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小学生英语话剧:小兔子乖乖把门开开 -- :1: 来源: 小学生英语话剧:小兔子乖乖把门开开(Christmas is coming,the rabbits' family are cheerfully y it.)(圣诞节到了,小兔子一家欢欢喜喜准备过圣诞节)Scene IMum:Children,i'm going to buy some Christmas gifts,you stay home tamely,do not open the door till i come back,okay?兔妈妈:孩子们,我出去买圣诞礼物,你们在家里乖乖地,等妈妈回来再开门,好不好?Rabbit A:Cool!Come back quickly!小兔甲:好!妈妈早点回来Rabbit B :Ok ,goodbye ,mom!小兔乙:好的,妈妈再见!Scene II(Mother rabbit went out,the little rabbits are playing games)(兔妈妈出门了,小兔们在一起做游戏)Wolf :( Look into the window,then knock at the door) (唱)小兔子乖乖,把门儿开开!小兔们:(唱)不开不开就不开,妈妈没回来,谁来也不开Wolf: bunnies, let me come in to play with you, OK?小灰狼:小兔们,请让我进去同你们一道玩,好不好?小兔们:(高兴地)好啊!科室,我们还不知道你是谁呀?Bunnies: ( pleased )! Department, we still don't know who you are?小灰狼:我是小灰狼The little wolf : I am a little wolf.小兔甲:小灰狼是谁呀?Rabbit: a little wolf who is?小兔乙:小灰狼是不是大灰狼的儿子?B: is it right? The little wolf wolf's son?小灰狼:我是大灰狼的儿子The little wolf: I was the son of the wolf.小兔们:(吃惊地)哇,你是大灰狼的儿子!Bunnies: ( surprised) wow, you are the wolf's son!小灰狼:小兔们,你们怎么了?The little wolf: bunnies, how are you?小兔丙:我妈妈说,大灰狼是大坏蛋你是他的儿子,就是小坏蛋喽!-教育城外语网推荐更多:美文欣赏 英文剧本 Rabbit C: my mom said, the wolf is the big bad wolf. You are his son, is a bad guy!小灰狼:(委屈地)我不是小坏蛋!The little wolf: ( you ) I'm not a bad guy!小兔们:(坚持地)你是小坏蛋!Bunnies: ( insist on ) you are the bad guy!小灰狼:我真的不是小坏蛋!The little wolf: I really not a bad guy!小兔甲:你怎么明你不是小坏蛋呢?The rabbit a: how do you prove that you are not a bad guy?小灰狼:我会唱很好听很好听的歌The little wolf: I will sing the best songs.小兔甲:你唱一个给我听听The rabbit a: you sing a to me to hear.小灰狼唱《We wish you a Merry ChristmasThe little wolf singing" We wish you a Merry Christmas"小兔甲:能够唱这么好听的歌的不会是坏蛋吧?The rabbit a: to be able to sing this song is not the bad guy?小兔乙、丙:对,坏蛋是不会唱歌的Rabbit B, C: Yes, bad guy won't sing.小灰狼:小兔们,我还会跳很好看很好看的舞呢!The little wolf: bunnies, I jump very good very good very good dance!小兔们:你跳一个一个给我们看看Bunnies: you jump a we have a look!.小灰狼:你们关着门,怎么能看见我跳舞呢?The little wolf: you shut the door, you can see me dance?小兔甲把门打开Rabbit of the door open.小兔们:小灰狼,你快进来给我们跳舞吧!Bunnies: little wolf, you come to the US dance!小灰狼:小兔们,我们一起来跳吧!The little wolf: bunnies, we dance!小兔们和小灰狼一边跳,一边唱:The baby rabbits and small gray wolf dances, singing:小灰狼和小白兔跳舞,The little wolf and the little white rabbit dance,跳呀跳呀一二一Jump one two one.我们跳得好快活呀,We danced so happy,跳呀跳呀一二一Jump one two one.小灰狼和小兔跳舞,The little wolf and the rabbit dance,跳呀跳呀一二一Jump one two one.我们大家是好朋友呀,We are good friends,跳呀跳呀一二一Jump one two one.兔妈妈回来了Mother rabbit back 兔妈妈:(唱)小白兔乖乖,把门儿开开,快点把门开,妈妈要进来Mum: ( singing) little rabbit, please open the door, quickly opened the door, mom to come in.小兔们争着去开门Rabbits are scrambled to open the door.小兔们:(唱)快呀快呀快快来,妈妈回来了,快把门儿开Bunnies: ( singing) faster. Come on, my mother came back, quickly open the door.兔妈妈进门,看见小灰狼,大吃一惊Mother hare door, saw the little wolf, be startled at.兔妈妈:他是怎么进来的?Mum: How did he get in?小兔甲:妈妈,他不是大灰狼,他是小灰狼The rabbit a: Mom, he's not the wolf, he is the little wolf.小兔乙:妈妈,他不是小坏蛋,他是我们的好朋友Rabbit B: Mom, he's not a bad guy, he is our good friend.小兔丙:妈妈,小灰狼和我们在一起玩得很开心,请你不要赶他走C: the mother rabbit, the little wolf and we played together very happy, please do not send him away.兔妈妈:好吧,小灰狼就在这里和我们一起过圣诞节吧!Mum: Okay, the little wolf is here with us Christmas!小兔们和小灰狼欢呼The baby rabbits and small gray wolf.兔妈妈:孩子们,快来看看你们的圣诞礼物Mum: children, come and have a look at your Christmas gift.小兔甲得到的是一个气球,小兔乙得到的是一辆玩具汽车,小兔丙得到的是一个布娃娃The rabbit a get is a balloon, rabbit B get a toy car, rabbit C get is a doll.兔妈妈:对不起,小灰狼,我不知道你要来,所以没有给你准备礼物Mum: sorry, little wolf, I don't know what you want, so there is no y to give you a gift.小兔甲:我把我的气球送给小灰狼The rabbit a: I put my balloons the little wolf.小兔乙:我把我的玩具汽车送给小灰狼Rabbit B: I took my toy car to the little wolf.小兔丙:我把我的布娃娃送给小灰狼Rabbit C: I put my doll gave little wolf.小灰狼:你们留着吧,这是兔妈妈送给你们的圣诞礼物The little wolf: you keep it, this is the mother rabbit gave you christmas.小兔们:可是你没有圣诞礼物呀!Bunnies: but you have no Christmas gifts!小灰狼:今天,你们是使很快活,就是送给我最好的圣诞礼物来,我们一起唱《We wish you a Merry ChristmasThe little wolf: today, you are so happy, that gave me the best Christmas gift. Here, we sang" We wish you a Merry Christmas"小灰狼和兔妈妈、小兔们一起唱《We wish you a Merry ChristmasThe little wolf and the mother rabbit, rabbit who sang" We wish you a Merry Christmas" 小学生英语话剧:小兔子乖乖把门开开

美国国会大厦英文介绍 --9 :: 来源: 美国国会大厦英文介绍美国国会大厦是美国最具重要象征意义、构造最令人印象深刻的建筑之一 The ed States Capitol is among the most symbolically important and architecturally impressive buildings in the nation. It has housed the meeting chambers of the House of Representatives and the Senate two centuries. The Capitol, which was started in 93, has been through many construction phases. It stands today as a monument to the American people and their government.  An example of 19th-century neoclassical architecture, the Capitol evokes the ideals that guided the Founding Fathers as they developed the new republic. Pierre Charles L'Enfant was expected to design the Capitol, but his dismissal in 9 due to his refusal to cooperate with the Commissioners of the Federal Buildings, resulted in other plans. A competition was suggested by Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson and President George Washington that would award 0 and a city lot to whomever produced the winning plan by mid-July. None of the plans submitted were satisfactory. In October, a letter arrived from Dr. William Thornton, a Scottish-trained physician living in the British West Indies, requesting an opporty to submit his plan after the competition was closed. The Commissioners granted his request and President Washington commended the plan that was soon accepted by the Commissioners.  The cornerstone was laid by President Washington on September 18, 93. Because of Thornton's inexperience, the initial work progressed under the direction of three architects in succession. Stephen H. Hallet and George Hadfield were dismissed because of inappropriate design changes they tried to impose; James Hoban, winner of the competition the President's House, was placed in charge and saw to the completion of the north wing the first session of Congress on November , 1800. In 18, construction resumed under Benjamin Henry Latrobe who completed the south and north wings. By 18, Latrobe, with his job done, departed with the wings connected by a temporary wooden passageway.  On August , 18, British troops set fire to the building during the War of 18. A rainstorm prevented its complete destruction and Latrobe returned to Washington in 18 to make repairs. He took this opporty to make changes to the building's interior design and to introduce new materials, such as marble. Latrobe, however, resigned his post in November of 18 because of construction delays and increasing costs. Charles Bulfinch, a Boston architect, was appointed Latrobe's successor in January of 1818. Continuing the restoration, he was able to make the chambers of the Senate and House, as well as the Supreme Court, y use by 1819. Bulfinch redesigned the central section, making the dome that topped the section higher. Bulfinch spent his last couple of years on the Capitol's landscaping and decoration until his position was terminated in 189.  By 1850, the Capitol could no longer accommodate the increasing numbers of senators and representatives. Another competition was held offering 0 the best plan to extend the Capitol. Unable to decide between the plans, Congress divided the money between five architects and Thomas U. Walter was chosen to complete the task. Walter supervised the construction of the extensions, making sure they were compatible with the existing style of the building, but using marble the exterior instead of sandstone, which deteriorates quickly. As the wings progressed, they more than doubled the length of the Capitol making the dome too small the new proportions. In 1856, the old dome was removed and work began on a replacement with a new, fireproof cast-iron dome. Construction was suspended in 1861 so that the Capitol could be used as a military barracks, hospital and bakery the Civil War. However, in 186, construction resumed, because Lincoln believed that the Capitol must go on, just as the union must go on.  The work on the dome and extensions was completed in 1868 under Edward Clark, who had served as Walter's assistant until his resignation in 1865. Clark held the post of Architect of the Capitol until his death in 19. Considerable modernization occurred during his tenure, as well as the construction of the marble terraces on the north, west, and south sides of the Capitol. The terraces were constructed as part of the grounds plan devised by landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmsted. After a fire in November 1898, the need fireproofing became evident. Elliot Woods, Clark's successor, saw to the reconstruction and fireproofing of the damaged wing.  The th century has seen even further changes the Capitol. Under the direction of J. George Stewart, the appointed Architect of the Capitol, the East front extension added 1 more rooms from 1959 to 1960. The stonework was also changed from sandstone to Georgia marble during the process. After a public protest at further plans to expand in the 1970s, the plans were dismissed and the vote went to restore, rather than enlarge, the West Front. Since then, primary emphasis has been on strengthening, renovating and preserving the building.  Today, the Capitol covers a ground area of 5,0 square feet and has a floor area of about .5 acres. In addition to its use by Congress, the Capitol is a museum of American art and history. It stands as a focal point of the government's legislative branch and as a centerpiece of Capitol Hill and the National Mall.  The Capitol is located on Capitol Hill at the east end of the National Mall. Visitors must obtain free tickets on a first-come, first-served basis, at the Capitol Guide Service kiosk located along the curving sidewalk southwest of the Capitol, near the intersection of First St., S.W., and Independence Ave. Ticket distribution begins at 9:00 a.m; the capitol is open from 9:00am to :30pm, Monday-Saturday, closed Sundays, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. further inmation, please call 5-687 or visit the Capitol's website. Metro stop: Capitol South  * The White House, U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. Capitol, and related buildings and grounds are legally exempted from listing in the National Register of Historic Places, according to the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966. 美国国会大厦英文介绍

  新疆旅游美味小吃英文介绍 --01 :01:7 来源: 新疆旅游美味小吃英文介绍去新疆旅游,可口的羊肉串,喷香的烤羊肉,和面包自是少不了,但是,除了这些,别忘了尝尝新疆的鱼和牛肉!There is more than just lamb skewers, roast mutton and naan bs. You can actually get fish and even excellent beef. Pauline D. Loh examines the lesser-known delicacies from Northwest China.A recent surfeit from visits to the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, Turkey and Ningxia Hui autonomous region had left me a little reluctant to try any more lamb, but a new Xinjiang restaurant in Beijing beckoned, and by all s, it promised to be different. "You can eat beef," the spouse quipped. "Who would eat beef at a Xinjiang restaurant?" I shot back.First, I ate my words, and then we feasted on a tender, succulent cow trotter that was braised to spicy perfection. There was none of the usual "ox glue" aftertaste that characterizes many lesser hooves.The "bovine palm", according to the , is a signature dish of Ruxian Guli, which translates to "Brilliant Blossom", a newly opened, opulently decorated Xinjiang eatery located in Beijing's city center, off the Second Ring Road.Access is easy, and parking is even easier, with a large courtyard space by the side reserved guests. The third-floor restaurant has a dedicated lift that goes straight up to the reception. In the evenings, a song and dance troupe from Xinjiang delivers entertainment in the spacious main hall, but you can choose quiet and privacy in its many private rooms.But, back to the food. 新疆旅游 英文介绍


  四年级英语作文:My school --1 01:59:6 来源: My school is very beautiful. It is in Guicheng, near the Qiandeng Lake. Do you know it? It is Nanhai Experimental Primary School. I like my school very much.  There is a big playground in my school. We have P.E. cla on the playground and we often play orts on it , too. Our teaching building has five floors. My claroom is on the fifth floor. It is big and clean. The computer rooms are on the third floor. There is a library on the second floor. There are many books in the library. I often books here. There are some music rooms and art rooms in the teaching building, too.The teachers in my school are very kind . The students are very polite and smart. I am hay in my school.

  《绝望主妇经典旁白(中英双语) -- :53: 来源: 《绝望主妇经典旁白(中英双语)Season 1 第集  We are all searching someone,that special person who will provide us what's missing in our lives.Someone who can offer companionship, or assistance, or security.And sometimes, if we search very hard,we can find someone who provides us with all three.Yes, we're all searching someone,and if we can't find them, we can only pray they find us.  我们都在寻觅,寻觅一位能弥补我们生命缺憾的与众不同的人,能给予友谊、帮助,或是安全感的人有时,如果我们非常努力,可以找到能同时给予这三种东西的人是的,我们都在寻觅,如果一无所获,只好祈祷他们能找到我们  Season 1 第集  Death is inevitable. It's a promise made to each of us at birth. But bee that promise is kept,we all hope something will happen to us.Whether it's the thrill of romance, the joy of raising a family, or the anguish of great loss. We all hope to experience something that make our lives meaningful.But the sad fact is not all lives have meaning. Some people spend their time on this planet just sitting on the sidelines, waiting something to happen to them bee it's too late.  死亡无可避免,每个人出生时就已注定,但在大限到来之前, 我们都希望会发生点事情不管是浪漫、天伦之乐、还是切肤之痛,我们都希望经历一些让生命有意义的事然而事实却令人遗憾,不是所有的生命都有意义,一些人只是袖手旁观虚耗时光,坐等事情降临,直至错失良机  Season 1 第集  Sooner or later,the time comes when we all must become responsible adults and learn to give up what we want so we can choose to do what is right.Of course, a life time of responsibility isn't always easy.And as the years go on,it's a burden that can become too heavy some to bear.But still, we try to do what is best,what is good --not only ourselves, but those we love.Yes, sooner or later, we must all become responsible adults.No one knows this better than the young.  迟早,我们都会成为有责任心的成年人,从而为正确学会了放弃当然,终其一生的责任不会总是那么简单随着岁月的流逝,有些人会不堪重负但是,我们依然会尽力而为——不是为自己,而是为了所爱的人是的,我们迟早会变成有责任心的成年人,没人比年轻人更清楚这一点  Season 1 第集  It's impossible to grasp just how powerful love is. It can sustain us through trying times or motivate us to make extraordinary sacrifices.It can ce decent men to commit the darkest deeds or compel ordinary women to search hidden truths.And long after we're gone, love remains, burned into our memories. We all search love, but some of us, after we've found it, wish we hadn't.  我们不可能领悟爱有多么的伟大它能扶持我们度过困难时期,或是激励我们做出非比寻常的牺牲它能迫使正派男人做出最邪恶的事,或者促使普通女人寻找隐藏的真相即使我们过世很久,爱依然存在,刻骨铭心我们都在寻找爱,但有些人在找到爱之后,却宁愿希望没有找到过  Season 1 第集  Each new day in suburbia brings with it a new set of lies. The worst are the ones we tell ourselves bee we fall asleep.We whisper them in the dark, telling ourselves we're happy or that he's happy,that we can change, or that he will change his mind.We persuade ourselves we can live with our sins or that we can live without him.Yes, each night bee we fall asleep,we lie to ourselves in the desperate,desperate hopes that come morning, It will all be true.  新的一天到来,总是伴随着一系列的谎言,其中最糟的是那些我们用来自欺的话入睡前的黑暗中,低声地告诉自己:我们很快乐,或者他很快乐;我们可以改变,又或者他会改变心意我们说自己在罪恶中继续生活,或者没有他也一样可以是的,每晚入睡前,我们绝望地欺骗自己,绝望地希望着,当黎明到来之时,一切成真 旁白 双语 主妇我的父母(My parents) -- :5:58 来源: 我的父母(My parents)  I have a busy father and a kind mother.  My father is a businessman. He is years old. He is short. He likes ing newspapers after meals. He watches TV in the evening. He goes to work by car. He has got a nice black car. He often plays golf with his friends on the weekend. He does not often eat dinner with us.  My mother is a housewife. She doesn’t work. She stays at home. She is beautiful. She has long hair. She does housework in the morning. She often goes shopping in the afternoon. She is kind, but she is strict to my study. She likes ing. She watches TV at night, too.  I love my parents. And they love me too.My peal --3 ::6 来源: My penpalmy panpal my penpal is a boy. he name is zhangchenxi. he lives in tangshan with his father and mother. he likes playing footbal. he likes making kites and eat good food. he usually goes to school by bus. sometimes he goes to school on foot. he usually watches tv on the weekend. he has a sister are twins. his sister ann goes school on foot,too. but ann doesn't likes eat good food. because she is fat. this is my panpal.

  Obey the Traffic Rules at Any Time -- :5: 来源: Obey the Traffic Rules at Any Time 任何时候都要遵守交通规则  It was aly : when I got up this afternoon. Classes would begin in a quarter. I quickly ran out and got on my bike.  On my way to school, I rode fast. When I reached the crossing, the traffic lights were red, but I didn't stop my bike. A policeman stopped me, and asked me whey I didn't stop when the lights were red. I told him classes would begin in no time. He told me with a smile to obey the traffic rules next time and let me go.  I'll remember ever that we must obey the rules at any time.    下午当我起床时,时间已经是:了再过分钟就上课了,我快速地跑出去登上了车  上学的路上我骑得很快当我到路口时,正好是红灯,可是我没有停车警察拦住了我,并问我为什么闯红灯我告诉他马上就要上课了他笑着告诉我下一次摇遵守交通规则,然后让我走了  我摇永远记住任何时候都要遵守规则My English teacher,My English teacher范文 -- :35: 来源: My English teacher I have a English teacher. She teaches very well. She often smiles to us. When we are in trouble, she can always help us in time. Once I got a cold. She hurried to the office and took some medicine to me. I was better soon. I thanked her very much. I love my teacher very much.My English teacher 英语作文

  万圣节英语话剧:巫婆和南瓜灯 -- :5:3 来源: 万圣节英语话剧:巫婆和南瓜灯人物:Witch , five little jack-o-lanterns , boy A , boy B(可增加人数) ,A women ,A manOn the Halloween night地点:At the gateScene 1(巫婆上场,带着巫师帽,手拿魔法棒,骑着扫把用邪恶的语气说)Witch : (Ha ha ha)…good evening , everybody ! This is Halloween Night . I love Halloween . Kids , do you like Halloween ? Let me show you my friends .five little jack-o-lanterns . (把魔法棒举在头顶转一圈, 转一圈身子,双腿打开,魔法棒指向5个南瓜灯娃娃出场的方向,同时伴随着魔法的绚丽音乐)hey , five little jack-o-lanterns , come here !(五个南瓜灯一起舞蹈上场【音乐伴奏】,有的站,有的蹲, 各种不同的姿势围着铁门站好自己的位置巫婆向观众一一介绍五个南瓜灯,每介绍一个,该名幼儿则走到舞台最前面,介绍完毕后再回到自己的原来的位置和造型)Witch : These are my friends , five little jack-o-lanterns . This is the 1st . He is so brave .1st JOL :(同手同脚,笨重的走出来) Hello , everyone . I’m the first jack-o-lantern . I’m the biggest and strongest one !(做健美的动作,手握拳向上举起,脚弯曲脚尖点地,左右各一次)Ha-ha-ha… Witch :This is the second jack-o-lantern . She is a shy girl .nd JOL : (尖声细语的说)Hi , my little dear . I’m the second jack-o-lantern . I’m very shy . (双手捂住脸,脚尖在地上转)Nice to meet you . (双手打开和观众打招呼后,害羞地跑回自己的位置)Witch : Thanks you . You are a good girl . Now comes my third jack-o-lantern . Come and say hallow to everybody3rd JOL :Hello , kids . I’m the third jack-o-lantern . I’m the smartest one .(一手叉腰,另一只手在眼睛旁打响一声后, 食指指出) Would you like to be my friend ? (做我爱你的手势,在胸前转一周,飞吻一下)Ha-ha…Witch : Ok , that’s enough my dear . You must go back to your seat .3rd JOL :(低下头说)Yes , madam . (走回位置)Witch : This is the th one . She is very lovely . Come here my baby .th JOL:(躲在巫婆的身后,胆怯的露出头)Hi ..hi , I..I’ m here . I’m the fourth jack-o-lantern . I’m very scared. I got to go back . (快速跑回自己的位置)Witch : It’s ok my baby . Don’t be afraid . I will be with you . Ok , this is the youngest fifth jack-o-lantern . Come and say hallow to everybody .5th JOL : Hello hi ! Hello hi !Hello , hello to you . I’ m the fifth jack-o-lantern . I’m the youngest one . Yeah !(闭上一只眼睛,嘟嘴巴,做耶的姿势)Witch : (做看时间的姿势)Oh , it’s time to go , my dears . Can you wait me ?All JOL : Yes , madam !Witch : Be good , ok ! I will be back soon . Goodbye !All JOL : Bye-bye !(巫婆退场,五个南瓜灯保持原位)Scene (放本首儿歌的音乐,五个南瓜灯各自做着自己的动作,微微的摇晃,唱本首儿歌)All JOL : (跟着音乐唱儿歌,每到一个南瓜灯说话时,该名幼儿则站起来说)1st JOL :Oh , it’s getting late .(男孩A和B打扮成巫师和骷髅手拎着南瓜灯上台 从舞台一边走上,从另一边走下,做过五个南瓜灯,并假装没看见)Boys AB: Halloween fun . We love Halloween.nd JOL: Oh, dear, I hear a noise.3rd JOL: Don’t worry. It’s only some boys.5th: But ….but...what shall we do, now?th:Let’s run ,let’s run .nd: Where do you want to go ?3rd: Shh … listen ! Follow me ! (所有的南瓜灯娃娃做偷听的样子下场) 万圣节 英语 话剧

  驴友必知中国六大最富有的村镇之华西村 -- :5:56 来源: 最富有的村镇之华西村1. Huaxi village(华西村)Huaxi village is also known as the No.1 Village of China. It is located in Jiangyin city, a county-level city directly administered by Wuxi municipal government in Jiangsu province.华西村又名“天下第一村”,位于县级市江阴市,江阴市由江苏省无锡市直接管辖Currently, all the villagers live in their own high-ranked villas, which roughly cover 00 or 600 square meters. And each family at least has asset from 1 to million yuan, and one to three cars.目前,华西村所有村民都住在自己00或600平方的高档别墅里这里的每户村民至少拥有资产0万至00万、1至3辆车不等The 7-storey Longxi International Hotel, a new landmark skyscraper in Huaxi village, is 3 meters high, as high as the tallest building in Beijing.7层的龙希国际大酒店是华西村新的里程碑式的天大楼,高3米,和北京最高的建筑物一样高The villagers also built pagoda groups, tunnels, Longxi lake, world garden, farmer garden and other facilities. There are totally more than 80 attractions in the village. Since 1978, travelers from more than 0 countries have visited this village; each year the village receives more than 1 million travelers.华西村村民还修建了宝塔、隧道、龙希湖,世界花园和农民公园等设施这里总共有80多处景点名胜1978年以来,先后有0多个国家的游客参观过华西村,村民们每年要接待0多万游客 最富有的村镇之华西村。

  我工作的太多,我快垮了-- :5:   I've been working too hard. I'm beat.   我工作的太多,我快垮了   在这句话中的'beat'原意是击打的意思在这儿作为"击垮了"用他可以用来指在精神上被击垮了,也可以指在身体上当然更多的是,它可指两方面同时有问题

  Computers 计算机 -- :3:3 来源: Computers 计算机  The computer is a very useful machine. It is the most important invention in many years. People use it widely today in many ways.  Most computers have memories. People can store inmation in them and take it out at any time. Computers are getting smaller and smaller, and working faster and faster.  Computer can do many kinds of work. Now in many large factories there are very few people. Computers do most of the work. They really help a lot.  计算机是一种很有用的机器,它是多年来最重要的发明今天,人们广泛地使用计算机  多数计算机都有存储器人们把信息存储在里面,并能随时取出计算机正变得越来越小,而工作速度却越来越快  计算机能做许多钟工作现在许多大工厂里人很少,计算机做大部分工作它们帮了大忙

  一则日记(A Diary) --01 18:1: 来源: 一则日记(A Diary)  puter games. we had lunch at :00. we had fish lunch.  after lunch we went to the park. in the evening i did my homework. we had delicious food supper.  today i was very happy.

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