s nuclear program arrived on Monday in China, where she is expected to attend a um in which the U.S. nuclear envoy will take part, Japan’s Kyodo news agency said.一位旨在结束朝鲜核试验的六方会谈的朝鲜外交官周一抵达中国,将参加美国特使也会参加的论坛,日本共同社称If the diplomat does take part, it would be a rare gathering of experts from the six countries, coming weeks after Chinese President Xi Jinping said he would like to see the six-party talks resume.如果该官员参加会谈,将会是六国的罕见相聚,几周前,习近平主席说希望看到六方会谈再次启动Isolated North Korea conducted its fourth nuclear test in January and a long-range rocket launch the following month in defiance of U.N. resolutions, prompting the U.N. Security Council to impose new sanctions.特立独行的朝鲜在一月份展开了第四次核试验,并无视联合国的决议,在接下来的月份发射了长射程火箭,引起联合国安理会实施新制裁China, reclusive North Korea’s only major ally, has been angered by its nuclear and missile programs. Xi said in April China wanted to see a resumption of the six-party talks, which have been stalled since .中国作为受到孤立的朝鲜的唯一盟友,被其核计划和导弹计划激怒习近平在四月份表示,中国希望恢复六方会谈,该会谈自年陷入僵局The North Korean diplomat, Choe Son Hui, is deputy director-general of the North Korean eign Ministry’s U.S. affairs bureau, according to South Korea. She was a delegate to the stop-start six-party nuclear talks, hosted by China.朝鲜官员崔善姬是朝鲜外交部美国事务局的副局长,据韩国消息她是由中国主持的走走停停的六方会谈的代表Choe was expected to attend the closed-door Northeast Asia Cooperation Dialogue in Beijing, hosted by the Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation at the University of Calinia, San Diego, Kyodo said.崔善姬将参加北京举行的“东北亚合作对话会”,该会议由圣地亚哥加利福尼亚大学的全球矛盾与合作中心主持,共同社报道The annual dialogue is an inmal multilateral conference attended by government officials and scholars from the ed States, South Korea, Japan, Russia and China, the five countries involved in the six-party talks along with North Korea.这个一年一度的对话是非正式多边会议,来自美国,韩国,日本,俄罗斯和中国的政府官员和学者都有参加,这五个国家与朝鲜一起是六方会谈的国家"We hope that this conference can make a meaningful inquiry into the relevant cooperation issues in northeast Asia," Chinese eign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told reporters in Beijing.“我们希望该会议是东北亚的相关合作问题作有意义的探索,”中国外交部发言人华春莹告诉北京记者The U.S. State Department said last week that Sung Kim, the U.S. special representative North Korea policy, would attend the um in Beijing.美国国务院上周表示,美国在朝鲜政策的特别代表Sung Kim将参加北京的论坛Kyodo said Japan may also send its top nuclear negotiator.共同社称日本也可能派遣其高级核问题谈判者参加State Department spokesman John Kirby said on Monday that Kim has no plans to meet with his North Korean counterparts during the session.美国国务院发言人John Kirby周一称,Kim在这次会议上没有与韩国与会者见面的计划It was unclear if Choe would hold separate meetings with officials from other countries.崔善姬是否会与其他国家的官员分别会面仍不清楚Choe attended a security conference in in China, but no representatives from North Korea have taken part since, according to the Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation.崔善姬于年参加了中国的安全会议,但之后没有朝鲜代表参与过会议,据全球矛盾和合作中心介绍The visit comes after career diplomat Ri Su Yong, one of North Korea’s highest-profile officials, visited China and held a rare meeting with Xi.该访问是继朝鲜最高级别的官员之一朝鲜外相李洙墉访问中国并与习近平进行罕见会面之后的又一访问。
  • 欧洲公司发现在中国环境“越来越不友好” -- :57:56 来源: 欧盟商会调查显示,欧洲公司感觉在中国经营越来越困难 European companies say operating in China is growing increasingly difficult as they battle loosely defined laws, perceived protectionism and industrial overcapacity.欧洲公司说在中国经营越来越困难,它们不得不在定义松散的法律、保护主义和产能过剩间夹缝生存The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, a trade group representing over 1,600 European companies operating in the world’s second-largest economy, said in an annual business confidence survey that the environment is “increasingly hostile” toward eign companies and “perpetually tilted” in favor of domestic players.中国的欧盟商会代表着一个超过00家欧洲企业在这个世界第二大经济体运营的贸易集团,在年度商业信心调查中说,环境对外国公司“越来越不友好”,并对国内企业“不断倾斜”Pessimism among European companies operating in China reached an all-time high, it said, with 31% of respondents bearish about the profit outlook, up 8 percentage points compared with levels.在中国经营的欧洲企业的悲观情绪达到了空前的高度,调查说,31%的受访者预期盈利会下跌,该数字与年的水平相比上升了8个百分点And 70% said they felt significantly less welcome in China than in years past, up 7 percentage points over .并且有70%称,过去几年,它们在中国感觉到明显的不那么受欢迎,这个数字较年上升了7个百分点Particularly negative in their outlook: the machinery, inmation technology, telecommunications and chemical industries.特别负面的是机器业、信息技术业、电信业和化工行业European companies surveyed said China has moved too slowly in cutting the number of factories currently producing more goods than buyers want.接受调查的欧洲公司称中国在关闭目前超产的工厂的进程太慢Mats Harborn, executive director of Scania Sales China Co., an arm of the Swedish bus and truck maker and among the companies surveyed, said weak encement of vehicle-safety standards in China often favor local players in a position to bend the rules.瑞士汽车和火车制造商的分斯堪尼亚销售(中国)有限公司执行总裁Mats Harborn在访问中称,中国在汽车安全标准方面的执行不力,往往偏袒当地企业“Transportation is a good indicator of how China’s doing as a whole. They’ve made some progress but it’s far from enough,” Mr. Harborn said.“交通运输是中国整体水平的良好指标他们有所改善,但还远远不够,”Harborn先生说“There’s massive overcapacity when it comes to transportation. It’s quite messy. We’d like to see proper encement so everyone follows the same rules and competes on service.”“在交通运输方面存在着大规模的产能过剩这挺乱的我们希望看到合理的执行,所有人都遵循一样的规则,为同等的务竞争”While companies in the auto and food and beverage industries reported strong profit growth, the chamber reported, virtually all sectors have been hit by China’s weakening economy, which decelerated to 6.7% in the first quarter, its slowest pace since the global financial crisis.虽然汽车、食品和引领行业的公司公布了强劲的利润增长,然而商会报告,几乎所有的行业都遭到中国经济疲软的重创,在第一季度,经济放缓了6.7%,为全球财政危机以来最低The expectation is that “the worst is yet to come,” the report said of China’s downturn.报告称,中国的经济衰退“最糟糕的还在后头”Despite growing difficulties, however, over 85% of companies surveyed said they were still profitable or breaking even in China, reflecting an official growth rate that remains among the fastest of any major economy.尽管有越来越多的困难,但是,接受调查的公司有超过85%表示他们仍然在中国盈利或收平衡,这反映了其仍然是主要经济体之间官方增长速度最快的。
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