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Stopping Gas停车加油Kathy and Evan finish their picture taking and continue driving.凯西和艾凡拍完照后继续开车E:Uh-oh. My gas gauge is way down. 艾凡:糟了车子油表指针降到底了Id better stop someplace gas.我最好找个地方停车加油K:There always a gas station or two at every exit of a highway. 凯西:高速公路的每个出口都有一、两个加油站Just take the next exit.就在下个出口下去吧E:As luck would have it, there an exit right here. 艾凡:运气真好,这里刚好就有一个出口Youre right. There the sign gas. Ill get off here.你说得没错那里有个加油的告示牌我就在这里下去了Evan drives off the ramp and along the road to the nearest gas station. An attendant comes out to their car.艾凡开车下了匝道,沿路开到最近的加油站一名加油站务人员从里面走出来,来到他们的车前E:Good morning. Er, do you speak English?艾凡:早安呃,你会讲英文吗?A:Some. Not too good. Can I help you?务员:会一点儿但不太好需要我为你效劳吗?E:Yes, would you please fill er up?艾凡:是的,麻烦你加满好吗?A:Im sorry?务员:对不起,你说什么?E:Uh, Id like some gas. As much as you can.艾凡:嗯,我想加汽油加越多越好A:Oh! I see. Just a minute. 务员:噢!我知道了请等一下She fills the tank.她把油箱加满E:Thank you. Do you take credit cards?艾凡:谢谢你们这里接受信用卡付费吗?A:Sorry?务员:对不起,你说什么?E:showing her a credit cardDo you take these?艾凡:拿一张信用卡给她看你们接受这种吗?A:Ya! Visa! Just a minute.务员:啊!Visa卡!请稍等一下E:I guess credit cards are the international language!艾凡:我想信用卡是国际语言! 55855

必背句型:A:An enterprise as a legal person shall conduct operations within the range approved and registered.企业法人应当在核准登记的经营范围内从事经营B:What will happen if they beyond the range?如果超出了经营范围会怎么样?The worker just does what within the range.这个工人只做他职责内的工作What are operations within the range approved and registered?什么经营是范围内的经营?He did not do the work within the range.他没有做他职责内的工作延伸阅读:A:Whether is he a director?他是不是一名董事?B:He is a director appointed under the s of the company.他是一名公司章程任命的董事He was appointed to be a manager.他被任命为经理Is he appointed to be a manager?他被任命为经理了吗?Who was appointed to be a department head?谁被任命为部门领导? 579

Barely out of nappies, four-year-old Maddy Jackson is aly on the road to womanhood. Sporting fake C cup breasts and padding on her bottom, she is the latest shock contestant on Toddlers and Tiaras, the US reality show revealing the surreal world of beauty pageants. In an attempt to mimic her curvaceous icon, country singer Dolly Parton - who is known for her ample cleavage - the toddler is shown sporting detachable bust and butt enhancements, before performing live on stage. With the extra padding concealed under her Barbie pink Lycra catsuit, Maddy's tiny frame is transformed into an hourglass silhouette. Barely able to string a sentence together, many will be shocked by the images of the peroxide blonde trying to emulate the appearance of a woman in her late 20s. When questioned on N's Today show, her mother Lindsay, who entered her first pageant contest when she was nine months old, defends the enhancements used by her daughter. She tells presenter Savannah Guthrie: 'To some people, it's over the top, to us it's just what happens... It's just normal. When she wears the fake boobs and the fake butt, it's just like extra bonus.' But others seems less convinced and Maddy's stylist Michael Booth believes the attire is a step to far. Interviewed backstage at the competition, where hundreds of young hopefuls battle it out to be crowned beauty queen, Michael said: 'I wasn’t a big fan of the outfit with the boobs in it. She’s very young, but hopefully the judges will perceive it in good taste.' Other young contestants also seem perturbed by her appearance, as they watch Lindsay rearrange her daughter's fake breasts. Lindsay says as she watches her child's confused expression: 'I don't think Maddy knew how to explain and why she had those enhancements on.' The show has caused outcry with many who believe that it could influence youngsters to adopt similar behaviour and campaigners have even set up a Facebook group, 'Take "Toddlers And Tiaras" off the Air!' in a bid to have the plug pulled on the show. 英国小萝莉曼#8226;杰克逊虽然年岁,乳臭未干,但已经走上了成熟女性路线小曼迪“丰乳肥臀”在《选美小天后》节目中引发轰动,她戴的假胸足有C罩杯大,还垫起了臀部。这个美国真人秀节目展示了选美比赛的超现实主义世界为了模仿乡村歌手多莉#8226;帕顿的曲线美,小曼迪在出场前夸张地戴上了假胸,还垫高了臀部。多#8226;帕顿还以深V乳沟著称曼迪身穿一件粉色芭比莱卡女式紧身连衣裤,由于垫高了胸部和臀部,曼迪小小的身材变成了沙漏形曼迪刚能完整地说一句话,看到这位皮肤就像漂白过的金发小美女模仿20多岁女性的模样,很多人都会感到震惊在接受美国国家广播公司《今日秀》节目采访时,她的母亲琳赛对女儿的“丰乳肥臀“进行辩解。琳赛自9个月大就开始参加选美比赛她对主持人萨凡纳#8226;格思里说:“对某些人来说,这的确很过分,但对我们来说,就这样发生了,很平常。当她垫高胸部和臀部时就像额外的奖励。但其他人似乎没这么信,曼迪的造型师迈克尔#8226;布斯觉得这种打扮太过火了迈克尔在比赛后台接受采访时说:“我不喜欢她的装扮,还戴着假胸。她还那么小,但希望评审能大方地接受。”参加此次选美比赛的小选手达到数百名当琳赛帮女儿整理假胸时,其他一些小选手也感到不安琳赛也看到了女儿困惑的表情,她说:“我觉得曼迪不知道该怎么解释,也不知道她为什么要戴那些东西。这场选美比赛引发公众质疑,很多人认为这会让孩子们学样儿,还有一些反对人士成立了名为“停播《选美小天后》”的Facebook群组,要求节目停办。Vocabulary:sport:夸耀地穿戴,炫耀,夸示surreal: having qualities attributed to or associated with surrealism(超现实主义的)curvaceous: having the curves of a full or voluptuous figure(曲线美的)Lycra: 莱卡catsuit: a one-piece usually close-fitting trouser suit(女式紧身连衣裤)silhouette: the outline of a solid figure as cast by its shadow(侧面形象,轮廓)peroxide: (以过氧化氢)漂白in good taste: satisfying generally accepted social or esthetic standards(得体,大方)perturb: to disturb greatly; make uneasy or anxious(感到不安) /201109/152334

加薪和奖金Pay Raise amp; Bonus奖金 BonusA: Merry Christmas!This is a Christmas bonus you.B: Merry Christmas!Thank you very much.加薪pay raiseA: Congratulations on your pay raise.B: Thank you.It was unexpected.A: You deserve it.Your hard work paid off.要求加薪ask a pay raise ask to raise the payA: Tom,I would like to ask a pay raise.B: How much did you want?A: $5,000 per month.B: You know the situation of the company.Let me think about it.因为…涨工资be awarded a pay raise ...A: Rose succeeded in the project.I heard that she was awarded a pay raise the project.B: She is really very excellent. 369

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