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2019年08月19日 15:19:22 | 作者:家庭医生专家 | 来源:新华社
A tour bus has plunged off a mountain road in Changji, Xinjiang, in Northwest China. 15 people are dead, and 21 others injured.一辆旅游巴士在中国新疆昌吉翻车。15人死亡,另有21人受伤。All the injured were taken to hospital-two have severe injuries. Thick fog and poor road conditions following days of heavy rain are being blamed for the accident.所有受伤人员均被送往医院,其中2位伤势严重。此次事故是由连日大雨后的大雾天气和湿滑道路所造成。The 36 people on the bus were returning to Changji from a local tourist attraction. Reports say the bus had passed safety inspection and was not overloaded.36名乘客当时正乘坐该巴士从当地某旅游景点返回昌吉途中。有报道称该巴士已经顺利通过安检并未有超载情况。 Article/201306/244711虽然珍妮·古道尔还未发现人和黑猩猩之间缺失的链接,可她比其他人更接近成功。这位灵长类动物学家说,人与黑猩猩之间惟一的真正区别是我们有复杂的语言。她敦促我们着手用语言改变世界。 Article/201410/331710

Around 100 competitors, sporting facial hair of all sorts of shapes and sizes, have gathered in the German town of Pforzheim.近100名蓄着各式各样胡须的参赛者齐聚德国普福尔茨海姆小镇。They are taking part in an international beard competition, organised by a local group called ;Pforzemer Schnauz.; The club is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Prizes are awarded in 18 different categories, recognising the best looking and most obscure facial hair styles.他们将进行一场别开生面的比赛,这场比赛由一个名叫Pforzemer Schnauz的当地组织举办。这个俱乐部正在庆祝其诞辰20周年.比赛将产生18个不同奖项,分别为最佳造型奖,最具风格奖等等。They include chin beards, moustaches and full beards. Competitors say it is a place to meet like-minded friends and have a beer together.参赛胡种有山羊胡,唇上胡和大胡子。参赛者们表示这是一个可以找到志趣相投朋友的地方,也是和朋友开怀畅饮的地方。 Article/201304/237425

I learned APL, you know, obviously, is part of the reason why I#39;m going through life sideways.我学了APL,很明显它丰富了我的人生Was it you look back and consider it, enriching experience that taught you to think in a different way, or not?你有没有觉得它教给你独特的思考方式?Err... No, not that particularly. Other language perhaps more so, I started with APL. 他语言也许更明显些,我最先学的APLSo I mean, obviously, the Apple II was a terrific success, just incredibly so.And the company grew like topsy and eventually went public. 显然Apple II很成功,公司飞速发展,成功上市and you guys got really rich. What#39;s it like to get rich?你们都成了富翁,富有的感觉如何?It#39;s very interesting. I was worth, err, about over an million dollars when I was 23, 很有趣,我23岁拥有超过100万美元的财产and over 10 million dollars when I was 24, and over a hundred million dollars when I was 25. 24岁超过了一千万,25岁超过了一亿And it wasn#39;t that important, Because I never did it for the money. 但这不重要,我不是冲着钱去的I think money is wonderful thing because it enables you to do things; it enables you to invest ideas that don#39;t have a short term payback and things like that. 钱允许你做想做的事. 钱让你实现那些短期内看不到效益的创意But especially at that point in my life, it was not the most important thing.但钱不是最重要的The most important thing was the company, the people, the products we were making, what we were going to enable people do with these products. 重要的是公司、人才、产品,是产品带给客户的价值So I didn#39;t think about it a great deal and I never sold any stock, 所以我不太看重金钱,我从不出售苹果的股票and just really believe the company would do very well over the long term. 我相信公司会发展得越来越好 /201306/244363

设计师Jared Ficklin创造了新颖的视觉,通过颜色甚至是火(首次在ted舞台上展示),使得我们能够看得到音乐,用来分析我们对声音的感觉。他简单地举了滑板运动场的例子,展示给我们他是怎样分析那里的声音的。同时,他也告诉我们声音是怎样激发我们的创意的。 Article/201405/294895

Obviously, over time,显然 随着时间的推移the subtle signals for any specific earthquake任何一次地震留下的细微痕迹disappears very quickly,都会很快消失and this has virtually disappeared in less than six months,事实上 它不到6个月就消失了so as we#39;re scrabbling around the hillsides,只要我们在山坡周围寻找we see signals every now and then,就可以不时地发现一些痕迹but the data is very sparse,但是这些数据很分散 very difficult to put together.很难把它们收集起来Geologists like Mike hope麦克等地质学家们希望 that by mapping the past,通过测绘已发生的地震遗址they#39;ll come closer to predicting the future.能让他们更进一步地预测未来的地震But even if you know where to measure,但即便你知道测量从何处下手every earthquake is complicated by a significant factor,仍有一个关键因素使地震趋于复杂how big it#39;s going to be.即地震的规模We don#39;t know what makes an earthquake start today我们不清楚地震为何发生在今日instead of yesterday.而不是昨天We also don#39;t know what makes it stop我们也不知道它为何停止and that#39;s what controls the size of the earthquake.而这决定着地震的规模A magnitude three starts at a point,比如 3级的地震由一点开始爆发you start to slip at a point地壳从这一点开始滑动and you have a rupture front that travels out并产生了一个延伸的破裂前沿and causes more of the fault to slip,造成了断层的更多滑动and in a magnitude three, you travel out this far.3级地震会延伸这么远In a magnitude five, it travels out for a kilometre or two.5级地震的时候 延伸1至2千米In a magnitude eight, it travels out for 500 kilometres,8级地震的时候 延伸500千米so when we#39;re trying to predict what the earthquake will be所以当我们去预测地震大小时we#39;re saying, it starts here,我们会说 它从这里开始but does it stop after one kilometre,但它是在1千米后就停止呢or does it stop after, um, 100 kilometres?还是在100千米后才停止 Article/201305/239258

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