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福建打胎去那好Someone hit the snooze button – because it is World Sleep Day today.有人按掉了闹钟——因为今天是世界睡眠日。While most of us constantly feel tired, whether hangover related or just down to working too damn hard, you might not need as much sleep as you might think.我们大部分人常常觉得疲劳,与宿醉有关或只是因为我们工作太过努力,也许你需要的睡眠时长和你想的不一样。That#39;s because often it#39;s the quality of your sleep rather than the hours you spend tucked up under the duvet.因为这常常由你的睡眠质量所决定而非你在床上蜷在被子里的时长。How much sleep do you actually need?你究竟需要多少睡眠时间?Newborns (0-3 months ): Sleep range narrowed to 14-17 hours each day (previously it was 12-18)新生儿(0-3个月):睡眠时间范围缩短为每天14-17个小时(先前为12-18个小时)Infants (4-11 months): Sleep range widened two hours to 12-15 hours (previously it was 14-15)婴儿(4-11个月):睡眠时间范围扩大了两个小时至12-15个小时(先前为14-15个小时)Toddlers (1-2 years): Sleep range widened by one hour to 11-14 hours (previously it was 12-14)学步儿童(1-2岁):睡眠时间范围扩大了一个小时至11-14个小时(先前为12-14小时Preschoolers (3-5): Sleep range widened by one hour to 10-13 hours (previously it was 11-13)学龄前儿童(3-5岁):睡眠时间范围扩大了一个小时至10-13个小时(先前为11-13个小时)School age children (6-13): Sleep range widened by one hour to 9-11 hours (previously it was 10-11)学龄儿童(6-13岁):睡眠时间范围扩大了一个小时至9-11个小时(先前为10-11个小时)Teenagers (14-17): Sleep range widened by one hour to 8-10 hours (previously it was 8.5-9.5)青少年(14-17岁):睡眠时间范围扩大了一个小时至8-10小时(先前为8.5-9.5个小时)Younger adults (18-25): Sleep range is 7-9 hours (new age category)青年(18-25岁):睡眠范围是7-9个小时(这是个新的年龄分组)Adults (26-64): Sleep range did not change and remains 7-9 hours成年人(26-64):睡眠范围不改变,仍是7-9个小时Older adults (65+): Sleep range is 7-8 hours (new age category)老年人(65岁以上):睡眠范围是7-8个小时(这也是个新的年龄分组)The National Sleep Foundation suggests that the amount of sleep you need very much depends on your age.美国国家睡眠基金会称,你的睡眠时间长短很大部分取决于你的年龄。Most young adults only need between seven and nine hours a night, but can get away with sleeping just six hours.很多青年人一晚只需要7至9小时的睡眠时间,但他们也可以只睡6小时。Teenager meanwhile need at least seven hours in bed, but can happily sleep for 11. School children are recommended to have between nine and 11 hours.青少年每天需要至少7小时的睡眠时间,但睡11个小时也可以很开心。学龄儿童建议最好需要9至11个小时的睡眠时长。Older adults need five or six hours between the sheets but it is recommended they have between seven and eight.老年人需要5至6小时的睡眠时间,但更建议他们的睡眠时间延长至7-8个小时。Babies need a lot more sleep of course, lying in their cots for up to 19 hours a day.当然婴儿们需要很多的睡眠时间,他们在睡梦中的时间可达到一天19个小时。Your sleep health is important你的睡眠健康很重要It#39;s all about getting quality sleep rather than just the hours in bed.拥有好的睡眠质量比睡眠时长更重要。Stimulants like coffee, tea and energy drinks don#39;t help as they can interfere with people#39;s #39;circadian rhythm#39;, which is your natural sleep cycle.咖啡、茶和功能饮料这类刺激饮品对睡眠质量并无帮助,因为他们会扰乱你的“生理节律”,也就是你的自然睡眠周期。The same is true for alarm clocks and poor lighting.闹钟与不良照明也一样会影响你的睡眠。If you don#39;t get enough sleep each night, your body will begin to develop #39;sleep debt#39; and you#39;ll feel exhausted, which can have an affect on your overall well-being and health.如果你每天没有足够的睡眠,你的身体就会开始产生“睡眠债”,你也会感觉到筋疲力尽。这会影响你的整体幸福感和健康。Why do we need sleep?为什么我们需要睡觉?When we are awake, a chemical called adenosine builds up in the bloodstream.当我们清醒时,血液循环中会产生一种叫做腺苷的化学物质。It is only when we are asleep that the body is able to break this chemical down and if you don#39;t get enough sleep your body won#39;t have enough time to break down the chemical.只有当你处于睡眠状态时,身体才能够分解这种化学物质,但如果你的睡眠不充足,你的身体就不能有足够的时间来分解它。The result is a slow down in your reactions, feeling generally tired and wanting to have a nap.这就会导致你的反应变慢、感到疲倦、想要睡一觉。How to improve your sleep如何提高你的睡眠质量For those who aren#39;t getting enough hours in bed, it is all about setting a sleep schedule and sticking to it.对于那些睡眠不足的人来说,他们需要建立一个睡眠时间表,并且坚持下去。Sometimes that means heading to bed 15 minutes earlier, while other times it might mean adjusting electronics so they aren#39;t waking you up in the middle of the night.有时可能是提前15分钟躺上床,而其他一些时候可能是调整你的闹钟,别让它在半夜叫醒你。If you are struggling to sleep, there are several factors that could be causing this – including poor diet, poor sleeping arrangements and even the temperature of your bedroom.如果你难以入睡,这可能是由于这些原因所导致:饮食欠佳、睡眠安排不合适,甚至卧室的温度也会影响你的睡眠。Ditch the alcohol and caffeine, and make sure you exercise daily.丢掉酒精和咖啡因,确保自己每天都运动。 /201603/432563福州市看不育价格 In 184, the Yellow Turban Rebellion occurred, which was a peasant rebellion against the Eastern Han Dynasty in the reign of Emperor Ling. It was named for the color of the scarves which the rebels wore around their heads.爆发于公元184年的黄巾起义是农民反抗灵帝统治的汉王朝的武装斗争,因起义农民头裹黄色丝巾而得名。Since the rebels were associated with secret Taiping Taoist societies, the rebellion also marked an important event in the history of Taoism.起义者与太平教(一个秘密道教组织)关系密切,为此黄巾起义也是道教发展史上的重要事件。After the death of Du Wu, Emperor Ling became a puppet manipulated by eunuchs.窦武死后,灵帝成为宦官的傀儡。In order to secure the throne, he tried to please eunuchs, going so far as to refer to one of them as his father.为了保住自己的皇位,灵帝极力讨好宦官,竟称宦官为父亲。Thus, the eunuchs extorted money from the people unscrupulously.宦官们更是肆无忌惮的搜刮民财。The corrupt imperial court, the landlords’ oppression along with the successive natural disasters made it impossible for the people to live on, so many of them rose up to revolt.朝廷的腐败,地主豪强的压迫,再加上接二连三的天灾,百姓没法生活下去,被迫起来反抗。At the end of the Eastern Han, Zhang Jiao of Julu (modern Pingxiang in Hebei Province) established a secret Taoist sect — Tai Ping Dao , declaring himself to be Great Teacher. He traveled around the country propagating his faith and dispensing free treatment to the sick.东汉末年,巨鹿(今河北平乡)人张角创太平道,自称大贤良师,在各地传教,并免费给穷人看病。In ten year or so, Tai Ping Dao sp more than half the country, and enlisted several hundreds of thousands of followers.十余年间,太平道传遍了大半个中国,各地信徒发展到几十万人。In order to start up rebellion, Zhang Jiao divided the whole country into 36fang (section) with a bigger consisting of more than 100 000 persons and a smaller one 6 000 ~ 7 000.为了发动起义,张角全国分为三十六方,大方有10000余人,小方 6 000?7 000人。Meanwhile he brought forward a slogan, “The Blue Sky has perished, the Yellow Sky will soon rise; in this year of Jia Zi (i. e. , the year 184), let there be prosperity in the world !”( Blue Sky was referred to the Eastern Han and Yellow Heaven to the Yellow Turbans), which was an obvious call for peasants uprising a-gainst the Eastern Han court.张角又提出口号:“苍天已死,黄天当立,岁在甲子,天下大吉。” (“苍天”指东汉王朝,“黄天”指太平道),用来鼓动广大农民起来革命。He also sent Ma Yuanyi, to the Capital Luoyang and other places to see that everything was in order.同时派马元义到京师洛阳和各地查看起义准备情况。The uprising had been set on March the fifth, 184, but had to be launched in February ahead of schedule, for the betrayer, Tang Zhou, informed against the Yellow Turbans.张角原定于公元184年3月5日起义。可是由于叛徒唐周告密,决定提前于2月间起义。Zhang Jiao called himself ‘‘Heavenly General”,his younger broth-ers Zhang Bao, “General of the Earth” and Zhang Liang, “General of AAen”,who assisted him in the rebellion.张角自称“天公将军”,其弟张宝称“地公将军”,张梁称“人公将军”。In less than a month, the movement took hold with people responding from all over the country, and the uprising progressed rapidly.不到一个月的时间,各地民众纷纷响应,起义浪潮迅速席卷全国。The peasant uprising shocked the imperial court.黄巾起义后,汉灵帝和宦官们十分恐慌。On one hand,Emperor Ling mustered troops to defend the capital; on the other hand,he appointed generals Huangpu Song, Zhu Jun and Lu Zhi to attack the Yellow Turban forces.他们一面调集军队,保卫京师洛阳;一面以皇甫嵩、朱隽、卢植为中郎将,率军进攻黄巾军。Huangpu Song and Zhu Jun had an army of 40 000. In the attack on Ying-chuan, Zhu Jun was defeated, while Huangpu Song was besieged in Changshe (modern Changge in Henan Province).皇甫嵩和朱隽共有4000万余人,在进攻颍川黄巾时,朱隽被击败,皇甫嵩被围困在长社(今河南长葛)城中。With the help of reinforcements, they conquered the Yellow Turbans, slaughtering tens of thousands of rebels.后来他们得到援,大败黄巾军,屠杀起义农民有数万之多。The imperial court had dispatched Lu Zhi to fight against Zhang Jiao, yet the attack yielded no victory.朝廷派卢植进攻张角,结果大败。Then the unsuccessful Lu Zhi was replaced by Dong Zhuo, who also suffered a failure.朝廷撤了卢植的职,另派董卓进攻张角,亦被张角打败。Finally, Huangpu Song was moved to attack Zhang Jiao.朝廷再调皇甫嵩进攻张角。At that time, Zhang Jiao died of illness, and the rebellious army was led by Zhang Liang and Zhang Bao.此时,张角病死,起义军由张梁和张宝率领。Huangpu Song sprang a surprise attack put more than 80 000 insurgents, including Zhang Liang, out of action.皇甫嵩用偷袭的办法打败了黄巾军,张梁战死,黄巾军英勇牺牲的有80000 多人。The Y Turbans retreated to Xiaquyang(the west of modem Jinxian County in Hebei), only to suffer another defeats when encountered with Huangpu ’ s army there. Zhang Bao was killed in the battle, and several hundred thousand of his men were killed, wounded or captured.起义军退至下曲阳(河北晋县西),皇甫嵩再行进攻,张宝战死,所部死伤被俘的有十余万人。After nearly nine months of fierce battles, the main force of the Yellow Turban Army was wiped out, but the flame of peasants uprisings were far from extinguished. Many armed insurgent units kept on fighting.经过近9个月的激战,黄巾军的主力已基本被消灭,可是革命的烈火却已经燃烧起来了,各地的斗争前赴后继。By 192, there were still 300 000 or more Yellow Turbans operating in present-day Shandong.至192年,还有30多万黄巾军在今山东地区活动。Thirteen years later, the Heishan (Black Hill) Army in central-south Hebei still numbered upwards of 100000.13年后河北中南部的黑山军亦有部众10万人。Despite the failure of the Yellow Turban uprising, it shook the Eastern Han Dynasty regime to its foundations. Its days were numbered.黄巾起义虽然失败了,但却动摇了东汉政权的统治基础,其灭亡已是指曰可待。As a result of the Yellow Turbans, northern China was devastated, and the military leaders were prepared for the struggle among the warlords.由于黄巾起义,北方地区遭受到巨大的破坏,各地豪强拥兵自重,相互争斗。When Emperor Ling died in 189, Empress Dowager He took over regency, in-stalling Lingdi’s young son 13-year-old Liu Bian as emperor.公元189年,灵帝驾崩,何太后临朝,立灵帝13岁的儿子刘辩为帝。He Jin, brother of the Empress Dowager, thought that the time had come to get rid of eunuchs definitely, and in order not to repeat the failure of 168,he invited Dong Zhuo to command his troops to enter and garrison in the capital Luoyang.何太后的哥哥何进认为清除宦官的时机已到。为避免重蹈公元168年之覆辙,何进邀董卓率兵进驻洛阳。However, the information was leaked to the eunuchs, who acted first and had He Jin killed.不料走漏了消息,何进先为宦官所杀。The powerful eu-nuchs being without military support, Yuan Shao and his brother Yuan Shu broke into the palace with their forces and killed more than 2 000 eunuchs.但是太监并无兵权,袁绍和其弟袁术率兵人宫,诛杀2000多名太监。Not long after that, Dong Zhuo entered Luoyang, who deposed Emperor Shao and put Liu Xie, Xiandi on the throne.不久,董卓率兵人洛阳,废少帝刘辩,立刘协为帝,是为汉献帝。By intimidation and brutal force, Dong Zhuo gained his own position at the court ensured, while most men of rank had left the capital.董卓独揽大权,残暴专横,多数大臣已离开京城。Bureaucratic official throughout the country launched punitive expeditions against Dong one after another, and the situation of separatist warlord regime came into being eventually. The Eastern Han Dynasty endured only nominally and soon gave way to the Three Kingdoms.各地官吏纷纷举兵讨伐董卓,逐步形成了诸强割据的局面,统一的王朝已名存实亡,魏蜀 吴三国鼎立局面很快形成。 /201512/413041福建输卵管通液专科医院

福州仓山区做人流公立医院From Hermione to Diagon and Rubeus, Harry Potter books have been tripping fans up for years over how to pronounce certain words。多年来,《哈利波特》丛书的粉丝们一直把某些单词的发音都弄错了:从赫敏、对角巷到鲁伯。And now author J K Rowling has revealed that everyone has been saying Voldemort#39;s name wrong as well。而如今,JK罗琳发话了:一直以来,大家也把伏地魔的名字念错了。While tweeting a fan of the books, Rowling revealed that the #39;t#39; at the end of the dark wizard#39;s name is actually supposed to be silent。在一个哈迷书粉的推特后面,罗琳透露:这名黑巫师名字结尾的t实际上应该是不发音的。Rowling confirmed that the French-style pronunciation is correct, though added: #39;...but I#39;m pretty sure I#39;m the only person who pronounces it that way.#39;罗琳实,这个名字的法式发音才是正确的,还补充了一句话:“……但我肯定我是唯一一个这样正确发音的人。”Fans were quick to point out that, spoken in the French fashion, the name of Harry#39;s arch-nemesis sounds like the phrase #39;vol de mort#39;, literally translated as #39;death flight#39;。粉丝们很快指出,用法国时尚口语说起来,哈利死对头的名字听起来像“vol de mort”,这个词的字面含义是“死亡飞行”。However, others pointed out that it could also be short for #39;voleur de mort, which means #39;death thief#39; or #39;to steal from death#39;。不过,也有人指出它也可以简称“voleur de mort,代表”死亡小偷”或“从死亡麾下溜走”的意思。The translation seems appropriate, since Voldemort was stopped from dying after being magically linked with Harry while trying to cast the killing curse avada kedavra on him。这样翻译貌似也对,因为他和哈利的魔法联系使得他被下达“阿瓦达索命”(死咒,三大不可饶恕咒之首)后还奇迹般的活下来了。 /201509/399359 Cheng Hao (1032~1085) and Cheng Yi (1033~1107) brothers developed Neo-Confucianism into an organized school of philosophy.程颢(1032~1085)和程颐(1033~1107)兄弟二人把宋明理学发展成有组织的哲学学派。Although their philosophies are usually considered together, their ideas developed in divergent directions.尽管他们的哲学思想通常会被并置,但是两人思想的发展方向是不一样的。Cheng Hao influenced the idealist school of Neo-Confucianism, while Cheng Yi influenced the development of the Rationalist school.程颢影响了宋明理学的唯心主义学派,而程颐影响了理学派的发展。Cheng Yi#39;s statement, ;Principle is one but its manifestations are many,; is as well known in China as Descartes#39; ;I think, therefore I am; is in the West.程颐的“万物皆只是一个天理”在中国,就跟西方笛卡尔的“我思故我在”一样著名。Cheng Hao was interested in both Buddhism and Taoism as a young man. Later he studied Confucianism, passed his civil service examinations, and attained high office; but because he opposed the radical reforms of the great innovator Wang An-shih(1021~86), he was dismissed from the government.程颢年轻时对佛教和道教都感兴趣,后来学习儒学,通过了科举考试,做了高官;但是程颐因为反对伟大的改革家王安石激进的改革政策而被撤职。He joined his brother in Henan, and a circle of disciples gathered around them.程颢在河南与弟弟联手,形成了一个学派,拥有很多弟子追随。After Cheng Yi passed his civil service examinations, he served briefly as Imperial tutor (1069~70), but his stern conception of morality soon alienated many of those around him and he resigned.程颐通过科考之后,做了短期的皇帝教师(1069~1070),但是他严厉的道德观念很快就使他周围的很多人疏远了他,于是程颐辞去职务。For most of his life he declined high office. Nonetheless, he continued to criticize those in power.程颐一生绝大多数时间都拒绝做官,但是他继续批评当权人士。As a result, in 1097 his land was confiscated, his teachings barred, and he was banished to Fu-chou, in southwest China.结果,1097年程颐的土地被充公,学说被禁止,人也被流放到抚州。Pardoned three years later, he was again censured in 1103. He was pardoned a second time, in 1106, shortly before his death. Because men feared to be associated with him, only four people attended his funeral.三年后程颐被赦免,但是1103年他又遭责难,1106年再次被赦免,不久程颐去世二因为人们怕与程颐有关联,所以给他送葬的只有4个人。The two brothers built their philosophies primarily on the concept of li-defined as the basic force, universal law, or truth underlying and governing all existence—an idea they brought to Neo-Confucianism from Buddhist and Taoist writings.程氏兄弟的哲学主要建基于“理”的概念上。“理”被定义为基本的力量、普遍适用的法则或控制万物的潜在真理。这是他们从佛教著述和道教著述挪到宋明理学的一个概念。While both agreed that exhaustive study of li is the best way to spiritual cultivation, Cheng Hao stressed calm introspection and taught that in his original state man was united with the universe.尽管他们都认为对“理”的详尽研究是进行精神培养的最佳途径,程颢却强调冥想的重要性,并且宣扬人最初是与宇宙相统一的。Cheng Hao#39;s stress on meditation influenced the later Idealist school of Neo-Confucianism founded by Lu Hsiang-shan (1139~1193) and Wang Yang-ming (1472~1529).程颢对冥想的强调影响了后来陆象山 ( 1139~1193)和王阳明(1472~1529 )建立的宋明理学的唯心主义学派。Unlike his brother, Cheng Hao whose philosophy was originally called Tao Hsüeh (School of True Way) but came to be called Li Hsüeh (School of Universal Principles)—emphasized that the way to discover li is to investigate the myriad things of the universe in which li is present.程颐的哲学最初被叫做“道学”,后来又被叫做“理学”。不像他哥哥,程颐强调发现理的方法是研究理蕴含于其中的万事万物。Cheng Yi espoused many methods of investigation-induction, deduction, the study of history and other disciplines, and participotion in human affairs.程颐持许多研究方法:归纳、演绎、对历史和其它学科的研究、参加人们的事务等。A decade after Cheng Yi#39;s death Chu Hsi (1130~1200) began to expand Cheng Yi#39;s ideas into what came to be called the Cheng-Chu (after its two most important exponents) Rationalist school of Chinese philosophy; it dominated official circles until the Republican Revolution of 1911.程颐去世10年后,朱熹(1130~1200)开始把程颐的思想发展成为后来被人们叫做“程朱理学”(以它最重要的两个倡导者命名)的学说; “程朱理学”在官场的统治地位一直到1911年辛亥革命爆发。Very little of the writings of the Cheng brothers is still extant. Collected fragments of their writings have been gathered in the yi shu (“Surviving Works;), the Wai shu (“Additional Works;), and the Ts#39;ui Yen (“Choice Words;). A more complete sample of Cheng Hao#39;s writing is available in the Ming-tao wen-chi (“Collection of Literary Works of Cheng Hao;). The writings of Cheng Hao have been gathered in the yi-chuan wen-chi(;Collection of Literary Works by Cheng Hao;), the Ching-shuo (“Explanation of the Classics,” by Cheng Hao), and the yi chuan (“Commentary on the Book of Changes;).程氏兄弟的著述现存无几,收集到的著述片段被整理成《河南程氏遗书》、《河南程氏外书》、《二程粹言》。程颢的著述比较完整的有《明道先生文集》,程颐的著述被编成《伊川先生文集》、《经说》、《周易传》。All the extant writings of the two brothers were collected in the Erh Cheng chüan-shu (“Complete Works of the Two Ch#39;engs”), published in Chinese in 1606.二程现存所有著述都被收集在《二程全书》(1606)里。A. C. Graham#39;s Two Chinese Philosophers: Cheng Ming-tao and Cheng Yi-chuan appeared in 1958.1958年A. C.格雷厄姆的《两位中国哲学家:程明道和程伊川》问世。 /201510/404965福州治不育专科医院福州孕前检查去哪好




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