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福州妇保医院治疗阳痿好不好费用多少福州博爱不孕不育检查阳痿Music can boost language skillsLearning to play a musical instrument can change your brain, with a US review finding music training can lead to improved speech and foreign language skills.Although it has been suggested in the past that listening to Mozart or other classical music could make you smarter, there has been little evidence to show that music boosts brain power.But a data-driven review by Northwestern University has pulled together research that links musical training to learning that spills over into skills including language, speech, memory, attention and even vocal emotion.Researcher Nina Kraus said the data strongly suggested that the neural connections made during musical training also primed the brain for other aspects of human communication."The effect of music training suggests that, akin to physical exercise and its impact on body fitness, music is a resource that tones the brain for auditory fitness and thus requires society to re-examine the role of music in shaping individual development," the researchers said in their study.Kraus said learning musical sounds could enhance the brain's ability to adapt and change and also enable the nervous system to provide a scaffolding of patterns that are important to learning.The study, published in Nature Reviews Neuroscience, looked at the explosion of research in recent years focused on the effects of music training on the nervous system which could have strong implications for education.The study found that playing an instrument primes the brain to choose what is relevant in a complex process that may involve ing or remembering a score, timing issues and coordination with other musicians."A musician's brain selectively enhances information-bearing elements in sound," Kraus said in a statement. "In a beautiful interrelationship between sensory and cognitive processes, the nervous system makes associations between complex sounds and what they mean."The study reviewed literature showing, for example, that musicians are more successful than non-musicians in learning to incorporate sound patterns for a new language into words.Vocabulary:spill over into sth.: 发展成(Her sympathy for him spilled over into love. 她对他的同情发展成为爱情。)vocal: 用语言表达的prime: to make something y for use or action 把(事物)准备好akin to: 类似于scaffolding: 骨架,框架explosion: a large, sudden or rapid increase in the amount or number of something(突增;猛增;激增)relevant: having ideas that are valuable and useful to people in their lives and work(有价值的;有意义的)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/109801福州男科精子检查到哪家医院 Expert Says Days of 'Easy Water' Are Over专家:轻易获得的水资源开发殆尽 The fifth World Water Forum opened on Monday in Istanbul, Turkey. Thousands of people are at the meeting - from heads of state and environmental and business leaders to scientists and activists - to discuss ways to manage and conserve the precious resource. The meeting comes as the ed Nations warns of potential conflicts over water scarcity. 第五届世界水论坛会议本星期在土耳其的伊斯坦布尔举行。数以千计的与会者既有国家领导人、环境和商业团体领袖,也有科学家和活动人士,他们探讨的主要问题是如何处理和保护珍贵的水资源。这次会议是在联合国警告有可能因水资源短缺而爆发冲突的时刻召开的。Water scarcity is one of the key issues dominating the Forum. Last week, the ed Nations released its latest research on water, which paints a bleak picture of increasing demand and diminishing supplies.  缺水是这次论坛会议的一个关键性主题。上星期,联合国发布了一份有关水资源的最新研究报告,报告描绘了一个需求增加,供应减少的严峻局面。UN report is wake-up callGerhard Payen is an adviser on water to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and President of The International Federation of Private Water Operators - association that connects international organizations with private sector providers of water and sanitation services. He says the U.N. report is an important wake up call to the world. 戈哈德.培恩是联合国秘书长潘基文的水资源顾问,也是私营供水商国际联盟的主席,这是一个联系国际机构和私营供水商以及公共卫生部门的组织。培恩说,联合国的报告是向世界敲响的警钟。"The reality today is that water scarcity is increasing in many parts of the world because of increasing usage and also partly due to climate change," Payen explained. "This is a reality. So easy water [i.e., easily accessible drinking water] is over. So in the future, we will have to manage water more carefully. There are potential conflicts. So if the governments don't care that conflicts will emerge, this is at local regional and international level. This is a collective responsibility; all of us have a role to play. We have to realize we are so numerous on this planet. Easy water is over."  他说:“今天的现实是,因为使用增加,部分也由于气候变化,缺水现象在世界许多地区日益增加。这就是现实。人们可以轻易获得的水资源已经开发殆尽,未来我们将不得不更小心地对待水资源。存在发生冲突的可能性,如果政府不认真对待冲突可能发生的问题,就可能引发地区性和国际性冲突。这是一个需要集体承担的责任,我们大家都可以发挥作用。我们必须认识到,地球承载的人太多,可以轻易获得的水资源已经开发殆尽。”Middle East is potential flashpointThe Middle East, according to the U.N. report, is a potential flashpoint - particularly between Israel and its neighbors - because of dwindling water supplies. 根据联合国的报告,由于水资源供应日益下降,中东地区是潜在的冲突热点,尤其是在以色列和它的邻国之间。Turkey, the host of the World Water Forum, is offering a solution that could help ease those tensions. The Turkish government is proposing to sell water to Israel from its eastern Mediterranean coast. 本届世界水论坛会议的东道国土耳其提供了一个能够帮助缓解紧张局面的解决方案。土耳其政府建议把自己地中海东岸的水资源卖给以色列。Dogan Altinbilek, the former head of the Turkey's General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works, is one of the architects of the plan. 土耳其前国家水利工程董事会主席多根.埃尔金比莱克是这个方案的设计者之一。"This is the most water-short area in the world. I have a stack of books at home on the topic of the water wars in the Middle East," he said. "There at least a dozen authors who mention that if there will be a war in the Middle East, it will be because of water. We [i.e., Turkey] will make a profit, but not a large amount [from selling and transporting water]. It is a resource that is really in short supply and we are going to make available." 他说:“这是世界上最缺水的地区之一,我家里有许多关于中东地区争夺水资源战争的书籍,至少有十几名作者提到,如果中东地区发生战争,那将是有关水的战争。出售并且运输水资源可以让土耳其获利,尽管利润不大。水的确已经成为一种供不应求的资源,我们将提供这种资源。”The project is still in the planning stages with discussions over security, logistics and cost under way with Israel. However, some experts have raised environmental concerns over the plan. The commercialization of water and the role of the private sector is a major issue at the forum. 这个项目还在草拟阶段,正在同以色列进行有关安全、后勤供应以及成本方面的讨论。然而一些专家对这项方案提出了环境方面的担忧。水资源商业化以及私营部门的作用成为这次论坛会议的主要议题。Protesters disagree with water 'privatization'Outside the World Water Forum, hundreds of protesters demonstrated against what they call the "privatization" of water. Critics of the Forum accuse it of being too closely associated with business interests. 在世界水论坛的会场外面,数百名抗议者举行示威,反对他们所说的“水资源私有化”。批评这个论坛的人士谴责它与商业利益联系过于紧密。An alternative forum set up by dozens of non-governmental organizations is expected to open in Istanbul later this week. 预计一个由数十个非政府组织建立的另外一个论坛会议将在本星期晚些时候开幕。Mark Hayes of Corporate Accountability International says water privatization offers no solution to the world's water problems.  马克.哈耶斯是一个名叫“公司责任国际”组织的成员,他说水资源私有化无法解决国际水资源短缺的问题。"Right now, if you look at how water policy has played out over the past 10 or 15 years, these private companies working closely with the World Bank, working closely even with some parts of the U.N., have really dictated the agenda," Hayes said. "And the result has been privatization fiascos in Latin America, Southeast Asia and Africa as well as the growing trend toward commoditization of water, where there is a huge explosive growth in the bottled water market. So they have had their chance - privatization can solve this problem. And it's pretty clear, even from their own sources, that it is not a panacea."  “现在,如果你看看过去10到15年水资源政策如何演变,你就会发现那些私营公司同世界、甚至同联合国的某些机构密切合作,已经切实制定出规划,结果在拉丁美洲、东南亚和非洲,水资源私有化以及日益增长的水资源商品化的尝试全面失败。那里的瓶装水市场呈爆炸式增长,他们已经得到了机会进行尝试,以为私有化可以解决这个问题。事情一目了然,即使他们利用自己的资源也不会提供一剂灵丹妙药。”Role for private, public sectors in finding solutionThe role of the private sector in helping to deal with the growing challenges of conserving and delivering safe water to the world's population is another key issue at the forum. 私营部门如何发挥作用,协助应付保护和向全世界人口提供安全用水的挑战是这次论坛的另一个重要议题。Gerhard Payen of The International Federation of Private Water Operators says there is a role for both the private and public sectors. He adds that pragmatism should triumph over ideology.  私营供水商国际联盟主席戈哈德.培恩说,私营和公共部门都能发挥作用。他补充说,实用主义将胜过理论空谈。"Today there is a divide between 3.5 billion people who have access to tap water and the other three billion who have no access to tap water - either at home or in the immediate vicinity," Payen said. "There is a big divide in the world between those who benefit from the public water service and those who don't benefit from it. In the past 15 years, the private sector has provided access to water to 25 million people or more. So the issue today is: When do we want that all people get safe and reliable access to water? This is the main issue. For those people, the most important thing is access to water."  “目前在能够饮用自来水的35亿人口和无论在家或在其周围地区都无法饮用自来水的另外30亿人口之间存在分歧。当今世界上,在享受公共供水福利的人们和无法享有这一福利的人们之间存在分歧。过去15年来,私营部门向2千500多万人口供水。所以现在的问题是,我们什么时候才能让所有人都接触到安全可靠的水呢?这是一个主要问题。对于这些人来说,最重要的问题是供水。”The World Water Forum also offers a week-long venue for government representatives. These meetings are being held behind closed doors, away from the main venue. 世界水论坛也为政府代表提供为期一个星期的会议场所,这些会议将脱离主会场单独举行,属于非公开会议。03/64890晋安区看妇科多少钱啊

福州妇幼保健院精子检查多少钱The global economy全球经济Another year of living dangerously又是如履薄冰的一年Turmoil in the Middle East and disaster in Japan arouse economic angst. Central banks must not make it worse 中东的骚乱和日本的灾难引发经济上的忧虑。各国央行一定不能恶化事态THIS was supposed to be a stress-free year for the global economy. By January the financial crisis had faded and Europe’s sovereign-debt crisis seemed less acute. America’s economy was resurgent. Investors piled into equities and sold some of the government bonds they’d bought for troubled times. If there was a worry, it was that emerging economies would grow too quickly, inflating commodity prices. 人们原本认为全球经济今年将会没有压力。一月份时,金融危机已经消退,欧洲的主权债务危机似乎不再那么严重,美国经济也在复苏。投资者大举买进股本,卖出一部分他们为艰难时期做准备而购买的政府债券。如果说有什么担心的话,那就是担心新兴经济体过快增长会推高物价。The year without crisis is not to be. First, Arabian upheaval put oil markets on edge. Then earthquake, tsunami and a nuclear accident clobbered the world’s third-largest economy. How much of a setback to growth do these twin crises represent? And how should economic policymakers react to them?没有危机的一年没有如愿出现。开头是阿拉伯世界的动乱把石油市场推向边缘。接着,地震、海啸和核事故冲击着日本这个世界第三大经济体。这两场危机对经济增长将会产生多大的阻碍作用?经济决策者应当如何应对?Japan’s share of world output has been shrinking for decades, but at 9% it remains large enough for the hit to the country’s growth to subtract noticeably from global output. Then there are the ripple effects on the rest of the world. Japan is a large—in some cases the sole—supplier of intermediate goods to the world’s electronics and automotive industries, from the hardened glass on Apple’s iPad to gearboxes in Volkswagens. Many makers of such parts have had to slow or halt shipments because of damaged roads, power cuts or the loss of components from their own suppliers. The effects have sp well beyond Japan, causing shutdowns from South Korea to Spain. Still, the history of such disasters is that much of that lost production is eventually recovered and reconstruction delivers a fillip to subsequent growth. 日本在世界产值中的比重这几十年一直在下降,但是9%的份额依然足以使这次灾难对日本经济增长形成的冲击对全球产值产生明显的影响,而且对世界其他地区还会产生涟漪效应。日本是世界电子业和汽车业中间产品(从苹果iPad的硬化玻璃到大众的齿轮箱)的主要供应国,在有些方面甚至是唯一供应国。由于道路损坏、电力紧张或来自其供应商的零件短缺,这些部件的生产厂家已经被迫减缓甚至停止发货。影响已经波及到日本之外的地区,导致从韩国到西班牙的许多工厂停产。不过,在以前的这类灾难中,损耗的产能多数最终得以恢复,重建还刺激了之后的增长。Pinpointing the impact of Arab political turmoil is complicated by the fact that oil prices were aly rising thanks to a brighter global economic outlook. Nonetheless, a good portion of this year’s 25% increase seems due to worries over supplies. A rule of thumb holds that a 10% increase in the price of oil trims 0.2 percentage points from global growth. At the start of the year, the world looked likely to grow by 4-4.5%. A crude estimate is that the two crises will subtract between a quarter and half a percentage point from that. 由于全球经济前景更加光明,油价已在上涨,这使得阿拉伯政治动乱的影响难以明确。但是,对今年25%涨价幅度的相当一部分担心是在供应方面。概测法(拇指规律)表明,油价每上涨10%,全球经济增速就会减少0.2个百分点。年初时,世界经济似乎将会增长4-4.5%。粗略估计,阿拉伯和日本的这两场危机将使增速在4-4.5%的基础上减少0.25到0.5个百分点。That may not capture the full effect. Crises by their nature generate clouds of uncertainty (see article). Businesses postpone capital spending and hiring until the clouds clear. Investors seek the safety of bonds and lose their taste for equities. 这可能还没考虑到所有影响。危机的本质会产生不确定性,在云开雾散之前企业推迟资本出和招兵买马,投资者对股本失去兴趣而转向收益方面安全的债券。201104/131915福州做人授手术哪家医院好 Deal Close For G20 Summit Leaders Keith Graves reports from the G20 summit of world leaders in Washington DC, where Prime Minister Gordon Brown is calling for worldwide cuts in taxes and interest rates to try to rescue the global economy from a deep recession. Between them they represent 90 percent of the world's economic activity, 20 world leaders are trying to find a way to dig the global economy out of the hole. Even their host President Bush admits they can only make a start if that at the summit which kicked off last night to the White House dinner and will end after lunch today, not much time to save the world.This problem did not develop overnight and it will not be solved overnight. But with continued cooperation and determination it will be solved. And whilst they obviously agreed that something must be done and done quickly. They are whatever their final communiqué may say far from in an agreement about what. Mr. Bush is a lame duck president of a nation, blamed by some world leaders for being at the root cause of economic crisis. His successor Barrack Obama's declined the invitation to attend but whether that things are going to get worse before he moves into the White House and wisely keeping his distance from Mr. Bush.Prime Minister Brown is trying to impose his ideas on the summit, lobbying for support with fellow leaders.I’m determined to do everything in my power to make sure that the economy move forward in such a way that people with homes could be more secure, that people with small businesses can get the cash flow that they need and people can be less worried about the effect on jobs. This is my undivided attention. I’m determined we do everything in our part to do the right things. And whilst some leaders including President Bush have reservations about the prime minister’s plans for more cross border regulations to keep international financial institutions on the strait and narrow. One thing they do seem to agree upon is that it's going to get worse before it gets better. Caise Graves Sky News WashingtonKeith Graves在华盛顿的20国领导人峰会上发回报道,英国首相布朗呼吁世界范围内削减税率和利率,来使世界经济免于进一步的衰退。他们代表了全世界90%的经济实体,20国领导人试图寻找一个解决方案来拯救全球经济。虽然东道主布什总统承认,峰会从昨天晚上白宫的晚宴开始,到今天中午的午餐就会结束,对于拯救世界经济来说时间有点仓促,但是可以开一个头。这个问题不是一夜之间形成的,也不是一夜之间可以解决的。但是只要团结协作,决心坚定,就一定能够解决。当时他们一致同意,必须尽快采取措施。但是他们远远没有达到公报上所说对某项计划达成完全一致。布什总统是这个国家无用的领导人。他被有些国家的领导人认为是世界经济危机的根源。他的下一任总统奥巴马拒绝参加这次峰会。但是至于他入主白宫,明智的和布什保持距离之后形势会不会恶化就不得而知了。布朗努力阐述他的观点,试图游说他国领导人。我决定尽能力所及的一切努力来确保经济向前发展,使得有家的人更安全,做生意的人有他们需要的流动资金,人们不再为工作担忧。这是我唯一关注的问题。我认为我们应该尽职尽责,采取正确的措施。当时包括布什在内地一些领导人对布朗所提出的越境调控来保国际金融环境稳定的计划都有所保留。他们唯一达成共识的是形势将会恶化。200811/56559福州做封闭抗体免疫治疗那间医院好

福州妇保医院精子检测好不好费用多少Mobile phones have 18 times more bacteria than toilet handleThey are pretty much essential, but you may want to ditch your mobile phone for ever after ing this.The average handset carries 18 times more potentially harmful germs than a flush handle in a men's toilet, tests have revealed.An analysis of handsets found almost a quarter were so dirty that they had up to ten times an acceptable level of TVC bacteria.One of the phones in the test had such high levels of bacteria it could have given its owner a serious stomach upset.While TVC is not immediately harmful, elevated levels indicate poor personal hygiene and act as a breeding ground for other bugs.The findings from a sample of 30 phones by Which? magazine suggest 14.7 million of the 63 million mobiles in use in the UK today could be potential health hazards.Hygiene expert Jim Francis, who carried out the tests, said: 'The levels of potentially harmful bacteria on one mobile were off the scale. That phone needs sterilising.'The most unhygienic phone had more than ten times the acceptable level of TVC and seven were above the threshold.This worst handset also had 39 times the safe level of enterobacteria, a group of bacteria that live in the lower intestines of humans and animals and include bugs such as Salmonella.It boasted 170 times the acceptable level of faecal coliforms, which are associated with human waste.Other bacteria including food poisoning bugs e.coli and staphylococcus aureus were found on the phones but at safe levels.Which? researcher Ceri Stanaway said: 'Most phones didn't have any immediately harmful bacteria that would make you sick straight away but they were grubbier than they could be.Vocabulary:ditch: to get rid of something/somebody because you no longer want or need it/them(摆脱;抛弃;丢弃)flush handle: 马桶按键,冲厕手柄TVC: 细菌总量grubby: rather dirty, usually because it has not been washed or cleaned(肮脏的;邋遢的;污秽的)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/110195 Moderates in Middle East May Suffer if Israeli-Hamas Conflict Continues Unabated以巴冲突继续将损害中东温和派  Israeli warplanes continue to hit suspected Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip. At the same time, Palestinian militants are keeping up their rocket and mortar attacks on Israeli border communities. 以色列的战机继续轰炸加沙地区被认为是哈马斯的目标。与此同时,巴勒斯坦激进分子持续向以色列边境地区发射火箭弹和迫击炮弹。The violence erupted after a six-month Hamas-Israeli ceasefire expired on December 19. The Palestinian militant group stepped up its shelling of Israeli communities, prompting the massive Israeli response.  这次暴力冲突是在12月19号执行了六个月的哈马斯-以色列停火协议到期之后爆发的。巴勒斯坦激进组织哈马斯加紧了对以色列的炮火攻击,从而引发了以色列的大规模报复。Many analysts say this is the biggest military offensive against Gaza since Israel occupied the West Bank and the Gaza Strip in the 1967 Six-Day War. Israel's Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, said the country is currently engaged in an all-out conflict against Hamas.  许多分析人士说,这是自从以色列1967年通过六日战争占领约旦河西岸和加沙地带以来对加沙发动的最大规模的军事进攻。以色列国防部长巴拉克说,以色列目前在同哈马斯进行全面交战。David Aaron, Director of the RAND Center for Middle East Public Policy, said that rhetoric is all too familiar.  美国兰德公司中东地区公共政策中心主任大卫.阿龙说,这种说法听起来实在太熟悉了。"They [the Israelis] made a basic strategic decision to sort of end it once and for all. Well, unfortunately, we've heard that story before in their invasion of Lebanon [in 2006], which did not eradicate Hezbollah. But it has stopped Hezbollah from carrying out attacks against northern Israel," he said. 他说:“以色列作出了一个基本战略决定,那就是一劳永逸地解决这个问题。不幸的是,在以色列2006年入侵黎巴嫩之前,我们也听到过这样的说法,但是以色列并没能根除真主党。不过,它的确通过那次行动阻止了真主党对以色列北部发动袭击。”The militant group Hamas has been in control of the Gaza Strip since June 2007, after it defeated forces loyal to the moderate Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. The ed States considers Hamas to be a terrorist group and has accused it of starting this latest round of violence.  激进组织哈马斯自从2007年6月击败温和的巴勒斯坦民族机构主席阿巴斯领导的部队以来就一直控制着加沙。美国认为哈马斯是一个恐怖组织,并指责哈马斯挑起了最近的暴力冲突。Fawaz Gerges is a Middle East expert at Sarah Lawrence College in New York. Speaking from Tripoli, Lebanon, he said the strong Israeli response has radicalized Arab public opinion in the region. 法瓦兹.盖尔盖斯是纽约莎拉.罗伦斯学院的中东问题专家。他在黎巴嫩的的黎波里接受采访时说,以色列激烈的报复行为使中东地区的阿拉伯民意变得更加激进。"And it seems to me that the longer the crisis continues, the more radicalized Arab public opinion will likely become. There is no military solution for an essentially political crisis. Regardless of what one thinks of Hamas, the way that Israel has acted in the last few days is playing into Hamas' hands. The military escalation and the extent and the horrendous casualties on the Palestinian side are playing directly into Hamas' hands. They are weakening the moderate forces in the Arab world, particularly America's allies - Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia - and basically supplying ammunition to the so-called resistance front, particularly Iran and Syria and Hamas in Palestine and Hezbollah in Lebanon," argued Gerges. 他说:“我认为,这场危机持续的时间越长,阿拉伯世界的民意就可能会变得越激进。从根本上说,这是一场政治危机,因此无法用军事行动来解决。不管你怎么看哈马斯,以色列最近几天采取的行动其实是正中哈马斯的下怀。军事冲突升级和巴勒斯坦方面令人吃惊的伤亡情况都符合哈马斯的计划。这削弱了阿拉伯世界的温和力量,特别是埃及、约旦和沙特阿拉伯这些美国的盟友,并从根本上为所谓的抵抗前线提供了口实,特别是伊朗、叙利亚、巴勒斯坦的哈马斯和黎巴嫩的真主党。”David Aaron from RAND agreed, saying the crisis puts U.S. allies in the region in a difficult situation.  兰德公司的大卫.阿龙同意这种观点。他说,这场危机使美国在中东地区的盟友处境艰难。"It puts them more on the spot because we have given them no coverage. If we had decided to simply call for a ceasefire and stoppage of violence and all the rest, that would have given them some cover. But we didn't. We said, 'This is the fault of Hamas.' Even if that's true, it certainly is not perceived that way in those countries. And so their governments are going to be the target of increased criticism on the part of their people for collaborating with us," he said. 他说:“这使它们的处境很为难,因为美国并没有为它们提供任何帮助。如果美国直接要求停火,结束暴力冲突,那么这些国家还能少受一些攻击。不过美国没有这样做。美国说‘这都是哈马斯的错。’即使事实真是这样,这些国家的人民却不是这么看的。所以这些国家的政府因为和美国合作而受到自己人民越来越多的批评。”Aaron also said the ed States and its allies should be concerned about what may happen on the West Bank. Will there be another intifada, an armed Palestinian uprising against Israeli rule? 他还说,美国及其盟国应当关注约旦河西岸的未来。那里是否会再次爆发反抗以色列统治的巴勒斯坦武装起义呢?Many experts, including Aaron, said the latest conflict was in part due to the Bush administration's Middle East policy. 大卫.阿龙和许多专家说,布什政府的中东政策是导致最新的暴力冲突的部分原因。"I think it was a complete failure. It didn't do anything, frankly. We did finally get some conversation between [Mahmoud] Abbas and [Israeli Prime Minister Ehud] Olmert. But then nobody knows where that was going and we see this conflict arising now. And it's hard for me to believe that that's going to strengthen the hand of those who want a dialogue with the Palestinians," he said. 他说:“我认为,布什政府的中东政策完全失败了。坦率讲,它并没有发挥任何作用。我们的确实现了在阿巴斯和奥尔默特之间进行对话,但是没人知道这些对话能带来什么,而我们目前看到的就是这场冲突。我不会相信这场冲突能加强巴勒斯坦方面持对话的人的力量。”The Bush administration says it has been consistently engaged in trying to find a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli crisis.  布什政府表示,美国一直在积极努力为巴以危机找到解决办法。Fawaz Gerges said one way to come closer to a political solution is to include Hamas in the process. But that, he said, will come about only if there is a different mindset. 法瓦兹.盖尔盖斯说,一个接近政治解决的办法是让哈马斯加入中东和平进程。不过他说,要这么做,美国政府必须改变其思维模式。"A mindset that says Hamas is not a monolith, that yes, Hamas engages in terrorism, Hamas carries out certain terrorist actions, but Hamas is not just a huge monolith. There are multiple points of view and narratives within Hamas. And political engagement, I would argue, will likely strengthen the moderate elements not only within the region, but also within the Palestinian territories. In fact, I would argue, that a year from now, Hamas will likely remain as strong if not stronger - particularly if Israel and the ed States insist on exclusion and on basically pursuing the military option, which basically will not really produce a breakthrough for this essentially political crisis in the region," he said. 他说:“新的思维模式应该承认哈马斯并不是铁板一块的一个实体。哈马斯的确参与恐怖主义,实施一些恐怖主义行动,但它并不是单一无逢的。在哈马斯内部有多种观点和言论。我认为,和哈马斯开展政治接触可以增强中东地区内部和巴勒斯坦恐怖分子内部温和派的力量。事实上,我认为,一年以后,哈马斯能保持目前的实力,甚至变得更强大,特别是如果以色列和美国坚持把哈马斯排斥在和平进程以外、并继续采取军事途径的话。中东的危机从根本上说是政治危机,用军事方法不能实现任何突破。”Fawaz Gerges and David Aaron said a lot may change between now and January 20 when Barack Obama is officially sworn in as the new U.S. President. But they said one thing is clear - the current conflict proves that finding a political solution to the Middle East crisis should be the first item on President Obama's foreign policy agenda. 法瓦兹.盖尔盖斯和大卫.阿龙都说,从现在到明年1月20号奥巴马宣誓就任美国总统期间,许多事情都可能发生改变。不过他们说,有一点是清楚的,那就是,为中东危机找到政治解决方案应当是奥巴马外交政策议程上的首要任务。200812/60107福州疏通输卵管堵塞哪里比较好龙岩婚检什么医院好



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