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烟台第一海水浴场迎来旅客高峰 --9 :: 来源: 夏日炎炎,酷热难挡,有什么好地方可以去暑降温呢?去烟台第一海水浴场溜溜吧!The No 1 Bathing Beach of Yantai which lies in the east of the center city is well-equipped,providing services ofswimsuits, safty rings,fresh-water cleaning room,Leisure room and Sun umbrellas.In the morning beach calligraphy enthusiasts write and paint here,and you can see Winter swimming enthusiasts striking waves here all the year around,people walk beside the beach at their leisure are in an endless stream. the dabblers,the No 1 Bathing Beach of Yantai is the first choice.烟台第一海水浴场位于中心市区东部,设备齐全,有出租泳装、安全圈、淡水冲洗间以及休闲房、太阳伞等务早上有沙滩书法爱好者在这里“挥毫泼墨”,一年四季都会看到冬游爱好者在这里搏击海浪,茶余饭后来海边散步的市民更是络绎不绝,这里是戏水者的首选之地Tourists cool themselves on the No 1 Bathing Beach in Yantai, Shandong province on July , . On the day, the beach sees a peak of tourist number.年7月日旅客在山东省烟台第一海水浴场戏水降温这一天,海滩迎来了旅客高峰期 烟台第一海水浴场迎来旅客高峰旅游常用英语词汇:商店类 -- :7:01 来源: 煤店 coal store   书店 book store   肉店 meat (butcher's) shop   粮店 grain store   食品点 food store   食品杂货(副食品)店 grocery   酱园 sauce and pickles shop   酒店 wine shop   家禽店 fowl shop   水产店 aquatic products shop   豆腐店 beancurd shop   烤肉店 roast meat shop   卤味店 sauced meat shop   饮食店 food and drink shop   饭店 restaurant   冷饮店 cold drinks shop   蔬菜店水果店 green grocery (green grocer's)   蔬菜店 vegetables shop   小吃店 eating house (snack bar)   鞋帽店 shoes and hats store   百货公司 department store   百货商场 general merchandise market   装店 clothing store   成衣店 y-made clothes shop   呢绒绸布店 wool, silk and cotton fabrics store 旅游常用英语词汇:商店类最难忘的一件事 -- :5:7 来源: An Ungettable Day  August 5 was a special day. It was my eighteenth birthday, on the way to become an adult. I didn’t go out with my relatives as usual, I went to Zhejiang Daily Newspaper Building to experience how an editor of Zhejiang Online Website worked. In the morning, we visited many offices, chatted with Wang Zhidong, the mer CEO of Sina, and we tried to edit a report and send it to the Internet. We also had a debate about whether kids’being on-line was good. I stood on the positive side. That was, we should get on-line, to learn, to relax, to shop, to play, to make friends, and to name just a few. We took some pictures to accept as a souvenir. We had lunch there and watched movies afterwards. Spiderman II was truly realistic. We were fascinated by the cool actions, scared by the ugly beast,and encouraged by the brave hero. Then we saw part of Detective Conan, a Japanese cartoon film. In the afternoon, we took a bus to a building where the governors worked to interview a grandpa, who used to work the young generation. He is kind, and healthy, though he is over eighty. He loves working, especially working the youth. He feels more energetic as he talks with kids. At last, he asked us to sing a song him. We sent a boy on behalf of us all to sing a happy song. He didn’t disappoint us, making everyone present laugh a while. When the interview ended, we headed back to the newspaper office.The leader handed each of us a diploma and the photos we took that morning. Good time passed quickly. We said good-bye to each other, and then we parted. Yeah, we’ve become friends though we haven’t known each other very long. In a word, that was a meaningful enjoyable day. I really had great fun.美国大峡谷英文导游词 美国大峡谷景点英文介绍 --30 ::9 来源: 美国大峡谷英文导游词 美国大峡谷景点英文介绍尽管每年有300万人来参观美国大峡谷,但是依然没有人能想象出大峡谷的伟大任何照片,任何数据都无法显示大峡谷的浩瀚无边美国大峡谷(Grand Canyon)又名科罗拉多大峡谷,是一个举世闻名的自然奇观Although three million people come to see the GRAND CANYON OF THE COLORADO every year, it remains beyond the grasp of the human imagination. No photograph, no set of statistics, can prepare you such vastness. At more than one mile deep, it’s an inconceivable abyss; at between four and eighteen miles wide it’s an endless expanse of bewildering shapes and colors, glaring desert brightness and impenetrable shadow, stark promontories and soaring, never-to-be-climbed sandstone pinnacles. Somehow it’s so impassive, so remote you could never call it a disappointment, but at the same time many visitors are left feeling peculiarly flat. In a sense, none of the available activities can quite live up to that first stunning sight of the chasm. The overlooks along the rim all offer views that shift and change unceasingly from dawn to sunset; you can hike down into the depths on foot or by mule, hover above in a helicopter or raft through the whitewater rapids of the river itself; you can spend a night at Phantom Ranch on the canyon floor, or swim in the waterfalls of the idyllic Havasupai Reservation. And yet that distance always remains the Grand Canyon stands apart.   Until the 19s, the average visitor would stay two or three weeks. These days it’s more like two or three hours of which ty minutes are spent actually looking at the canyon. The vast majority come to the South Rim it’s much easier to get to, there are far more facilities (mainly at Grand Canyon Village), and it’s open all year round. There is another lodge and campground at the North Rim, which by virtue of its isolation can be a lot more evocative, but at one thousand feet higher it is usually closed by snow from mid-October until May. Few people visit both rims; to get from one to the other demands either a two-day hike down one side of the canyon and up the other, or a -mile drive by road.   Finally, there’s a definite risk that on the day you come the Grand Canyon will be invisible beneath a layer of fog, thanks to the 50 tons of sulphurous emissions pumped out every day by the Navajo Generating Station, seventy miles upriver at Page.   Admission to the park, valid seven days on either rim, is $ per vehicle or $ pedestrians and cyclists. 英文导游词 美国大峡谷景点英文介绍

又是一个北京不眠夜-- :5: A:[Slow and tired]Hello.  [又慢有疲惫]你好  B:Wake up,Marco.  醒醒,Marco  A:Is this who I think it is?  我希望你是我想的那个人  B:[Surprised]Who do you think it is?  [惊奇]你以为我是谁啊?  A:Elvis Presley  猫王  B:He's dead.  他死了  A:So you can understand my surprise.Any idea what time is it?  所以你要理解我为什么惊奇啊知道几点了吗?  B:I know it's late. I'm sorry about that.  我知道很晚了不好意思  A:So what's shaking ,faggot?  出什么事儿了,笨蛋  B:I just can't sleep. I feel lonely. I picked up the receiver and I suddenly realized that I've got no one to talk to.  我只是睡不着我觉得孤单,我拿起电话却发现不知道该打给谁  A:Ooh!Another sleepless night in Beijing.  又是一个北京不眠夜  B:I used to fall fast asleep.But these nights are like lonely nights. I started to miss my family.  我以前睡的很快的可这几天特孤单,我想我家人了  A:Don't worry.You've got a good listener.  别担心,你现在有个好听众  B:Thanks.You know it's really weird.It's not like I have nobody. I have you and all the other good friends,and you are all very kind to me ever since I came to China.But I still feel lonely.  谢了,你知道这很奇怪不是我没朋友,我有你和其他的好朋友,可还是孤单  A:So what are you gonna do?  那你打算干点儿什么呢?  B:I don't know,Maybe I'll just watch a movie while drinking a beer.  不知道看看电影喝喝啤酒吧  A:Good you ,That'll distract you.  不错,可以分散精力  B;Is there a disco near here?Let's go dancing.  这附近有迪斯科吗?咱们跳舞去吧  A:Come on.Give me a break.This is not Canada.  让我松口气儿吧这不是加拿大  B:All right, I'm just a little uncomtable.  好吧我只是有点儿别扭  A:I underatand.Ok,Just relax and enjoy your beer and your movie.  我理解,那就好好喝你的啤酒看你的电影放松放松吧  B:Okay. I'll try.  我试试看吧  Attention Please…特别提醒  [你可以请外教反复帮你模仿训练下面句子词组的正宗美式发音  [1]Any idea what time it is?知道现在几点了吗?Any idea…是一个提问的高级短语,用它同样可以造出很多句子Ie:Any idea who's in the party?{知道派对上有谁吗?}Any idea where we're going?{知道我们要去哪吗?}  []What's shaking,faggot? What's shaking?和What's up?的意思差不多都表示怎么了只不过前者表示询问后者则是个问候用语是男同性恋者这里Marco和Drew开玩笑称他为faggot  [3]It's really weird. Weird是口语中的常用词与strange的用法一样都表示奇怪  Related Words…相关词汇  以下这些词汇并未给出汉语意思,你可以用我们学到的英语问问外教它们的意思  [ie:What does "***" mean? "***"是什么意思?]  night person whack I always enjoy company sleeping pills

My friend --1 18:: 来源: My friend Lisa is a good girl. She is my best friend. We are students. I know each other very well.Lisa has very long and black hair. Her eyes are very bright. She is thin but not weak. She is smart and active. But sometimes she is quiet. She is very strict with herself. She studies very hard. She wants to enter a good middle school next year. So she always tells me to study hard together. We hope we can get into the same school next year.We have the same hobbies. She likes playing badminton, and I like it too. We like the same music, the same books. Her favourite book is Harry Potter. I like it , too. We often books together.She is also brave and independent. You know, our parents come to school to take us home every Friday afternoon. But one Friday, I found her go home alone by taxi. I said: “ You are very brave, you are the best.” She said “Thanks”with smile.She tells me she wants to be a nutritionist one day. I think it very hard to be a nutritionist.But she says where there is a will, there is a way. I hope her dream will come true one day.Lisa, you’re my friend. I have to learn from you. I love you.

旅游时用英语提高自己逼格的句子 -- ::9 来源: 1.七情六欲说出来——I'd like to...eg:①I'd like to deposit my luggage here.我想存一下我的行李②I'd like totwo seats on today's China Air Flight CA to Beijing.我想要两张今天的国航CA到北京的票. ... doesn't work...不好使了,出故障了eg:①The air conditioner doesn't work.空调不好使了②The remote control doesn’t work.遥控器不好使了3.寻求帮助---Could you help me with...?他乡异地,最重要的就是要学会如何向周围的人寻求帮助,是不是已经习惯了help sb. do? 现在不妨看看[with+名词] 这个结构eg:①Could you help me with this m?你能帮我看看怎么填这个表吗?[注] 出门在外有时需要填各种表,比如出入境登记表等,如果不会填,大可用这句寻求帮助②Could you help me with this?你能帮我弄一下这个么? 句子

喜欢吃的食物(Likes to eat food) -- :6:58 来源: 喜欢吃的食物(Likes to eat food)  i like banana very much.banana always grows in the warm area.it's nice to eat, and it is good our healths.  like us ,monkeys also like to eat bananas.you can see this in the zoo.  i'm a student.i like eggs and coconut.because eggs is very good me .it's very healthy.the coconut is a very sweet .the haunan's coconut is very great.i like them.

关于我的朋友(About my friend) -- :: 来源: 关于我的朋友(About my friend)  My good friend is Ouyang Wenqing. Her English name is Lily. She is nine years old. She is tall and big, she has small eyes, short hair and a red mouth, she is really a nice girl, because she studies very hard and always help others.  She likes to eat beaf and pears, she likes pink. Her favourite animal is rabbit. She likes to run and jump, and she can run fast and jump very high, her English is very good.  This is my good friend. Do you like her?

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